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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.20 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.20
Well, I'm reacting live to this one (as in, typing up things as I watch it, because I missed the boat for actual "live" live by several days), so it may be even more scattered and random than usual. Also, alcohol may be involved.

Contains profanity, capslock, and a billion tons of rampant paranoia and blithering about the psychological effects of the pause function.

Spoiler and Theorizing Timeline

-Early March: Some side mention somewhere that Jim Beaver said at a con or on Twitter or something, something that implied he might try to make a crossroads deal. SO! It's either A) Bobby's making a deal with Crowley for something pretty damn important at some point or B) Jim Beaver is as full of shit as he was last year when he was doing his level best to convince everyone Bobby was dying in the season four finale.

-April 22: Not really a spoiler, but theory-fodder. After 5.19, with Pestilence arriving, I'm betting on a major recurrence of the Croatoan virus.

-April 30: Title, while downloading from iTunes. "The Devil You Know" Hm. Meg? Haven't heard from Crowley for a long while either, maybe he's going to reappear.

-Saturday May 1st: I was driving home from work, saw a Chevelle and thought the following: "Hey! It's Bobby's car, except in way better condition. Wonder if Bobby will be in 5.20, haven't seen him for a while. Although if the Croatoan virus is around, maybe it'd be better to not see Bobby because he'd end up catching it. *mental boom* OMG SAM AND OR DEAN ARE GOING TO CATCH THE CROATOAN VIRUS, LOCK THEMSELVES OR BE LOCKED IN BOBBY'S PANIC ROOM AND BOBBY'S GONNA MAKE A CROSSROADS DEAL TO HEAL THEM AND SACRIFICE HIS DAMN-FOOL SELF!!!"


Except Sam and Dean are immune, right? So that won't happen. RIGHT?

So. In anticipation of that not actually happening at all, I have cracked open a bottle of strawberry cider. If Bobby's dooming himself to Hell for the boys for whatever reason tonight, I WANT BOOZE. (Even if it's wimpy booze.) Also kleenex. I don't know if I'd ever have enough kleenex for this if it happens the way I think it will. Which it won't, because, immune. Except... does Bobby know they're immune?

*hits 'play' in a paranoid and trepidatious manner*

Picspam Reaction, with meta, speculation, handwaving, capslocking and loads of blithering for Supernatural 5.20 - "The Devil You Know"

Like I said above, this will be a live-typed reaction, because I couldn't watch it as it aired.

I have discovered that having access to a pause button on the first watch makes me as distractible as a squirrel on espresso beans. Among other things.

Also I hit play on Saturday and it's now Monday.

-Gah! Jess??? That's rather random... *removes headphones and skips rest of THEN*

-Lab! Monkey noises! I detect a "28 Days Later" reference! Also *rofls at the Herpexia poster which doesn't cap well at all* That's Sam's herpes commercial medication.

-Niveus Pharmaceuticals. Oooo, about time someone on the evil end of the scale started infiltrating or setting up a major corporate structure. Horseman or demon, the sociopolitical power of an established corporate entity would be handy, and really easy to possess. So to speak. Also, Niveous - snowy-white in color. I believe the color associated with Pestilence in the bible is white. But I could be wrong on that.
Photo 1

-Yay! Demon flunky! Haven't had one of those in a while. Also no monkeys were fictionally harmed, and they all ran away to live safely in parks. And the rats escaped too. *nods*
Photo 2

-Suits and stripey ties! And facemasks!
Photo 3

-"What we really need is vaccine." Not that it's gonna help the people who are already sick, but yeah.

-Jim Beaver credit. Ohhhh crap. *blocks monitor*

-"Have the flu victims shown any signs of homicidal tendencies?" Way to freak the mundanes, Dean. XD

-Crying statues. Hm. Last time we had crying statues it was Alastair, right?

-Hee! The dual Winchester 'We didn't say anything weird, you must be insane' look. Works even through facemasks.
Photo 4
Photo 5

-"Who would say that?"/"Crazy people."/"Which we are not."/"Nooo." BWAAAH!!! The look works loads better if you don't say anything, guys.
Photo 6

-Pestilence is making swine flu hyperactive. Saves resources, I guess. Ooo. Unless he's trying to modify Croatoan to piggy back (sorry, bad pun) on the swine flu virus, because right now Croatoan's still blood to blood transfer, right? The only way it's gonna spread quick enough to be effective is to go airborne or... right. Get it distributed as vaccine to medical facilities desperate for it. Sneaky. Hm. But the lab tech in the trailer activated too fast. People would be going full blown Croatoan before leaving the vaccination area, and while that would cause a lot of death, it wouldn't facilitate the spread. Hm. (You know, having a pause button for the first watch through is probably not a good thing for me. Too much blithering time.)

-Nevada. Yep. Good old rainy, damp Nevada.
Photo 7

-O.O Crowley! Jeez, Dean. You haven't got any wards against random demons popping into the car?
Photo 8


-*giggles all over the place before unpausing*

-Written by Ben Edlund. Ooo.

-I don't know if I believe Crowley didn't know or not. That "I never!" was a bit mock-scandalized.

-"After what I did to you??" He's got a point, Sam.

-Directed by Robert Singer. Ooo. He's been getting the big eps lately hasn't he? *is even nervouser*

-"Call your dog off. Please." Hee. *pats the big Sammy puppy*
Photo 9

-"Which makes me the most buggered son in all creation." Between that and the earlier Britishism regarding smoking, there could be some big misunderstandings on what's being said by Crowley. Or not, because in this case that pretty much is what he's saying and it's sailing right past the North American censors. Hee!

-"They ate my tailor!" Hahahaha! fantastic eyeroll from Dean.
Photo 10

-Crowley rants well. I still don't believe him. Despite positive bleed-over from his literary namesake.

-Random pentagram? Right-side-up pentagram? The left hand window, between the slats. Looks like it might be part of protective symbols, which I guess makes sense because Crowley's hiding from demons more than angels now, I think. still, it's subtle... Not enough to make me believe he's on the level though. If it was overt, I'd be more suspicious rather than less, because then it's like a big flashing neon "I'm on your side, really!" sign and there's never anything but betrayal and heartache under those.
Photo 11

-The boys are carrying hex bags so the demons can't find them. Obvious in retrospect, but good to know.

-A magical coin. Bastard put a tracker in the Impala? He bugged the Impala? DIE!!!
Photo 12
Photo 13

-Wait, where did that 'stuff the devil back in the box' conversation take place... right. On the roof of the Impala. *facepalm* Dammit. Dean! Ward the freaking Impala against demons for Pete's sake! And search the car and melt down any weird coins, including the wish coin I'm sure Sam's got stashed somewhere in case of emergency, because that's nothing but a bad idea waiting to happen.

-Horsemen's stable boy. Demon flunky! \o/

-Hm. I don't like this plan... it depends too much on Crowley not actually being a lying bastard, and on his ability to turn or extract info from an unknown source. Who's to say he won't thank the boys and take off with the prisoner for his own purposes? Maybe I'm being too paranoid, but I don't think so. Crowley is/was head of the Crossroads demons. He does deals.

-Hex-grid! Or organic chemistry modelly whatsit. I see hex grid. It's a GURPS thing. *shrug*
Photo 14

-Ooo! *hits pause* I see a blood-phone! Lower left corner. And dead center, that Newton's cradle from Dean Smith's office, I believe?
Photo 15

-...And now I'm seeing fuel for the blood-phone, yes? Take the stroppiest members of the team and drain their blood. Standard corporate procedures. *nods*
Photo 16

-"There is a position in Communications that I think you would be perfect for." *hits pause to laugh for about a solid minute* "Cut-throat world of upper management." Yeaaaah. *snort*

-Ah, he's got one of the new voice-activated blood-phones. not one that needs stirred with a finger. Classy.

-"Sam keep the home fires burning." Nooooo. Splitting up Sam and Dean, leaving Sam alone in a location that's shielded from demons only on Crowley's say-so? No. *echoes Sam's glare at Crowley*
Photo 17

-"Wait." Okay. I get that it looks like Crowley's got the only answer for them, but seriously, he's head of the Crossroads demons, and bending facts to suit the purposes of making a deal come out the way he wants is what he's done for millennia. And the last time Dean said 'wait' to a crossroads demon, we all know how that went. It's such a huge trap.

-Oh, and Dean has trouble meeting Sam's eyes.
Photo 18

-And Sam looks like this.
Photo 19

Photo 20
Photo 21

-This is totally a trap. So very totally a trap. I just hope Sam and Dean are in some way aware of this and are going along with it only to get the info and going to trap Crowley right back but... oh crap. *shivers*

-Having a pause button for the first watch-through is NOT HELPING!!! O.O

-Aw Sammy!
Photo 22

-"What can I say, I believe the guy." DUMBASS!! You better-! This-! What about-! *splutters* STAY WITH YOUR BROTHER, DAMMIT unless this is all part of a plot and you both know about the trap and stuff, in which case fine, I guess. *crosses arms*
Photo 23

-Random: Ooo, nice twisty, entirely uncappable tree outside Crowley's place.

-Okay Sam, now's your chance to search the place for... stuff and things. And set some more effective wards because I do not believe Crowley did his right. Or... oh crap. Maybe there's another one of those 'gets past hex-bags' coins in the house, and this is Crowley's way of getting in good with big L and ensuring he's not going to be eradicated along with all the other demons. Get you at a demon-detectable location, alone, where Lucifer can stop by in person (and have that whole 'enthrallment' thing kick in) while Crowley leads Dean on a real yet tactically neutral wild goose chase after Pestilence's chief admin assistant. SEARCH THE PLACE FOR COINS, SAM! FAST!!! AND THEN STEAL THE NEIGHBOUR'S CAR AND HEAD FOR MEXICO!!!
Photo 24

-*facepalm* Or get drunk and call Bobby. At least you're talking to Bobby. That'll help something. Also, canon support for every "Sam or Dean drunk-dials Bobby" fic, yeah?
Photo 25

-"After a year of chasing up zilch, maybe it's time to go crazy." Or maybe it won't help. *facepalm* The tactical content of this conversation has been brought to you by booze. *sets aside cider* Well, at least there's a time frame anyway. A year-ish since 5.01?

-"How'd you do it?" Ooo. Ooo, ooo, ooo, shit. Okay. So. I have this theory I might have mentioned somewhere among the piles of crap I've babbled about this show that Sam will say yes to Lucifer because he thinks he can fight him off. And now he's asking Bobby how he fought off his possession. EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! NO, SAM!!!

-Oh crap. I'm right. And Sam has his "I have an incredibly stupid plan" face on. Again, alcohol and tactics do not mix. Sober up and think, Sam! Or better yet, get the hell out of there before Lucifer finds you!
Photo 26

-"What if you guys lead the devil to the edge, and I jump in?" DAMMIT, NO, SAM!!! And he's saying this to Bobby who's stuck in South Dakota while you're throwing everything away in Nevada or wherever Crowley's hole is, and he's gonna wheel himself out to a crossroads and get Crowley there and aaaack. O.O
Photo 27
Photo 28

-THE PAUSE BUTTON IS VERY HARMFUL TO MY NERVES!!! It's giving me time to process implications as the episode progresses rather than scrawl a note and keep going and process later. O.O

-*agrees with Bobby 100% for the remainder of the conversation* Yay for sanity! Someone's gotta shout some into Sam. And I'm very glad Sam didn't hang up on Bobby at the end there. It felt like he might.
Photo 29

-*leaves on pause and makes tea to calm nerves* Eeeek. O.O

-"Demons." Wow. He can tell that through binoculars? Dean's eyesight's awesome! "Nah. Human shields." Or not.

-"You Winchesters make everything so complicated." Aw crap. Yeah. This is what happens when you work with a demon, Dean. Homicidal pragmatism and complete lack of qualms about slaughtering a swath through inconvenient humans. You of all people should know this.
Photo 30

-"Now you're squeamish? Please." ...you know... part two of this ploy involves getting Dean, Michael's Vessel in close proximity to someone arguably in Lucifer's power structure. While Sam is alone and thinking of being stupid. It could be a trap for both boys. Dean could be kept inaccessible to Michael (who I'm still not convinced is currently taking Adam for a spin. Could be another Archangel in Adam, and Dean could still be a graceless, birth-embodied, amnesiac Michael or something. Not that I'm hoping for that, just that I still think it's a possibility), while Sam gets possessed by Lucifer.
Photo 31

-"It's not safe up there, there's demons." And now Crowley isn't going with. Ha. Yeah. That bodes well. One quick blood-phone call to let them know Dean's inbound while he's stuck in the elevator going up 12 floors, and Crowley's back in big L's good books. Or something.
Photo 32
Photo 33

-"Do what I told you, it'll work like a charm. Trust me." Um. NO! And then he waves bye-bye. So much no. Never trust a smiling demon. Seriously, this is such a trap. CRAWL OUT THE ELEVATOR CEILING PANEL AND KICK HIS SMIRKING ASS, DEAN!
Photo 34

-*tries to stomp down the thought that the Horsemen's uber-flunky recognizing Dean and being all calm is proof of this all being a trap, because Dean's description's been on Hell's most wanted for a long time* But it's totally a trap anyway.

-I'm not sure if it's classified as moxie or chutzpah, but Dean wiping the blade off on the uber-flunky's coat is pure Dean.
Photo 35

-"How's your brother?" You snide sonofabitch! I knew it!

-Okay, so what is the plan here if this isn't a trap (which it totally is)? They don't want to kill this dork, they want to get info from him. So stabbing is out... hm.
Photo 36

-Ooo. Glaring!Dean. Ooo.
Photo 37

-Ah. Offering to trade the rings to get him out of his stronghold. Okaaaay... yeah. It's a trap. There is no reason for him to go for this deal. "Who says I want them?" Yeah. That would be Crowley. Excellent information source there.

-"...What?"/"Who says I want them?"/*gulp* "y'know. Folks." *ROFL*
Photo 38

-War and Famine are toast and the rings won't help them. Ooooo. Wow. O.O

-"What I want is retribution. And I'm gonna rip it right out of your ass." Yep. Trap.
Photo 39
Photo 40

-Really though, if Dean and Sam took out half this guy's bosses, didn't they reduce his workload by fifty percent? He should be thanking Dean. Unless he's a whole-hog company demon which it looks like, in which case it's hurting the bottom line of Armageddon, and so, he's pissed. *nods*

-Dean whumpage! Always remember to move the dead guard's body aside lest you fall over him when thrown through the doors.
Photo 41
Photo 42

-Hey... Dean got the flunky out of his office... and is getting him to play 'chase me downstairs' games... is this actually part of a plan??? o.O You know, I can see Dean going along with a plan that required him to get beaten up by a demon. Which is rather sad and makes me want to alternately smack Dean upside the head or bundle him in fluffy blankets and feed him cocoa. I'm so conflicted!
Photo 43

-Wait... the path of the light going past says the Elevator is going up, not down... *facepalm* either Dean's heading for the roof, or it's another case like the reversed light and shadow shining through the 'Ashland Sup' window in Usual Suspects.

-Nope, that's the lobby.
Photo 44

Dammit, physics fail! All right. So. Handwaving time. *ponders* The light was going the wrong way becaaaause as part of the security system is a small alteration of reality on the elevator doors so that the light of each floor that passes goes the wrong direction, and those unaware of this get confused and think the elevator is going in the wrong direction. However Dean is so smart he figured it out on the way up and is not disoriented by the visual inversion. Also, there are far fewer floor lights going past because most of the other floors are shut down for the night and unlit, and it took very little time because, uh, because trips from the 12th floor take less time because that's where the Chief Demonic Officer would be coming from, and although it's an inanimate object, it knows better than to piss off the boss. And it's a magic elevator. Yeah. Or maybe more likely, and more realistically, Dean ran down seven or eight flights of stairs before deciding to take the elevator. OOO! OR Dean ran down 16 or so flights of stairs, into the sub-sub-sub basement were the funky labs are, demon uber-flunky chasing him all the way down there, then got in the elevator, which was set to go down one more floor before going up the three or four it did for Dean to get to the lobby. Yeah! Something like that. When in doubt, the answer is always "Because Dean Winchester is just that awesome." *nods, handwaves and moves on*

-Pft. Like you were gonna escape the guy in his own magic elevator. Not that that was the plan in the first place.
Photo 45
Photo 46

-Ooo! Demon-baggie! I've always thought it would be useful for the boys to just make, like, a quilt or something with a Devil's Trap or Seal of Solomon on it and pack that around to throw over demons, but I guess a baggie works. So, demons reside in the head of the possessed, or at least enough of them does so that they can't get away out an un-trapped part of the body. Aaaaaand I'm stopping that train of thought before it gets gross. :-P
Photo 47

-"Evening, Uncle." SERIOUSLY??? The Horsemen's demon uber-flunky is Crowley's uncle? Well, I was actually just wondering where Crowley's family ties were at. Since, y'know, theme and all.

-Wow. Crowley's got a few rage issues himself. o.O

-"He didn't want the rings, he wanted me!" Hahahaa, yeah. Okay, so Dean didn't knowingly go along with a plan that involved him letting a demon beat the crap out of him, so yay for Dean's sense of self-worth not being that bad. However, not surprised on the lack of full disclosure from Crowley. Still think it might be an over-all trap, and am really wondering what Sam's up to, but am now doubting a bit. *is even more conflicted*
Photo 48
Photo 49

-Crowley has an excellent point. A faked reaction could have soured things.

-"That's what you get, working with a demon." And off-camera, Dean punched Crowley in the nose. Or at least tried to.

-Ah. A binding link, like Meg put on Sam. Doesn't cap worth beans. Also, Dean rags on Crowley for spilling blood but he didn't say a word when Sam stabbed the upholstery. See? Family first. Or something like that.

-"We don't want I-50. Take 93 North." Okay, sure, make me look that up on Google maps. *looks and ROFLS* Okay, so, as far as I can tell, I50 goes all the way across the middle of the US from California to Maryland. I93, as far as I can tell, runs North-South from Vermont to Massachusetts. This means they never cross, and don't go through the same states at all. No, no, wait. there's a different 93 in Nevada, US Route 93, so they are somewhere neeeeear... Great Basin National Park in western Nevada. Ish. An actual location! Woo! Complete with a big park for the monkeys that escaped from the lab! \o/

-"They've got history." *hits pause the same time as Dean slams on the brakes, hee* O.O MEG??? No, she'd have been up one side of Dean and down the other for entirely un-Horseman-related reasons. Ruby's toast. So's YED. And Sam's killed every crossroads demon he's encountered. What other demons would Sam have history with? The airplane demon from Season 1? The demon who got away from Croatoan? Actually he'd suit, given this demon's position in the hierarchy now, but he'd have history with Dean too. Pretty much any demon Sam's run across would have been with Dean too. Ooo! A demon from when Dean was in Hell? Hm.

-Also, random, Dean's been doing a lot more tire-squealing in this ep than usual. Impala's tires might need air. Car maintenance understandably tends to slip a bit when there's an Apocalypse on, but this is the Impala we are talking about. *nods*

-Sam all fidgety and alone. And not possessed or waylaid by Lucifer! Yet. *knocks wood*
Photo 50

-Negotiating a high-level defection. Oooooo. That puts things into a different perspective. A very awesome perspective. Of course it isn't going to work.

-"He replied with a colorful rejoinder about my corn chute." *snort* Okay, I'm starting to like Crowley. Which means he's actually evil and fooling me, or actually on the level insofar as it benefits him, and therefore actually trying to help the guys, and therefore very soonly dead. *sigh*
Photo 51

-*is momentarily distracted by the Romulan Empire insignias in the window behind Sam* What? It's keeping me from worrying about Sam's history.
Photo 52

-"I'm doing this 'cause I trust you." Ooooo boy. That's not nervous-making at all.

-"Brady hasn't been Brady in years. Not since, oh, middle of our sophomore year?" WHAT? IS THAT WHAT THE- Sorry shouting. Is that what the SamnJess flashback was about? Was this guy one of Sam's friends in the Pilot??? O.O And if he was possessed, was he watching Sam for YED? Did he kill Jess? *keeps things paused, pops in DVD of the Pilot, and is far too distracted by itty-bitty-wee-puppy-Sammy to detect this guy as a background character anywhere* Nuts. That would have rocked. *on a hunch, pops in 'Skin', giggles at Sam getting messages from Jerry Wanek and Mary Ann Liu (one of the graphic artists, "WTFRU Mister", hee), not there on a quick scan either*

-*still paused* Dammit, now I want to marathon the entire series before next Thursday. Which aside from being impossible with my work schedule is impossible on a "Number of hours left" schedule because there's... *does quick math* 70.5 hours of Show up to 5.20, after removing commercial time. Wow. Pause button is not helpful to my sanity.

-Devil on his shoulder the whole time. *takes another side-eyed glance at Max Miller's Stepmom from Nightmare* I have this theory, that all the Special kids had demon watchers in place to ...assist their development....

-"You introduced me to Jess!" OH. MY. GOD! O.O
Photo 53
Photo 54
Photo 55

*pausing for dodgy meta-cascade* He introduced him to Jess so that Sam'd have someone to get attached to and lose, so that he'd foster his rage, need to get back on the road with Dean, keep hunting, re-connect with his family to continue this little lock-step 'fate' dance they boys have been doing their whole lives, except it's not fate it's choices of other entities, angelic and demonic, and it's still all about free will and, and, really that pause button is not helping because they're probably about to say the same exact thing shortly after I unpause it.*makes another pot of tea first and tries to stop looking like an utter psycho*

-(*tries to continue watching without being distracted by either the fire alarm going off or the vent-fan running trying to keep the fire alarm from going off* Seriously. It's tea. How the hell is there smoke everywhere? o.O)

- I freaking love when backstory rises up and bites characters unexpectedly. Also, this latest revelation is not going to help Sam control his rage issues. Just a hunch. *hits play*

-"Like I trusted Ruby? Or like I trusted Brady back at school?" Ooo. Still it's good that Dean didn't exclude Sam from this whole 'question the flunky' deal, that would have made things a million times worse.

-"Lucifer is never gonna let you die. As for me, I know the score. I'm dead whether I tell you anything or not. So I think I'll die on the winning side, thanks." Wow. There's a tough bargaining position. And explains why he was so pissed off at Dean on behalf of his bosses. If they don't win, he going to die a loser.

-But why didn't Crowley say anything about there being an option to end this all without there being a winner or loser, the 'stuff Lucifer back in the cage' plan? That bypasses Brady's argument. Maybe he isn't saying so word doesn't get out in advance, just in case?

-"Where's your moose?" Eeeehehehehehehe! *pats Sammy in absentia*

-"Cooling off." Uh oh. I detect Sam doing something relatively unhelpful very soon.

-"He won't budge, so now I go stick my neck out." Dean's face is interesting. He's truly considering Crowley an ally here, with the level of concern outweighing the level of suspicion. And, to be honest, so far Crowley has done as he's said. Hm. So he's dead soon, right?
Photo 56

-DESPERATE SWASHBUCKLING!!! YES! The world needs more desperate swashbuckling! \o/

-Kicking open a hive of demons doesn't sound terribly helpful either, but what the hell. Swashbuckle away, Crowley! Rapiers and chandeliers and hats with big feathers! Wheee! \o/

-Poor Dean.
Photo 57

-Aw shit. I do love the fake-out with the pan up to the mirror, because with all the entities that pop around on this show, there's that expectation of 'someone's going to be standing behind Dean when he looks up'. But no. It's Sam, doing something wildly unhelpful. Of course. And giving Brady a chance to further a nearly five-year-old project. *headshake*
Photo 58

-*has a moment of extreme flail at the whole 'coming back to the pilot' thing* Because even though it's not pure fate, it's the will of other beings shaping Sam and Dean's lives, there's still that... gah. Can't put it into words. That sense of things circling back, meeting the road already walked with new perspective, new awareness, and finding exactly how deep a conspiracy is. Because that's Sam and Dean's fate. The conspiracies of demons and angels who want to bring about events that will end the world. And all qualms about interpretation of real world religions, all the assorted hiccups, hairballs, plot-holes, logic fails and racist trucks aside, it's all coming full circle, and it's still and always about the strength of family, no matter what shape that family takes, shared blood or no, to survive and overcome any challenge. And damn it if that isn't an awesome thing.

-*koff* Pause button also makes me a giant pontificating woobie, apparently. Sorry about that. *kicks away soap-box and hits play*

-Ooohoo. Yeah, remember that time you tried to help your best friend pull his life together? He was a demon. So, your best friend was probably actually trapped inside himself, screaming in the dark, while you cared for the thing possessing him. He might still be screaming now. Yeah. Demon!Brady is very specifically poking the Sam!Bear to get him to rage out and kill him. Or just rage out. A very long term project is the Sam!Rage!bear project. *nods*
Photo 59

-*points to remainder of the backstory outline as proof* "...And then I toasted her on the ceiling." Yep. He's trying to set Sam off for sure. *nods*
Photo 60

-"She let me right in. She was baking cookies." *glees at the detailed reference* or and also *tosses very very very old plot-bunny which is essentially being described by Brady and freaking me the hell out*

-And just incase there was any doubt at all lingering that Sam's anger and rage are in some way important to Lucifer's plot, here we have proof I think.
Photo 61
Photo 62

-Okay, seriously, Dean. The way the top of that door is flexing, you should have been out two seconds after Sam blocked the handle. It's not like you haven't already busted through a door this episode.
Photo 63

-"Hello, darling." Ha! Crowley, spreading disinformation to doom Demon!Brady. Okay, fine, I like him, and I think he's on the Winchester's side as long as it suits his own purposes. Which means he has less than ten minutes to live, right?
Photo 64

-Sudden unexpected dog noise everyone can hear.... oh no. Nonono. Not Hellhounds! (Sorry, I ran across that the other day and had to link it. ^.^)

-"Remember I was telling you all about my crafty little tracking device?" *facepalm* Run guys! Like NOW. It's also a bug, remember. They know where you are and what you're up to! RUN! Also, I'm suspicious of Crowley again, because that could all have easily been faked to get the coin in place and have him not look guilty, although it''s a trifle baroque, but Crowley seems like he might appreciate baroque plotting, so.... I don't know. I still like him. He's dead either way.
Photo 65

-Dean's stunned face. Stop being stunned. run now. Somehow. Gaaaah! *flails*
Photo 66

-"Get me out of here I'll tell you anything you want."/"Shut up." Amazing how fast priorities shift.

-Long past the point of car. And he leaves them with the coin. Oooo, you bastard! True to form though. Craven self-interest. Okay, I still don't know if that was a deliberate set up, and he's working with big L, or whether it was all as it is, face-value, but dammit, I still like Crowley. Although this time he may escape the insta-doom of me liking a character and survive the episode, unless he has a sudden attack of altruism and returns to snag the coin and lead the dogs away, in which case I'll really really like him and he'll be really really dead.

-Okay, so what now? Unless there's a sudden Castiel ex machina, things are looking pretty doomy, and I have no idea where Castiel is or what condition he's in and that's making me a lot more nervous than I would have thought last year. *hits play*

-"I told you!"/"Yeah well good for yoooou." Heeee! Boys.
Photo 67

-That much salt won't cover all the- EEEEEK!!! Oh shit, giant evil invisible dog crashing through window eeeek!! O.O *hits pause and freaks a little*

-*hits play and jumps about a foot in the air as the sound comes back mid-snarl really loud, then fumbles around the keyboard trying to turn it down* Giant evil invisible loud dog. I have issues.

-The glass is breaking five feet off the floor!! HOW BIG IS THE FREAKING HELLHOUND??? O.O
Photo 68

-Oh crap. Just realized while I paused for that cap. There's a way out. Sam's guarding Brady. Sam drinks Brady's blood and makes the Hellhounds go poof. CRAP! NO! IT'S WAY TOO LATE IN THE SEASON AND SERIES ARC FOR THAT, SAM!!! O.O

-"Salt?" Dean's face of 'what the hell do you think?'
Photo 69

-Twinspeak! "Shut up!" \o/

-Oh my god, Crowley came back. Which means I really really like him and he's really really dead. Or he's doing a damn fine job of faking me out.
Photo 70

-"I brought my own." What??! Well, I guess as chief Crossroads demon, he inherited the Hell-kennels after Lilith died. Except... he's on he outs with Hell right now, so how'd he get access to an asset of Hell... Hm. Kind of suspect. *shudders at the height of Crowley's hand* "Mine's bigger." *snerk and headshake*
Photo 71

-Invisible dogfight. Oh good. For a half-second I thought Crowley might have brought his hound to join the attack on Sam and Dean. Have I mentioned at all how much I love characters whose true allegiances aren't immediately transparent? 'Coz I do. *flails all over the place*

-Oh wow, I bet the special effects crew had an absolute blast choreographing all the mayhem in the invisible dogfight. *rewinds and watches again before continuing* Rope pull here, squib there, CGI camera splat, awesome! *applauds*

-Info and progress and holy crap Crowley survives the episode?? Well, there's a few minutes left I guess. He might still die.

-Pretty Impala is pretty. *paws*
Photo 72

-"We're the ones you should be afraid of." Um... yeah. And a little eek, what with the trapping the demon in an alley with Sam and Ruby's knife. o.O It's... kind of reminding me of some of tigriswolf's AU fic right now. Which is just a little bit eep-inducing...
Photo 73

-Although given the guy's options are death for the winning side, death for the losing side, or an eternity of torment if Crowley doesn't succeed in clearing up the little misunderstanding, killing him would probably be doing him a favor. Not to mention Brady is already long past dead, even before Crowley caved his skull in with a crowbar. Also, he's the Horsemen's Uber-Flunky. He coordinates all the logistical crap. Without him, Pestilence and Death's assorted rampagery is going to be loads less efficient. So, much as it's creeping me the hell out to see this back alley cage-match sort of setup, it makes tactical sense. Also, Sam seems to have gotten over the demon bloodthirst completely, so yay Sam!

-"You're the one who trusted us, you're the one who let us into your life, let us whisper in your ear, over and over and over again. Ever wonder why that is, Sammy?" Shiiiiiit. Oh crap. Uh. 'Scuse me, I've got a meta from the dawn of time (which has since undergone several mutations since) screaming in my ear all of a sudden, very distracting. Hush.

-"Maybe it's because we got the same stuff in our veins. And deep down you know, you're just like us." Poking at the old sore spots again. And getting Sam close enough for an effective attack. Tactics. *nods*
Photo 74

-"Maybe the only difference between you and a demon, is your Hell is right here." Ooooo. Okay. Aside from the surface of self-loathing given there, there is also this. Hell turns human souls into demons over time, that's the way the cosmogony of this 'verse has been set forth, right? Slowly over time, Sam's being manipulated to take the darker path, develop powers, etc and maybe some kind of similar conversion process is being fostered. Or, *points back at very old meta and corollaries* After all these years, there may actually be something to that meta. Hunh.

-And then Sam goes and stabs the demon and makes this face, and now I'm really freaked. Because his eyes are black. Not full black. But seriously. Either his pupils are seriously dilated, or his iris is black. O.O *kind of hopes that's just weird monitor contrast settings*
Photo 75

-"Interesting theory." Oooo, crap. Sam's seriously scaring me now. And reminding me even more of tigriswolf's AU fic. O.O

-Oh no, there's a few minutes left and we're at Bobby's and it's the end of episode 20 and everything's coming together and Bobby's all alone and there's three minutes left and GAH! BAD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO BOBBY NOW! It's the only thing that can happen. The ends are tied up with the episode, they could show a phone call of the boys passing along the info about Pestilence's itinerary to Bobby, but that's something that could be handled off-screen just as effectively, unless there's something about to happen, and given the series arc, and the season arc, nothing good is going to happen in the last three minutes. Unless it's Castiel showing up in one piece with next week's plot hook. But probably not. Oh crap. *takes a deep breath and hits play*

-Oh crap, something's behind him isn't there?
Photo 76

-Bobby's still in contact with Rufus, maybe he'll show up aga- oh who gives a crap about Rufus! THERE'S SOMEONE BEHIND BOBBY, OMG! It looks like Crowley. I still don't really trust Crowley. Not when he's sneaking up behind Bobby and has access to Hellhounds.
Photo 77

-"That won't work on me." OH SHIT! O.O Oh no. That means he probably did know it wouldn't work on Lucifer, did set them all up to go after Lucifer with a gun that wouldn't work on him, and has been faking this entire episode to gain the boys' trust and really is on Lucifer's side and has been all along. I think. And Bobby's totally dead. OMG. GAAAAAAAAAH. O.O *panics a little*
Photo 78

-Having the pause function on the first watch through really is more of a curse than a blessing. Because right now, I'm certain Bobby's probably about to get ripped apart by a giant invisible evil dog, and as long as it's paused, that won't happen. Or he could be fine and Crowley's just there for tea and cake. The rest of the episode is like an unscratched lottery ticket, all quantum superposition. Until I unpause, all things are possible. When I hit play, they will narrow down to one. Death or cake. Call me a paranoid pessimist, but I don't think it's going to be cake.

-*hits play*

-*after a bolstering sip of tea*

-*and rounding up some kleenex just in case*

-Oh god you guys. *hits play, really*

-Referential factoid: Crowley's wearing a moderately successful literary agent from New York.

-YEAH! SHOOT HIM ANYWAY!! What the hell, right? At least you can say you tried. (Hm. Wonder if Bobby getting to shoot a literary agent is any reflection on Jim Beaver's process in getting his book published? Was it a big struggle?)

-"I'm here to help." Considering ring Number Four is Death, and one surefire way to get the attention of Death (or one of the reapers) is to die, and Death had a hit out on Bobby before... NONE OF THIS IS RESTORING MY CALM. What there was of it. O.O

-"Well then get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock-salt you crap margaritas." BWAH!! Okay, and Margaritas would be a kind of tortured side reference to -- since the guy Crowley's possessing has a British accent -- him being a 'Limey?'
Photo 79
( Oh. *is suddenly ambushed by the realization that that's Bobby's bed in the library now, with the pill bottles on the table* It's been in prior episodes, but Bobby's never been the one in it, so I figured it was just a guest bed. But now I can see Bobby's been sleeping there, probably since he got the wheelchair. Oof. Personal stuff, never mind, moving on.)

-"This little spell I know. Results 100% guaranteed." JUST SAY NO, BOBBY!!!

-Offering a Deal. I guess since he's boss of the Crossroads demons, he doesn't need to be summoned to a crossroad. Also, he can do anything to fulfill a Deal, but not if there isn't a Deal. Except he's on the outs with Hell right now, right? So he shouldn't be able to access squat. Right? And if he's not, then STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM BOBBY!!

-*glances up at spoiler timeline and meeps* Nooooo....

-"Okay. Here's my counter." BLAM! Bwahahahahaah!!! No means no, dickweasel! \o/
Photo 80

-"Temporary loan. I'll give it. Right. Back." No way. No! Although Crowley's rationale makes tactical sense and really they do need- NO!!! Demons lie, and since he's immune to the Colt, odds are, he's more than he's been saying. ...Or he messed with the Colt while he had it and made it ineffective versus himself. Hm.

-Don't even think about it Bobby. Bobby??? JUST SAY NO, BOBBY!!! Just because you're the Obi Wan Kenobi of the Supernatural 'verse doesn't mean you have to follow his example! It might seem like Crowley's offering cake but THE CAKE IS A LIE, BOBBY!!!
Photo 81

-Crap. Blackscreen. Dammit! KRIPKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Right. Now. I'm going to go have a nervous breakdown. Watching for the first time with pause available may make the reaction post go faster with the kind of stream-of-squee-and-flail writing, but, uh. Never ever again. Not if I can help it. I feel like my fur's all standing on end. o.O

(PLEASE, NO SPOILERS OR REFERENCES TO SPOILERY MATERIAL IN COMMENTS! The definition of spoiler for this journal is located in left hand sidebar and includes references to promo material as spoilers. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)

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anniehow From: anniehow Date: May 4th, 2010 10:49 am (UTC) (Link)
I feel your pain. I am fretting so much over who gets to survive and who'll die (Bobby! Castiel! Crowley!) I get the vapours just thinking about it.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 08:48 am (UTC) (Link)
Castiel cannot die. He totally can't. Bobby... his role in the series predisposes him to a greater percentage chance of dying. Since season three I've been figuring Kripke was going to off Bobby. I'm thinking this time it may happen. I need to buy more kleenex.
tigriswolf From: tigriswolf Date: May 4th, 2010 01:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, which fic?

Also, Crowly is my favorite demon now.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 08:52 am (UTC) (Link)
I forget which specific one, but one of your Dark!boys fics, or where Sam's gone evil and Dean's still backing him up, evil and all.

Crowley indeed rocks. He's very non-transparent and indeterminate in his motivations and actions beyond saving himself, which is awesome.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: May 4th, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't think the gun Bobby had was The Colt - I think it was the same one he had in Point of No Return when he was telling Dean about wanting to off himself. So we can still trust Crowley. Sorta.

And yay! A Brit character who says Brit things! ("Fag" and "buggered" being particularly squeesome!) Ben Edlund's come a long way since Bela! (Although it was the bloke who wrote RSAM who made her say "You're two for oh, boys," which a Brit would NEVER say!)

It's interesting that Mark Sheppard's actually been allowed to keep his Brit accent. I do wonder whether that's a deliberate throwback to Bela, because she was also a "Do we trust her / don't we trust her" character. And according to Becky, she also gave Crowley the Colt instead of giving it to Lilith. Go the Brits! Maybe they knew each other. We all do you know.

I LOVED the whole logic of Brady having been the one who killed Jess! When I first saw the promo for this ep it totally didn't make sense to me, but now I've seen the whole ep, it really really does. Jess being killed like that was always a bit of a "Huh?" point because she wasn't trying to protect a baby, hadn't disturbed anyone. So just the sheer sick genius of killing Sam's girlfriend in the exact same way his mother was killed just to piss him off and set him back on the road the YED had planned for him? Wow. That makes my head hurt.

I also liked the symmetry between Brady's, "You let us do this, this and this, Sam...why is that?" speech and Fake!Mary's "Everybody leaves you, Dean...why is that?" from Dark Side of the Moon. Don't the angels realise antagonising Dean, or the demons realise antagonising Sam, isn't really going to get the boys on their respective sides???
silviakundera From: silviakundera Date: May 5th, 2010 05:38 am (UTC) (Link)
It's interesting that Mark Sheppard's actually been allowed to keep his Brit accent.

I think it's because his namesake Crowley (the demon who teams up with an angel to stop the apocalypse in the popular novel "Good Omens"), is British.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: May 5th, 2010 07:17 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh is that who he's named after? I presumed it was Aleistor Crowley the occultist!
silviakundera From: silviakundera Date: May 5th, 2010 08:00 am (UTC) (Link)
I don't remember if the writers have admitted to this in interviews or not, but it seems to be assumed in articles I've read since 5x10 that mention the character... And the fact that aspects of 'Hammer of the Gods' seemed that they could have been inspired by another book by that same author ('American Gods') makes the demon Crowley helping to stop the apocalypse = demon Crowley helping to stop the apocalypse case even more likely. (The character personalities aren't similar at all, apart from the delight in evil-doing, the wise cracking, and the fear of his fellow demons due to working against Hell-- so a very loose homage is all.)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 08:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Yep. I'm still hoping for an angel named Aziraphael to turn up.
dragons_shadows From: dragons_shadows Date: May 5th, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
I wonder what Aziraphael would think of Crowley wearing a literary agent, would he be pleased that Crowley was taking an interest in books, or annoyed at the mess?
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 6th, 2010 05:01 am (UTC) (Link)
I think it would depend what sort of books he was an agent for. :-)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 08:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Don't the angels realise antagonising Dean, or the demons realise antagonising Sam, isn't really going to get the boys on their respective sides???

For the most part, they seem to miss the very obvious ways to get Sam and Dean to side with them, which is probably a good thing. I sometimes wonder if Zachariah wasn't assigned to the Winchester's because he'd be so hopeless at the job there would be no way he'd be successful.
whistler_wren From: whistler_wren Date: May 4th, 2010 03:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hee! Your review with the pause button was highly entertaining.

I, too, hoped Dean was luring him into his own Devil's Trap a la Ruby in "No Rest for the Wicked". I think Crowley really wants to help with this task, but boys should still be suspicious, because he wants to survive but doesn't care if the boys do, mentally or physically, and would probably prefer they don't. And now he really knows all their buttons from bugging the Impala.

Anyway, I'm 95% sure that wasn't the Colt that Bobby shot him with. Firstly, it doesn't look like the Colt, and secondly, it makes more sense for the boys to have it.

Last thing: boys are showing trust in each other! \o/
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 08:58 am (UTC) (Link)
Hee! Your review with the pause button was highly entertaining.

Happy you find my insanity entertaining!

Anyway, I'm 95% sure that wasn't the Colt that Bobby shot him with. Firstly, it doesn't look like the Colt, and secondly, it makes more sense for the boys to have it.

It's weird that Bobby would have it, but I think it was supposed to be the Colt. It's 2 am and I have to work in the morning or I would check.

Last thing: boys are showing trust in each other! \o/

Trust and respect, sort of. Regardless, huzzah! \o/
samalander_dawn From: samalander_dawn Date: May 4th, 2010 06:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
hmmm....I think you might be right about Pestilence's associated colour being white (I could look it up but I'm lazy....oh wait, I have to now. Yes, pestilence is associated with white :) )

I am now curious what they will do with Death's horse....will they make it yellowish to correspond to the humours....and the various sorts of demons? Hmmmm....are the various-eyed demons then bound to the different horsemen? Hmmmmm.... (thinky-thoughts would be occurring here except I'm at work :) )

*ahem* anyway. I'm sure I had a point that has now been thoroughly lost somewhere in my head :)

yes! love the 'circling back to the beginning causing re-evaluation' Kripke is a mean, mean man :D

pretty sure that was just a gun gun, not THE gun Bobby had....

and Kripke is a mean, mean man. So mean. Very mean.

but so eminently watchable....

(hope your nervous breakdown was cathartic because I have a sneaking suspicion you're going to have one this week. Based on absolutely nothing but that this will be 5.21 and Kripke's track record.)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 09:00 am (UTC) (Link)
I expect an excruciatingly nasty cliffhanger this week. If I could, I'd take friday off.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: May 4th, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
I, uh. Screaming at the screen and hiding, that was the gist of it:P Continuity and arc of story from the beginning, I am sure I have mentioned how much I love the freaking crap out of this show, yes? Crowley is indeed evil, but the scintillating and interesting sort. Must remember booze myself for this week, argh.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 09:02 am (UTC) (Link)
Booze didn't help much. I think I'll stick to the metaphorical type when doing things that need brains.
(Deleted comment)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 12:46 am (UTC) (Link)
I suspect it isn't accurate, and I don't get that channel, but I will pass the info along. Thanks!
malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: May 5th, 2010 06:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow, your review actually spunded alot like my thoughts during the whole thing, except I pause less often and maybe have a few less meta thoughts on it. That's what I read your reviews for. :)

The only thought I have right now is, I don't think that was THE Colt with Bobby at the end there. The barrel isn't the right shape in your cap (it's round, the colt's is octagonal? or something?). And I've been wondering where the Colt went ever since they tried to shot Lucy and Dean got whumped into a tree, apparently with it still in his hand. *shrugs*

malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: May 5th, 2010 06:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Sorry, just read a couple of your comments and everyone is saying the same about the Colt. Just ignore me! (I hate editing comments, you get the unedited version in an email anyway right?)
malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: May 5th, 2010 06:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh crap, that's what I wanted to say, the only time I've ever heard of an Uncle Demon and a nephew demon was in The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Uncle Screwtape was teaching his nephew, Wormwood, how to tempt and deceive humans away from their religious beliefs, etc. It was a pretty good read. Not sure how it pertains at all and Show probably just used the phrase to imply more familial relationships into the demon mythos but I thought it was interesting. :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 09:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh cool! so another literary reference then since Crowley's from 'Good Omens'?
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 5th, 2010 09:03 am (UTC) (Link)
Hunh. I guess maybe. Darn. :-/
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