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random blithering about random monday tv - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
random blithering about random monday tv
Well, that was interesting... It must be sweeps or something, is it?

-Chuck: Chuck is ordered into lockdown, Big Mike is returned to the sales floor at the Buy More and it's all Morgan's fault and Sarah disobeys orders hugely and goes on the run with Chuck and Chuck's dad is Orion (which if that's a really obscure shout-out to a series of choose your own adventure style novels with computer programs in them called "Microadventures" where the viewpoint character was code-named Orion, I may have to explode from the sheer awesome geekery) and Ellie's getting married and Chuck's gonna have to find a way to get back from wherever he's at and whatever he's doing to attend, and those shots of the city after Sarah and Chuck drive away are exactly like the night shots of Cardiff in Torchwood, so much so that I want to see them side by side and Casey's gonna go frigging batshit, and, and, just loads of stuff and I don't have time or brainspace for another fandom right now, dammit!!!!! *stomps foot*

However, Chuck is now officially on my 'please, for the love of all you hold holy DON'T SPOIL ME!' list.

-Heroes... something happened, I forget what. Oh right, backstory. Which was okay. I normally flail all over backstory. I was cooking an emergency turkey (fresh turkeys, 99cents a pound. Cheaper than everything including the mystery sausage. I misjudged the size of my freezer. And fridge. Hence emergency cooking.) so I didn't catch a lot of the details, but really... I don't feel like I missed much. :-/

-And then there's 24...

I was still dealing with kitchen mayhem so I missed bits, but I'm going to free-associate some thoughts because they are in danger of becoming plot bunnies and I DO NOT NEED plot bunnies for freaking 24.

So, Jack's disease, new symptom, forgetting things. My my my, that sets up some interesting possibilities. Jack forgetting what's happening now and flashing back to "stressful incidents" in his life (AKA every prior season of 24). I hope they do that in some capacity because it will be so interesting to see Kiefer devolve the character of Jack back down to the start. Plus, utter mayhem will ensue if Jack goes delusional and gets loose, thinking it's Season One or something.

Also sets up interesting possibilities like Tony (if Tony has indeed gone bad) knowing Jack has memory issues, Jack flashing back to times when he trusts Tony completely (lots of those) and Tony using that trust against him. OR Jack pretending to lose his grip to fool Tony and get access to what he's up to while still being mostly in control and knowing what's up, and turning the tables on him. With this set-up of the memory loss, and the potential flashbacking cascades, I think that there won't be any last minute crack-fueled reprieves for him (although, it's Berman, isn't it... sorry, Braga.) and that this season Jack Bauer will actually die permanently.

Tony... Hm. Okay, he supposedly killed Moss, which I won't believe until his body is found and pronounced dead, because this could be a simple ploy for Tony to get back in and get back to the 'stopping the corruption' thing. Fake-kill Moss, smother him unconscious, (and seriously, they just had a running gun battle. One more shot to the head would not have alerted anyone not already alerted) get back in with his old buddy from the mercenary days, mole up, gather intel, etc, etc. Of course he could also be a dead-eyed cold-hearted evil bastard and I wouldn't mind. But I don't think he is.

Also, what the hell was up with Moss's death scene? O.o The violent twitching was.... odd. And not very deathy under the circumstances.

Anyway. Monday. *shrug*

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caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 14th, 2009 03:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Seeing Jack weep the big manly epic!man!pain tears.

I missed most of what he said to Kim due to turkey issues, but Kiefer does do good man pain.

Is Rick Berman mixed up in this?

I got confused. I think I meant Brannon Braga. It was 1 am and a very weird day.

(You know Misha Collins was in S1, right? Bring on the Misha flashbacks!)

Hee! That hair! That'd be a hoot.
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