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Year-End Fic Round Up - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Year-End Fic Round Up
I don't usually do this but what the heck, I compiled the list for other reasons and I doubt I'll have time between now and midnight to whip something off. Mostly Supernatural, but there's some other stuff and crossovers in there too.

Here's (most of) the fanfic I posted in 2009 in order of posting:

Dean's Eye View - [R - Language] SPOILERS for 4.06 and 4.10-ish. Missing/Alternate scene. My attempt at Dean's POV of many scenes in 4.06, plus a few extra.

Eight Goes Into Nine With No Remainder [PG, dark theme] - Written for fox1013's Gen Battle (I'm blaming kroki_refur for letting me know about this thing) Prompt - Eight and Nine - self-regeneration. {Doctor Who}

NCIS - Best Damn Coffee Comment fic

Research is its Own Reward - Dean, Sam, and a mountain of old paper. Whee! Humor. CONVERSATION

Bless the Beasts and Aminals - [PG] Saint Francis of Assisi should have anticipated this, really. Pastor Jim, Sam (3 and a half) and Dean (nearly 8) Humor.

Leave-Taking - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.15. Missing/Alternate scene. One helped save the other, but now it's time for them to meet for the first and last time.

Wings Are Kind of Over-Rated - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.17. Missing/Alternate scene that I totally don't think happened at all. Light crack, blasphemy and maundering. [LJ-Only]

Recommended Daily Intake - [PG13] Sam and Dean discuss culinary definitions.The assertions in this ficlet are not recommended by the Dietary Association of anywhere. CONVERSATION. Humor

Cheer Up, Emo Bear - [Mild R - disturbing themes] Kind of an episode tag for 4.08. Crossover: SPN/Die Anstalt Teddy needs therapy. CRACK. Not humor.

Dead Pixels - [PG] Nonsensical never-happened missing scene for 4.19. Conversation, but not part of the 'Conversation' series. [LJ-only]

Every Exit - [PG13] (AU - lots of little things) Everything has an ending... (Death-fic.)

Anything But Ordinary - [PG13] (AU - 'Wild Magic') Something weird happens. A lot. CRAAAAAAAAAACK. Has graphics.

Lord Of The Rings/Hamlet - Exeunt All, Pursued by Hobbits - [PG] Denmark, Riddermark, what's the difference, really? Written for the Gen Fic Battle In February '09, but posted, in, like, June.

The Importance of Dental Hygiene - [PG] Dean (14) Sam (10). [LJ-only]

Star Trek Reboot/Lord Of The Rings - To Do No Harm - [PG] Drabble [LJ-only]

Nornegrauten - [PG] Pre-series, post 4.03 flashback, John and Mary. (AU - Norse mythology.) Some pregnancies are more planned than others. Not humor.

Internal Monolog - Dean - [R - language] Drabble. Not humor. This could go anywhere and everywhere in the timeline. [LJ-only]

Vociferance - [PG] Not being understood is the most frustrating thing in the world. Unless you are Sam, in which case not understanding Dean is the most frustrating thing in the world. Spoilers to early Season 4.

So You Think You Can Hunt - [PG] Sam and Dean discuss the darker side of a pop culture phenomenon. CONVERSATION, Humor

Cross-Border Shopping - [PG] Dean (9) Sam (5). A summer weekend road-trip to Canada for John, the boys, and a mysterious cooler.

Lepus Sasquatchicus - [PG] Written for the spngenlove Comment-fic Meme Prompt: "Sam in a fluffy bunny suit (pink), with cotton candy. And maybe a cake/cupcakes." [LJ-only]

Scientists and Skeletons and Mutants, Oh My! - [PG13] Torchwood/The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra Not all skeletons are in closets, and a surprisingly small percentage of them want to rule the world. Crack.

Six Months On Earth - [Gen-ish Jack/Ianto PG] Spoilers for Torchwood Series 3 A bit character study, a bit 'meta-as-fic', a bit introspection. Missing scene for end of the series. [LJ-only] {Torchwood}

Building Dean Van Halen - [PG13] Spoilers for 4.03 For the spngenlove comment-fic meme prompt - John recognizes Dean from a man he met in 1973.

The Case of Robert Singer; Superhero - [PG13] For the spngenlove John, Bobby and Castiel comment-fic meme prompt - Bobby with a secret superpower. [LJ-Only]

Icon-Meme Index - [mostly PG13] Icon-Meme fic, as in fic based on icons. This is the index, several are also linked separately. Timeline varies.

Happy Feet - [PG13] Icon-Meme Fic #1 - Sam dances. Dean copes. [LJ-only]

Adaptation - [PG13] Icon-Meme Fic #2 - Everyone has their ways of adapting to unusual circumstances. CRACK

It's All in the Delivery - [PG13] Icon Meme #4 - A conversation between Azazel and... I dunno, some kind of demonic image consultant. *handwaves* CONVERSATION [LJ-Only]

Sacrosanct - [PG] Icon-Meme Fic #5 - There are some things you just don't screw around with. [LJ-Only]

Ghosts, Spies and Campfire Lies Index - [PG] Abandoned campgrounds are never a good idea. Crossover with the TV Series "Chuck", five parts. COMPLETE

Reality is a Matter of Opinion - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.18. But what about the case... (A sort-of episode tag for 4.18) Crack-ish[LJ-Only]

And I Heard The Thunder Rolling In Part 1, Part 2 - [PG-13 (Some R-rated language)] SPOILERS FOR 4.22. AU, obviously, and open-ended. New allegiances are made after Lucifer rises. Currently complete but open-ended, might be continued, might not. [LJ-only]

Five Options Bobby Didn't Pick, and One He Did. - [PG] It's important to make the right decision. A six-drabble tag to 5.01 expressing some wishful thinking.

Voices in the Dark - [PG] Episode Tag for 5.01 Drabble [LJ-only]

Negative Space - [PG] Negative space can be used to depict a subject in a chosen medium by showing everything around the subject but not the subject itself. (Just some free-association musing on the situation at the end of 5.02. No spoilers, just musing and spec.) [LJ-only]

Footprints at High Tide - [PG] Ep Tag for 5.06 - Someone has loose ends to tie up. (5.06 Character POV) [LJ-Only]

The Day They'll Never Get Back - [PG] Missing scene from 5.03. Some plans are more convenient than others.

Carjacking - [PG, Some R language] Some cars have better anti-theft systems than others. Dean(10) Sam(6), OC POV. Humor

Comment Fic - [PG] Missing scenes for 5.08... sort of.

So Desu - [PG] Ep Tag for 5.08 - The trouble with questions you don't understand...

Playing the Odds - [PG] Dean and Sam have a solution to the problem of Chuck's books, and it doesn't involve gunplay. Spoilers for 5.09

...I'll Come In Again - [PG] Sacrificing minions - is there any problem it can't solve? Alternate crackified scene for 5.10.

Rituals of the Road - [PG] Every journey has its rituals. Missing scene for 5.10. Humor, mostly.

Buck Godot/Doctor Who - Galli(mau)fr(e)y - [PG13] Of all the intergalactic diplomatic-slash-mercantile space stations in all the universe, why'd he have to walk into mine...

Key to Longevity - [PG] Tag for 5.07, for the prompt: "Dean put down the bacon cheeseburger and walked out the door. How long did that last - the sudden tilt toward 'healthier eating'?"

Eye of The Beholder - [PG] The true value of a gift is entirely subjective. Dean (17-ish), Sam (13-ish)

Total: 47??? Approximate total word count about 100,000. Hunh.

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aescu From: aescu Date: December 31st, 2009 11:39 am (UTC) (Link)
That's A LOT!
You've been *really* busy (just took a look and I am over 200.000 words - WTF?), I hope there will be as many great stories next year as there had been in 2009 :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: December 31st, 2009 05:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
That's A LOT!

It's more than I thought it would be, for sure.

just took a look and I am over 200.000 words - WTF?

Good for you! It's all the long stuff you've been working on.
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