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Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.03 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.03
Contains speculation based on things I think I know about future episodes. Which could turn out to be wrong, maybe, but the future episode references are still there. Also blithering and nonsense and snark and 36 screencaps. Sounds like a picspam to me!

Doctor Who 5.03 - Victory of the Daleks

-Ah yes, Daleks in WW2. Hey, I have those miniatures! Sort of, mine are smaller.
Photo 1

-Written by Mark Gatiss. Seems strangely appropriate.

-"What's he after?"/"Tardis key of course." Hehe! You know, for a second, I didn't think of it as a head of state wanting control of a time machine to win a war. I thought of it as Winston, who wanted to be a companion and never got the chance, so he went into politics instead. Aw.

-"I rang you a month ago." Seriously! Temporal navigation! Take a course or something! *facepalm*

-"It's a Type 40 Tardis, I'm just running her in." Still? After 900-odd years? Suuure.

-"Such as?" Daleks of course. Oh this is going to be quite an interesting reaction from the Doctor, I think.

Photo 2
Photo 3

-"I am your soldier." I love how Daleks can sound so damned snide. XD

-Oooookay.... so... Humans have now invented the Daleks, or is this some Frankensteinian Torchwood mashup? Hmm. Well, the shape can't be a coincidence, and the guns are beyond human tech levels so... hm.

-Bracewell's Ironsides. Surrrre.

-Sing it with me! 'I always feel like somebody's watching meeeee, and I've got no privacy, whoaaa.' Sorry. Had to.
Photo 4

-Ahahahahahahaha. Yeah.
Photo 5

-Ah! The Daleks went evil because they were made to fetch files. Makes total sense.
Photo 6

-OH! Oh my. The Dalek invasion(s) never happened now? Or is Amy pre-Stolen Earth (pre-Army of Ghosts, for that matter), or (and I suspect more likely) is it part of the crack effect? Or has Amy had her head down all through the years so busy drawing the Raggedy Doctor that she's missed all the stuff actually happening? Probably crack. *nods*

-The Companion goes up and knocks on a Dalek, while in the background, the Doctor facepalms. He's being surprisingly calm about all this.
Photo 7

-"Can I be of assistance?"/"Shut it." Heeee!

-Oh this is a lovely non-verbal exchange:

"I'm on to you."
Photo 8

*eyestalk raises* "Yeah? Bring it."
Photo 9

"Don't worry, I will."
Photo 10

"Um. Right. Sorry, innocent human-invented robot has urgent things to do elsewhere now, noooneenooneenooo..."
Photo 11


-Anyone else think, while the Doctor was flipping that hat around in the war room, talking about proving that the Daleks are evil, that he was going to go over and do the old 'hat on the eyestalk' trick?

-Ah, there we are. Eleven is good at repressing it seems. Though Daleks offering tea would be enough to make anyone snap. Plus, HOW DO DALEKS MAKE TEA??? There's only so much you can do with a sucker-arm. O.o
Photo 12

-I love the pause button. It brings about the most ridiculous faces. XD
Photo 13

-The Doctor beating up a Dalek with a very large wrench. "You do not require tea?" *hand gestures, giggling helplessly*

-"You are my enemy! And I am yours." ...Oh. My. God. This is another crack effect, isn't it? The Daleks don't know the Doctor. They're still aliens, from Skaro, etc, except they've never known the Doctor. Holy crap. I now want to go back and re-watch Genesis of the Daleks and see what effect that would've had. If I recall correctly, one thing is they wouldn't have been trapped underground for centuries, cut off from everything, getting bitter. Wow. Okay, this is freaking cool.

-"Correct." Okay, maybe not. Damn!

-Oh. Well, shit.
Photo 14

-Yeah, it's a bit late for the Marines.

-"But I created you!" That argument didn't work too well for Davros any of the times he used it either. The guy does seem to think he created them, though, so how would that have worked? He had shells built to his blueprints, and then at night the Daleks came in and replaced them? Like shoemaker brownies? ...wild. O.o

-Blowing off a hand is new, isn't it? Daleks haven't been much for precision targeting in the past.

-"We created you." OH, COOL!! ...are they gonna pull a BSG now and have the Daleks running around looking identical to humans? I kind of hope not. And probably not. The whole 'we are the superior species' thing falls a bit flat when you make yourselves look like an 'inferior' species, like that whole human hybrid thing in Depression era New York. Hm. Except for covert ops. Oh lord the Daleks could run covert ops. But the scientist guy wasn't a Dalek mentally, so... hm. Interesting.

-Aw, the Daleks are so excited their plungers and gun stalks are shaking, like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit presented with a fine Wensleydale cheese. That's adorable. *pats Daleks*

-Now, see, If I was Dalek high command here and wanted to get rid of the Doctor, I'd just unleash the planet-cracker bombs at this point. But then causality comes into it, where the Daleks will be doing things on and to Earth for many years to come, (plus that whole reality-bomb component thing,) which means it can't become floating rubble in 1940-odd and everything goes to hell. Of course, the Daleks in the same room with the Doctor leaving is a bad tactical move, because no matter what the plan is, after revealing that yes, you are evil and yes, you are a tad miffed at the Doctor for being a pain in the aft panels over several millennia, the second you leave the room, he will thwart the hell out of you. It's a quantum thing. You can either know where the Doctor is and what he's doing, or you can know how badly your going to get trounced at the universal domination gig this time 'round. True facts.

-*breathes* Babbling there, sorry. Also adding Dalek to my spell-check because the red wiggly lines are annoying. Why have I not added it before. Silly me.

-"I was their plan." Yes. It was a trap. Happy now? At least you got to beat one with a wrench, that must've been cathartic.
Photo 15

-And he goes of without Amy again. Doctor, honey, you are looking for another date with a cricket bat. *headshake*
Photo 16

-"Keep buggering on." Really? That's a catch-phrase I hadn't heard from WW2 before. It's gotten some connotations I don't think it had originally... Amy's thought-bubble is a bit transparent here, and seems to read something along the lines of 'Appropriate, since the Doctor keeps buggering off.' But I could be misinterpreting that look.
Photo 17

-"Tardis self-destruct." *snort* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THAT'S A COOKIE!!! That explains all the jammy dodger comments a while back then.
Photo 18

-"That is deep for a Dalek." Heee! So. Progenitor device. Gee, wonder what that does. Totally incomprehensible in purpose for ever and ever. Requires serious and deep pondering indeed. *ponders deeply and seriously*

-"It wouldn't recognize you as Dalek." Ohhhhhh. And he gave the testimony that they were. Oh yeah. That works. And so the Bracewell bot was building new Daleks since the progenitor thingy wasn't accepting commands and the few Daleks remaining were reproducing their biological bits by... binary fission? ....I don't know how Daleks normally reproduce. I don't think I want to know, really. Or think about it. Eek.

-Ahahaha. And while the Doctor is rabbiting on being the exposition fairy, the Dalek quietly goes over and gets on with the plot. HAHahahahaha. Awesome.
Photo 19

-Dammit, I really want a cookie now.

-Oh, that's clever. Yeah, switching on all of London's lights during the Blitz would really screw them up. Speaking of which, shouldn't Jack be running around in an invisible ship somewhere and random people be growing gas masks out of their faces and looking for their Mummy? Or is this a different stage of the Blitz? Oooooor is this another Crack-effect? Hm.
Photo 20

-"None of our weapons are a match for theirs." Wouldn't Bracewell's lab have some leftover bits? Maybe? Worth a look at least.

-Doctor, you do remember that you are just holding a cookie, right? I mean bluffing is fine and all, but...

-Yes, if a weird Dalek baby-making machine has been activated in the vicinity, sudden unusual sound effects are highly suspect.
Photo 21

-...and together they form VOLTRON! Sorry, sorry. I forgot about the colourful Mighty Morphin' Power Daleks. Let's see, aside from colour (and probably purpose, since these are back to being genetically 100% Daleks and they wouldn't be colourful if they didn't have a purpose for it, since Daleks don't exactly value individuality), they're a bit smaller in the head, wider in the body and the foot platform's been trimmed. Also, looking less metal and more plastic. Still got the bumps though. Gotta have the bumps.
Photo 22

-"The resurrection of the Master race!" So, inside each of the Dalek shells is John Simm, waiting to bust out? AWESOME. XD

-"My life is a lie, and I choose to end it." For Daleks, they got the emotional package on their construct pretty detailed. Hybridizing with humanity would do that I guess.

-"All hail the new Daleks!" Heheh. Um. Yeah. About that. See, I'm guessing that these new guys aren't gonna be too impressed with their watered-down cousins. Extermination imminent, kiss your Dalekanium goodbye, yes? Sadly. I like the old Dalek design. I guess, like everything else, I'll get used to it.

-Also, the new guys could use a cough drop or something, because the voice is sounding a bit gravelly.

-"We are ready." ...I don't know why I even thought they'd want to save themselves or not be willing to be destroyed for the good of all Dalek kind or whatnot. Silly, silly me. *facepalm*

-Makes for a handy comparison shot though. Old versus new. I see the new Daleks have more junk in the trunk. Or power plants or something. I really will miss the old design. :-/
Photo 23

-He's really invested in that damned cookie. XD
Photo 24

-Seriously, where the hell is Torchwood? Did they fall in the crack too?

-Almost missed the Dalek role-call there. Drone (I think), strategist, scientist, eternal (that sounds ominous) and supreme, because even though they don't value individuality, one of them has to be Supreme.

-"Alright! It's a jammie dodger, but I was promised tea!" Ahhhhhahahahahaha. Yeah. Can't keep them from scanning forever. And now we run. Or blow things up. Or go with plan B.

-But- what- propellor- bubble- atmosphere- no air-seal- how- propellor- PHYSICS, GODDAMMIT!!! Oh well. WW2 fighter planes in space! Cool! *gets the laws of physics a shock blanket and some tea and pats consolingly*
Photo 25

-New paradigm Daleks can't shoot worth beans. Apparently the hybridization with humanity over the years was what gave the Daleks that amazing targeting ability they demonstrated earlier this episode. That's what you get for being intolerant pepper-pots; crap targetting, just like the old days.

-Fighter plane has Dalek bumps in the cockpit. That's nearly disturbing, though it makes handwaving the laws of physics and the lack of air-seals in a bit easier. Sure. Dalek bumps. They can do anything!
Photo 26

-Um, Doctor, if you could take down the Dalek shields, why were you just standing in the console room not telling anyone about it? I mean, sure, everyone likes a good brood now and then, but is it really the time? Unless he was distracted by pondering. Or that cookie shot his blood sugar sky-high and he was trying not to pass out. Hm.

-Shades of Independence Day there a bit?
Photo 27

-Yay, the lights are off! The bombers are still in the air and have a bearing on you, but really, the thing about the WW2 German Heinkel He-111 bombers is they're kind of like really big moths. When the light goes off, they completely forget where they were going. Sure. They don't even notice the light from all the fires. Wrong frequency. Yeah. That's it. *handwave*

Photo 28

-"The final end." ...And I see Eleven has changed his mind on genocide. ...Hunh. Nine used to be like that too. Hm.

-"Bracewell is a bomb." Well he's cute but I wouldn't say- Oh, explosive, well, who doesn't love a good explosive scientist bot. Hey, the Daleks do have a planet-cracker! And they don't give a crap about causality! Woo! I think.

-"There isn't a sincere bone in your body. There isn't a bone in your body." Pft. HA!

-An Oblivion Continuum. Well that sounds lovely! Also a good name for a band.

-"The Earth will die screaming." So a very slow explosion then.

-Yeah, of course the Daleks wouldn't blow up the scientist anyway. They're honourable as hell, Daleks are. *facepalm*

-*The Doctor runs in punches out the android* Hahahahah! Well, let's hope that helps then. Building a bomb that needs to be conscious to go off seems like bad design to me, but then I don't go around building scientist-bombs, so there you are.

Photo 29

-"You're an inconceivably massive Dalek bomb." There are some statements to which "WHAT?!" is the only possible answer.

Photo 30
Photo 31

-Ooo, he's got a wormhole. Doesn't the vet have pills for that?

-"Time jump in thirty rels." OH MY GOD, YAY! DALEK UNIT OF MEASUREMENT! RELS!! \o/

-You know, this scientist guy, android or not, is having a truly shitty day.

Photo 32

-The Daleks really did a hell of a job giving this android emotional capacity. Aw.

-"You are a human being." Yeaaaaaaah, emotional pain not exactly working there Doctor. Nice thought though.
Photo 33

-Grief doesn't work, yet wistful romantic homesick schmoopiness does. And this would be the second time Amy stepped in to see the hopeful/positive option. Interesting. Very interesting. It seems like with each Doctor in the new Series', the companions help the Doctor find something about himself. Nine was all damaged by the Time War, Rose brought him back from that. Something.... I'm not saying that right. I'm rushing because I'm about to have a Wombat on my doorstep and I need to finish this. Must ponder later.

Photo 34

-And of course the Daleks got away. They all just got new chassis, they aren't going to do that and then get wiped out in one episode.

-"There are terrible days to come." Oh indeed. Very much so.

-Heh. Just noticed Winston Churchill's got a bowtie too. Bowtie buddies!
Photo 35

-"Oi, Churchill." Bwahahahahaha! He had to try. XD
Photo 36

-"More like twenty, once we've seen to the urgent things we've got to see to." *snerk* Ring the clue phone a little harder there. Yeah... You know, simple solution would be to take him in the Tardis and drop him off somewhere uptime in a retro 40's UK revival colony. They've got to exist somewhere after all. But randomly wandering around planet Earth with a Dalek-controlled-wormhole in his chest, sure. Much better. Hey, how long's he going to last for? Probably quite a ridiculous length of time, provided the Daleks don't decide to try setting him off the next time they're by Planet Earth. Probably ended up with the conspicuously absent Torchwood. Sure. Why not?

-"You didn't know them, Amy." Yeeeessss. Back to the series arc. And another crack in the wall. Are they following him or is he making them as he goes? Hm.
Photo 37

All questions and ponderings are rhetorical, please don't answer them, and please no discussion of episodes I haven't got to yet. :-)

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ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: April 11th, 2011 04:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Heee!!! I did love the cookie, indeed I did. Not fond of the new Dalek design either, but I think most of us aren't (even if from what I hear they are popular anyway). I am also wondering if Jack was lurking about. I am also very fond of the non-verbal, oh my yes:)

Hope you two had fun.

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 11th, 2011 05:38 am (UTC) (Link)
I want one of those cookies so badly now it's ludicrous.

Yes, it was a wonderful visit, and I really wish... you know. :-)
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: April 11th, 2011 05:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes, I know:) And mmmm cookies, dammit:P
bellatemple From: bellatemple Date: April 11th, 2011 05:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Ahhh, the M&M daleks and the scientist-bomb stopped by the power of love. This one had my sister all flaily with the long-time old school Who fanneriness, but then she got all tempted to buy herself the light up orange dalek keychain. . . .

Which reminds me, I need to get back to work on the mini denim TARDIS I'm making for her for her birthday. Which is in a week. Oy.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 11th, 2011 05:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Denim Tardis sounds nifty! Will you be posting pics when it's done?
bellatemple From: bellatemple Date: April 11th, 2011 06:20 am (UTC) (Link)
That's the plan! Assuming it ever gets past the "featureless blue rectangle" stage.
killerweasel From: killerweasel Date: April 11th, 2011 10:31 am (UTC) (Link)
It is due to this episode that I ended up going on a massive hunt for Jammie Dodgers for my mother at various stores around here. I believe they sell them at Target. :P
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: April 11th, 2011 03:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
They aren't called jammie dodgers here, (I think they're called fruit cremes) but they are fairly common in stores. I just need to find time to get to a store!
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