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Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.13 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 5.13
So much for watching this sooner rather than later.

Contains profanity and speculation and things.

Doctor Who 5.13 - The Big Bang

When we last left off, Amy was dead, Rory was an Auton, the Tardis had exploded with River in it (I think?), the Doctor was in a box, every bad guy ever was standing around congratulating themselves and the universe had ended or was dark or something.

Right! Let's see how that gets fixed then, hmm?

-Have I mentioned? I love time travel.

-"There's a crack in my wall." And now we go back through the whole series to date revisiting all the odd little bits and unmaking things and whatnot yes? Awesome. *grins*

-"Stars." Oh my. And there have never been any stars have there?

-"You know there's no such thing as stars." That is an unexpectedly creepy thing to hear. It's like old school Twilight Zone.

-Ahahahahaha! Vase drawing! Little Amelia's getting observer-effect echoes and not only remembering things that never were in this split off time, but remembering her own future that she won't have because the Doctor never showed up. *nods*

-"I just don't want her growing u and joining one of those star cults. I don't trust that Richard Dawkins." Hee!

-HI ELEVEN! Nice fez. I've heard about it a really insanely large amount of times.

-Yes, when your rescuer is a sheltered seven-year-old, big red circles and arrows are helpful when starting her on a quest. Oh, and the museum also has a Dalek. Woo! Fun times!

-Hey, she does actually have an aunt. I was wondering for a bit there.

-"But we're not looking at anything!" On a quest here, Aunt Whatsyourname, don't interrupt.

-You know, given the ashy-looking coating and that this particular Dalek is looking up at an odd angle, I wonder if they were at Pompeii? Because if the Doctor is taken out of time and never existed, that's Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One (BOOM!) as well. A regeneration isn't like a save-game point. He's still all the same person, and there is a lot of things he's done that will get undone if he's time-nommed, including that business with the Pyroviles and Pompeii... heh. Heheh. So. All the bad guys stuck the Doctor in the box, took him out of time, whatever, then they're all 'we'll save the universe from you, bwahah' but now find they're having to go round and try to fix everything the Doctor fixed, EVER, Including thwarting each other, just to keep the universe from imploding. Ha. Ha. Ha. If that's the case, (doubtful, but fun to think of) inside that box the Doctor's got to be the smuggest thing in the universe.

-Post-it notes have been under-represented in their capacity to assist in saving the universe. Good to see that capability being recognised in mainstream media. *nods seriously*

-Rather surprised no one took the note off the Pandorica during the day. Maybe it's got a perception filter keyed to Amelia? Also rather surprised the museum didn't find her in the search. She really doesn't look that much like a penguin.

-Oh yay, it's glowing! That's rarely ever a good sign, but in this case it probably is.

-Yes. When mysterious ancient enigmatic things start unexpectedly glowing, back away. I always knew wee!Amelia would make a great companion too.

-"This is where is gets complicated." ...What??? UNANTICIPATED AND UNSPOILED DEVELOPMENT! XD YAY!!!! \o/

-And the vortex is still on fire, but maybe there's a reason for it now.

-And I reiterate, I LOVE TIME TRAVEL. Taking an 'in medias res' opening and blowing your mind. Or my mind. Or at least my expectations. Yay! \o/

-"So the universe ended, you missed that, in 102AD." Considering he's telling this to the dead body of the girlfriend he killed because he's an Auton copy of her boyfriend, not her boyfriend, but fought to keep the identity of her boyfriend, and it seems did, except now she's dead and... Oh Rory. Is there even an angst level for this situation?

-"Please laugh." Oh god. Rorrrrryyyyyyy! Such an angst-moppet. *pats him and feeds him soup*

-"I could do with a ridiculous miracle about now." Aaaaaand...
Yep. Never one to miss a cue. By much. Usually.

-"*temporal babble and directions with no explanations*"/"WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?" *laughs* Oh poor, poor Rory.

-Oh wow, the Blinovitch Limitation effect works on objects too. Hope that didn't burn them both out, since, y'know, paradox and things.

-"I've got a future, that's nice!" *snerk*

-Ah well, so much for Pompeii then. It was a nice idea while it lasted.

-"Fossils in time, the footprints of the Never-Were." *gasps* So... *makes some notes* *coughs* Never mind, nothing to see here, move along... >.>

-"Where's Amy?" This could get awkward.

-"I killed her."/"Oh, Rory." So say we all, Doctor.

-"That's software talking." Ow, ow, ow, ow. Dude. Not cool.

-"Your girlfriend isn't more important than the whole universe."
Yes! Thank you, Rory.

-"She is to me!" Programming, HA! \o/

-"Welcome back Rory!" I was kind of half-wondering if it was a ruse to prove his lack of Auton-ness, but I don't fully trust Eleven not to be a raging ass at an inopportune moment, so there we are. And poor Rory, bound to be terminally confused.

-"The Nestenes took a memory print of her and got a bit more than they bargained for." ...Holy crap, that actually makes sense. It's Rory, gone into the Crack, come back out, through time, through the Crack, through Amy's memory from her childhood, downloaded and essentially given a full body transplant into an Auton. COOL! \o/

-"All it needs now is a scan of her living DNA and it'll restore her." Hence, wee!Pond. I love it when things make somewhat logical sense. It gives my wrists a break from all the handwaving.

_"National Museum, right? I was here once when I was a little-" Heheh. Time travel. *grins*

-Timeline! \o/

-"Rubbish way to time travel but the universe is tiny now, we'll be fine." Always look on the bright side.

-"This box needs a guard, I killed the last one." Ah yes. As the inescapable icon has said since this episode aired ages ago; 'Rory is aces at guarding big boxes'. *ticks off a spoiler*

-"Look me in the eye and tell me she wouldn't be safer. Answer me!" Okay, yeah, Rory is my favourite right now. *smishes*

-"Why do you have to be so... Human?"/"Because right now I'm not." I'm just going to flail for a bit here. *flails*

-Rory is awesome. That is all.

-And he went along with it and followed it for 1,894 years... so where is he now?

-"The warehouse where the Pandorica was stored was destroyed by incendiary bombs." Oh. Oh Rory. D-:

-"Exterminate!" Yeah, that's the problem with healing the universe, the bad guys stop being statues. Mostly.

-Hang on, wait, Blinovitch Limitation Effect should be going foom right now, Amelia and Amy being the same person and all.... Oh. Is it because Older Amy didn't grow up from Alt!Amelia who's the product of the tiny remnant universe with no stars, but from Amelia Prime? Okay, I can live with that until an explanation comes along. *nods*

-"We are running into a dead end where I'm gonna have a brilliant plan that basically involves not being in one." And acquiring the fez along the way.

-"Scans indicate intruder unarmed."/"D'you think?" *GAAAAASP* *FACE OF EXTREME GLEE* ROOOOOOORRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! \o/ He didn't die, he just changed uniforms! Not that I didn't know he was coming back, but that was frigging cool. I should learn not to doubt the awesomeness of Rory. :-D

-Also, very good thing the Dalek was just recovering from being an artifact, since a scan that didn't show Rory as an Auton is a truly crap job of scanning.

-I'm. Just. So. Happy. I mean I knew he'd turn up again somehow, but... SO HAPPY! \o/

-"Amy!"/"Rory!" Normally I am not a fan of gratuitous romantic cheese, but in this case...
Ah, schmoop. *grins* (On a side note, Amy's fingernails have been orange for almost 2000 years. That's long-wearing nail-polish!)

-Hee! Eleven. *pats*

-Aw, Wee!Alt!Amelia inna fez. Everything is horrifically adorable right now, that must mean it's all due to go to hell very soon.

-"The light from the Pandorica, it must have hit the Dalek." There's a potential plot-hole patched. Ooo. And it repaired his eyestalk too. Oooooo.

-Mop. Temporal hootenannies. Telling a person something because he told you you told him something. And I really hope they remembered to stick the sonic screwdriver in Amy's top pocket before sealing her in the Pandorica or they're about to be sonicless with no Tardis. I love this stuff. It's all a bootstrap paradox, but it's not like this show hasn't always had those. Yay! \o/

-"Is he magic?" Any sufficiently reliable magic is indistinguishable from technology. And vice versa. So yes, from an under-technologically advanced viewpoint.

-Yes, let's get all the paradoxes out of the way in one go. Huzzah! Impressive battery life on River's time-port wrist band thingy.

-Vortex manipulator. And he stole her own drink for her. And the ice hasn't even melted. And it all makes reasonable sense. I LOVE THIS.

-"The roof." Oh crap. Things are about to get a lot less adorable and much more plotty and dire. Not that that's a bad thing.

-Right, okay, Blinovitch not having any effect here either. So.... either this is an Alt!Eleven, or Blinovitch has packed it in and shuffled off with the stars and the rest of the universe. I'm thinking number 2 on that one. *nods*

-"Twelve minutes to live? HOW IS THAT GOOD?" Amy has a way of putting her orange-painted fingernails right on the crux of the matter, doesn't she?

-"What are we going to do about Amelia?" Oh dear. Big glowing boxes and Daleks and men in silly hats popping in and out of the room and then appearing again to drop dead... does the National Museum have a couch? Maybe she's hiding behind it?

-"There is no Amelia, from now on there never was." Ah, yes, that whole end of the universe thing is still happening too. No couch for Wee!Alt!Amelia. Aw.

-"He won't die. Time can be re-written." Oh dear. Very many very bad things start out like that. 53

-"Restore! Restore!" Oh crap. You couldn't have shut the Pandorica or shoved the Dalek into it or something? Not that there's currently much of a universe for it to take over at the moment.

-"It's morning already, how did that happen?" It's an Insta-dawn, they happen quite often on TV, all things considered.

-"History is shrinking, is anybody listening to me?" ...a plot-related explanation for an insta-dawn. Okay, fine, Eleven. You win.

-"If all the stars in the universe are gone then what is that? Like I said, I'm looking for an exploding Tardis." Oh awesome! There's plot developments and unanticipated things EVERYWHERE! *grins*

-"Here's the noise that sun is making right now." *applauds*

-"Trust the plastic." Heee!

-I'm getting to the stage where I'm just quoting things and capping, and this is very very good. Unless the batch upload portal is still down in which case I'll be uploading all the caps manually, again, (ETA: Yep. Sigh) but whatever. I don't care, this is the awesomest Series Five has been and I need to flail randomly, quote things and cap. Alright? Alright.

-Time loop. It's got to be hugely annoying on some weird temporo-psycho-molecular level to keep running down and staring that rock wall in the face over and over. Her neurons have to be rolling their dendrites every time, "Here we go again."

-"Hi honey, I'm home."/"And what sort of time do you call this?" The nick of time, hopefully?

-"What in the name of sanity have you got on your head?" Heee. To quote a billion icons; "It's a fez. I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool." Right?

-Yep. And now target practice... Yep. As a former habitual hat wearer, I'd just like to say that I disapprove of the random hat murdering. Harumph. *ticks off spoiler*

-"Exterminate!" Yes. Surviving and saving the universe now, blowing up other people's hats later.

-"Because that's when it's due to kill me." Well then, there's fun.

-"It's not a light, it's a restoration field, but never mind!" Hm... *thinks about something, makes another note* What? Nothing. ANYWAY.

-"That light brought Amy back, restored her, but how could it bring back a Dalek when the Daleks have never existed?" Well, technically, Autons never existed either, yet Rory's still there, and wee!Alt!Amelia was never the person that Amy came from so she shouldn't have existed either, but those can all be handwaved by observer effect and not being part of the linear timestream. The Daleks, we'll... I don;t know. What I'm wondering about the Daleks myself is there were two Daleks. How come only one re-animated when they were standing next to each other and therefore in the same patch of restoration light?

-*Eleven babbles* In short, the Pandorica is a seed crystal of reality. Or could be. I think. Close enough. *handwaves*

-"Nope. Too fast, I'm not getting it." Poor Rory. It's a good thing you're awesome. *pats*

-"Reboot the universe." Ohhhhhh... It's had a divide by cucumber error then. Why didn't you just say? You wind the clothes wringer, I'll get more cheese.

-"Big Bang Two. Now listen."/"*zot*" SHIT! Bloody Daleks!

-And here we are at Eleven dying again. Arg! Loop complete. Like it was always going to be. This is where we get the 'Imagine the universe better' thing, right?

-"Records indicate you will show mercy." BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH. Um. No. *pats idiot Dalek*

-Okay, so the options for the corpse of Eleven disappearing are: A) He wasn't dead, B) the time erasing thingy effect got him c) someone else got him?

-"Rule one: The Doctor lies." This one, certainly.

-Of course.

-"If you threw the Pandorica right into the heart of the fire-" Ooooohhhh that's gonna be messy. Also how? History's being erased so there's not even a chance of a canon or trebuchet to work with.

-"He's wired the Vortex manipulator to the rest of the box." Well, of course there's the Vortex Manipulator and rewiring *handwave* things too. A trebuchet or a rocket would have been more fun though.

-"Are you okay?"/"Are you?"/"No."/"Well shut up then." They're so damn cute!

-"Tell me he comes back too." She's been chasing him since she was seven, he's formed most of her neuroses and psychological issues, in a rather big way, Eleven made Amy the person she is, mostly by accident. And now he's abandoning her again.

-"Trapped in the Never-Space, the Void between the worlds." Aha! The Void has a name, and lo, it is nifty!

-"All memory of him will be purged from the universe, he will never have been born." And that totally won't change ALL OF HISTORY EVER on half the planets in the universe. Ian and Barbara stay at that school, teaching unremarkable children, with no reason to ever go to a junk yard, because there is no old man in a funny box there to be discovered. All the changes and planets saved, enemies thwarted, all unopposed. The dinosaurs might not have died out, and Vesuvius wouldn't have erupted allowing the Pyroviles to take over Earth, to name a few changes. Given the number of times the Doctor's thwarted assorted empires bent on the domination or destruction of Earth, by the time the 21st century rolls around, Earth won't even exist, in recognizable form or otherwise. And that's just Earth, never mind repercussions of things that would change on Gallifrey with the Time War and everything, or all those times evil nasty empires of things wanted to take over the universe and so forth. Sure. Yeah. Doctor being erased from time? Not going to happen. Time wouldn't be there for him to be erased from.

-This is unexpectedly hard to watch, her going to talk to him before he dies. I should have known it would be hard to watch, but yeah. *moves on*

-"Your house is too big." Well, there's an interesting thing. As he starts explaining why he took her with him, and that he lied, the camera goes slowly from tilted to straight on him, and straight to tilted on her. And it's not capping worth beans. I could be wrong, it's almost like there's a wavelike motion instead, but given what's being discussed has been a false underpinning to all of Series Five, I find it a very interesting visual thing indeed. *ponders*

-"I lost my mum and dad."/"What happened to them? Where did they go?" *nods and smiles*

-"I don't even remember." Hello other shoe! You've been up in the air a very long time. Nice to finally meet you.

-Ah the Crack ate her folks. Considering the Tardis blowing up caused the Cracks, Eleven really did a number on Amy's life, didn't he?

-"Remember and they'll be there." Ah yes, here we are.

-"You'll have your family back. You won't need your imaginary friend anymore." Ohhhhhhhh.... that is such a load of absolute bollocks. *rubs eyes for no real reason* Ahem.

-Not a terribly graceful teleport there, Doctor, but never mind. What can you do with a kludged over-taxed no doubt incompatible Vortex Manipulator wired into a box all the bad guys ever collaborated on. It's certainly not going to be 'plug and play'.


-"Oh. Okay..." Hullo, Eleven. Surprise! The Universe isn't letting you not be, silly. Or something.

-"I'm rewinding." Or that.

-"Hello Universe, goodbye Doctor." Yeah. Well, maybe you are getting erased from time, but it won't stick. As soon as Amy figures out she can imagine you back too, she will. Or they will. Whatever. Non-existence is just a minor hiccup. *waves dismissively*

-Ever get that feeling like you're being followed?

-*GASP* OH MY GOD, WHAT??? It was- *points* 'Trust him', and what he told her when she was seven. It wasn't then him telling her that, it was NOW him. HOLY FREAKING CRAP. O.O I did not see that coming. Okay! Now, in that new context, what did he tell her when she was seven??? ("Do everything I tell you, don't ask stupid questions and don't wander off." Just standard stuff that. "The only way to close the breech is to open it all the way." Eeeeeeeek. O.O "Everything's going to be fine." Hmmm. "Give me five minutes, I'll be right back." Hehe. Probably not. ... That open the breech thing is sounding likeliest. Which is scary.)

-I can't get over how cool that is.

-Oh my god, he was wearing his coat! I remember seeing that and thinking it was a production error and waving it off as not worth mentioning. Oh my god. I even capped it. FROM NOW ON I AM GOING TO ASSUME ANYTHING I THINK IS A PRODUCTION ERROR IS ACTUALLY A PLOT POINT.

-"Amelia's house. When she was seven." Okay, I want that watch. I never quite know how fast mine is.

-"The night she waited." Ohhhhhhhhh.... *blankets and cocoa*

-"When you wake up, you'll have a mum and dad, and you won't even remember me. Well, you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. That's okay. We're all stories in the end." *shivers (and hides fic notebook)*

-...okay, Moffat, that's just freaking cute. Please point your attention at the blanket the Doctor is currently wrapped in. The lighting is different, but is that not the very same 'shock blanket' from Moffat's other big thing, Sherlock? I think it could be. It's certainly shock blanket orange. The lighting is very different, but it might be.

-"In your dreams I'll still be there." Yep, or it could be this entire little speech he's telling her now that he was telling her to remember when he hadn't told her yet. ♥ Time Travel ♥

-Here it comes. See you in a bit, Eleven. *pats*

-"I think I'll skip the rest of the rewind." Yeaaaah, it'd take a while.

-Little Amelia is a tremendously heavy sleeper. I wonder how she ever heard the voices in the Crack in the first place. Unless it was speaking directly into her head, which is indeed possible.

-...or not such a heavy sleeper.

-And the stars are back and Amy is waking up on her wedding morning and all is right with the world except it's running off her memory of a Doctor-influenced history, while the rebooted universe frantically tries to unscramble all the plotlines that didn't get resolved by the Doctor and will shortly knit itself into a bobble hat and go insane trying to repair around the gaping hole in so much history. I dunno, though. Maybe instead of sending the Doctor back to the Genesis of the Daleks, the Timelords sent the Master. Who would have no problem committing pre-emptive genocide... ooooor taking them all over as their supreme leader and rampaging across the universe... Yeah. Would the Master be nuts? The Doctor was behind the imposition of the time lock on Gallifrey, right? That wouldn't have happened then, Rassilon wouldn't have sent the drums... and the universe would be unmade because there'd be no one to stop Rassilon from the 'beings of pure thought' option thing he was frothing about in 'End of Time'. So yeah. Without the Doctor, his universe wouldn't survive. So the universe will bend to reboot the Doctor, rather than go nuts trying to straighten out all his dangling plotlines and end up with the same reality Amy remembers.

-...and ALL her raggedy Doctor stuff still exists. So yeah. Never any doubt, ever.

-And she has a mum. "Feel free to tip it out of the window if it's an atrocity." I like Amy's mum.

-"You're my tiny little dad!" *smiles* Yeah. *moves on*

-"Are you just saying yes 'cause you're scared of me?"/"Yup." Lovely start to a marriage there.

-Heheh. Either plotting or something is afoot. Or... well, I hate to say it, but spoilers. :-P

-"Because you're happy! Happy Mrs. Rory, happy happy happy!"/"No, I'm sad. I'm really really sad."/"Great!" *headdesk* I realize you're being honest honey, but your brand-new spouse is about to have a nervous breakdown.

-"Someone left it for you." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! The book! *glee*

-Memory cascade inbound.

-"When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend." Yeaaaaah, not going to go over to well with the assembled throng, this.

-"Raggedy man, I remember you and you are late for my wedding!" And it looks like if this doesn't actually works, Amy will be spending her honeymoon in a mental institution. Which could be fun, I suppose.

-"Something old, something new, something 'borrowed' and something blue." *facepalm* *headdesk* AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAH! XD

-No mental institutions for Amy today!


-"I'm not Mr. Pond. That's not how it works."/"Yeah it is."/"...Yeah it is." *snerk again*

-"I only came for the dancing." *facepalm* Yep, drunken monkey dancing.

-"Two thousand years. The boy who waited." Oh wow, yes. Rorryyyyyyyyyyy!!! \o/

-"Are you married, River?"/"Are you asking?"/"Yes."/"Yes."/"No, hang on, did you think I was asking you to marry me orororor asking if you were married?" He's cute when he panics.

-"Yes." Heheheeheh. Yep, just wind him up and watch him flail.

-"You're going to find out very soon now. And I'm sorry, but that's when everything changes." Well it would do, wouldn't it? *moves on*

-"You just saved all of space and time! Take the evening off, maybe a bit of tomorrow!" Yeah! And you're not allowed to count the several hours you spent not existing against it either!

-Yes, indeed. What about the silence that's supposed to fall, why Amy's wedding day, and what the heck is up with the Doctor's evil inner-future Valeyard self?

-"An Egyptian goddess, loose on the Orient Express. In space." *snerk*

-"Goodbye!!!" Hahahaha. Yeah. In a heartbeat.

All questions and ponderings are rhetorical, please don't answer them, and please no discussion of episodes I haven't got to yet, aka, nothing for the DW Series 5 Christmas special and onward.

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ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: October 12th, 2011 11:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Brilliant. All of this *waves hands about* I read it while listening to Liszt's Funerlailles, which seemed appropriate, and then Enter Sandman came on..lol Rory is indeed amazing (and in no way makes me teary-eyed, nope). The dad bit, yeahhh. Anyway, love it:)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 13th, 2011 07:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Rory is my favourite of Eleven's companions so far, and it'd take something pretty major to displace him.
aelfgyfu_mead From: aelfgyfu_mead Date: October 13th, 2011 12:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh Rory. Is there even an angst level for this situation?
I don't think there has been, historically. I think you should name it for Rory. Rory-level angst? Auton-Rory Angst?

Rory is always awesome. I care about him more than all the others, I find, which is pretty weird.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 13th, 2011 07:13 am (UTC) (Link)
Rory-level angst sounds appropriate. XD

I care about him more than all the others, I find, which is pretty weird.

Same here. O.o
earlgreytea68 From: earlgreytea68 Date: October 13th, 2011 01:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Seeing this again through your eyes was awesome. Such a brilliant episode, I loved it. And I loved being reminded how much it's about STORIES.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 13th, 2011 07:14 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, and glad you liked it!
claudiapriscus From: claudiapriscus Date: October 13th, 2011 04:28 am (UTC) (Link)
I love your recaps. Love. I think 5 was my favorite season of Doctor Who ever. I couldn't love it more if the show threw me a party and bought me a puppy.

And now that you've finished it, I have a link to share! http://bellatemple.livejournal.com/526289.html?thread=3760337#t3760337

It's an awesome comment fic about Rory's 2000 years. It's what convinced me to give the show another chance after burning out on it during the RTD years (even though I love moffat).
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 13th, 2011 07:15 am (UTC) (Link)
I will always be a hardcore Ten fan, but this episode did a lot to up the awesome levels for Series five. I will check out the fic for sure, I love bellatemple's stuff.
claudiapriscus From: claudiapriscus Date: October 13th, 2011 02:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, it's not by her, I don't think - she threw a comment fic party thing, and someone filled a prompt anonymously. But it's still absolutely one of my favorites.
theatervine From: theatervine Date: October 14th, 2011 10:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
These are wonderful. Again. Some more. And Amy and Rory's awesomeness, both together and apart? Is utterly epic. I cannot wait to see your reaction to series 6!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 15th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC) (Link)
It might be a while before I get through Series Six, since these take far too long to put together even when LJ is cooperating and I have to get through the Christmas Special yet, plus everything else I have on the go and general life stuff, but eventually I'll get caught up.
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