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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.02 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.02
Spec-phobes beware, I marked out as much as I could find, but the spec is getting integrated into the reactions and tricky to catch all of it, so there is a high chance of speculation throughout.

Contains profanity, capslock, direct quotes, meta and presumptive speculation. Also 143 screencaps and a short crossover script-format fanficlet... o.O

Spoiler and Theory Summary

Sam goes nuts. That is all.

Given Lucifer (or a psychological element of Sam representing as Lucifer, or something from the monster blood representing as Lucifer...) is diddling with his brain, I'm not surprised.

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 7.02 - ???? "Hello, Cruel World"

Due to an injury earlier this week (nothing serious, should be significantly improved by Monday), this reaction post has been written on DRUGS! The legal doctor-approved kind. Which means it will either really random and weird, or disjointed because I keep falling asleep. We shall see!

-Skipping the THEN. Except Misha's evil laugh, because there can never be enough of that. [Went back and watched it after, very cool things they're doing with the clip transitions in there]

-Getting a little intense in the evil veiny department there. O.o
Photo 1

-...but apparently it's going to go hide in his hair. How wise of the black veinyness. Stealth mode. *nods*

-"How many of you assclowns are in there? A hundred? More?" Very good question. I really wish this past week had been more congenial to writing for me, because... well, it's probably going to get Kripke'd in a minute. It's only a couple hundred disjointed words though.

-Leviathan. Leviathans. LeviaCas? Whatever. You might want to deal with that small uncappable leakage problem you're having.

-Ulp. Um... hi. Or not. Leak where ever you like, dude. O.O
Photo 2

-Between "Vessel's gonna explode isn't it?" and "We'll be back. For you." There's a great big giant screaming chunk of foreshadowing, isn't there? [SPEC WARNING]You know. Dean. Vessel. And stuff. *gestures meaningfully* O.O[WARNING OVER]


-Even Sam's hallucination and/or Lucifer knows what day it is!
Photo 3

-"You come back, I'm sorry, with no soul, like some peppy American Psycho, 'til Saint Dean glues you back together again by buying you some magic amnesia?" ...Has Lucifer been hanging out on the 'home of the bitter' TWoP boards between seasons? Interesting thought though, making all of Season 6 a hallucination for Sam. I'm sticking to my Lucifer (or maybe something from the blood in the cut on the hand using Lucifer as a handy mask?)/Trojan Horse theory.

-Suddenly touching someone who's hallucinating or seems to be having an anxiety attack and isn't quite aware of the world around them can have very bad consequences. Like a punch in the face. Or not.
Photo 4

-LeviaCas is having some severe leakage issues there. I mean, he could have been trying to dye his hair blacker and failed miserably, but it's doubtful.
Photo 5

-Oh this isn't good. (Actually, it's brilliant and tactically frigging amazing and could be a great thing about Leviathans being from the sea, etc, but it's definitely not good for the drinkers of the Municipal Waters. Awesome for plot, bad for random non-speaking characters. Screaming doesn't count as speaking, no.)
Photo 6

-*snerk* I'm suddenly laughing my face off as LeviaCas wades into the reservoir, because I've got a bastardized line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail rampaging through my head: "Strange angels lying in ponds exuding Leviathan ooze is no basis for a new type of Apocalypse." It falls apart at the end, because it could very well be a good basis for a new Apocalypse. I don't know. I'm blaming the drugs.
Photo 7

-Oh crap. O.O
Photo 8

-Well, at least we know right off the bat what the source image for the title card is this season, eh?
Photo 9

-"Aw, hell." Yep. Leave it to Bobby to summarize the situation appropriately. Which Dean also does, with his face.
Photo 10

-Noooooo! The coat! D-: I suppose it's better than it being shredded, because, you know. Castiel will want it back when he returns. Which he will. Absolutely. *nods*
Photo 11

-"Okay. So he's gone." No, silly, he's just occupied and coatless. Somewhere. Yeah. So, you know. Save that coat. He's gonna want it back.

-[I really wish I'd written that fic. Arg.]

-"Dumb son of a bitch." Oh Deeeeeeean.
Photo 12

-"Well he was friends with us, wasn't he? Can't get much dumber than that." And the excellent summarization again goes to Bobby.

-Oh, I doubt anything's sticking around in the reservoir to do any coming up for air. It's probably bypassing the filtration systems of the pumping station or whatever by now.

-And the song of the evening, 'Black Water' by The Doobie Brothers. Ha ha ha. Cute.

-GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH!! As if there weren't enough reasons to avoid drinking fountains. :-P
Photo 13

-And creepy evil little girls full of monster ink. Gyaaaaah.
Photo 14

-Yeah, something starts shaking violently for no apparent reason, just go right over there and stand real close to it. Don't, like, go turn off the water intakes for the garage or anything. *facepalm*
Photo 15

-Dean, one of these days, Sam will deck you. Maybe try throwing things at him from a distance?
Photo 16

-Written by Ben Edlund, oooo. Directed by Guy Bee. Cool.

-"Hydrate and... protein... ate." Hee. Which solves the problem of avoiding tap water in food and drink, but going to the bathroom could present some nasty surprises. Maybe they've got a temporary outhouse? O.o

-"Aw, he wants to hold your widdle hand. How sweet." *sneeeeeeerk* Lucifer, honey, there is nothing 'widdle' about Sam's hand.
Photo 17

-*hisses and cringes* Ah, ow, hand, stitches, cut, ow! OW! EEP.
Photo 18

-"You'll live." *booze splash* Yay for canon Winchester h/c! \o/

-"How are you doin'? And do not say okay." Awwww. Big brother's not taking the stoic crap anymore, Sammy.
Photo 19
Photo 20

-"I just figured try to hold on to the safety bar and ride it out." And this is Dean's 'Do you believe this crap?' look. Considering, Dean, that on a few occasions, the shoe has been on the other foot and you've been eyeballs deep in a bottle of whiskey rather than talk about what was going on in your head, you giving that look to Bobby about Sam is almost hilarious.
Photo 21

-Johnny Labinski's... I'm guessing Johnny Walker wouldn't pony up the product placement bucks?
Photo 22

-"Why would the Devil holodeck you a whole new life when he could just kick your ass all over the cage?" Hee! Holodeck. Dean, you canon Trekkie you. *ruffles hair*

-"It had to be a mess, Sam, or you wouldn't believe it was your life." HA! This just in, Lucifer is a smart-ass. Who winks in an uncappable way, dammit.

-Uh oh. Some books are about to get their ass kicked.
Photo 23

-"He says the same thing about you." Oh wibbly puppy-face Sammyyyyyyy!! *bundles in a blanket and feeds him soup*
Photo 24

-"Scientists have no explanation-" BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! XD
Photo 25

-BIGGERSON'S!!! "It's like a salad bar, but with pie!" BWAH! \o/

-Dr Sexy M.D.! Okay, it's all silly, but I love the continuity of this random flip through the channels. *grins*

-"I forgot being head surgeon means you cut into whatever body you want and take out any organ that pleases you without any paper-work whatsoever." Only on Medical soaps. Kidling scout entity here looks far too excited however. I gotta say, I love the tactics of the Leviathans. A few scouts first, gather resources and info about the world as it is to more efficiently tear it to shreds, or make it into pretty hats, or fold it into tesserspace, or whatever. No big loud messy rampages. Yet.
Photo 26

-"Yeah, no, he's just sitting there silently field-stripping his weapon." Oh like you haven't done that fifty billion times yourself, Dean, High King of Psychological Repression. As I'm sure John did before you. This is standard Winchester operating procedure. When in turmoil, do something practical and fiddly with your hands, like clean the guns or rebuild an Impala. Pft. If Sam was knitting a tea cozy or making origami chipmunks out of gum wrappers, then you'd have reason to raise an eyebrow.
Photo 27

-"Turning on his GPS in case he decides to fly the cuckoo's nest." HOOORAY FOR SMART!DEAN!!! \o/ GPS in Sam's phone: the closest thing you can get to a microchip implant without a trip to the vet.

-"This is the kind of crazy you can't fix." Yes, admittedly, Sam's got plenty of reasons to be adrift from the real, but have they done any testing on him? Holy water? Stick him in the panic room, see if Lucifer still yaps at him? Blood tests for, foreign entities or diseases from that bloody shard he fell on? Seriously, all of these people are quite familiar with non-'he's nuts' reasons that could explain Sam's behaviour. Have they ruled it all out yet?

-"How are you?"/"Who cares?" Oh Deeeeeeeean.
Photo 28

-"Just lost one of the best friends you ever had, your brother's in the bell jar, and Purgatory's most wanted are surfing the sewer lines, but yeah, yeah, I get it, right. You're fine." And again, Bobby with the succinct summation for the win. Also the cutest annoyed gopher face, and hard to cap eyeroll.
Photo 29

-"Good." *facepalm* Seven years, and Dean is still Dean.
Photo 30

-"'Course if anytime you wanna decide that's utter horse crap, I'll be where I always am. Right here." Bobbyyyyyyyyy! *glomphs Bobby and tries very hard not to think of foreshadowing*

-"Shaddup. Idjit." Awwwwwwwww. *glomphs Bobby harder*

-Showers. High school. Jocks. Hardly even need to add evil from the dawn of time to the mix to make that Hell.
Photo 31

-So much for the lack of big messes. These guys must be new. *facepalm*

Photo 32

-"I know you're tough, but I want you to take it easy tonight." Yes, doctor, whatever you say... Hm? Sorry. Lost track of where I was for a minute. I blame the medication. He'll probably get Leviathan'd in a little bit here.
Photo 33

-[Spec-phobe warning]Hey. This Leviathan thing is kind of a little like the Croatoan virus, isn't it? Except it's waterborne (at the moment) instead of blood-borne... which makes me wonder about Sam's hand... And think about how he was immune to Croatoan, or something... Hmm...[warning ends.]

-Aw, he has fun painkillers too. Sorry, sorry...

-"Stockville, North Kansas." I'm guessing, since all this went down in the vicinity of Crowley's lair, that Stockville is close to Bootblock. Really though, Kansas. Seriously.

-"Bobby's running the Hub." *chokes on everything ever* Okay. There's a crossover challenge. Bobby running Torchwood. Heheh... *drifts*

*Momentary lapse of reason begins*

Bobby: "Right you idjits, I didn't ask to be in charge, I don't particularly wanna be in charge, but while I am, you're gonna do what I say unless you know something I don't, in which case, you're gonna tell me. Got it?"

Tosh: "Where's Jack?"

Bobby: "Out. He'll be back. You don't wanna know."

Tosh: "But-"

Bobby: "You really don't wanna know. Nothing that's gonna be a problem for long. Now, someone needs to tell me about this portal to Hell in the middle of your base-"

Ianto: "Not portal, Rift. Also, not to Hell."

Owen: "Not always."

Bobby: "Whatever. I need to know about this 'Rift' thing including a rundown on the most likely problems to come out of it, and how to stop 'em. You, in the boots, what's your name?"

Gwen: "Gwen."

Bobby: "Gwen. You get to explain to me, in general, what the hell this place is. You, in the suit, gimme a coffee. And someone get that damned pterodactyl in a cage before it craps on my hat."

Ianto: "It's a pteranodon, actually."

Bobby: "I don't care. It's over my head and it's twice the size of a cow. I don't wanna see the size of its crap."

Ianto: "Yes, sir."

*momentary lapse of reason over now*

*koff* I'm totally blaming the drugs for that little interlude. ANYWAY. Moving on. Right.

-So. The last time Dean left Sam alone with Bobby while Sam was acting woohoo, Sam tried to kill Bobby. That was because of the whole soulless thing, of course, but one good solid hallucination and the wrong end of a weapon... yeah.

-"I can eyeball the kid." Bobby's babysitting service never shuts down. :-)

-"Watching things blow up is apparently very satisfying." Why yes! As long as it's far enough away and nothing you're particularly attached to. This is one of the many reasons why fireworks are popular.

-I LOVE THIS MEETING OF THE EMBODIED MONSTERS SO MUCH!!! I can't even explain why exactly, it just kind of adds a level of realism to have them griping at each other about their physical limitations and knowledge bases, underlings that are causing problems too soon. Like they have a boss, and idiot co-workers, and stupid pointless duties and no resources to perform them. Love it.
Photo 34
Photo 35

-And of course Dr. Friendly's gonna get inked. Surprise!
Photo 36

-I realize they're all just finding their feet, but I'm finding it hard to think of an invasion/plague/whatever as threatening when one of their primary sources of intel is Dr. Sexy MD. XD

-"I want to be a surgeon when I grow up! And I want to grow up now!" BWAAHAHAHA! XD

-Why hallo there, thing Leviathans can apparently do! Take other people's forms without taking their actual bodies. That's going to cause so much havoc down the line isn't it? O.o
Photo 37

-"Special Agent Anderson. Ian." AKA leader and flautist of Jethro Tull. Because not all rock band members have uncommon and easily identifiable names. Uncommon instruments for a rock band however, yes. Flute? *listens to the only Jethro Tull song in my iTunes* Wow. Awesome!

-Oh crap, please don't kill off Sheriff Mills! O.o

-"Hunh. Not weird at all." Hee! Yeah, she's seen more than a few things, hasn't she. Plus, Sheriff.
Photo 38

-Trivia note: In Supernatural 'verse, the Weekly World News is still being published in full hardcopy format. Or at least it is for Lucifer.
Photo 39

-"How you doin'?" Let's see, thinks Sam. My possibly-hallucinatory possibly-Lucifer is cleaning his nails with my buck knife. No big deal. AKA "Okay." Right? Right. *facepalm* Winchesters.
Photo 40
Photo 41

-Poor Sammy. TALK TO YOUR BROTHER! And get a video camera and EMF set up or something, because you might not be hallucinating and you might not be in Hell and that might or might not be Lucifer. TEST EVERYTHING!!! Arg. *frustratedly pats distressed Sammy*
Photo 42

-Yeah! Go Sheriff Mills! Not gonna let a little thing like post-op recovery get in the way of finding out what the hell's going on and trying to stop it. I love Sheriff Mills... Oh crap. And now I've doomed her.
Photo 43

-One hand running down the leg of a soon-to-be eviscerated elderly woman and the creep factor just jumped up about nine billion. Gyaaaaaah. *shudders* O.o
Photo 44

-A little too late for a rescue, there Sheriff Jody, but Leviathans are really fast with scalpels, and you had a drip bag thing to drag along, so it's totally not your fault. I'm guessing you'll never be eating liver and onions again though.
Photo 45
Photo 46
Photo 47

-CRAP! Darn surgical procedures, keeping people from hunting monsters. But that's what happens. The adrenaline spike fades, and you fail your save vs will to stay conscious the pain hits, and you fall down go boom.
Photo 48

-I want more Sheriff Mills. Like her appearing in several episodes. Ideally, I'd like her to join up with the boys and Bobby on a casual basis and go hunting monsters once in a while. More likely, given what show we're all watching here, if they did have her become recurring this year, she'd get infected by the Leviathans go on an evil rampage for a while, then the boys and Bobby would have to kill her and there would be epic Bobby angst. ...I'm actually cool with either way at this point. Just more Sheriff Jody! \o/

-EEP! LeviaDoc's back from lunch! And this is Sheriff Mills' 'oh crap' face.
Photo 49

-"Nothing. My stitches were itching and I just wanted to know if that was normal..." Damn she does a good panic babble/fast talk. Sort of. XD
Photo 50

-"Don't make me go back in there." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! XD
Photo 51
Photo 52
Photo 53

-"I'll check on you later." Eeeeeek!!

-"You can kiss my ass, Dr. Monster-Face." BWAHAHAHA, oh god the laughing hurts. I LOVE SHERIFF JODY!!!! \o/ (And I've said that so often, she is totally doomed now.)

-"It ends when you can't take it anymore." Ooooof. Well. That was unexpected. O.O
Photo 54
Photo 55

-[Spec-phobe warning]It does make sense, whether Lucifer here is a trojan horse for either actual Lucifer or some blood-borne monster from the glass shards in Crowley's lab (or is actual Lucifer hiding inside Sam's soul and Death didn't detect him). If he/they/it can trick Sam into 'killing himself' under a hallucination, in essence, that would be Sam as the current dominant personality ceding control to the invading personality, and letting them take over his physical form, completing the connection they're looking for, to escape or invade or take independent action, whatever the aims of whatever this is might be. And I really really wish I'd gotten that fic written.[warning ends]

-*shivers silently at the exchange between Lucifer and Sam* Yeah. I think I'm right. O.O

-"Hey Sam." Bobby! OMG THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE! ...If you're actually you and not a fake-Bobby sent to prod Sam... *hides under blanket*
Photo 56
Photo 57
(Hehe. You know you're watching Supernatural when a third of the screenshot is plaid. XD)

-Ah yes. Beer. Bobby's fall-back solution for all of life's problems, including heartbreak, insanity and demonic possession. Not alcoholism though.

-I don't quite know how to interpret this expression. Is it 'humour the 6'5" lunatic puppy-boy' or 'I am a hallucinatory construct and I'm gonna screw with your head so bad in a minute.' Hmm.
Photo 58

-Looks like Sam's not sure either.
Photo 59

-GAAAH! SONOFABITCH! Also ow. I should not make sudden movements, even if Lucifer shows up behind Bobby with a poker and I feel compeled to jerk backwards away from the screen. Oh god BOBBBYYYYYYYYY! D-:
Photo 60

Photo 61
Photo 62

-"Ya hear me Sam?" Oh thank god! *headdesk* Because if that had actually happened, it would probably have been a hallucinating Sam doing it and, just, Noooooooooo! Now, the thing is, either part of that could still be a hallucination. It's all down to how Sam chooses to interpret it at this point. Also *SMACKS THE CRAP OUT OF BEN EDLUND FOR SCARING ME LIKE THAT!!!!* EDLUND, YOU BASTARD!!! *FISTSHAKE*

-I need more medication now. And tea. And possibly booze. Or not. Oh yay, it's time for the call from Sheriff Mills!

-Sioux Falls General. Of course it's in Sioux Falls if Sheriff Mills is having an appendectomy there. But... the reservoir was over by Crowley's... maybe the swim team was at an out of town meet in Sioux Falls... and the reservoir did say tri-state, so maybe it serves a really broad area.... I dunno. They're in the water system,

-Also, I can see why it would have been tricky to call the local water authorities from Bobby's CDC phone with a boil water advisory or something. The Leviathans had probably transferred out already at that point and it would cause unnecessary panic and what tests could the water authorities run to show a toxin in the water when the toxin is evil from the dawn of time. If there was a test for that, Bobby'd know more about it than they would. So the tests would show up clear, it would all be called a hoax, and it would have all been too late anyway. *handwaves*

-"Before he eats me, Singer." *grins all over* Can we PLEEEEEEASE keep her??? Preferably not evil?
Photo 63

-"Go, I'll watch the phones." *facepalm* Yes. By all means. Let's leave hallucination-ridden Sam all alone. With the guns. And Lucifer. Ya know, tying him up, stuffing him in the trunk and taking him with you would be a slightly less foolish option. Or perhaps bashing him unconscious, tying him up and stuffing him in the panic room. Though that could make things worse. But not much. He's going to be totally gone when Dean and/or Bobby get back, isn't he?

-"I can take over from here, nurse." How to jump the queue in any health care system. Make sure all involved are possessed by the same family of entities. I am kind of surprised the intake nurse wasn't a little more concerned at the demolitions guy's statement that he beat the teens up. Normally there are procedures for that sort of thing, aren't there?

-"This is where they bring their bodies to be fixed. They consider it a safe place." I so very much love this whole Leviathan scouting mission thing and comparing notes and swapping information found. Love it to bits! \o/

-Also love the whole 'take over people in key/authority positions' which is what the demons should have been doing all along, except most demons are very much not into teamwork or subtlety, as well as having the collective tactical sense of a brine shrimp.

-"Time to pursue a career in medicine." Dead-eyed teenagers; nearly as creepy as little kids.

-"Oh, I severed their vocal chords, of course." Eeee! Casually pragmatic, detail-oriented smart evil that thinks ahead and has tactics and a power structures and, and, and eeeeee! THE LEVIATHANS ARE AWESOME!!!! (And Castiel's totally still not dead. *nods determinately*)

-Sam, Sam, Sam. You are not helping your situation. 'Gee. I'm all alone and hallucinating that Lucifer is making me hallucinate my entire reality and wants me to kill myself to escape it. Why, this is a perfect time to see how fast I can clean my gun!' I know it's a long-standing time-honoured Winchester family coping mechanism and all, but seriously, Sam? *facepalm*

-Hee! Stealing your beer. It's what big brothers are there for. If they are in fact there, and not a Lucifer/monster-blood conjured figment brought up just to mess with your head. ...I'm not going to trust any one-on-one time Sam has with anyone until this hallucination business is confirmed to be whatever it really is. Just so you all know.

-"Don't let Satan change my presets." HA! That sounds like a country and western song. Hang on. You're going to let hallucinating Sam behind the wheel of the Impala??? Really?? That seems like the worst idea of all ideas yet, Dean. If you are in fact Dean. Arg! O.o

-*giggles at Bobby's 'lacy, gently wafting curtains'* Sorry. Dr. Horrible reference. Medication. *handwaves*

-"Bobby Singer. 'My hero'."/"That's the roofies talkin'"/"*smirky-sounding giggle*" And the Jody/Bobby shippers explode. Hee!

-The involuntary liver donor was only fifty-six? She was looking rough! I would have guessed in her late sixties. Also, date of death, October 3rd, no year. Aaaaaand she lived for a while eviscerated, apparently, since her time of death is nearly 10 AM and not the middle of the night... oh, wait. The LeviaDoc fudged the records and bypassed the system, since a patient who was admitted for a fracture or whatever she was in for suddenly turns up in another ward with no liver might look suspicious. Morgues do occasionally notice such things, I'm given to understand.

-"Foot surgery?" Yeah, see? Foot surgery doesn't often equal evisceration. Most major hospitals and morgues would be aware of this. *nods*

-"How you doin' Sam? In the head region? Devil still riding shotgun?" Dean, stop making me think you're going to turn out to be an evil hallucination. Unless you are, in which case, carry on.

-"Professional help." Heheh, suuuuuure.
"And why do you think Satan is trying to get you to kill yourself?"

"Because none of this is real, I'm still in Hell, trapped in a cage with Lucifer, that I jumped into when I was possessed in order to stop the Apocalypse for which there has been a demonic plot to create Lucifer's perfect vessel for running back at least a generation, which is me. Also, my family hunts monsters."

"...ah... okaaaay. How about we start with the basics. Tell me about your mother?"


Suuuure. They'd stuff Sam full of pills all right, put him in a straitjacket and a nice soft room with no windows and he'd never see the light of day again.

-"No, but you are crazy. That don't wash off, you get that right?" I am really hoping that you and Bobby did every test you could think of on Sam before this, or I will have the biggest 'I told you so' ever for you, Dean Winchester. Maybe. If I'm right. In either direction. If you are in fact Dean. *ponders*

-"You are never gonna be okay, Sam." OKAY LUCIFER, YOU ARE SO BUSTED. Right Sam? Sam??

-And the real Dean pulls in to Bobby's, alone. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! SO VERY BUSTED! If Sam actually picks up on it that is, and doesn't just assume Dean's given up on him. Again. Like that faked voicemail at the end of season 4... Sam's totally screwed, isn't he? *headdesk*

-Bobby's lacy gently wafting curtains again, hee!

-"Aw crap." Yep. That would be a succinct summary of the situation. Bobby's rubbing off on you. Though really, I'd search the whole house and yard a bit more thoroughly before assuming things have gone wrong and Sam's off on a hallucinatory rampage, but Dean obviously knows what show he's living in by now and knows that whatever happens, it's most likely going to be whatever screws him and his family over hardest.

-Meanwhile, in the hallucinatory Impala, things are about set to go straight to Hell, possibly literally, and Sam is about to have a very very bad night. Possibly along with some innocent non-hallucinatory bystanders. Eek.

-"When we get in there, you gotta keep it together." Hah. Okay, let's count the cues Sam is missing, since he's so easily convinced Dean thinks he should be written off as a worthless nutbag. One. Dean's asking him to go in with him now instead of staying outside and keeping the car running. Two. Sam seems to have the keys to the car without Dean having handed them to him. So two for starters, not counting the 'Dean's given up on you' mega-cue. Wake up and smell the sulfur, Sam. Or monster-blood... smelly... whatsis. *handwaves* Come on. Dean wouldn't write you off that fast, or that permanently.

-"'Cause if you're seeing Lucifer you could be seeing all kinds of crap." Heee heee heee, sneaky bastard. XD

-"You think this is an office building, right?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Company name. And inverted pentagram logo. HA! Lucifer, if Sam was a little more awake right now, you'd be even more busted. But he's not, so throw in all the smirky self-references you want. Or covering 'Why Yes I Am Satan, Not Anything Else' references.

-"Sorry, wrong." Just the faces.

-"Oh you think I'm Dean. Right." Heeee. Well, at least he's revealing himself before he has ensouled and unstable Sam go massacre a bunch of randoms. That's almost nice of him. Or them. However, he's got Sam away from Bobby's where he has no external reality checks or anchors, or people who care about him. In short, Sam is screwed. Even more so than before.

-And Sam has officially entered the 'shooting at nothing' portion of his externally imposed (I am pretty sure) insanity.

-"Wanna point that gun at someone useful? Try your face." Aaaaaaaaah ah ah. Eek. No. This is why leaving Sam alone was a very very bad idea. No one can see objectively what's going on and stop Sam if he looks like he's about to do something incredibly stupid because some invading personality of not-fully-certain source is tweaking his issues. Also WHY DID THEY LET SAM KEEP CLEANING THE GUNS? Right. Winchester therapy. *headdesk*

-Interesting phrasing on that line above though. 'Wanna point that gun at someone useful?' Therefore, to Lucifer, or Monster-blood invader or splintered aspect of Sam's own macerated psyche, Sam is someone useful. Very interesting... *ponders*

-"It's like a friggin' doggie bag in here." Meanwhile, Bobby is elbows deep in a corpse in the hospital morgue. In plaid and a trucker cap. Maybe this is one of those hospitals that wouldn't know the difference between ankle surgery and evisceration after all.


-Hee! You know Bobby's flustered when he imitates Castiel's fake-badge-showing technique.... XD

-"I know you!" OH SHIT. O.O Admittedly, this is a Sioux Falls hospital, so Bobby's got a much higher chance of being recognized by folks in his home town, but this is a Leviathan recognizing him and THINGS JUST GOT SO MUCH WORSE, OMG. RUN BOBBY!!! O.O

-"We saw you. Through the angel's eyes." OKAY, HOW'S THAT FOR PROOF OF HOW SCREWED YOU ARE??? RUN BOBBY!!! O.O

-When in danger and in doubt, hit it with a hammer and run away! Yay! \o/


-And it auto-ejects buckshot. That's not even fair. Guns hadn't been invented when they were shoved into Purgatory.

-YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH SMART DEAN WITH THE GPS SAM-TRACKER! \o/ I totally forgive Edlund for stabbing Bobby with a hallucinatory fire poker because he had Dean be smart and effective as a result of thinking ahead. \o/

-Aw, pouty Lucifer's little game of 'make Sam kill himself' got interrupted. GOOD. O.O

-"Oh look. Another me." Oh crap! O.O

-*flails with glee at the whole boatload of mindfuckery happening to Sam, and imperiling Dean as a result* Ow. *flails some more*

-"This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!" I have the sudden feeling Dean could be quoting John there. Dunno why. Just do. :-)

-"Look, man, I've been to Hell." Oh yay, are they actually going to have a conversation about this?

-"This is real. Not a year ago, not in Hell. I was with you when you cut it, I sewed it up." There is so much meta that could be written about the fact that Dean considers pain a guideline of what's real and what's not. Not by me though.

-*zappy!Lucifer* O.O HI! What the Hell just happened there? Dean dug into Sam's monster-blood-glass wound, and simultaneously grabbed at Sam's gun and Lucifer-image went all zappy. He's totally a monster-blood thing!!! And, like, metal hurts him! Or something. HOLY CRAP, MAYBE IT'S FAERIES?!??! O.O

-"This is different, right? Than the crap that's tearing at your walnut?" Ow, ow, ow. *shakes hands in sympathy* (Side note, Is it me or does Dean's thumb look huge there?)

-And! Whether this successfully gets Sam to wake up and pick up the clue phone, Dean still successfully disarmed him. GO DEAN! \o/

-*winces* Ow. Okay, yeah, not exactly the most healthy of coping methods, but as long as it's effective and keeps bullets out of people that don't need bullets in them, sure. It's a start. *nods*

-(Between the suicide talk and the self-injury, this episode would have had so many Warnings on it if it were fanfic. XD)

-A really huge start if it short circuits the invading personality WHICH IS TOTALLY FROM THE MONSTER-BLOOD, AMIRIGHT??? \o/

-"Doesn't mean anything." Suuuuuuure Luci. Or whoever you are. Just keep telling yourself that. Bwahahahahahah! \o/

-"I'm the only one who can legitimately kick your ass in real time." Hahahahahah! True. Don't think that would help right now, but it's the thought that counts.



-"Believe me! You've gotta believe me! You've gotta make it stone number one and build on it, you understand?" DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN!!! SAAAAAM! BROTHEEEEEEERS! FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL! OMG, coherence is so over-rated! *flaps hands and squeaks like a dolphin*

-And just the very subtlest hint of family theme under that scene, or am I mishearing?

-"Silver buckshot, no effect, bled black ooze." Okay, things I love about this. Bobby got away, and Bobby is, while hauling ass away, calling to pass on what little intel he has on the Leviathans, namely don't bother using silver buckshot, so even if things go south and one of them chases him down and runs him off the road, the boys still have new data.

-Correct Current license plate, yes, but that's totally a re-used Impala transition shot. Not sure which episode it's from initially though. Yay for budget savings! \o/

-"Baby steps" And there's Dean's family theme! Sort of. Partially. I knew it had to be around here somewhere!

-"Oh no." What??! O.O

-What?? No... No way. They didn't...

-Oh. My. God. D-:

-You know, it's perfectly logical in retrospect that this would happen. Bobby's scrapyard has been like the Roadhouse. It's a known location to and for hunters, so it was bound to get targeted, and has been on occasion, but Bobby's got defenses. (Although a human ally or thrall of something could always have easily gotten on site, backed a cement truck (or water truck, or gas truck, or hell, milk truck) up to the air intake of the panic room and made things very difficult for anyone hiding in there.) Except there's no known defense vs. Leviathans yet. Plus the Leviathans know Bobby via seeing him through Castiel, and Singer Salvage is probably in the phone book. But... Oh My God. I have officially been caught totally flat-footed by a turn of events I was not anticipating on this show. Holy crap!


-What, Bobby? I'm not worried about Bobby? Of course not! Bobby wasn't in there. RIGHT??? I AM WILLING TO REINSTATE THAT SMACK IN THE HEAD, EDLUND! YOU BASTARD!! *fistshake* O.O

-If I don't unpause it, there's no chance at all Bobby actually died. Right? It's like Schroedinger's pause button. *side-eyes*



-"Oh no." Oh, god, and it's another home Dean's seen burned to the ground, and Sam too, even though he was a baby back then, he saw his home at Stanford burn down, and another father figure they've both lost (even though they totally haven't because Bobby's fine shut up shutupshutupshutup!) Oh BOYS!!! D-:

-Dean: *quiet speaking, hand signal*
Sam: *Sammy-bellows* BOBBY!!!
Me: *facepalm*
Your tactical dichotomy is freaking astounding sometimes, guys.

-"You cannot be in that crater back there. I ca- *breath runs out*" Ohhhhhhhh DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN!!! *so much flappy hands omg* O.O

-[Spec-phobe warning]You know. If Bobby doesn't show up by the end of this episode, or even if he does, there's a real good chance he could be a Leviathan. Though... LeviaDoc didn't touch him that we saw, and LeviaCas was a bit too distracted trying not to explode to get a biometric reading to duplicate in future. Hm. Still, gotta be a point of contention. When Bobby shows back up. Which he will. *nods fervently*[warning over]

-"If you're gone, I swear I am going to strap my 'Beautiful Mind' brother into the car and I'm gonna drive us off the pier." Dean, honey, I know you're distressed, I am too, but, uh. Sioux Falls, and in fact all of South Dakota is land-locked. So you'd have a long drive to get to that pier, even if it's just one on a big lake, and hopefully have decided on a less final option in the intervening miles. *now has image in mind of Sam bound up like a nervous mummy in the passenger seat while Dean drives around Sioux Falls shouting 'Where's the goddamned pier!'* ...I really should not be laughing now. *snerk* Oh Dean. *pats*

-"You asked me how I was doin'? Well, not good." Uh oh. Dean go 'splody now, yeah? Dean does a lot of his emotional outpourings to voicemail and gravestones. Nothing and no one watching him, just alone, talking to something that can't or won't talk back. Almost... like prayer... but I'm hesitant to make that connection. Interesting. Someone with more brain than me has no doubt done extensive meta on the topic somewhere.

-"And you said you'd be here. Where are you?" Owwww. Not Dean go 'splody. Not yet anyway. If Bobby doesn't show up soon though, I suspect Dean's yet to be recorded messages on his voicemail are going to give a Psychology grad student sufficient source material for endless papers on abandonment issues, PTSD and a full bouquet of abnormal psych topics.

-Aaaaand Sam who is no doubt quite emotionally vulnerable right now, searching for a friend/father figure he hopes isn't dead, is off on his own, again, and while he has the pain trick to ground him out of the hallucinations now, who or whatever is causing them is still there...


-DEAN TO THE RESCUE WITH A SHOTGUN, AND SHOOTING A MONSTER IN THE HEAD! Not that it's gonna do much but get his attention, but WOOO! \o/



-Ooooo... shiny. And metal! In case that makes a difference! \o/

-OW tire iron to the face ow. Well, if nothing else, Sam will be damn sure where reality is right now. Briefly.O.o

-MONSTER GO SQUISH! \o/ Hah. Not likely for long, but hey, about time they used car wrecking equipment in a scrapyard fight.

-He's leaking quite a bit though, maybe it'll take a while for him to reconstitute. Or maybe he'll just ooze on back into the aquifer and find five other people to be.

-Oh great. Yes. What Sam really needs right now is a freaking coma. Him and whatever the hallucination is, trapped in there together. Perfect. *rubs hands with glee*

-And Dean is so out of contacts, allies and resources he has to call 911. And is going to have to explain to whoever comes to the scene (who won't be Sheriff Mills, since Bobby was obviously hauling butt to her place to get her to safety before the Leviathans came after her and that's why he's totally alive somewhere right now *nods*) what happened to Bobby's place (speaking of which, no one noticed the fire?), and why there's a human pancake mashed under a... (what, some kind of 70's Ford? Fairlane? Torino? I have no idea) ...car. And Dean is probably going to have a leg stuck in traction while Sam is waging war in his comatose head. Oooo. MAYBE WE'LL SEE DREAMROOT COME BACK??? *crosses fingers*

-Eeek! There's more! Oh my god, they're actually in an ambulance! Have we ever had that? Besides after the Impala crash at the start of Season 2, where I don't think we actually had the inside of the ambulance?


-Well crap. O.O

-"Hey, so maybe I'm not real. Nobody's perfect." Suuuuure, monster-blood/Lucifer/trojan thing. Just because reality is real doesn't mean you aren't still something other than a fragment of Sam's psyche. Or not. I'M WATCHING YOU, MISTER. *side-eyes*

-"I'm not going anywhere, Sam." Well, great. Thanks for the heads up.

-OH CRAP SEIZURE! Real-looking seizure, not TV-fake looking super-shaky seizure, god that's so disturbing! It's like actual reasonably realistic injuries and things. Wow, consequences of getting their asses kicked! O.O

-"Sioux Falls??" Well, crap. Chock full of Leviathans, Sam and Dean are both going to be relatively immobile, and they have no accessible allies. At all. WAY TO UP THE CHALLENGE RATING SHOW! Dean and Sam could not get much more screwed! *thumbs up*

-"*Leviathan begins glooping back inward and reconstituting itself like a liquid metal Terminator*" Oh yeah! *cackles evilly* Definitely. Absolutely. Screwed. *applauds*

All I gotta say is when Castiel and Bobby turn up again, there had better be hugging, dammit. (ETA: And here's a few icons to wave around until that day happens. And it totally will.)


(PLEASE, NO SPOILERS OR REFERENCES TO SPOILERY MATERIAL IN COMMENTS! Any and all promo material for unaired episodes is considered to be a spoiler in this journal. The further definition of what constitutes a spoiler for this journal is located in left hand sidebar. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)

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teardrop_tattoo From: teardrop_tattoo Date: October 2nd, 2011 11:49 am (UTC) (Link)
Dude...Yes. I love this. And I love that your denial of Bobby and Cas being...ahem.... Well you sound just like me. I REFUSE. :)

For someone on meds, you're pretty liner. :D

Feel betterz!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well you sound just like me. I REFUSE. :)

We need icons or something!

For someone on meds, you're pretty liner. :D

...Thanks? I think? :-D
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: October 2nd, 2011 12:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Dean...does a lot of his emotional outpourings to voicemail and gravestones. Nothing and no one watching him, just alone, talking to something that can't or won't talk back. Almost... like prayer..."

For someone who is supposedly out of it, this is a very significant observation and I love it!

I also love the rest of your review--yours is one of the recap highlights!

And feel better!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
For someone who is supposedly out of it, this is a very significant observation and I love it!

It was followed by an intense craving for Zesty Cheese Doritos, but I didn't put that in the post. XD

I also love the rest of your review--yours is one of the recap highlights!

Aww, thanks!
maychorian From: maychorian Date: October 2nd, 2011 02:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
aw, man, this summary is so awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do, especially when you are not at 100 yourself. And omg, Bobby in Torchwood is AWESOME. :D

You bet your sweet biddy there'd better be hugging later. I've been waiting long enough for Cas to get his first hug. They tease us and tease us and it never happens.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 06:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you liked it and glad to see the new season is drawing you back in! :-)
weesta From: weesta Date: October 2nd, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh yay! OH YAY! It's been so long and I had so much fun reading your recap!!! The Winchesters are SO SCREWED and I can't wait for next Friday! *twirls*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
OMG I KNOW!!! \o/
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: October 2nd, 2011 03:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Wasn't the warehouse scene fabulous?! The boys trying to be brothers again and Lucifer standing there snarking at them all the time?!

Funny you should mention the Croatoan virus under a cap of the LeviaDoc. He was in a show many years ago called The Cape with Bobby Hosea who played the Sarge in Croatoan. (Thank you, pointless trivia fans. Adam Baldwin was in it too.)

I can't believe I'd not actually pinged on the boys losing yet another home to fire. *glances nervously at the Impala*

Cas and Bobby have probably just decided to go see a movie together. They will totally be fine. *lalalalalalalaaaaa I'm not listening to anything you say, Edlund *
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
I can't believe I'd not actually pinged on the boys losing yet another home to fire. *glances nervously at the Impala*

Oh they better not torch the Impala! They wrecked it twice, that's enough! O.O

Cas and Bobby have probably just decided to go see a movie together. They will totally be fine. *lalalalalalalaaaaa I'm not listening to anything you say, Edlund *

*briefly scans movie listings* Oh wow. I haven't seen the movie, but Bobby and Castiel watching "Take Shelter" together might be epic crack. O.o
withdiamonds From: withdiamonds Date: October 2nd, 2011 03:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Reading this was almost as much fun as the episode itself. =D
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aw, wow, thanks!
datenshiblue From: datenshiblue Date: October 2nd, 2011 03:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
Love your review/recap! Maybe we should get you doped up for each one... ;)

Bobby in Torchwood was so cute, made me nostalgic for original Torchwood. *sigh*

Personally? I think Lucifer is just Sam's crazy. Lookit, when Cas broke the wall, Sam split into 3, and reintegrated, but who says he only split into 3? His brain seems to try coping by making other personas. I do see the possibility of the other options (monster or Lucifer possession), but I really hope it's not something outside of Sam that can be ejected, because he earned his crazy. And I think he can (eventually) get some kind of handle on it in time. The "Beautiful Mind" reference hints at as much, since the movie ends with John Forbes Nash, Jr., getting his own kind of handle on his schizophrenia. That's the kind of compromise I can see Sam living with.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 07:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
All theories are equally valid at this point. We're all shooting fireworks in the dark. :-)
sandymg From: sandymg Date: October 2nd, 2011 05:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
This was excellent. Yes, Dean and Pain and using it to know what's real. I can't meta about it but I just know it's all so true.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 07:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's like his entire life, right there, you know? *gestures wordlessly*
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: October 2nd, 2011 06:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
THE BOOOOKS!!! *weeps inconsolably* Sigh. Running off here, but had to read your recap first because, well, priorities;) I hope to at least get some writing done in the quiet hotel room.

So many things I could say, but my mind is still whirling (and not processing anything lately). *bangs head on desk*

I also make tiny fans out of gum and candy wrappers (metallic works better). I don't think I should ponder what this says about me..lol

Cas and Bobby will return. I will not think of any other outcome. *nods*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
OMG THE BOOKS! *flails*

Fans have a practical use though, so you're fine.

Cas and Bobby will return. I will not think of any other outcome. *nods*

Absolutely! *nods with you*
notmykl From: notmykl Date: October 2nd, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
I thought Dean said "..and drive off to Pierre." WT..what? Pierre? What's so interesting in Pierre besides the lack of Leviathans? Than I got what he meant. Yeah, Sioux Falls and piers, uhm..not. Try Sioux City, Iowa dude.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2011 09:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Bwah! Yeah! They'll head over to Pierre! That'll teach Bobby to seem like he's dead! XD

Maybe Dean'd drive the Impala off the roof of the Sioux Falls Pier One Imports?
dristi2u From: dristi2u Date: October 3rd, 2011 12:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
*now has image in mind of Sam bound up like a nervous mummy in the passenger seat while Dean drives around Sioux Falls shouting 'Where's the goddamned pier!'*

i can't get this image out of my head and i can't stop laughing...

loved your post! made my day. can't wait for ep3...and your reaction to that!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 3rd, 2011 09:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you enjoyed it!
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