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Summary of the fanfic I wrote in 2010 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Summary of the fanfic I wrote in 2010
...or at least the ones that I remembered to tag under 'fanfic'. Listed in chronological order of posting.

SPN - Barware - [GEN, PG13] Episode Tag for 5.10 - Glass isn't always fragile. (Spoilers to 5.10)

SPN - Never Their Hearts Defiled - [GEN, PG13] A hero's work is never done. Spoilers for 5.10

SPN - A Plant of Slow Growth - [GEN, PG13] There's something Sam needs to know. (Tag for 5.13, spoilers)

SPN - Clearing the Line - [GEN, PG] Text messaging is considered as the fastest and most reliable means of communication. Communication is the key. [LJ-only]

SPN - Learning Curve - [GEN, PG13] The source of a message is as, if not more, important than its content. (Spans from Stanford to an ep tag for "Asylum". Moppet-fic) [LJ-only]

CHUCK - Chuck comment-fic at sharp_teeth horror meme.

SPN - Have It Your Way - [GEN, PG] Learning solely by observation does not always provide the best results. (Missing scene for 5.14)

SPN - Just a Well-Informed Anxiety - [GEN, PG] In situations where a phone call is impossible, text messaging can connect people. This can sometimes be more of a curse than a blessing. "Texting with the Winchesters" fic.

SPN - Hunting the Wild Whatchamacallit - [GEN, PG] Comment-fic. Fevered!Dean on a miserable hunt with Sam. Stream of semi-consciousness.

SPN - The Absence of Water - [GEN, PG13] An episode tag for 5.16, just like everyone else is writing. [LJ-only]

DR. HORRIBLE - The Number You Have Reached - [GEN, PG] Inspired by a passing comment about a specific type of phone call. Humor. Conversation.

SPN - Attainable Goals - [GEN, PG] Dean develops a new obsession. Of course it's driving Sam nuts. Humor [LJ-Only]

SPN - I Was Once a Treehouse - [GEN, PG] There are many things humans don't know about angels. "Missing Scene" in the non-existent space between 5.21 and 5.22. CRACK. Humor

SPN - Shadow Play - [GEN, PG13] SPOILERS FOR 5.22. Things to do in Hell when you're bored. Tag for 5.22 [LJ-only]

SPN - Sugar and Spice - [GEN, PG13] A response for a comment meme prompt; "frustrated, hormonal, feeling like an abject failure at everything teen girl!Dean mid-crying jag, and Bobby". Crack. [LJ-only]

SPN - Important Decisions - [GEN, PG13] A response for a comment meme prompt; "Jo and Ellen run into the boys on a hunt. Afterward, they unwind with movies and pizza in the motel."

SPN - Make a Statement Without Saying a Word - [GEN, PG] "Smell me." CONVERSATION. Crack.

SPN - Seperate Ways - [GEN, PG13] There are things more persistent than any government agency. Humor

SHERLOCK - Inappropriate Attire - [Gen PG] Sherlock borrows something. Conversation format, on a page with several other things. [LJ-only]

SHERLOCK - Comment Fics "Flight to Minsk", "Testing, Testing" [GEN PG] Both contain spoilers for 1.03. [LJ only]

DR. HORRIBLE / SHERLOCK - The Improbably Horrible One - [Gen, PG] For an up-and-coming villain, trying to acquire a nemesis is a massive pain. Crossover with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Dr. Horrible POV, spoilers for all of Sherlock series 1

SHERLOCK - The Simple Joys of Home - [Gen, PG13] John is having a very bad day.

SHERLOCK - Two Comment Fics
"A Little DIY" [GEN PG-13] - John Watson, Action-Medic
"A Pleasant Friction" [Squint/Slash, PG] - Sherlock contemplating sex and sexuality. [LJ-only]

SHERLOCK - That Which Sustains [Slash, Sherlock/John, R, KINK: Blood, knives and non-vampiric hemophagia] It's not like he hasn't tasted blood before, but this is John's, and that makes it different. [LJ ONLY]

SHERLOCK - Somatosensory Perception [Slash (or very heavy Squint) Sherlock/John PG-15 Kink: Non-sexual blindfold use] - It's an exercise in observation, one he can't do by himself. [LJ ONLY]

SPN - Embers of an Autumn Fire - Part 1, Part 2 and Bonus Material - [GEN, PG13] "Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Now, Dean! go!" That happened. John coming out of the house didn't. Eight years later, everything changes again. Written for Summergen 2010.

SHERLOCK - It Takes a Village [Gen, PG] - Sherlock Holmes is ill and the world does not come to an end. Film at 11.

SHERLOCK - Newer Every Day [Gen, Squint optional, PG] - John turned his phone on, which immediately chimed with voice-mail from Harry; no doubt the traditional five-after-midnight caterwauling.

SPN - Baggage - [Mild HET, PG-13] SPOILERS FOR 5.22. Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.

CHUCK - A Reasonable Facsimile - [GEN, PG] Because someone has to do it, and Morgan needs a job. (Posted immediately after the season 4 premiere, so spoilers for that.)

SHERLOCK - **WIP** A Confrontation of Demons Part 1 (of possible 6 parts) [Gen, Squint optional, Mild R (Violence)] Post 1.03, minor referential spoilers - It's 2:18 AM, do you know where your Sherlock is? [LJ-only for now] (STILL A WIP BECAUSE PHYSICS HATES ME.)

SHERLOCK - Mornington Crescent Revisited [Gen, PG] - Sherlock only ever plays to win. Conversation format. Silly.[LJ-only]

SHERLOCK - Echoes - [Gen/Squint. PG.] There are places of such significance that they wear down the walls between worlds, but only on certain nights.

SHERLOCK - Aftercare - [Slash, Sherlock/BYOPOV. R. KINK: Implied.] It scares me how far Sherlock needs to go to shut his mind down. [LJ-ONLY]

SHERLOCK - Anthea's Day Off - [GEN, PG] "Anthea" and Moriarty walk into a bar... Text message format. Humour. [LJ-Only]

SHERLOCK - A bunch of really short GEN-ish things I wrote and posted on the Sherlock BBC meme. [LJ-Only]

SHERLOCK - Another meme thing. NOT GEN. Depictions and discussion of sexuality and sexual activity, Sherlock/John, PG-15 [LJ-Only]

SHERLOCK - Sherlock and Me: An Adventure in Deliberate Author Insertion - Gen. PG-13 plus profanity. DELIBERATE AUTHOR INSERTION. Conversation format. Ridiculous. [LJ-ONLY]

SHERLOCK - The Announcement - [Slash - Sherlock/John, PG-13? Discussions of sexuality.] Sherlock feels the need to announce certain... happy occasions. [LJ-Only]

Numbers Breakdown:

39 entries under "Fanfic" tag (some are multiple ficlets):

18 Supernatural
17 Sherlock
2 Chuck
1 Dr. Horrible
1 Sherlock/Dr. Horrible crossover

47,000-ish words this year (plus a few things lurking out in meme-land I may or may not ever claim responsibility for. *looks shifty*) Less than half the word count of last year, but whatever. Life happens, sad to say. :-/

And primarily for my own amusement, here is a list of the top 15 most Favorited stories out of the ones I have mirrored over at the Fanfiction.net.

Laundry Day
Where Monsters Fear to Roam
It Takes A Village
The Toaster Incident
Rituals of the Road
Why Sam is Taller than Dean
The Simple Joys of Home
Building Dean Van Halen
Everything I Ever Wanted: A Dr Horrible Fic
Have It Your Way
Doctor Horrible and the Embiggening Ray
Newer Every Day

I think it's kind of cool that stories from several fandoms are all in the pack. Rather egalitarian. :-)

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