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Recs: Sherlock Recs - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Recs: Sherlock Recs


Wearing Skins by jemisard
Summary: Mycroft is a jerk and likes to abuse highly experimental government projects. John and Sherlock don’t appreciate the body swap. At all.
(An sterling example of that rare beast, the Gen Bodyswap fic. Not mythical at all, and an excellent source of character exploration.)

Little Mutinies by livia_carica
Summary: When John goes away for a break, Sherlock has to deal with being alone
(Sherlock gone past the other side of boredom. Depictions of depression)


Something Understood by tukumbe
Summary: Another exploration of Sherlock’s history with Sebastian, prompted by that revealing little moment in TBB where Sherlock calls him ‘Seb’, and by John’s insistence that he’s a colleague, not a friend.
(Past Sherlock/Sebastian.)

Taste Test by jemisard
Summary: Sherlock doesn’t hesitate to make his disapproval of John’s gifted cologne known, in the most vivid ways he can.
(Squinty Gen fic with added tongue.)

*Squint = If you look at it one way, it's plain Gen, if you squint, you might see slash or pre-slash.


Triangulation by thirdbird_fic
Summary: In which John and Lestrade pinch the bridges of their noses and sigh a lot, John is kidnapped for the fifty-seven-zillionth time, and Sherlock finally breaks. Sequel to On Lestrade's Flawed Heart, and Other Slightly Damaged Things.
(Author Rating: R. John/Lestrade and Asexual!Sherlock in a stunning display of something approximating a particularly baddass variety of polyamory, but don't tell them that.)


Coat: A Tale of Adventure and Striped Jumped: A Tale of Bravery by seri_scribble
(Picture books from the P.O.V. of articles of clothing. Very Gen, rather touching and not nearly as cracktastic as you might think. I spent a few weeks pretending to be a t-shirt several years back and I approve.)

Moriarty by dauntdraws
(Art of a scene at the end of TGG, Amazing colouring, great character expression)

If you've seen something amazing that you think more people in the Sherlock fandom should have the chance to enjoy, please rec it at the main Sunday Recday post at sherlockbbc so more people can find it!

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