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[Note re: broken graphic links 07/21/13]
PLEASE NOTE: For some reason, many many older posts of mine now have broken links instead of images. I will be working through all my previous posts verrry slowly and fixing them eventually, but if you find a post of mine with broken graphic links that you want to read sooner, drop a comment on it and I'll bump it to the head of the queue for recoding/reuploading the graphics and let you know when it's fixed. Thank you for your patience.
LJ Support is implementing a workaround (YAY! \o/), everything should be okay now, but please do let me know if you find any broken image links and I'll look into them. :-)
Title: Capture the Flag
Fandom: Supernatural
Alternate Posting: AO3
Rating/Content: Gen, PG-13, Post season 6 AU-ish, Silliness, Political strategy, Rampant blasphemy and inaccurate theology in several directions, OC Cherub.
Word Count: 1500
Disclaimer: I do not own and did not originate this world and its inherent characters.
Notes: I wrote this ages ago in one big gush right after the Season 6 finale. I don't know why I never posted it. Maybe I was thinking of going somewhere with it, but I have no idea now. Obviously, things went very differently in show, but since I found it pretty much complete as is (even though it's mostly Castiel and Crowley talking), I'm going to post it now anyway as a post season 6 AU *handwave* thingy, where monster souls and Leviathan didn't drive Castiel quite as nuts, etc. and there were different problems to deal with.

Summary: Getting to the top often means you make a better target.

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[Brief and incomprehensible]

*randomly blurts single plot and character-relevant words and flails around like an electrocuted octopus*

OH MY GOD. And the foreshadowing!? Will kill me. Stone dead. Oh my god. I'm already freaking out about the finale now. Which is not that far away since this first season is so short. Why does this show not have a full season pickup yet??? *KEYMASH*

(Seriously, at some point, there will be fic for this damn show. Also at least one icon, although really, this one covers most of the bases.)


(Oh and! I've got the voice of that one character we've only heard the voice of (who I know I recognize) narrowed down to two possible actors (one far more possible than the other after tonight) and if it turns out to be either of them, the crossover potential will be utterly unreal. I've resolved not to even look at the names in the credits to check though, not until I see a face. Eeeee!)

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Title: Insomnolence
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Alternate Postings: AO3
Rating/Content: T. Depiction of depression. Angst. Insomnia. Resistance to therapy. Pre-series. First person, present tense, John POV.
Warning: Suicidal ideation and planning.
Word Count: 450
Disclaimer: Not my world.
Notes: Another take on early days post-combat John. May be seen as out-of-character. [LJ-only]

Summary:I can't stay awake forever. I know this.
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Supernatural 9.03Collapse )
Supernatural 9.04Collapse )

Two down, nineteen to go! Try to avoid including anything from episodes past 9.04 in comments if you comment!

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I still haven't watched most of it and I'm not going to be able to watch it before the Retrospective or Season 10 premiere, so I'll be catching up as I can, no surprise.

What I'm doing for reactions for Season 9 and why, in case anyone cares.Collapse )

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-I have accomplished about half the cleaning I intended to, but didn't get much else done either. Blah.

-mini_wrimo sign ups have begun for November, and I've signed up for 100 words a day. I was hoping to go for more this year, but RL shows every sign of being horrendously soul-sucking for the next several months and onward, so 100 it is.

-Lots of season premieres next week. Murdoch Mysteries on Monday, Supernatural retrospective Monday and season 10 premiere Tuesday (will save those for later, I won't get through all of season 9 by then. I will be catching up as I can and not starting on season 10 or watching the retrospective until I'm caught up, arg. However, I won't be doing any full-on crazy reaction posts for season 9. There may be a separate post about this later, just in case anyone cares. :-P). Flash premiere also Tuesday. Doubtless more things but those are the ones that made my calender.

-Of the new shows I've started watching/have seen:
[Scorpion, ]--Scorpion is so far a fun popcorn mini-spy movie with geniuses that I like but I am not yet avid for.
[How to Get Away With Murder, ]--How to Get Away With Murder turned out to be not my thing, really, since [plot details for the premiere.]we now know who did what to who and who put them up to it, and the rest is going to be psychological manipulation, backstabbing and sex, and really not much real mystery. Also I misread the commercials and thought the instructor would be a very different sort of character, far less of an adversary. In the end, it all goes more soapy than mystery, and while that's great for what it is, it's just not for me. I also rather loathe Grey's Anatomy, so I probably should have realized this would have a similar mien given it's the same creator. Anyway, I'm going to need that block clear for when Elementary starts up again.
[Forever, ]--Forever. Forever. Holy crap I'm into this show. There may even be fic at this rate.
[and Gotham]--Gotham, which hadn't been on my watch list but I caught part of an episode while doing dishes may yet get my attention, as the whole Gordon and the PD dynamic is giving me Life on Mars flashbacks, and that's a good thing. I don't know if I'll be seeking it out in future, but it's probably going to gt a second look if it's on when I'm looking for a distraction.

-Of the new seasons of shows I was watching previously:
[Agents of Shield ]--Agents of Shield continues to be made of solid golden yay.
[and Criminal Minds]--Criminal Minds team changes are being handled a little more deftly than previously. Still a disturbing gore-fest, but that's Wednesdays for you.

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Because my life sucks, I only just now had a chance to watch the second episode of season 2 of Agents of Shield. In case anyone is interested in my thoughts about it, here they are.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

-I like Hunter. I'm glad he's staying on. But... Lance Hunter? Really? Did he pick the name himself when he was ten? I'm guessing he's probably from the comics with a name like that.

-I cannot for love or money figure out what the name of the new character who is now talking to Fitz is. I have obviously missed it. But I kind of love him. He's a mechanic to the science team. Hands for the brains.

-Jemma Simmons, I trust you are doing something damned big and important with your time while you are off somewhere other than with your injured BFF and your team. If you aren't, we are going to have serious words, young lady.

-The Oh Fitz factor was nearly in balance with the Oh Coulson factor this episode. *wraps them both up in blankets and feeds them soup*

-I like Talbot. He's an asshole, but he really thinks he's doing the right thing, and he's sticking with his principles even while being a pig-headed idiot. It's a funny sort of adversarial relationship for Coulson and his team, and I'm really liking it. I doubt anyone would ever have seen that 2 million though.

-Fury's Toolbox display is FRIGGING AWESOME and I want it.

-I'm going to assume someone else out there is taking on that blatant fic prompt of Coulson trying yoga and discovering he's "really not flexible".

-Fitz's face when (arg what is his name, the new guy) directly addressed Simmons not actually being there. OW. Also looking like some development on that front, but with the new guy helping Fitz communicate, that could be a big assist in Fitz's healing process.

-"Shield is my life now." *smishes Skye*

-Raina! Back, still on her own agenda, and still using every situation to her own advantage.

-"He started carving his vision-"/Coulson: *takes call off speaker* Hee! Nearly had a great big reveal party there for Coulson's little problem.

-"You read my mind, Agent Coulson." Is it just me, or was that Raina making a kind of burn comment comparing Coulson to Garrett AKA the Clairvoyant?

-I love that I kept second-guessing myself on Hunter's intent and motivations all through this. Kind of wondering how the shooting of May and Skye didn't carry over the open comm channel, but given how quick Coulson got there with the modified Overkill device, maybe it did.

-"Once we have the obelisk, you will be taken care of," and "Compliance will be rewarded." Why does anyone ever believe a group like Hydra means good things when they say stuff like this?

-I AM SO GLAD COULSON TOLD MAY ABOUT HIS PROBLEM. Though he should really tell Skye too, since theoretically she should be undergoing the same effect, except she isn't, so maybe they're just monitoring her and checking on her by getting her to look at all the symbols. (Which were also seen as circuit diagrams in an early episode, Eye Spy, which is interesting.) But she's got to eventually wonder where the new photos keep coming from, and if the shots that include Coulson's hands make it into the mix, they are not going to be keeping it all a secret from her for much longer.

-I was wondering how Raina got the obelisk standing up, but then she picked it up and LIGHTS and lack of death, so I guess that confirms she's some form of 084 as well? Skye's father is also looking far less overall oozy and drippy than I thought he would.


Really liking the season so far, lots of setup for interesting developments, hoping there's some kind of touching base for what's going on with non-head!Jemma soon.

I may yet start doing reaction posts of some kind for this show, depending on how the life suck versus squee power battle goes. Big complex things are not possible right now though, and life suck is showing every sign of intensifying over the next long while.

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Title: First Impressions
Fandom: Supernatural
Alternate Link: AO3
Rating/Content: Gen, G, Pre-series kid-fic. The boys are around 5 and 9.
Word Count: Drabble
Disclaimer: I do not own and did not originate this world and its inherent characters.
Notes: Written for spn_bigpretzel's D.E.W. challenge: Bobby - Outsider POV (Though these aren't really outsiders, maybe?)

Summary: You can't tell a book by his cover.
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[I have one thing to say. Or maybe two.]


Also, I really wish I'd gotten the damned stories I started after last season's finale finished and posted, because so far they would fit right in.


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(Just a kind of a poem for the first day of Fall. Not happy with it, but such is poetry.)


We are the Autumn people,
rust-leaved rustle-footed wanderers,
tracing the edges of the long cold,
appreciating beauty in the ending of things.

Dusk is our cathedral,
whisper-breezed and crackling.
In day, we perceive the time-imbued leaves:
gold, crimson, orange, evergreen, umber.
Sometimes the light fails us,
they disappear,
non-existent figments.
We forget they exist.

But we are the Autumn people,
crepuscular together.
We remind each other of the tree-dancing colour,
igniting fires that echo the capering hues,
bringing iridescence into the night with a different crackle.
Smoke stings our eyes, throats,
but it is welcome
clearing vision and voice.

We are the Autumn people.
We live in the slowing cold,
the change and turn,
the senescence of the year.
Fog and whispering,
calm and slowing,
The encroaching cold and silence.
The ending of things
so that there can be

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['Scorpion' and 'Forever' premieres, some spoilers]

Awkward setup with a lot of tell, don't show, and a few "You're going to do WHAT? Are you a CARTOON?" level plot contrivances, but a lot of fun with quirky genius badasses, a main character with angst issues visible from space (who's child self needs to have been Sherlock and Mycroft's childhood BFF from Ireland, seriously), decent tension and pacing (in the pilot at least) and some nicely quippy one-liners. In a way a bit like the movie Sneakers with far less social aptitude. The show has also already skipped the later jump-the-shark issue by introducing the super-genius child character right in the pilot along with his mom.

I liked it, I'll watch it again. So far I like all the characters, though I don't know if I'll like them as much when they aren't just a rag-tag bunch of independent social misfits and are instead a bunch of social misfits with a lab and a bankroll. Also contains Robert Patrick (who played the T2 liquid metal Terminator, though not now, though that would be a heck of a twist) and Ernie Hudson (who played Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters movies) which was cool.

They may have blown most of the budget for the entire series run on the stunts at the end of this first episode though. But golly that was fun.


Voiceovers everywhere, but I'm thinking that's mostly because it's the premiere and this guy has a ton of backstory. Also Ioan Gruffudd is using something close to his normal accent instead of mimicking an American one so I find I don't mind him doing a lot of talking.

References! POCKET WATCH (Doctor Who), SCARF (tied exactly like Sherlock does), at the end of this episode (which is the first one of a two parter that ends tomorrow apparently but if it's on the same time as Agents of Shield it's S.O.L.) the female police officer character comes to ask for the main character's help with a MURDER COMMITTED WITH A RARE AND SPECIAL OLD SWORD (Highlander). Lots more I'm sure I'm missing. They appear to have very few issues acknowledging who they are borrowing from. There is also a nice bit of coat action here and there.

Bonus surprise Judd Hirsh! Whose character may be a part of the whole run of the show, or might be tragically killed off tomorrow, but I hope he sticks around. I loved him in Independence Day.

Both shows

So. Much. Sherlock-scanning. Glance at a person and give them their life story stuff. Without the floating text, but seriously, super-genius men need to stop doing that to people who are being obviously introduced as potential love interests. Though it's a handy method of exposition.

Also, all of these people need to get together with all the characters from Sherlock and, I dunno, save the world or genius each other to death or something. The Homeland Security and NYPD people can hang out at the bar with John, Lestrade, Sally and Anderson while the rest of them technobabble and snark at each other.

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Right, since the season's pass for Murdoch Mysteries Season 8 is now available on iTunes and at least one show I'm watching/saving for later premieres this upcoming week, I'd better put up my 2014 premiere listing for shows I intend to watch in one way or another. under cutCollapse )

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