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Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.10 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.10
Since the back half of Series Six started airing this weekend, I should get on with watching Series Five, hmm?

Contains profanity and speculation based on things I think I know about future episodes. Possibly spoilers for Classic Who episodes, in case anyone's going at it backwards.

Doctor Who 5.10 - Vincent and the Doctor
(AKA the episode that spawned a billion spoilery icons :-P)

Where we last left off: Rory was shot dead and eaten by a grue the Crack and therefore erased from Time, except not really because his ring box was still in the Tardis, wasn't it, hmmmmm? Oh and the Tardis is going to blow up in some relation to the origin of the Crack, which was gasp-worthy, and the Doctor can shove his hand up to the shoulder into any menacing thingy he cares to and come out unscathed. (Hey, didn't the Fifth Doctor do that with that big evil face thing that was making villagers sacrifice Tegan as May Queen? I'm sure Four shoved his hand in a few inadvisable places too, being Four.)

Onward! Let the Van Gogh bothering begin!

-WHEAT! Oh dear, another pastoral start. That doesn't bode well... except this wheat seems to have fast critters rampaging in it? Maybe? So not too pastoral, and yet still not boding well.

-Van Gogh, I presume.
Photo 1

-OH HEY HI THERE BILL NIGHY!!! Isn't it? It is! WOO! Wonder if he's evil.
Photo 2

-So 'one of the last paintings' Van Gogh ever did was of possibly invisible critters rampaging around in a wheat field. Hm. Maybe that whole insanity thing was due to the alien wheat-field critters, then?

-Ha! Nice sneaking, guys. Very subtle.
Photo 3

-"Why are you being so nice to me?"/"I'm always nice to you." Oh Amy. I really don't know at this point if the Crack has zapped Rory out of her memory and not the Doctor's (because time travel personal distance whatevertehell from last episode means he does remember but she doesn't EVEN THOUGH THERE'S STILL A RING BOX) or whether she does remember, but can't let herself remember yet, as a sort of fugue-state. Either way, ow. And she doesn't know it. So more ow.

-"I was joking! ...why aren't you?" Oh Amy.
Photo 4

-And this would be Eleven and Amy making a boggle check. Heh heh heh. Okay, what's in the painting?
Photo 5

-Ooo. It's a... a lizardy-buggy-thingy... sort of. I think. Very blue. Mutant Smurf?
Photo 6

-"Ministry of Art and... Artiness." Pft. It's a good thing you've got psychic paper, dude.

-"Bowties are cool!" Yeah, I'm with Amy's face's opinion on that.
Photo 7

-I'm really really hoping the lightning and fire means something weird is going on in the Time Vortex due to the crack. I know I've said it before, but it's too in my face every single episode, jumping up and down going 'look at meeee! I'm SIGNIFICANT!' not to have some hidden deeper... thing. I mean really, lightning hits the Tardis and knocks it around. THE TIME VORTEX DOESN'T DO THAT UNLESS SOMETHING IS BADLY WRONG.

-Also, I miss the red shift/blue shift for direction of temporal travel. It was simple and science-geeky and cool and I miss it. Wah.

-"He's drunk, he's mad, and he never pays his bills." Yea, sounds about right.

-Hee! Their historical fan-geekiness is so adorable! And blurry!
Photo 8
Photo 9

-"I will buy a bottle of wine which I will then share with whomever I chose." Um. Amy? Honey? Do you actually have any 19th century French currency on you? There's likely some rattling around the Tardis cloakroom, I suppose, but remembering to pick some up is another thing entirely.

-Although apparently she has. Wise girl, Amy.

-"You're from Holland, like me?" Heh. The joy of the Tardis translation hoody-hoo.

-"Your hair is... orange."/"...yes. So's yours."/"Yes. It was more orange, but now it's of course... less..." Painfully awkward pick-up lines of the 19th century. Gaaaaah.
Photo 10

-"Help me!" I cannot watch that short bit without bursting into very inappropriate laughter. I don't know why. Very serious thing, murder. Maybe because it seems like the start of a murder mystery LARP? Ahem. *snerk*
Photo 11

-"Where are you staying tonight?"/"Oh, you're very kind." Ahahahahahahahaha! Yeah. *headshake*

-I realize it's supposed to be similar to the one in the self-portrait, but damn, that is one intense straw hat. I wonder if they had it made special for the show or what?
Photo 12

-The Monster Cam is taking a trip past some lovely stone houses this evening. *admires*
Photo 13

-Oh dear. Yeah, Van Gogh didn't exactly have a huge place near the end of his life. 75 square feet I think it was supposed to be? Gonna be cozy for the three of them.
Photo 14

-*GLEE* Ahem. Sorry. It's my favourite painting.
Photo 15

-"I can hear the colours!" Ooo. Synasthesia? Yeah, I'd heard the possibility of Van Gogh having that. Cool that they're drawing on that idea.

-"Maybe you've had enough coffee now." Hee. Poor Eleven. Doesn't handle seemingly irrational ranting well when it's not his own.
Photo 16

-"Where's Amy?"/"*shriek*" Sigh. *facepalm*

-"Oh dear." Perfect response to having a 19th century artist apparently coming at you with a pitchfork. *nods* Though of course he's not aiming at them, is he?

-"He's having some kind of fit!" Sure. A telekinetic one, since nothing visible knocked that crate over.


-*laughs heartily at Eleven's uncappable pointless flailing* Seriously, don't you have a can of spray paint tucked into a pocket, or can you not get a bag of flour, or maybe a bucket of, ooo, I dunno, PAINT FROM VAN GOGH'S HOUSE or something? Not that the useless flailing isn't entertaining in its own way, but it's not exactly productive, is it?

-Less of a lizardy-buggy-thingy and more like a big parrot with teeth and claws. Okey dokey then.
Photo 17

-"I'll be back before you can say 'where's he got to now?'" And again, Eleven with the leaving Amy. Also heading out to possibly get savaged by an invisible monster. In the dark. WITHOUT TAKING PAINT. Seriously, even watered down into a wash it would make the blasted thing visible. Arg. Eleven's either got a death wish, or is just not terribly good with common sense.
Photo 18

-"Not that fast!" Also, Eleven is a bit of a jerk.
Photo 19

-See? Parrot. Don't need a search-by-image intergalactic Google-thing your improbable two-headed godmother gave you (seriously, what? Was she from that planet the weeping angels had taken over earlier this season? Or are two-headed species common as dirt all of a sudden?)
Photo 20

-Hello, instadawn. That's disconcerting.
Photo 21

-Objects in the rearview mirror may appear fuglier than they are. Or vice versa. Yikes.
Photo 22

-Hm. Four legs, so not a cockatrice... griffin maybe?

-I must admit, invisible monsters are great for the special effects budget. A couple bits of CGI here and there, and the rest is things getting invisibly 'knocked over' by tugging on bits of string.
Photo 23

-"I thought you might possibly like to perhaps paint them or something?" *snerk* Amy. Silly. He did the sunflowers in a vase thing two years ago.
Photo 24

-...except whoever wrote the script forgot that, but whatever.

-"And it will be our fault." By which he means his fault, because Eleven's decided to beat himself with the guilt stick pre-emptively for a change.
Photo 25

-Awww, woobie artist. Actually, considering history... yeah. Ow. It's his most productive period, but at the end of it he shoots himself. On a completely different note... is Van Gogh wearing Ten's trousers??? O.o
Photo 26

-"We're leaving (...) just months from now, he'll take his own life." And again, Eleven with the gloomy no-hope option. Even just after telling someone else there's always hope, he's got none. Hmm.

-Badass long-coat; 19th century Dutch painter edition.
Photo 27

-"I hear the song of your sadness. You've lost someone I think." So Van Gogh is A) Really perceptive, B) Psychic, C) Immune to Crack effects or D) flirting. In any case, I'd say it's another ring box for Rory. He's not erased. Of course.

-"It's a thing. It's like a plan but with more" ...something. Grey notes? Grapeless? That's silly, how can anything have more grapeless? *googles* Greatness, apparently. Seriously, I have headphones on and couldn't make out what he said there. As to the actual statement, Eleven's self-esteem is on a bit of a bungee cord, isn't it? Or he's a fabulous liar. Either way, very interesting considering the whole bit with the Dreamlord and what he might become, hmmm? *ponders*

-My, what a very sharp stabby easel tripod-thing Van Gogh has. O.o

-"Shhh. I'm working." Heee. Not many people shush the Doctor and are heeded.
Photo 28

-...and apparently not this time either. Eleven seems to do a lot of aimless talking. Can't figure out if it's a nervous habit or masking something else. Either way it's not helping.

-"Is this how time normally passes? Reeeeally slowly? In the right order?" *snerk* Or maybe he's just being a prat.
Photo 29

-"Overconfidence, this and a small screwdriver, I'm absolutely sorted." Hee. Yep. Standard operating procedure for the Doctor.
Photo 30

-"Will you follow him?"/"Of course!" And standard operating procedure for the Doctor's companion.

-Seriously, dude, buckets of paint. Throw it at the noises the thing's making. One hit and you don't need to worry about finding it again, and paint is much less likely to develop a technical glitch or power drain or broken rearview mirror at an inconvenient moment. Oh and also? PAINT DOESN'T GLOW AND BEEP CONSTANTLY AND GIVE AWAY YOUR LOCATION TO THE INVISIBLE THING YOU ARE TRYING TO SNEAK UP ON!!! *facepalm*
Photo 31

-"But wait! He's turning now!" I've said it before, I'll say it again. Invisible monsters are tremendous for saving the effects budget. Which is probably why they aren't using paint against it. but still, paint! It's an episode with a famous artist, they have a creature they could fight with paint, and they aren't- just- ARG!

-And smash. See? Now if you'd had paint instead of a beeping glowing rearview mirror, your problem would be solved, because the monster would be partly coated in paint. But instead, you have a broken useless beeping thing. I repeat: *facepalm*

-*snerk* Sneaking up on people being chased by invisible monsters is rarely a good idea.
Photo 32

-"Hey! Are you looking for me, sonny?" Ahahahahhahah! Van Gogh to the rescue! Now there's something I never thought I'd say.
Photo 33

-Who's a pretty boy then?
Photo 34

-Oh very nice. Door held open by the invisible critter. Very cool.
Photo 35

-"Okay, here's the plan. Amy, Rory-"/"Who?" AHAHAHAHAHAHA, YEAH! \o/ Hee! That was perfect. :-D

-"Give me a second, I'll be back." I must admit, Van Gogh's unanticipated badass-ness is quite a nice surprise.
Photo 36

-"I know you can understand me, even though I know you won't understand why you can understand me." Yay, Tardis translation. And it's not translating what the critter who's species I missed is saying because he/she isn't saying anything to communicate. Yet. *nods*

-And of course, the best time for a sneak attack from the rear is when the adversary is foolishly trying to be diplomatic and communicate and stuff. This critter has read the Evil Overlords handbook! GO, BEASTIE!

-Yeah, I thought that tripod looked a little too sharp not to come up again as a weapon. Seriously though, dude, PAINT. You're a painter! throw some paint at it! Smack it with a palette or something! Or hell, take one of those flags and catch it on the thing's spiky bits! Arg!!!
Photo 37

-"I am really stupid."/"Oh get a grip, this is not a moment to re-evaluate your self-esteem." I like Amy. I do.

-And it was just a blind scared lost lonely critter that happened to be messily slaughtering townsfolk, and now they've killed it. And Eleven gets whumped with the guilt stick again, yeah? Yeah.
Photo 38

-"Sometimes winning is no fun at all." Very true.

-And an image from a thousand icons. Reminds me of that Fraggle Rock episode with the dreamsharing. You know? That one with Boober's evil twin... never mind.
Photo 39

-The night sky turns into "The Starry Night"... OKAY THAT WAS FRIGGING AWESOME. Ahem. I mean... oh hell with it. THAT WAS FRIGGING AWESOME! *replays SO MANY TIMES*
Photo 40
Photo 41
Photo 42
Photo 43
Photo 44

-"I only with I had something of real value to give you." The adorable tittering. Isn't there a law against profiteering from time travel, though? not that they'd be selling the painting; even if they wanted to, the age of the canvas would make it not pass authenticity tests. They could probably hang it in the Tardis art gallery though (it's totally got one, it was seen in "The Invasion of Time", classic era episode with the Fourth Doctor.) Still, gleeful tittering.
Photo 45

-Yeah, no, you can't take that one, it's already in a gallery somewhere. Unless you hang on to it in the Tardis for a bit, then pop it into someone's attic in time to be discovered later. Also, there's that whole "Tardis go boom" thing that was hinted at last episode, so no keeping any unique historical artifacts in there, just in case. Also, either they've altered the original print to look a bit more like the guy they cast for Van Gogh or they cast him perfectly. Look at the noses!
Photo 46

-"And if you tire of this Doctor, return! And we will have children by the dozen!"/"Yee-eeeeek." HAHAHAHAAH. XD
Photo 47

-"On my own I fear I may not do as well." Aaaaaand again, Eleven gets beaten with the angst stick.
Photo 48

-"I've got something I'd like to show you." Ohhhh noooo. Well, if the townsfolk didn't think he was nuts before, they will when he starts raving about boxes that are bigger on the inside. That'll do him long before that whole cutting off the ear thing. This feels like a very bad idea.
Photo 49

-Okay, as much fun as it is to show off, Eleven, it would be nice to remember that your guest has some amount of synesthesia and bombarding him with sudden large amounts of sensory input might be a little inconsiderate.
Photo 50

-"That's ketchup. And that one's mustard." Hahah. I could see there being a 'catch up' button on the console for... synchronizing temporal... flight-path something or others. Also, there's some lettering (Type V 310-A AC or DC Mains receiver, for use on 200-250 v 90(?) AC supply or DC supply, maximum power consumption 180 (?) watts) on a console bit that is apparently from Magpie Electronics. Which would be the TV place that was selling face-sucking TV sets for Coronation day, and was also shut down and tented off due to a tentacle invasion on Spaceship UK. They really get around, don't they? Almost as bad as the Crack. Speaking of which, aren't we due for a Crack occurrence? ...is the Crack going to get Van Gogh? That would make a bit of a dent in the space-time continuum. *nods*
Photo 51

-"Paris, 2010 AD" Ahahahah. Sure. This totally isn't breaking every temporal rule about interference and suchlike. Not that the Doctor's ever been big on following rules. Incidentally, how many people show up at Van Gogh exhibits looking like Van Gogh? It's not exactly a cosplay-friendly venue.
Photo 52

-"Dr. Black?" Oh well, if you're going to break the temporal fourth wall, break it all to smash.

-*nods along with the curator* I don't know much about art, but yeah.

-Oh Vincent. *shmooshes him*
Photo 53

Photo 54

-Hehehehehe. We're just blowing everyone's mind today aren't we?
Photo 55

-"You're the first doctor ever to actually make a difference to my life." Oh dear. Are we changing history again, hm??? Or will this not make a real difference in the end, or will this all be corrected when the Crack event happens. I'm thinking C.
Photo 56

-"Let's go back to the gallery right now." Oh dear. Well, let's see. The picture with the parrot-monster, is that fixed? Or will no one know who Van Gogh is anymore. Probably not...? But the Crack will fix everything right?

-It's kind of funny. In some ways it's like Eleven has guilt about everything, but doesn't really have any responsibility? I'm not putting that right. Something's odd.

-Yep. Some things are fixed points and can't be changed. Also, observer effect. Or something.
Photo 57

-"We definitely added to his pile of good things." Yep. Sometimes that's all that can really be done. Anyway, moving on.
Photo 58

-Yep, no parrot-monster. Griffeus. Ah. Yeah, so griffin-like was right then.
Photo 59

-Awww. Pft. *facepalm*
Photo 60

-"If we had got married our kids would have had very, very red hair." Hee!

-...well crap. It's not in this one?? I was sure it had to be in this one! Arg. Now I have to go back and redact the references.

-...and redacted. Probably in the finale then.

All questions and ponderings are rhetorical, please don't answer them, and please no discussion of episodes I haven't got to yet, aka, nothing after DW 5.10. :-)

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earlgreytea68 From: earlgreytea68 Date: August 29th, 2011 01:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
I never even thought of the possibility of throwing paint on the invisible monster!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 29th, 2011 03:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
I thought it was deliberate, them having an invisible monster and a painter in the same episode, and that they might make some big meaningful point about making the monster visible with paint, exposing your fears through art or some such, but no.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: August 29th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
I agree I could watch the Starry Night scene forever. It was just miraculous. I love the actor that played Vincent, I think he was the same fellow from the Underworld series (second one) but this was worlds away from that.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 29th, 2011 03:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
I should probably watch that at some point. Arg.
percysowner From: percysowner Date: August 29th, 2011 07:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love this episode, even though Rory is gone, sob! It is still one of the more touching and moving episodes in Doctor Who history for me.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 30th, 2011 01:05 am (UTC) (Link)
It does have its moments.
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