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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.06

OMG MY BATCH UPLOAD PROGRAM... nearly worked. Crap. No wait... YES! WE HAVE UPLOAD! That's two hours of uploading annoyance removed from my life! WOO! \o/

Contains profanity, capslock, meta and speculation.

Spoiler and Theory Summary

At various points over the past month or so, I have been made aware of the following data-points regarding 7.06:

-Leviathans a significant element
-Title: “Slash Fiction”
-Sam and Dean dopplegangers

Then those data-points combined. At which point my brain went entirely offline, my hands kind of flailed back and forth like they were repeatedly boxing the ears of some invisible four-foot-tall person standing in front of me, and I apparently shrieked a little, because a co-worker poked their head into my office later and wanted to know if there were mice.

I know several things they could do with this set-up, inculding taunt the hell out of the fanbase, but here's what I'm fairly sure will happen:

Leviathans have been quite tactically sensible to date. One of their smartest options (and in keeping with their prior action of torching Bobby's place) would be to cut Sam and Dean off from any resource they might access, or by giving them some other stuff to worry about than hunting Leviathans. Turning Bobby against them directly would take a hell of a lot, they'd have better luck killing him outright (unless he's a Leviathan deep cover agent which he may still be... *eyes*) The boys really haven't got much in the way of hunting world allies anymore, what with the whole Armageddon thing, so no need to alienate them in that department.

So, Leviathan doppelgangers of Sam and Dean = Nasty vicious murdery crime spree to set the mundane authorities after them (again! yay!) and get their face plastered on every available surface as dangerous, do not trust, send out the SWAT teams on sight, etc.

ALSO. Which of the Leviathans are going to be them? It seems like a Leviathan has to physically contact a person at least once in order to duplicate them. Edgar has made physical contact with both during the scrap yard fight, and now LeviaChef has been bound and manhandled into the Impala by Dean, more likely both of them. LeviaChef is currently subdued and bound, but since no one on this show listens to me, they won't be sinking him into a vat of wet cement, so he'll likely be escaping soon, and be becoming one of the doppelgangers. What has LeviaChef been doing up to now? Following the boys' trail since Whitefish, Montana. What does that trail include?

Dean killing Amy Pond, against his word to Sam.

Therefore, aside from setting the mundane authorities after them, LeviaChef has a prime, provable, and 100% truthful way to set the boys against each other, which he's likely reported to head office since he seems to be contacting them regularly regarding progress in his mission, so even if they manage to off or permanently impede LeviaChef, any of the other Leviathans that might go on the doppelganger mission could know all about it. Odds this info would not be used by a tactically smart monster species to try to distract the boys or interfere with their relationship? Zip. It might even come out if/when they decide to interrogate LeviaChef, without doppelganger involvement.

SO, in this episode, I predict an interrogation of LeviaChef going badly one way or another, with murder-spree doppelgangers, and an Amy Pond-based rift happening between the boys, possibly to the point of them going off separately because that's about the stupidest thing they could do with doppelgangers of themselves running around, and if these boys are one thing when they have emotional distress and a destabilized family bond, it is dead bone stupid. *pats them* :-P

Or I could be entirely wrong and this will be a frothy crack-filled episode of little consequence. But I don't think so.

Right! Guess I should watch this thing, hmm?

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 7.06 - "Slash Fiction"

Bit of a speed-watch this time, or at least that's what I'm hoping because taking over 12 hours to watch an episode is freaking ridiculous. (24 hour later) Neeeever mind. :-P

-Hi THEN. Bye THEN. *skips*

-First Bank of Jericho for the trivia-minded, and Sam and Dean are in a bank before the titles... yeah. doppelgangers.

-Now that didn't come out of the trunk, I'm pretty sure. ISTR a grenade launcher of some sort, but not those.
Photo 1

-And 'best reaction face for an unexpected Uzi-like object' goes to Ms. Vintage Dress teller here. XD
Photo 2

-"The money's insured, so no heroes, okay?" They are doing a really good job of making it seem like it could be Sam and Dean for real here. I expect things will turn badly sour in a minute.

-Yep. Very specifically on camera too, to ensure the authorities know who gets their photo plastered everywhere. *nods*
Photo 3

-Also, extra added bonus of a bank robbery, funding for the Leviathan plan, etc. Sure they can take over and be anyone, but if a couple thousand bucks can get them something instead of tasking a foot-schlogger to go imitate someone for a while and stretch their personnel thinner than it already is, well, why not fork over the couple thousand bucks if it's stolen. Leviathans. Tactically-minded adversary characters. Whee! The boys are screwed! \o/

-"Oaky. Similar finish to holy water, not as bitter as rock salt." Hee! Always the gourmet. And since he's in the basement being experimented on by Bobby, he's not a doppelganger, good to know.
Photo 4

-"Actually, Edgar walked away from that car. He's fine." Just in case you guys were getting cocky or anything.

-*arm getting tired from blocking guest stars* How many people are in this episode??? O.o

-"I used pattern-recognition software and a basic heuristic algorithm to track your known aliases." Yep. Tactically and technically savvy bad guys. Wooooooooo! \o/ *draws hearts*

-"When we were all nestled in at Camp Cas, kinda got the full download." Yes! Confirmed! *waves fists of excited glee*

-Did Bobby call him Jet or Chet? Can't quite tell.

-"You haven't watched the news today, have you?" *chortles and grins all over everything*
Photo 5

-"Sam and Dean Winchester are now the subject of a manhunt throughout the state of California." Well howdy! Making that Jericho, California, the fictional city where John was investigating Constance Welch in the Pilot, and perhaps meaning the Leviathans are going to trace the boys' entire route of hunts through the series to date, and therefore anyone in those places who interacted with them would recognize them on the news and be less inclined to help them out should they try to go to any of them for assistance, oh please oh please? *glee*

-Written by Robbie Thompson, brand new to the show (and apparently also wrote an episode of Jericho, like the bank and the town, ha ha ha) and he's off to a good start. Directed by John F. Showalter who's been in the chair a few times now.

-"Not too hard to lift some DNA out of a motel shower drain, guys." Oh awesome. Technically savvy, tactically savvy, organized and now they use DNA sampling to replicate people. I freaking love Leviathans.

-"These things are smarter than you!"/"Bobby, don't sugar coat it." Heeee! XD

-Frank Devereaux. Why does that name sound familiar?

-"Rhymes with sing songs." Of course it's Bing Bongs. What, Hostess wouldn't okay the product placement? XD
Photo 6

-"It's in the back." Yeaaaaah, we keep all the highly sensitive stock like protein bars in the back. Next to the guns. And telephone. But mostly the guns.

-*facepalm* Sam? You'd better just be faking the guy out so you can grab your Bing Bongs and run when the guy's out of sight. Otherwise, you're an idiot because his subtlety on the whole 'omg, vicious murdering armed robber in my store' reaction could be clearly seen from space.
Photo 7

-Nope. *facepalm*

-Okay, fine. ALTERNA-tie report. These guys are Feds, or Leviathans inside Feds. Or half and half. Stripey ties, stripes going in the same direction, fairly unified front, but we have bold stripes versus subtle stripes with a secondary pattern, so going on the ties alone, bold stripes is more inclined to be a hard-ass, but given sufficient proof might side with the Winchesters (unless he's a Leviathan), Mr. Subtle-Tie is a newer guy, less inclined to stand out, rock the boat, or challenge the system. No love there. If one of them is a Leviathan and the other isn't, I'd say Mr. Subtle-Tie is the likeliest Leviathan candidate. But that's just based on the ties, so I'm no doubt way off base there.
Photo 8

-"That or Batmobile." Heheh. She may not have a rocket, but she can get from anywhere to anywhere else in the continental US in about two hours. XD

-"Frank, you in there?" They're rather cute when they're off-balance.
Photo 9

-Hey... so if they're both here in person rather than, say, a phone call, that means they left Bobby doing experiments on LeviaChef with a binding spell of uncertain length counting down, all on his lonesome. Bah. Bobby's awesome. He can take on a Leviathan by himself. Unless he is a Leviathan, in which case he doesn't need to worry at all. Or is about to become a Leviathan... arrrrg. Bobby's awesome, he can take 'im. Solo. With one arm tied behind his back. In the nude. *koff* Anyway, you get what I mean.

-Ooo, Frank has random uncappable snowshoes on the wall! Nifty.

-And this is why you phone or e-mail before stopping in to visit persons of the hermit/hunter persuasion. Less weapons, more tea.
Photo 10

-"Psycho Butch and Sundance." Hee! Yep. The weapon the Leviathans are currently using against the boys is, among other things, a massive, very widespread and very negative reputation.
Photo 11

-"...Do you have a teleporter?" Heeeeee! Totally valid query.
Photo 12

-"Bobby Singer sent us."/"*snarl* *k-chack*"/"Or not! Who?" Always best to humour the one with the lethal ranged weapon.
Photo 13

-"I know Bobby's into that magic hooey, but truth is the government have been cloning people for years." OMG MUNDANE PARANOID CONSPIRACY THEORIST YAY COME LET ME HUG YOU AND RUFFLE YOUR TIN-FOIL COVERED HEAD! If he even sideways mentions orbital mind control lasers, I may explode with glee!

-"We're not hiding."/"Is he always this stupid?" Heeeeeeee, okay, I suspect given how much I currently like this Frank guy, he's going to be dead before the end credits.


-"It's Tom and John Smith from now on." ...Well, some logic. Tom and John Smith? First, John Smith? Really? Second, Tom and John are too homophonic, they'll answer to the wrong one in a pinch. Third, no, really, John Smith? Everyone uses that one, including Time Lords. I prefer their dad's old naming system of uncommon sounding/spelled names, because correcting the pronunciation or spelling of an unusual fake name adds masses of easy verisimilitude. *nods*

-"Cash only and change your phones very frequently on a non-scheduled schedule." YES. What people doing the things the Winchesters do should have been doing all along! *grins all over everything*

-"This is your laptop, right?" *winces anticipatorily* Yep. Sad, but yep.

-"You owe me five grand cash." Ahahahahahaah. Cheap price to pay to be Zeroed, guys. Though really, he could have let them export their bookmarks and files to a DVD-R or something. XD

-"Do it again! Come on, do it again!!" Meanwhile back at Rufus's old hideout, LeviaChef is discovering he has a pain kink or something. He's certainly the happiest interrogatee/experimental subject I've ever seen. O.o
Photo 14
Photo 15

-"I'm gonna really enjoy eating you. Right down to that hat." Oooohooo! Hit him where it hurts. XD

-"Hot damn! Well that's something!" Yep. Even if he survives decapitation, that's gotta slow him up a bit. And if it does turn out that decapitating Leviathans works for killing them (highly doubt it, though) then you know what that means? Swords! SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!!! OR AT LEAST BLADES! WOO! \o/
Photo 16

-Aw, the cigar box from the glove compartment! Awwwwww.
Photo 17

-"There is no such thing as a random series of robbery-murders by your evil twins." Oh I like this guy so much. He's totally doomed. But that's okay, because logically the next thing he's going to say is that they should ditch the Impala since even though their doubles aren't using one, if they get recognized by people they've encountered who decide to turn in evidence that yeah, they came through town last week in a highly noticeable car, that's going to make them easy to spot. But it's the car. No one messes with the car. So, y'know, deeeeeath.

-"At least have the common sense to ditch your car." Oh yeah, here it comes. And here is Dean's "Oh no you didn't!" face.
Photo 18

-"They're using a car just like the one outside." WHAT?? Where did they get a four door '67 Impala?? ...but also AWESOME TACTICS. The Winchesters have an unusually strong attachment to a vehicle, make sure the doppelgangers have the same vehicle. Leviathans so far are about the best bad guys this show has ever had. Though that could just be because they think like I do when running bad guys in an RPG. Which means Sam and Dean and Bobby are screwed.

-Oh my god, first season mug shots, hiiiii! Damn, I can't quite read the locations, but if they are following the series route, it should be 1 -Jericho CA, 2 - Black Water Ridge CO, 3 - Lake Manitoc WI, 4 - Nazareth PA, and Toledo Ohio or Fort Wayne Indiana. Or thereabouts. So, looking at the map... I can't tell where the little arrows are going. But number 2 looks an awful lot like Black Water Ridge, and the rest of the blurs look about right length too. Not sure about the location of #4, but it really looks like that is what's happening and OH THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!! \o/
Photo 19

-Yes. When you are holed up in a secret cabin experimentally torturing a millennia-old monster critter thing, unexpected knocks on the door are not your friend.
Photo 20

-It's Sheriff Jodie! \o/ And Bobby checked his beard before opening the door! AWWWWWW!!! *draws hearts* She's probably a Leviathan though.
Photo 21

-And she brought beer! And she's wearing plaid! It's destiny! Or doom! Either way yay! \o/
Photo 22

-"So I won't go downstairs." Pleeeeeease can we keep her? Forever? She can go on hunts and everything, and she and Bobby can have UST visible from space, and she can run interference for the boys and and, just YAY SHERIFF JODIE! \o/

-*flails at dialog*

-"Bobby, let someone be nice to you for five minutes?" Oh dear. I seem to have made a loud 'BWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' noise and flapped my hands like a cymbal-monkey. Oh dear. I am not a shipper. I'm not.... BWEEEEEEEEE *flappy hands*

-Oh and if it turns out she's there to get a lead on the boys, I'll love her even more, because she's doing her job. Although she knows about the Leviathans, so I doubt she's there to haul them in. Maybe just get some answers. She's so cute too! *pinches her cheeks*
Photo 23

-"Thanks Sheriff."/"Jodie." There's that BWEEEEEEEEEE noise again. Yeesh. XD

-Yep, thought so. Still, it's effective as a delaying tactic. Lop off their heads and run like hell.
Photo 24

-The Impala is safe in storage, the Impala is safe in storage, the Impala is safe in storage. That said, OMG HATCHBACK. I can't tell exactly what kind, looks a bit like an Omni or a Chevelle or a Horizon, but that bar up the middle of the grill is throwing me off. Anyway, hee! XD
Photo 25

-*SQUEAK!* Oh dear lord, behold the glory. Dean is not a fan of My Little Pony, evidently. XD
Photo 26
Photo 27
Photo 28
Photo 29

-"Nobody puts Baby in a corner." *wheezing with laughter* OMG I'm gonna die. How long have they been waiting to use that reference? And he delivered it with a straight face too. XD
Photo 30

-"Swayze always gets a pass." Don't mind me, I'll just be here laughing up a lung. Oh god. XD
Photo 31

-"You want some tunes or something?" Hang on. *breathes for a while* Okay, I think I'm ready for this.
Photo 32
Photo 33
Photo 34

-Air Supply. "It's probably gonna be the only thing on." Suuuuuure, Dean. XD
Photo 35
Photo 36

-Dean. Lip-syncing. Air Supply. Oh god. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA *waves hands randomly in the air, gasping* AHAHAHAHAHAHA *is light-headed now* WHEEEEEE! \o/

Photo 37
Photo 38
Photo 39
Photo 40
Photo 41
Photo 42
Photo 43
Photo 44
Photo 45
Photo 46
Photo 47
Photo 48
Photo 49
Photo 50
Photo 51
Photo 52
Photo 53
Photo 54

-Tears. Running down my face. Oh god. Speaking of air supply... *breathes* XD

-Aw, Sammy, no harshing Dean's Air Supply squee.
Photo 55
Photo 56

-My head hurts form laughing so hard. Just so you know.

-Ah yes, the bit where Sam figures the pattern out. With funky 3-d enhanced flashbacks! \o/

-Yep, next up St. Louis! Skin! Where Dean already had a doppelganger once and the authorities declared him dead! I LOVE THIS PLOT DEVELOPMENT SO HARD YOU GUYS!!! \o/

-"Connor's Diner! Best burgers in Saint Louis. Oh I deserve something good in my life right now." Dean's memory is amazing on certain subjects. XD

-Hm. Now. Depending exactly how much they got from Castiel, and they got all the way back to picking Sam up at Stanford in detail, How likely is it that they'd know about this diner and set a trap there? I'm thinking, since it would be terribly disheartening to Dean, about 100%. I'm not at all bothered by this lever of detail. Considering Castiel had to rebuild Dean after sticking him back in his corpse, and the patterns of memories and whatnot neuron whatevers *handwave* you know. Plus, special bond. Also, Zach knew about Dean's favourite burgers ever from some seaside shack, so yeah. Castiel knew all of it and the Leviathans siphoned it off while they were riding around in Castiel's noodle making him think he was God. Sure. *handwave* So, there will be an ambush or a massacre at Connor's Diner because it would make Dean most miserable. This is probably good news for Sam's college friends in Saint Louis who are more than likely safe. *nods*

-Heh heh heh. I KNEW obsessing about the Winchester's wardrobe would be of use some day. See?
Photo 57

This Dean is wearing a jacket with no buttony-shoulder-strappy thing *points up to cap of Dean in car* Minimal chance that they'd change jackets before going into a diner, so this guy right here is a doppelganger. ...Or do I have too much faith in this show's wardrobe department continuity?

-Plus, I gotta say, I don't know about best burgers. That bun looks like it might have been microwaved. Chewy. :-P

-"You know, he has one of these every day, and in his heart he thinks they're almost as good as sex." Heeeeeeee! I'm right and the wardrobe continuity rocks. And unexpected insight into the psyche of Dean Winchester. If that's how he feels about hamburgers, how does he feel about pie? O.o

-"Dead plants with creamy goo. It's like eating self-righteousness." Welcome to Sam's brain! \o/ (Personally, I like my self-righteousness with grilled chicken, grated cheddar and Italian dressing.)
Photo 58

-LeviaDean and LeviaSam's freelance character meta. I have no words *flails everywhere* oh god XD

-"I had a brother with this many issues once, you know what I did?"/"What?"/"I ate him." *more grinning and flailing* Dude, writer of this script, NEVER EVER LEAVE US, okay? XD

-"Naw I like this one's hair better." And now LeviaDean channels the fanbase. Though really, Sam's hair has been moderately decent so far this season.

-Jensen and Jared must've had a total hoot filming this evil twin thing.

-One taillight. One. *facepalm* I think it's a Horizon. Or an Acadian? *googles images* Yep, It's an Acadian.
Photo 59

-"You got a chick over there?" Aw, Dean's so happy for Bobby. Really he should be more worried about safety and security and things, but, just... Aw.
Photo 60

-Too late for the burger joint so it's on to Ankeny, Iowa! Hookman! \o/

-FBI guys are Morris and Volente. New ties, but again, definite stripes to Morris, and no stripes for Volente. Hmmmmm... *ponders*
Photo 61
(Volente is looking a bit like Tintin in that cap. I don't quite know why, it must be the hair.)

-Boys. Even their evil, murderous Leviathan doppelgangers are massive dorks. *pats*
Photo 62

-Oh, ha ha ha. So. They just told the authorities they'd be going to Iowa. And the real Sam and Dean have figured out the pattern and are going to Iowa. What are the chances that LeviaSam and LeviaDean aren't heading there at all, but letting the Winchesters walk in and get caught? They'd be assuming that the boys figured out the pattern by then, but really, six data points is enough for anyone to trace a pattern that directly personal. And our boys are smart enough to figure it out and full-speed-ahead enough to not quite put in the thinking time on this being a trap. They're remarkably unparanoid are the Winchester boys... hm. There is also the chance that Jody is a Leviathan and feeding the doppelgangers intel on what Bobby and the boys have figured out. I hope she's not, but... hm. *ponders*

-CRAP! Oh god. Well, I guess that confirms Bobby wasn't a Leviathan before.
Photo 63
Photo 64

-Jim Beaver does good evil!voice. And evil!face! Doppelgangers for everyone! \o/
Photo 65

-Ohhhhhh, and now we get Bobby character backstory!! \o/ High school drop out, alcoholism, Joni Mitchell....

-"You are ten pounds of sad in a five pound bag." Hee. Aw.
Photo 66

-Crap, I hear an Impala, the doppelgangers did show up, RUN GUYS! Quick back to the... Acadian.... Gah. Screw it. Just run.
Photo 67

-"When this is over, I'm stealing those rims." Heeeeeee! Dean has his priorities.

-*epic facepalm* Well, at least they'll stop killing with your faces on if you get arrested here.
Photo 68

-Yup. Mission accomplished, and those two Leviathans can go back to eating random human organs instead of burgers and salads.
Photo 69

-Such a pretty hideout. With a cell signal too. *envies*
Photo 70

-*flails all over the Bobby character exploration and the Sheriff Jodie shippyness and the stuff and things and BOBBYYYYYY!* \o/

-"Robert Browning." Poetry? Ooo...

-"Man's reach should exceed his grasp."/"...I like that. That's actually lovely." *snerks* Wait for it. Bobby'll chop your head off and bury it in concrete. SERIOUSLY, WHY ARE YOU NOT SINKING THIS GUY OR PORTIONS OF HIM IN CONCRETE!?

-Oooooo! Something that causes damage! That dripped from the ceiling.... I really hope it's not from the sewage pipes. D-:
Photo 71

-WOO! \o/ Of course she has every right to belt him one if so inclined, but damn! About time Bobby shared a kiss with someone who wasn't Crowley! *glee*
Photo 72
Photo 73
Photo 74

-Sam's going to be 'secure for the night' in the interview room? These officers haven't seen the Pilot, have they?

-"What'd you guys forget something or what?" Oh this is not going to be pretty. ...Ohhhh. The Leviathans are going to break them out and take down the cop shop doing it to further the Leviathan smeary death campaign against the Winchesters, aren't they?

Photo 75

-Well that was surprisingly effective. Bye bye LeviaChef. What was it, bleach? Ammonia?
Photo 76

-"Sodium borate." BORAX!!! Wheee! Better monster-killing through cleaning products! Also good against ants and cockroaches!

-"You want me to Desperate Housewife these mothers?" To be honest, Dean, from what I know of that particular show, I doubt any of the people in it have much direct contact with household cleaning products.

-Sheriff *squints* Osborne here is being very tolerant of the weirdest inmate phone call ever.
Photo 77

-"Keep the head separate." No, really??? *facepalm*

-Or maybe not so tolerant... Admittedly, most law enforcement officers would draw the line at decapitation.
Photo 78

-Nothing like seeing your co-workers chowing down on each other to make giving Borax to the mass-murderer seem less of a crazy idea. Maybe.
Photo 79
Photo 80

-"What is your problem? We don't have time for lunch right now." I so hope the guy talking used to be Sam. Just because he sounds Sammish there.
Photo 81

-Aw, darn. He did sound Sammish though.
Photo 82

-That Borax is sounding like a mighty fine idea now isn't it Sheriff?
Photo 83

-"Dean!" Oh Sammy. No. Look at the shoulders dear.
Photo 84

-Ohhhhh, we are going to get the Amy Pond reveal now, yes? Because really, the Winchesters loose and separated and distracting the authorities and a cover for any number of heinous activities is better than the Winchesters dead. Also, you know, main characters and no handy get out of death free loopholes readily available.

-"I'm not your brother." Well, so much for subterfuge. What was the point in changing faces then? O.o Silly Leviathans.

-Random trophy case that prominent, someone was gonna end up crashing into it.

-"You're wasting a perfectly good opportunity to subjugate the weak." Heeeeeee! That's a quote that's gonna end up on a few icons.

-And Dean gets the one he didn't know he owed Sam from the fire-axe incident in Mystery Spot. *nods*
Photo 85
Photo 86

-"Dean thinks you're nutballs. He thinks you're off your game." Ah yes, it's rift-building time.

-"Are you gonna kill me or is this some kind of 'play with your food' bull?" Heee! I have to say, I love how different Jensen is making LeviaDean's facial expressions and voice. It's not huge, but it's different and it's no problem at all to see this as a completely different entity. In short, Jensen Ackles rocks. \o/
Photo 87
Photo 88

-"I guess that's why Dean never told you that he killed Amy." YEP! BINGO! \o/ Oh this is gonna hurt. Because Sam will probably assume he's lying, and even if LeviaDean doesn't convince him, he'll ask Dean, and Dean will crumble like a very old cheese. And then they'll separate, because that's the stupidest possible thing to do under the circumstances and when Winchesters are emotional and hurt, they do stupid stupid things. As I said above. But we'll see, maybe they'll salvage this, Sam'll forgive Dean and they'll head on down the road still together. Heh. Who am I kidding? Well, at least they'll have two Impalas now.
Photo 89
Photo 90

-"The look on your face is priceless!" Jensen needs to play evil!Dean more often. *nods*
Photo 91

-"Now I can eat you!" And who doesn't like their dinners marinating in a soup of grief, angst, betrayal, angst, and misery. And angst!

-"I like my meat a little bitter." Yes, that too. *nods*
Photo 92


-"Wow that felt good." Chopping his own head off. Awwwww, Dean, honey. D-:

-"Whatever I can do. Especially if it involves lying about everything I just saw." Heee! Motivated accomplice.
Photo 93

-Damage is done though, even if the Leviathans don't double the boys again, clearing up the mess this spree has caused is gonna take a while... except... unless Leviathans revert form after death, and LeviaChef didn't, our new BFF the Sheriff here is going to have two perfect and perfectly dead copies of the Winchesters to hand off to the FBI. That bleed black ooze, yeah, but maybe the FBI will decide to X-File that part of the case ;-D

-"Yeah, I'm fine." At least Sam still has the sense not to jump into questioning Dean about killing Amy while the Sheriff is in the room. But the hurt is coming.
Photo 94

-"Here's the files, cause of death multiple gunshot wounds-" Her! Why do I recognize her? Has she been in the series before??
Photo 95

-I see Volente has wised up (wisened up? *shrug*) and properly joined the stripey-tie brigade. No subtle-tie this time!
Photo 96

-"Wow. That must be some kind of record. They died last night." Yeah, super-speedy cremation doesn't always help things look above-board.

-"Sam and Dean Winchester are dead." Yah know, I get the feeling Agent Morris is not going to let this settle and will be showing up again. Actually, I rather hope they both will.
Photo 97

-Dr. Emma Por- something. Sign on her door. Possibly Porter? Seriously, has she been on before? She took to covering up two weird bodies like it was nothing. Hmmm. *eyes in a contemplative manner*

-"Couldn't've done it without you."/"Anytime you need me to spill something else, you give me a call." SO. ADORABLE. Both of them.
Photo 98
Photo 99

-"Actually, there is one more thing." *extended moment of close standing and significant looks* And he gives her his double's head in a box. Typical. ... *facepalm* This is where that comment about getting more head comes from, isn't it samalander_dawn?

-"When you cross over Underhill Bridge" (random LOTR shout-out, hello?) "just toss it in the drink." DON'T DO THAT! The Leviathans were originally from the sea, you saw cas go in the reservoir and the Leviathans spread out from there, don't drop the thing in water, BURN IT! *headdesk*

-"If you'll excuse me I've got a body to bury in cement." OH MY GOD BOBBY LISTENED TO ME! FINALLY! Now go burn the freaking head!!!

-*flails all over the smooching* Bobby's got to be freaking a little though, given what's going on in the world and the way his first wife died. Twice. Makes it very hard to start a new relationship.

-Too freaking adorable. I suspect she's doomed now though. Can she please go on one hunt with the gang before something kills her or evil-twins her? She could do a kick ass evil twin. She's got that look.

-"Dad, seriously?" Ah. Well, must be a very close family to be willing to cover up impossible corpses on a moment's notice. And us seeing them right now means the Leviathans aren't dead, and the quaint little family cooperation between the Sheriff's office and the coroner's office is about to abruptly and messily cease, just as soon as the bags o' sludge get some fresh DNA contact, right?
Photo 101

-OH HAI LEVIA-FBI-GUY!!! WHAT DID I SAY? WHAT DID I SAY? THE TIES DO NOT LIE!!!! (except at the end but he was building his cover and things so shh) WOOO! \o/
Photo 102

-Pst. You've got red on you.
Photo 103

-I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This is what the demons should have done if they were smart. Infiltrated positions of power, used society's infrastructure to accomplish their goals. But now we have the Leviathans who have a hell of a lot more strategic savvy and organization than the demons ever did.
Photo 104

-"Back to the vision board on this one." *draws hearts around the Leviathans* They're seriously upping the challenge rating for Sam and Dean. It's fantastic. Also, tie? Some kind of mutant-paisley-Darwin-fish thing on blood red. With a pin-striped suit with a disturbingly crisp handkerchief, (or possibly a folded note? *ponders*) in the pocket. I rest my case.
Photo 105

Photo 106

-"100% organic baby uvulas. Gluten free." *snerk*

-And our Mutant Paisley Tie wearing CEO of LeviaCorp is called Dick Roman. ...That sounds vaguely lewd.

_"Don't roofie me and call it romance." *snerk again*

-*grins all over Dick Roman's little speech regarding demons and plot and things and yay* Well, that's told Crowley, hasn't it. Really, the whole steal all the souls from Purgatory plan totally blew up in his face several times, didn't it?
Photo 107
Photo 108

-Now that he's been blown off by the big fish, I'm thinking Crowley's gonna go try to hook up with the Winchesters and stop them. Maybe. Try being the key term. *nods*

-Eeeeeheheheheheh. Squeaky pony in the hatchback next to the gun bag. Because you never know when you might come up against a critter that can only be beaten by a My Little Pony toy. Plus you guys need to hit the cleaning aisle ASAP and load up on Borax.
Photo 109

-Hatchback. Hee! I guess they would've had to leave the LevImpala at the police station for evidence and things. *nods*
Photo 110

-...Ah yes. And now comes the pain.
Photo 111

-"I think you should just go on without me." And yes. The boys separating because they're hurt, even though there is a species out there that knows how to find them and can replicate them from hair in a motel drain, which since LeviaChef was following them for a while they could have a stockpile of, and could cook up an evil twin any old time to go 'reconcile' with whichever Winchester was likeliest to serve their purposes. Separating is the stupidest thing they could possibly do at this point. But hurt Winchesters do not think rationally. Like I said above, in these situations, the boys are frequently dead bone stupid. Idjits. *issues a surrogate Bobby headslap*
Photo 112
Photo 113
Photo 114

-Yes, and of course there's a hint of family theme lurking in the soundtrack, just waiting to kill me. *headdesk*

So. Apparently I think like the Leviathans, or vice versa. Either way, the Winchesters are truly screwed. Whee! Everyone better be packing spray bottles of Borax cleaner and spraying everyone in sight before the next hiatus. Like holy water testing for demons. *nods*

(PLEASE, NO SPOILERS OR REFERENCES TO SPOILERY MATERIAL IN COMMENTS! Any and all promo material for unaired episodes is considered to be a spoiler in this journal. The further definition of what constitutes a spoiler for this journal is located in left hand sidebar. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)
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