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Chuck final season premiere
With the hell and mayhem that was last Friday, I completely forgot that the Final half-season of Chuck started airing last Friday at 8PM.

-I could watch the half-assed yet somewhat effective bumblings of Carmichael Industries for a season or two, even without an over-arcing season arc. That said, I am intrigued by the over-arcing final season arc, and hope it ties everything up, because that would kind of rock.

-When Morgan Grimes has an info flash (sorry, 'zoom' *snerk*), he is pretty. Something about the combination incoming brain-freeze/mutant blue steel/heavy breathing/big blue eyes/wee furry man-boy look, I don't know. Just sayin'. *shrug*

-Aw, Chuck with the Intersect withdrawal. And then yay Chuck with the non-Intersect kick-ass hero moments, because yeah. *grins*

-Casey being sent on the techie 'hack into crap' missions. Twice. *giggle*


The final season is looking interesting and fun, so yay all around! \o/

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