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Reaction: Doctor Who 5.02 (with slight picspam) - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Reaction: Doctor Who 5.02 (with slight picspam)
This is an experiment in SPEED-REACTING

Actually probably not.

It usually takes me about four solid hours on average to do a live reaction/picspam for an "hour"-long episode of something. Episode one of series five took about 5 hours without much picspamming. SO. I have 2 hours and I'm well-medicated, I'm gonna see if I can get this done.

Contains profanity, meta, blithering and randomness, and 21 random screencaps this time.

Doctor Who 5.02 - The Beast Below

-Funky floating city thing, with a big old Union Jack painted on. I wonder where it might possibly be from? *ponders with much pondering*

-Fail and get sent Below. I think I've seen this concept in a sci-fi story ages ago. Wonder if the kid is actually too smart, and they're culling the smarter people from the gene pool to keep the population docile or something?

-Does not help that the Vator operator looks like the boatman on the river Styx. With a big wind-up key around his neck.

-Silly child. Going into the elevator alone even when you know what will happen. I'm re-thinking that 'too smart' theory now.

-Creepy little poetry-reciting elevator girl gaaaah! She's giving me flashbacks to Test Card Girl from Life on Mars. I think it's the background pattern.
Photo 1

Photo 2
Photo 3

-Still with the lightning in the Time Vortex, so it wasn't just the crashing that- GAH IT'S ON FIRE! Okay, eventually that will stop freaking me out.

-Um. This seems like a highly inadvisable thing to do, considering the guy holding your ankle and keeping you breathing in outer space has kind of let you down a few times before, sort of, but I guess if you're going to do a trust exercise, you might as well go for the whole banana. Also, girl in nightgown floating/flying against the stars... Peter Pan much? Which would make a kind of sense I guess, if Eleven is a reaction to where Ten was towards the end, he could be trying to... something. Regress to innocence? Hm. It bears pondering.
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6

-Though if Amy can fall out the Tardis doors in a few seconds when left unattended, she might need tethering. *facepalm*

-"Observers only. That's the one rule I've always stuck to in my travels I never get involved in the affairs of other peoples or planets." *chokes on everything ever* Sure, yes, absolutely, the very epitome of uninvolvement, you are. BWAH! XD

-Also, that's the old Time Lord prime directive, isn't it? He's never really had much use for that.

-"Don't you find it hard, being all detached and cold?" Pft! Yeah. Really rough. XD
Photo 7

-Just noticed the new Tardis console appears to be partially leather-covered. I'm not sure, but I think I find that a little disturbing. O.o

-Might want to put on something other than pyjamas if you want to go adventuring through time and space there, Amy. Oh well, it worked for Arthur Dent, why not?
Photo 8

-Ah. Checking for vibrations from the floor? No engines running? Hm. Are they feeding kids into the engines for reaction mass or what? No, that's engines, still. Ah. Monster in place of engines, yes?
Photo 9

-"There's an escaped fish." *headdesk* More Torchwood's purview, that.
Photo 10

-I don't know who this person is yet, but I want her cloak. And boots. She can keep the mask. Oh, hey, glasses of liquid on the floor. She can keep those too.
Photo 11

-Ooo, and the Doctor dodges the parent question glibly.

-"This fell out of her pocket when I bumped into her. Took me four goes." Bwahahaha! Subtle. XD

-"What I always do, stay out of trouble. Badly." ...you know, I'm starting to wonder if this Doctor isn't actually a bit nuts, or actually in denial about his entire life to date. Hm. After the whole Time Lord Victorious thing and the emotional hell before his recent regeneration, he's due for a bit of a psychological break of one sort or another. At least he's not attempting to murder his companion like Six. O.o

-Oh hey! Magpie Electricals! That was the TV shop from the episode with the face-stealing radio wave monster in series whatsit! Ten and Rose! Series Two! Yay, continuity... sort of... I guess? Wouldn't think the company would've survived long after events in that episode, certainly not centuries into the future. Maybe it's someone trying to revive the glory of their ancestors or something. Though between the previous occurrence and the current 'hole' situation, shops with that name do seem to be a tad cursed.
Photo 12

-"It's kind of weird. A long time ago tomorrow morning." Welcome to the joys of time travel linguistics, Amy Pond. XD

-Two squishy-snaky monsters for two episodes so far. Also that's a tremendously efficient hand crank flashlight. Mine takes three minutes of cranking before it's full power. But hey, I guess the 29th century has more efficient... gears and things. *nods*

-Come out of a tent (with or without a tentacle in it) and you're surrounded by creepy guys in hoods. Neeeeever a good sign.
Photo 13

-"No engine vibration." *is smug like a smug thing* Not that that was a rough thing to guess. It wasn't likely he was testing for escaped dinosaurs. Not on a space ship, or at least not on this space ship.

-"Help us Doctor. You're our only hope." *snerk* Okay, we've gone from Peter Pan to Star Wars.

-Liz Ten? Heh. Yeah. Liz. Elizabeth. Elizabeth the Tenth. So, she's the Queen. Verrrrry cute.

-Creepiest voting process ever. Vote to protest or forget, but never for. Doesn't speak well for the platform being voted on.

-HEY! IT'S THE INTERSECT! *falls over laughing* XD

-And she hits forget. Yeah, it's a bit early in the episode to find out that they're feeding kids and no doubt miscreants and rule-breakers to the monster running the ship in place of the engines. Which is probably not wanting to be there at all, and actually enslaved, I suspect. This is Doctor Who after all, and sometimes people are as big as starships and have tentacles.

-OH! YES! She's left herself a message. Okay, Amy kind of rocks.
Photo 14

-"Long story, it was a bad day, bad stuff happened." *pauses for a minute to stop choking* Yeah, that was a synopsis of "End of Time" there from the Doctor's Epic Denial and Repression standpoint, wasn't it? XD

-Ew. Below is squishy. :-P

-Speaking of Star Wars references, garbage disposal with something living in it, hmm? Just saying.

-"The next word is a scary word. Get yourself in a calm place." The Doctor's gone right round the bend, hasn't he? XD
Photo 15

-"It's a tongue." ROFL!!

-Eaaaaaaugh!!! You know, while being strapped to a chair and being rolled down stairs by a person with a head like a cactus may have been the 'worst rescue ever', being puked up by a giant beast thingy has got to be pretty far up there.

-"There's nothing broken there's no concussion, and yes. You're covered in sick." Well, at least he's succinct?

-Okay, I didn't see that coming. Silly me.
Photo 16

-"Hair of an idiot." Hee! Not always, Ten had some fantastic hair.

-Yup, she's Queen. *nods* You know, Queenie here is coming across as a combination of Zoe off Firefly, and a really badass red riding hood. I haven't seen much of Firefly, though, so that might be a false impression. Either way, I like her.
Photo 17

-"Oh Amy. We should never have come here." Oh dear. Either it's something he can't change or it's something that will cause a lot of death to change, or it's something that will make him very disappointed in humanity. Possibly all three. Probably all three.

-"Keeps me looking like the stamps." *snerk*

-Perfectly sculpted to her face. So she hasn't changed. Hm. I'm not sure what that means yet, but it sounds ominous. This Doctor doesn't explain much as he goes.

-Different face on the back. Shades of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone there? Smilers. Somehow the name makes them even creepier.

-You know, they wouldn't need to feed people to the monster if they cut back on the amount of wasted mass the ship is carting around. Seriously, all of the UK, really spacious decks, plus high-vaulted rooms with brick walls? The inertia of the ship must be freaking ridiculous.
Photo 18

-Say what you will about Amy's white nightie and robe, it does well at hiding the stains of dried monster-puke.

-Nice that it won't eat the kids, although maybe they just aren't ripe enough yet.

-Ah, yeah, zapping the exposed pain center. Yep. Monster is a victim too.

-...okay, so, the tentacles bashing (maybe??) at the screen didn't budge it, but the Doctor lifts it off without straining... to expose a tentacle which is emitting a sound no one can hear.... Uhhh... My head hurts.

-"Who did this?" ...Yeah, I'm guessing you or your ancestors, followed by some orders left in place, followed by a nice session of forgetting every so often. Yes? (Like the under-city of New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York: "How much do you want forgetting?")

-Ah, that's what's up with the mask, it's hundreds of years old. Yep, she figures it out every ten years or so, comes here, Forget or Abdicate. This society is truly messed up. And yet... heh. Very meta on the nature of politics and society. What painful truths are forgotten or pushed aside to maintain the status quo? charis_kalos would have a lot to say about this episode, I think. Sorry, getting philosophical there. Onward.

-"This one, as far as we are aware, is the last of its kind." Okay, so. Not only is it an intelligent creature being tortured to run the ship, it's completely endangered. Gahhhh. This is not a happy episode.

-"Press the other button, the whale will be released, and the ship will disintegrate." Yeaaaah. Happy ending not looking likely for anyone here.

-"You don't ever decide what I need to know." Oooo. There's a snap. A very quiet snap. Somehow they can be more scary than the loud ones.

-"When I'm done here, you're going home." Disappointment in humanity has never been something the Doctor has borne well.

-"You're only human." OW.

-"Look, three options. One, I let the Star Whale continue, in unendurable agony, for hundreds more years. Two, I kill everyone on this ship. Three, I murder a beautiful, innocent creature as painlessly as I can. And then, I... I find a new name, because I won't be the Doctor anymore." Ohhhhh bloody hell. OW already, dammit!

-Ahahaha. Yeah. It won't hurt the kids. It came to help the kids. So by releasing it, maybe it'll stick around voluntarily -- despite the fact that the humans have been abusing it constantly -- for the sake of the children? ...Why do I suddenly feel like renting a moving van for a Star Whale, packing its crap up and helping it move to a galaxy far away from humans, maybe with an unlisted phone and a restraining order? It can bring the kids too if it wants, but it really, really needs to get the hell away from humanity. :-P

-Here we go, engmatic button-pushing time!
Photo 19

-"What if you were really old, really kind and alone, your whole race dead, no future." Oh dear god, the Doctor's a freaking star whale. *facepalm*

-"It's always a big day tomorrow! We've got a time machine, I skip the little ones!" Heeeeeee! XD

-"Winston Churchill for you." Ah, so that's the next one up then. Not really fair, them including a spoilery promo for next episode as part of this one.
Photo 20

-Aaaaand there's another crack. That must have been maddening, watching the series as it happened.
Photo 21

...and that took a bit over *koff* 3 hours to get through. I'll post this in the morning before work if I can, but for now I'm off to sleep...

And now it's morning! Bleh. Posting! May edit later.

Again, please no discussing episodes I haven't seen yet in the comments, much appreciated!

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izhilzha From: izhilzha Date: April 9th, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Long story, it was a bad day, bad stuff happened." *pauses for a minute to stop choking* Yeah, that was a synopsis of "End of Time" there from the Doctor's Epic Denial and Repression standpoint, wasn't it? XD

I'm actually pretty sure that's Eleven's version of the end of the Time War. *pets him*

But yes, he is a bit... off. Enjoying not being Angsty Ten anymore, I think. :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 9th, 2011 05:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't know if he's enjoying it much, but he's got a bit of conscious avoidance to him that's intriguing.
izhilzha From: izhilzha Date: April 9th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
*biting tongue to avoid spoiling you for future episode*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 10th, 2011 05:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Much appreciated. :-)
aelfgyfu_mead From: aelfgyfu_mead Date: April 9th, 2011 06:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aaaaand there's another crack
You've summarized the whole series! Cracks in walls, cracks in time and space, cracky writing, cracky Doctor. Yes, I think he has some serious denial!

I do like Amy. I wasn't that impressed with the first two episodes, but I'm very fond of Amy and Rory.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 10th, 2011 06:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Doctor Who's always been pretty crack-filled, right back to Hartnell. It would explain the Zarbis. :-)
6 comments or Leave a comment