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SPN Reaction: Episode 3.06 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
SPN Reaction: Episode 3.06

Reaction to episode 3.06 - Red Sky at Morning


Before everything, here's a list of things I was spoiled for:
-Discussion on pier-side walkway
-Dean in a tux
-Bela's involvement
-Pirate ghosts

Without watching the previews, or any commercials, or looking for spoilers, or reading anything remotely episode-related on a forum. Or watching the previouslies. Honestly, this is the hardest show to stay unspoiled for. However, with those spoilers I had a totally different plot figured out, and one of these days I might write it because it's serious crack.

So, anyways, onward, through the repeated mangling of my tape. (Never let me buy 8-hour tapes ever, ever again. Shoot me if you have to.)

-I love, love, love the look of the ship. Love it. Someone said 'Pirates of the Caribbean' was coming this week (see spoiler list) but honestly I love that ship, any implied PotC associations aside. Very nice job done on the ship.

-Girl jogging on the docks at night in that outfit, stopping for a drink and not keeping an eye out for non-supernatural freaks... maybe not so smart. This would have been filmed in... mid-to-late August, I think, which was kind of tepid in Vancouver this year, so fifteen Celsius at night, or about 59 Fahrenheit. Not freezing, but not terribly warm for someone in a lycra jogging bikini-thing. Anyway.

-Shower scene! Shower scenes mess me up, because I'm a paranoid freak and also because I'm pretty much blind without my glasses so an army of disgruntled pirate ghosts could barge into my bathroom and I wouldn't even see them until it was too late.

-I do wonder why the choking girl here isn't spitting water against the glass, like the later victims with the horfing up water, which, ew, but also I gamergeek'd about it because seriously, that's a one-point GURPS Create Water spell used really creatively, and if the ghost has a 15 or higher skill in it, he can do it forever and never tire out. None of my GM's ever let me do that in a game. Wow, sidetracking like crazy there, sorry.

-Reuse of car shot again. It's half of one of the first season Impala transition shots. This is kind of cool, it's like a game to figure out where all the shots were originally used. And one of these days when I have time or am being driven a little more crazy by it, I'll totally look every scene up. Not tonight though, because it's already 2 AM.

-Sam in the car! Dean asks him about the Colt and he just owns up to it! Wow, Sam's candor about some stuff is off the rails this year. But then there's the stuff about Mary and all the Boy-King of the Demons schtick that he's still hiding. Can't go cold turkey on this keeping big secrets thing after all. Gotta ween himself down...

-He shot her 'coz she was a smartass, hee. Sam's definitely had a chance to put some mental down-spin on the whole "shot the Crossroads Demon" thing.

-More shouty boys, aw.

-Also Purim, unless Sam was picking a random holiday to be a smartass, entirely possible, puts this episode around... March 3rd? No, that's 2007. It's on March 20th in 2008... What year is it in series? Either way that makes it 3 - 4 months after the last ("close to Halloween") episode... Enh. Never mind. Sam was being a smartass. Or he meant to say "Happy Diwali" *nods*

-The old lady, Gert? I suspect that will be me in thirty fifty years. :-P Only less cute and a bit less gropy.

-Aw! Dean hyperventilating when the Impala's gone missing! Aw! That's his home, dammit!

-Oh, and it's got the Colt in it. Which led straight into... OMG, GUYS, CHECK THE TRUNK ASAP!!! Bela had the car and knows there's an arsenal in the trunk, did she rummage around in case they had any nifty stuff and take the re-built Colt?? Probably not, given they're calmly loading guns later on. If I was them, it'd be the first thing I'd check. What else is in that trunk...? Hm. Not much of interest to Bela. She probably took the dreamcatcher for spite, though. Hmf. Anyways, getting waaay ahead of myself.

-Bela had the Impala towed! Cow! They really do want everyone to hate her don't they? :-D I despise her but within a plot context. I like the character as an adversary. I agree with whoever it was that said she sounds a bit like Emma Watson. They must be from/have developed accents in similar areas or something.

-"Mind your blood pressure." Hm. Meg said that to John... I've got Meg on the brain lately :-P

-"Can I shoot her?"/"....not in public." HEE!!!! Oh I loved the little interplay between Sam, Dean and Bela there. :-)

-Wow, that's a huge freaking house for the deep-sea diving patricidal brothers. Fuuuuugly, but huge. I suppose I shouldn't say it's fugly, I have no real sense of architectural style, so it could be very nice. It just looks like an art gallery or something instead of a house, and the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw it was "Wow that thing must take a lot to heat!" Followed by "It would take an hour to vacuum." I'm easily distracted tonight. Weird.

-"Crappy car" Okay, die now, daddy-killing scuba diver. :-P

-"Hey you moron, we're trying to help you!" Dean needs to shout this more often. I don't care what the situation is, he needs to shout it more. :-)

-Okay, so I don't normally make physical observations about the boys, but... Sam's hand on the dead guy's chest? Like, the dead guy's entire chest? That's... impressive. We've either got teeny little actors up here in Canada or Puppy has some serious paws on him. I think they've grown since last year. o.O

-"Can't save anybody." Aw, Sammy. *pats*

-Squatting! YAY!!! I love that it's not a hotel, because hotels are expensive, even if it's on a credit card they'll never pay back, and also it's a trail for Henricksen to follow when they stay at hotels.

-Also, that was a random item of cookware on the table! They're having Spaghetti-o's!! *giggle*

-"Hand of Glory" = hand of hanged man, used in occult stuff. *pats Dean on the head* There's this thing with a candle and a bowl of milk or something that immobilizes everyone it's presented to. Wonder who needed that?

-Hm. Also from Wikipedia: "The Hand of Glory also purportedly had the power to unlock any door it came across." That would have been *koff* handy.

-Dean and Bela and the tux. I so very much wish I hadn't encountered a shot which I guess was a promo of Dean in a tux, holding a collapsed Bela. Because the reveal here was cool and would have been a fantastic moment. Heh, James Bond music.

-"When this is over we should have angry sex." I choked on something. I forget what. Water or air or quarks or something. My brain still hurts from the coughing. Hee.

-*shifts around uncomfortably* "Don't objectify me!" Aw. Just aw.

-I love that the tux is just slightly the wrong fit, like the shoulders are funny somehow, because this is not Jensen Ackles in a tux this is Dean in a tux which is a completely different kettle of squid.

-What is up with Bela's hair in the fancy dress party? Did they already have the angry sex? It's everywhere randomly. But, again, I have no sense of such things and should probably not talk. Sam's hair is looking good though. Very poised.

-Dean chews gum. I have no idea why that makes me so very very happy. It just does, and it has nothing to do with his apparent oral fixation.

-Sticking the gum under the edge of the champagne fountain, hee! *pats* I can relate to this because I am a total bumpkin sometimes and have horrified wait-staff at a couple fine (and not so fine) establishments. Once by scooping the chunk of lemon out of an unused finger bowl and dropping it in my drink. The server nearly fainted.

-Okay, when Gert handed Sam the champagne, did anyone else go, "Sam! Watch out for roofies!" Just me? 'kay. Not that she'd be able to do much with him if he passed out on the dance floor. Seriously though, if your gropy date offers you a drink that you didn't see them pour, you should be suspicious, right? But I'm paranoid. And never date, so the point is moot. :-P

-Secondary thought after Sam chugs the champagne: One more and it's Karaoke time! Woohoo! :-D

-Dean baiting Sammy, yay!

-(Aaaand here's where my tape gets munched so bad the machine shuts down and I have to pull it out of the machine and manually roll it forward. It's munched and warbly all through, but this is a bad bit. Net effect; Dean and Bela put their drinks down, and then after I've rolled the tape, Bela's on the floor. Not much missing, but dammit, it's missing! 8 hour tapes SUCK!)

-(Oh and also after the munch, there's a gigundous line, right across the middle of the screen for the next 15 minutes or so. Blah!)

-I really liked Dean and Bela's interaction. It's obvious they aren't buddy-buddy at all, just working the same gig because circumstances have dictated it thus.

-Hee. The poor actress playing Gert must've had a fierce neck and shoulder ache after the dance scenes, with her head craned back like that so much to look all the way up at Jared. The nestling into his chest and brief reminiscence about her dead husband was... kind of sweet actually.

-Honestly, why in hell are normal people keeping and displaying that severed hand? That thing's nasty. And pickled, according to Wikipedia.

-Yay for focussed and lockpicky Dean! Nice lighting! Lighting people are rocking hardcore this year!

-Security Guard. Yipes. And he's supposed to be a professional? There's discretion, and there's being an easily duped tool. This guy? Tool.

-Hee. If I was eighty, half-drunk and dancing with a broad-shouldered young man and was going to pass some info to him, I'd totally go for an ear nibble. I wouldn't now, but if I'm still around at eighty, what the hell, eh? *nods*

-Miss Haversham? I'm a bit rusty, but was that a Charles Dickens Reference coming from Sam? Miss Haversham is in "Great Expectations" and is the bitter old woman who's been jilted and hates men, I think. Maybe he's being sarcastic? *is confused*

-Saw the bit with the bottle coming. Heh. Honestly, just super-glue Bela's hands to something and save the annoyance later.

-Bela sees the ship. Bela looks very young when she's freaked. *pats Bela* Also HA!! Gotcha.

-Sam with the 'You.' bit at the house. Ass. Kick your brother when he's down why dontcha. Hee. Actually, I saw that as Sam getting back at Dean for all the stuff with Gert earlier. But Dean's crushed expression, aw.

-Bela has a backstory. She shed the blood of a family member, and no one at the time understood. Hm. I hope it's not what I suspect, because that would be horribly pedestrian. But we'll see eventually.

-Another thing I love about the squatting in an abandoned house, it's another excuse to use candles for lighting! \o/ Seriously, whoever's idea it was to spend half the lighting budget on candles, I owe them a coffee or something. Firelight is awesome.

-Sam's Latin's a bit rough and choppy on this... summoning thingy. Not something they do as often as exorcisms. Probably a good thing. *nods*

-Dean gets thrown into a tombstone! It's Thursday! \o/ They need to do these ritual/closing gates to Hell things in Nerf graveyards, where all the headstones are made of sponge rubber, because there's just this massive almost magnetic force between Dean and tombstones.

-Aw, Dean's innate need to help people overrides his immense annoyedness with Bela. The cow that had the Impala towed. Oh and stole 50 grand in lottery tickets from them and shot Sam. Now that's dedication to the job. *pats Dean*

-Yay! Everyone's wet and it's raining! Welcome to BC!

-I very much love that Bela looks like a drowned rat. Not because I don't like Bela, because I kind of do, but just because if you're in a howling wind and rainstorm and have just spewed up a gallon of water, you better look like crap.

-Ooo, FX! Nifty, that merging water splash thing with the two ghosts. Went on a little bit long, but it was cool. Also kind of weird that it was in slo-mo and the rest wasn't. But ghost... water... merging thingy... whatever *handwaves* It looked cool! Although I'm confused by the sound effects... I thought I heard a chirping noise near the end there. Could just be the evil 8 hour tape. *glares*

-No, ten grand doesn't settle you up. Ten grand plus the Amount on those lottery tickets settles you up.

-Conversation in car. Dean's apologizing for selling his soul, being a pain, and is generally negating himself all over the place in favour of Sam, and is worried about how Sam is coping and will survive afterwards and stuff. Aw. And Sam calls bullshit and tells him he'll be fine and Dean needs to worry about himself. AW. *hugs the conversation*

-And then. "I think maybe I'll play craps." OW. Owowowowowowow. Owwwwwwwwwww. OW! How can that line be so hurty? Oh wait, it's because Dean is flat-out rejecting the idea that he should consider himself and his impending death worth worrying about. OW. Frigging ow. Oh Dean.

So yeah, summary? Show good, 8 hour tape bad.


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malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: November 9th, 2007 01:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think I have to comment in reverse of your review :)

That last line by Dean made me very sad too, but some people want Sam to punch him in the head. I just wibble alot at him.

Sam was looking less drowned ratty and more humina humina wet sexy . Thank you pouring rain! :)

I also had an immediate thought on what person Bela may have "killed" and why but since I am so insane I don't even like to read speculation because sometimes it's right, I won't say it.

Dean's "Don't objectify me!" was so darn adorable! The way he uncomfortably wrapped his arms up. Hee!

When Dean thought the cra had been stolen I knew EXACTLY how he felt because of that dream I had about my car being stolen. It was HORRIBLE.

I recall now that I had heard about the tux (without looking at it), but didn't know exactly which ep it would be in. Then I read the PotC line but must have purged it from my brain because I only remembered reading it when I saw the big ship. So, thank you brain! I have actually been shielding my eyes for the previews and the intros to the eps where they "recap" for you. But why in the heck do people feel like they have to have that one sentence blurb at the end of the recaps about next week's episode? I know it's blasted right in your face about "What's up for next week" but I also think they put WAY to much stuff in those previews and I don't want to know! SO know I know a guest star for next week which sucks. Maybe my brain will forget again by then? *crosses fingers*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 10th, 2007 02:52 am (UTC) (Link)
some people want Sam to punch him in the head.

I can see where the Dean-punchers are coming from, but... I'm just gonna say it echoes off something personal for me and leave it at "Aw Dean." :-)

Thank you pouring rain! :)

It's Vancouver! Wait ten minutes and the weather changes, usually to something wetter. Hee! I think that rain was faked though, the irony of which tickles me greatly.

I also had an immediate thought on what person Bela may have "killed" and why but since I am so insane I don't even like to read speculation because sometimes it's right, I won't say it.

Totally agree. This is why I cut and warn for speculation. *nods* *crossing fingers for something other than what I think it is* :-/

Dean's "Don't objectify me!" was so darn adorable! The way he uncomfortably wrapped his arms up. Hee!

I loved that. I want to go back and rewatch the tape to see what kind of a spin he puts on it verbally, but my stupid tape will probably break if I try and it has the whole season to date on it. *kicks stupid glitchy tape*

When Dean thought the cra had been stolen I knew EXACTLY how he felt because of that dream I had about my car being stolen. It was HORRIBLE.

Awww. *pats you too* And Bela must die now of course for messing with the Impala. Like shooting Sam wasn't bad enough.

But why in the heck do people feel like they have to have that one sentence blurb at the end of the recaps about next week's episode?

OMG, I know! It especially bugs me because I watch on the CityTV feed in Canada, and we don't get the promo for next week, (but we get the actual full-size DVD-style credits! :-D) so any mention of it at all is 100% spoiler to me. I've run across one blurb on it so far which has totally spoiled me on something huge. Probably the same thing you got spoiled on. :-P Quick! We must erase our memories! Try not to think of a green penguin rollerskating to the 'Boot Scoot Boogie!'
mitchsgirl From: mitchsgirl Date: November 9th, 2007 01:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
when Gert handed Sam the champagne, did anyone else go, "Sam! Watch out for roofies!" Just me? 'kay.

Oh no, I thought that too! I thought I was the only one.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 10th, 2007 02:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Yay! I'm not paranoid! Or if I am, so are you! Yay! :-D

I wonder if Dean might have had more fun with her. He does like frisky women after all.
curtainpull From: curtainpull Date: November 9th, 2007 04:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your happiness makes me feel better *g* Yay!
curtainpull From: curtainpull Date: November 9th, 2007 04:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Better about the episode, I mean! I really need some more tea today.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 10th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm happy to have made you feel better! About the episode! Or anything actually. :-)
7 comments or Leave a comment