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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.13 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.13
Contains profanity and blithering. Also spoilers for... um something else that would be spoilery to say what it is. Not dial-up-friendly, like at all.

Posted from work, so corrections and alterations may occur.

Spoiler and Theorizing Timeline

-Nov 20 - Loads of random explosions among the non-spoiler allergic. Something they've already done before and either awesome and squee-worthy or boring and trite depending who's making the generalized comments. From this, with no further data than I have right now, I call:
--Time travel. Possibly time travel that does not go where planned due to lack of angelic connections.
--Young!Mary and Young!John. Or just Young!Mary.
--Maybe finding out exactly how involved Mary is in the entire mytharc and has been all along, due to some kind of reveal surrounding Dean, upon which I've already theorized elsewhere. (Although that's more a wish than a theory)
--I suspect they may have implied a strong possibility of surprise!JDM, but that's fallen through due to budget/schedule issues, but if I was them and they had secured JDM, I'd claim up down and sideways that it had fallen through right up to airtime.

-Feb 1 - Title of 5.13 "Back to the Future II" OMG YAY! Time Travel!!! \o/ No time to brain now, will brain later!

-Feb 4 - Morning, Internet is down, time for 5.13 braining since it's on tonight. SO. The time travel episode above which I thought might be the 100th, is actually this one. Given the title, I would guess someone is trying to change history, maybe by going back and killing Sam as a child. Given that the angels (Hopefully the demons haven't got time travel because that would really suck in terms of... oh crap, Lucifer's an angel. Oh crap. SO maybe, if Lucifer's got enough juice to put together a time jump (I'm thinking it might be something angels might have to be on good terms with the bureaucracy of heaven to do) and sends some demons back to either kill Dean or soften up Sam for vessel-hood) OR one side or the other tries to keep John and Mary apart. Castiel will need to send Sam and Dean back (or maybe Zachariah will send them, since if Lucifer is time-jumping demons, that runs contrary to his interests too, Unless he's the one doing the time-jumping...) Gah. Loads of possibilty. Rich source of AU, as time travel always is. Things I am fairly certain will happen this episode:
--Dean and John will meet (and possibly John will figure out or be told who Dean is) in the past again.
--Still hoping for a Mary-related reveal again.
--Causality will be all pretzel-fied again.
--Soooooo many fics will be Kripked. Again.

Woot! And after all the struggles, I'm home in time to watch it!

Picspam Reaction, META, SPEC, incomprehensibility and brain-meltage for Supernatural 5.13 - "Back to the Future II The Song Remains the Same" (iTunes still has it as Back to the Future II though)


Oh. My. GOD. I made an icon over here if anyone wants it. Maybe I can redo it with different colours. And add pompoms. Needs pompoms. But by now I'm sure most of fandom has variations on this anyway.

So, um. Wow. Soooo much capslock. Soooo much.

Right. Let's start from the top.

Oh, yeah, and spoilers here and there for Doctor Who, from Nine's finale, and the first series four finale.

-Previouslies. Anna??? Wow, hi Anna! I didn't even think of Anna, silly me. Unanticipated time travel vector FTW! \o/

-Destiny can't be ... something. Notes are rather scribbly there. [Right. "Destiny can't be changed, Dean. All roads lead to the same destination." Which is from 4.03, and I've heard it many times, but for some reason it really bounced off of Doctor Who this time, particularly Donna. And then things were going to fast too ponder. And now I have no brain. Although there may be meta. Eventually.]

-CHERRY PIE! WARRANT! YEAH!!! Ha, yeah. Dean dreams of fishing and porn. Heh. At least he's happy.

-Hahahaha! Hi Anna! Ah ha, yeah. Enochian sigil or no, dreams are not angel-proof, as we knew from Lucifer hanging out in Sam's head, which had obviously slipped Dean's mind. Hm. Wonder if there's a connection between angels and dream-root? *ponders*

-225 Industrial. Um. What city, Anna? Unless being able to tap into a dream is like being able to track a person by the cell phone tower they're closest to and narrows Dean's location down to town. Which brings the question why is Lucifer not on Sam's ass 24/7 if he can tell Sam's general area from getting into his dreams. Unless it's... ooo. Unless it's only city-accurate for angels hooked up to Zach's crew. Soooo, Anna, being back and embodied after getting taken in by Zachariah's goon squad, didn't break out, but was released and is now re-indoctrinated and working for Zach and crew. She has to be. Oh crap.

-Hm. Dean fell asleep on top of the covers fully clothed [and judging from the slight noise on the soundtrack, with his boots on and on the floor. That's really odd]. Dammit, Dean stop engaging my maternal instincts. And if you're only getting four hours sleep every few days, at least make it quality sleep. *puts him in fluffy pajamas and tucks him into bed with a cup of cocoa*

-[Oooo... whispering voices in the soundtrack as the papers are blowing around Anna before Castiel shows up. Interesting.]

-HI CASTIEL!!! Been a while since you blew out some lights. Yay for Angel guard dogs. Checking for traps. I didn't realize he was the thief of the adventuring party.

-"They do; I don't. I wouldn't let them come." I bet that was an interesting conversation, in light of what Anna told Dean about how she got caught. And I kind of doubt that unless Castiel poked them in the forehead and knocked them out that Sam or Dean would be particularly concerned about having Castiel's permission to go see Anna. Really I suspect Dean phoned Castiel, who popped in as Dean was waking Sam to go meet Anna, there was a moderately loud conversation, and Castiel popped off to meet her first, leaving Dean and Sam to scramble for the Impala, or he convinced them to let him test her out first, despite the whole 'Castiel turned me in' thing. Hm. Definitely a missing scene there.

-*squiggles gleefully at Castiel and Anna's entire conversation*

-Blades! "That blade doesn't work against angels, it's not like this one." I can't even transcribe the noise I made. kind of like "Gneeeeee!" I have no idea. Regardless, oooo hoooo! Blades! \o/

-"Sam Winchester has to die." Hee! Who'd've thunk Gordon Walker was on the side of the angels. The usurping ones, anyway.

-Title: "The Song Remains the Same"? Ah. Must've been a last minute copyright issue, like 'Houses of the Holy' (I think) was originally supposed to be called 'Touched' [The Song Remains the Same is also the title of a Led Zeppelin album and movie, and someone with a better brain than me is gonna get some damn fine meta out of that movie's fantasy sequences in relation to Supernatural. O.o]

-"The Horsemen go back to their day jobs" Oooo. The Horsemen have day jobs? Hm. Death, yeah, I guess, and War's hanging around in the trouble spots I think he said. Or maybe used car sales?

-"Scatter his cells across the Universe." Whoa. Slight unexpected mental crossover, since that's what Tardis!Rose did to the Daleks at the end of Nine's episodes, so there was a moment of crazy crossover meta that might end up eventually going somewhere else... *looks shifty* Bit of a mental jar, and awesome, if boggling.

-"The answer is still no, because Sam is my friend." EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! \o/ !!!!!! *FLAILS* YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! CASTIEL'S ADOPTED THEM BOTH BACK!!!! *GLOMPHS EVERYONE!*

-"You come near Same Winchester and I'll kill you." *glee* And there's a microscopic eye-clench there. [Doesn't cap worth beans, but it's there.]

-Hahaha! Cute, Anna with the wings on the hood of the car. [Also, foreshadowing, yes?]

-Music! Giant poster for Grease! Anna went back in time to try to kill or prevent the occurrence of Sam. She has to know that won't work. Zachariah has to know that won't work, too, so why is he sending her there? Sam and Dean are a part of the events which brought her back, and actually the events that made her remember her true nature and find her holy glowstick grace, so it's a causal loop. She wouldn't be there if they weren't there, and the whole situation wherein they've decided to off Sam hinges on him existing. The Impala's a bit of a causal loop too, though so... arg. Need more brain. I'm missing something.

-Angel spells!

-Aw, Dean's so disappointed Anna's not on their side. Obviously Dean and Castiel have worked out the whole "She said you turned her in"/"I did, it was a mistake." situation out in an earlier missing scene. *nods*

-"She's gone all Glenn Close." It's okay Castiel, I've seen the movie and I don't quite get what Dean means by that in this context either.

-Aw Sam. Asking Castiel if Sam dying would end the apocalypse. And everyone in the room saying 'NO' regardless of whether it would or not. Of course it wouldn't, but still. Nice to have a unified family front on the matter.

-Ooo. Castiel staggered. That took effort. O.o

-Written by Sera Gamble and Nancy Weiner. Oooo.

-'78. She's going after their parents. Ohhhh Dean's face. There's this, like, microscopic transition from "Bzuh '78?" to grim look of imminent asskicking. [Hard to cap, here's the end result.]

-Directed by Steve Boyum.You may kick ass as a director, but I'm still watching you, Steve. PUT THE SPOTLIGHTS BACK ON THE IMPALA!

-Delorean with no plutonium. "I don't understand that reference" YAY CASTIEL!!! Frustrated, snappish, eyerolly. YAY! Of course this means when all this is over, Dean's gonna sit Castiel down and make him marathon Back to the Future. And possibly any other movie Dean might conceivably reference. Oh dear. o.O

-"We have to try." Of course you do Dean!!!

-Bend your knees? Dude, you landed on a bench last time. Or rather the first time. The time after that, you were asleep. So... Bend your knees? Unless that's just a general teleport warning, which... hasn't been too rough for landings for you either. Hm. Or Dean thinks they might land indoors and remembers the '70's penchant for hanging lamps and doesn't want Sam to risk having his head intersect with a lampshade on materialization. Yeah. *handwaves*

-OMG YAY *flails randomly during commercials*

-Center of a busy street is never a good place to land a teleport.

-[Hello, address! Green sign behind the guys. 23343 Mavis Ave is in Langley, BC, and is apparently a kind of teeny little mallish thing with several storefronts.]

-Pintos! Hee! And unlike last time's vehicle, (what was it, a Gremlin?) Pinto's aren't anachronistic.

-Castiel is bleeding! And collapsing! Canon whumpage ftw!

Even better, whumpage via unauthorized chronolocation!!!! \o/ ...Hey. Ya know, Anna didn't land too softly either. Oooo. Is that a sign of lack of authorization from heaven, or rather the usurpers in heaven? As I said above, Anna has to know she can't succeed, and so does Zachariah... Hm. Did he not send her back and she went on her own to try and kill Sam, even though she knows it won't work? Needs more brain, again some more. [Regardless though, HA! Anna's still using her free will. She has to be, if this isn't a sanctioned trip, then it's her choice. And Zachariah is using free will to follow his own agenda, or his own interpretation of heaven's mandate. So for a bunch of absolute predeterminists and fatalists, there is a metric ass-load of free will going on around here.]

-Sam tears out a phone page! That's totally a Back to the Future reference.

-OMG MUSTACHE. Nice that even with their heavy hitter and ride home incapacitated, their existences hypothetically in danger, and that whole apocalypse thing hanging over their heads, nice to know Sam can still take a moment to be amused by a strangers facial hair.

-"He's tough for a little nerdy dude with wings!" Awwwww \o/

-The Winchesters. 485 Robintree. I think it was Robintree.

-What's that blue car? Looks like a Chevelle or a Nova? Wait...is that Bobby's shiny blue Chevelle from Dream a Little Dream???? It might be! So, did the boys steal it in town and afterwards it landed up at Bobby's? Making this the second vehicle that they've influenced the acquisition of across time, and therefore vehicles somehow immune to causality and causal loops? Or was Bobby in town visiting someone (I dunno, Missouri?) and the boys happened to snag it to get around in. And park it in front of the Winchesters place.... Or am I over-thinking here? In other news, hi Impala! *waves like a dork*

-Dean again trying to explain things by referencing movies, except he can't because the movies aren't out yet! Ha! Yeah, there is some serious marathoning in Castiel's future for sure. Dean's used to only having to explain things to Sam, and they share a common cultural reference, so the short-hand of explanation via pop culture works for them. Castiel doesn't share that frame of reference. Yet.

Also, I cannot get enough of how breathless and stressed Dean sounds there, and how fast he's talking. He's jittering. It's awesome.

-John and Mary! Being adorable together in a kitchen! \o/ Awwww! *flails a wee bit*

-Sam's freaking out! As is entirely appropriate when meeting your mother (who you've only known six months of your life and then two seconds as a ghost and a little while as a hallucination) five years before you were born!\o/

-"You look familiar." Hee! And Dean goes "Eeep!"

-Sam staring! GLEEEEE! Sam failed a boggle check! \o/

-Heart attack, hunh. Either Castiel did some mind-wiping before he came back last time, or John is providing the agreed-upon cover story to Mary's distant relations, because heart attacks usually don't involve self-inflicted stab wounds and gouts of blood. Hm. And if that's the agreed-upon cover story, it's been covered up... Maybe Mary's family has a hunter-friendly medical examiner or Law Enforcement contact. Oooo. Handy! *nods*

-Oh yeah, angels can mimic other people on the phone. Forgot about that.

-"Look at my face and tell me if I'm lying to you." Hm. For a guy who spends a lot of his life lying in one way or another, he says that quite frequently. 37

-*taptap* Um. Sam? Dean? Where's John? Come on guys, I know you're boggled, but get your tactics on. Anna has two targets. Track BOTH targets.

-Ooooh. Anna burned John's boss's eyes out. Wonder if that's how he and Mike Guenther got the garage? If Anna hadn't killed him, He'd have probably died of natural causes soon anyway. Sure. *nods*

-Interesting, after she throws John across the room and her eyesight goes funny and her nose bleeds, there's more quiet whispering in the background. Hm. Wonder what's up with that. Maybe she's on probation?

-Dean has Castiel's blade \o/ *glee*


-Hey, the date. 1978. Dean was concieved around nowish... what month is it??? *winces as Mary hits the windshield*

-Stalker-Terminator Anna is creepy as all hell, with the inexorable slow expressionless walking here. Why is she walking.... She could just go all angel light and burn them both out like she did the garage owner... She's either going wonky again like with the nosebleed earlier, or she's toying with Mary... or Anna knows there's no chance she'll succeed, so... Hm... needs brain.

-"Sorry," she says. After getting ineffectually stabbed with a crowbar. Oh my.

-SAM WITH THE SIGIL OMG YAY!! Oooo... it went all firey-burny when he used it. Ooo. Never seen that happen before. That whole demon blood thing must do something different. Ooo.


-Cannot stop flailing during commercial break, because because Mary used to say to Dean 'angels are watching over you' AND I OMG I'M GETTING MY WISH! Dean background!!! Family background!!! Of some kind!!

-CAR! John boggles! "I will turn this car around!" BWahahahaah. Aw. It's probably the only complete biological Winchester/Campbell Family roadtrip we'll get. They're going to Grandma and Grandpa's house! Awwwwwww. *flails*

-Ooo. Old Campbell house is looking a little rough. No, wait, it's like a cabin or something. Hideout. *nods*

-"We packed." Actually Castiel packed. Hee. And "beam her right off the starship works as a metaphor because Star Trek came out in the late sixties. *grins*

-Heeee the causal loops. Mary and John getting an education in hunting or trapping something from their sons who John taught to hunt, and John hanging back with an expression like he can't believe it's real.

-"I don't care what it means. Where does it go?" Oh! Pragmatic hunter!John! No info, but doing what has to be done to protect his family! How big? He doesn't want to be treated like he's useless! Knife! (Although why to they always slice on the hand? much greater chance of damaging some complicated bit of biological mechanism than on the forearm) Anyway JOOOOOOOOOOOOHN!!! \o/ *randomly beats on things with glee*

-"All of a sudden, you really remind me of my dad." Yeah, I hear you Dean. I'm starting to really see it too.

-Oh wow. John running down his own future parenting methods. "Your father was supposed to protect you." Oh John.

-OHHHH. And Sam defending his dad's parenting methods to his dad, and saying he understands and oh if only, if only it was at all possible that John might have remembered this talk in 27 years time. But it's totally not possible. John and Mary both have to be mind-wiped.

-"...I love him." OMG SAAAAAM AND JOOOOHN! *is seriously misty*

-[And I know there's a few people out there who don't like Joseph Campbell, so if you're one of them, just skip to the next point.... Okay. That? That right there? Was an Atonement with the Father. And I will be dipped in lime jello if I can find a freaking link to the thing I mean. Anyway, moving along.]

-Uriel. Oh CRAP. Pre-dead Uriel. Who thought Anna was his 'now' Anna. Ooo. Also interesting that she had to make deliberate contact to get heaven's attention. Nothing set up to go 'ping' if there's an unauthorized angel time-porting in. Good thing they don't though because Castiel's still sacked out in that hotel and pretty much defenseless. Eek! [Maybe they don't have an alarm because of that whole 'angels don't have free will' stuff, so why would an angel be time-porting if heaven didn't authorize it. Except they do have free will, they just don't use it. Hm. When did God go missing and when did Zachariah take over, do we know? Also whe do they need to meet outside in the dark in the rain??? I'm not getting anything decent in the way of screen caps here.]

-Hm. Uriel's host looks like a younger version, less weathered version of his more recent one. Wonder if it's meant to be the same vessel. He's got that same little 'amused by everything' lip twitch going on too.

-"I'm from the future and I'm still your superior." Hehe. Lying Anna. My, my.

-And lying again. "In the future, these people are going to kill you, Uriel." Actually, you killed him, Anna, although that's a fantastic tactical maneuver, because now he'll be off his guard thinking the person who'll kill him is nowhere around and a human and not pay attention when you... sneak up... OMG. URIEL'S NOT GOING TO GET MIND-WIPED IS HE. OMG! THIS IS WHY HE WAS SO PISSED OFF AND DOWN ON THEM!!! BECAUSE ANNA TOLD HIM THESE ARE THE HUMANS WHO KILL HIM!!!! And it might have influenced him to be nastier towards humans in general because he thinks a human's gonna kill him. And then in Uriel's future, but Anna's... er... current past *twitch*, when she kills Uriel and says "there's only me", even though the Anna of then won't know she told you this in the past until now, Uriel will flash back to this conversation and, and, Gnh! Causal loops, head exploding, need more braaaaaaaain. Also Tylenol. Time travel and tense agreements, gahhhh.

-Explanation time! this should be fun.

-Hard to believe. Just a wee bit. "I'm your son." Boom. Nice. Straight forward, get the waffling out of the way.

-OMG. Tomato rice soup. Hey Jude. Oh wow. Omg. The way his voice goes. Oh wow. Wee Deaaaaaaan! He was four when she died! He's been through 9 billion kinds of hell, including literal Hell and has been an independent conscious entity for *does math(1979 to 2010, less being dead 5 months, plus 40 subjective years in Hell)* 70.5-ish subjective years, and he still remembers "Hey Jude" and tomato rice soup from when he was four. Oh Deeeeeeeeeeean!!! *wibbles*

-And then there's the faces...

-"I raised my kids to be hunters?" Oh Mary.

-And Dean tells her everything. And tells her exactly why she can't go into Sam's nursery on November 2nd, 1983. Hooo. Wow. There's absolutely no way John and Mary can come through this without being totally mind-wiped.

-'Leave John, we'll never be born.' *flails and wibbles rather a lot through the entire discussion* Rather than quoting this whole bit back: Oh Sam. Oh Dean. Oh boys. Oh poor Mary. Oh my god.

-SHE'S PREGNANT! WITH DEAN!! I knew the math was close! so, two months max? Making this a very grey June or July 1978 in Kansas.

-All the stuff's gone? WTH? Ooo, how'd they do that? Effecting the object the sigils on from the other side? Peeling the paint? Mr. Clean?

-Oh Crap. Block your eyes and ears, guys! Really rough going up against something that can disable you just by speaking.


-Commercials. Hm. So Dean wasn't planned? This doesn't preclude my theory. Just it may not have been concious on Mary's part, or she's not saying that actually she looked up a few things and deliberately conceived a kid on the five-year anniversary of her deal. Since, you know, telling that to Dean right now would give him an even bigger complex. Hm. Damn. Observer effect. It's happened, or it wouldn't be happening. There are other time travel mechanics, but these are the ones established to date in this show, so... need brain. OOO!!! MEANWHILE BACK IN THE FUTURE CHUCK IS WRITING IT ALL DOWN!!!!! \o/

-Heh. The sound knocked out on my TV for a second while Uriel and Anna were inbound. Hahaha.

-Combat! [all in the dark, dammit]

-Ow! John! Right through the wall. That had to hurt.

-Sam! Ow! Stabbed with a pipe. Not too concerned because it's all going to somehow revert in the end. Not concerned at all. *twitches*

-Oh hai light! Who are you then? Castiel? And why is John not looking like his eyes are in any danger of burning out? ...hold the freaking phone... o.O

-He'll be fine. Totally fine. Eek. Blood coming out of the pipe. He'll be just fine. Really. O.O OMG Dean shouting "Saaaam!"

-MICHAEL!!!!!! THERE WILL NEVER EVER BE BIG ENOUGH CAPSLOCK FOR MICHAEL A) SHOWING UP, B) SHOWING UP IN JOHN AN C) ...I DON'T EVEN KNOW!!! OMFG!!!! \o/ (I am so glad I'm a spoilerphobe. I'm so glad I trust the writers and showrunners enough to keep from peeking.) MICHAEL! WAS IN JOHN WINCHESTER! HAS THAT BEEN MENTIONED YET??? AND JOHN'S A FREAKING VESSEL TOO!!!?! Seriously! AND JOHN SURVIVED HOSTING MICHAEL, so if Dean... ooo. Uh oh. *looks very worried and shuts up* Eep.

-And now it's time for another round of Kripke's Game! Hey look everybody! Anna's back! But she's evil adversarial towards the Winchesters! Aaaaaand now she's dead! Woo! She hasn't escaped the infamous Curse of the 'A' named characters, and now joins the illustrious group of Ash, Andy, Ava, Azazel, Angela (Mason, Zombie girl), Amanda (Burns, the hex bag killer, Malleus Maleficarum), Alan (Corbett, the Ghostfacer), Adam (Half-brother, an A name and a Winchester, no wonder the kid died before he even appeared), Alastair.... Seriously, if you exist in the Supernatural universe and your first name begins with A, change it as soon as freaking possible. (Although Andy's twin's birth name was Ansem, and going by Webber didn't save him...)

-OH WOW THAT'S HOW CASTIEL DIED! THAT'S HOW RAPHAEL KILLED HIM! Only less burny-ashy more squishy-splody. Raphael likes things messy. Michael is very tidy. *nods*

-Bye Uriel! "I didn't know." He says. Hm. He was the one who ended up carrying Anna's grace... Hm...

-Creepy shushing eek! Anything or any body that shushes you when all sense and logic says you should be screaming your head off is creepy. Also strangely hot. O.O

-And a finger poke for Mary. *thud* Oh poor Mary. Oh poor, poor Mary.

-"This conversation is long overdue." Just a bit. *head reels*

-"Fix him." Heh. Facing the entity that wants to possess you, just got done getting beat up by an angel, oh and the entity is possessing your dad and last you heard, archangels put their used vessels into a permanent vegetative state, and still, priorities. Order the archangel to fix Sammy. Deeeeeean.

-"It's a bloodline." We knew that. We did. With Jimmy and Claire Novak. Oh crap.

-[Ever have that feeling like there's a massive swarm of thoughts flying around in your head, waiting for the one single extra bit that will make them coalesce into... something? I've had that since the episode aired, and typing this up is not calming things down. It's getting a bit nauseating, actually. Not in a bad way.]

-Holy. Flaming. Crap. Cain and Abel. Did they just-? Seriously. Wow. OMG. Yeah. Brother vs. brother. *is boggled, Brain later* [I really should leave commenting on this aspect to people who know more about the subject than me. So I'll just link the wikipedia entry here and move on before what brain I have comes dribbling out my ears. O.o]

-[Back to causality for a minute while my watching notes have a very long and very mind-blown gap in them. Okay, so Michael is here to tidy up after Anna. Currently, Michael is on-side with the apocalypse plan. Whether he still is or not remains to be seen, but given his attitude here, he's likely still holding the same opinion. Anna was using free will to attempt this 'make Sam never happen' plan. She had to know it wouldn't work (unless she thought she wasn't in the position she was due to events she is attempting to change. Which no. She would not be here if they had never been born.) Zachariah had to know it wouldn't work. Castiel had to know it wouldn't work. BUT. Anna had to know that Castiel would track her and tell the Winchesters where she'd gone. She had to now the Winchesters would come back to try to stop her, no matter what Castiel said, and she was the one who made contact with heaven when she got there.... Heh. So to summarize; Anna was released from jail by Zachariah as reformed and toeing the line again. Anna went straight to Dean apparently to get him to walk into a trap so she could kill Sam. Castiel shows up, she convinces him she's serious about killing Sam, then disappears to 1978 where she knows she can't change anything. Castiel tracks her, tells Sam and Dean, they go back in time, Castiel is incapacitated. Anna contacts Heaven, ostensibly to get Uriel to come out for some smiting. Michael finds out what's going on. Michael shows up and gives Dean a great big pile of info on his family, the apocalypse, and Michael's 1978 position on heaven, destiny and free will, all of which serve to strengthen Dean's resolve not to say yes. Or something. Now here's what I think. Anna never was trying to kill Sam. Nope. This was all an elaborate and wildly successful attempt to get Sam and Dean info they otherwise would not have. All her Terminator Angel stuff was to fool Zachariah, and to get the Winchesters to co-operate, because they would definitely not believe her at face value. Does that make sense? She's still rebelling, right to the end, and using her free will to give Sam and Dean access to info. She was never not on their side! ANNA'S NOT EVIL ADVERSARIAL! WOOO!!! \o/]

-[*looks over large blurb* Anyway, it's a theory. I hope that made some kind of sense. *refills tea* Right, where were we?]

-Brothers. And family, and following orders. So. Gah. Sam is going to have to persuade Lucifer to reconcile with heaven, and Dean is going to have to persuade Michael to rebel just enough not to kill or go to war with his brother. Or something. Gaaah. Brain non-functional.

-"Because I gotta believe I can choose what I do with my 'unimportant little life'." \o/ Yes. Awesome.

-Plan and fate, free will is an illusion, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bullshit, Michael. Also bullshit on the 'you'll be fine after I'm done with you' Castiel said otherwise and I believe him over you any day. Except John was totally fine after this. Maybe by worse Castiel meant Dean would be fully conscious and aware of everything happening but unable to stop it, then afterward returned perfectly whole and sane into the aftermath of the Apocalypse. Drooling and vacant sounding pretty good in comparison. *nods*

-Faaaaate, OMG. *squiggles with glee*

-And yet. AND YET!!! This whole thing, with the boys being Lucifer and Michael's vessels. All that hinges on them giving CONSENT Choosing. Taking their free will and agreeing to the plan. They don't agree, both sides are screwed, free will wins. So both sides are going to be trying every dirty trick they know to gain that consent and pull that free will into alignment with their own plans. Even if they have to use the free will they claim not to have to do so. DOOOD. OMFG I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! \o/

-Shit, shit, shit, need so much brain!!! O.O

-Scrub John and Mary's minds. Yep. Has to happen. Probably all the way back to the first time they met Dean. Although Michael is kind of giving the observer effect a huge manual assist here, it all had to revert back to the way things were. Not sure how that would have gone without a Michael ex Machina, here, but it had to go back to the status of being the same world that generated Sam and Dean. Somehow. I may have really bizarre meta elsewhere later.

-Commercials. Mary and angels watching, that thing she used to say to Dean. She won't remember any of this, so it won't be a weird thing for her to say. Ah. OMG bloodlines. WHOSE plan? Seriously, God's? Or is Zach already calling the dance? Or did God start it and it got subverted? Or God just hit the 'go' button and step back and it's not all about the apocalypse and spanking Lucifer but about a test of angel free will? A system that does not change does not grow, and a system without choice cannot truly change. Maybe Sam and Dean aren't the vessels to host the two sides of the apocalypse grand brawl, they're the seed crystals by which free will will spread. Or something. Gaaah. My head hurts. This will be spawning some serious meta somewhere.

-Family. This show has always been about family.

-Back in the now there is booze! Yay booze! \o/

-Castiel collapsing! Sam and Dean catching him! Dragging him over to the bed and dropping him like a sack of spuds! HE BOUNCES! [*Watches that scene over and over*] HEEEEE! XD

-TEAM FREE WILL! (and Bobby too! And Chuck!) \o/ TEAM FREE WILL!!! *glee*

-"They all say we'll say yes."/"I know, it's getting annoying." Heh, yep.

-"I've been weak before." Oh Sam. *clings*

-"If you could save mom?" Think a little closer Sammy. You'll (hypothetically!) both say yes because you think it's the only way you can save each other.

-Aw, Angel thingy nesting. Mary and John are adorable, but that angel figurine is creepy as all hell.


So, both sides are playing build-a-bear apocalypse workshop with people of specific bloodlines, and free will is so very totally not an illusion and will be what breaks this whole cycle and I HAVE SO MUCH GODDAMN ZEN!!! YOU HEAR ME KRIPKE? I HAVE ZEN! DON'T MAKE ME SEND YOU ANOTHER INSANE POSTCARD OR TWELVE!!!

They all better go immediately to Bobby's and update him. Major clue and puzzle piece to work with. Also, they need to get Gabriel on side now, he's the most free-will-experienced angel out there, yet he's still thinking there is no choice in the apocalypse.

So. Much. Meta. I suspect I may have more to babble about once my brain gets done dribbling out my ears. ETA Meta post here. Very incomprehensible.

(PLEASE, NO SPOILERS OR REFERENCES TO SPOILERY MATERIAL IN COMMENTS! The definition of spoiler for this journal is located in left hand sidebar and includes references to promo material as spoilers. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)

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marinarusalka From: marinarusalka Date: February 8th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
The answer is still no, because Sam is my friend.

The thing that really made me laugh like a loon is that Castiel has decided that Sam is his friend, that he cares about him, that he will kill and possibly die for him -- but I'm fairly certain that it's never occured to him to actually mention any of this to Sam. Oh, Cas. He still has no clue how humans work.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 07:27 am (UTC) (Link)
Sadly, he's still doing better than some actual humans I know. Also, that would be a very odd conversation. I don't know what Sam would do if Castiel came up to him and said that. :-)
izhilzha From: izhilzha Date: February 10th, 2010 12:26 am (UTC) (Link)
...fic please? :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 10th, 2010 05:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Heh. Maybe.

ETA: You bunny-poker you."

Edited at 2010-02-11 04:25 pm (UTC)
aescu From: aescu Date: February 8th, 2010 07:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
My head nearly exploded, too...
There are a few things that I could not figure out or that keep bugging me. I've posted them somewhere else, too but I'd like to know your opinion :)

1) Anna (& ???) vs Michael vs Team Free Will
Anna says she escaped prison, Cas says it's impossible. As Cas has been upstairs - I assume - in prison ( = "Bible Camp"?)too he knows what he is talking about when he says one cannot escape. So either she is lying or she doesn't know somebody has helped her.
Obviously she no longer has Heaven behind her actions because she too is weakened by her time travel and Michael kills her because of her actions.
My conclusio is that there is a fraction in Heaven (Zachariah?) that helped Anna escape and set her up to kill Sam but this fraction is neither very powerful nor very large.

2) The Angel-Killing-Dagger
The dagger Sam, Dean and Mary are using to fight Anna through the entire episode looks *very* familiar. I think it is the same weapon Casiel used in S4 and in 5.01. In S4 we see that the dagger is hidden inside the Angels' sleeves (I think both Uriel and Castiel had it stored there) but immediately before that there is no hint of something as unflexible, long and pointy as a dagger inside their clothes. So I always pressumed this dagger can either be conjured at will or is just a manifestation of the part of their Grace that is uses as a weapon.

If the Winchesters are really fighting with Castiel's dagger (now they have a demon-killing and an angel-killing knife?!) this implys a few things:
a.a) Castiel gave it to them beforehand because he knew he would at best be out of commission and at worst dead so he would not be able to fight Anna himself.
a.b) Or they ransacked the unconscious Cas in hope of finding his dagger - what they did. What happend to the weapons of all the Angels that were killed in S4? Are there now umpteen angel-killing daggers around?!
b) It's not true that only an Angel can kill another Angel. Anybody could accomplish that task as long as he has the Angel-killing-dagger and is faster than the Angel in question.

3) A question of alignment and closeness
Castiel did not want to take Sam and Dean to the past because he knew it would hurt him, maybe even kill him. He did it nevertheless because Dean asked him to. After arriving the brothers dump him in a motel. As they are both still warded against Angel radar, there is no cell phone reception to just call and ask for their whereabouts, and they did not leave the address they are heading to (remember, when Dean exits the room Sam has just found the address and they walk away from the motel without turning back), Castiel has no idea where they are and no other means to find them than normal search.

Let's just assume he is out cold for their entire stay.

Michael zaps Sam back and then tells Dean it is his turn, slowly strolls back, straightenes Dean's jacket and not until then he slowly applys his fingers to Dean's forehead. So Dean has had plenty of time to think. He knows he will be zapped back by someone who can obviously do that without so much as starting to sweat. He knows he has a buddy left in the motel who will at least be injured by travelling through time by himself. Why doesn't he ask Michael to port Castiel? Is he afraid the Archangel would kill him? I am sure an Archangel would be able to sense a not-hidden Angel (because he is still out of commission) so if Michael would have wanted to kill Cas he would have done so. I'm sure Dean knows that. So back to my question: Why does Dean who always puts his family (and friends) first suddenly forgets about the friend who got injured because of Dean's request?

4) Regret or joy
The speech Michael gives Dean for me is somehow split in two parts. At first he tells him how much he loves Lucifer, how he practically raised him (and sounds so much like Dean) and then, without even some kind of transition he states that he has to kill him because Father said so. There is no regret, no sorrow in his voice. Just determination and a hint of anticipation. Huh?
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 07:40 am (UTC) (Link)
1) It's close to stated that Anna's out because Zachariah let her out as reconditioned. She didn't escape. The time jump, I think, was the unauthorized bit.

2) Actually, Castiel packed the boys a bag of angel daggers and holy oil just before the time jump. I was gonna cap it, but I figured this was already too cap-heavy.

3) Why doesn't he ask Michael to port Castiel? Is he afraid the Archangel would kill him? Well, aside from Dean being a bit mind-blown by the events and revelations leading up to getting timeported back, I suspect if he had thought to ask, that Castiel's safety would be a concern. Technically he's in a state of rebellion and Michael would almost efinitely kill him. Also, Dean wasn't exactly in a position to ask Michael for any favours. However, they did stay at the same hotel so they could be there if/when Castiel got back. Really, I think with watching Sam die again, having Michael give him all the info about everything while Sam was bleeding out on the floor rather boggled him. Plus, Castiel not having to take the three of them back up-time, and just take himself, it's reasonable that Dean could assume it would be easier for Castiel to come back than it was to go.

4) I suspect Michael is almost as broken as Dean in some regards.
vikki From: vikki Date: February 8th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
This was great and made me think a lot of good, thinky thoughts. Great point about Uriel! Man, now I have to go watch a whole bunch of episodes with Uriel in them and now I want to write a fic from his point of view and stuff. Dammit!

I fall into the 'I think Anna wanted to kill Sam' group, but I understand her reasoning and I don't think of her as a villian, unless a villian is 'everyone who is against the Winchesters'. She was brilliant right up until the end. I loved her here and was sorry to see her go.

Poor Castiel. *hugs him* he has it rough.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 07:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Events of this episode certainly added some points to ponder to the character of Uriel.

I tend to use the term 'adversarial' rather than villain, because it doesn't imply nefarious intent, just that she's not working on their side. The only problem with Anna wanting to kill or prevent the existence of Sam, is she chose the one battleground where she could not do it, no matter how she tried, whether because the timestream wouldn't allow it, or whether because the angels native to that timestream would not allow it to happen because they are preserving the events that lead up to the situation in order to preserve the idea that there is no choice. I have crazy meta about time travel mechanics in another post.

Castiel indeed has a rough go of it. Poor wubby.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: February 8th, 2010 10:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
I couldn't wait for you to get to the bit where Michael showed up! And YES John WAS LOOKING AT HIM and presumably HEARING HIM WITHOUT A VESSEL! So does that make John one of the 'special people' who can view an angel in its true form??

I'm thinking if John and Dean could both be vessels for Michael, and Sam is the same bloodline (apart from that unfortunate bit of Azazel he's got floating around - which, y'know, Azazel was also an angel once) so what's to say Michael can't take Sam? And what's to say Lucifer can't take Dean?? Would Kripke go there? Hmm... *strokes chin ponderously*

The Curse of the A Names! Hah! I noticed Ash, Ava and Andy, but didn't see realise there were all those others!

And yeah, Matthew Cohen as Michael? Definitely hot. Nothing strange about it!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 07:54 am (UTC) (Link)
So does that make John one of the 'special people' who can view an angel in its true form??

Yep. He's got the bloodlne, so he's a vessel too. What I really want to know is why Dean couldn't hear Castiel's true voice in 4.01, if he's a vessel.

Azazel was also an angel once

...sorry, I don't recall this in the show? It's an angel-formatted name, but I don't think they've implied he's anything but a high-ranking demon. Unless I missed something, which is possible.

I noticed Ash, Ava and Andy, but didn't see realise there were all those others!

There's probably a few more among the people that didn't make it past the title card, but I didn't want to get too ridiculous.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: February 9th, 2010 12:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
The Azazel thing is from Paradise Lost - he was Lucifer's standard bearer. Never been mentioned in the show (as it might confuse things!)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 03:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm pretty sure in the show he isn't an angel, they're just using the name. Like biblically Zachariah isn't an angel name, it's one of the prophets or something like that. It's an interesting thought to play with though.
malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: February 9th, 2010 12:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Spoiler free- the way to be. It makes it all so much better. And I know, I'm preaching to the choir. :)

I like your reviews because you give more brain to the episode than I do and then I enjoy the next episode even more with all your little insights rattling around in my head. Awesome. :)

Also, I am one of the ones who couldn't resist iconage. LOL
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 07:57 am (UTC) (Link)
Hee! Awesome icon!
blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: February 9th, 2010 02:05 am (UTC) (Link)
*joins you in the FLAIL!!!EEEEEE!!!!!*

'78. She's going after their parents. Ohhhh Dean's face. There's this, like, microscopic transition from "Bzuh '78?" to grim look of imminent asskicking.

Mmm. Yessssss. Doesn't matter who you are or what your relationship to him is -- you mess with his family and he will MESS YOU UP. I'm very fond of that look in his eyes. :)

Michael shows up and gives Dean a great big pile of info on his family, the apocalypse, and Michael's 1978 position on heaven, destiny and free will

Was that 1978!Michael? I had the impression it was 2010!Michael, who may have ... ahem... facilitated Anna's "escape" hoping she would lead him right to his invisible vessel, so he could make contact with him. Unfortunately, she also tried to kill Dean (by trying to kill preggers!Mary), so... ZAP. She was so tunnel-visioned on "the only vessel that matters" - Sam, and forget the OTHER vessel has an archangel hot for his ass too. Ahem. That possibly came out a little more gutter than I intended, lol. Either way, though...EEEEPPPP!!!!!

My brains are still asploded by this ep.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Was that 1978!Michael? I had the impression it was 2010!Michael, who may have ... ahem... facilitated Anna's "escape" hoping she would lead him right to his invisible vessel, so he could make contact with him.

Hm... a definite possibility. He did say the meeting was long overdue... Hm.

My brains are still asploded by this ep.

Ditto. Show does this; it has us coasting along on lighter cracky episodes, then *wham* Mytharc Mountain.
blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: February 9th, 2010 08:23 am (UTC) (Link)
"Mytharc Mountain"

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 08:32 am (UTC) (Link)
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: February 9th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Joseph Campbell. Free will. Family. Angel politics. Michael. Bloodlines.

*nods until she looks like a bobblehead*

I wanted to vaporize the commercials and was swearing at the screen. My brain may spontaneously combust soon too, but it will be with glee:)

Your reviews make me love the show more, if that is possible.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 08:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. I wasn't minding the commercials so much because they gave me time to make notes and come down from hyper-sonic. :-)
tigriswolf From: tigriswolf Date: February 9th, 2010 04:36 am (UTC) (Link)
I always enjoy your episode posts because they give me so many fun ideas to toy with. *rubs hands together and cackles*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: February 9th, 2010 08:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Reeeeally... :-D
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