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('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)

NOTE: Stories which are not Gen are clearly marked. Please read and heed warnings. Stories with a * have a translation available. Stories with a # have a podfic available.

(order of posting at this point, may change)
All stories have also been archived on AO3

Inappropriate Attire - [Gen PG] Sherlock borrows something. Conversation format, on a page with several other things. [LJ-only]

Comment Fics "Flight to Minsk", "Testing, Testing" [GEN PG] Both contain spoilers for 1.03. [LJ only]

The Improbably Horrible One - [Gen, PG] For an up-and-coming villain, trying to acquire a nemesis is a massive pain. Crossover with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Dr. Horrible POV, spoilers for all of Sherlock series 1 *

The Simple Joys of Home - [Gen, PG13] John is having a very bad day.

Two Comment Fics
"A Little DIY" [GEN PG-13] - John Watson, Action-Medic
"A Pleasant Friction" [Squint/Slash, PG] - Sherlock contemplating sex and sexuality. [LJ-only]

That Which Sustains [Slash, Sherlock/John, R, KINK: Blood, knives and non-vampiric hemophagia] It's not like he hasn't tasted blood before, but this is John's, and that makes it different. [LJ ONLY]

Somatosensory Perception [Slash (or very heavy Squint) Sherlock/John PG-15 Kink: Non-sexual blindfold use] - It's an exercise in observation, one he can't do by himself. [LJ ONLY]*

It Takes a Village [Gen, PG] - Sherlock Holmes is ill and the world does not come to an end. Film at 11. *

Newer Every Day [Gen, Squint optional, PG] - John turned his phone on, which immediately chimed with voice-mail from Harry; no doubt the traditional five-after-midnight caterwauling.

**WIP** A Confrontation of Demons Part 1 (of possible 6 parts) [Gen, Squint optional, Mild R (Violence)] Post 1.03, minor referential spoilers - It's 2:18 AM, do you know where your Sherlock is? [LJ-only for now]

Mornington Crescent Revisited [Gen, PG] - Sherlock only ever plays to win. Conversation format. Silly.[LJ-only]

Echoes - [Gen/Squint. PG.] There are places of such significance that they wear down the walls between worlds, but only on certain nights. [LJ-Only] #

Aftercare - [Slash, Sherlock/BYOPOV. R. KINK: Implied.] It scares me how far Sherlock needs to go to shut his mind down. [LJ-ONLY]

Anthea's Day Off - [GEN, PG] "Anthea" and Moriarty walk into a bar... Text message format. Humour. [LJ-Only]

A bunch of really short GEN-ish things I wrote and posted on the Sherlock BBC meme. [LJ-Only]

Another meme thing. NOT GEN. Depictions and discussion of sexuality and sexual activity, Sherlock/John, PG-15 [LJ-Only]

Sherlock and Me: An Adventure in Deliberate Author Insertion - Gen. PG-13 plus profanity. DELIBERATE AUTHOR INSERTION. Conversation format. Ridiculous. [LJ-ONLY]

The Announcement - [Slash - Sherlock/John, PG-13? Discussions of sexuality.] Sherlock feels the need to announce certain... happy occasions. [LJ-Only]

Holmesian Studies in Chaos Theory - [GEN, PG] "When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another." - Edward Lorenz [LJ-Only]

A Restless Pillow - [GEN, PG13] John and Sherlock share a bed, or at least they try to. *

3 Titleless Conversation-style Comment-fics - [Gen, PG] Hanging around the flat with Sherlock and John. [LJ-only]

An Adventure in Knitwear - [Gen/Squint, G] It's the thought that counts.

Deeper Silence - [Gen, PG-15 (Dark themes, one very rude word)] Warnings: Discussions and depictions of a suicidal nature. Sherlock works on a crisis line for five minutes. In that time, something he never expected happens. [LJ-only]

Warmth - [Gen, G] Because everyone could use more cuddling. [LJ-Only]*

Unexpected Thaw - [Pre-Slash/Squint, PG-13 - Unrequited pining between men.] John, Lestrade, a non-functioning freezer and a whole lot of grey tape. [LJ-Only]

Splinter of Doubt - [Squint, PG-13] Deceit can be deadly. (DARK, Suicide, angst, maudlin sentiment, slightly graphic gore, violence, death, but it gets better, sort of. ) *

Good Fences - [Gen, PG] Sherlock Holmes, his various neighbours/landlords over the years and four times the door was slammed between them and one time it wasn’t. Or something. *handwaves* (Conversation format, Humour.)

Call Waiting - [Squint, PG-13] John doesn't wait well. (Angst, Depression) [LJ-Only]

Lactose Intolerance - [Slash UST, PG-13] “Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal.” ~Voltaire [LJ-Only]

A Bunch of Short Sherlock Meme Fills - [Multiple, see individual listings] Mostly dialog, one extremely dark, beware. [LJ-Only]

Petty Erosions - [Gen PG] John's had worse days, but he's certainly had better.

The Wellspring - [Squint PG] John gives him so much, but doesn’t understand.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want - [One-sided Pre-Het PG] Poor Molly.

To Forget the Din of the World - [GEN, G] There's only one thing to do after a very bad day. Angstish. Drabble. [LJ Only]

Lines of Communication - [GEN/SQUINT, PG-13] Some conversations are stuck on repeat. Alcoholism and family issues. Profanity. [LJ-Only]

Lever and Fulcrum - [GEN, PG-13] Always remember where your secrets are kept, and hope your 'arch-enemy' doesn't. Conversation format.

Write or Die, Moriarty Mode - [GEN, PG] One of John Watson's less vaunted skills becomes necessary to stop a bomb from exploding.

Mustering Out - [GEN, PG13] It's not the combat that wakes him, it's his expulsion from it. 221B [LJ-ONLY]

Spiral - [GEN, PG13] Missing scene for near the end of 2.03, John angst. 221B [LJ-ONLY]

Sherlock, the RPG -[Gen, PG13] A climactic scene from "A Study in Pink" as part of a tabletop role-playing game held in Steve's North American basement. (Contains Non-British dialog with occasional gesture direction, profanity, and excessive use of the word "dude". CRACK. Humour.) [LJ-Only]

When the Storm is Done - [PG13] Some things can't be washed away by rain. (Post-TRF. Some violent imagery. Sherlock POV)

Sherlock, the RPG: The Round with the Hound -[Gen, PG13] Several scenes from "The Hounds of Baskerville" as part of a tabletop role-playing game held in Steve's Mark's North American basement. (Non-British multi-voice dialog with occasional gesture direction, profanity, and excessive use of the word "dude". CRACK. Weirdness, humour, RPG nerdery ahoy.) [LJ-Only]

Blackout Days -[PG13] Sometimes the only way to cope with something is not to cope with it at all. (221B. Spoilers for the end of Series 2. Depiction of grief and depression.)

December 14th Blog - [PG13] Summary: John's first blog post here. Scroll to the bottom.

Ambuscade - [PG13] Summary: It's chased him ever since he was a boy, this thing. (Post-TRF. Depiction of depression.)

A Very Small Something [PG] - Molly has a miserable day, and then gets a phone call.

Second Opinion [PG CROSSOVER] - Through a confusing sequence of events John Watson gets bitten by a vampire, but he'll be fine if Sherlock will let the Winchesters help. [Crossover: Sherlock/Supernatural, LJ-ONLY]

Y.A.N.A. [PG] - Sherlock's view of a scene in ASiP. [Drabble, LJ-ONLY]

Fortune Favours the Wet [PG-13 (with one R-rated word)] - There was something to be said about the quiet of the bottom of a well.

I Think I'll Go For a Walk [PG-13] - A minor accident in the flat ends up being a major annoyance for John. Title is a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Aweary of the Sun [PG-13, angst grief and depression] - A fragment of one of Shakespeare's plays torments John after Sherlock's death.

The Case of the Infelicitous Innocent [PG-13 May be disturbing] - All manner of clients come to ask for Sherlock's help; some get it and some don't. [Crossover: Edward Gorey] - [LJ-Only]

The Morning Cuppa [PG-13] - Mornings take some getting used to in 221B. [LJ-Only]

Killer of the Countryside [PG-13] - John takes a case in North Yorkshire that Sherlock won't bother getting off the sofa for. It doesn't go well. [LJ-Only]

Run Boy Run [PG-13, 221B] - Some nights you're the pursuer, other nights you're the pursued. [LJ-Only]

Nothing to Phone Home About [PG-13, One sided telephone monolog from a character in ASiP] Welcome to London. [LJ-Only]

Thicker Than Water [PG-13] Molly was helping spill Sherlock's blood. She felt ill.

All The Different Kinds of Sunshine - [PG CROSSOVER] In her youth, Mrs. Hudson did some travelling. A short first person monologue by Mrs. Hudson, delivered to a John Watson who really should be paying more attention. [Crossover: Sherlock/Doctor Who]

Variations in Purchasing Criteria [PG-13] John and Sherlock buy a microwave.

Absence of Evidence [PG-13] John knows Sherlock wasn't a fraud but doesn't know how to prove it. [Pre-series 3]

Shipshape [PG-13] Warning signs are only helpful if you see them. [JWP 2014]

The Devil's Pet Bait [PG-13] Seems an awful lot of trouble to go to for a pretty rock. [JWP 2014]

Becalmed [PG-13] Sherlock's not the only one who goes a bit odd when there isn't a case. [JWP 2014]

Ratigan's Reprehensible Retribution [PG-13 Crossover: Great Mouse Detective] Ratigan has a plan to get his final revenge on that annoyance Basil, and nothing will stop him! Not even humans! [JWP 2014]

Casu Marzu [PG-13, WARNING: Major food squick] The deadliest cheese in the world, though mostly not literally. [JWP 2014]

A Clear Distinction [PG-13] This was not listed as a side effect of Sherlock's medication. [JWP 2014]

Voice of Command [PG-13] Whatever gets the job done. [JWP 2014]

The Curious Incident of the Owl in the Daytime [PG-13, Crossover: Harry Potter] 221B has an atypical caller. [JWP 2014]

Upper Limit [PG-13] There are some things up with which Greg Lestrade will not put. [JWP 2014]

Ad Astra [PG-13] It's a ceremony they can't not attend. Even though no one told them about it. [JWP 2014]

Unsettled Conditions [PG] A little preparedness would go a long way.[JWP 2014]

The Piano Tree [PG-13] They don't know art, but they know what they like. [JWP 2014]

Evacuate the Dancefloor [PG13, Spoilers for 3.02] Sherlock Holmes, dance beast. [JWP 2014]

A Conspiracy of Cooks [PG13] When John had to leave that first plate of pasta half-eaten at Angelo's he understood. Extenuating circumstances; trying to catch a killer. But it just kept happening. [JWP 2014]

Marking Time [PG13, ANGST] People avoided them in the street these days. [Warning: mental health issues, oblique talk of self-harm and suicidal ideation, grief. JWP 2014]

The Mousetrap [PG13] John drags Sherlock out to see a play, with predictable results. [JWP 2014]

Criminal Floriography [PG13] Sherlock, arranging a lovely bouquet of flowers for John to give to his date? John really should have known better. [JWP 2014]

Start Again [PG13, ANGST] John had worked up to walks through the park now, and that only made him feel worse. (Pre-series. Depression, anxiety, OCD) [JWP 2014]

A Most Unfavorable Deal[PG13] The strangest things can provide motive for murder. (JWP 2014 Amnesty Prompt Grand Slam. Forced plot for the sake of a challenge. 221B) [JWP 2014]

Insomnolence - [T] I can't stay awake forever. I know this. (Depictions of depression, First person John POV, pre-series)

An Unintended Walk in the Wood [G, Crossover: Winnie-The-Pooh] In which there is a lab explosion, but then things get weird.

Night of the Breathing Dead [PG13] John Watson woke up in the dark with a headache, the taste of sweetened copper in his mouth, and Sherlock snarling threats in his left ear. (Warning: Major character is buried alive.)

We Didn't Start the Fire - [PG13] In the moments immediately after he is pulled from the bonfire, the beginnings of a spark alights.

For Want of a Tea - [PG13] An urgent matter for Sherlock becomes a pain in the neck for John.

A New Leaf - [PG13] In Afghanistan, John takes a quiet moment to muse about leaves.

Been There, Done That - [PG13, established John/Mary] Even when it's all expenses paid, choosing a place for their honeymoon proves difficult for John and Mary. [JWP 2015]

Found at the Scene - [PG13, GRAPHIC FORMAT] Entered into evidence - Photo with writing; Page torn from notebook, front and back. Case is ongoing. (Part of the Entered Into Evidence series.) [JWP 2015]

An Exercise in Drama - [PG13] Sherlock and John engage in recreational zoomorphism for a case. Sort of. [JWP 2015]

Negative Afterimage - [PG13] An afterimage is a non-specific term that refers to an image continuing to appear in one's vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. [JWP 2015]

The Baking Invasion - [PG13] Sometimes gratitude can go too far. [JWP 2015]

Consequences - [PG13] - John won't save Sherlock. Not this time. Not from a complete and deliberate failure of chemistry experiment safety, common sense, and the scientific method. [JWP 2015]

Officers On Site - [PG13] Officers at the last known location of Doctor Watson are now investigating his disappearance and gathering evidence of criminal activity. Consultant also present. (Part of the Entered Into Evidence series.) [JWP 2015]

Coat Comfort - [PG] After a long case there's only one thing to do. [JWP 2015]

An Investigation of 'My Future Life' by Johnny Watson - [PG] Sherlock is shocked by John's ability to predict the future at the age of seven. [JWP 2015]

The Fire - [PG13] When John wakes up, his room is full of smoke. [JWP 2015]

We'll Call It A Draw - [PG13] John knew the type. Jovial, trying to make the medics laugh, go out making everyone smile, even a little. He didn't think he'd be one but you discover a lot about yourself when you're dying. [JWP 2015]

Victim Statement - [PG13] Doctor Watson has suffered grievous bodily harm at the hands of the criminals. (Part of the Entered Into Evidence series.) [JWP 2015]

Witness Prognosis - [PG13] It is hoped that by the time the case comes to trial, Doctor Watson will have fully recovered from his coma. (Part of the Entered Into Evidence series.) [JWP 2015]

Linguistic Drift - [PG13] The French accent would definitely not have worked.[JWP 2015]

Dear Doctor Watson - [PG13, Part Graphic] The notes were never actually for him. [JWP 2015]

Sunbaked - [PG13] A rotation at the multinational base hospital turns up more cases of injury by boredom and lack of thinking than by any sort of combat.[JWP 2015]

The HAT Trick - [PG13] "John, I realize that technically I may have just incurred a head injury, but.... are you braiding my hair?" [JWP 2015]

Mrs Hudson's Boys - [PG13] They were grown men and could certainly take care of themselves, but sometimes a little well-meaning manipulation was required. [JWP 2015]

Sad Songs Say So Much [PG13] The poems were easier to take than the songs. [JWP 2015]

The Secret Keeper [PG13, OC outsider POV] After all we'd been through, I wouldn't miss her wedding, even though she wasn't using any of the names I knew. [JWP 2015]

Ghosts in the Room - [PG13, implied animal death] John was overdue for a pub night with his old friends. He had every right to a pub night with his old friends. Why could he not stop worrying about Sherlock? [JWP 2015]

The Deal - [PG13] The odd smell that built as he mounted the stairs should have prepared him for what lay ahead, but he stopped still as John turned to enter the kitchen. [JWP 2015]

Pack Behaviour - [PG13] The one thing that made this worse than Baskerville was that this time it was real. [JWP 2015]

For a Good Cause - [PG13] John shot a nervous glance through the crack in the curtains, "Why me?" [JWP 2015]

Prognostication Rumination - [PG13] "Bit grim, this." [JWP 2015]

The Maize Maze - [PG13] Sherlock and John search a maze in a cornfield.

Ripper the Handyman - [PG13] Gran had warned him he'd end up badly if he kept on the way he was going. He ought to have followed her advice.

Of Unforeseen Distractions - [PG13] John would have been fine if he hadn't been attacked by the gnome. But that's getting ahead of the matter.

No Admittance (Except on Party Business) - [PG13] Party planning is a necessary evil.

Among the Leaves So Green - [PG13] More subtle methods of surveillance exist, but none are quite as festive.


Series 2
"A Scandal in Belgravia" - Part 1 and Part 2
"The Hounds of Baskerville" - Part 1 and Part 2
"The Reichenbach Fall" - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Series 3
"The Empty House" - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4
"The Sign of Three" - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5
"His Last Vow" - Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


Multi-Fandom Badass Garment Icons

Transcription: Sherlock 1.03 Pre-credit sequence

Picspam Intro to Sherlock (for the SPN fan)

Lactose Issues at 221B Baker Street, or what really happens to the milk.

Sherlock series 2 speculation

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" Macros.

Last Minute Pre-series 2 Theories

How It Was Done: Meta/Speculation for Sherlock 2.03 ending

Three Things That Make Me Go 'HMM', 'WTF' and 'LOL' Respectively in SERIES 2

Icons for "A Scandal in Belgravia"

JWP Sub Index
- Stories and snippets and misc for watsons_woes' July Writing Prompts. Contains frequent and various John whump, all written very quickly and usually with little to no editing.

A few random icons (3 from Sherlock 2.02, 3 from Series 7 Doctor Who)

SPECULATION: Sherlock Series Three Finale, written before finished watching 3.02, completely wrong. Pointing and laughing purposes only. :-P

Found at the Scene - [PG13, GRAPHIC FORMAT] Entered into evidence - Photo with writing; Page torn from notebook, front and back. Case is ongoing. (Now the start of the Entered Into Evidence series.) [JWP 2015]


"The Improbably Horrible One" - Russian Translation by Mediva.
"A Restless Pillow" - French Translation by CMona.
"Somatosensory Perception" - Russian Translation by sherry_holmes
"Splinter of Doubt" - Korean Translation by barran
"Warmth" - Chinese Translation by xmooncake
"The Simple Joys of Home" - Russian Translation by Nedolechennaya Dama
"It Takes A Village" - Polish Translation by alicemau


"Echoes" - Podfic (in combination with chocolateteacup's Victorian-era obverse of this story, "Whispers") by podlizzie

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caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 24th, 2012 04:58 am (UTC) (Link)
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I'm not in the US so no shopping-related days, much as they try to have them up here anyway.
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