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Delay of Reaction: 5.10 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Delay of Reaction: 5.10
Due to a technical error which resulted in a massive loss of typing (as in everything I typed Saturday), and a previously scheduled engagement on Sunday, I don't have a reaction post up yet for 5.10. Between re-transcribing, spinning off into weird meta and screencapping, I seem to be going through this ep at the blazing rate of 5 Show minutes per hour. :-P

The thing about that is until I post my reaction I don't read other people's reactions. Or my f-list. Or my e-mail. Or comments. I'm just like that, it's a thing.

So if your life is exploding and I've missed being comforting and sympathetic, that's why, and I am truly, truly sorry. I'll catch up on everyone once I get this done and posted. I know. I suck.

ETA: 100% typed. Word count approx 9000. Need to edit and sort out caps. o.O

Out of morbid curiosity:

Do you read my reaction posts for Supernatural?


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