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Sherlock Recs - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Sherlock Recs
Didn't do one of these last week due to personal matters. This week there's an extra large number of recs.


Rewriting the Game, Dead Man's Hand, and Check and Mate by jemisard
Summary: Last time they played, Moriarty didn’t play the last round. He intend to correct this.
Warnings: Contains story spoiler, highlight to read. Major Character Death
(Read them all. Don't stop or you will feel the misery of those of us who read them in posting time. These three fics are going to stomp your heart to pieces and then put it together again. In essence three different outcomes of the same series of events; there seems to be repetition, but don't skim past this or you'll miss things that have changed. Reading these in combination is a bit like watching the movie 'Butterfly Effect.')

Bonheurs Enfantins Trop Vite Oubliés Effacés by fyria_yiries
Summary: An entire room filled with miniscule mechanical contraptions, hanging modular geometric forms, disassembled models- a room long locked away, out of sight and out of mind. Mycroft unlocks it with a key from over twenty years ago.
(Great brothery fic and a view of wee!Sherlock that's quite believable. Some angst, and a significance of 'Awww.' References to drug use.)

Apotheosis by mad_maudlin
Summary: John is given a chance to take the fight to Moriarty. You know what they say about whoever fights monsters...
Rating/Warning: R for violence, gore, antisocial behavior and broad-spectrum mayhem
(John Watson is the BAMFiest BAMF that ever BAMfed. He makes Jack Bauer look like a cub scout. Based roughly on the ACD!Canon story "The Empty House" except John's the one who goes and the story follows him. A hint of squint here and there, but it's primarily Gen ass-kicking, the John Watson way. Whumpage, H/C, and epic badassery.)

A Peaceful Moment by i_know_its_0ver
Summary: The first snow of the year isn't technically any different, but Sherlock enjoys it all the same.
(Warning: contains snow. Lovely little snow-positive vignette, the graphic that inspired this is linked in the art section below)

Sherlock and John as Dogs by dauntdraws
Summary: John and Sherlock as Lestrade's dogs.
(Actual dogs, not metaphorical, so there's crack. Adorable little story and art)

Strange Bedfellows by gloria_scott
Summary: Parts of London suffer a blackout on one of the coldest nights of the year; Sherlock and John are worried about Lestrade. Well, John is, anyway.
(Entirely Gen three-people-in-the same-bed cuddling doesn't happen often in any fandom, so this is a bit like finding a four-leaf clover in the middle of the Sahara.)

It Isn't Just About the Rain by randomly_rusted
Summary: Mycroft's closest companion shows great bravery.
(Even Mycroft's umbrella is badass. Any veterans of the Great TWOP SPN Clothing War of 2006 might find this particularly fun.)

Housing Sherlock by irisbleufic
Summary: Mike knows the type: arrogant, aloof, awkwardly handsome. And very likely gay.
(Mike Stamford used to have Sherlock Holmes as a flatmate. Very cute.)

Arcane Rituals by ciaranbochna
Summary: Sherlock thought it would be a convenient waste of five minutes.
Warning: Graphic violence
(Crossover with Hellraiser, and a stealth/ambush crossover too.)


Omega by rainbowwizard1
Summary: Five things that didn’t break Greg Lestrade and one that did.
Warnings: Character death, drug use, mentions of suicide
(See those warnings? Multiply them by five and heed them very well. Only read this fic if you are prepared to get your soul shredded)

Only Tuesday, Thursday's Child, and Sunday Bloody Sunday by canadiangoddess
Summary: John Watson wanted to live a life more interesting and Sherlock Holmes provided such a life, but what happens when you get exactly what you ask for? What happens when you take a kidnapping, an evil genius, a sociopath, a colossal miscommunication and a cabbie who gets lost? Tuesday.
(These three stories are all chapters of a single story wherein there is John whumpage, some frantic scrambling, H/C, and a bit of funny here and there. Extremely mild author-declared squint, brief musings on genitalia.)

Defragmenting by misswinterhill
Summary: Sometimes even the best computer needs maintenance.
(Warm snuggly H/C, by hair-brushing.)

*Squint = If you look at it one way, it's plain Gen, if you squint, you might see slash or pre-slash.


Terminal South by veronamay
Summary: There's no time.
(Angsty desperation in an airport terminal, with a kiss.)


Lit From Within by fengirl88
Summary: “Oh right,” John says. “So my flatmate is a famous Hollywood actress. Oh, and secretly a redhead into the bargain. I must tell him, he'll love that."
(PG-rated. Interesting first-kiss scenario)


Snowing Sherlock Graphics by lusaly
(Sherlock and John in London in the snow, includes animated gifs.)

This is the End, Part 2 by dauntdraws
(Art of Sherlock and John from the end of TGG, fantastic artist, even if you don't usually look at fanart, give her a look.)


Because I'm Awesome by YouTuber multiKitten
(Happy bouncy kickass vid about how awesome Sherlock and John are. Deal with it.)


Battlefield Medics in Afghanistan, posted by kalypso_v
(A report from the Times about the role, procedures and actions taken by medics serving in Afghanistan.)

Christmas in the UK by loads of people on sherlockbbc
(Even if you don't write fanfic or celebrate Christmas, give this a look. For non-Brits it's a great view into current holiday traditions in the UK and by comparison in other parts of the world and for anybody it's like a big warm seasonal hug from the members of the comm.)

Layouts for 221B Baker Street by folha5eca
(There can never be too many diagrams of the layout of 221B. This one has externals and some very nice internals with textures added as well.)


Sherlock Advent Day 4 by nico8188_13
(These are Christmas cards written as though they were from Moriarty, to other Sherlock characters. John's made me cackle out loud, so I must rec this.)

If you've seen something amazing that you think more people in the Sherlock fandom should have the chance to enjoy, please rec it at the main Sunday Recday post at sherlockbbc.

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I don't mind at all if you friend me! A lot of people that have friended me did so for fic and reaction posts and suchlike. You'll get a lot of babble about other fandoms too, but the personal things are under f-lock or filter and unless I friend you back you won't see them, so no worries there either. :-)
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