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Sherlock recs - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Sherlock recs
Assembled in a rush, let me know if I've goofed anywhere.


A Week in the Country by chainsaw_poet on AO3
Summary: Sherlock's lifestyle has taken its toll on his health and John is worried. With Mycroft's help, John coerces Sherlock into taking a holiday in the country to get some rest. Unfortunately, their trip doesn't quite turn out to be a relaxing as John had planned, when Sherlock's latest case decides to catch up with them.
(A ten chapter semi-case fic with good setting, pacing and characterization)

The Adoption of John Watson Holmes by cyerus
Prompt: Mummy thinks that John Watson is so good for Sherlock that she must endeavor to make sure he stays with her son. If that means she has to force-adopt the man, then so be it. Mycroft is smug. Sherlock is horrified. John is devious.
(John gets adopted by the Holmes family. As an adult. It's not the best plan they've ever had. So many giggles.)

By the Seaside by breakfast0tea
Summary: A case in Brighton takes a nasty turn
(Lovely in character whumpage, H/C and gen bed-sharing.)

Uncertainty by spycandy
Summary: An assassin's bullet and brotherly love, Holmes-style.
(Assassins! And Holmesian brotherly caring that rings true.)


Seven Ways to Fall Asleep by tartancravat
Summary: John and Sherlock fall asleep together.
(This depicts two very good friends caring about each other. Includes Gen bed-sharing of the warm and fuzzy kind, among other cuddly things.)

Snow Business (Five Memories Of Baker Street In The Snow) by errantcomment
Summary: Five drabble-ish ficlets about the snow in Baker Street, based off the premise that Sherlock actually quite likes the snow.
(Snow and bromance with a hint of squintability.)

We'll All Be... Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 by justicemuffins
Summary: It was subtle at first, so no one really noticed. In fact, John recalled, he had advised the sufferer towards bed rest and fluids—the symptoms presented a simple virus. It was anything but.
(Squinty in a couple directions, with a background m/m OC marriage for Mycroft. This started life as a meme fill on a prompt I left back in the waybacks. justicemuffins started on it masterfully, but then had a very big dose of Real Life happen and had to put the WIP on hiatus for a while. She's now finished it and reposted the whole thing at her LJ. Now. Why should you read it? Epic whumpage. Snappy plot. Badass caretaking. Badass stoic suffering. Desperate near-lethal morality choices. Angst. Peril. H/C with a quadruple helping of H and some desperate C.)

*Squint = Could be read as Slash or Gen.


Not Quite Sleeping, Fast in Bed by tocourtdisaster
Summary: Sherlock invades John’s bed and a serious discussion is had.
(Sherlock, invader of bed-space. Aw.)

Lists by Sidney Sussex on FF.net, (also available on LJ)
Warning:TRIGGER WARNING for suicidal ideation.
Summary:Lestrade makes lists of reasons to live. John helps.
(J/L pre-slash, suicidal ideation. This packs quite a punch, read carefully.)

In the Cellar, The Sound of the Sun by ciaranbochna
Summary: "Its carefully crafted stops and starts haunt him with something like happiness."
Warnings: Character death
(Magic realism that's mind-boggling in detail and intensity, and entirely heart-breaking.)


Of All People By yorunohime
Music: Any Other Name by Thomas Newman, plus series audio.
(A quiet and atmospheric review of Sherlock and John's relationship through the series so far)

If you've seen something amazing that you think more people in the Sherlock fandom should have the chance to enjoy, please rec it at the Sunday Recday post at sherlockbbc, because it'll get seen by way more people there!

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From: sidneysussex Date: September 14th, 2011 10:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh - thank you so much for the rec! Wow. It's very much an honour. Especially amongst all of these amazing authors!
I've not read nearly all of these recommendations, so now I have reading material for quite some time. Thank you!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: September 14th, 2011 03:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
You're welcome, and I'm glad to have found your fic!
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