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Win_Non_Con Pimp post! - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Win_Non_Con Pimp post!
As a few of you know, last night I went insane agreed to help out amy_star_ running win_non_con this year.

win_non_con is an online approximation of a Supernatural convention (hence Non-Con. Non-Convention. Yes, I know what you were thinking.) It takes place the same weekend as WinchesterCon does in the states, which this year is October 9th to 11th, starting on this upcoming Friday.

This is open to Supernatural fans of all stripes and leanings. Spoilers are discouraged except in one well-marked discussion post which I'll be avoiding entirely. (Most areas will not be spoiler-safe for anyone behind the US viewing schedule though, sorry Australians. :-( )

What happens at a win_non_con? There's a Treasure Hunt wherein randomly-assigned teams are given lists of things to find or more often make before a deadline. (see my win_non_con tag or check out bootyhunters_4 or drac_suite (two comms established in prior years to host Treasure Hunt team entries) for examples). It's a real challenge and a lot of fun and tends to generate a ton and a half of crack. :-D

Besides that there will be a variety of fic challenges (A prompted fic challenge, comment-fic thread, a drabble-chain), discussion threads, contests of various sorts (Screencap captions, Guess the Scene (like pictionary), the infamous Bulwinchester-Lytton bad first line writing contest), viewing parties, many fun things. Details will be being posted at the comm.

Watch win_non_con to see what's going on when and to participate. You only need to watch the comm, you do not need to be a member, and in fact you can't be one because the membership option is switched off for the comm. All you need to do is watch and jump into anything that looks interesting. It's very open. :-)

Sign-ups, polling, fic-challenge prompt entries, suggestion boxes and Treasure Hunt sign-ups will start today or tomorrow, so check it out now! \o/

Also, amy_star_ might still be looking for an artist to help out with comm graphics and icons if anyone wants to pitch in?

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