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Reaction: Doctor Who Series Five (Anchor Post and Spoiler Summary) - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Reaction: Doctor Who Series Five (Anchor Post and Spoiler Summary)
I'm blocked on several long fics and SPN is on hiatus for a little while longer, so I'm going to try to sneak in watching an episode of Series Five of Doctor Who here and there. As a result, I'll be doing some reaction posts, so here's the list of everything I know (except the parts I forgot) about series Five without having watched it.

Spoiler Summary Things I know or have heard about Series Five even though I've been avoiding it as much as possible.

-The Doctor crashes the Tardis, possibly in a swimming pool. Meets Amy when she's a little girl, says he'll be right back then doesn't come back for a whole lot of years, after Amy's had issues with therapists (bit some) and gotten a job as a Kissogram girl.
-Eleven rebuilds the Tardis. More likely the Tardis rebuilds herself, because she's awesome like that.
-There is nudity, crossdressing and snogging. Somewhere.
-Fish fingers and custard.
-There are vampires in Venice.
-Cracks in the wall mean someone or something has been erased from the universe.
-The Doctor rents a flat and hides out as a normal human, and plays soccer.
-The Weeping Angels re-appear and get more lore (which is bound to mess up my fic plans for Quantum Rock, but whatever).
-Daleks in WW2
-Rory is Amy's boyfriend. Rory gets erased from time. Rory comes back guarding a big box in Roman soldier garb. He is wearing the garb, not the box because that would be weird.
-The big box is the Pandorica, and it's going to open and this is likely Not A Good Thing.
-River Song is a BAMF and all over the place. Also is possibly Benny from the novels.
-Blinovitch Limitation effect goes boom, maybe Eleven meets his own current incarnation and destroys the Universe or something.(Wrong.)
-Doctor is erased from time. Or something.
-Amy and Rory and maybe River have to dream the universe or the Doctor into existence. Or... you know.
-Amy and Rory get married and go traveling with the Doctor together.
-The Doctor dances... a bit like a chimpanzee. O.o

-Loads of other stuff, because seriously, it's been out since forever and I have been a giant chicken.

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