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Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.06 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.06
I need a mental beer, and I'm blocked on everything I have on the go writing wise, so what the hell, it's time for another Series 5 Doctor Who picspam reaction thingy. Over 100 caps and a bonus classic era cap thrown in just 'cause.

Contains profanity and speculation based on things I think I know about future episodes.... except I ran across a major spoiler for something revealed in series six (in the stupidest place ever, arg) and so I will be curtailing any speculation relating to that aspect of the show. Which is sad, because there is no way I would have gotten close to the answer in speculation. Ever. O.o

Doctor Who 5.06 - The Vampires of Venice

Ooo, right. Vampires. I smell imminent crack, and not the big glowy end of time kind.

-Among the many things I love about BBC productions, is the historical costumes. No idea if they're terribly accurate for 1580 Venice, but I love them anyway.
Photo 1

-"She is my world."/"Then we will take your world." That's not ominous at aaaaaaall.
Photo 2

-And yet the pair of them think it's a grand thing. Silly silly people.

-See? Silly people. Quite an atypical set of fangs our boy has there. The Great Vampire et al from the Fourth Doctor episode, State of Decay, did they have similar fangs?
Photo 3

-I should probably watch State of Decay again, shouldn't I? It's been nearly 20 years, and I don't recall much of it...

-Oh why not. *watches State of Decay* Well, there was a notable overabundance of eyeshadow, but the fangs were fairly typical. Ish. Here. See?
Photo 4

-Now. If I can stop giggling, I'll move on with the New Who. In any case, whatever these ones are, they're likely no relation to the Great Vampire. The novels and audio dramas have been all over that already.

-But what about the haemovores from Curse of Fenric...? No, no, must move along now or I'll never get this finished.

-Oh hi Rory! You show signs of screaming well, always an asset in a future companion.
Photo 5

-Aw, the phone call. Okay, Rory is just too adorable.

-Oh, right, this bit. The scene of a million animated icons. *facepalm*
Photo 6

-"She tried to kiss me." *hides from the awkward* Well, honesty is best, really, on that front. But, um. Maybe not telling him in front of all his friends would have been a better plan?
Photo 7

-Steampunk goggles are a good look for him. He's got the bone structure for it.
Photo 8

-"It's meant to do that." Of course it is. That's the bit that explodes. Duh.

-"I'm sending you somewhere. Together." Okay, that's adorable. Of course it'll be 16th century Venice and there'll be vampires, but still, it's the thought that counts.

-"It's another dimension?" Delivered with a very impressive bitchface. face of "don't treat me like a moron, man whose ghost I've been fighting for Amy's attention ever since she was seven, and who has recently informed me that Amy snogged him on the night before our wedding" (....just pretend all those pronouns make sense. *handwave*) Anyway, I SUDDENLY LIKE RORY OODLES MORE! Poor bastard, that means he's going to die. Or... yeah. We'll get to it.
Photo 9

(also this cap is making me want to see Arthur Darvill play the role of Don John (the bad guy) in Much Ado About Nothing, but that's just my thing to deal with)

-"I've been reading up on all the latest scientific theories." Weird crap happens, he does research. *draws hearts around Rory* Poor, poor, ever so doomed bastard.

Photo 10

-"I'm so sorry, Your Holiness." Oh dear, the psychic paper's got some delusions of grandeur there. XD

-"Streets are piled high with bodies she said!"/"Did she now?" Heheh. Yep. Keep the populace scared of the outside world and isolated from it. No running away, and no help from outside. *nods*

-"Erm. According to this, I'm your eunuch." Poor Rory.

-Not vampiric looking at all. Not one bit. Nope.
Photo 11

-Yeah. Not at all. Kind of blowing your impenetrable facade there, dearie.
Photo 12

-"Mummy's hydrating, Francesca." *snerk* The momness transcends monsterness. Cool. Also pretty shot.
Photo 13

-Aw, sad vampire is pouty.
Photo 14

-"D'you miss me?" Awwwwww.
Photo 15

-Yep, it's all fun and romantic until the screaming starts.
Photo 16

-Rather surprised Francesca just walked away and left them after seeing. Maybe he's depending on the "I am the master of the realm" shtick to protect him?

-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry. Face. And apparently creepy girls who are invisible to mirrors and wearing white nightgowns. Evil or doomed. I'm thinking once doomed, now evil.
Photo 17

-"Who are you?" Speaking in unison. Yep, evil.

-And he fangirls the invisibility. Hee!

-HI FIRST DOCTOR!! Knew that was coming, but still, very very cool.
Photo 18

-"Tell me the whole plan! ...one day that'll work." No, see, you have to flatter them into reveling in their genius, and it has to be their plan, not a plan they're the victims of. So. Poor targeting and poor methodology. Must work on that, Doctor.

-"This is Christmas!" Hi Sherlock line! Ah. Series Five Doctor Who aired first, but I believe Sherlock filmed first, so it was probably Sherlock's line first that Moffat reused for this script, but hey, let's just call it a tie since who knows when the script for each was written, and this script wasn't written by Moffat himself. Or something. :-)

-Regardless, Christmas in both cases comes in not so happy fours.
Photo 19

-Mmmm. Map. Maaaap. *grabby hands*
Photo 20

-'Who, me?' gesture... I dunno, Rory could look quite fetching in fangs, a white nightie and barely restrained bloodlust.
Photo 21
Photo 22

-"Gunpowder" Rory's reaction to finding out he's been sitting on gunpowder is rather perfect.
Photo 23

-Rory, king of the full-head eyeroll.
Photo 24

-"Your daughter? You look about nine." *snerk*

-'Yes, my soon-to-be husband, march me into the chamber of the vampires and offer me up as a thrall'. She's certainly got the face to match the plan, there.
Photo 25

-"You can be my brother." *pat pat* Okay, logically, that makes sense, because a fiance is hardly going to be trying to give his bride away to a 'school' where he'll never be allowed contact with her again (so not such a bright moment there, Doctor), but Rory's probably going to feel a little burned by that.

-"This whole thing is mental! They're vampires for God's sake!" Rory, the voice of reason. Or is it sanity? Either way, I don't know if he can get any more doomed at this point.

-"We hope." Yes. That will require some exposition.
Photo 26

-The Eleventh Doctor's 'vampire' face = the reason I have orange soda in my sinuses.
Photo 27

-What am I thinking, drinking orange soda? This episode s about vampire-like creatures! Switching to tomato juice immediately. Well, V8. Actually fake V8 which makes it even more appropriate for the episode. (I tried to find the V8 Dracula commercial to link here, but my Google-fu has failed, woe.)

-*sighs wistfully over the costume and set design*
Photo 28

-"I'm a gondola... driver..." Heeeee! Good thing you're hooked up with the Tardis translation thing or this could be really awkward. Awkwarder.
Photo 29

-"Have we met?" Yes actually, you were having lunch. Ooooooo, crap.
Photo 30

-"She's got the same face, which is because she's my sister!" Nice cover, or at least a good try. *golf clap*

-"Why have you brought me this imbecile?" So, not buying it then. Yeah.
Photo 31

-"Well now I see what got my steward so excited." ... I suddenly wonder if vampires (or these vampire-like aliens, whatever they are) are immune to psychic paper. O.o

-Has it gotten a little predatory in here, or is it just Amy? Hey, that's who the vampire guy reminds me of, Andy off Season 2 of Supernatural! Sort of. The face. No? Okay, Just me being delusional then.
Photo 32

Photo 33

-A room with a green light and a chair with straps. Yeaaaaah sounds like traditional vampire methodology to me. Pft.

-*paws at the shot composition* This isn't a set, right? They went to Venice to shoot this? Absolutely gorgeous room, either way.
Photo 34

-"She'll be fine."/"You can promise me that, can you?" How is it possible to like Rory even more? Plus, there's him backing Amy's hare-brained 'offer myself to the vampires' scheme with very little rational backing for it. I suppose years of playing her 'Raggedy Doctor' while she was waiting for the real one to show up again prepared him for a certain level of insanity. Poor Rory. Poor, intense, 'I'm gonna kick your ass if she's hurt, you quasi-mythical bastard' Rory.
Photo 35

-Love the lighting in this episode too. The BBC rocks hardcore.
Photo 36

-"You said she kissed you!"/"Now? You wanna do this? Now??" Rory, however, needs to work on his sense of when to bring up topics that could result in loud conversations while infiltrating the pseudo-vampire stronghold. Wait until after you've thwarted the bad guys, then go out for coffee and discuss things reasonably. There's coffee shops in 16th century Venice, right? *googles* Nope. First coffee shop in Venice was opened in 1645, and not to long before that one of the popes was declaring coffee drinking to be heretical, so not really likely there would be a coffee shop handy. Wine bar, perhaps?
Photo 37

-"I have a right to know! I'm getting married in four hundred and thirty years!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD

-Yes, of course, once the gate's open so the gang can get in, there's plenty of time to run around imperiling yourself all alone. And peering in coffin-like things. *facepalm* YOU ARE WEARING A WHITE NIGHTGOWN-LIKE THING, AMY POND. DO YOU NOT REALIZE HOW DOOMED YOU ARE BY YOUR WARDROBE? O.o
Photo 38

-And of course, you get caught. Silly.

-I can't believe they are actually having this conversation in the basement of the vampire stronghold, and not only that, having it effectively, maybe.
Photo 39

-*foof* "Can we go and see the vampires now, please?" HEE!

-"Psychic paper, Did you really think that would work on me?." Aw, crap. I knew it. Busted! And in the green glowy room of brainwashy vampirification whatsis. See, white-nightgown-thing bad. When someone offers you anything that looks like a white nightgown, JUST SAY NO.
Photo 40

-Oh, it's not a coffin it's the grate. It looked like a coffin, but in a vampire's basement, everything looks a bit like a coffin.
Photo 41

-Geez. Um. That's.... rather competitive. *facepalm* Good on Rory for bringing a flashlight of some sort though, A lot of companions might not have. Given the volume of those sleeves he could easily have brought something huge, but really, all a brighter light would do is mess up their night vision when they're trying to see past it's area or when it of course gets knocked away, or dropped and so forth, so the Doctor actually isn't doing them a favour by having the bigger, brighter light. And what's wrong with using the sonic screwdriver, like I do? Really.
Photo 42

-"Yours is bigger than mine."/"Let's not go there." Too late. *snerk*

-And hello chair with straps. You do not look comfy.
Photo 43

-"I'm from Ofsted." And for those of us neither from the UK, nor benefitted by Tardis translation circuits that translate bureaucratic semi-acronyms into something a pseudo-vampire can laugh at, OFSTED is the "Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills", otherwise known as School Inspectors.

-The green lighting is not helping the Mama Vampire look warm and friendly at all.
Photo 44

-Yeah, hi gooey corpse. Not the time to be thinking about the wedding plans, Rory.
Photo 45
Photo 46

-Green and vacant is kind of working for Amy though. In a really creepy way.
Photo 47

-"Maybe not everyone survives the process." Eleven's a real ray of sunshine when it comes to exploring theories, isn't he? That same seeing the negativest, doomiest option first thing off though. Again. There's got to be something to that. Also something I find kind of oddly ironic is that the corpse died from desiccation in a city entirely surrounded and threaded through by water.
Photo 48

-Now Rory, I know you're upset, but shouting at the Doctor in the vampires basement (courtyard? Venice doesn't have basements, does it?) is not going to help Amy one bit.
Photo 49

-"You know what's dangerous about you. It's not that you make people want to take risks, it's that you make them want to impress you." Yeah, I can see that.

-Gaaaaahahahaaaaaa. See? Stand around jabbering about character development and definition issues and the Vampiric thralls'll get you.
Photo 50

-Oh. Riiiiiight. It's a UV light, and so effective against vampires. Duh. I should never doubt the Doctor's motives in carrying a giant phallic torch.
Photo 51

-"Until one morning you awake and your humanity is a dream." See? That's how you get the bad guys to engage in spurious exposition. Sit there, lolling around helplessly, the bad guy spills the whole process. Of course it's usually more helpful if you aren't actually serious about the helpless part.
Photo 53
Photo 52

-And from that exposition, I'm going to theorize now that the people aren't vampires, but hosts, and the actual alien critter is the blood that acts as a possessing parasite. A complete transfusion and all of them would be fine. Let's see how this goes.

-"Then there are ten thousand husbands waiting for you in the water." Wait, what? So... aquatic vampires? Were-sharks? Okay then! *tosses theory* ...No, it could still work. I guess. In the water though. Hm. Well, I guess that explains why they're all in Venice.

-Maybe not so helpless after all. GO AMY! If something has knees, they can be broken.
Photo 54

-Knees or funky blue control devices. Okay!
Photo 55

-Oh, well then! Lots and lots of knees. It's a bug! Sort of. Was that a shimmer field generator like the Vin Vochi had in End of Time? Same concept, personal chameleon circuit type-thing.
Photo 56

-A... bug with a fish head. ..sort of a crab thing? With fishy bits. I dunno. Rather fugly.
Photo 57

-Yay, their rescue target whose name I've forgotten hasn't been converted yet! Chances of her conversion setting in at an inconvenient moment, judging from the amount of time left.... very likely.
Photo 58

-"This rescue plan, not exactly water-tight, is it?" This is the Eleventh Doctor's 'yeah right' face. Or 'wait for it' face. Or "I have a giant UV torch and I know what I'm doing with it' face.
Photo 59

-HA! I can't cap anything comprehensible there, but I love how, when he goes after them with the UV light, they start out cringing away, and then get a little random and flaily, like 'Oh crap, Matt Smith's gonna hit somebody, duck!'

-He doesn't do too bad in green light.
Photo 60

-"They aren't vampires they're aliens!"/"Classic!"/"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love Rory. *glee*

-Yep. Too late for the pre-credits girl. But she was fine with the UV light so... hm. Maybe the new vampires are only effected by natural light and get super-sensitive as time goes on. Sure. *handwaves*
Photo 61

-Electrified door. Electrified wooden door. Hunh. Okay, so... it's not electricity, it's mysteriobugalienvampirecrabicity and can transfer through wooden doors without harming them to zap the person on the other side. Hey! Maybe along with fish and crab, they're part electric eel! Yeah! *deploys some more handwavium*
Photo 62

-Look at that synchronized alarmed yelping! Born companions, these two!
Photo 63

-Eleven got whumped! Yay! Aw. YAY! \o/
Photo 64

-You know, dude, I've been meaning to say, and this probably isn't the best time considering your daughter's confirmed to be turning into a vampire-like thing, but seriously. That shirt does not go with those pantaloons.
Photo 65

-Great, so, now all they need to do is wake the Doctor up, get Amy to the Tardis to do a monster description like a police artist drawing thing, (the Tardis has to have something like that, right?) figure out what the vampires really are, find out their weak spot and how to reverse the thrall/conversion thing, do something about the ten thousand husbands in the sea, and tidy everything up. No problem, there's about 20 minutes left.

-"In memory of those lost to the silence..." Ha. Hm. That rings a spoilery bell. But a very vague one. Possibly for Series six, so mooooving on.

-So it's another kind of wedding thing here, isn't it. They're making her walk the plank to fall in the water to go to the, uh. Ten thousand husbands. Which for all I know at this point could be a kind of alien piranha. This show has really bad luck with weddings.
Photo 66

-Yep. Bubbles... ominous bubbles...
Photo 67

-...Hey... hey, hey, hey, hey... Over this bit where she's flailing around in the water, in the sound track... that's the sound of the Shrieking Eels from The Princess Bride! No, really, listen! It's the same sound! So The Princess Bride is part of the Doctor Who universe, and the shrieking eels are the underwater husbands of bug-crab-fish-monster created vampires. It's a crossover retcon thingy!
Photo 68

-Oh and not looking too good for saving the person from the pre-credits who I seem to have completely forgotten the name of. :-/

-Vampire son seems to enjoy having a victim give a play-by-play. Seriously, they pushed you in the water, they know what's in there, stop delivering exposition, swim to the next dock over and leg it!
Photo 69

-Excellent budget saving too. Monsters that are all bubbling water and re-used soundtrack are much cheaper than extensive CGI.

-Oh good. He's awake and knows who they are. And they're from Saturnine? Well if it turns out lead poisoning kills them, they'll have no one to blame but whoever named their planet.
Photo 70

-...If the perception filter doesn't work in mirrors, then are the vampire girls all converted to crab-bug-fish monsters too and wearing them? Where are they keeping the perception filter doodad? Those white nightgowns don't have much in the way of pockets or belts.

-"Why can we see your big teeth?" HA! Yeah. That would be 'to scare people' perhaps?

-"[technobabble]" *blink* Okay. They don't show them because they want to scare people, people see them because they perceive a threat and that bypasses the perception filter. So the answer is yes, but from the other direction. I'm getting a headache, suddenly.

-"We ran from the Silence." Okay, maybe it's this season?
Photo 71

-"There were cracks." Oh, right. The Silence is tied into the Crack. Or something. So the Silence is the end of the universe/time/etc. Definitely getting a headache. Now.

-"We can build a society here as others have. What do you say?" A society that depends on converting humans into vampires... I'm thinking the answer's 'hell no' on that one.
Photo 72

-"Where's Isabella?" Yep. Hell no it is.

-"You didn't know Isabella's name." Heh, um. Okay, neither did I, but it's been a ridiculous amount of time since I last heard it. (Now pushing 8 hours since I started watching this episode. Yes, I suck)
Photo 73

-There was an awful lot of very conspicuous water noise as the Doctor left the building... *ponders*

-"The storm is coming!" Ooo, looks like Carlo didn't get full disclosure from his boss on what species he'd be working for.
Photo 74

-Vampire boy is rather adorable at times. *ruffles his hair*
Photo 75

-"Stop talking, brain thinking, hush." *snerk*
Photo 76
Photo 77

-*double snerk* Rory. Obeys vague head-bobbled orders well.
Photo 78

-"Bend the Heavens." She's going to sink Venice and eventually flood the planet most likely. With climate change in the 16th century. But don't let that keep you from groping your companions' faces and heads, Doctor.
Photo 79
Photo 80
Photo 81
Photo 82

-"She's got blokes!" I suppose they were all a little rattled after losing the target of their rescue mission, and the Doctor being zapped unconscious and whatnot, but if the bad guy mentions ten thousand anythings under the water in a city permeated by water, it's kind of important to mention that to everyone as soon as possible.
Photo 83

-"...waiting for Mum to make them some compatible girlfriends.... eugh." Seconding the eugh.
Photo 84

-Thinking time is over, time for things to go foom again! (Random, but I have to say, this guy's kitchen looks like it belongs in Hobbiton. Except for the right angles on the doors and windows.)
Photo 85

-"I knew you were gonna say that, did anyone else know he was gonna say that?" *raises hand*

-"Fish from space." Who can fly. Flying fish from space. With exoskeletons! Okay then!
Photo 86

-Hee! Brandish that UV light! Brandish it well.
Photo 87

-Are your windows 'vampire flying fish with exoskeletons' proof? ...The blond one in the middle there, she's been kind of... I don't know. Not as aggressive as the others in some way. Every cap I've noticed her in, she's a bit... 'tra-la I'm a vampire, I guess, if nobody minds' and the other ones are all like the one on the right here, all fangs out and 'I'mma eat you now!'. The blonde one must be from a more recent batch. Not fully converted to the cultural aspects yet. *nods*
Photo 88

-And that would of course be a no on the vampire-proof windows.
Photo 89

-Very classic vampire face there. Very Dracula's Bride.
Photo 90

-Oh hai, flyingexofishskeletovampire creatures who used to be human but mutated after repeated blood replacement therapy. Lovely spines.
Photo 91

-"Blimey, fish from space have never been so.... buxom." *chokes* BWAH!!! Yeah, very true. Not as inclined to go joyriding around Cardiff either.
Photo 92

-"What are you doing?" Well, it looks like he's taking your only effective weapon and holding a somewhat unnecessary and uncappable last stand. Also likely breaking the light and getting swarmed, maybe.

-Why did the sonic screwdriver not work, is it barred? I doubt the guy has a deadlock seal on the place.

-Oh. Right. The MASSIVE STACK OF GUNPOWDER BARRELS on the wall. *facepalm* Well, he's definitely going to be breaking the Doctor's UV light then.
Photo 93

-And that would be the Doctor picking up the clue phone in time to start running.
Photo 94

-"WE. ARE. VENETIANS!" Which means you can swim and blow vampires the hell up. Not a bad set of traits, just not terribly helpful to personal survival in this episode.
Photo 95

-Sceeeenery. Mmmmm.
Photo 96

-Hey, is that a statue of Dagon? Not the Mesopotamian sea-god, but the Lovecraft Elder God one. I can't tell. It looks really familiar, though.
Photo 97

-"We don't discuss this. I tell you to do something and you do it." ...Actually, pretty much the opposite so far. Same as every other companion ever. Soooo... really? In mid-crisis he's engineering a way for Amy and Rory to get their romantic crap together? Well, I suppose if it gets them back in the Tardis and complaining about the Doctor over mutual foot-rubs, at least they're safe. Except they totally aren't going to do that at all are they?
Photo 98
Photo 99

-"Thank you." Rory is not an idiot. Ha!

-Okay, okay, I know, he's getting ready to fish up, or fish out, or attack or something and this is totally not the time but I WANT HIS GODDAMNED BOOTS SO BAD. And the cloak. I have no idea when or where I'd wear them but I want them.
Photo 100

-He is a seriously adorable kid when he wants to be. Also evil.
Photo 101

-Ah. Diving into the canal to roust his brothers or something. *nods*

-Speaking of smirky evil, hi Mama Fish Queen. She doesn't seem to believe in personal space, at least as far as the Doctor is concerned.
Photo 102

-Ahahahahaha! Nice try. Really, truly, nice try Rory. Good effort for on the fly desperate maneuvers. But aside from the arguability of that method of deflecting a vampire, this isn't a vampire from Earth lore. This is a vampire-flying-fish-crab-alien. You'd have better luck with clarified butter and tartar sauce.
Photo 103

-"This way, you big, stupid, great, SpongeBob." BWAH!!! XD

-"The only thing I've seen out here uglier than you is your Mum." *applauds* Oh very nicely done Rory. Now run or something.
Photo 104

-Broom! XD I can't cap it sensibly, but oh god, Rory and the broom! And the sound effects he makes!

-AND THEN HE PARRIES EFFECTIVELY WITH IT! Even though it won't last long and is primarily useful as a delaying tactic it's still an EPIC WIN FOR RORY! \o/

Photo 105

-"Careful!" Yes, that's helpful. Your fiance is fencing with a fish-vampire. Something a bit more than advice he can't act on would be nice.

-Hit, Rory. Not tickle. *facepalm*
Photo 106

-Disarm him! HEAD-BUTT HIM!
Photo 107

-"You stink of fish." Well, I suppose a cutting insult is better than nothing.

-Oh Roryyyyy you were doing so well, too! At least he's in position for whatever Amy's got planned. All in all, a damn fine job for a newbie.
Photo 108

-Ah! They're alien-vampire-flying-fish-LOBSTERS, not crabs. My error.
Photo 109

-Reflected sunlight into the warren of courtyards. Oh, well done Amy. Not exactly sure where she found the sunlight, given the current state of the sky with the big evil city-sinking storm and all, but whatever. *handwaves*
Photo 110

-...Well, um. I hate to say it, but that was SUPER EFFECTIVE! Hm. Maybe the perception filter... also acts as partial sunblock and he only exploded because he didn't have it on? Seriously though, what the hell kind of mirror was that, Amy? O.o
Photo 111
Photo 112

-Yes, travel with the Doctor, risk your life, get covered in really gross things, like the ash of your enemies.
Photo 113

-"I'm being reviewed now, am I?" That's not a review, that's a snogging.
Photo 114

-Yes, the sky's going nuts, the tower bell's going nuts, the soundtrack's going nuts, and the Doctor's on top of the tallest tower in town while there's lightning, looking for... something. Oh right, how to stop the storm from sinking Venice and how to catch the fish queen.
Photo 115

-I'd still like to know what sonny boy did with his underwater pals, but since there's about ten minutes left, I suppose we'll find out soon.

-Oh that's never a good sign. That's like a sideways tornado, or an inversion layer with a grudge or something.
Photo 116

-And the guy who didn't know he was working for evil fish beings bent on sinking the city is running away with the palace silver. Very proactive of him, but I expect he'll die anyway. Really though, the guy had no issues with the nobility doing nefarious things with peasant girls when he thought they were human. Now that they're aliens he wants no part of it. Kind of a double-standard there or something.
Photo 117

-Um, guys, argue later, fix things now. The Klingons have a saying for this precise type of occasion ("Only a fool fights in a burning house"), and you know things are going to hell when you're taking advice on interpersonal relations from the Klingons. Just saying.

-"Hit it with a stick." Yay, it's a plan everyone can handle! Rory's pretty darn good at hitting things with sticks too! \o/

-Oooo. In peril, and still pretty.
Photo 118

-Okay, now thinking maybe telling Rory and Amy they needed to destroy the control circuits in the chair was just to give them something to do to keep them out of the way while the Doctor played Spiderman in the middle of a giant plot-storm of great doominess.
Photo 119

-If so, it didn't work. (Aw, they're colour-coordinated. Aw.)
Photo 120

-Rather steampunkish, isn't it? Looks like something from Girl Genius anyway.
Photo 121

-Very quick response time on that weather machine.
Photo 122

-Um, yeah. You've stopped the machine, yay, but there's still the fish queen and her ten thousand sons. Though I suppose they'll be avoiding the sun, now that it's back.
Photo 123

-But, the... perception. That's part of the exoskeleton... and the giant ruff-spike thing... now she's not wearing the perception thingy at all and she's human and ...what?
Photo 124
Photo 125
Photo 126

-Okay, fine, she's going to sacrifice herself to her sons, whatever, but how is she a human? Was her perception filter working in reverse, and she's been human all along, and the filter made her seem like a flying-fish-lobster-alien becaaaause she's... some... human person, trying to rebuild a species on Earth and yet not be it's lunch? Until now? Maybe? Or she's stuck the perception thing into the same pocket all the vampire girls had theirs in. Sure! Okay! *handwaves* On with the leaping to your doom, confusing alien person.

-Or not. Because the Doctor has to try and save the bad guy. Of course, as always.
Photo 127

-Aaaaaaaand the Doctor gets another beating with the guilt stick.
Photo 128

-And Rory comes along with them. Yay, I like Rory. Which makes him doomed. Ever-so-doomed Rory. Poor bastard.
Photo 129

-"We are not her boys."/"Yeah, we are."/"Yeah, we are." *giggles* 'Gee, I wonder what kind of fanfic that exchange spawned,' she said with an air of utter innocence. XD

-"Rory, listen to that." ...Oh crap. It's all gone. There's no people, goats or anything, right? It's time for the dose of foreshadowing for the episode?
Photo 130


-SO ARE THE PEOPLE GONE OR IS IT JUST THE SOUND??? And what did vampire-fish-lobster-alien boy go visit his brothers for??

Well. That was interesting. Hm.

All questions and ponderings are rhetorical, please don't answer them, and please no discussion of episodes I haven't got to yet, aka, nothing after DW 5.06. :-)

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lurkingwombat From: lurkingwombat Date: July 17th, 2011 06:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
WooHoo!!! I love these. Haven't read it yet but i know it'll be filled with lots of goodness!!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 18th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC) (Link)
Let me know what you think. And I apologize in advance for some hard-to-pronounce compound words you may encounter...
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: July 17th, 2011 06:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Are you saying I should immediately burn all of my white victorian nightgowns and robes? Because, I do love them so--just saying;)

Rory is awesome, and not an idiot, agreed! Also, costumes and boots! *grabby hands*

The Klingon reference is perfect, love it, and everything else:)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 18th, 2011 02:40 am (UTC) (Link)
Only if you find yourself in an episode of Doctor Who or Supernatural or something similar. Otherwise they're fine. But don't go adventuring in them.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: July 18th, 2011 03:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
I will refrain from wandering about darkened castles/basements/haunted houses/highways/forests with a torch or candle then;)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 18th, 2011 03:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh don't refrain from that! Just don't wear a white nightie while doing it! XD
(Deleted comment)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 18th, 2011 02:47 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm still not sure the handwaving has taken hold in my brain for that yet. It's... awkward.

How are you liking Matt Smith as the Doctor so far?

I'm withholding concrete judgement at this point, partly because I have gotten spoiler-hints for some future developments. I'm very much a Ten girl and probably will always be, (to the point he's completely displaced Four who was 'my Doctor' since the early 90's), but Eleven does have his moments. :-)
bellatemple From: bellatemple Date: July 18th, 2011 02:54 am (UTC) (Link)
Rory completely wins. I want him and Donna to have adventures together.

And now I'm all curious as to what you got spoiled about and where. Doncha just hate when the spoilers blindside you in otherwise innocent places?
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: July 18th, 2011 03:28 am (UTC) (Link)
Rory and Donna. Good god, she'd eat him alive. XD

As to what, you'll be able to tell whenever I do an applicable episode by the great yawning gap in the speculation, and where was somewhere in retrospect that I should have known better than to look.
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