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('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
All stories have also been archived on AO3

Just to save repetition, unless otherwise clearly marked,everything I write for Supernatural is GEN unless otherwise marked. Stories with a star (*) after them have a translation available, linked in the bottom section on this page. Stories are in order of approximately where they fit into the series timeline. Things not part of the series timeline (Significant AU's) are separated at the bottom.



Why Sam is Taller than Dean - [G] Little Dean (5) and Baby Sammy (1) fluffiness, John's POV. Humor.

Sometimes a Room is Just a Room - [PG] The Winchesters have always gotten the weird hotel rooms. John, Sam (3) and Dean (7) Humor.

Bless the Beasts and Aminals - [PG] Saint Francis of Assisi should have anticipated this, really. Pastor Jim, Sam (3 and a half) and Dean (nearly 8) Humor.

Boys 'n Berry Jam - [PG13] A contemplative sequence of late summery vignettes, stuck together with jam. The boys are 8 and 4. John POV *

Definitions - [G] Sam asks questions, Pastor Jim tries to answer them. Humor

First Impressions - [G] You can't tell a book by his cover. (Drabble)

And Then There Was Cake - [PG13] Boys as young kids (9 and 5). Humor. CONVERSATION

Cross-Border Shopping - [PG] Dean (9) Sam (5). A summer weekend road-trip to Canada for John, the boys, and a mysterious cooler.

Lunchmeat and Lore - [PG] The boys make sandwiches for the road. Dean (10 and a third) and Sam (barely 6) Extremely pointless wee!chester cuteness

Window Shades - [PG13] First thing I wrote, set after the "Something Wicked" Flashback scene. Contains a canon error and John's a lot grimmer than I see him now. Boys are 10 and 6.

Mortality - [PG13] Shortly after flashback in Something Wicked. Utter schmoop. Boys are 10 and 6. CONVERSATION. Kripke'd by 3.08

Prospecting - [PG13] Dean's introduction to a certain publication. Dean(10) Sam(6), John's POV. Humor

Dear John... - [PG13] Prop-ficlet for "Dead Man's Blood" What else did Elkin's letter say? Kripke'd by 3.08

Carjacking - [PG, Some R language] Some cars have better anti-theft systems than others. Dean(10) Sam(6), OC POV. Humor

The Nature of Truth as Applied to Summer Vacation - [PG13] Boys as young kids (11 and 7), humor. CONVERSATION Kripke'd by 3.08

The Toaster Incident - [PG13] "The man can barely work a toaster." John W. vs appliance. Boys are 12 and 8. Humor *

Are You Smarter Than a Fourth Grader? or Sammy Winchester Ain't Indiana Jones. - [PG13] DRABBLE Spoilers for 3.08 Where the Journal wasn't... [LJ-Only]

Word Problems - [PG13] Boys are 14 and 9, humor. CONVERSATION

The Importance of Dental Hygiene - [PG] Dean (14) Sam (10). [LJ-only]

Fruit of the Tree - [G] Young Sam and Dean raiding an orchard at John's command. Drabble, LJ Only.

Eye of The Beholder - [PG] The true value of a gift is entirely subjective. Dean (17-ish), Sam (13-ish)

The Birth (and Untimely Demise) of Dean's First Suit - [PG13] There's a time in nearly every boy's life when he gets his first suit... and a time in a few boys' lives where that suit lasts less than a day. Sam (17), Dean (21) and John. Humor.

Fundamental Studies in Samcology - [PG13] Pre-Stanford. Everyone needs to take a break sometime.

Anchors - [PG13] Early Stanford-era, kinda sappy. CONVERSATION

It's All in the Delivery - [PG13] Icon Meme #4 - A conversation between Azazel and... I dunno, some kind of demonic image consultant. *handwaves* CONVERSATION [LJ-Only]

Miles, Time, Music, Tears and Blood - [PG13] Any car becomes a member of the family... A series of small scenes involving the Winchester family vehicle. Spans from John and Mary meeting through to a few days pre-pilot.

Clearing the Line - [Gen, PG] Text messaging is considered as the fastest and most reliable means of communication. Communication is the key. [LJ-only]

Building Dean Van Halen - [PG13] Spoilers for 4.03 For the spngenlove comment-fic meme prompt - John recognizes Dean from a man he met in 1973.

~In-Series and Beyond:

[Season One]
Season One

Subtlety is for the Living - [PG13] Missing Scene or Alternate view of one small bit of the Pilot. Monster Cam- POV Constance Welch. Kind of humor?

The Darkness Between Hotels - [PG13] Home is where the wheels stop turning. Early Season 1. DRABBLE

November 24th, 2005 - [PG13] Sheer sentimental nonsense.

Differences of Opinion - [PG13] Two differences of the same opinion about the movie Serenity. Spoiler for Serenity. Conversation, not in index. TWO DRABBLES. Humor

Hunting the Wild Whatchamacallit - [PG] Comment-fic. Fevered!Dean on a miserable hunt with Sam. Stream of semi-consciousness.

Just a Well-Informed Anxiety - [PG] In situations where a phone call is impossible, text messaging can connect people. This can sometimes be more of a curse than a blessing. "Texting with the Winchesters" fic.

Recommended Daily Intake - [PG13] Sam and Dean discuss culinary definitions.The assertions in this ficlet are not recommended by the Dietary Association of anywhere. CONVERSATION. Humor

Grand Theft - [PG13] Dean thinks hyper-prepared public works yards are awesome. Late fall in a northern state during Season 1. DRABBLE

Desperate Times - [PG13] Snow, a remote cabin, and small arms fire. DRABBLE. Humor

Eyesight to the Blind - [mild R - language, drug references and disturbing content] "He got me backstage at Aerosmith once. It was beautiful, bro." Andy, Webber and Tracey at Aerosmith. Webber POV. NOT Humor. Spoilers for 2.05 [LJ-Only]

Five AM, St. Louis Time - [PG13] Getting Dean out of bed at 5 am. Missing Scene from 1.06 'Skin'. CONVERSATION. Humor

Ammunition of Opportunity - [PG13] The boys have to work with what's available. DRABBLE

Desperate Measures - [PG13] Really short in-series silliness. Humor. CONVERSATION

A Sartorial Challenge - [PG] Sam and Dean discuss clothing options. Humor. CONVERSATION

Three Autumn-themed Drabbles - [PG13] Opportunity, Stakeout, and Celebrate the Season (Drabbles)

Research is its Own Reward - Dean, Sam, and a mountain of old paper. Whee! Humor. CONVERSATION

Learning Curve - [PG13] The source of a message is as, if not more, important than its content. (Spans from Stanford to an ep tag for "Asylum". Moppet-fic) [LJ-only]

When Not to Use a 'Key' - [PG13] Missing scene from Scarecrow, reference to "Hunted"

Laundry Day Index - [PG13] The Winchester boys do their laundry. Sounds boring, doesn't it? Sam and Dean can only wish it was... (Index post has links to all 8 parts of story, and printable versions) *


Fish is a Four-Letter Word - [PG] Dean meets sushi. Sushi wins.

Always Ready to Travel - [PG] I have no explanation for this. Crossover-ish CRACK.

Sacrosanct - [PG] Icon-Meme Fic #5 - There are some things you just don't screw around with. [LJ-Only]

Lepus Sasquatchicus - [PG] Written for the spngenlove Comment-fic Meme Prompt: "Sam in a fluffy bunny suit (pink), with cotton candy. And maybe a cake/cupcakes."

One Step Behind - POEM. John POV. Kripke'd.

Rival Siblingry - [PG13] Some things are universally constant where siblings are concerned. Missing scene from "Salvation". Monster cam- POV Meg. Humor.

Evil Help is Hard to Find - [PG13] Every big evil bad guy has to have some incompetent henchthings. A bit silly. Missing Scene for Devil's Trap, sort of. Monster Cam - POV The Demon. Humor

Tag for Devil's Trap - [PG13] It's a tag. For Devil's trap. Kripke'd.

[Season Two]
Season Two

Transitions - [PG13] Dean's thoughts. Post-ep tag for "In My Time Of Dying"

Season Ticket on a One-Way Ride - [PG13] Sometimes shotgun really needs to open his cakehole. Post-season 2 finale. DRABBLE

Weapon Maintenance Mantra - [PG13] Lessons instilled in childhood last a lifetime. DRABBLE

Bobby and the Escort - [PG13] Bobby has an unusual customer. Totally not what you're thinking. Sheer cathartic CRACK. Humor

Buy a Logical Clock - [PG13-gore warning] Bad things can happen when vampires get to a certain age. TOTAL CRACK. Humor-ish

Freefall - [PG13] Quiet, introspective, melancholy stuff about Dean in early Season 2. Lightly Kripke'd. [LJ-Only]

One Second More - [R for disturbing themes] Missing scene for Simon Said, POV Dean on the hill.

Scenic Outlook - [PG] Aren't siblings wonderful? CONVERSATION. Juvenile humour.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace - [PG13] Wishful theoretical missing scene for "Hunted". Entirely Kripke'd, AU. POV Ava.

Happy Feet - [PG13] Icon-Meme Fic #1 - Sam dances. Dean copes. [LJ-only]

Classification - Other - [PG] Sam and Dean on a Sharktopus hunt, sometime in Season 2. CRACK. Not really a crossover.

Forest Night Flight - [PG-13] One day they would both look back at this and laugh. So hard. (CRACK. Written for spn_bigpretzel Halloween Reverse Micro-bang, post includes art by dizzojay)

The Film - [PG13] An unexpected find triggers some holiday reminiscences for Dean and Sam. Set in Season 2. Unabashed Seasonal schmoop ahoy! Kripke'd by 3.08

Keepaway - [PG13] A phone call to Bobby. Alternate missing scene in 'Tall Tales' Oblique reference to "Born Under a Bad Sign" Humor *

Hunter's Point - [PG13] Dean thinks about stuff. Missing scene from 'Heart'.

It's All About You, Isn't It? - [PG13] The Yellow-Eyed Demon muses about something. reference to AHBL 1. DRABBLE.

When the Fiddler Stops - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 - [R - Language, Violence] All Hell breaks loose at the Roadhouse. An alternate non-canon missing scene for AHBL 1. Assorted POV's, primarily Ash. COMPLETE

[Season Two-Three Hiatus - Spoilers for Season 2 Finale, but nothing for Season 3]
Season 2/3 Hiatus - Spoilers for Season 2 Finale, but nothing for Season 3

Three Unconnected Drabbles - [PG13] Sam, Dean, the car, sleeping, stealing large things, and musical choices. Set at various times, third one is post season 2 finale.

Dean's Daily Affirmations - [PG13] (Graphical Fic) Sam wants Dean to work on his self-esteem. Dean is not thrilled. Post Season 2 finale, contains conjecture for Season 3. Currently complete.

Dead Man's Boots - [R-Disturbing scenes and themes] AU. Just because you've shot something absolutely dead, doesn't mean it can't still ruin your life.

[Season Three]
Season Three

Seasons Change and So Do I - [PG13] Spoilers for 3.01. Absolute CRACK. Humor

Between A Quantum Rock and a Hard Place (WIP) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - [PG13] Two worlds are colliding and the future of both universes depends on the Winchester boys, stranded in a time not their own, and a strange little man and his relatively normal friend in a strange little blue box.
Doctor Who Crossover. CRACKish, but has plot and things. Pinning this down as starting shortly after 3.01, so beware spoilers for Season 2 and 3.01 and possibly side-referential material spoilerish for Season 3. Also Spoilers for Doctor Who Season 3 up to 3.10 WIP - PART 3 of ? up, updates... eventually, I swear.

Disobliging Ways - [PG13 One R-rated word] Spoilers for 3.03. Bela-centric. CRACK. Humor

Product Misplacement - [PG] No spoilers for anything. Sam and Dean have a discussion about the weather. What? CRAAAACK. Humor

Red Bull Gives You... - [PG] General Season 3 spoiler, Sometimes the demons are crazy too. (Sam and Dean and a Soapbox Derby) CRAAAACK. Humor

So You Think You Can Hunt - [PG] Sam and Dean discuss the darker side of a pop culture phenomenon. CONVERSATION, Humor [LJ-Only]

Ghosts, Spies and Campfire Lies Index - [PG] Abandoned campgrounds are never a good idea. Crossover with the TV Series "Chuck", five parts. COMPLETE

Ugly Yellow Blanket - [PG13] Spoilers for 3.05 Missing/alternate scene/coda for 3X05 Kind of experimental writing style. Sam and Dean.

A Kind Word and a Smile - [PG13] Spoilers for 3.07 Missing/alternate scene for 3X07 Bela and Gordon

Monstrosity - [PG13] Spoilers for 3.07 Internal view of certain events for Gordon in 3X07

Your Heroes Left Unsung - [PG13 (Some R-rated language)] So Sam and Dean walk into a bar...

Attainable Goals - [PG] Dean develops a new obsession. Of course it's driving Sam nuts. Humor [LJ-Only]

Heavy Traffic in the Express Lane - [PG] Not your typical Tuesday, but it is the Winchesters after all. 'Missing Scene' for 3.11

Behind the Glass Wall - [PG] SPOILERS FOR 3X15. Kind of a missing scene for 3X15? Just something I needed to close off. Combined with a kind of weird idea I had about cats and invisible things. *shrug* POV ...Bela's cat.

The Wrong Horse - [PG13 (Some R-rated language)] AU-ish missing scenes from 3.12 and 3.16, so spoilers there. Four seperate missing scenes, sort of loosely connected. Based on a thought I had about Ruby and Lilith. POV Ruby

The Sticking Place - [PG] MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR 3X16. Kind of a Coda for 3X16. Structurally odd.... Kinda arty, maybe? POV weird deliberately. Might make no sense at all. Arg. NOT HUMOR AND I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH.

[Season Four]
Season Four

Unstuck - [R-language, implied violence and torture] Sort of a continuation from "The Sticking Place", sort of a missing/alternate scene suggested by 4.10. Spoilers for 4.10. NOT humour.

Black as Hell, Strong as Death - [PG] Missing scene, sort of, from 4.01. Just a silly little thing. [LJ-Only]

Singing Out of Tune - [PG] SPOILERS to 4.02. Ep Tag/missing scene for 4.02. Conversation-format, but not Sam and Dean. [LJ-Only]

Vociferance - [PG] Not being understood is the most frustrating thing in the world. Unless you are Sam, in which case not understanding Dean is the most frustrating thing in the world. Spoilers to early Season 4.

Parsimonious - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.04. Ep tag. Sam tests an old saying. Conversation.

Through Your Eyes - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.06. Missing/Alternate scene. Sam's POV of that incident in the hotel.

Dean's Eye View - [R - Language] SPOILERS for 4.06 and 4.10-ish. Missing/Alternate scene. My attempt at Dean's POV of many scenes in 4.06, plus a few extra.

Cheer Up, Emo Bear - [Mild R - disturbing themes] Kind of an episode tag for 4.08. Crossover: SPN/Die Anstalt Teddy needs therapy. CRACK. Not humor.

Conference Call - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.09. Missing/Alternate scene. Crack. Conversation-format.

The Case of Robert Singer; Superhero - [PG13] For the spngenlove John, Bobby and Castiel comment-fic meme prompt - Bobby with a secret superpower. [LJ-Only]

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word - [PG] "Smell me." CONVERSATION. Crack.

Leave-Taking - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.15. Missing/Alternate scene. One helped save the other, but now it's time for them to meet for the first and last time.

Wings Are Kind of Over-Rated - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.17. Missing/Alternate scene that I totally don't think happened at all. Light crack, blasphemy and maundering. [LJ-Only]

Reality is a Matter of Opinion - [PG13] SPOILERS for 4.18. But what about the case... (A sort-of episode tag for 4.18) Crack-ish

Dead Pixels - [PG] Nonsensical never-happened missing scene for 4.19. Conversation, but not part of the 'Conversation' series. [LJ-only]

Sugar and Spice - [PG13] A response for a comment meme prompt; "frustrated, hormonal, feeling like an abject failure at everything teen girl!Dean mid-crying jag, and Bobby". Crack. [LJ-only]

[Season Four-Five Hiatus - Spoilers for Season 4 Finale, but nothing for Season 5]
Season 4/5 Hiatus - Spoilers for Season 4 Finale, but nothing for Season 5

And I Heard The Thunder Rolling In Part 1, Part 2 - [PG-13 (Some R-rated language)] SPOILERS FOR 4.22. AU, obviously, and open-ended. New allegiances are made after Lucifer rises. Currently complete but open-ended, might be continued, might not. [LJ-only]

[Season Five]
Season Five

Voices in the Dark - [PG] Episode Tag for 5.01 Drabble [LJ-only]

Five Options Bobby Didn't Pick, and One He Did. - [PG] It's important to make the right decision. A six-drabble tag to 5.01 expressing some wishful thinking.

Negative Space - [PG] Negative space can be used to depict a subject in a chosen medium by showing everything around the subject but not the subject itself. (Just some free-association musing on the situation at the end of 5.02. No spoilers, just musing and spec.) [LJ-only]

The Day They'll Never Get Back - [PG] Missing scene from 5.03. Some plans are more convenient than others.

Important Decisions - [PG13] A response for a comment meme prompt; "Jo and Ellen run into the boys on a hunt. Afterward, they unwind with movies and pizza in the motel."

Footprints at High Tide - [PG] Ep Tag for 5.06 - Someone has loose ends to tie up. (5.06 Character POV) [LJ-Only]

Key to Longevity - [PG] Tag for 5.07, for the prompt: "Dean put down the bacon cheeseburger and walked out the door. How long did that last - the sudden tilt toward 'healthier eating'?"

So Desu - [PG] Ep Tag for 5.08 - The trouble with questions you don't understand... [LJ-Only]

Comment Fic - [PG] Missing scenes for 5.08... sort of. [LJ-Only]

Playing the Odds - [PG] Dean and Sam have a solution to the problem of Chuck's books, and it doesn't involve gunplay. Spoilers for 5.09 [LJ-only]

Rituals of the Road - [PG] Every journey has its rituals. Missing scene for 5.10. Humor, mostly. *

...I'll Come In Again - [PG] Sacrificing minions - is there any problem it can't solve? Alternate crackified scene for 5.10. Humour

Barware - [PG13] Episode Tag for 5.10 - Glass isn't always fragile. (Spoilers to 5.10)

Never Their Hearts Defiled - [PG13] A hero's work is never done. Spoilers for 5.10

A Plant of Slow Growth - [PG13] There's something Sam needs to know. (Tag for 5.13, spoilers)

Have It Your Way - [PG] Learning solely by observation does not always provide the best results. (Missing scene for 5.14) *

The Absence of Water - [PG] An episode tag for 5.16, just like everyone else is writing. [LJ-Only]

I Was Once a Treehouse - [PG] There are many things humans don't know about angels. "Missing Scene" in the non-existent space between 5.21 and 5.22. CRACK. Humor

Shadow Play - [PG13] SPOILERS FOR 5.22. Things to do in Hell when you're bored. Tag for 5.22 [LJ-only]

Baggage - [Mild HET, PG-13] SPOILERS FOR 5.22. Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.

[Season Six]
Season Six

Sharing Silences - [PG] It's said walking is good for the soul. Post 6.11, so spoilers for that.

Character Bleed - [GEN, PG-13] She leads him up the stairs aaaand.... Missing scene for 6.15, massive spoilers. [LJ-Only]

Road Test - [PG] Some detours take you further than others. (Crack, Changing Channels, after 6.15) [LJ-Only]

[Season Seven]
Season Seven

First Responder - [PG13] Tag for 7.09 - The most important thing in any emergency medical situation is to remain level-headed. (Language, mild gore, bad things being said by bad people)

[Season Eight]
Season Eight

Spongy Yellow Deliciousness - [PG13] Dean returns from Purgatory to find that some things have changed. (Silliness. DOES NOT MESH ANY TIMELINES IN ANY WAY. Crack. Not to be taken seriously at all.)

Guardian at the Gate - [PG13] Fairy princesses aren't scared of anything. (Partial Outsider POV Halloween-themed humor)


Seperate Ways - [PG13] There are things more persistent than any government agency. Humor


AU - Effanineffable 'verse - Sam is a werekitten.

The Effanineffable Secret - [PG13] AU alternate version of the scene at the start of Hunted where Dean tells Sam what John told him. CRACK. CONVERSATION

Adaptation - [PG13] Icon-Meme Fic #2 - Everyone has their ways of adapting to unusual circumstances. CRACK

Born into a Bad Litter - [PG13] AU retelling of a scene from Born Under a Bad Sign. CRACK.

AU - Other

Where Monsters Fear to Roam - [PG] (AU - Crossover with Monsters Inc.) There are some closets that scare the monsters.

Art Therapy - [PG13] (AU - Dean (6) was the only official survivor of the fire.) Dean's a quiet child, but there's something wrong.

Heads With No Names - [PG13] AU Sam and Dean investigate some mysterious beheadings in New York city and have a chat with some guy who likes swords. A short pointless ficlet written in under two hours for the win_non_con 2007 crossover challenge. [LJ-only]

Every Exit - [PG13] (AU - lots of little things) Everything has an ending... (Death-fic.)

Anything But Ordinary - [PG13] (AU - 'Wild Magic') Something weird happens. A lot. CRAAAAAAAAAACK. Has graphics.

Nornegrauten - [PG] Pre-series, post 4.03 flashback, John and Mary. (AU - Norse mythology.) Some pregnancies are more planned than others. Not humour.

Embers of an Autumn Fire - Part 1, Part 2 and Bonus Material - [PG13] "Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Now, Dean! go!" That happened. John coming out of the house didn't. Eight years later, everything changes again. Written for Summergen 2010.

Second Opinion [PG CROSSOVER] - Through a confusing sequence of events John Watson gets bitten by a vampire, but he'll be fine if Sherlock will let the Winchesters help. [Crossover: Sherlock/Supernatural] - [LJ-Only]

Capture the Flag - [PG13] Getting to the top often means you make a better target. (Post season 6 and AU-ish)

Three short things written for spn_thur_nights Drabble Prompt from starrylizard: Sam and Dean go to a fan convention, cursed fan item, auction. No spoilers for anything.

When I'm Blue - [PG13] CONVERSATION. Extreme CRACK. Humor

Quatloos to Gummy Bears - [PG13] Humor

Boldly Going, Going, Gone. - [PG13] CRACK. Humor


Internal Monolog - Dean - [R - language] Drabble. Not humour. This could go anywhere and everywhere in the timeline. [LJ-only]

FIC SUBINDICES - Multiple story

Conversations Index - [mostly PG13] An index of all stories which are written conversation-style and posted on fanfiction.net under a single compilation entry. Timeline and content vary widely, see individual entries labeled "Conversation".

Icon-Meme Index - [mostly PG13] Icon-Meme fic, as in fic based on icons. This is the index, several are also linked separately. Timeline varies.


This is a list of my stories that have been translated. If you are a translator and would like to post a translated version of one of my stories, please ask permission to post, include a link to the original English story, and send me a link so I can link it here and on my fanfiction.net author page.

Where Monsters Fear To Roam, Translated by krlaaa

Have It Your Way, Translated by Leedoti
Rituals of the Road, Translated by Leedoti

Laundry Day (Cyrillic text file download linked on page), Translated by Pusha/mwtiz
Keepaway, Translated by Lidia/lidia_elf
The Toaster Incident, Translated by Lidia/lidia_elf
Угон (Carjacking), Translated by Wincent_Cester/ Маленькая сосна (Small_pine)
Мальчики и ягодное варенье
(Boys 'n Berry Jam)
, Translated by Lupa_Gangrel

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