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SPN 5.22 Spoiler and Theorizing Timeline - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
SPN 5.22 Spoiler and Theorizing Timeline
(Since the reaction post is likely gonna need all the space it can get and no one really gives a crap about my spoilerphobic rambling, this is being backdated and posted seperately.)

Spoiler and Theorizing Timeline

-January 22 - Many places. Strong rumours that Season 6 has been approved, assorted additional rumours about Kripke not being involved with it. Arg. Why is news of season 6 a spoiler to me? This doesn't seem like a spoiler, but now I know that no matter what happens at the end, it's not the end. No matter how dire things get in the season 5 finale, I know Sam and Dean are at no risk of permanent death. Things will continue next year. Which is fantastic, don't get me wrong, but the intensity of watching a show like this and not knowing if there's going to be future seasons for things to be resolved in can't be matched. Plus, if there's a season following this one we're going to get cliff-hung again. Although... given what I suspect will be happening at the end of this season, knowing there's a chance for things to be resolved may be a blessing in disguise. Why is news that Kripke's out for season 6 a spoiler? Because I know his planned storyline, apocalypse and all, will wrap up with season 5. Unless he stretches it out and hands it off to whoever's continuing. Which, given this is his index-card-written epic secrety plan thingy, I doubt he'll leave anything he's been planning in the core apocalypse story for someone else to do. No, to the vast majority of sane people, neither bit of info is a spoiler. It is to me. But whatever. I'm mellowing. *twitch*

-Feb 16 - Everywhere in big bold all-caps. There is a Season Six and Kripke is still involved. Well, the WB has his contract or something, so I'm not terribly surprised. I've been trying to push the confirmation out of my head, but the entire fandom universe kind of exploded with the news today (and about ten uncut mentions on the Newsletter alone, arg) so, YAY season 6! \o/ Even if they wrap up the Apocalypse this season, the aftermath of everything and getting back to the full-circle aspect of the hero cycle for all involved could take up a season easily. I'm hoping it's not like B5's fifth season, with about 3 episodes that were necessary and a lot of random crack and filler. Although if Jensen, Misha, Jared and Jim are all involved, I'd happily watch them as their characters, sitting around, reading novels and drinking tea for an entire hour.

-Feb 17 - Change of announcement, Kripke's not involved in season 6. Really... I'm not worried. Kripke has his plan for five seasons, he can finish in 5 seasons, and I trust Sera and company with the characters and the world. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have batting clean-up on the Apocalypse than them. *nods* ...Why do I have the sudden feeling Kripke's gonna tie everything into a giant fugly hairball, drop it in Sera's laps and walk away chortling? No. I have zen. The story arc's going to be resolved, and a jumping off point for season 6 will be established.

-May 11th - "A beloved character will die." Well, no shit, Sherlock! This is the season 5 finale! Let's see, who's at risk; Bobby, Castiel, Chuck (What? I belove him)... Sam and Dean too, but they've been dead before and since season 6 is approved, there's no way they'll stay dead. Hoping that if Bobby or Castiel dies they don't stay dead either, since they've both totally been adopted into the family and dying and coming back again is practically a rite of passage for Winchesters. And it doesn't say anything about them being dead forever. Right?

-May 13th - Secondary Spec, not a spoiler, but something I missed. As ficwriter1966 pointed out in a comment, the Impala is another beloved character. Ficwriter's theories on the potential death of the Impala are here, and for the love of god, malevolent73 don't read them. You'll faint. Or explode. I'm all O.O about it myself. But the she's died and returned already too. (The Impala, not ficwriter1966... as far as I know, unless ficwriter1966 has a really huge secret... ;D) So... maybe? O.O

-May 13 5pm - Silly me checking my F-list on the air-date *headshake*. Someone posted a synopsis of the promo outside of a cut. However, since I was checking my f-list at work (what? I have to stay sane somehow) my browser window was all of 3" by 7" and only the top line of the description made it past before I clicked away. Top line was something about Dean getting beat to hell. So, end result, no big surprise there either. Suspect Sam or Lucifer-in-Sam will be doing the beating.

Continue to 5.22 Picspam Reaction post.

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malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: May 24th, 2010 05:05 am (UTC) (Link)
After the episode was over and I was reading some reaction posts I read a few "I thought for sure the car would die!" type comments and thanked my lucky stars I hadn't seen that spec before the ep aired. Phew!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
It hadn't occured to me beforehand until Ficwriter mentioned it, but as soon as the Impala montages started up (and Boyum showed up as the director) I would have gone there, so I'm kind of glad I got the initial "OMG NO!!!" reaction out of the way beforehand.
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