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Fanfic roundup 2011 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Fanfic roundup 2011
Here are all the stories I've posted this year, listed in chronological order of posting.

SHERLOCK - Holmesian Studies in Chaos Theory - [GEN, PG] "When a butterfly flutters its wings in one part of the world, it can eventually cause a hurricane in another." - Edward Lorenz

SHERLOCK - A Restless Pillow - [GEN, PG13] John and Sherlock share a bed, or at least they try to.

SHERLOCK - 3 Titleless Conversation-style Comment-fics - [Gen, PG] Hanging around the flat with Sherlock and John. [LJ-only]

SHERLOCK - An Adventure in Knitwear - [Gen/Squint, G] It's the thought that counts.

SHERLOCK - Deeper Silence - [Gen, PG-15 (Dark themes, one very rude word)] Warnings: Discussions and depictions of a suicidal nature. Sherlock works on a crisis line for five minutes. In that time, something he never expected happens. [LJ-only]

SHERLOCK - Warmth - [Gen, G] Because everyone could use more cuddling. [LJ-Only]

SUPERNATURAL - Character Bleed - [GEN, PG-13] She leads him up the stairs aaaand.... Missing scene for 6.15, massive spoilers. [LJ-Only]

SHERLOCK - Unexpected Thaw - [Pre-Slash/Squint, PG-13 - Unrequited pining between men.] John, Lestrade, a non-functioning freezer and a whole lot of grey tape. [LJ-Only]

SUPERNATURAL - Sharing Silences - [PG] It's said walking is good for the soul. Post 6.11, so spoilers for that.

SHERLOCK - Splinter of Doubt - [Squint, PG-13] Deceit can be deadly. (DARK, Suicide, angst, maudlin sentiment, slightly graphic gore, violence, death, but it gets better, sort of. ) [LJ-Only]*

SHERLOCK - Good Fences - [Gen, PG] Sherlock Holmes, his various neighbours/landlords over the years and four times the door was slammed between them and one time it wasn’t. Or something. *handwaves* (Conversation format, Humour.) [LJ-Only]

SHERLOCK - Call Waiting - [Squint, PG-13] John doesn't wait well. (Angst, Depression) [LJ-Only]

SUPERNATURAL - Scenic Outlook - [PG] Aren't siblings wonderful? CONVERSATION. Juvenile humour.

SHERLOCK - Lactose Intolerance - [Slash UST, PG-13] “Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal.” ~Voltaire [LJ-Only]

SHERLOCK - A Bunch of Short Sherlock Meme Fills - [Multiple, see individual listings] Mostly dialog, one extremely dark, beware. [LJ-Only]

SHERLOCK - Petty Erosions - [Gen PG] John's had worse days, but he's certainly had better.

SHERLOCK - The Wellspring - [Squint PG] John gives him so much, but doesn’t understand.

SHERLOCK - You Can’t Always Get What You Want - [One-sided Pre-Het PG] Poor Molly.

SHERLOCK - To Forget the Din of the World - [GEN, G] There's only one thing to do after a very bad day. Angstish. Drabble. [LJ Only]

SHERLOCK - Lines of Communication - [GEN/SQUINT, PG-13] Some conversations are stuck on repeat. Alcoholism and family issues. Profanity.

SUPERNATURAL - A Sartorial Challenge - [PG] Sam and Dean discuss clothing options. Humor. CONVERSATION

SHERLOCK - Lever and Fulcrum - [GEN, PG-13] Always remember where your secrets are kept, and hope your 'arch-enemy' doesn't. Conversation format. [LJ Only]

SHERLOCK - Write or Die, Moriarty Mode - [GEN, PG] One of John Watson's less vaunted skills becomes necessary to stop a bomb from exploding.

SUPERNATURAL - First Responder - [PG13] Tag for 7.09 - The most important thing in any emergency medical situation is to remain level-headed. (Language, mild gore, bad things being said by bad people)

Numbers Breakdown:

24 entries under "Fanfic" tag (some are multiple ficlets, and there are other entries under the fanfic tag which are fic-ish but I'm leaving out for the sake of simplicity):

19 Sherlock
5 Supernatural

Both less variety and fewer stories than 2010. Blah. Fun factoid, though! The first 221B (Sherlock-specific quasi-drabble form) I ever wrote was in 2011, and turns out to be the 17th fic I wrote that year, so a double hit on Holmesian numbers with that one! :-D

Total word count in 2011:

22,330 (plus a scattered few bits posted anon on the meme that I don't think I'll ever de-anon on, which can join the other things there I haven't de-anoned on from 2010). Less than half of 2010, which had half the word count of 2009, which is a disturbing trend. I had a ridiculous and disheartening amount of writer's block in 2011. :-/

And again, primarily for my own amusement, here is a list of the top 15 most Favorited stories of the ones I have mirrored over at Fanfiction.net.

It Takes A Village
The Simple Joys of Home
Where Monsters Fear to Roam
Laundry Day
Why Sam is Taller than Dean
The Toaster Incident
Rituals of the Road
Building Dean Van Halen
Newer Every Day
A Restless Pillow
Have It Your Way
Everything I Ever Wanted: A Dr Horrible Fic
The Improbably Horrible One

Still a good smattering of stuff from most fandoms I've written stuff in, but a bit of a sea-change in the order compared to last year's stats there. O.o

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