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Reaction: Supernatural 5.10 - Picspam and Meta, Part One - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Reaction: Supernatural 5.10 - Picspam and Meta, Part One
Reaction, Picspam, Recap, Meta, Speculation for Supernatural 5.10
"Abandon All Hope..." - Part 1

Yeah. Well. That. Cheezaroonie. O.O See? The past few episodes, we're all flying along on a frothy bed of crack when *WHAM* brick wall of angst. Awesome!

*downs a shot for Ellen and Jo* (Literally. And I don't drink at all really these days and am on medication which may do weird things in combination with alcohol, so any typos, meandering or weirdness in my transcription of my notes [and post-rewatch additions] can be blamed on that. COMPLETE IDIOT MANEUVERS LIKE NOT ACTUALLY SAVING 12 HOURS OF INTERMITTENT PONDERING-HEAVY WRITING *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* So that not drinking thing, I think I'll keep doing that. Yeesh.)


-Why did I watch the previously?? I always avoid the previously! What the Hell?! Must have been distracted from avoiding it by something. Anyway, Meg! Yay! Ellen and Jo! Yay! (*revises spoiler timeline*) The Colt! Yay!

-Heee! Highway interchange. There's a Good Omens reference, ya think?
Many phenomena - wars, plagues, sudden audits - have been advanced as evidence for the hidden hand of Satan in the affairs of Man, but whenever students of demonology get together the M25 London orbital motorway is generally agreed to be among the top contenders for Exhibit A.

Not the M25, but probably just as demonic.

-Crossroads!!! Nifty. It's been a while.

-Ah, Crowley! Hee! Lilith's former right-hand demon/head of acquisitions/possible snuggle-bunny is head of the Crossroads Demons. Awesome! Plus Crowley has an actual British accent! Yay for more Good Omens refs! \o/

-Heh. "Sealed with a kiss." Guess that answers that question.

-Hi lurking Castiel!

-"It is 'going.... down'." Pft. Good try. Gotta work on that delivery. *pats*

-'Huggy Bear.' Dean called someone else Huggy bear once... Or someone did. Gaaaah. Something to do with some other show a while back. [Dean said something about 'Huggy Bear' not being available in "Death Takes a Holiday" and it's a reference to an informant character from "Starsky and Hutch" *nods*]

-OOOO! CASTIEL IS TELEPORT SHADOWING!!! OMG I LOVE THAT!!! *flails* Sorry, that hit me unexpectedly in the sci-fi geekery button. WOO! \o/ [And I can't cap it any way that makes sense.]

-Enochian warding magic is pretty. Though I wonder what the question-mark-like arrangement is in aid of.

-Credits! Samantha Ferris (Yay Ellen)! Alona Tal (Yay Jo!)! Mark Pellegrino (about time he turned up again)! Rachel Miner (her too)!

-Aw, no Queen music for Crowley? I guess it's beyond the budget. Damn. ["Everybody plays the fool" by Aaron Neville. Lyrics here
(beware pop-ups :-P) Heh. 'Everybody plays the fool,' hunh? Cute. No possible application to the immediate situation in this episode at aaall.]

-Watching Hitler? Which... hunh. Alastair made some reference to that era too. Guess it's popular among demons. *moves on*

-Crowley does know how to work a glass though. No idea who the actor is. [Mark Sheppard, who is two years older than JDM and has apparently been in damn near everything. And cute as a button. Admittedly, right now a demonic button, but still.]

-Hi Jo! You looked like Bela there for a bit! That's kind of disconcerting... or maybe more of a cognitive dissonance or something. Dunno. Regardless, rockin' the little black dress. And given what the outdoor night temps were when this was likely filmed, I hope someone was standing by with a coat between takes, 'coz frigging brrr!

-Jo doing hand-to-hand combat rocks too! Though she needs to put more of her mass behind that punch. The grapple break from the shoulder grab was well-executed though. *nods like she knows what she's talking about*

-Whoa! Hi Sam! Yay for everyone working together! \o/ (I typo'd "whoring together" there at first. I do not know where my brain went. o.O) Wow. Also, randomly, non-speaking demon-guard has some serious eyeball extension. o.O

-Written by... Edlund? Hunh. I keep mentally associating him with buckets of crack, but really I guess that's not the case; he's done quite a few heavyweight episodes.

-The lights go out and Crowley smiles in the dark. Yeah. This isn't a trap at all.

-Directed by Phil Sgriccia. Oooo, nelly. Heavy hitters for the run up to the winter break. *is nervous nervouser*


-Geez. When hiding a Seal of Solomon under a rug, make sure you flatten the damn rug. *facepalm* Also 'expensive rug' my left foot. My family had the same pattern of rug in the late seventies and they got it for free as a yard sale cast-off. Although he never said it was an expensive rug, just 'do you have any idea how much this rug costs' so the answer could have been 'the cost of the gas to haul the fugly thing away'. *nods*

-Yeah, no. See? Trap. Nice try. Sometimes I wonder about your tactical ability, boys. Incidentally, where's Jo? And Ruby's knife? *ponders and watches the shadows for kickass knife-wielding blonde back-up*

-HEEE!!! "Sacrificing minions: Is there any problem it can't solve?" -Xykon, Order of the Stick.

[In fact, what the hell. Have a motivator.

(I goofed and made Xykon a lord. I blame the mind control. Sorry, I'm having geekery bleed-over.)]

-Clues, hints. Except he got tired of that because Crowley is not a Bad Wolf-level clue-leaver and is too damn subtle for his own good and NOBODY saw these clues he was leaving, (random personal ads? interestingly piled rocks? notes written on gum wrappers left crumpled beside the Impala?) and had Becky flat out tell them by causing a momentary delusion as she read one of Chuck's unpublished novels which explains even more again some more why no one knew about Crowley. The scene she read was never there, so the plot-hole was never there! Tah-dah! *nods and dusts hands together* Well, I guess the implication is that no one would have ever known about the Colt at all if Crowley hadn't been nudging people, so maybe he's effectively subtle after all. Not sure what to do with all that yet; needs more brain.

-"I want you to take this thing to Lucifer and empty it into his face." My goodness Crowley's voice is very interesting there. Just making an observation.

-So! This Crowley isn't 100% on Hell's side either! \o/ Or is he? Or is it Lucifer's side he's not on? Or is it all an elaborate trap....? My head hurts. [After watching, my head still hurts. He gives them a weapon he may or may not know is ineffectual vs Lucifer in order to get them to go to where big L has laid the trap. Either he got duped into being part of the trap, or was a knowing part. Either way, big L knows about this now. There's no way that he doesn't. Gah. I say he didn't know, he's been thinking this is the solution all along, and is now so very very screwed. Hee. Maybe he and Gabriel could team up? Or maybe Anna's angel name (which we never have been told, yes?) is Aziraphael and When they took her away at the end of last season it was to send her back down so she could open a book shop. Or something. *nods*]

-"I forgot, you two at best are functional morons."/"Yeah you're functioning morons... mor...*headbobble*" Dean, Dean, Dean, we really need to work on your repartee. You do not quip well while boggled.

-'Lucifer's an angel who hates humans, demons are totally screwed if he wins.' Okay, Crowley does have a very good point there.

-"I'm in sales, dammit!" \o/ Oh yes. Crowley can come back anytime.

-"What if I give you this thing and you go kill the Devil?" Hmm... He's head Crossroads Demon, there's something not being said here... [Could be that he knew the Colt wouldn't work, but... I think I have a bit of 'Good Omens' bleed-over happening, in that I want to trust Crowley. Sort of. Gah.] Hee! Love that he waggles the gun at Sam with a 'Come on, you know you wanna..." expression.

-[Okay, I know Sam's eye is just catching the fire light here, but the demon-fire/Terminator eyeshine is making me nervous. o.O]

-Love how totally-not-okay-with-this Dean looks in the background. Deals with demons, man, they always come 'round and bite you in the ass one way or another. At lest Crowley isn't asking for a kiss. Don't kiss him, all will be well. Or more well than otherwise.

-HAHAHAHHAHAHA, yeah. Nice try Sam. Of course he didn't give you the Colt loaded. He's smarter than YED. Unless getting shot with the Colt was actually part of YED's plan, and that's why he left the Colt loaded in the first place aaaaaand my head hurts again.

-"Oh, yeah, right, you'll need some more ammunition." BWAHAHAHAAHAH. Yeah. Crowley can definitely come back. I love intelligent, snarky, well-portrayed are-they-helping-or-plotting-against-us characters.

-Also love the little frustrated hand movement from Sam here. Hard to cap, but he just sort of spreads his right hand out wide, like "Do not say anything to me right now, okay?" Or like he wishes he could pull Crowley out with his mind and send him to Hell. It's a multi-purpose hand gesture. Much clearer in motion though, so watch for it. Very subtle.

-Heh. Leave it to Dean to say something that could be construed as vaguely concerned about the demon getting in trouble. (Although really he's attempting to nail down Crowley's motivation for helping them.) Hm. Probably because this one isn't (so far) leading Sam down the garden path. As far as he can tell. [And he might not be, or this might all have been part of a plot to get them to go where Lucifer is with a non functional weapon. I'm thinking Crowley's a dupe in this. But that could be another latent 'Good Omens' effect. Plus, there was that song playing earlier. Who is playing the fool for whom here? Must ponder more.]

-By the way, film studies note. Sam and Dean's faces this entire scene are half in the light, half in shadow. Crowley is too, but it's not nearly as strongly delineated as it is on Sam and Dean, and this is a deliberate thing, because they have a flickering 'firelight' lighting the shadowed side of Crowley and not the boys. Yes, a lot of that is because it's frigging dark (as usual), but this is also a visual technique that's been used in films for decades to indicate 'being of two minds' on something, which would be quite apt here for the boys. Do they trust what this demon is saying or not? And if they do, what will it cost them down the road? Crowley, however, is not of two minds judging from his lighting. He's about equally lit. Crowley is sure of whatever it is that he's up to, whatever his motives are. (This technique is also often used to indicate a character being insane, but we all already know the boys are a little nuts, right? Anyone with their lives would have to be. *pats them*) In short, yay cinematography! \o/


-Ellen and Castiel having a drinking contest. Wait, what? Um. Hunh. No, Ellen and Castiel are actually having a drinking contest. Wow. Wow. That, that is unbelievably awesome! \o/ I don't even have words for exactly how awesome. *glee* [Hm. A plot-bunny. *is distracted for half a day* arg. Maybe later.] And she calls him 'Big Boy'. Heeeeee!

-I really wonder what they had him drink. Likely weak tepid tea, which if I recall correctly is the traditional stunt booze when filming, but I wonder if someone didn't spike one just for the sake of tomfoolery. Not naming any names here of course. *whistles and deliberately does not think of eggnog*

-"I think I'm starting to feel something." If nothing else, perhaps waterlogged? Depending how long they've been at it, given that he appears to be drinking five shots to her one. He looks so pleased with himself in this cap. Kind of an 'I'm five and I can tie my shoes' sort of pleased. *pats him*

-Hee! Stunned!Jo. *pats her too*

-"Sam Winchester having trust issues with a demon. Well, better late than never." Ow, Dean. His abandonment issues are really not letting him let this Ruby thing die. There's either going to be some huge test of trust, or it's going to be a part of a rift between them that big L is damn sure going to exploit. So, either go do some trust falls with your brother or otherwise work this stuff out, Dean. What's done is done. Deal and move on. (And of course he won't because it'll need to come to a big dramatic thing and it'll be so damn awesome and this show kills me stone dead, yay! \o/)

-Sam seems to be taking it in stride, though. Which is weird. Could be he's taking it like the usual sibling 'never let them live it down' thing, but I don't know. There was hurt behind Dean's words. Needs more brain.

-"Trap or no trap, if we've got a snowball's chance, we gotta take it, right?" Oh this whole situation is totally a trap. [The only question is did Crowley knowingly send you into it or not.]

-Dean doing research! Talking about omens, and missing persons reports! Yay smart!Dean! \o/

-Not bringing Sam. Hm. Maybe a good idea. Unless that's the trap; to get all of you away and out on a wild goose chase leaving Sam alone at base with Bobby, and that's where Lucifer gets him because seriously if Lucifer (or Zachariah) wants to find either of you all they really have to do is stake out the road to Bobby's place and you'll show up there eventually and wow am I glad I'm not head tactician for the adversary characters on Supernatural or the boys would be so screwed. So no, don't take Sam, it's a trap. Or no, don't let Sam out of your sight, it's a trap. Or, you know, really, you're equally screwed either way. Do what you want and hang what the devil is plotting. Especially if it makes Dean make silly faces.

-'I go try to kill Satan and screw up' *face of 'big fat hairy deal'* 'So what, we've lost a game piece, that we can take.' Oh Dean. Dean. Wow. Considering yourself dying as nothing more significant than losing an expendable game piece. You are seriously broken. OW. And also ow, that even though you still beat Sam over the head with the trust issue bat, you consider him not expendable at all. (Which if Sam has eyes and sees that, he has to know that the phone call he heard in 4.22 was fake, but probably doesn't because Sam has a different set of filters and gaaaaaaah.) Summary: Owwwww.

-"Since when have we ever done anything smart?" .... okay, relatively valid point. Still, these boys need some self-esteem or something. Hugs. They need hugs. *nods*

-"If we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it together." Or, of course they could do what the entire theme and four seasons worth of TV episodes have been pointing towards and that I spent all last year's worth of recaps harping about and the main basis for my Zen of Kripke. *headdesk* Of course. Which is perfect and awesome and likely to get people killed, but what the hell, it's a theme. I am SOOOO slow tonight. No brain at all, me.

-"So. Dangerous mission tomorrow." Wow, Dean. That was smooth. *facepalm* Although, last Dean knew, Jo had a crush on him, and he's seen her as an adult and not a brat anymore so maybe this is a little more than, "Gonna die, gotta get laid." It's still rather *facepalm* but Dean's awkwardness makes me think there's more than simple innate horndoggery at play there. So, is this setting us up for a remainder of season 5 'love interest' tension or... Oh crap. Jo is gonna die. Either Jo's gonna die or Dean's getting taken over by Michael and it's too soon for that. Oh craaaaap. O.O

-"If this is our last night on Earth, then I'm going to spend it with a little something I call self-respect." And now Kripke's making me like her, so she's totally a walking dead woman isn't she? Considering how the character of Jo started out, who she is now... I really do like her. She's comfortable in herself. She's a whole character now. So of course that means she's toast. It's the right time in the season and the right place in the mytharc for a recurring character death to happen and... Damn, damn, damn, damn it, Kripke! But maybe I'm wrong. [And that would be a big old NO on that possibility.]

-Group photo. Awwwwww! I love that the camera wiggles as Bobby adjusts the 'camera' he's taking the photo with. That's adorable.

And also, now we know for absolute certain who took this photo of John and the boys, don't we.
1.01 cap by marishna
(This cap is from marishna)

Awwwwwwwwwwww, Bobbeeeeeeee! *flails like Kermit*

-"This is our last night on Earth" Gee, Castiel. You're a real ray of sunshine when your vessel's trying to process a gallon of scotch or whatever that was through a relatively unused liver.

-Family photo time! We're going to die tomorrow! Aaaaand smile!

Castiel looks like he's trying to be taller than Sam there. Sam with a slight expression of either WTF or Ehn? Ellen looking grim and determined, Dean looking a little doofy, Jo looking like she's been up for a week solid and tired out, and Bobby looking off into the middle distance, processing that last statement, or perhaps wondering if he's left the kettle on. Still, most badass family photo ever, yes?

-(AD: *screams in horror at XBox 360 commercial* Nooooooooooooo!!!! Not 'Carry On My Wayward Son'!!! *is horrified* That's as bad as using 'Back in Black' for that frigging commercial for Audrey Hepburn's pants or whatever it was! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OUR SONG, XBOX!!! *glares furiously*)

-One of the missing people is Leslie DeHaan. Leslie DeHaan, Leslie DeHaan... why does she sound familiar. [She's one of the show's production assistants, sayeth Google. Nifty. I bet all the missing persons posters are Supernatural staffers. :-D]

-We got ourselves a convoy. (Coooonvoooooy) Love in the background the big flag with the slogan is right next to the sign for adult videos. Nice juxtaposition. Set design has some serious fun with this stuff.

-"You getting a signal?" Oh look. It's quiet. Almost too quiet. That's because it's trap, guys. *nods* Yup.

-Trivia: Ellen's license plate: H3A 8509. Damned if I can tell what state, but I'd guess Nebraska.

-Huh. Castiel riding with Ellen and Jo. Not riding with Sam and Dean and not just blinking into town. Odd. Maybe there's some kind of teleport shield around the place to keep angels from blipping in willy nilly so he needed a ride. I guess the thought was to keep him hidden or at least out of the most recognizable target vehicle, (like the President and Vice-President not riding in the same car) in case big L has himself a minion or two with a rocket launcher. Maybe? Not that that would happen with Sam in the car; I can't see Lucifer wanting to rumple his specially tailored suit before he gets to wear it) Or maybe he and Ellen and Jo have a secondary strategic discussion taking place. Or maybe the back seat of the Impala is not as roomy as it looks. *has sudden giggle-fit over Castiel saying "I require.... more leg room."* Or maybe Ellen and Jo glomphed on to him and insisted because Sam and Dean get to hang out with an angel all the time, why shouldn't Ellen and Jo get a chance. Or maybe Dean turfed him out of the Impala for being a depressing mopey fucker. The possibilities truly are endless. *ponders*

-Of course the real reason is "because the script says he did" but character-wise. These things are important after all. *nods*

-Hee. Door handle. Well, if there's and angel-teleport shield around the town, it obviously doesn't operate inside the town.

And it looks like someone's straightened Castiel's tie. Maybe Ellen or Jo? Awwwwwww. *flappy hands* I want Ellen, Jo and Castiel to go around having drinking contests and wacky hijinks and stuff now!!! But Kripke's totally killing Jo soon, damn it! If not this episode (and given its placement just before a hiatus, it's damn likely [*sighs*]) then really, really soon. How long was the ride from Bobby's to Carthage, Missouri? There's time for wacky hijinks in there, right? [Google maps says around 14 hours, depending where you guesstimate Bobby's to be. Allow for the Supernatural Interstate Wormhole Effect, leaving in the AM to arrive an hour or so before sunset, plenty of time for hijinks. Hey, I wonder.... Hmmmmmm... *ponders and directs thought to the bunny corral*]

-HOLY CRAP, REAPERS!!!!! O.O That is so awesome in an "OMG we are so screwed sort of way."

I could watch that transition across Castiel's back all day. [*counts 25 Reapers and gives up* Duuuuude.]

-And Castiel wanders off alone trying to find out more about things only he can see, in the middle of the creepy dead town full of 'being a trap'-ness and dozens of Reapers in Sleep mode, and if this doesn't turn out to have been a way to separate Castiel from the gang, I will be very disappointed in Lucifer's strategic planning abilities. Also EEEEEEEEK! Get that angel on a tether! O.O

Although that's so awesome and creepy, and there are almost no special effects at all involved and, just yay! Show is being freaking awesome for cheap!!! \o/

-Worried!Castiel is awesome. Even if he's walking right into a trap.

-THAT REAPER HAS WHITE EYES! o.O Okay, last eye colour change we saw in a Reaper was when Tessa got taken over by YED in IMToD, right? IS THIS REAPER POSSESSED???? Alastair and Lillith are gone, we haven't had any other white-eyes show up yet, but I dunno, it could be possible, maybe?

-And another fantastic transition! Who's the director again? Phil Sgriccia, you rock at transitions! \o/ [Although they're a pain to screencap.]

-Yep, trap. *nods* "Never go off alone. We've seen that movie, it never ends well." To quote someone's header thingy on their journal. gigglingkat, isn't it?

-That said, and 'I called it' said, and 'just because the guy's an angel doesn't mean he's invulnerable' said, OMG LUCIFER HAS CASTIEL!!! O.O

-"Hello, brother." *FLAILS INCOHERENTLY* Meta! Brothers! It's a theme! *waves in general direction of previous reaction and meta posts* Yay! \o/

-"Have you seen Cas?" Honestly, someone loans you their angel and you lose him. Well, he lost himself, really, because sometimes Castiel has the tactical intelligence of Alice in Wonderland, but still. He really needs a tether. Or an anti-theft device. Angel-alarm?

-"He saw Reapers. Kind of everywhere." And you are only now sharing this information? I suppose since cell-phones don't work in this trap town, you get a pass on not saying anything immediately. Some kind of 'oh holy crap we're screwed' flare or perhaps an airhorn might be advisable for future missions. Except Jo's totally going to die here, so she won't have any future missions, maybe, so never mind. Gaaaah. [*wibbles*]

-Castiel in a ring of fire. OMG. Firelight is very kind to him, but OMG. O.O

-"I came alone." CASTIEL JUST FLAT-OUT LIED. Straight-up, no hedging or wiggling, he LIED. Oh wow. He really is rewriting his programming.

-"I'm told you came here in an automobile. What was that like?"/"Slow." Heeee. [Love the little subtle hand movement here, Lucifer warming his hands over the flames keeping Castiel trapped. It's very nifty because it's not only a kind of power thing in the "I warm my hands on the flames that could kill you and that are keeping you from helping your little bug-friends," it's also a sign of how far gone Lucifer is in this vessel, because he has to warm his hands. The way he's doing it is very subtle, partly hiding partly not, so it keeps that 'is it weakness or is it a show of power' thing well-balanced, and it's freaking awesome. Second nifty subtle hand movement of the ep that I've noticed.]

-[I'm also discovering that if Show puts a character I like in firelight and peril, I will screencap that character 'til my fingers ache. Not that there's anything wrong with that.]

-Vessel damage. Oooo. Big L's burning out this vessel fast. Eeek.

-"You are not taking Sam Winchester. I won't let you." He says, while trapped in one of the few things that can kill him. And after taking a half step towards the fire in a kind of 'gonna kick your ass now' type impulse. \o/ WOOOOOOOOO!!!! I think maybe Castiel just adopted the Winchesters back, yes? Both of them.

-"I rebelled, I was cast out, you rebelled, you were cast out." Ah, see, now, Castiel's situation is different. He was cast out by a God-usurping dick in a suit. Castiel's like Robin Hood. When King Richard comes back to town, he'll be pardoned. *nods* [Much love for the very subtle expressions on Castiel. There's a downcast look, the tiniest of eye-pops, then a slight look down and to the left. He hadn't thought of that, and doesn't like the implication. See, Cas, this is what happens when you listen to Lucifer. He makes you doubt. Stop listening to Lucifer, Castiel!]

-Although the concept of Castiel becoming next on the "Heaven's Big Bad" list after Big L is toast is... kind of a combination of heart-wrenching, terrifying and oddly enthralling.

-"Why not serve your own best interest, which just happen to be mine." He thinks about it for a second. [two seconds actually, in which there are more subtle expression things which are awesome and do not screencap well.] He'd die first. *flail* EEEEE! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! \o/ (or {\o/} for victory wings?)

-It's the gun-toting badass brigade! Woot! \o/

-Hi Meg!

-All I got is 'Oooo.' right here.

-Hellhounds!!! \o/ HOORAY FOR BADASS INVISIBLE MONSTERS THAT ARE CHEAP ON THE EFFECTS BUDGET!! That said, I'mma hide behind the couch. *has dog issues* [You know, it's surprisingly hard to screencap an invisible monster. You wouldn't think so, would you? *facepalm*] Speaking of invisible monsters, Meg's got quite the affinity for them, between the Daevas and now Hellhounds. Hm.

-Her father. Lucifer. Meg said her father is Lucifer. Sooooo..... who was she talking to over the blood-phone in Scarecrow? She's called Azazel her father in the past, and vice versa... hm. It bears pondering. *ponders*

-He got one! \o/ Shooting invisible monsters takes a skill level over 24 for a decent chance in Gurps talent. *nods* [Ahahahaha! The black CGI blood splatters on Meg's boot! I LOVE YOU SPECIAL EFFECTS DEPARTMENT!!! \o/] Um. Colt is either not effective versus Hellhounds, or they don't go all zappy when they die, or Meg's got more than one and the other one just quietly dropped dead. Hm. Invisible dead thing. No one would find it unless they tripped over it. Would explain the funk in many a dorm room.

-OMG not hellhounds on Dean again! O.O *hides more*

-Jo to the rescue! BADASS JO FTW! \o/ Is it just me or does she look a lot like young Mary here?

-Ooo, looks like regular shotguns hurt Hellhounds too, unless that shotgun has some special rounds, which it entirely possible.

-JO! Oh crap. She really is gonna die. Oh no. *feels ill* [*tries to screencap, gets good look at wounds in progress, feels even more ill and stops* gaaaaah... It's all blurry and doesn't cap well, but there's, like, lung tissue and ribs and things. Gaaaaah. o.O]

-She saved Dean, so now it's his turn to save her, right? Incidentally, I know Alona Tal's not exactly a huge girl, but Jensen just scooping her up and running is damn impressive. *nods*

-Um, Sam, a lamp post might provide a teeny bit of cover versus ranged weapons, but a Hellhound isn't exactly a ranged weapon. Plus, you are a broad boy. It might protect your spine though, so here's to good back health. *cheers* [Ah, it's an optical illusion. he's not leaning against it he's going behind it. Much more sensible.]

-Sam is looking marvelously badass regardless.

-Hardware store. Wise hidey-hole location if a Walmart is unavailable. They aren't likely to be there long enough to need to worry about finding food. *nods*

-Blood trail. Nice detail. Also gaaaaah, dammit!

-*is distracted by minutiae* Popular brand of rocksalt. That's at least the third time that kind has been seen (Jus In Bello, I Believe the Children are our Future, and now this one.)

-Hey, wait... Salt keeps Hellhounds out?? I thought it took goofer dust or devil's shoestring or whatever it was. Hm. Maybe that's just to keep deal-collecting hellhounds away, and the free-range ones are deterred by salt since they aren't on a deadline and know they'll eat you eventually and can wait for you to leave or otherwise screw up. Yeah, that's it. They're slacking without a deadline to meet. *nods and handwaves*

-Aw Jo. It truly figures. I never should have started liking her. Kripke kills everyone I like. Damn her for becoming competent and awesome and self-confident and badass! *sigh*

-Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I think more than the wound, what's hitting me in the 'OMG fix this now' buttons is the sounds of just, sheer, blind animal pain Jo is making. Well done Alona Tal. Also that people are standing around stunned and looking at the bleeding woman on the floor while not keeping pressure on the wound or doing basic first aid things. Come on, boys, move your asses. There's a first aid kit or roadside emergency kit somewhere in that hardware store, go get it!

-The exchanged looks of 'she's not gonna make it are not helping here, boys!

-Oh Ellen. That little look of realization. Oh.

- Part 2

(PLEASE, NO SPOILERS OR REFERENCES TO SPOILERY MATERIAL IN COMMENTS! The definition of spoiler for this journal is located in left hand sidebar and includes references to promo material as spoilers. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)

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tigriswolf From: tigriswolf Date: November 26th, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm thinking that Meg calling Satan her father is like people saying God is their father, you know?
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 26th, 2009 06:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, there's a bit of a 'cult of personality' vibe later on that supports that too.
blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: November 27th, 2009 01:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Glad you stuck it out and did the review, despite technical woes.

I agree. Crowley can come back anytime he wants. Loved him. THIS is the kind of demon "ally" that I fully get behind. The enemy of my enemy type. They don't trust each other. Betrayal is of course on the table. But if they can find a way to use the other to one's one benefit...

Re Dean's "I'm an expendable game piece" thing. YES to your OUCH. Sam, are you reading between the lines here? Also, Dean? Just because you'd prefer to be a regular Joe pawn on the gameboard doesn't mean that's what you actully are.

okay, off to Part II...
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 27th, 2009 03:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Glad you stuck it out and did the review, despite technical woes.

I seem to have developed a pathological need to post a reaction post for every new episode. I'm a little unbalanced until I post one. XD

I agree. Crowley can come back anytime he wants. Loved him. THIS is the kind of demon "ally" that I fully get behind. The enemy of my enemy type. They don't trust each other. Betrayal is of course on the table. But if they can find a way to use the other to one's one benefit...

Exactly. No more 'main characters buy into the "demon with a heart of gold"' crap.

Re Dean's "I'm an expendable game piece" thing. YES to your OUCH. Sam, are you reading between the lines here? Also, Dean? Just because you'd prefer to be a regular Joe pawn on the gameboard doesn't mean that's what you actully are.

OMG I know. Dean's self-esteem issues are legendarily painful, especially when they're stated outright but still not seen.
aescu From: aescu Date: November 28th, 2009 09:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Huh. Castiel riding with Ellen and Jo. Not riding with Sam and Dean and not just blinking into town. Odd.
Dean & Sam are hidden from all Angels because of their carvings. Ellen and Jo are not. Lucifer is an Angel so he would instantly know if they drove into town. With Castiel inside their car he can shield them, too. At least that's my explanation :)

As soon as I've heard the speculations about a certain Crowley and Good Omens I've read the book and have to say, there is more than the character of Corwley that reminds me of the book - the entire storyarc sounds *very* familiar :)

I too hope Crowley comes back because I love him. Great character and awesome actor. He would be an enrichmet be it as foe or friend.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 28th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
As soon as I've heard the speculations about a certain Crowley and Good Omens I've read the book and have to say, there is more than the character of Corwley that reminds me of the book - the entire storyarc sounds *very* familiar :)

Well I guess if you've seen one Apocalypse, you've seen them all. :-)
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