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('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.08
Contains profanity and speculation based on things I think I know about future episodes, and a few side reference spoilers for Classic Who episodes.

Doctor Who 5.08 - The Hungry Earth

I know, I know, it's a two-parter, and I have a feeling I know what's coming at the end of this, but I'll just see what I can get through when I can. Oh, and the screencap utility I use went wonky for a bit in the middle, so some of the caps will be... off, slightly. Also, either LJ's scrapbook or my batch image uploader has gone entirely insane and wants the caps in random order. Um. No. :-P

-Most adorable child ever. Also familiar child, not sure why. He looks a bit like one of the kids on Supernatural, I think (Jesse?). Suspect he's doomed, but only mildly as he's under 15 and this is Doctor Who. Although his folks may be super-doomed as a result.
Photo 1

-Interesting how brown everything is. This is supposed to be 2020, so is the brownness a sort of subtle statement on climate change?
Photo 2

-Oh dear. Adorable child's dad works at a big drilling project in South Wales. His doom factor just went up a few billion.

-"Further than anyone's ever drilled into the Earth." Oooooh dear. Yes. You are all so doomed.

-And he's working the night shift as the drill's reached new depths and everyone else bogs off for the night. Yeah. Sooooooo doomed.

-The drill hits a snag, there's something like an earthquake, and then this happens.
Photo 3


-You know, really, if your job description involves 'night shift', 'alone', 'deepest hole ever drilled', and South Wales, you are almost certainly in an episode of Doctor Who or Torchwood, and also doomed. Try not to have heart-warming moments with your family before leaving for work, for you will be eaten by something before the end of your shift. Just start running now. You can out-run doom if you start early enough.

-*facepalm* Yes. Put your torch down and lean right over into the mysterious smoking pit. If you're doomed, why not help it along?

-And then stick your hand in the dirt. AFTER IT ATE YOUR TORCH. We're just pedal to the metal speeding toward the doom, aren't we, father of adorable child?
Photo 4

-Also, if you stick your hand into loose dirt and find a large air pocket underneath a few inches down which is not venting up through the loose dirt like normal air would, that is something weird and likely impossible to known science, which at the very least you should get your hand out of it and do your investigatory poking with tools more suitable to scientific exploration, like maybe a ten-foot pole.

-I'm a bit disturbed that there's still lightning (and fire of course) in the time vortex. I'm going to take it as a symptom of things happening with the Crack and all that. Because I like the random effects in title sequences to have hidden meaning. I blame six years of Supernatural for that.

-"Behold, Rio!" He really needs to work on his navigation, or at least check the scanners before making grand declarations.

-Oh, hey, collapsible opera glasses! His are bound to be a lot better than the ones my Dad found somewhere when I was a kid.
Photo 5

-Hm. Seemingly random chance encounter with themselves from a very great distance, bringing a chance to reference the Blinovitch Limitation Effect vaguely without name-tagging it, seems faaaaaar too random to tie in to a future plot arc. Or the season finale. Just them showing up randomly to frantically casually wave at themselves from a very great distance. Not at all related in any way to future plot developments. Not one bit. Pft.

-"Oh look, big mining thing. Oh I love a big mining thing." Yeah, the Doctor's got a bit of a history with mining operations on several worlds, doesn't he?

-And now she's not wearing her ring for when that becomes important later. And Rory's wandered off alone. Rory needs not to wander off alone. He has far too much doom pending to wander off alone.

-"Bit retro. What is it, portable crime lab?" *pats the adorable doomed child on the head*
Photo 6

-*giggles at Rory's sudden promotion to CID plain clothes officer* He doesn't even need psychic paper! \o/
Photo 7

-"You're sure Rory will catch us up?" Probably not, but thanks for thinking of him.
Photo 8

-Rory's not doing too bad on the information gathering thing, although this woman is very free with information. She obviously doesn't know her spouse is missing yet or her priorities would be vastly different. Rory's dressed a bit like a Winchester too, three layers and plaid. Bemusing given the missing corpses would be something they'd be into looking at, if they operated in South Wales.
Photo 9

-"Have you always been this disgusting?"/"No, that's recent." Yep. Indeed. :-P

-"You all need to get out of here very fast."/"Why?" Because there is a hole in your floor that EATS PEOPLE. Duh.

-"Doctor, this steam, is that a good thing?" Not usually. Hardly ever.

-And holes appear with about the spacing of the blue grass in the cemetery. Awesome. I do like monsters with consistent methodologies.

-"Stay away from the earth!" That's going to be a bit tricky. Gravity and things. You know.

-Yes, well, of course she gets pulled in.
Photo 10

-Right, if she's going in now, it's not lethal. Dad-of-adorable-boy might survive yet.
Photo 11

-Of course Eleven doesn't know that it's non-lethal yet. Eleven needs to shout in desperation more often. Just saying.
Photo 12

-They really do enjoy whumping Eleven with the guilt/angst stick don't they. Very well then, carry on.
Photo 13

-"They get in from underneath." Adorable perceptive child. *pats*
Photo 14


-"Sherlock Holmes. Got the audiobook." That would be one hell of a long audiobook. Also, if that's what you're listening to, no wonder you don't care about trying to force yourself to read the kid's books your dad was trying to get you into. If you're going to try and fight through dyslexia (of course he's dyslexic, they're practically beating us over the head with it, I just wonder if it's going to turn out to be related to the problem and whatever's underground, since he was likely born here and exposed to the whatever-it-is his whole life) to read something, it might help to be something interesting to read.

-"The graves 'round you eat people." And he does a fantastic job at being creepy too. 'Course it's miles creepier to Rory, who's standing in a grave that recently ate someone.

-"Have I gone mad? I've gone mad." Well, as long as you're happy with it.
Photo 15

-"Except if you've shut the drill down, why can I still hear drilling?" Always a good question.
Photo 16

-Patches of grass containing trace minerals unseen in the country for 20 million years... So that's 45 million years after Adric crashed on that spaceship and killed the dinosaurs, but 8 million years before the Fendahl showed up on Earth, and that was Africa somewhere initially, I think. Nothing we've heard of specifically tied to that time-frame before then, but there are many many things still possible. Also, did they get 20 million year old rock samples to find that out, because whoever saw the trace minerals 20 million years ago certainly wasn't keeping a record of it, even if they could isolate a mineral compound from dirt. I suppose 'we decided to drill here because the grass was blue' was a little too low-tech an explanation.

-"How can something be coming up when there's only the Earth's crust down there?" You think there's only the Earth's crust down there, dude. For one there's a Racnoss nursery ship full of dead Racnoss and Thames water.

-Things underground that can control the dirt and that have erected a shield over the town. These are not small fish. Also, that's one heck of a powerful slingshot.
Photo 17

-"Something weird's going on here, the graves are eating people."/"Not now Rory." Everyone really needs to pay more attention to Rory. He has information.

-"Where's Amy?" Oh dear. 9 minutes is long enough for a bit of shouting.
Photo 18

-"Well you should've tried harder!" There we go, shouting. No use at all, but slightly more useful than punching and effective at releasing tension so you can get on with fixing the problem.

-Eleven does do good puppy-dog eyes.
Photo 19

-"Dad!" Ah, well, it's a family operation then. That's going to make things so much more awkward, isn't it?

-She's very calm and level-headed for just having found out her spouse has been eaten by dirt.
Photo 20

-"Can you get my dad back?" And the adorable child cuts down to the crux of the matter.
Photo 21

-Hang on. This is an abandoned church they keep stuff in? Giant drill, deepest hole ever drilled, Wales, and now they keep their stuff in an abandoned church, that has a graveyard where the grass has blue spots and graves are eating people. Do these people want to be doomed or what???

-"I can't do the words, I'm dyslexic."/"That's all right, I can't make a decent meringue." Did he say meringue? I don't know anyone who can make a decent meringue. Though the thought of the Doctor attempting to cook is oddly enchanting. And slightly scary.
Photo 22

-"No weapons, it's not the way I do things." Yeah, true, but the things coming up from underground might have a different view. Also, slingshot. Also also, you didn't used to have issues with swords a few lives back or even "Christmas Invasion", so is this new zero-tolerance policy another thing Eleven is doing to get away from the end of Ten? And what about that ridiculously over-powered slingshot?
Photo 23

-"I'm asking nicely, put them away." For a guy who doesn't do weapons, the Doctor can be a scary bastard.

-Eleven can bond with adorable children any time. Particularly adorable smart children who remain level-headed in a crisis.
Photo 24

-"I left my headphones at home." *facepalm* And now comes the doom. Right?

-"Oi, don't diss the sonic!" Heeee.

-"Is anyone hurt?" And nobody even mentions the kid that's out wandering. Yeesh.

-"Where's Elliot?" Oh sure. After the monsters get to the surface and blow the power, you notice your kid's gone. Nice.

-Aaaaand it's time to beat Eleven with the guilt stick again. Whee!
Photo 25

Photo 26

-Hey, the pulse or whatever it was didn't kill the power to his headphones, there's still a light on them. Hmm.
Photo 27

-Yep, too late. And now everyone's going to go running around in the dark and get snagged too. Or at least the doomed ones.
Photo 28

-Yes. Any character with an easily identifiable object they carry around will have that object found when that person goes missing or dies. It's like a rule or something. No idea why it's beeping though, unless the trance techno of 2020 is really, really dull.
Photo 29

-GAH! Okay, I even knew she was going to get attacked and I jumped about a foot. O.o
Photo 30

-Why do I get the feeling these people from underground with the green-o-vision aren't the bad guys, and they're trying to defend themselves or keep people safe from something bigger? Possibly because it's a two-parter and no one's been found dead yet?

-*snerk* Sorry. Having Corey Hart flashbacks. XD
Photo 31

-Okay, fire extinguisher, Rory charging out of the refrigerated van yelling, and them capturing the lizard woman was rather awesome. And uncappable. Except for this bit. "We got it!" Aw Rory, you don't need to be a precocious pre-teen to be adorable.
Photo 32

-"What is that?" That would be your captive's buddies. Silly. There were three things coming up and you have one entity. Math.
Photo 33

-Scared them off? Okay, orrrr they're evacuating the site so they can nuke the place from orbit underground. Or suck it all down. Or start up a volcano under you. The things attacking you suddenly leaving for no apparent reason other than 'we scared them off with a fire extinguisher and a refrigerated truck' is rarely good news. They did take down the shield though, so at least you'll be able to see your fast-approaching doom, whichever direction it's coming from.
Photo 34

-Hi Amy! Have a good nap?
Photo 35

-Gaaaaah! Hell no. No tiny little underground glass coffin thank you no. Gah.
Photo 36

-Though really, a decent elbow strike might shatter it if she can get the range of motion. And if there isn't something above her, waiting to fall in and gaaaaaaaah. *opens a window* O.O

-"...please?" Hahahahah! And you were doing so well at the badass declarations of intent to thump!

-"I know what I'm doing. I'll be fine." Why does that not only not sound reassuring, but more worrisome?
Photo 37

-Eleven, disarming tense encounters with flattery.
Photo 38

-"Your people have a friend of mine. I want her back." ...and the kid and his dad too, yes??

-"The Campari defense." Campari? Shouldn't there be more drinking involved?

-He is right, she is quite beautiful. Aaaaand... ah! Silurian. One with better appliance and makeup tech that's a variant of the originals. Right, lurkingwombat?
Photo 39

-"Do we have to say vermin? They're really very nice." *snerk* Well, most of them.
Photo 40

-"The fire of war is already lit, a massacre is due." Well that's got Eleven's attention.
Photo 41

-"They're not aliens! They're Earth...liens!" Ha! Exactly.

-"Once known as the Silurian race, or some would argue, Eocenes." *is smug*

-"Shouldn't we be examining this creature? Dissecting it, finding its weak points?" Hold up there, sunshine. No dissections on the first date. Talking to her might be a lot more effective.

-"*mad solo round of applause*" Eeeehehehehehehehehehe! Seriously, the Doctor's given a lot of rousing speeches over the years, someone was bound to applaud eventually. XD
Photo 42

-Oh dear. Um. Probably a better idea to stay with your dissection-happy... whatever he is. Boss, boyfriend, co-worker?
Photo 43

-Where's Rory got to, incidentally?

-"We've been hijacked, I can't stop it!" Let me guess. He forgot to set the parking brake and the Silurians are now sucking the Tardis down into the planet, right?

-...and as they rattle around, she's kind of touching almost everything on the console, isn't she? Uncappably. Hm.

-"Shall I tell you what's really going to happen, apes?" Oh why not, there's only a few minutes 'til the 'To Be Continued', we're due for a second stage plot reveal.
Photo 44

-"I know which one of you will kill me, do you?" ...weeeell, Mr Dissection seems like a good candidate, but if anyone snaps it'll probably be the one with both her son and husband taken below. Not without a few mind games first though.
Photo 45

-Also, Rory does intense quite well.
Photo 46

-...ooooor maybe Mr. Dissection is being effected by poison? If so, it has to be a controllable poison, because what kind of general evolutionary advantage is there in a species developing the capacity to poison any threat with a substance that makes them murderous?
Photo 47

-She snapped Eleven's suspenders. I like her. ...oh great. She's going to die.

-"So why aren't we burning alive?" Or being crushed by pressure or suffering the bends or whatever is supposed to happen when you drop over 21 km underground.

-"Don't know. Interesting, isn't it?" Well that's one response to being less dead than you logically should be. And a perfectly valid response it is too.

-Okay, fine, I was prepared to blow past, but then she went and tweaked the damn things, so now I have to ask. If they are over 21 kilometers underground, HOW ARE THERE ROOT SYSTEMS ON THE CEILING??? The deepest root systems found only go about 70 meters! Okay, maybe it's some kind of underground plant with roots that doesn't use sunshine, though it not being on the surface and needing to hold itself up to reach the sun while gaining access to nutrients in the soil, WHY WOULD IT NEED A ROOT SYSTEM??? Okay, fine. It's not roots, it's some kind of long stringy fungus. Or rope. I have no idea. Bah. Whatever. Giant cave clam tendrils. *handwaves*
Photo 48

-Well, it's better than the glass coffin. *shudders* Also it's wobbly, which bodes well for it being breakable.
Photo 49

-Oh dear god vivisection eeeeeeek! Yeah. Struggle. Struggle like the wind, Amy Pond. O.o
Photo 50

-Okay, I never got your name, I'm sorry, and I realize you're new, but seriously, do not wander off on your own like you're at a theme park. She's totally the redshirt, isn't she? The one that's going to get killed at the credits. *facepalm* Yeah. Doomed.
Photo 51

-Or not doomed just yet. Ah. Big underground city reveal, yes?
Photo 52

-Yes. And it's pretty!
Photo 53

That's it for this one, next one when I get a chance to watch it.

All questions and ponderings are rhetorical, please don't answer them, and please no discussion of episodes I haven't got to yet, aka, nothing after DW 5.08. :-)

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bellatemple From: bellatemple Date: August 3rd, 2011 08:46 am (UTC) (Link)
-"So why aren't we burning alive?" Or being crushed by pressure or suffering the bends or whatever is supposed to happen when you drop over 21 km underground.

No no, the bends happens when you go back up. The pressure drops too rapidly and the nitrogen dissolved in your blood . . . undissolves . . . and forms bubbles. It's pretty horrifying, but I'm pretty sure it depends on lack of pressure (also, possibly an oxygen tank ala SCUBA diving, through which to gain the excess nitrogen). That's why you never, ever SCUBA dive right before getting on a plane.

And, yes, I know too much about this. I blame Christopher Pike.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 3rd, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
I know all that, I just couldn't think of what the right thing was for going deep underground so I was being facetious with calling it the bends. I think it's just pressure when it's past a certain depth, not just underwater. I'm sure there's a thing. Could be fiction lying to me again though.
bellatemple From: bellatemple Date: August 3rd, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, there probably is, I don't know precisely what you'd google to find it, though. . . .
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: August 3rd, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think you should make a "disarming tense encounters with flattery" motivator. Just saying;)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 3rd, 2011 03:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Done (if LJ doesn't mangle it)

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