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Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.04 and 5.05 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.04 and 5.05
Since the new Torchwood started airing this weekend in several places, and the poll ended in a three-way tie, I think it's high time I got on with watching Series Five of Doctor Who. I'll watch Torchwood eventually, but I suspect I'll want to watch it all at once, so I'm holding off for now.

Contains profanity and speculation based on things I think I know about future episodes....These two episodes may contain some blithering about fanfic as well. Fair warning. May also contain some screaming. And a massive freak-out or two.

Doctor Who 5.04 - The Time of Angels

-Random guy out spinning in a field, a bit gooned. It's like the first year of college again. Except I suspect this guy is a lot more doomed.

-"Hallucinogenic lipstick." Ah, well, that explains things. Now betting it's River Song.

-River, dude. Those shoes are not suitable for clandestine operations, like, at all. Style is great, sure, but they're loud and not stable, unless there's some kind of anti-grav assist for that heel. And that dress in combination with those heels is just asking for a caught hem and an inconveniently-timed faceplant. Like when people are shooting at you.

-Multi-purpose weaponry, however, is always an excellent accessory.

-Bwahahahahahahahahaa! I love time travel.

-"You've got a time machine, what do you need museums for?" Hee! Hi Amy.

-Yes, it's the thing River was after, but I have to say at this point that it looks like it could be incredibly painful.

-"The lost language of the Time Lords." Don't know why, it looks like it'd be a hell of a lot easier to take notes in.

-Ah, and River was carving him a note. What's it say, 'Stop messing around in manky old museums and meet me 12,000 years ago?'

-Hey, if this is a Gallifreyan ship, why was the hallucinating guard not hallucinating red grass, orange sky and silver trees? It's not like they couldn't fudge that in post-production. Maybe that's why he was spinning; he was trying to figure out why everything was the wrong colour.

-And isn't all of Gallifreyan everything inside the time lock for the war? Or did events in 'The End of Time' result in leakage of some kind? And if a ship (or just its black box thing?) got out, what else got out?

-I should just hit 'play' shouldn't I?

-"'Hello sweetie.'" Heheheheheeh. If you're going to use an epic long-lost language, use it with flair. I'm also quite amused that the ancient Gallifreyan hoody-hoo language had a word for 'sweetie'. Or River invented it. Either way, hee!

-For being the galaxy or whatever's biggest museum, their security is crap. An alarm and a couple guards. Pft. Must be going for that 'retro' security look.

-Actually, Gallifreyan fashion never really did black tie, and those are rather Earthy looking weapons, so maybe this is a human ship that just happened to find a Gallifreyan ship recorder thing wandering around looking for a home that doesn't exist anymore (aw), which means buddy with the lipstick hallucinations was hallucinating in the correct colours after all.

-Heeeeee. Rather a lot happens before the credits, eh?

-GAH FIRE IN THE VORTEX! Damn thing. *huffs*

-*waves hi at Moffat's writing credit*

-Gotta say, it's a lovely looking ship. Very swoopy. Not terribly cappable, though.

-...maybe there is something special about River's shoes, if she's hanging them off bits of the Tardis Console... O.o

-"They're blue boringers!" *snerk*

-Doctor: *imitates Tardis noise* Me:*falls over laughing* That's not the Time Rotor, dear, that's an asthma attack. XD

-"It's not supposed to make that noise. You leave the brakes on." ...Okay. Finding River a bit annoying now. ...unless... She's Romana, isn't she? She's just oozing Romana I all over the place right now. I hope she's Romana. Otherwise, she's pushing dangerously into Mary-Sue territory with this knowing everything and showing up the main character business. *moves on*

-"Environment checks." *opens doors and sniffs* Me: *grins* Point for the Doctor.

-"I can run away from anything I like. Time is not the boss of me." Oh dear, and that worked out so well last time.

-"I'm going to be a Professor some day am I?" D'oh!

-See? What did I tell you about those shoes, River? Now you're walking barefoot through wreckage. Maybe next time you'll wear sensible footwear, hm?

-Ooo, incoming teleport! Are they bringing tea, or guns? Yep, guns. Why don't they ever bring tea?

-Well, at least they're friendly guns at the moment. Also, Professor seems to be something more than Doctor, and River is... engaging in free-lance army provision? *headscratch*

-There's something you won't see very often.

-"Father Octavian, Bishop second class, twenty clerics at my command." Ooookay then. So... hunh.

-From what I've heard, this episode and the one after it are the Weeping Angels episodes, and also from what I've heard, I'm going to be ignoring a lot of the stuff in these episodes when I get to continuing Quantum Rock. Which I will. I'll try to keep the whinging to a minimum though.

-So, if there's an unobserved angel in the wreckage, if it has any sense, it's miles away by now. But I guess it needs to feed, so it'll have to sneak up on a few redshirts and suck out their potential whatsit.

-Oh. Well. It's getting dark and there's a network of catacombs to blunder through. Let's just head on in there then. *facepalm*

-Also, whatever century this is, the iPhones sure got clunky.

-"Technically, I think it's called a maze of the dead." And yet they want to blow open the entrance and go wandering. Oh. My. God. These people are too stupid to live.

-"Are you all Mr. Grumpy-face today?" *snerk*

-The deadliest, most powerful most malevolent life form? It doesn't technically kill anyone though, just send them back in time. Hm. There's something requiring pondering in that, but I can't see it yet.

-"That's my day. That's what I'm up to. Any questions?" Sounds like a fairly typical day for the Doctor, actually. Deadly enemy vs Doctor with a screwdriver, a torch and only a vague notion of a plan he's making up as he goes along and depending on being clever at the right moment to solve the problem. Yep, pretty average day.

-"Is River Song your wife?" And Amy derails everything. Hee!

-51st Century. That's when Jack is from, isn't it?

-Ah, so it eats radiation and stuff too. Would pretty much have to, since victims wouldn't always be handy.

-"You're like rabbits! I'll never get done saving you." Aw. Just something about the look on his face. Humans are his favourite, (when they aren't being short-sighted, narrow-minded, self-destructive warmongers disappointing.)

-"Anybody need me? Nobody?" Awww. Poor Amy. I suspect she's going to get imperiled before the end of this episode though, so no worries then. *pats*

-GAH! I thought it might do that, but it- recording- from on board- it- turning- OH FUCK RIGHT OFF MOFFAT!!! *curses volubly and burrows back of neck into chair* WHY THE HELL DID I THINK IT WOULD BE OKAY TO WATCH THIS AFTER DARK??? O.O

-*goes on YouTube and watches several minutes of random crap* Okay. Back to it then.

-*freaks out again at paused video image*



-I've paused and unpaused this couple seconds of the episode so many times. It's going to move again. I know it's going to move again. Gaaaaaah....

-All right. Let's try science. Why and how would the recorded image start moving? It's absorbing radiation and stuff from the ship. Meaning...it's over-riding the quantum-lock? And also developing the capacity to go back along its own timeline and change, or something. So it's not the image moving, it's the statue in the past as it was recorded moving and changing and THAT IS NOT HELPING. Gah.

-There are faaaar too many darkened windows in my apartment...


-Facebook. You're doing it wrong. XD

-GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! And you, dramatic strings, you can go to hell too!!!

-*watches another several videos on YouTube*

-No, god, don't put your face near it, you idiot!! TELL THEM IT'S CHANGING!!!

-And now you've looked away. And now you're screwed.


-It's 3AM Pacific Sunday morning, surely someone on my f-list is posting something distracting... *browses*

-The door is moving, oh god. WHY DID YOU NOT TELL SOMEONE ABOUT THE VIDEO, AMY? Oh, right. You're getting imperiled before the end of the episode no matter how intelligent you are with personal risk management. Or not, as the case may be.

-"I've got pictures of all your faces." Darn. Here I was hoping it was that Gallifreyan sense thing. Less likely she's Romana, then. Unless she's fob-watched. *ponders*

-There are no pictures. Oh crap. No pictures. Eeeeeeeek...

-NO DON'T LOOK AWAY AGAIN!!! Oh crap there's something behind her now isn't there?

-Turning it off... Is it a good idea or a bad idea. On one hand, you can't see it. On the other hand you can't see it...

-Oh, and it won't turn off. That's just freaking great. WHY ARE YOU NOT TELLING ANYONE THE MONITOR IS POSSESSED, SILLY PERSON???

-Amy, we've already had the discussion about putting your face near weird crap before, haven't we?

-And she looks away to mess with the wiring. *facepalm* DOOOOOOMED!!!


-And now she goes to get the Doctor, and now it's too late. And looks away again in the process. I'm just going to headdesk a while, don't mind me. *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*

-As someone said when we watched Blink, 'WHY DO THEY NEED SUCH VICIOUS TEETH?!'

-"That which holds the image of an angel itself becomes an angel." And this is ElevenDoc's 'Oh crap.' face. In profile.

-And she's looked away again. Gaaaaah. Amy, girl, you are hard on my nerves.

-Well. Crap.

-And they can impose a deadlock seal. Nice. Handy. Arg.

-YEAAAAAH!!! One eye at a time! \o/

-"Don't look at the eyes." Ah. Great. This is the infection part I think I heard of, right?

-Pause on the blank spot. Eehehehehehehehheh! Yeah, okay, why not.

-"River, hug Amy."/"Why?"/"'Cause I'm busy." Awwwww. Ish. Not really a hug, though.

-"It's no longer dormant." Just in time for them to blow the tunnel open. Whee!

-Yep. Amy's been infected or something.

-Yes, in the fifty first century, torches make whooshing noises when they sweep back and forth.

-Create Light spell Gravity globe. Handy. Crap. So, the ship with the weeping angel in it landed on top of a catacomb full of statues. Somebody's a lucky, lucky monster.

-"He doesn't know yet, who and what you are?" Well, if he's paying attention, the whole 'offering an army to the military priest people' might give him an idea or two on your moral standpoint.

-Well, prison. Pft. How many times had the Doctor landed in a jail cell to save money on the set design budget for one reason or another over his lifetime? Hardly worth a footnote.

-Christian and Angelo. Warrior-clerics. Ha. Sensing a theme. Oh, hey, the other guy, he wasn't a Bishop, his last name was Bishop (ETA: Actually his last name was Octavian, and he is a Bishop, and I should not try thinking so hard about things at 4 AM). Yeah. definite theme.

-It's like Moria in here. But with statues and a Weeping Angel instead of Orcs and a Balrog.

-Yeaaaaah, I think this is a little beyond the reach of Visine.

-If you find yourself crying sand after a close encounter with a monster made out of stone, TELL SOMEONE!!! SERIOUSLY!! *headdesk*

-'Be vewwy vewwy quiet, we'we hunting statues. Huhuhuhuhuhuh.' Sorry. Had to. They're so doomed.

-Flashlight flickering, IT'S A GHOST! No wait.... Actually, the original batch of angels did that thing with the lights in the basement... yeah. Doomed.

-Hm. Rock moving noises. Is it just visual perception that locks the angels, or will hearing them or observing them in some other way stop them too? Maybe not...

-Yep. Doomed.

-"Come and see." Saying, 'hey, I found the monster and would really like to blink, so get your ass in here' might have a more immediate effect.


-"It would be very good if we could remain calm in the presence of decor." Heeeee!

-'Stay with the other cannon-fodder, young Bob.' Yeaaaaaah. You do that.

-"No I mean he had two heads." None of the statues have two heads though. Maybe he had a second one installed? If the architect of this place was Zaphod Beeblebrox, just leave now, the whole place will collapse in a second on its own.

-There's some very Indiana Jones lighting and framing going on here.

-Whoa, hey. Body. Not just blipped back to the past. Eeeeek. O.O

-"I thought they were all dead?"/"So is Virginia Woolf, I'm on her bowling team." Heee!

-"Oh." What? They have no faces? The architect wasn't Zaphod Beeblebrox, came naturally with a second head and none of the statues have two heads? What??

-Perception filter? What? UNPACK YOUR EXPOSITION, DOCTOR!

-Okay, it's the two heads thing. So, you guys are horribly horribly screwed. Turning off the lights at this point just means you won't see it coming.

-Yeaaaaah. DOOOOOOMED. Holy crap, so doomed.

-They've moved, and they have some freaky facial features now too. How long has the angel been there? Of did it get out and turn the crew of the ship before the crash?

-Meanwhile, back among the more imminently doomed... Hello Bob. Considering how he's one guy and can't face all directions at once, and also blinks, he's lucky the angels close by him are bone-idle. Or should that be stone-idle? Stone-idol? Yeah, I'll shut up now.

-GAH! Okay, fine, I even know these are coming but GAH!

-That sounded kind of neck-snappy. Poor doomed Bob.

-"We're in the middle of an army and it's waking up." So the facial features thing was the angel regaining its image. Hm. Interesting.

-Bob's still alive! Maybe? Yay! I think?

-Yes! The angels killing people with brute force is weird. Why? *ponders*


-"The angel has no voice so..." GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! O.O Holy freaking catfish. GAH!!! So it sends you to the past unless it has something to talk about, then it kills you and EATS YOUR BRAIN. Or something. In a handwavey sort of way.

-"Don't wait for me! Go! Run!"/"I can't." Uh oh. Here we go.

-"I'm not leaving you, never. I'm sorry about this." *chomp* AH, so it's a hallucination. Okay. That's... good...? Maybe?

-"There's always a way out." And another segment of funky perception. Hm. Personally I'm wondering if they can call down that gravity globe and amp up the floating capacity to haul them up to the ship. Regardless, the tunnels behind them have been open all this while, so they could be outside trying to mess with the Tardis again. Hm.

-"You made me trust you and when it mattered, you let me down." Great. Not only are the angels going to snap everyone's necks or disperse them randomly through time, they need to whack the Doctor with the guilt stick.

-"There's one thing you never ever put in a trap."/"And what would that be sir?" That would be the Doctor, yes?

-Yup. Ooo. Pretty explosion.

So, he's shot the gravity globe, the 'make-it-go-floaty' goo is going to cover them and make them fly, yeah? Not exactly targeted, though, it's likely going to hit some angels and miss some redshirts. We'll see in a minute. Because it's light outside now...
...I'm going to watch the next one right now too. Since sleeping is going to be a little freaky if I try at the moment. Yes, I am a giant wuss. You should've seen me after watching that 'Marble Hornets' series on YouTube.

(She said right before she passed out exhausted for 6 hours.)

Right. *koff*


Doctor Who 5.05 - Flesh and Stone

-Ah, a Previously. Yep, that happened.

-"Where are we?" HA! The lights! Ahahahahaha, oh that's cute. They're hanging off the underside of the ship. The process of which of course we didn't see, because the BBC isn't made of money.
NEW EP. 67

-And it worked because ship anti-grav is still working. But, the... Ah hell, it's cool, and maybe this ship's origin culture has some kind of stricture against the vastly simpler method of keeping people stuck to the hull via magnetic boots. Hey, maybe the hull's non-magnetic! So they have to use anti-grav generators. Which are strong enough to counteract the gravitational pull of the planet its crashed on, if you get a boost. Sure. Let's just say that. *handwaves pesky logic and physics and things*

-I still would like to know why the Angel wanted the Doctor angry. To get him to access the ship? Are the Angels going to take it over? I guess we'll find out. *ponders*

-My, what an unnecessarily sharp access hatch door-thingy. If this was Supernatural, I'd bet someone would get macerated by that thing before the end. But since this is Doctor Who, maybe an angel will get stuck in it when they figure out how to fly without the quantum-lock kicking in. What? Of course they will. They are significantly sprouting wings now, and back in Blink those ones on the upper stories would have been able to get up to the upper stories much more stealthily if they could fly. Why else would they still have them and be significantly sprouting them now?

-*blinks at the angles of drop and gravity interfaces and whatnot* Physics brain, I know you're atrophied and would like a chance to come out and babble, but we are watching Doctor Who. Shut. Up.

-"It's a death trap and a time bomb, and now it's a dead end." Gotta love a multi-purpose spaceship. (Hey, is it just me, or does the cannon-fodder on the right look a bit like Martin Freeman?)

-Yeah. Keeping the lights on would be a good idea.

-"We're being attacked by statues in a crashed ship, there isn't a manual for this!" Heeee! XD

-The electric torches are broken, yeah, but seriously, does no one in the group have the capacity to make an old fashioned fire torch or two? There's weaponry that might have chemical-based ammunition, there is fabric, it wouldn't be too hard to find something to attach it too. Of course, they are technically aboard a ship and one of the typical automated fire control systems on board fictional space craft involves sealing the area and venting the air out. That or some variant on chemical suppression systems which are also not good on humanoid life forms. Hm. Maybe not fire.

-"I absolutely trust him."/"He's not some kind of madman, then?"/"...I absolutely trust him." HEEEEEEE! XD

-"-continuous fire-" Well, that should light up the area. A bit like a disco, but still, light.

-...Why are they holding their hands like that, sort of crossed? Odd. Like the lights caught them in the middle of rapping, or hip-hop or something.

-"Nothing can turn that wheel now."/"Yeah?" Heheheheheh. Never say never, dude. Fate's got all the temptation it needs to screw you all over.

-What's up with Amy's countdown being off by five minutes? It's something to do with the angel contagion thing, isn't it?

-"They need to breathe." Ah. One giant garden to get chased through by stone angels coming up, yes? Yep.

-"Tree-borgs." ...well, okay, I guess plain trees, no matter how thoroughly bred for the purpose would be a lot of extra mass to pack around through space, but really there are a lot smaller plants that would work better. But wouldn't look as impressive or provide as many lurking places for stone angel things to spring from.

-Plus it's pretty.

-Yes. If one of your friends starts counting down for no apparent reason, it's usually a very bad sign. Or a trick to get you into tickling range.

-"The angels are feasting, sir. Soon we'll be able to absorb enough power to consume this vessel, this world and all the stars and world beyond."/"Well, we've got comfy chairs, did I mention?" Not much else you can say to a statement like that is there?

-"Doctor, I'm five!" That was a short minute. Countdown just got faster. Never a good sign.

-"There's more power on the ship-" Like, ooo, a Gallifreyan black box recordy-whatsit? Maybe?

-"The angels are laughing." Okay, so only visual observation makes them freeze. I guess?

-*gasp* SONOFABITCH!! It's a crack. Well of course it's a crack, we've gone a whole episode without one.

-Yes, okay, that's the Doctor. Imminent doom and chaos all around, and he has to stay behind so he can stick his sonic screwdriver in a big shiny weird thing.

-...and keep his back turned while the monsters sneak up on him. And no doubt also get into the wide open forest pod since no one was looking at that either. *facepalm* (I do like how they're slowly rebuilding, growing bits of skirt and wing, et cetera.)

-DUDE. IT MOVED. See, hand blur. THAT'S NOT ALLOWED! Unless it's a crack effect, which... craaaap. O.O

-Crap! They got him. See! Don't stop to poke at things when there is immediate danger and stuff! You're already burning through your regenerations at a ridiculous rate!

-"What's wrong?" And has she got to four yet? SO. Counting down. Not going to explode, might become a standard weeping angel, though it's a bit over-dramatic for her to just be turning to stone or becoming a standard monster, and with that many on the loose and active, they wouldn't likely care about a new recruit. Would it be something like becoming their queen? Maybe? We'll see in a bit, I guess.

-"Why am I not dead then?" Always a good day when you can ask that. Although the freaky just got freakier with the crack-worshipping angels... I guess it's the crack they're drawing power from rather than the Gallifreyan black box thing? O.o

-Damn, I wish he'd slow down a bit when delivering exposition, or enunciate or something. Ten spoke faster, but I could always get what he was saying. Eleven, not so much. Something "pure time energy" something "fire at the end of the universe" something. "This isn't even a little bit good." Yeah. Let's go with that.

-"Never let me talk!" Ha! Yes. Also, don't grab a person only by their outerwear. Hang on to something that goes 'ouch'.

-Ah, there's four. And down she goes.

-"Found a crack in the wall, told them it was the end of the universe."/"What was it?"/"The end of the universe." Well, that clarifies things. Thanks. :-P

-"The image of an angel is an angel." Oh crap. On her retina??? She's got a wee inverted angel in her eyeball? Seriously???

-"There's an angel in her mind!" Ooo, his voice went all thin and freaky there at the last, and now he looks very distressed. I have no idea how the logic works and all, but whatever. It's made the Doctor distressed and this pleases me. *handwaves logic again some more*


-"Why are they making her count?"/"To make her afraid, sir."/"But why?"/"For fun, sir." HAhahahahah. I like Bob. Even dead. Altough considering she didn't seem to notice she was counting, the plan kind of failed in the 'scaring her' department.

-"Close your eyes." Okay, great, but it's still in her head, isn't it? And how long does she need to keep her eyes closed. And you're still in a forest full of Blink monsters, and now she won't be able to see. So, temporary yay, long term pain in the butt.

-"If you open your eyes now for more than a second, you will die." Cheers, then! Would a blindfold help? Maybe? Duct tape? No? *facepalm*

-"There's a plan?"/"I dunno yet, I haven't finished talking." *nods* Yep. Doctor.

-"How?"/"I'll do a thing."/"What thing?"/"Dunno, it's a thing in progress, respect the thing!" *snickers* Indeed.

-"Are you two engaged or something?"/"...yes." Pft. Well, if that's true, and I seriously suspect it isn't, meet your future co-husband, 51st century religious warrior dude.

-"I'll be back for you as soon as I can, I promise." Ohhhh dear, that's not going to go over so well with Amy, considering your history.

-"If I always told you the truth, I wouldn't need you to trust me." Well... yeah...

-I'm gonna leave these caps here. Just 'cause.

-Now, what did he say when she was seven. Something about when grown-ups say things? I suppose we'll find out shortly.

-Nope, not engaged, just a parole officer type arrangement. Storm cage. Sounds funky.

-So, the crack is a ripple effect outward from the series five finale a significant event, cracking everything. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what it is and why, but I'm not saying on the off chance someone reading this hasn't seen the rest of the series. ...oh who am I kidding? The Doctor's going to get taken out of time, and these cracks are the result. Probably. Don't tell me if I'm right, I'm trying to forget all the spoilers I know for this series.

-"The angels are still grouping." And molesting the tree-borgs to turn off the lights. *facepalm*

-Surrounded by redshirts and can't open her eyes without dying. Sucks to be Amy right now. Actually, sucks to be everybody. Seriously though, do they not have gaffer tape as part of 51st century cleric-army gear so they could tape her eyes shut? Relying on willpower and lack of startle responses which might make her open her eyes seems like a dodgy plan at best.

-Ooo. If that's the crack, things might be worse in a different way... I wonder. It's always where Amy is, isn't it? And right now she's about to die from a... what? Stone angel aneurysm? And now it's right there, and huge and scaring off threats... hm...

-"Philip, Crispin, need to get a closer look at that." Yes. It's big, it's weird, it's glowing like the sun, and it just scared away our implacable enemies. Let's get right close to it and see if it's friendly. You guys are expendable for a reason, aren't you?

-Ohhhh. She didn't recognize the Daleks. Right. Timeline change. Ooo. Cool. I have no idea what's going on yet, really, but cool.

-"Oh!" The Doctor just got ambushed by a realization. Now. Is he going to say what it is, or are we going to have to wait another few episodes while he deflects questions and talks nonsense?

-'Point me at the weird thing, I'm going to open my eyes, look at it, and try not to die.' Of course it's just going to burn out her brain angel, isn't it?

-Why do I keep asking questions I'm going to get the answer to as soon as I unpause? Silly. Ah yes. So I can make popcorn. *munches*

-"It's following me. How can it be following me?" You're this freaked from two sightings on the same spaceship, imagine how freaked you'd be if you'd seen it in Churchill's time, and on the space whale.

-"I'm going to get a closer look at that."/"Go for it." HAHAHAH. Seriously. You just sent two guys in who haven't been heard from since, and I don't even know if you've tried contacting them on comms, and yet one of the remaining two of you is off to join them. Yeah. You guys were born redshirts.

-"What about the other two, why don't you just wait 'til they get back?"/"What other two?" *gasps, aspirates popcorn and spends a minute choking on husks* OH. MY. GOD. Okay. So. Wow. They went into the crack, buddy doesn't remember them, Amy does. Because it's her crack I guess, or some kind of time traveller observer effect thing? And so, does this mean the other redshirts were erased from time? Oooo.

-Oh dear. The Doctor's still a little boggled. And apparently has a case of Kermit Finger. Torches and the Doctor's finger. Things that make sounds you wouldn't expect them to.

-"Time can be unwritten." Oh dear. That's not going to lead anywhere good, is it?

-"The Cyber-king, a giant Cyberman walks all over Victorian London and no one even remembers." Ha! *slow clap* Now there's retcon for you.

-"Oh never mind the angels, there's worse here than angels." BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Not for some in the immediate moment.

-Yes. Leave the girl who'll die if she opens her eyes alone in the woods full of monsters that only kill you if you aren't looking at them. Really. Dear god. Born redshirt. Absolute bone stupid cannon-fodder.

-Oh, yes. Leave her with a communicator. That will really help. How do you manage not to stab yourself in the eye when you brush your teeth, dude?

-"Hero to many." Heh. That doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't a completely honorable and valid reason for her to kill the guy. 'Hero' and 'many' can have several interpretations, depending what the 'many' consider 'heroic'.

-I just really like the composition of this shot. Amy, all alone, unencumbered by idiots. And the Doctor remembers there were Clerics with her, so it might be... a ranged effect? Or he's immune to it to, which would make a lot of sense because, y'know, Time Lord.

-"What is that light?"/"Time running out." Hmmmmm.... *ponders*

-Just walk through the woods full of unstoppable monsters by following an audio signal while keeping your eyes shut. Sure. We used to do that for kicks in Girl Guides. :-P

-"The angels can only kill you." ... GEE. THANKS. THAT'S REASSURING. O.O

-Yep. Erasure from time. Okay then, good to have that confirmed.

-"A big complicated space-time event should shut it up for a while."/"Like what?"/"Like me for instance!" Ooo. Shouty. Eleven really has a hard time seeing any option other than the doomiest one, though, so there's another way out, but he won't see it.

-"All you've got to do is walk like you can see." Ooo. Faking out the angels with their own belief that they can't move when seen. So, belief. Ooo. Also again, nice shot composition.

-Eleven's really winding himself up for an ulcer, isn't he? *pats*

-You can't find it? It's beeping right in front of your nose.

-Oh dear. Well, there's about fifteen minutes left in the episode, there's still a chance she could be even more screwed. Likely by opening her eyes

-And an excellently timed teleport repair by River Song.

-"I've travelled in time, I'm a complicated space-time event too, throw me in!" Hahahahah. Oh River, you have no idea. He's watched you sacrifice yourself once already, I doubt he'll ever let you do that again. And not just because of the whole paradox thing either.

-Of course he'll do it by verbally downing your space-time complexity. Hee.

-"No, seriously, get a grip." Hehe. Clue phone, River, it's for you.

-"I think they've forgotten the gravity." OH I am so disappointed in myself for not seeing that coming. Any space game I run I mess with the player's gravity. I'm getting out of 'mean GM' practice. So. Not anti-grav, because they are on a planet, but... ooo. They've kind of been going steadily up through the ship, haven't they. So this is going to be a very long drop then. Unless they changed directions in the woods.

-Yep! Down they go! Unless they can still fly.

-And that would be a no. Ha! Since the Doctor's watching them. Hahaha!

-Daleks, Cybermen and now weeping angels. This show likes sucking armies of bad guys into rifts.

-Rift's fed for a while, yay. But gravity's off, Amy has an angel in her brain and what about the Gallifreyan black box?

-"The angel in your memory never existed." ... *facepalm* Of course it didn't. But then neither did the whole angel army, angel Bob, and so... the ship didn't crash, the angels were never there, anyone who didn't get time-nommed (now I have a full grip of that term I've seen around, I think I'll use it) is just fine, however many planets the angels messed with before are fine, the civilization on this planet that I think they said the angels sucked away thousands of years ago is all fine... right? Wibbley-wobbly, never mind. And the Tardis crew remembers them due to observer effect/Tardis effect/time travel brain thingies, chronowhatsits and it's not going to make a lot of difference in the end, is it?

-Yep time travel perspective. Amy is quite adorable in her shock blanket.

-"The explosion that caused it is still happening." Somewhere near the season finale. Of course.

-Well it looks like some of the cannon-fodder survived somehow.

-"You, me, handcuffs. Must it always end this way?" Hehe. Wait for it.

-"A very good man. Best man I've ever known." She killed the Doctor? Well that... probably had a really good reason. Yeah. O.O

-"You'll see me again quite soon, when the Pandorica opens." Well crap. Yeah. So that happened in the past of her now, and will happen in the future of his now, and so it's not going to end the universe, except it could because shifting timelines and pretty much all I know about the Pandorica is it's named after that myth, and I know who's guarding it because of several icons. She seems very smirky/casual about it though. Well. She knows how it's going to turn out. And that'll be in seven more episodes-ish. Well, crap.

-"That's a fairy tale."/"Aren't we all?" Hehehe. Okay. You people are way too smiley, and are making me nervous now. Knock it off.

-Whoever's doing the awesome shot composition on this show, please don't stop.

-"Time can be re-written." It really didn't work out to well the last time you tried. Remember, that whole 'Time Lord Victorious' business?

-"I'm running too." Ah yes, the wedding. So, we're picking up Rory now, yes? Or soon?

-"I was alone, in the dark, and I nearly died. And it made me think..." Oh dear, we've reached this bit, have we?

-"About what I want. About who I want." Yeah, this is that bit.

-*facepalm and headshake* Seriously, Amy, on top of all the other very major reasons this is not a good idea, you were seven when he met you a few weeks ago.

-"Everything. It's about you." Well, the crack certainly is. You've had a run of bad luck picking up companions with giant buckets of Destiny attached lately, haven't you Doctor? Between Rose and the Bad Wolf thing, Donna, Wilf and now Amy? Fate's got it in for you, dude.

-Yup. So Amy's wedding day is the origin of the cracksplosion. Weddings. Again. But at least there's a nice concrete date for the impending doom.

And there we are until I get around to the next one.

All questions and ponderings are rhetorical, please don't answer them, and please no discussion of episodes I haven't got to yet, aka, nothing after DW 5.05. :-)

Index of Series Five Reaction posts and 'Things I Know About Series Five" pre-watch summary.

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bellatemple From: bellatemple Date: July 11th, 2011 07:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Facebook. You're doing it wrong.

I love you.

You keep talking about redshirts in a two-parter in which Amy is wearing a very red top. Just thought you should know.

And your recap just connected something in my brain about . . . things. That I can't tell you. But, yes. Things. I went O.o

I had another comment to make, about something you said, what was it -- oh! I'm totally going to have to try randomly counting down to lure someone into tickling range. Yes.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 11th, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love you.

I'd really be shocked if no one else had made that Facebook comment since seeing the episode.

You keep talking about redshirts in a two-parter in which Amy is wearing a very red top. Just thought you should know.

I know, it was making me giggle. In the woods though her shirt was giving me a strong 'little red riding hood' vibe, but I couldn't think of what to do with it. With Rose and 'Bad Wolf' it certainly isn't the first fairy-tale reference they've had for a companion, and unless the crack is a jealous Rose coming to get Amy, I couldn't figure out how to work that in effectively. But redshirts are redshirts, even in camo.

Things. I went O.o

I am happy to have assisted you in making connections about...things... O.o

I'm totally going to have to try randomly counting down to lure someone into tickling range.

Let me know if it works. XD
lurkingwombat From: lurkingwombat Date: July 11th, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hey there
Thanks for the heads up!! Read it out loud last night as i had ciaranbochna, J and T here. Lots of laughter abounded around the room!! Love reading these and J wholeheartedly agreed with you on your reactions to the Weeping Angels.
Your reviews are always very entertaining to read :)
Have a good week.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 12th, 2011 01:26 am (UTC) (Link)
i had ciaranbochna, J and T here

*sighs wistfully*

Glad you enjoyed it, you guys are the primary audience after all!

Have a good week.

I'm trying, really. :-/
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: July 12th, 2011 01:17 am (UTC) (Link)
I concur with everything you said, and I raise you a guffaw;)

I also would love some sort of motivator for the caps of the Doctor and Amy's face in the forest, because owwwwwww.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 12th, 2011 01:27 am (UTC) (Link)
What would they say though?
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: July 12th, 2011 04:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Good question. I sometimes say things that make no logical sense...lol
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 12th, 2011 04:27 am (UTC) (Link)
No, no, it makes sense, I'm just blocked at the moment and was looking for suggestions! :-)
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: July 12th, 2011 05:23 am (UTC) (Link)
Ahh ok. I should get back to you when the world makes slightly more sense to my insomnia-fuddled brain;)I will probably think of things at work knowing my luck...lol
theatervine From: theatervine Date: October 13th, 2011 11:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Okay, your final pic? Just made my brain explode. And it will yours as well in about 14 more episodes. ;o)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 14th, 2011 04:25 am (UTC) (Link)
Shh! Spoilers! *plugs ears and goes lalalalala*
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