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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.22 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 5.22
Late and random and still rushed, but here's my scrambled thoughts on the finale, and related musings. May be edited later. Not dial-up friendly.

Contains: Capslock. Emoticons. Profanity. Blithering. As-it-happens reaction and speculation. Talking to the people in my TV. Retroactive constructive critisism. Spec for the future.


Spoiler and Theorizing Timeline (seperate entry)

New mantra time.

Whatever Kripke breaks, Sera and the gang can fix.

Bring it on.

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 5.22 - "Swan Song"

[Random Statement I feel the need to make: I do these reaction posts first and foremost to work through what I think about an episode. It's why I avoid the 'net or talking about an episode with anyone else before posting a reaction; so I can cement my own opinion before reading others'. As a result, I suspect this reaction will be wildly different than large portions of fandom. But I don't care. This is a positive reaction, because that's the reaction I had to the episode. If your reaction was not positive, I'm sorry, and your reaction is just as valid as mine or anyone else's. I'm not going to try to argue anyone out of their opinion, please don't try to argue me out of mine. :-) ]

If you have a problem with positivity and squee as a reaction to this episode, this is not the reaction post for you. Fair warning.

I have got the biggest, goofiest goddamn grin anyone ever saw on right now.

DUDE. MY ZEN IS FULFILLED. O.O (Sort of. Mostly! Yeah!)

I think I might cry. Again. Some more.

Oh crap, I was so lost in squee I forgot to stop recording and now have ten minutes of Seinfeld on my SPN tape. :-P

Right. On with the squee! \o/

-"The Road So Far." \o/

-Hi Lisa! Hi Death! Oooo. Hey... Maybe Dean can make a deal with Death to bring back dead people! And if no one dies tonight, maybe Ellen and Jo! \o/

-"Don't you cry no more." *bu-dum-CH* *wibbles*

Photo 1
Photo 2
[Sal was the original owner's name. HA! I see what you did there Show.] EEEEEE! CAR!! \o/ ...uh oh.

-(Wow is Sam ever huge. He's dwarfing the damn car.)
Photo 3

-To continue the sudden angst interrupted by the notable largeness of Sam; OH CRAP, FICWRITER'S RIGHT, KRIPKE'S GONNA KILL THE CAR!!! AGAIN!! O.O

-"I'm in." Oh crap. Whaddaya mean, Dean?
Photo 4

-"It's not on me to let you do anything." Awwww. And free will. It's a two-way street. *nods* Except DON'T NOT RESIST, DEAN! Sam needs your resistance to fight. I think, anyway.

-Overgrown. Hee! ^.^

-"It goes against every fibre I got." LISTEN TO YOUR FIBRE, DEAN! FIBRE IS GOOD FOR YOU!!

-Family theeeeeeme! *flappy hands*
Photo 5
Photo 6
[...Why is Dean drinking Adam's favourite beer? You'd think if they were about to head out on a suicide mission, they'd at least get their favourite beer. Maybe the store was out. And out of ice too, since there was no ice in that cooler. Now that's freaking depressing. End of the world, suicide mission, and stuck drinking warm second-choice beer. Aw.]

Photo 7

-Um. Eeek. O.O Oof. Blood-draining. Well, pragmatism, I guess. This is the apocalypse they are trying to stop, not a cross-town bus. Also, given the way demons treat their hosts, those people were already dead. And, given that this is probably the exact wrong thing to do and what Lucifer has wanted Sam to do all along, I'm surprised he hasn't been sending an endless parade of tantalizingly bleeding demons past Sam the whole time, to get him to fall off the wagon. Well, except he doesn't know where Sam is because of the rib-graffiti. Maybe just issue a standing order to all demons under his command to bleed if they see Sam Winchester? Heh. Yeah, that wouldn't be a popular order. All that aside, these three guys in Bobby's basement, bleeding demons dry as though they were slaughtered hogs... probably the single most disturbing thing I've seen on this show.

-[Although I must say, considering the average adult human only contains 4 or 5 litres (1 to 1.3 gallons) of blood and those are 4 litre (1 gallon) jugs, and I think there were only two demons drained, they were damned efficient at it. Even if they're all only 3/4 full, that's still 12 litres of blood. Hm. I guess the other 2+ litres must be straight demon juice. *nods* Hm. Wonder if there's a lab thing where they could just extract the demon part. Like... demon dialysis or something. *ponders*]
Photo 8

-Yeah, Dean's just thrilled with this plan.
Photo 9

-Yoda. Hee. *pats Bobby*
Photo 10

-Stunt demons. *snerk*

-"You okay?" That would be a resounding 'fuck no' I believe.
Photo 11

-Motown. Hunh. Who knew Lucifer liked R&B. o.O

-Detroit. Yes. Go where Lucifer says you're going to go. It's not a trap at all. Really. *facepalm* NO ONE IS PARANOID ENOUGH IN THIS SHOW!

-Awwww Sam's face! Aw.
Photo 12

-Castiel sleeping in the back seat of the Impala! And snoring! *shrieks and deafens self* OW! I've gotta stop doing that.

-"Angels don't sleep." Aw. Awwwwww. *flails* [Sleeping angels also don't cap well.]

-"We've just gotta hope he doesn't know about the rings." Oh come on, Sam, Big L totally knows about the rings. Even if Sam and Dean getting the rings wasn't some weird plan of Lucifer's all along, they're taking out his heavy-artillery henchthings to get them. He has to have noticed.

-...triple lindy? What the hell's a triple lindy? [Ah. Who knew the gate to Hell had a diving board, let alone three? o.O]

-"You know I'm not coming back." and "You gotta promise not to try to bring me back." Suuure. Have you even met your brother, Sam? In this case puppy-dog eyes will absolutely not help you.
Photo 13
Photo 14

-"What am I supposed to do?" Ooo. This speech is a parallel of the one from Dean at the end of 3.16. Very close. Ooo. Except instead of telling Dean to keep fighting, Sam's telling Dean to get out of it, settle down and be safe. There's meta in that. *babbles randomly about parallel construction and hero cycles*

-No promise was actually made there by Dean. Noted. A variation on Dean's theme again though, thank you soundtrack people.
Photo 15

-Executive producers (since we will be looking for someone else's name to scream "Damn you, [FITB]!" next season) include Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Phil Sgriccia, McG... wow. Loads. Personally, I plan on subbing in Sera for Kripke, if that wasn't already obvious. I suspect a few others might sneak into damning range once in a while though.

-Hug time now? I know I could use one.
Photo 16

-BOBBY HUGS!!! \o/
Photo 17

-Teleplay by Eric Kripke and Story by a different Eric? [Eric 'Giz' Gewirtz. Hm. Directed and wrote some Star Wars video games. So very random. Maybe we're getting a video game tie-in?] O.o Wow. That's really unexpected. Directed by Steve Boyum. Spotlight thief, perpetrator of the ravaged Impala hulk in "The End"....OH CRAP THE IMPALA'S TOTALLY GONNA DIE!!!

-And now Bobby is making me wibble.
Photo 18

-"Take care of these guys, okay?"/"That's not possible." Castiel, still rockin' the obtuseness. The pained look, though. Aw, Castiel.
Photo 19

-"Oh, I'm supposed to lie!" BWAH! Never ever ever change, Castiel.
Photo 20
Photo 21
[And as we can see, since misplacing his angelic powers, Castiel has taken up piracy. *smishes kroki_refur in absentia*]

-Hug your brother, Dean. Hug your brother, dammit! HUUUUUUUG! Crap!
Photo 22

-Wow. That's a whole lot of blood. Hope Sam didn't fill up on beer. O.O And it's really liquid still, too. Hm. Are demons an anti-coagulant? Must be. Next thing you know, instead of standard blood thinners, physicians will be prescribing demonic possession. Although admittedly the side-effects are rather nastier than existing treatments. *nods*
Photo 23

-"Do you mind not watching this?" Hm. No one watched Sam drink the blood. Did he actually drink it? Ooo... I dunno whether that'd be a good or bad thing. Not drinking blood is a good thing, yeah, but... hm. Does he think he has the power to do it without the blood, and is this really the time to be testing that out? o.O

-"Is your father home?" Hee.
Photo 24

-Commercials. What if Sam did fake drinking? Seriously, that much blood and not even a dribble on his clothes? That smear on his mouth could have been misdirection. Also, this is a total setup by Lucifer. And Dean supporting Sam's saying yes won't help him fight Lucifer for control. Fight it Dean. It's the only way Sam will fight it.

-More Impala! I love this! malevolent73, CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW AWESOME THIS IS???!!! \o/
Photo 25
Photo 26
Photo 27
Photo 28
Photo 29
Wee!chester stuff! Army men! Legos! CARVING THEIR INITIALS UNDER THE SEAT UNDERPADDING. Awwwww. It's like a whole bunch of last-minute wee!chester story prompts! And Dean making sure all of that stuff got put back when he rebuilt the Impala!!! his is like the canonization of every wee!chesters-in-the-car fic ever! Hee! Would have been nice if any of that stuff had been mentioned elsewhere in the series, but whatever. Retconning through fic is always possible. EEEEE!!! *handwaves in a flaily manner*

-"We get our parents back." Ooo. Oooo... there's a hell of a last-minute rider clause. o.O

-"...I have no idea what you're talking about." *facepalm* Still not getting the hang of lying there, Sam?

-Yep, see he knows about the rings. Duh. Like I said, his major henchthings are disappearing off his tactical grid, and they were carrying the components to make a key to the only jail cell that can hold him? Not hard to do the math there. Even if it wasn't all a trick to get Sam into range and saying yes in the first place.

-Yeah. These are their 'we're screwed' faces.
Photo 30

-"A fiddle of gold against your soul says I'm better than you." HELL YES, GOLDEN FIDDLE!!! Hee! Sorry. I have wanted for a very long time, if I could do vids, to make a vid to 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' surrounding John and the boys VS YED. It's on my spn_summergen request list. OMG Yay for song reference! \o/
Photo 31

-Dean and his broken little 'Sam, no' Gaaaaaah.
Photo 32

-Sam said "Yes." Three times. There's meta in that. Possibly with a hint of Shakespeare. *nods*

-Wall! OOOO!!! Latination! Portal!!! \o/ I have a real weakness for portals. Also, it makes a hell of a lot more sense that the portal can be opened anywhere with the correct key, rather than having to haul Lucifer's ass to an abandoned nunnery possibly still smoking pit in Maryland. *glee*
Photo 33
Photo 34

-[Although it would have been really cool and tactically wise, (maybe) if they had slapped the port-key, sorry, portal key right onto Lucifer-in-Nick's chest, opened the portal on him and sucked him into Hell through himself. Then they'd have been free to fight their way out of a stronghold full of high-level demons, which would be cake, and then they could go for cold beer they actually like. See, this is why Sam and Dean should have played RPGs. *nods* Although Lucifer probably has a kick-ass dodge and block roll and would have caught it. Ooo. And then Sam and Dean could have activated it verbally and sucked Lucifer into the cage via his own hand! Hee. Figuratively and literally. But I guess that would have fried the budget and not been sufficiently angsty. Or not have worked at all. Maybe it only works when deployed on an inanimate object or one that's permanently connected to the earth in some way. Yeah, that must be it. Logical. Otherwise, Kripke would not have been able to resist the chance of having someone get sucked inside out. *nods*]

-Oh boys. Although given we're less than halfway through the episode, I'd be shocked if Lucifer isn't just faking being Sam here. But still. Oh boys.
Photo 35
Photo 36

-Yeah, too late. Sam's change-
Photo 37
Photo 38
Guh. I mean he looks like a different... More... uh. Mmm. Sorry. Evil looks good on Sam. *shrug*
Photo 39

-Oh Deeean.
Photo 40

-Eeek. Since the Horsemen's rings aren't being used as a key, are they gonna be used as brass knuckles? *winces anticipatorily*

-"I told you this would always happen in Detroit." Wait... he said that to Dean in the future. He remembers the future. Angelic memory is non-entropic. Very cool, makes sense in an entity that can time travel and very good to know. Although I think the Trickster (I know, he's Gabriel, *handwaves*) implied that back in 'Hammer of the Gods', right? [Can't find it.]
Photo 41
Photo 42

-Also interesting is that Dean has been wearing the leather coat for all of this. What do you think, irismay42?

-And Lucifer-in-Sam is gone and has the rings and Sam. OH DEAN! *wibble* It's one thing to sacrifice Sam to save the world. It's another thing to sacrifice Sam and completely screw the world to boot.
Photo 43
Photo 44
Photo 45
Photo 46
Oh Deeeeeeeeeeeeeean.

Photo 47

-Okay, mirrors work. I have a weakness for black room staging (I blame theatre and Babylon 5) and was hoping to see some for the inevitable Sam vs Lucifer conversations, but mirrors work. They work rather well actually, as if I recall correctly, there are more than a few mirror metas out there and the fans responsible for those are probably dancing with glee now.
Photo 48
Photo 49

-Wow. Padalecki. Dude. Your acting skills have gotten seriously kick-ass. O.o [And I second this in retrospect because not once during either watching did I have a single doubt about there being two completely seperate and distinct personalities interacting there. Well done.]

-*sits quietly stunned by the awesome*

-*reminds self to blink*

-"MFEO" Eh? What the hell's that? Mother-F-ing... Ehhhhh... Oooo.... I have no idea. It's distracting me from the awesome. *bats away* [Made for each other, sayeth Google. Seriously, that's an acronym now? I feel decrepit. :-p]

-Foster care. *grins broadly* I think I'll claim victory on my very old meta for that statement and leave it at that. Really wish I'd posted any of that post-season 1 AU tag 'verse. Anyway, \o/.
Photo 50
Photo 51

-"All those times you ran away." And the teen!chester bunnies keep on coming. Again, more overt mention of this earlier in the series would have been cool, but fic is for retconning, among many many other things. *handwaves*

-Azazel's gang of watchdogs! OMG I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE WATCHERS!!! MAX MILLER'S STEP-MOM WAS TOTALLY ONE OF THOSE!!!! Yay, another theory I'm claiming proven!! \o/ Hey, hasn't Sam's prom date been mentioned before? [Heh. WIAWSNB, Wish-Verse. Dean stole Sam's prom date. HA!]
Photo 52

-"Whaddaya say you and I blow off a little steam?" Oh crap. Don't do it, Sam!
Photo 53
Photo 54
Mirror Sam's face being split by image frame and secondary shadowed Sam face in the broken mirror and epic chiaroscuro and the only visible half in both being Sam's left (classically 'sinister') side FTMASSIVEFREAKINGW. \o/ *epic film studies squee*

-"I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol." \o/
Photo 55

-Oh Castiel. Oh Bobby. And Dean's support network is gone. Not dead, just without hope, given up.
Photo 56
Photo 57
Photo 58
Photo 59

-Aw Sammy. You let him make you take Dark-Side points, dude. He owns you now. And now we also all see why Sam's rage was so important to Lucifer, right? So Sam could be tempted into doing this and as a result hamstring his own chances of overpowering Lucifer's possession by sapping Sam's will with guilt and shame. Tactically smart and very well-played by Lucifer. But nasty. Because, y'know, Lucifer. *nods*
Photo 60
Photo 61

-Commercials: Well, shit. Okay, L-in-Sam has the Key, right? All Sam needs to do is win the fight for control and he can open the cage himself. And the means to win that fight for control will come from Dean. *nods*

-Holy crap commercials have NEVER BEEN SO GODDAMN LONG!!!

-More Impala backstory!! And previous season montage! \o/

-This is new. Watching the stars. Oh. Aw.
Photo 62
Photo 63
That could have been sprinkled around earlier seasons too. Post-case discussions, etc. But whatever. Aw.

-Ah yes, THAT shot Dream a Little Dream. BOYUM. I know you took the spotlights, Boyum! I'm watching you!! The car better make it out of this season with all her parts intact! *shakes fist of irkedness*
Photo 64


-Hey, Chuck has the same cheap-ass portable phone as I do! *feels kinship*
Photo 65

-Aw, no more Becky. He respected her too much. Suuure. Also, heh. I see what you did there, Kripke. XD

-"A place called Stull Cemetary." STULL!!! OMFG FUCKING STULL! IT'S BEEN SO DAMN LONG I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE WHOLE LAWRENCE/STULL THING, AND WHY IT HAD TO BE LAWRENCE!!!! IT WAS ALWAYS STULL!!! \o/ *froths* Crap! I cannot believe I forgot about that. That came to light back in first season and was bandied around for a while, but then kind of passed to the wayside when the Devil's Gate at the end of season 2 turned out to be in Wyoming. Stull. Holy crap. Ha! We were right and forgot about it.

-"You're gonna do something stupid. You got that look." Hee! *pats Dean and Bobby*
Photo 66

-"You just don't give up."/"It's Sam!" EXACTLY! \o/

-"I ain't gonna let him die alone." *wibbles all over*

-Ooo. I don't know precisely why, but I like the shot composition here.
Photo 67

-Adam's looking okay... Wonder if regular angel vessels need to do anything in particular to keep from exploding?
Photo 68

-"Then why are we?" OOO. Lucifer instigates the Talk That Always Had To Happen, not Michael. Interesting.

-"He made me who I am." Oh, wow. Surprise!Random-theology-meta. I just read an article a couple weeks ago on this! O.O Need link... darn it, I think I lost the link.[Here it is!] Differences in the perception of Lucifer between Christianity and Judaism. What Lucifer's saying there is close to what was in that article as the Judaic interpretation. It had some interesting implications on free will of angels... And rather than risking opening a can of worms I know very little about, I'll leave the analysis about that to those with actual knowledge. *moves on*

-"Dad's test." Of oooo, I dunno, FREE WILL maybe???

-"You're a monster, Lucifer." If Dean had been hosting Michael for this conversation... Owww. Ow. Owwww. Just thinking of it. Owwwwwwwwww. Damn.

-I'm having a hard time finding Michael-in-Adam threatening. Possibly because in the "circling animal menace" contest he seems to be having with Lucifer-in-Sam, he is so out-classed by Sam's evil prowling it's funny.
Photo 69
Photo 70

Photo 71

-"Gunter Glieben Glauben Globen" WTF music? .....Funky Cole Medina?? No, that's definitely not it. It's vaguely familiar, and has a lot of cowbell. And was quoted by the Kurgan in Highlander. That's not a comforting precedent, Dean. [Massive fangirl fail there. It's "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard. Also earworm fail, because right after "It's better to burn out than to fade away" the song morphs into the "WooHoo" song (Song 2 by Blur) in my head. However, this explains why they have been saving so much of the budget this episode by using stock footage and flashbacks. Considering Universal Music wouldn't allow the musical named after this song to use the song itself, yeah. Kripke's been saving his pennies for this one. XD]

-The Impala is gorgeous. Just in case anyone forgot.
Photo 72
Photo 73
Photo 74
Photo 75
Photo 76
(please don't kill the car)

-"Am I interrupting something?" Hee. Dean. So very Dean. Perfect timing too. This apocalypse needed more snark. *nods*
Photo 77

-Commercials. Crap, only three-quarters of the way through the episode? Feels like hours have passed. I love that, the time dilation effect. Seriously though, Son of a bitch! Stull! \o/

-"Even for you, this is a whole new mountain of stupid." Well, quite possibly. But what the hell, it's this or the end of the world uncontested, and going down swinging has always been Dean's plan. (Jus in Bello anyone?)
Photo 78

-"You're next on my list, buttercup." Heeee! \o/
Photo 79

-Hey, irismay42, Dean's still wearing the leather coat. That's a good sign, right?

-"Hey, Ass-butt!" *rofls like a mad thing and pats Castiel* YAY FOR RENEWED HOPE AND LAST MINUTE RESCUES! (Especially considering there wasn't anything like a vehicle noise, plus there wasn't time, so Castiel must have summoned up just enough oomph to pop himself and Bobby there! And there wasn't any wing noise because they showed up while Dean was coming in and were covered by the "Gunter Glieben Glauben Globen". Yeah, sure! *nods and handwaves* Deus ex Machina again some more! \o/)
Photo 80

-Holy Oil Molotov! Wow. Had to happen to someone. *nods*

-"Did you just Molotov my brother?" Typical sibling behavior, as far as I know. Get into rabid snarling dogfights with each other, but defend each other against the rest of the world. Except Castiel's their brother too. Their baby brother, really. So this is like him jumping into his bigger brothers' scrap with a slingshot. Or something.
Photo 81
Photo 82

-No. Oh shit, Castiel. No wings. There's no wing burn. He's not gone if there's no wing burn. Not dead. Just momentarily inconvenienced. Yeah. Dean has to know that too. Yeah. *shivers* On the up side, I guess we got to see the 'water balloon full of vegetable soup' effect, there? [Not capping well. Also EW.]

-Oh and the car gets hurt. *winces* I mean it Boyum, I'm watching you!
Photo 83
Photo 84

-Bobby. Oh crap.
Photo 85
Photo 86
Photo 87
Photo 88

-Oh god. Okay. Neither Bobby's death or Castiel's death temporary inconveniencing had enough build up or time to be permanent. They'll be fine. They will. If not by the end of the hour then sometime next season. Yeah. Totally. *breathes and is shocky* O.O

-Eek. Beatdown time. Eek.

-"It's okay, I'm here, I'm not gonna leave you." GNH! DEEEEEEEEEEEAN!!! *flails all over* Also ow. That really looks... Ow.
Photo 89

-[OOO!!! When Lucifer-in-Sam's pulling back his fist here, in the soundtrack there's the same kind of weird snarly growl noise from the Title card! Season 1-3 I think. Didn't hear it on airing because my TV sound is crap. But it's there. EEEE! *flails*]
Photo 90

Photo 91
(...Although something that actually has been in the background all along, like the dreamcatcher or, I dunno, DEAN'S PENDANT could have showed up in that montage. But this is cool too. *handwaves*)

-[If it hasn't already been done, I hope someone lists all the episodes everything in that montage came from. Also maybe set it to "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica. *nods*]

-And OMG. The Impala. The comic. Detail later. [Okay. Remember that interview with Peter Johnson at the end of June 2007 about the Origins comics? The one where he said they had John driving a station wagon in the Origins comics because the car in the Pilot could have been any car? And fandom's heads collectively exploded and we all went over and said "I'm sorry, but no." That the shot of the three of them on the car was as clear as day, and that it established the Impala as the safe haven and refuge of the remains of the Winchester family. I hope you do remember the article, because the it doesn't appear to be accessible anymore, dammit. I'm glad I saved my comment (I posted it as 'sadfan') now. :-/ I also went and wrote a commentary on the comic in a fit of frothing ire. Anyway, so, remember that? And then they changed the comic? We did this. Us. The fans. We pointed out the real role of the Impala in the Winchester family to one of the showrunners. I can't even explain the depth of personal joy I have for this. I feel... damn. I feel vindicated you guys. *grins* Of course this means I'll probably never get around to posting the other comicommentaries for Origins, because after an apology this huge, it'd be a little crass to go back and give them a hard time. ^.^]

-Crap, Dean looks awful. O.O
Photo 92
Photo 93

-Heh. Yep. Sam's got the key.
Photo 94

-Oh, fuck your destiny, Michael, you whiny little twerp. *snarls*
Photo 95
...aaaaand I'll be chalking that up on the big wall of 'things I never thought I'd think' o.O

-[Behind the wind noise, when Sam and Dean are looking at each other and the piano's all sad, and just before Sam closes his eyes, are the whispery voices from this season's title card. Angel voices? Or something else? *ponders*]

-Hey! Hands off, dickhead!
Photo 96

-Ooo. Into the cage with Michael. So, is there gonna be like a perpetual apocalyptic smackdown cage match between those two until Sam gets out? Because he's gonna get out. Eventually. Maybe with Adam too, if there's anything left of him after being normal/ripped apart by ghouls/dead/in heaven/resurrected/emotionally blackmailed by Zachariah/and possessed by an archangel.
Photo 97

-Ooo... are the rings slagged or just hot and cooling down? [They look like they might be okay...? Hm...]
Photo 98

-Oh Deeeean.
Photo 99

-Commercial. Well. Fuck me sideways. Bobby. Castiel... There's 15 minutes left! O.O No wingburn, Castiel is NOT DEAD. Of course. Bobby... Dean came back, Bobby will too. *is reassuring self*

-Oh Deeeean some more. *wibbles*
Photo 100
Photo 101

Photo 102
Photo 103

-"Are you God?" Hee! Wouldn't that be a shock. And awesome.

-"New and improved." Ooo. Is Castiel an archangel now I wonder?

-Bobby! OMG!!! And hellhounds never came to claim his soul, he's okay. Phew. Although Crowley's probably got a really confused puppy right now.
Photo 104
Photo 105
Photo 106
Yeah, that's about the right level of bogglement for having just been resurrected by the guy whose brains are still splattered on your face. XD

-Rings are looking in pretty good condition there... that's kind of nerve-wracking in that opening the cage again is highly inadvisable, and the rings provide a quick and easy way to do that instead of finding the way to get Sam and Adam out without letting out the big guy again.
Photo 107

-CHUCK! "The fans are always gonna bitch." Yep! Or at least hyper-analyse. Every. Single. Detail. Like Chuck suddenly wearing a white shirt and putting his empty glass down in an awkward manner so that it's clearly in shot... hm.
Photo 108

-"I'm telling you, they're a raging pain in the ass." Hee! We love you too, Kripke. *pats*

-New sherrif. Ooo. ...damn it, they snuck that right past me. Castiel had a Hero Cycle there. He started the task, came down to earth, learned stuff, passed the gatekeeper (Raphael?), the belly of the whale (getting splatted the first time?), road of trials (Zachariah, rebelling, search for God, losing faith) has sort of an absent reconciliation with the father, and is now returning home with his experiences, going full circle. Snuck it right past me. Well done. *grins even wider*
Photo 109

-"I'm coming for Him next." Oh Dean.

-"No Paradise, no Hell, just more of the same." The same would include Sam, you know. Just sayin'.

-"What would you rather have? Peace or freedom?" Wow. Random possibly political comment is random. And I'll leave the meta and spec on that topic alone for now. O.o

-"You suck at goodbyes." Aw. And Dean's family theme again. Gaaaaaaah.

-Bobby's out hunting a Rugaru solo? I hope he at least gets a dog or something. Bobby needs backup. And his soul back from Crowley. [And you know, months could pass between seasons. It's not like Sam necessarily popped back out of the cage like slightly singed toast. Also, 'see Bobby' not talk to. Bet they call each other every week. *nods*]
Photo 110

-"He made a promise." Actually, Dean didn't say a thing. He can rescue Sam any old time he feels like it. The trick would be only letting Sam (and Adam) out of the cage without letting any other entities out. Just don't open the cage. (Hm. Will Death come and re-claim and re-distribute the rings now, I wonder?) *ponders*

-Hi Lisa! You know, seriously, Dean's a guy you had sex with for a weekend ages ago, he showed up and monsters nearly ate your son and you, he showed up again with a big weird nebulous "Bad freaky things are going to happen, I'm going away now and I may never return" story when you hadn't seen him in years and had this big emotional thing on your porch, and now he's back on your doorstep again... I'd punch him. Then hug him. Then sit him down with a beer and get the exact details of everything, because seriously, Lisa, right now Dean is Random Drama Man to you and no one needs that nonsense. Just saying, honey.
Photo 111
Photo 112

-His voice. Gaaaaaaaah. *flails*

-And more montage. And Chuck's liquour bottle and glass are both completely empty now.... Something's about to happen.
Photo 113

-Poof. WTF Chuck??? He- does that- OMG. CHUCK IS GOD??? Kripke, you smug-assed sonofabitch!
Photo 114

Yeaaaaah, the sly looks at the camera, "I am a cruel, cruel, capricious god' indeed. HA! XD Or was Chuck just a construct of God? Or... crap! Dean's worn the necklace around him, but seriously, like I said, A) if a God doesn't want to be found, he won't be found, and B) how exactly do you know if a God detector works or not?? It's less reliable than a rock on a string weather forecaster. Although that dissapear effect was rather like a Trickster construct, was it not? Which means if Chuck was God's construct, anyone could still be God, up to and including Bobby or the Impala. (OR THE SPIKY CLOCK!) It bears much more pondering. When I have a brain. Because mine is currently blown.

-Dean's Family Theme. Aw. Dean 'happy' and home. With a large glass of booze. Not boding well there either. And now Dean's technically in a position to 'fade away' instead of 'burn out', right? Like the song said. While Sam's stuck in a super-max solitary confinement cage in Hell with Adam, Michael and Lucifer. So yeah. That ain't gonna stick, no matter how good Dean is at adapting and whether he figures he did make an unspoken promise to Sam or not. There always had to be a season 6. Or a coda movie. Or a shitload of fic. Or all of the above! \o/
Photo 115

-Dean's gotta be choking on angst [even as he tosses a dinner roll to Ben, hee!] and... and... Wait, streetlight... ooo... ooo hoo! *bounces*
Photo 116

-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! \o/ OMG I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO SEE SAM!!! EVER!!! Little concerned about the implications of the light overhead going out, [and the freaking thunder rolling in, OMG! O.O] and the passive-observing-inconclusive expression he's got, but whatever. Sam is Sera's to play with now, no worries about him being mistreated. Much. Or fully clothed. Ever. *koff* >.>
Photo 117

And in the end? Castiel's alive! BOBBY's alive! Sam's ALIVE! Dean's alive! Chuck is probably freaking construct of GOD! The IMPALA was pivotal and it's STILL IN ONE PIECE! THE WORLD WAS SAVED BECAUSE DEAN GAVE SAM THE LAST OF THE LUCKY CHARMS AND SAM GAVE DEAN THE TOY! OMG You GUYS!!! I WANT TO KISS THE TOP OF ERIC KRIPKE'S ADORABLE LITTLE BALD HEAD!!! \o/

Oh this will be fun to retcon. *rubs hands gleefully*

In all honesty, though, the last two episodes have been super compressed. Awful lot of stuff packed into a small space. Plus a lot of things popping up at the last minute that could have been seeded throughout the season, if not the whole show. I suspect this aspect may irritate some people, and seem a bit like:

Chuck Voice-over: "Of course the big battle has to happen in Stull Cemetary because Lawrence is infamous for it's rampaging hordes of demonic ducks."
Sam:"I knew- ...wait, what?"
Chuck Voice-over: "The infamous ducks!"
Dean: "But we've never heard of them?"
Chuck Voice-over: "Sure you have, here. Have a montage."
Fierce! Wild! Rampaging Hooooooooordes!
Sam: "Okaaaaaay...."
Dean: "Ducks. Hunh."

...but really... I'm pretty okay with it, mostly. Actually, no. I loved it. Doesn't mean I don't wish it was possible to do a huge beta-read of the last two episodes, seed some things in earlier scripts, smooth the tension and pacing and turn the last two episodes into four, but there we go.

And this, being the end of Kripke's planned five season arc, is the end of Kripke's story. But it isn't the end of Sam and Dean's.

In a very big way, this finale is still a huge cliffhanger. Even though the apocalypse is done with, Sam's taken the big dive for the good of the Earth and seemingly come back from it whole, Dean has a home, Castiel is house-cleaning in Heaven and trying to bring things back into line with his perception of God's will (which I think is probably a damn sight closer than the previous administration), and Bobby's back in the field, still hunting, and on the surface, everyone is alive(ish), well(we think), and continuing forward into tomorrow. It's a cliffhanger because the thing that has been the theme of the show all along, as we have just had very clearly demonstrated, the family bond between Sam and Dean and their adopted family of Bobby and Castiel is... I don't want to say imperiled, because that's not it. Nor tenative or tenuous. When we leave this season, each of them is in their own space and their own world, so to speak. They are seperate. And that's why this is not the end. The boys may have gone full circle in terms of coming back to Lawrence and Stull, but they have not come full circle to return back to where they were as characters. The plot-arc has been (mostly) resolved, but the character-arcs haven't.

There lies Season 6. Completing the emotional circle. They are scattered to the four corners right now. Kind of literally. Heaven, Hell, Hunting, Home. (Hee.) Until they are back together -- all of them, in some way -- the journey hasn't truly come full circle.

So. Season 6. The journey home, for real this time. The home of the heart. True family, blood or not. I think Sam reuniting with Dean will take a lot longer than Dean reuniting with Sam at the start of season 4, and it may take a while before anyone is sure whether Sam is Sam or not, and that gets dealt with. Bobby and Dean will be the simplest to reconnect, given they're on the same plane of existence and not possibly-evil or not-them. And Castiel is a whole 'nother kettle of angelic fish and will either be the most difficult to reconnect, or be a catalyst for re-connection.

This all of course will probably be done via a lot of ass-kicking. With all this Apocalypse stuff distracting all he hunters the world over, the ghost/wendigo/vampire/werewolf/random nasty evil thingy population has to have gotten up to some unopposed hijinx. And Meg's still out there. And she's gotta be pissed.

Oh and malevolent73? Let me know if you ever land from the car squee! \o/

Just one more thing.

*clears throat* And now, to Kripke. A man I never have and never will meet, whose world I've been happily residing in mentally for five years. A man who I've cursed openly on several occasions, including a rather extreme 'head-floating-with-righteous-fury' rant on the old WB boards about the season 1 finale. Rabid badgers, missing spotlights (don't think I won't nag Sera about them!), insta-dawns and racist trucks aside, it's been five great years.

Despite years of attending sci-fi conventions, this show has taught me what it is to be a fan, and to be in a fandom. It's made me do silly things, brave things, stupid things and fun things. It's made me write more fiction and non-fiction every year than I did my entire time in college. Because of this show I stopped lurking and joined the conversation. I joined LJ and have met (virtually) so many wonderful people I would have never otherwise have met. I love this show, warts and all. And I always will.

So *raises a glass in a toast* to Eric Kripke, creator of a show that's living on without him. Cruel sadistic sonofabitch he may be, but be damned if I don't half love the rat bastard.

Now. Who's got a spoiler link-dump for the past year?

No spoilers or rumours for season 6 in comments please guys! \o/

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percysowner From: percysowner Date: May 22nd, 2010 09:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
-Hi Lisa! You know, seriously, Dean's a guy you had sex with for a weekend ages ago, he showed up and monsters nearly ate your son and you, he showed up again with a big weird nebulous "Bad freaky things are going to happen, I'm going away now and I may never return" story when you hadn't seen him in years and had this big emotional thing on your porch, and now he's back on your doorstep again... I'd punch him. Then hug him. Then sit him down with a beer and get the exact details of everything, because seriously, Lisa, right now Dean is Random Drama Man to you and no one needs that nonsense. Just saying, honey.

Thank you for being one of the few people who seem interested in the fact that Dean may not be a great addition to Lisa's life AND that even if she was his dream, we didn't get a whole lot of feeling that he was hers. I mean I want Dean happy, but let's face it, he's never going to be happy after everything that has happened and without Sam, so Lisa is not looking at happily ever after here IMHO.

BTW, you are not alone, I had no problem with this episode. Now, if it had been the end of the show and Sam was trapped in Hell and Dean was trapped in life, I probably wouldn't have liked it. But knowing that eventually they can find each other again and that Sam isn't being tortured for eternity makes me quite happy.

Thanks for all the fic and the meta's and the episode discussions. You have helped me enjoy Supernatural more because of them. I look forward to getting your views on next season, and I promise, no spoilers.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 03:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Lisa is such a random character to have recur that I have to think it's because the series got renewed, and that if it hadn't, Sam and Dean would have fought off Michael and Lucifer and jumped in the cage together.

Maybe she and Dean have been emailing back and forth off-screen this whole time, who knows, but the situation with Lisa Ben and Dean at the end there is not a recipe for anyone involved's happiness. Dean is definitely not going to be happy there, regardless of what he tells himself. Lisa is so instantly accepting without apparent continuity of contact that I almost wonder if she isn't an angelic or demonic plant. If not, girl needs a reality check on relationships.

Thanks for all the fic and the meta's and the episode discussions. You have helped me enjoy Supernatural more because of them. I look forward to getting your views on next season, and I promise, no spoilers.

Aw, thank you! I'm going to have to figure out a better time-management strategy for these for next season, though.
blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: May 22nd, 2010 10:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have my issues with the ep, and my love of those good, nay -- great -- moments. Mixed bag for me. But at the end of the day I have to say: Kripke, you did something very right, because I had a strong reaction. And I am invested now as much as ever.

Also, there is not enough Oh Dean IN THE WORLD.

Especially since they did manage to yank the rug from under me -- I called out the curious relationship Dean and Death seem to have before this ep aired. I figured it would factor in. I got completely blindsided by HOW it ended up factoring in. Dean has to Live. Doesn't get to die. Oh Dean.

Man. I think eventually I may have more to say about the ep, but there's so much to process.

Lisa! I like her! I want her to survive, and maybe show that a middle ground can exist -- that Dean can have his saving people, hunting things AND have a home. Or whatever, I dunno. Mostly I want to get to know HER, and learn more about who she is as a person, not just existing as Dean's dream of home.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Also, there is not enough Oh Dean IN THE WORLD.

Is there ever?

Dean has to Live. Doesn't get to die. Oh Dean.

*nods* Which is its own form of cage, in this case. Dean considers himself to have promised Sam to not try to rescue him, and to live normal, so he's in the situation of knowing something bad is happening (at a rate of ten years per month) to Sam, feeling like he can't do anything about it, and he can't even escape the situation through death. No mater what it is on the surface, this is another Hell for Dean.

Mostly I want to get to know HER, and learn more about who she is as a person, not just existing as Dean's dream of home.

The speed and acceptingness of the random occurrences of Dean she's had really make me wonder if there isn't something off about Lisa, but maybe she and Dean have been emailing all along and never said anything. She definitely needs more development, because right now she's in danger of becoming as much of a cipher as pilot!Mary was for the longest time.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: May 22nd, 2010 10:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
So I'm never going to remember everything that occurred to me while reading this but here goes.

Firstly. Yes Evil!Sam has always been disturbingly hot in my opinion. Yellow Fever and that suit anyone? Also I agree totally, Jared did a cracking job as Sam/Lucifer.

The Detroit thing. Didn't Lucifer say something to Sam about it all going down in Detroit? I want to say Abandon All Hope but I'm not sure...

God!Chuck and the amulet. Yes, I wondered about it nit burning hot when Dean was around Chuck before, but I watched Dark Side again the other night and Joshua said something about them not finding God, magic amulet or not.

JACKET! Sooo glad Dean wasn't wearing the Green Jacket of Doom! The leather jacket was the obvious choice - John's presence in absentia, and also emphasising Dean's role as substitute father to Sam - and finally realising, as all parents do, that he has to let Sam go. He's a grown up now.

Impala. Yes I totally thought they were gonna wreck it too! And I was also one of the people incensed by the original Origins comic!

Music. Apparently the tape Dean puts in the deck is labelled "Kick it in the ass". Awww.

Ending. This was the only part of the ep that didn't sit well with me. I just can't imagine Dean going off to play happy families with Lisa while Sam's stuck in Hell, and if Sam buggers off for months without telling Dean he's back because he thinks he's better off without him, I'm gonna be pissed. But that thing about him not seeing Bobby for a long time totally makes me think that's gonna happen.
Adam and Michael. You're right, much as I love Adam (and Jake Abel) that whole confrontation would have worked so much better if Michael had jumped Dean's bones. So to speak. And I thinking Sam and Dean BOTH going into the cage - i.e. saving the world TOGETHER would have been a better ending. I know it was Sam's love for Dean that saved the world in the end (is Sam Darth Vader now rather than Luke??), not to mention the Impala Love, but it still would have been nice if the boys had triumphed together rather than Dean kind of being a spectator. In other words I'm bummed my Michael theory didn't pan out!

Of course I now have another Michael theory, and that's that Michael triumphed over Lucifer in the big cage fight, sent Adam off to mummy in Heaven as per his deal with Zachariah, and the rode Sam out to give him and Dean their happy ending. Crowley had to point and shoot at the streetlight to get it to go out. The one above Sam just exploded, like when Anna or Cas or, I dunno, other ANGELS show up. That we be a nice redemption for Michael too.

I have to admit I sobbed my heart out at the end of the ep, and I think it's because it felt like it WAS the end of the Sam and Dean Story to me. I was a bit calmer on second viewing! Still don't like the idea of Dean living the apple pie life while his brother's in Hell though!

Okay I'll shut up now...

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Didn't Lucifer say something to Sam about it all going down in Detroit?

Yeah I think you might have something there.

The leather jacket was the obvious choice - John's presence in absentia, and also emphasising Dean's role as substitute father to Sam - and finally realising, as all parents do, that he has to let Sam go. He's a grown up now.

Yes! I'm so happy your meta got support! \o/

Music. Apparently the tape Dean puts in the deck is labelled "Kick it in the ass". Awww.

Oh wow. I missed that completely. *looks* It totally is. OMG. *wibbles and flails* Thanks for pointing that out!

And I thinking Sam and Dean BOTH going into the cage - i.e. saving the world TOGETHER would have been a better ending.

I'm pretty certain that was where the show would have ended had there been no season 6. It was lining up for that, and I really think that was Kripke's original plan.

I've read your fic since I caught up on the f-list before responding to comments on this, and your Michael theory makes a lot of sense. I don't know what we might get though.

Still don't like the idea of Dean living the apple pie life while his brother's in Hell though!

He won't, not really. He'll probably adapt somewhat and do well with the surface appearances, but he won't truly be happy as long as he thinks Sam's still stuck in Lucifer's cage.
From: etocha Date: May 23rd, 2010 01:21 am (UTC) (Link)

"Swan Song'

Great summation; got the link from a friend to whom I'd been ranting about how sucky the ending was, and she said "go here, read this.." And she was right. And I won't argue that your squee is misplaced; you've actually convinced me to squee a little!
Great job.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 03:31 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: "Swan Song'

And I won't argue that your squee is misplaced; you've actually convinced me to squee a little!

Aw, thank you so much! :-D
tigriswolf From: tigriswolf Date: May 23rd, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, fuck your destiny, Michael, you whiny little twerp. *snarls*

I had to pause for a small while because I was laughing so hard. Thank you.

Also, I always enjoy your recaps. *hee*

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC) (Link)
I had to pause for a small while because I was laughing so hard. Thank you.

Oh my God, Michael-in-Adam was just so... twelve! Adam was more badass on his own. And Michael-in-young!John had so much more presence and power to him, it makes me wonder if something happened between the 70's and now to damage Michael in some way. Aside from the whole 'let's start the Apocalypse' thing.
tigriswolf From: tigriswolf Date: May 24th, 2010 01:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
I really do like Jake Abel, but he was a letdown as Michael.
From: (Anonymous) Date: May 23rd, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hi, long term lurker, since its the final i figure it would be a good time to comment! I was really looking forward to the final review, I have been reading your reaction post and when I watched the finale my first thought "She was right! The world is save because the michael vessel gave the last of the cereal and the lucifer vessel gave the prize :D" It has been a bumpy and fun season.

Thanks for sharing your squee

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 03:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my rambling!
malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: May 24th, 2010 05:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh glorious day. This was an epic post of epic proportions. Awesome and wonderful and perfect. :)

My daughter is in film production in school right now so I can't wait to rewatch with her because she says all those technical filmy things too which I find facinating, but sort of glad I don't see it when I watch it, ya know?

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 07:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh glorious day. This was an epic post of epic proportions. Awesome and wonderful and perfect. :)

Hee! Uh, thanks! That was enthusiastic! XD

My daughter is in film production in school right now so I can't wait to rewatch with her because she says all those technical filmy things too which I find facinating, but sort of glad I don't see it when I watch it, ya know?

I know, it's kind of like seeing how a magic trick is done, seeing the little things filmmakers use to colour how a scene reads.


So much Impala love!! \o/
samalander_dawn From: samalander_dawn Date: May 24th, 2010 06:23 am (UTC) (Link)
<3 this recap :D

this episode....it wasn't perfect by a long shot, but it was very....satisfying. which is a good thing in a series/season ender. Honestly, though there would have been something to Sam & Dean going into the cage together it just wouldn't have been right somehow, y'know? (that could just be me though :) )

(btw - I knew Chuck was voice-overing on the last episode :) overheard it from the horse's mouth on the plane back from LA Con (....well, presuming the horse is Rob Benedict :) ) I'm thrilled I was able to not spoil you! :) )
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 24th, 2010 07:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Honestly, though there would have been something to Sam & Dean going into the cage together it just wouldn't have been right somehow, y'know? (that could just be me though :) )

I really think that was where Kripke was heading, and I can see how it could have been done in an emotionally satisfying manner for the moment, I think it would have always continued on past that point, because that really isn't the full circle. They didn't start in Hell, they can't end in Hell.

(btw - I knew Chuck was voice-overing on the last episode :) overheard it from the horse's mouth on the plane back from LA Con (....well, presuming the horse is Rob Benedict :) ) I'm thrilled I was able to not spoil you! :) )

Oooo. First hand spoiler in the wild, wow. Thanks for not telling me! :-)
kwhiteshark From: kwhiteshark Date: May 26th, 2010 07:18 am (UTC) (Link)
I've read so many recaps over the last week, and I think this one has to be one of the best. :D
And I'm with you on the Evil!Sam love. Jared was just phenomenal as Lucifer, imo.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 26th, 2010 03:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aw, thank you! Yeah, I've been hoping for evil!Sam since Bloody Mary, really. He has the evil prowling and growling down pat.
ladililn From: ladililn Date: June 2nd, 2010 05:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi. So, I've kind of been following your journal for several months like a creepy stalker without commenting, but, um, now I'm commenting? *little wave* I found your episode reactions when I was looking for some real-time reactions to 4.01 a few months ago (I got into the show near the end of the fourth season), and then obsessively read all your other reactions because I love reading real-time reactions for some strange reason, and then I started following your journal and reading the updates as they came around the time you started picspamming. I haven't commented before now because, well, I was a little embarrassed you were producing all this fantastic meta every week and I was doing a horrible job of organizing my thoughts in any sort of timely manner, so I wanted to wait until I had a bit of meta or something posted, and now I kind of do and it's the finale, and I've been meaning to comment for a while now, but I haven't, and now I'm completely rambling, so sorry. >.<

Anyway, can I just say that I've loved reading your reactions? As someone who's not that involved in the SPN fandom--it seems so big and intimdating and confusing to me, really--your journal has been the one place I've been able to consistently see the reactions of other people in the fandom who weren't f'listers of mine. And when I did see other reactions, a lot of them seemed so full of negativity, and it was so refreshing to read yours, because you articulated what I was thinking/feeling 90% of the time, expressed all the squee I was feeling, all the positivity, and even while I may not have agreed with you on every single point, I could always see where you were coming from. So thank you.

And now that I am finally commenting, I think I need to comment on the finale! Because again, it's so nice to come here and see positivity and happiness, when it seems like there's so little of that in fandom outside of what I've seen from my immediate flist.

I loved the episode. Absolutely adored it. And I cried, a lot. It really did feel like all five years were leading to this, and honestly, I think it paid off in spades.

I have to say, as far as Dean-making-a-promise goes, I feel like he really did make the promise, just that the scene cut before we saw it, so that we were left unsure. I mean, Chuck did say he did, and I honestly think it creates a nice parallel, in more ways than one--having just watched Playthings, especially, when Dean promised Sam he would kill him? Which a) proved that Dean can't really say no to promising Sam things whether he likes it or not and b) he didn't keep that promise, did he? So when Chuck says "He made a promise", he's saying that this one, Dean will follow through on. For Sam. And strictly narratively speaking, I think it makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are also the obvious parallels, like you mentioned with 3.16--"What am I supposed to do?"--and even 2.22--also "What am I supposed to do?"--and of course the Pilot, only instead of Dean asking Sam if he's gonna live some normal, apple-pie life, Sam is telling Dean to. (And that is the first time I teared up during the finale. Not including Carry On Wayward Son. Yeesh.)

(Also, gotta say, it seems like a lot of people were wondering how Sam managed to drink all that liquid, and honestly that sort of thing has never bothered me. I'm the sort of person who needs to have every inconsistency explained away in a in-universe sense-making way, and for me, it's just: Demon blood is magical. When you're a "special child", you can pretty much imbibe as much as you want. Also: daeva wounds heal super fast because they're magical! And trying to stay hidden from the outside world! And Cas's face heals quickly because he's still got half an ounce of angel juice left. Things like that. Makes sense to me. :D *stays in her delusional corner*)
ladililn From: ladililn Date: June 2nd, 2010 05:14 am (UTC) (Link)
I adored the Impala shtick too. And the new nuggets of wee-chester and even non-wee-chester knowledge we got were awesome, and didn't bother me at all, in terms of not having seen them before, or thinking they needed retconning. I don't know, I have just always loved discovering details like that, even if they're late in the game, and have no trouble believing they were there all along--in fact, in many ways I like it better not having hints before. It just feels so fresh and new to us, yet also right, like it's been there all along and we just never knew, but Sam and Dean did. Does that make any sense? Probably not. *handwaves self* I also just figured the running!away teenchester Sam was pretty much just what we got in 5.16, plus a few more instances which were probably more along the lines of running-away-for-the-day, or running-away-metaphorically, running-away-to-Stanford, to soccer games, whatever.

But! I feel like I'm not really mentioning the things I super agree with very well, just because you said them so well yourself! But, um, a rundown? The J's acting skills kick so much ass, Cas is amazing and adorable and I want to feed him cookies forever, and oh, booooooys. ♥

I have to say, I'm not really sure about the Michael-and-Lucifer ring-around-the-rosey thing they do. I mean, I get it's just getting them psyched up for their major battle, and I get that Show doesn't have the budget to do some sort of all-out, epic battle, and honestly I'm glad they didn't attempt it, because I feel like something of that magnitude--I mean, we're talking some of the most powerful beings in the universe fighting over the future of the world--would just be completely on another level, hopefully. Something hard for us to imagine, beyond a vessel-beating-up-vessel type of thing. Something on another plane of existence, practically. So I'm glad they didn't actually show it. But I have to say, the walking-around-each-other looks a little bit silly going on for as long as it does. *handwaves* (I may have picked up that handwaving habit from reading too many of your reactions. Oops. XD)

ladililn From: ladililn Date: June 2nd, 2010 05:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Hee, I like your talking to Lisa. I don't understand people who, well, don't understand why Lisa has popped up in recent episodes as opposed to all the other girls he could have gone back to; I thought it was made kind of apparent at least in Dream a Little Dream that Lisa really represented his ideal, or what's become his ideal, of that happy little family with the white picket fence (whether Dean could ever actually live that life is another matter, but he definitely thinks he wants it). Lisa is like a real version of Carmen--she's awesome herself, but her main importance is for what she symbolizes. But what Dean is to Lisa--that's definitely different. At first I kind of wondered if maybe Dean really was Ben's father, and she just didn't tell him because she didn't want him thinking he had an obligation, or didn't think Ben needed a dad figure in his life, or, you know, whatever. But knowing Dean as her son's father might make her a little more open to the whole Dean coming back and being emo in her direction thing.

But then I just read an interview in which Kripke (or someone) confirms that Dean is definitely not Ben's dad. XD So. I don't know. Either Lisa never really got the paternity test done and still thinks there's a chance he might be, or she's just a really generous person... I mean, I understand her reaction when he shows up in 5.16, clearly wanting to help. I even understand her general awesomeness in the finale. It's harder to understand why she'd take him on full time after that, because yeah, he is just a guy she banged once and who saved her kid another time, but, I don't know. Maybe she's just awesome like that. Maybe he represents something to her too. *shrugs*

I have some meta about Chuck-as-God theory that I might post later, but personally I think (and this is what I thought when I saw the episode, too) that a reasonable explanation for Chuck's disappearance that doesn't include him being God would just be that he was taken up to Heaven, since his work was effectively finished. I think similar-ish things have happened to prophets in the Bible? I'll have to do some more research on that, but I kind of always figured Chuck would die when the Winchesters' story ended. Not that it is ending, with season six and all, but I guess that didn't need to go in the Winchester Gospel?

I am likewise excited for Sam's return, what Sera will do to him, precisely how shirtless he will be, and many things more! \o/ I do agree with you (and a lot of others, I think, too) that the pacing of this season has been generally off, but when it comes down to it, I wouldn't change a thing. Like the Impala, it's the imperfections that make her beautiful. :) And overall, I've loved the ride, loved season five, and of course, loved the series as a whole.

And I love, love, love your meta about Home, Hell, Heaven and Hunting. That sounds awesome, and possibly deserves some extensive delving in to. And I have nothing but a big ol' sappy smile to give to your letter to Kripke.

So. Thanks for reading, as ridiculously long as this is? XD I guess I've just been waiting to reply to this for a while. And to any of your things, really. So thank you, because your reactions have been an integral part of my show-watching all throughout season five. ♥
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2010 06:42 am (UTC) (Link)
Um. Wow. Hi? o.O I'm thrilled you enjoy the reaction posts. XD

A few general responses to your ginormous 3-part comment:

-Dean making a promise, I agree. Whether Dean said anything out loud or intended to promise or not, he'd still try to honour Sam's request. Whether he can stick with it without going nuts remains to be seen.

-Re: blood volume, Magic does allow for a lot of handwaving. Gotta wonder how it would feel digesting, though.

-Interesting theory on Chuck, and one I haven't seen floated elsewhere. I've got the inklings of a theory myself, but I'll probably turn it into fic at some point.

-At the very least with Sera in charge the show will likely have substantial savings on Sam's wardrobe budget. ;-)

So thank you, because your reactions have been an integral part of my show-watching all throughout season five. ♥

Aw, thanks! Glad you enjoy the blithering!
ladililn From: ladililn Date: June 3rd, 2010 02:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi. :) Um, sorry about that three-part comment and all. I don't usually do that, I swear. But it was pretty late at night, and the later it is the more I tend to ramble, and, well, I guess I'd been saving all that up to say for a long time. Sorry if it freaked you out or anything. XD

I look forward to a possible Chuck-fic! Almost as much as I look forward to said wardrobe budget changes. ;)

I love the blithering. ♥ And I hope you continue to blither for eons to come!
From: (Anonymous) Date: June 8th, 2010 12:03 am (UTC) (Link)

Now let's not forget TWoP message

I liked the final too, and yes Metallicar got the respect it deserved but remember when you spare the snark and you spoil the producer! I didn't see any lights put back where they belong. So really you must continue with the comic commentary. Trust me, if you ever get around to the other 2 series you will realize that it really truly is begging for commentary. It's a cry for help! They need to know that bad writing will not, cannot be tolerated in any form and that includes the lowly tie-in comic book!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 8th, 2010 03:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Now let's not forget TWoP message

The lights are a completely seperate matter from the comic, though. Steve Boyum had them removed during filming of Dream a Little Dream because they were in the way of a shot he wanted. I'm definitely going to send them another poster or two.

I've got an awful lot of stuff on the go, and I stopped reading Origins at Issue 4 out of sheer self-defense, but who knows, maybe one day ages from now I'll get back to it, although it feels petty to pick on it at this point.
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