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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.17 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.17
Ridiculously late, short, random and scrambled. Tax Season. Bleh. May edit later.

Contains profanity. Soooo much profanity.

Spoiler and Theorizing Timeline


Retroactive: ... except when I started watching it and the townsfolk showed up. Title, "99 Problems" (which begs the question 'who's the bitch?' Maybe Meg?). Also, it truly is the Apocalypse if Kripke is title-referencing a rap song by Jay-Z. Summary - a prophet that isn't Chuck has made a town aware of the Apocalypse and is fighting to protect itself. Could be bad for the boys, could be good. Given where we are in the Season 5 arc, I would say bad. Very, very bad.

Very Late Picspam Reaction, mild meta, random speculation etc for Supernatural 5.17 - "99 Problems"


Okay, I think I can get through this now. (Right after the episode I posted a p-locked entry that was just the word 'FUCK' as big as my entire computer screen. Because eek.) o.O


-*hides from the 'THEN' and mutes TV* [Heh. Ben and Lisa. *waves*]

-Ooooo. Speeding Impala!
[AHHH HAAA, REUSED IMPALA TRANSITION SHOT! That last one. Season 1, Devil's Trap, Dean and Sam tearing out after getting the phone call from Meg about John. The spotlights don't lie, Kripke!!]

-DID THEY JUST BUST THE IMPALA'S WINDOW!?? [Looks like! Judging from the angles and the plaid, looks like Sam's side. I mean the passenger side. Oh who am I kidding. Sam's side. Regardless, GRR! Also, Dean must have had his window open, and Dean getting manhandled by a petite blond woman with a french braid will never not be funny.]

-Zombies!? Demons! It's all good.

-HOLY WATER HOSE! BULLHORN EXORCISM! YAY! \o/ That's almost like using a road salt truck vs a massive ghost outbreak, which has been on my wish list for a long time, so extra yay from me! \o/

-"Peachy!" Hee! Dean, caught flat-footed.

-Sacrament Lutheran Militia. Under other non-Apocalyptic circumstances, that would be a bit of an eeek.

-Oh, wait. Damn. I did get spoiled for this episode, I just hadn't realized it was this episode. *retroactively alters spoiler timeline* Heh. Of course it was gonna be the 99th episode with that title. Anyway, WOO CIVVIES! \o/ About time some of the general population noticed here's an Apocalypse on, even if it took a Prophet to clue them in.

-Hi trunk! The boys have a habit of showing off their weapons when they want to prove they're real or hunters. I find that Freudian interesting. *looks innocent*

-*raises eyebrow at title again* I think it's Meg, or someone new. Hopefully it's not Sam as Sam is the 'bitch' half of "Bitch"/"Jerk", although given last episode... *is nervous*

-Also, insta-dawn? Or was the flaming road block a hell of a long way from town. The whole corner of the state, whatever state it is, has demon omens, so maybe it was a long drive. Or they sopped for coffee. Yeah. Not an insta-dawn. *handwaves*

-Freaky. Good that these people apparently know their stuff and all, but I don't know about that trap placement. The walls are too low and that razor-wire probably wouldn't stop a determined demon. Something is weird.

-Heh. Shotgun wedding. I see what you did there.
These people are getting married damn early in the morning... No, wait, it's still not an insta-dawn because maybe they all had to stop along the way and fight more demons. Yeah. Since Sam's wound from earlier (and seriously, that's the same shoulder Bela shot, isn't it?) is patched up and hidden under a coat, they must have stopped to clean up. Or something. Not an insta-dawn. *handwaves more*

-Preist carrying a weapon. Oh come on, guys, you knew a hunter/priest before, when you were kids! Although Pastor Jim didn't really carry, or the thing with Meg might have gone quite differently.

-Trivia: The church's address is 9160... something street, somewhere.

-Same basement as the one in 5.02. Also same room as the Convention main room in "Real Ghostbusters" I think. The configuration of stage and things looks familiar.

-"A whole town full of hunters? I don't know whether to run screaming or buy a condo." Hee! Although I suspect there's a seed of some truth in there. *ponders*

-Enochian exorcism? Why did Castiel not tell them about this? [Didn't sound particularly Enochian. I swear I heard a 'legate' earlier.]

-And helloooo Prophet.

-"It's Sam and Dean Winchester. They're safe." What the-??? Which angels are telling her that??? Or are they telling her that so they'll stay in one spot where the archangel artillery can bracket them? o.O
[Dean's reaction to being called 'safe' doesn't cap as well as I'd like, but here:

-Written by Julie Siege, directed by Charles Beeson

-"You're not the first prophet we've met. But you are the cutest." Ha. Dean.

-"You have reached the voicemail of: I don't understand, why do you want me to say my name?" *beep-boop-boop-beep* BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE CASTIEL! XD

-BLUE EARTH MINNESOTA??? SERIOUSLY???? And they are talking to an armed hunter-priest in Blue Earth, Minnesota and no Pastor Jim reference at all? What the hell?

-"We're all gonna die." Oh Dean.

-"Who says they're all gonna die?" Oh Sam.
So much meta in this scene, about faith, and loss of faith, and trust, and gaaah. *needs more brain*

-"Whatever happened to us saving them?" And Dean with this face. Seriously, his face stays still and his eyes do this little dance that's like 'examining statement/examining Sam/examining self' and dammit Ackles! [Damn hard to cap in less than fifty billion pieces though. But here:
See the eye movements? That's the only part of his face that really moves here, and you can still see the entire thought process. Jensen Ackles rocks.]

-Wow, Sam is looking kind of rough. Serious bags under the eyes. Well, really, he's had a recent forced back-slide on the hemophagia and now he's in the middle of demon-central. And all the apocalypse/Lucifer wants me/my subconcious has somehow pissed off Dean and I don't know how to fix it situation. It makes a lot more sense for him to be showing some strain and wear and tear rather than being all hunky-spunky and fresh-faced. *nods*

-Minor detail, but I just love all the faux-regional beers they sneak in. Something 'Buck' Faux-Moosehead, maybe?

-I mean seriously though, no mention of Pastor Jim yet? Maybe there'll be one later.

-Hunting with strangers in a group. That pretty much confirms the 'secondary combat' scenario with the guys and the locals running into more trouble and having to fight together, right? Because declared 'safe' by the local prophet or no, they've gotta have established some level of trust to go out into a combat situation with the local townsfolk.

-HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man, if I didn't already know Kripke was a gamer, this would confirm it. Behold! Standard issue D&D adventuring party! Priest = Cleric, Woman with flamethrower = Magic-User, guy behind priest = Fighter, kid = ...well apprentice fighter, but he looks Thiefy. Totally dual-class. Which makes Dean either... hm. A more experienced fighter, or maybe a Paladin of very odd sorts [O.O] and makes Sam the elf with the magic sword. *nods* Now it's just a matter of which one's going to die under suspect or tragic circumstances to complicate the boys' lives.

-Hee! Peekaboo!

-Combat! Some of the firing arc and shooting into close combat dynamics are giving me fits. *winces and tries not to think of blow-through damage*

-Ah. Not flamethrower, holy water sprayer, of course. No doubt looking like that because the Super-Soaker people do not see a golden marketing opportunity when it smacks them in the nose and wouldn't allow the product placement. I'm guessing. I'd sure as hell have gone for a product placement there if I was Kripke.

-Damn expedient, those Enochian exorcisms, which again begs the question why hasn't Castiel told them about this? Sounds like "Perra geda edemma, levita harmonica"? Something about making harmonicas fly? o.O [No. Heh.]

-Combat! Ruby's knife! HAHAHAHAH! Fakest knife throw ever. But yay for co-operative combat! \o/ And the few little glances from Dean here and there to check if Sam's showing any signs of chowing down. Seen. *nods*

-Sam packing a knife covered in demon-blood and showing no sign of any desire to lick it! Yay progress! \o/

-"Havin' backup." *snerk* Yeah, Winchesters don't often play well with others. Or vice versa. [Nice little character moment for the priest there, looking up to the sky, face falling a little. very cool. Well done... read credits later. [Larry Poindexter. He's from Texas!]

-Aw shit. Rookie down. That's not gonna look good for the townsfolk. And of course it was gonna be the kid that died.

-Oh! Holy-water-carrier was his Mom. (And Fighter was his Dad. Which makes dead boy an NPC dependant and so, so, so very doomed from the start.) [You know, since she was out hunting with him and not stopping him from going into danger, it makes a lot of sense for her to be so set on the course she takes after this point. On some level for her, there has to be a sense of guilt about the situation, and so is redirecting her guilt and anger at herself into the 'Prophet-approved' channels. Ah. Her going so intensely and rapidly down makes more sense to me now. *nods*]

-[Hm. Background sign: Epiphany - Psalm 69. Or Psalm 6:9? *googles* "The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer." ... WELL!! Isn't that interesting in light of last week! Very very very interesting!!! Needs much more brain! O.O]

-Heeeeey... where's this Prophet's archangel? And why are Sam and Dean not running like hell away from there before her archangel can report their whereabouts to Zachariah? Although if she's being told they're safe, maybe her archangel isn't on Zachariah's side. Or something.

-"No drinking, no gambling, no premarital sex? Dean, they just basically outlawed 90% of your personality." Ha. Yeah. On the surface. Back to snarking on the surface jibes. Walls are back up. With spikes. However, the rules do explain the masses of marriage in the town though. Wonder what the divorce rate is like?

-Oh. Dean, who has just heard a Prophet going on about how awesome Judgement Day will be, with people coming back and families reuniting and so forth, why do you have your thinky-face on? Your sad, considering-doing-something-stupid face on?

-Crap. He's gone to talk to the Prophet. Alone. If she's a Prophet, she's got an arcangel, Dean. You sure you wanna do that?

-"Are you on the level?(...) About Paradise?" Oh hell no, Dean. o.O You are not actually considering this.

-"No monsters, disease or death, just forever with the people you love." No monsters. Crap. Another thing Dean'll go for. Family and no monsters. This prophet chick has to be in some way bad.

-"Dean, you're Chosen." And Dean does this sad, funny little mouth-quirk thing [that's impossible to screencap] with so many things behind it. And the low soft voice, and the weary sadness and resignedness, and gaaaah. How does Ackles do that?

-"Must be hard. Being the vessel of Heaven and having no hope." Ow. Accurate, especially after last week, but ow. So, she knows what they are, and still says they're safe. Who the hell is she getting her line of prophecy from?

-*rolls around in OW for the conversation between bartender and Sam*

-*And again some more for the conversation between Sam and Dean at the hotel room*

-*is randomly distracted from the massive ow by the world's smallest freaking coffee pot* o.O I know, two-cup pot (which I have never seen the point of) but it looks so teeny in Dean's hand! *pats it*

-"So what, you just want to stop fighting? Roll over?"/"I dunno, maybe." Dean with no hope and with his view of family recently smacked in the face (I still say Zachariah tampered with Sam's Heaven-Memory Playlist to mess with Dean and get him to this "Fuck it, I'll say yes to Michael" kind of mindset.)

-"You can't do this to me." Ouch. Bad tack to take, Sam, given the recent stuff in Heaven and what Dean still hasn't processed from that. True, but bad tack at the moment.

-"I can't do this alone." Ow. Pilot touchback. And ow. Dean walks away. Oh wow. OW. See? Walls with spikes. They're back and scarier than ever. 43
And also, as Sam said just before that, last support for Sam continuing to say no to Lucifer is getting really shaky all of a sudden. Whoever's tactics these are, whether it's two sides working towards the same middle, or a collaborative effort between Zachariah and Lucifer, it's looking more and more like a wild success. And by that I mean OH FUCK NO, DEAN!

-No paradise. No exceptions. Pissed off angels. Oh crap, now what?

-Hi Castiel! "Got your message. It was long, your message. And I find the sound of your voice grating." OMG! Drunk!Cas!
[Film geek in me points and crows "CHIAROSCURO!" In this case, face half in light and half in darkness! One of the traditional uses in filming and photography to indicate a character with an internal conflict or acharacter going insane! Entirely appropriate for Castiel at this point. Either way. Aw.]

-"I found a liquour store and..." "And?" "And I drank it." HAHAHAHAH! Win! \o/

-"Don't ask stupid questions." Oh man, I love drunken Castiel. Even though he's only drunk because he's had his last hope crushed because he's only seeing the negative side of what was said by God. Poor wubby. Hee!
Also hee, look how far Sam has to bend down for Castiel to whisper in his ear!

-Leah Gideon. Non-prophet. Hm. Also, the names of the prophets are seared into Castiel's brain. Ooo. Wonder if that'll come up later in some way? o.O

-"And now you're standing against the flock." 'Unmutual! Unmutual!' Sorry, sorry. Flashbacks to "The Prisoner". I'll be quiet.

-Oh wow. She shot him. "No one's gonna stop me from seeing my son again." Um. Eek. Murderous zealotry. Not cool. Never mind other circumstances, the 'Sacrament Lutheran Militia' is definitely more than a bit of an eeek. o.O Although most of that was a riled Mama Bear, but... eek.

-Definitely manipulation, given the false prophet, but by who? Why? Certainly seems to be forwarding Zachariah's agenda.

-"It's not my blood." Wow. Not an insta-dawn here either. Dean walking all night with blood on his hands from trying to help the bartender. Wow. Missing scene, yes?. [Been trying to figure out when he made the final decision, and am thinking that walk was a big part in tipping the balance, because Dean looks quite shattered and intense of thinking as he walks in. Needs more brain.] 48

-"Where the hell have you been?"/"On a bender!" Wheee! \o/

-Whore of Babylon. Ahhhh. I see. *nods* Bound to come up, looks like maybe she's the title-implied 'bitch'?

-"You breed with the mouth of a goat." Kind of the opposite of 'blowing goats' then? Which, it doesn't matter what side is behind this, (although it sounds like she's an independant subcontractor on big L's side, really) the idea that they might be making random Wayne's World references is rather disturbing for reasons I can't adequately explain or understand.

-"It's funnier in Enochian." Dude. Icon. Totally. Castiel is extremely quotable this ep.

-"Innocent blood spilled in God's name." Very much not good there, doesn't matter which deity it gets ascribed to. Never does.

-Quite glad the mom is showing remorse, even though she's getting really bad counsel here. "The greater good." *shivers*

-"Sam of course is an abomination." *snerk* Aw, Sammy.

-I still cannot believe there hasn't been a single passing Pastor Jim reference. What denomination was he anyway? Would this be his old Church?

-"Or the next sinner I name will be you." Aw. Pastor.

-"I'm an angel of the Lord." Oh Castiel. That sounds like it hurt. Aw.

-Heh. Would you accept a stake from these men? (Well obviously as fans, the majority probably would, but seriously, you're trying to get a man of the cloth to shove a sharpened two-foot-long tree branch into something he's not convinced isn't his daughter. The Winchester sales technique here lacks oomph.)

-"Poor example of one." Aw Caaaaaaaas!
Boys, seriously, did neither of you tell him you got confirmation God brought him back to life??? I would guess things like that don't get done without reason. I get the feeling that ever since last episode, somewhere, God is facepalming.

-Spurious tossing! \o/ If that doesn't make the adoption of Castiel by the Winchesters official, I don't know what does.

-Dads getting whumped in absentia again. Aw. Want to make John Winchester cocoa or something. *pats*

-Locking people in a storage room, and kerosene. EEEEEEk! O.O NONONONO. Fuck no. Eeek. No. Eeek. *hyperventilates* Sorry. No. Blood, guts, all squicky manner of getting eaten alive or shredded, fire in general, sure. Locking people up so they can't escape and setting the room on fire, no. Personal thing.

-Oh shit. CAS! Angel whump! What happened there? [Some kind of funky Enochian thing during the face-off and squabble I apparently missed completely during the airing. *facepalm* So, since I saw it now, I'll just say that our adversary character of the evening isn't the wisest. She could have got him to drop the stake and turn on the Winchesters just by continuing to play the daughter card. Although she did kind of blow it already with the 'I'll name you" (which I'm more and more sure is referencing something I should know) earlier, so perhaps using the distracting to whump the angel, cut her losses and run to the people who still believe n her absolutely might be the wiser option.]

-"Light the kerosene." *is overtaken by a giant case of issues and misses most of the combat*

-Oh crap. Dean's a true servant of Heaven? Maybe that vow from 4.22? Or did he mentally commit to a really crazy decision just there? OMGWTFBBQ????

-And again, as per the song referenced by the title, the 'bitch' wasn't much of a problem. So to speak. :-P

-Hey, she's still steaming guys... maybe she's not dead, just regrouping? Maybe Dean's not as committed as he thinks he is? Maybe? Dean, dude. Take a week off, go to a bar, get stonkered. Just because Jacob said God said he won't end the apocalypse for you doesn't mean you need to go give up to Michael and Zachariah. Right?

-Yeah. I think we all know what Sam's thinking. I thnk we're all thinking it too. Eep.

-I know you lost your son, but seriously, you couldn't have backed a wronger pony, Dead Boy's Mom. But that's how things like this work. Get you to compromise your morals in a time of great emotion or loss, to give you every chance to find your own personal justifications for the things you do in the name of the greater good. That's evil.

-"Like Michael stupid?" Heheh. It's a good thing I don't know that many actual Michaels anymore, or this would be a tempting line to use in real life.

-Hee! I'm sorry, but hungover-and-recently-whumped-Castiel looks exactly like he needs some gingerale and a fuzzy hot water bottle. And maybe a reading of "The Cat in the Hat."
[Arg. Lighting. Need some.]

-Dean's going to the car for clean bandages. BULL! STOP HIM SAM! TACKLE HIM BEFORE- dammit. No one ever listens to me. *pouts*

-Shiiiiit. I have angst now. I'm gonna have an ulcer by the time this commercial break is over.

-What are you doing, Dean? He looks like he's had a thought. Does not bode well under the circumstances. o.O [Or does it...?]

-[Holy crap a non-recycled Impala transition shot! The world really is coming to an end. o.O]

-Wow. Lisa Braeden? Random. *boggles*
[Glad I avoided the previously. Also Cicrero, Indiana is about a 10 hour drive from Blue Earth according to Wikipedia. Assuming that's where she still lives. Um. And it's kind of en route to Detroit... O.O]

-Okay, there's some initial reluctance, but after a little while it seemed raher "Hi guy who I banged back at the turn of the century who I subsequently spent a week with while the world went insane and my kid tried to suck out my spinal fluid and then implied you were dying soon or something and disappeared from my life and I never heard from again until now. Come in and have a beer." Which was really odd.

-"When I do picture myself happy, it's with you. And the kid." Aw Dean. So stalkery. *pats* Also rather random. Not enough supporting material, really, Dream a little Dream aside. Hm. Wonder if there's something else going on here. *ponders*

-Oh no. Nononononono. Trippy. Arrangements for you and Ben. SHIT DEAN NO! And what the hell random? Although really the only other people in his life are dead, Sam, Castiel and Bobby. Don't think he's going to be able to negotiate any intercessions for Sam (although he better try), Castiel either (ditto), and Death is gunning for Bobby, but maybe he can be bypassed. He has to keep something safe, as a negotiating point, so, Ben and Lisa. I guess? *headscratch*

-OMG, Was that whispering? did he whisper something or was that just temple-nuzzling? [Nothing audible on the soundtrack, but there was a definite non-smooch-related jaw movement there, and it doesn't seem to be an appropriate moment to chew on the side of her head, even for Dean. I do believe someone is being left a message to pass along... Oooo!]

-Um. Dean. NO!!! (Also, seriously, ex-boyfriends; they show up in your life for two minutes and drop ten tons of drama on you. Poor Lisa.)

-Dean, never mind the whole possession/vessel thing and that Michael will be trying very hard to kill Sam with your body (which HUGE PROBLEM) and doing the whole literal scorched earth thing to get big L off the planet. If you do this, if you really go through with this, Michael will be riding around in your car! Maybe! If he doesn't fly everywhere, which you also wouldn't like!

-Castiel can't even track him because of the rib tattoo. Shit. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit. SHIT! O.O [Although that could be a plan. The angels don't know where he is. This is the most random person who knows weird shit is real who maybe the angels don't count as one of Dean's allies because she's such a random encounter (even though Dean does have feelings for her (DaLDOM again)) Maybe he's hoping to pass a message under the angels radar. Maybe? Totally not fair to Lisa, but it is the apocalypse. *crosses fingers for sensible plotting-Dean with a backup plan*]

-NONONONO! STOP HIM!! SOMEBODY!!! AW CRAP, CREDITS. *gnaws on things* Credits and no reassuring "To Be Continued." Kripke's getting nasty.

Technically, since that episode obviously, needed a 'To Be Continued' and didn't get one (at least on the feed I watch), that means the episode didn't really end. This entire week had been just one long commercial break (which would explain a lot.)

...aaaaaaaaaaand according to my math... (22+22+16+22-100=18) 5.18 is episode 100. OH CRAP. O.O

Okay, so, I'm gonna be over here brainstorming ways for Sam and Castiel and anyone else who might be inclined to talk sense into Dean to find him (or BOBBY! He did it last time at the start of "Lucifer Rising", but... poor Bobby...) Right now I want to cuff Dean upside the head. Gah. DAMMIT DEAN! YOU BETTER BE PLOTTING!!!

And seriously, not even one single hint of a mention of Pastor Jim??? There better be a deleted scene, I tell you!

(PLEASE, NO SPOILERS OR REFERENCES TO SPOILERY MATERIAL IN COMMENTS! The definition of spoiler for this journal is located in left hand sidebar and includes references to promo material as spoilers. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)

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14 comments or Leave a comment
aescu From: aescu Date: April 15th, 2010 02:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Again I have to agree with nearly everything you've written.

I too was wondering why the hell they didn't get suspicious as soon as they heard Michael Shanks rattle off a 10 seconds exorcism their geeky Angel-Sidekick failed to tell them about.

And why they risked staying in a town with a prophet and probably archangel near, is another point I don't get.

If those two where characters in one of my games, they'd been dead now so many times... No wonder the demons are calling them morons (or at least Crowley is)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 16th, 2010 05:27 am (UTC) (Link)
The implication in 5.16 was that they do get killed a lot, but the Angels or whoever reboot them and wipe their memory. But yeah, they have a cushy GM. Surprisingly, given it's Kripke.
malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: April 15th, 2010 02:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry but didn't the cut say this was short? Or am I insane? It's totally possible since watching this episode. *nods*

By the end of the episode when I write my own insta-reaction I am always so flabbergasted by the end I forget all the thoughts I had at the beginning, such as, reused Impala shot! No smashy Baby's window *GRRRR*, etc. But you've got the bases covered. :D

I've read a few things about the whole Random!Lisa thing and it's since made me feel like it was supported enough. Dean's all about "normal life" at the moment (it seems) and like he said, when he thinks of it, he thinks of her. I can see him daydreaming about a life with her more often than we see.

And Castiel, I was busy laughing AND crying for the poor dude. *pets him* I guess we have to take our humor where we can get it.

And yes, I always feel so, "I can't wait to see what happes next!" and then we don't get any of those "picking up EXACTLY where we left off" type episodes like, what was it, Croatoan-Hunted? Wow, season 2. *weeps a little*

Alright, *deep breath* I'm ready for tonight!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 16th, 2010 05:29 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry but didn't the cut say this was short? Or am I insane? It's totally possible since watching this episode. *nods*

Shorter than the last few crazy ones. Fewer caps too.

I can see him daydreaming about a life with her more often than we see.

I just wish we'd seen it once or twice more, or had him mention something to provide support.

And Castiel, I was busy laughing AND crying for the poor dude. *pets him* I guess we have to take our humor where we can get it.

I know. Poor guy.
samalander_dawn From: samalander_dawn Date: April 15th, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
quick quick comment, maybe more later:

Dean totally = Paladin - old-school: when get to high enough level get to summon special steed :D
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 16th, 2010 05:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Heh, yeah. Definitely a Noble Steed.
anniehow From: anniehow Date: April 15th, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
I only just realized that 99 Problems is Show's... 99th episode. Slow Anniehow is slow O_O
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 16th, 2010 05:30 am (UTC) (Link)
took me a while to catch that too, no worries.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: April 15th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
I haven't recovered from last week, was sitting in stunned silence after watching Jensen's face. Even mom said "well that sucked" as it ended. Agreed with what you said, and was also raging at the screen "Dean nooooo!!" Also, Cas needs someone to follow him around as keep him from his thoughts--and a hug. And that hall was definitely re-used, glad it wasn't just me. Sorry for the random but right now if I ponder things to much the breaking continues..argh. Tonight...*shudders*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 16th, 2010 05:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Will react to tonight later. Hopefully sooner than I reacted to last week.

Geez, it's like trying to talk about time travel all of a sudden. o.O
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: April 15th, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
My US geography being somewhat shaky I thought maybe it was a different Blue Earth. But it totally wasn't. Which means Julie Siege isn't the total fangirl we think she is, or maybe something got cut. Or maybe it's all part of Dean's plotting!

While I'm not entirely convinced about Lisa, we had to see him alluding to his Big Plan with someone, and as most of his friends and loved ones are dead, then Lisa makes as much sense as anyone. Could have been worse. Could have been Cassie!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 16th, 2010 05:36 am (UTC) (Link)
I suspect cut, or they figured fans wouldn't remember Pastor Jim enough to give him a mention, which saddens me. ficwriter1966 has a perfect missing scene for the start of the episode though, if you haven't already, go read it.

Could have been Cassie!

My primary problem with Cassie was the actress. On paper, she's not too bad, but the actress wasn't too connected with the character. Felt like a line reading more than acting.

irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: April 16th, 2010 11:22 am (UTC) (Link)
I've seen Megalyn in other shows and she was pretty good. Maybe it was the script...although she didn't have much chemistry with Jensen either.

I've read Carol's story and I agree it was fabulous! I guess more's been made of Pastor Jim by fic writers than was ever really mentioned on the show. I think he was only mentioned in maybe three eps after all?
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 22nd, 2010 03:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
But mentioned as a reliable resource for the Wee!boys, and given how few resources outside each other they had, that makes him notable and significant no matter what fandom made of him post-mortem.
14 comments or Leave a comment