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('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.06
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caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 2nd, 2011 07:08 am (UTC) (Link)
I don't know where the art dept came up with the Dean's picture

Both pictures are from the first season ID's, easiest to see in the Warner Bros. Online tie-in site if you get into the glove compartment. I think Super-wiki probably has screencaps under "Pseudonyms" or something.

You so called it with the Levi!FBI guy's tie. \0/ Awesome!

I think that's the first time my crazy tie theory was ever provably conclusively right. I'm still a bit shocked! XD

Jodie is wearing a different jacket and I think a different plaid type shirt at the end of the episode so she must have brought a change of clothes with her. I see a pajama party in Jodie's and Bobby's time in the cabin.

*spends a minute drifting in happy pajama party thoughts* Ahem. Well, it is a long drive from Sioux Falls, ND to Whitefish, MT, over 18 hours according to Google. Jodie would have to have planned to stay the night somewhere along the route, and then changed after the spill or something. But pajama parties are good too. ;-D

There are mountains in the background and they're supposed to be in Iowa since IIRC Iowa is pretty damn flat.

Hee! Yeah, that's the problem with filming in the lower mainland. Mountains all over the place.

I'm buying super soakers and Borax...and a machete or two.

Borax also comes in powdered form, though they'd have to spread a lot to make an effective Leviathan barrier since it doesn't impede them just by being there. Machetes are always good. Katanas would be better, but real ones are not within the Winchester or Show budget.
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