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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 6.22 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 6.22
CAUTION: 214 images. Will eat your bandwidth.

Contains profanity, capslock and speculation....

...and actually rather a LOT of profanity, mostly the word 'shit' preceded by the word 'oh.' O.O

Spoiler and Theory Summary

Almost nothing. The only thing I know isn't technically a spoiler buuut... It seems that Jim Beaver's TV Series Pilot got picked up, so that adds serious probability to Bobby's "Most Likely to Die and Stay Dead" title. Eeek! O.O

Also, I've been off Twitter for the run up to the finale and haven't gone back yet, (and haven't read my f-list since 5PM PST May 20th) but I have heard (from a side mention on a prompt in an a comment-fic meme in a different fandom O.o) that apparently Misha is the focus of a stir again, that has been noted outside of fandom, but relates to the show in some way. Last time that happened it was the 'Lucifer is rising' thing, where some people got the wrong idea and it started a bit of a holy tag war on Twitter.

So, from that, I'm guessing Castiel takes over Heaven and becomes God or something and Misha's having fun with it, or Castiel jumps vessels into Dean and Misha's having fun with it. My bet is on the apotheosis though. Or something like it. Castiel's turning out to be a wayward son too, eh?

Beyond that, I'm not theorizing anything more than I did previously. Unlike 99% of SPN watchers, I had a week between these two episodes and during that time I wrote some crackfic that will likely never ever see the light of day, but I didn't end up spinning out more theories like I thought I might. And I'm cool with that.

I'm going to refresh my water, get set up and hit play, and just keep going until I finish or pass out.

Oh, and montage. There damn well better be a freaking montage.

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 6.22 - ??? "The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Starting this after midnight, will have to try not to make loud noises so as not to disturb neighbours. *starts chewing gum to curtail shouting*

Photo 1

-'-don't you cry no more.' Ba-dum-ch! Six years, you guys. Every time, it makes me misty. Whenever the last season is, and the last Carry On montage plays, I'm gonna be a freaking wreck. *blows nose*

-Run Sammy! Nice to see the cops actually notice one of the many illegal things the Winchesters are doing at any given moment and take exception to it now and then.
Photo 2
Photo 3

-Door Fence Gate-kicking, I guess? Yay! \o/

-Hello there, 'castle on a hill made of 42 dogs!' Wait, I thought John's storage locker got totaled earlier, like Season 5? I'd check, but spoilers. Maybe it's a chain of storage facilities named Castle, and just happens to be near where Sam is hiding from the police?
Photo 4

-Whoever left the delivery door unlocked on the bar after hours is a moron. But a helpful moron if it gives Sam a place to hide. Still, a moron.

-We're running about 50/50 on bar staff being good or bad lately, aren't we? Kind of hope she's not evil, but we're in the pre-credit zone so chances are she could be... but she's in the pre-credits with Sam, so... hm. Maybe Sam isn't actually Sam? We need some thing to go into the last title-smash of the season, and if it's not a death, it'll be an unexpected reversal of assumptions. Hm. Either way, she looks like she could give whoever left the delivery door unlocked nine kinds of very painful Hell.
Photo 5

-"What's your name?"/"I dunno." Oh shit. Sam's Hell wall's busted. *facepalm* Well, there's the pre-title reversal of expectation. I'm guessing it didn't just fall on its own because he sneezed. Finale after all.
Photo 6

-SMAAAASH! I liked this season's title card. Kind of meta-able. Walls and hell walls and dimensional walls and fourth walls all going smash this year.

-"The Man Who Knew Too Much" That would be Sam. Maybe. There's a lot of ground to cover...

-"I knocked 'em out cold. Both of 'em" Yeaaaaah. Not going to endear you to the barkeep there Sammy. Though it seems you've lost the memory that you SUCK at hand to hand combat, most of the time. Hey... You're not soulless again, are you? O.o
Photo 7

-"I don't have time." Ohhh dear. Yeah. Where's everybody else while Sam's running around with his walls down, all amnesiac? Probably not at a slumber party. My guess is 'thoroughly screwed'.
Photo 8

-I like her. She's calm in the face of crazy, understanding, sort of, and a problem solver. Too bad she's probably going to die before the end of the hour. It's a finale, I'm not getting too attached to anyone new.
Photo 9

-*chuckles evilly* Oh yay, we aren't done with Lovecraft yet. Hoped we weren't, since he was killed by an angel and no one's really found that out yet.
Photo 10

-I'm liking this kind of 'in medias res/tabula rasa' start, puzzling backward and knowing that there could be the reinstated Apocalypse, a gate to Purgatory, Cthulhu rising, Crowley deciding to forgo Heaven and raze the Earth, Castiel apotheosizing, loads of sources of imminent worldwide doom in the process of thundering down, but Sam can't remember and so is puttering around in a closed bar hiding from the cops, looking at the bar's library, finding something that might trigger a memory cascade or further wall failure or something, since we're about due for something to change things up so we don't spend the whole finale wandering around with an amnesiac Sam while Earth-shattering events happen elsewhere. Of course. "Of all the gin joints in all the world, he had to walk into the one with a wall full of horror books."

-Incidentally, bar with a library. Want. One.

-"Are you a horror fan?"/"I think so." Heh. No Sam. Not really.

-Hi mini-memory cascade! Five minutes in, right on schedule. Hm. A shot of Dean in front of a hospital heading back to the Impala that might even be from season 1, Ben in a darkened car in motion, shots of Balthazar, Dean and Bobby talking about things including Lovecraft from recent episodes, and the next location the GM script says Sam needs to go. It's like old school psychic vision time again! Ah nostalgia.
Photo 11
Photo 12
Photo 13
Photo 14

-"Maybe you're a hooker?" *chokes on gum* BWAH!
Photo 15
Photo 16

-"No. Apparently I'm stubborn." Just a bit. *pats Sammy*

-So much love for the bartender trying to look out for Sam. "You've gotta be nuts."/"I've been called that." I really am trying very hard not to get attached to her. She'll be dead or possessed by the end of the episode. If she isn't already possessed.... Say, whatever happened to Meg? She was called 'buckets of crazy' once... I really am too paranoid for my own good, aren't I? Still, not getting attached. If she survives the episode, maybe, but until the credits roll, nope.
Photo 17
Photo 18

-Written by... oh, shit.
Photo 19

Really? Oh crap. I don't even know what kind of hell that's going to bring anymore. DAMMIT I DELETED MY "KRIPKE YOU BASTARD" ICON FROM MY ICON POOL. And the zen one. Zen. Yes. Must find Zen. Trust Kripke. Kripke's got a plan. Or something. Breathing. Yes. Ohm. Zen. Meep. O.O

-*nods at Sam's room-picking logic*

-Directed by Robert Singer, being a finale, no surprise there.

-"Dude, who are you?" Heee! She's adorable. Still not getting attached. Nope.
Photo 20

-Yes! Wall o'crazy. Seeing a lunar eclipse on that wall maybe, but the rest is blurry. With threads though, like the last one that blew Sam's Hell Wall gaskets with the spider-monster people *handwave* thing, you know. So either Dean wasn't there to stop him from doing this, or the situation was dire enough to justify the risk and Dean was on-side with it (eeeek!), or Dean's unconscious in a closet somewhere in the room and really, really pissed off. But that's all a bit mild for a finale. Hmm.
Photo 21

-More wall: Violent abductions, assault on a college campus, linked homicides, missing nun, floor-plans...
Photo 22

-"Nice to meet you, Jimmy Page." Yeah, amnesia and a bunch of false ID cards aren't terribly compatible.
Photo 23

-And behind our barkeep we have a map of the US and lines going in the general direction of Florida. Why? BECAUSE ALL THE F-ED UP CRAP HAPPENS IN FLORIDA! Continuity back to a line from season 2. I love set design! \o/

-"...and Neil Purtt (?), and Angus Young." Yeah. Hell of a time to discover the big guy with the memory problems has a handful of fake IDs; when you're standing in his cheapo hotel room surrounded by wall o'weird.
Photo 24

-How can you not trust that faaaace? Aw. Confused puppy is distressed.
Photo 25

-SFU Professor missing, which would be the good monster-ensouled Dr. Visyak. I still think that SFU's a shout-out to Simon Fraser University. And of course she's missing, Castiel snatched her. Which is really not a good thing. And cue flash mini-memory cascade number 2.
Photo 26
Photo 27

-Okay, she was alive, though not looking too lively, when Sam last saw her, hiding in an alley, next to some shipping pallets... Oh Castiel. What did you do? O.O
Photo 28

-And Sam hits the floor. Good drop, Jared! Good, yet entirely uncappable drop.

-HI FLASHBACK DEAN AND BOBBY! *waves* I don't know where you are right now, but I'm starting to worry about it. And for those who may have forgotten, Sam is tall.
Photo 29

-First rule of hiding or skulking. TURN OFF YOUR RINGER. *facepalm*

Photo 30

-"But when the angel stepped in..." Castiel, you dumbass. *headshake*
Photo 31

-"Tomorrow, moon, the eclipse." Yep, it was on the wall. The, um, one in the episode, not the Wall wall. So I guess the nun's the virgin, then? Purgatory's getting opened, and Castiel's going to suck up a whole lot of soul-energy. And possibly blow up half the planet. WHEE! It's a finale! \o/

-*waves goodbye to my surrogate Mary-Sue* Aw. Oh Bobby. Damn it all to hell.
Photo 32
Photo 33

-*flutter* "Sorry this had to happen." Oh so very bad timing, there, Castiel, you're gonna get your ass kicked in 12 different directions. Or at least get yelled at a whole lot since three extremely pissed off mortals aren't going to do much damage, physically.
Photo 34

-"Yeah I'll bet it was all Crowley, you sonofabitch!" Oh Bobby. While it would be cathartic for you to try to beat the crap out of Castiel right now, all it would do is hurt you. Not that you really care at the moment. Oh Bobby.
Photo 35

-"I don't care what you think." Yeah, that's really not gonna help, Castiel. I don't even think talking would help you right now.
Photo 36

-"I've tried to make you understand, you won't listen." Have you tried a flip chart? Power-point? These guys can be a bit dense sometimes. But you just killed Bobby's secretly-monster 900-year-old ex-girlfriend, so I don't think any amount of visual aids are going to help your case now.

-"Well, rest assured, when this is all over, I will save Sam, but only if you stand down." WHAT? No way! He's not gonna...
Photo 37
Photo 38

-Well that was... a tactically sound decision in the short run. They're going to stay pissed at you for a very long time one way or another, but incapacitating one of them so the rest have to drop everything and deal with Sam is a smart way to keep them all occupied. Tactically smart, but dumb in soooooo many other ways. So dumb. Castiel, you dumbass. You're going to need these guys' goodwill when Crowley betrays you and lands you in the soup. And he will. I mean come on, it's only a matter of time. Once he's gotten all the use out of you he can, he'll strangle you with all the loopholes in your 'deal' and you will be SO SCREWED.
Photo 39
Photo 40

-"So, what do you remember?" Let's see, Purgatory, virgin's blood, a dead woman in an alley, an angel, talk about demons and a lunar eclipse... not a lot of that is going to sound very positive, Sam.

-"It couldn't get any stranger." Ooooooh yes it could. *pats Meg the innocent bartender who'll be dead or evil before the credits roll*

-"I was with two guys, one was like a male model type-" *chokes on lemonade* Bwahahahahaha! True on the surface, but Bwahahahahah!

-"Bobby Singer!" Oh god, Sam looks so hopeful and we're about due for a commercial break. Bobby's dead, isn't he? He's gonna phone and Bobby'll be dead. *hides under blanket*
Photo 41

-No phone number. I don't know whether that's a relief or not.

-...those aren't the Impala keys... are they? They don't have the same bullet key chain, and there are house keys on that ring, but... Oh god if they are, Dean's gone somewhere without the Impala and the last time that happened he was dead.... Oh no.
Photo 42

-It might be the Impala, I can't actually tell, it's too damned dark. Arg!

-"Whatever you're looking for, you might not like what you find." ...hey. I just had the craziest thought. What if all this is heaven? Like her heaven? Castiel said he'd 'save Sam', maybe he took him upstairs and stashed him in a random person's heaven. The police are, like, Raphael's goon squads, fitting in like Matrix agents, Sam's found a car and is gonna go heaven-hopping, the moon's going to look weird... I dunno. Yeah, doesn't explain the hotel room and stuff. Naw. That's total crack. She's just gonna die or be possessed soon. She's cool though. I hope she comes back. Aaaaaand now I've doomed her. Sigh.
Photo 43


Photo 44
Photo 45
Photo 46

-RIGHT! \o/ Oh Dean! Although this way there's no way anyone can rat out Sam for calling Dean a 'male model type'.
Photo 47
Photo 48
Photo 49

-"I don't care, we have got to do something!" UM! UM! UM! OOO! DREAMROOT! GET SOME FREAKING DREAMROOT!! *FLAILS* Although focusing on the external world might be a better idea right now, but seriously DREAMROOT!!!! IT'S BEEN ON THE WALL FOR YEARS!! \o/
Photo 50

-"This is exactly what Cas wants, for you to fall to pieces." *whimper*
Photo 51
Photo 52
Photo 53

-"Do you smell whiskey?" Well, you are sitting in a somewhat enclosed environment next to a bartender who's just finished a shift. I'd be surprised if you weren't smelling whiskey. Ahhh, yes. It's the Impala in Sam's brain, and he's perceiving things going on around him in the physical world in a limited way, meaning the whiskey is Dean and Bobby's. Good to know. I wonder if that perception of reality is going to come up later at all. Hmmmmm.

-You're scaring the mundane, Sammy... although, she's not really a bartender, is she? He heard Dean's words through her, but she's doing a lot more talking than Dean is. Who is she in Sam's mental architecture? It bears pondering. And maybe a rewatch of Inception.
Photo 54

-Whoever she is, she's technically now being abducted and transported across state lines against her will, or something like that, even if it's for her own safety. Can you abduct parts of your own psyche? Does Sam's brain have state lines? Is he transporting her from Wernicke's area to Broca's area? THESE ARE QUESTIONS THAT MUST BE ASKED but not really. Hee.

-Oh, hey, speaking of being inside Sam's head, now I wonder what was really in that 'Castle' storage locker. Sam's Daddy issues maybe? His mental John? O.O

-Oh, hey. Soulless Sam, was he shooting at Sam, or the bartender? Maybe she's Sam's soul and that's who he was trying to shoot? If so, Sam? NEVER TELL DEAN YOUR SOUL IS A HOT BARTENDER, HE WILL NEVER EVER LET YOU HEAR THE END OF IT.

-"It was night, and now it's day!"/"It was always day." Hm. So. I'm suddenly thinking random disorganized thoughts about the concepts of the ego, superego and id, wondering if Soulless Sam, Sam, and the Bartender (does she have a name yet?) correlate to them, and wondering if I need a psych degree to fully understand this episode. Or at least a lot more time, sleep and coffee.
Photo 55
Photo 56

-Hi Trunk! *waves* Yeah. Um. If this doesn't force a memory cascade I'll be surprised, but don't let the Bartender see, or since she's acting along the same lines as a non-hunter would to things, she will freak out and I don't know what that might imply for your greater sanity.
Photo 57
Photo 58
Photo 59
Photo 60

-You're going alone into the woods (inside your mind) to hunt something that looks like you, and leaving your target unguarded. Alone. And willing to tentatively trust things that look like you. WHO ARE POSSIBLY TRYING TO KILL HER. You really do have severe brain damage, don't you Sam? O.o
Photo 61

-Hi, (blurry) Soulless Sam! Aren't you glad BC Sam's brain has such huge trees to hide behind?
Photo 62

-I love the 'stalking while being stalked' thing there, because they both move the same way. Guessing one is Padalecki's stunt double. Good motion mimicry,dude!
Photo 63

-Yeah, Amnesiac Sam, you kind of suck quite a bit.
Photo 64

-Soulless Sam seems to be very well under-lit. And has pretty, pretty soulless hair. *pats*
Photo 65

-"Normally you're awake when you're tripping balls." I have no idea why that's so funny. But it is.

-Eeee! Jared gets to play with himself! I mean against himself. Like Jensen did in The End. You know what I mean. Yay, acting challenge for Jared! \o/
Photo 66

-"And you, pathetic infant that you are shattered into pieces." Yes. And if it shattered Sam, WHO'S THE BARTENDER??? Is it like an animus/anima thing?

-"Souls are weak." Oh dear. Not according to everything else this season. Things are going to be very very interesting.

Photo 67

-Ah, Sam left his jacket to trick Soulless Sam, but now he can swap jackets and get the Bartender (who he didn't even mention, what the hell?) but, neither of them can win this, really. They're going to have to integrate, because of the whole *handwave* sanity thing. Like that episode, where the transporter splits Kirk into good and evil. Sam's got to get himself together again. I'm just hoping he does it this season and doesn't spend the whole hiatus unconscious in Bobby's panic room. Not that it's a bad room to be unconscious in, just, y'know. Consciousness has its advantages sometimes.

-Oh and did I mention, I may do some incoherent blithering. THIS EPISODE NEEDS MORE BRAIN!!!

-Well crap. So much for the integration theory.
Photo 68
Photo 69

-"You think I'm bad? Wait 'til you meet the other one." Other one? Oh that is SUCH a mean Game-Master move. And who wrote this episode? KRIPKE! The self-professed mean GM. *fistshake*
Photo 70

-Oh... hey... wait... other one.... Sam's demon blood. OH CRAP, IT'S THE BARTENDER!!! SHE'S THE- WITH- YELLOW EYES!!! KJDSKDHSADLADHA!!! Right?? Or someone is! They have to be! THIS IS KRIPKE!!! O.O

-Oh, wow! Post-mortem integration? Wild. O.O
Photo 71

-Yeah, forcibly re-integrating parts of your psyche isn't gonna tickle.
Photo 72
Photo 73

-You know... she could be the Impala. If I was casting the Impala, she'd be on the short list for sure.
Photo 74

-"There goes your leverage." Oh dear. So. Hm. Is she his guilt? Or is she Hell? Either way, Sam seems to be coping quite well with having his Soulless memories back.
Photo 75

-"Not as sorry as you're gonna be." Ohhhh crap.
Photo 76

-Oh Dean, you have that 'contemplating doing something reckless and inadvisable' look. It's about the same as your regular look, but you're quiet. Much more dangerous when you're quiet.
Photo 77

-Hi Balthazar! I still don't trust you any further than I could throw you, since you've swapped sides as many times as a triple overtime play-off hockey game. *pats the little turn-coat*
Photo 78

-See, second thoughts. Fickle bastard.
Photo 79

-Freaking Kansas. Why is it always freaking Kansas? Also, 221? Someone's a Sherlock Holmes fan, maybe?
Photo 80

-And byeee Balthazar. Whichever way the wind blows, seriously. AND I still don't trust that he wasn't all a setup to get Dean-the-perfect-vessel to show up voluntarily at the dance without just snagging him so he could be used to portage out the Purgatory souls. *is paranoid*

-'Here, Cas, have a mason jar of blood that two people died for.' Seriously, dude. Best intentions and all that, but ARG. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?
Photo 81

-"I'm renegotiating our terms." Really? This is... ominous... O.o
Photo 82
Photo 83

-"You think I'm handing all that power to the King of Hell?" YOU DO HAVE A BRAIN!!! I just hope you have a really good plan to go along with it or this could be a very short, messy renegotiation.
Photo 84

-"You either flee, or you die." Hehehehehehe. Oh dear. Well. That's not going to come back and bite him in the ass at all, is it?
Photo 85

-Hey. Wait. Was this his plan all along? Which would mean... Holy crap. Was it deliberate. The whole miscommunication and loss of trust thing? Since Crowley was getting ranty about the Winchesters, and them losing trust made them back off and.... Hm. Maybe. Was it, though? I don't know anymore. Needs SO MUCH more brain. O.O

-Bobby's place looks a hell of a lot different with the white furniture covers and the candles everywhere.
Photo 86

-Oh hi, person sitting at a table in the dark being all creepy. O.o
Photo 87

-"Oh. Hi Sam." Sounds very... Eeyore-ish. Is this Sam's depression? O.o

-"I'm the one that remembers Hell." Oh. Right. Hell. The whole reason for the wall. *facepalm* Hm. You knooooow, maybe re-integrating that part isn't such a grand idea. Dissociation is totally a valid coping mechanism in some cases, you know, Sam. *nods*
Photo 88

-Oh my god they're leaving Sam alone in the panic room? AUGH! Are they locking him in? What if someone comes- What if no one comes- What if he has a seizure- Well, actually I suppose the only other option would be to get him admitted to a hospital as a coma patient which would be nine billion kinds of stupid since hospitals are not equipped to fend off anything that might decide to come after Sam... but... but... the last thing you do with someone astral traveling or fighting a mental war inside themselves is leave them alone! You two know this! You had Pamela guard you two when you went on that death-walk thing with the Reapers. Not that that turned out too great for Pamela. Regardless, Oh DEAAAAN!!!
Photo 89
Photo 90

-"This whole time, smell nothing but Old Spice and whiskey." Ohhhh my god, Bobby wears Old Spice. My dad wore Old Spice. I'm strangely affected by that. *hugs Bobby*

-"Find that bartender, go find Jess." ...oh wow.

-"You're not strong enough." This Hell-memory aspect of Sam, it's kind of been a defender identity for him. Taking the experience of Hell and keeping it locked away so the rest of Sam could survive. I don't think he's part of the defensive wall Death put up, I think he's a dissociated part of Sam's own personality, and Death's wall just blocked him off, in essence, keeping Sam's soul/memory/whatever separated and compartmentalized by force. Hell-Sam thinks Sam's not strong enough because he is Sam's strength, beaten down, but not shattered. I hope that the time behind that wall gave Hell-Sam a chance to heal a bit. I doubt it did. Because, y'know, finale. Things are only going to get worse.

-Man I hope someone with a degree in psych metas the hell out of all this. O.o

-"I'm not gonna fight you, but this is your last chance." YIPE!
Photo 91

-*hides under blanket*
Photo 92
Photo 93
Photo 94
Photo 95
Photo 96
Photo 97

Hee! I see a tummy! *pokes* Sorry. Ahem. *is grim and serious now*

-Dude, you gonna drink it, or just stare at it? You're already all in, the only thing you're risking now is screwing up, Crowley coming back at you, or blowing up and taking half the planet with you. Chug away!
Photo 98
Photo 99

-"We have a problem." Not really what you want to hear from your fearless leader on the cusp of the final stage of the plan, but that's okay, it's probably just Balthazar about to get what for for turning on him, or a thank you for turning on him and doing exactly what he wanted by turning on him or something. Castiel and Machiavellian plotting. Who knew?

-"Dean Winchester is on his way here."/"Really? Oh." Pft.
Photo 100

-How would he know though? Rib tattoos hide Dean. Unless he's tracking Bobby, noticed he was heading from South Dakota to Kansas and popped out for a quick invisible joyride in the back of the Impala. Or has other means of- I should just let this play, shouldn't I?

-"We have a Judas in our midst." Oh dear. Well, he's not selling you out for silver, at least, just a fickle sense of self-preservation?
Photo 101

-Oh crap. He didn't actually know until just then. Balthazar is so very toast. You'd think he'd be better at lying after all the practice.
Photo 102
Photo 103

-"I bet it's that bloody little cherub, isn't it?" ...okay, I now really want to see the rebel cherub on Castiel's team. I guess every attempt to overthrow a major government (or, y'know, Heaven) could use an official Hugger of the Rebellion. *nods*

-"I don't know, but I need you to find out." How are all these people so crap at lying?? And how do they keep falling for each other's crap lies? Not that Castiel is right now, just gah! Is it an angel thing or what? *headdesk*
Photo 104

-"I'm doing my best in impossible circumstances, my friends, they abandon me." DAWWWWW, POOR WUBBIE!!! Although people would be more inclined to trust you if you explained things more thoroughly. Seriously, dude, Power-Point. Flash cards.
Photo 105

-"Well, you've always got little old me." Heh. Balthazar has balls of solid granite. And about to get kicked in them, I think.
Photo 106

-Yep. Bye Balthazar. Turn too many coats and you'll wind up naked in the rain. Or something. (Pretend that was deep and meaningful, okay? *handwaves*)
Photo 107
Photo 108

-Oh my god, they got the moon phase right for a lunar eclipse!! \o/ What? Oh, right. Hi Dean and Bobby. Castiel's a little off his nut, maybe, or in over his head, or... I'm not really sure anymore, but you don't have to worry about Balthazar turning on you anymore.
Photo 109

-"How the hell are we gonna take out that many angels?" Okay. So. Get a blank flip chart. Paint each page with banishing sigils, and... no wait, soak through and possibly also fire. Hm. Okay, get some sheet metal, and just keep repainting angel banishing sigils as you go through the place? What's the range on one of those anyway? Circling large parts of the building with holy oil might not be practical, but it couldn't hurt. OR. Ooo. Don't do holy oil circles to trap the angels, use it as a bulwark. Block off your path with holy oil while moving through the building. Except there'd be an open end, so... hm. Seriously though, the drive from South Dakota to Kansas and you didn't work out your tactics along the way? Silly boys.
Photo 110

-"We'll ninja our way in." And that worked so well in New Harmony at the end of season 3. Actually, it could have been worse. Except for the ‘Dean getting killed by hell hounds' thing. Maybe this time he'll get his ass kicked by a badass rebel cherub?

-"You hear that?" Oh, that booming's not just the soundtrack? Oh. Eeek. O.O

Photo 111

-"Oh. T-Rex maybe?" *squawks and laughs* Apparently, me and Dean are using the same cultural reference base tonight. XD

-Oh. Crap. Here comes Crowley and Hell rides with him. Or something. Because seriously, he knows what's going down, he just got cut out of his own deal before he could cut Castiel and Heaven out, and he knows where the location is. The angels you were worried about sneaking past are about to be a tad busy.
Photo 112
Photo 113

-"Get in the car! Get in the car!" HOLY CRAP IT'S A LION DEMONIC INVASION, GET IN THE CAR! Not like it'll help too much, but hey, the car managed to derail the Apocalypse, maybe it can hold off a few piddly demons. What's the airspeed of a smoke-form demon, anyway? "Black-eyed or yellow-eyed?"/"I don't know that! Aaaaahhh!" Can a 67 Impala outrun the horde?
Photo 114

Photo 115
Photo 116
Photo 117

And this time they didn't even use a semi-truck! Screw Purgatory, what about the freaking CAR!!! D-:

-Gotta love an incantation that ends with an exclamation point.
Photo 118

-"Never underestimate the king of Hell, darling." Smackdown imminent. Thought he gave up too easily.
Photo 119
Photo 120

-Exorcism facepalm. Ahahhaha. Nice try. I don't think it will work, Cas, for one, it would be horribly anti-climactic.
Photo 121

-"I'm safe and sound under the wing of my new partner." Oh. Shit.
Photo 122
Photo 123
Photo 124

HI RAPHAEL!!! Meta-ethical moral relativism suits you.

-So, so very screwed. Oh my.
Photo 125

-*sidetracked* Hey, there's no wing burn! Either Castiel cleaned up afterward, or Balthazar's not dead. My guess is probably a bit of guilty/remorseful cleaning from Castiel, but nice to have that vague, retconnable potential for Balthazar to show up again. Sure. *nods*

-*rolls in the plotting and counter-plotting and counter-counter-plotting cackling like a maniac* YESSSSSS!!

-"You really think I would let you open that door, take in that much power? If anyone is going to be the new God, it's me." Well, that clarifies the situation. Um. O.O
Photo 126

-"You have two options. 'Flee, or die.'" Hee!
Photo 127

-Fastest. Lunar eclipse. Ever. Instaclipse. (Which is a word that my spell-check recognizes, what the hell? O.o)
Photo 128

-Ah. They draw with the blood, they don't drink it. See, this is why I don't do spellwork. It's like cooking, but with magic and bodily fluids, and I suck at following recipes.
Photo 129

-*whimper* Caaaaaaaar!!! D-:
Photo 130

-And Dean and Bobby are pretty screwed too, yeah, but CAAAAAAAR!!! D-:
Photo 131

-See, now, this is where carrying a paintball gun would be handy. Nothing like, mid-incantation, having your blood-sigil liberally splatted with day-glo polyethylene glycol. *nods*
Photo 132

-Dayum, dude! Nice throw, even though it didn't work. Angel blades don't look particularly well-balanced for throwing.
Photo 133
Photo 134

-Of course, now they know you're there and you've thrown away your only effective weapon versus angels. Bravo. Well done. *golf clap*
Photo 135
Photo 136

-EEEK! Um. Ow. O.O
Photo 137
Photo 138

-Getting curious about when Castiel will turn up again, and where. About ten minutes to go here, and I have a feeling he's going to pop in in time to do something incredibly stupid before the credits roll.

-Holy crap, did hell-brained-zombie-Sam just walk there from South Dakota? O.o OOO! OR DID CASTIEL GO FIX HIM LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD AND POOF HIM THERE AS BACKUP??? IS THERE A STAGE 3 PLOT IN PROGRESS??? Because seriously, he's not likely to have hitched a ride in his current condition; kind of shambling and holding a shiny gun. (Caaaaar!!! D-:)
Photo 139
Photo 140

-Yeah, not quite fixed yet. Just a tad broken. But standing, walking and holding a gun, which is good to go as far as a Winchester is concerned, so... yeah. Poor Sam.
Photo 141
Photo 142

-What? You guys didn't think Castiel gave you the actual blood, did you? He's busy elsewhere opening the gate. Alone. Dumbass. (Although would Dr. Visyak's blood even work? She's like, a ghost of a monster possessing a human... but still a denizen of Purgatory, I guess. Hm. Must say, good security stipulation, needing the blood of someone from Purgatory to open the gate. Like shoving the key into the locked house through the mail slot.)
Photo 143
Photo 144
Photo 145
Photo 146

-Except he's showing up with the blood now, so he's not opening the gate on his own, he's... I really have no idea. Renegotiating the renegotiation of the renegotiation? My head hurts.
Photo 147

-So glad to see Bobby moving. Didn't think they'd kill him with a trip down the stairs, but stranger and more pointless deaths have happened.

-I don't know what that look means. 'Back my play'? ‘Told you to trust me'? 'I R SO SMUG'? *headscratch*
Photo 148
Photo 149

-Five out of six major characters are in the same room, the sixth is shambling in that general direction, and there's maybe eight minutes to go. Hold on to your butts.

-"Game's over. His jar's empty." Oh shit. Okay, I didn't see that. Castiel seems to be entirely unexploded and the planet's still intact, so... oh shit. O.O
Photo 150
Photo 151
Photo 152
Photo 153

-oh shit.
Photo 154
Photo 155
Photo 156
Photo 157
Photo 158
Photo 159

-Oh crap. Dude. His voice is different, he's standing different, his tie is straighter... O.O
Photo 160

-Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby share a mutual 'WTF???'
Photo 161

Photo 162

-"What's the matter, Raphael, somebody clip your wings?" Not thinking about that thing about absolute power corrupting, nope not at all even a teeny bit. O.O
Photo 163
Photo 164
Photo 165

-"The demon I have plans for. You on the other hand?" O.O
Photo 166
Photo 167
Photo 168

Well, to be fair, Raphael did do it to him first. I guess. Meep.

-And all the mortals in the room go 'EEEEEEEEK!'
Photo 169

-I don't know why I like this particular cap, perhaps it's the subtle glint of something like insanity in his eyes...
Photo 170

-And Dean's still failing his stun check. To be honest, so am I a little.
Photo 171
Photo 172

-Yes. Humor the entity you somewhat recently yelled at and who just now blew up an archangel. Very wise. *nods*
Photo 173

-"You doubted me, fought against me, when I was right all along." Eeeeeeeek. O.O Also... there is something so sad about that statement. Like he's so happy that he proved he was trustworthy when they didn't trust him, and just wants the approval of his friends and can't think of any reason they should still be against him. Castiel is a scary fucker right now.
Photo 174
Photo 175
Photo 176
Photo 177

-"Let's just defuse you, okay?" Yeah there is that whole Cas go 'splody thing still. This lunar eclipse is going pretty fast, but there's two more in 2011 alone (maybe, unless this is June 2011, in which case there's only one more) during which another Purgatory portal could hypothetically be opened (if they find another denizen and virgin) and Cas could hworf 'em all back up then. Purgatory's gotta be pretty echo-y right now. Wonder if anyone's gonna move in in the meantime.

-"Oh no, they belong with me." Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Maybe those couple thousand souls Crowley spotted him at the first part of the deal were like the first taste and now he's addicted, like Sam was to demon blood? Friends don't let angel-friends suck monster-souls. Cas needs an intervention. But who knows, maybe the inside of an angel is a better place to be than Purgatory? O.o
Photo 178

-"Oh I'm not finished yet." Ohhhh crap. Here it comes. He's taking over Heaven and apotheosizing, isn't he? Doesn't have to be a bad thing, right? Right? O.O
Photo 179

-"Raphael had many followers and I must... punish them all severely." Eeeeeeeek. Gah, his smooth calm voice is so freaking creepy! O.O

-"We were family once. I'd have died for you. Almost did a few times." Oh yes, kick me in the heart some more why don't you? Gaaaah.
Photo 180
Photo 181

-I'll just be curled up in my blanket, wibbling. Don't mind me.
Photo 182
Photo 183
Photo 184
Photo 185
Photo 186
Photo 187
Photo 188

-"You're just saying that because I won. Because you're afraid." *hides further under blanket*
Photo 189
Photo 190

-Oh shit. Sam? Um. Aside from the 'please don't kill Castiel' thing, and the high probability that it won't work at all anymore, I think maybe shoving an angel sword into a vessel with a few million souls in it might be a very bad idea for the survival of the planet. O.o
Photo 191

-"You're not my family, Dean. I have no family." OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Yeah. That's right. Rip out my heart and stomp the crap out of it. Just so I don't forget what show I'm watching.
Photo 192
Photo 193
Photo 194

Photo 195

-Hehehehe. Yeah. Not gonna work.
Photo 196
Photo 197

-Man. Get your memories of being a soulless death machine and being tortured in Hell back, walk from South Dakota to Kansas, stab a guy who used to be one of your best friends and have him shrug it off. Tonight's really sucking for you, isn't it Sam?
Photo 198

-"The angel blade won't work, because I'm not an angel anymore." EEEEEK!! Oh crap, here it comes.
Photo 199
Photo 200
Photo 201
Photo 202

-"I'm your new God." Gaaaah! Yep. Thought so. Oh crap. And this is why Misha is getting in trouble again, I'm guessing.
Photo 203
Photo 204

-"A better one." Hunh. Is that hubris? How does that even work? Actually, considering Chuck was God, it's not much of a challenge to be better, but still... *headscratch*
Photo 205
Photo 206
Photo 207

-"So you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord. Or I shall destroy you." Bwahahahahaha. Yeah, I bet Misha had fun with that. XD
Photo 208

-And the dramatic strings go 'waaaaaaah!' and it's extreme zoom time!!!
Photo 209
Photo 210
Photo 211
Photo 212

-(But what about the caaaaaaar!!! D-:)

And that's it for season six! Well! My goodness!

The cosmology and theology of this 'verse is BAKING MY BRAIN and I will leave all the theological finer points discussions to those with more expertise in the field, but I'm thinking of this as Lucifer's rebellion, except God wasn't there to stop it because He'd decided what the heck, they don't want to do Fate, let 'em play with free will, let's see what happens, leaving the power structure under its own steam, netting assorted angels trying to keep running through the Fate cycle, even if only to have it all be over. So! Now, Castiel's in charge in Heaven, but he didn't cast out God to do it. Making him..... hunh. I'm going to stop trying to figure it out now, because I've already had two days worth of migraine and it's like trying to think with a dried-out sponge right now. :-P

In conclusion, going back to the end of Season 5:

Dean - Cas, are you God? / Castiel - Not yet, but ask me again next season finale.

Hello, hiatus! I think we're going to need you!


...Now. I'll be going through my f-list backlog over the next few days, so if you get comments on very old things, it's just me.

(Hi there skip=550! Let's dance. *cracks knuckles*)

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anniehow From: anniehow Date: June 1st, 2011 10:08 am (UTC) (Link)
Doesn't this just open so MANY POSSIBILITIES??? *is all excited*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2011 07:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Season seven's looking interesting, that's for sure.
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: June 1st, 2011 01:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
"he's so happy that he proved he was trustworthy when they didn't trust him, and just wants the approval of his friends and can't think of any reason they should still be against him."

That. Sums up the truly scary part of Castiel's power trip and where his head is at now...How are they ever going to talk him down???

(Loved 'watching' this with you, your stream-of-consciousness is very entertaining!)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2011 07:05 am (UTC) (Link)
How are they ever going to talk him down???

Somehow. Eventually. I hope. O.O
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: June 1st, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Of all the gin joints in all the world, he had to walk into the one with a wall full of horror books."

Muah ha ha I love you:) There was so much talking to the screen and wibbling I cannot even tell you, sigh. But ohh the meta;) Damn you show, I need a dustbin for the shattered pieces of my psyche every damn season:P
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2011 07:06 am (UTC) (Link)
*blushes* It does have a way of making things go 'ow' does it not.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: June 1st, 2011 09:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
Caaaaaaas!!!!! Of course this is the best thing they've done with Cas all season (pretty much the only thing they've done with Cas all season), so obviously the fangirls go ballistic and fandom once again implodes due to assumptions being made about episodes that haven't even been filmed, let alone seen, yet. *shakes head* It's kind of like when Jared finally got to show how his acting's come on through the whole demon blood to Lucifer storyline and the Sam Girls imploded because he didn't wear hoodies any more. Or something.

I thought Misha was fabulous anyway, and I can't wait to see him as a good bad guy (bad good guy?) or whatever they decide to do with Cas in season 7!

And IMPALA!!! Why is no-one stressing about the Metallicar??? (And I can totally see what you mean about Erica Cerra being an excellent casting choice should they ever decide to turn the car into a person!)

And yes. We didn't see Balthie's ashy wing shadow thing did we? *strokes chin* I'm really hoping that means he's not actually dead! I know Sebastian Roche's not really English but he has an English accent and it was nice to have someone with an English accent in an American show who was (nearly) a good guy!

And Bobby didn't die! Yay for Bobby!!

Actually it's kind of nice to have a season finale where neither Sam nor Dean is dead. Yet.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2011 07:07 am (UTC) (Link)
The car needs attention, and yay for Bobby still being alive! \o/ Good point about Sam and Dean being alive.
malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: June 2nd, 2011 01:51 am (UTC) (Link)
I have no words for the finale honestly. I wasn't to happy when it as over and I'm still not. :\ But I loved reading your recap. :)

I knew I recognised bartender chick, but I kept thinking it was werewolf girl from Heart (minus wonky eye, or with some really good makeup). I realized later that I know her from Eureka! And she kicks ass on that show too. :D She would make an excellent Metallicar (or Lucy Lawless! Age fits better. Yes, I've thought about this. lol)

Also, Impala can easily be flipped an repaired, not nearly as traumatizing as being t-boned I don't think. Still, it was horrified gasp inducing.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2011 07:10 am (UTC) (Link)
It was an interesting place to end the season, certainly. The Impala flipping was indeed gasp-inducing,.
bellatemple From: bellatemple Date: June 2nd, 2011 04:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Gotta love an incantation that ends with an exclamation point.

I love your eye for the show's details.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2011 07:11 am (UTC) (Link)
They put 'em in there, I just sometimes spot 'em. And an exclamation point is a better sign of quality in a incantation than a smiley face would be. ;-D
kreespa From: kreespa Date: June 2nd, 2011 01:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Neil Pert = drummer for Rush :P

I wonder if the writers remembered that "only an angel can kill another angel"... so theoretically Dean couldn't have killed Raphael and Sam couldn't have killed Cas even WITH the angel-killing-sword...
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 2nd, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Considering Dean killed Zachariah with an angel sword last season, the more accurate statement the show could have made on the matter would have been:

"only an angelic weapon (that angels aren't supposed to loan out willy-nilly to mortals but certain angels apparently do, (yes we're looking at you Castiel)) can kill an angel"

...buuuuut this show's relationship with accuracy is a bit lax. ;-D
kreespa From: kreespa Date: June 2nd, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
ahhhhh true forgot about that! unless he counted due to being the true vessel or something (in which case sam could in theory too)

hehe... continuity -- who needs it?!? :P
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