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Picspam Reaction: SHERLOCK (BBC) Series 2 Episode 2 (2/2) - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: SHERLOCK (BBC) Series 2 Episode 2 (2/2)

Picspam Reaction for Sherlock Series 2 Episode 2
PART TWO - "Hound of the Baskervilles" "The Hounds of Baskerville"


-"A fluorescent gene, removed and spliced into the specimen." YAY! I meant to claim victory on that earlier, but yay. It's not a dog glowing, but something has been genetically manipulated into glowing in the dark. I am appeased. Or something.

-"Has she been working on something deadlier than a rabbit?" He's got huge, sharp... er... He can leap about.... Look at the booooones! Sorry, sorry. Deadly rabbits, it had to be Pythoned.

-"Are you, erm... rich?" Subtlety, thy name is Dr. Watson.

-Two sugars, assuming that's a coffee, yay drink continuity! \o/

-'Liberty in Death' Oh that sounds ominous, but most things involving death do.

-"We take you back out on to the moor."/"Right."/"And we see if anything attacks you."/"What?" HA! Well, it is a plan. Good plan? That's highly debatable.

-"If there is a monster out there John, there's only one thing to do; find out where it lives." Definitely reminding me of Supernatural there.

-And John goes wandering off from the group with out saying a word to anyone. You thoroughly deserve to be scared out of your skin when Sherlock comes back to round you up, John.

-Eventually. Since they've merrily continued on without you.

-Flashing light is pointless to screencap. Could be Morse code though. Last flashes, .._ or a U. Or the last bit of an X or a V.

-Well I won't bother translating if John's going to do it for us. What the heck's an UMQRA? Could be encoded, they did that before on the blogs. *is not going to get side-tracked trying to decode this just now* Also, the light was flashing before, so this could just be the tail end of a much longer message. *closes several code-related windows* Medication, easily distracted.

-Good signs to stay away from in the dark. So of course they don't.

-John, when you're that far separated from the group, you might as well text Sherlock as whisper his name.

-"He's been very kind to me since I came back." Oh Dr. Franklin Frankland is totally up to something.

-"I mean look at you and John."/"What about us?"/"Well I mean he's a pretty straightforward bloke and you..." Heh. Wonder what was going to go there? 'Aren't?' 'Obfuscate everything you possibly can until you have all the answers?' Lots of stuff can go there, easily.

-Walking through the woods at night, alone (because you were an idiot and wandered off without saying anything) and suddenly there's intermittent noises like a muffled Cloister Bell. Not a good sign.

-"WRAR!" JEEEEEZ I JUMPED ABOUT A FRIGGING FOOT OFF MY CHAIR. Oldest goddamn horror trick, make soft noises the audience has to focus on to hear, and then have something sudden and loud with a motion, and freak the crap out of everyone. Damn it, Gatiss! You got me. Happy?

-Seriously though, where was the water dripping on the thing coming from? And what was the thing?

-So much of this wood/hollow and all area is reminding me of the Series 5 Weeping Angel episodes of Doctor Who. The lighting is starting to remind me of Supernatural's regular gloom though, so it makes for a bizarre blend of associations.

-OH CRAP THERE'S AN ACTUAL MONSTER-SOUNDING THING! Yeah, I think he wasn't expecting that.

-"Did you see it?" *blink* *headshake* *shove past* And still, a paragon of tact.

-The party is reunited without bloodshed! Darn! I mean yay! \o/

-"I didn't see anything." Nope, neither did I. Loud noise in a certain direction, footprints, no visible monster. So, speakers in the trees and the power of suggestion?

-"I'm not crazy. There is a Hound, there is... and Sherlock, he saw it too. No matter what he says, he saw it." Aw. Neither of you did, actually, but you're a tad more suggestible due to your prior experience.

-Oh my. Or maybe he did. Or maybe he's just acting like he did, so as to fool the townsfolk in the pub or wherever they are into thinking they got him, because if he was really freaked, there's a perfectly private room to hide under the bed in. SO. This public display of freakedness has to have an audience. And John can't be in on it being a sham, or he'll blow it by not reacting the right way. Leaving John in the dark for the purposes of a case. Not the first time for that, certainly won't be the last.

-"'cause if people knew how to make a mutant super dog, we'd know." Suuuure you would. *pats*

-"They'd be for sale, I mean that's how it works." HA! Okay, point.

-Wow. He really does look on the verge of breaking down.

-And John, blithely carrying on with the case, being stable and there and not reacting since Sherlock seems to be struggling with control and the last thing someone needs when they're in that state is someone asking about it or drawing attention to it, So John's there, being a rational, sensible anchor for him. Aw, John. *smishes him*

-"Maybe we should just look for whoever's got a big dog." And when all else fails, try for a laugh. (A little tongue doesn't hurt either.)

-"I saw it." Oh this should be good. I still don't think he did, but this should indeed be good.

-"Once you rule out the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be true." EPIC DIRECT HOLMES CANON QUOTE FIST-PUMP OF JOY! \o/

-"Look at me I'm afraid, John." I dunno, making a face like that it might just be that you're drinking furniture polish.

-"Yeah, alright... Spock, just take it easy." Heeeeeee! XD

-"Me? There's nothing wrong with me." Yeah, looks like it too!

-Interesting and possibly just a standard trick of filming, but the restaurant/pub background noises have gone away, like everyone's stopped doing what they were doing and is listening... But it's probably just a filming thing. Or the whole pub is giving Sherlock his audience, very intently.

-"THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?" Well, if the pub wasn't listening before, they are now!

-"Cherchez le chien." French! Gatiss is my favorite fanboy! \o/

-Sherlock has the best deduction faces.

-And John has some pretty good 'trying to talk sense into Sherlock when he's in a strop' faces too.

-"Why would you listen to me, I'm just your friend."/"I don't have friends." Owww. All part of the facade I think he's putting up, I hope, but OW. Damn.

-"No... Wonder why?" Oh *flapping my hands around* boooooys!

-Okay, windows that big should not be in shows with potential big nasty dogs in them. And people being plagued by giant hounds should not stand anywhere near them. *squirms back and burrows spine-first into chair*


-WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE SUCH LOUD FLASHBACKS! JEEZ! Okay, so, Liberty In, and then inverted as though seen from behind or in a mirror (mirrors!) That's something...


-And John's out wandering alone in the dark on his own without telling anyone again, which is... pretty true to the original Hound, actually.

-Okay, quick check here. Five cars, three with lone occupants, one with what looks like active nookie going on, and John just walks away assuming that's all that's going on? Why are the other people sitting alone in their cars in the dark? Especially that one with the base-pass-looking round thing on the windscreen and someone inside who looks like Dr. Fanboy covering his face. Is this really just the Thursday evening Voyeurs' club? Not that it couldn't be, but really. And why, if that's what they're really doing, do they have the headlamps on? The battery will go flat. I AM SUSPICIOUS.

-Just signing with an S now? That seems suspect too... or awww-worthy. But I'm leaning towards the first option. Right now I'm starting to feel like this damn village is like the one in Hot Fuzz. They're all in on it to boost tourism. Hell yes I'm paranoid, but that doesn't mean there isn't a conspiracy EVERYWHERE. <.<

-"Ooo, you're a bad man." Yes, let Dr. Watson talk to the attractive suspects. I mean witnesses. No, I mean suspects. It's the least you can do for putting him through this flush out the whoever thing you're pulling right now with the freak-out in the pub and the "I don't have friends" nonsense. At least I hope it's nonsense.

-FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DUDE, DON'T SLEEP IN FRONT OF THE GIANT WINDOWS!!! *burrowing spine into cushions again* D-:

-Watching a movie with a wolf pack, and sleeping in front of the giant windows. Okay, fine. YOU ARE INSANE. Are you happy now?


-Water again... Hmmm.... not enough spread to have been on very long either.


-Has the conspiracy gotten control of what his TV shows? I mean, really, how often are you flipping through channels and find two things involving wolves or dog packs.



-Hey, where's that shadow coming from? Are they up on the roof waving things in front of your floodlights? AND GET AWAY FROM THE GODDAMNED WINDOWS! Whether its real or mind-games, it will have a hell of a lot harder time getting at you if you've got some nice solid opaque walls between you and it.

-Or sure, grab a gun so you can shoot the window out the next time you panic. Idiot. *headdesk*


-Aw crap. Heeeeyyyyy, tour guide guy had a wolf head thing he was freaking out tourists with, right? Or was that someone else.

-I just have to say, I am quite fond of the unselfconscious way Russell Tovey screams.

-Well, if the goal is to get him to go completely nuts so they can have him sectioned and take all his stuff or whatever, the going completely nuts part is coming along wonderfully.

-"Though he has told me about all his oldest friends. Which one are you?" Heheh. keep your cover story simple and generic, lest it get poked.

-"And because I have another friend who might be having the same problem." Aw. Could also be part of Sherlock's plan to get to talk to the therapist, but aw.

-John's dates are just destined to be interrupted, aren't they?

-"How's the investigation going?" Shit. *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*

-"Live-in P.A." Pfft! *coughs up a lung laughing*

-"Why didn't you buy him a drink. I think he likes you." Poor John. Even his fake case-related dates are doomed.

-Seriously, Sherlock Holmes and Captain Jack Harkness, dueling long-coats at several hundred feet above the ground.

-Dear god, no one should be that energetic and cheerful in the morning, particularly not Sherlock, and not in the face of a guy who's had his mind screwed with all night.

-Ah, the tea! Sherlock's taken some of his tea! If the tea turns out to be poisoned, I will likely be quite loud about it. In a gleeful way. :-D


-"It's archaic. Why say 'Hound'?" Oh, wonderful! Just, it's the original title, it wasn't archaic then, it is now AND IT BECOMES A PLOT POINT. Gatiss, you are awesome. I will say this many more times, I do not doubt.

-"What about Louise Mortimer, did you get anywhere with her?"/"No."/"Too bad. Did you get any information?" HA! Cheeky!

-"Funny doesn't suit you. I'd stick to ice." Ow. Okay, yeah, fair enough, one ow for another.

-Doubt in his senses, yeah, that really would freak Sherlock out. Maybe he wasn't shamming to flush out the perpetrator after all. Aw, Sherlock. Self-doubt sucks, doesn't it?

-"I can't believe it, but I did see it so the question is how?" Drugged tea! Maybe! OR HALLUCINOGENIC TEA! Eeee! \o/

-"So you got something to go on then?" And John's still hurt. And has a fascinating brow.... sorry. Medication. Distractible. Again.

-"I don't have friends. I've just got one." Weeeell, there are a couple people who might fall under that distinction too, but you're trying to make a point, so *handwave*

-"You will never be the most luminous of people but as a conductor of light you are unbeatable."/"Cheers. What?" Awwwww. Sort of. Nicest way of calling a person 'dim' ever, I suppose? And a canon quote touch-back! \o/

-AAAAAH! HI LESTRADE! HI!!! Speaking of people who might fall under the distinction! \o/

-"I'm on holiday, would you believe?"/"No." Well of course not. A triple homicide in a locked room with everyone wearing each other's heads is a holiday for you.

-This just in. Lestrade is kind of scorching hot. For those who weren't aware.

-"Greg!" *rolls back, listens again* Yes, that actually was. OFFICIAL FIRST NAME FOR LESTRADE!!! He was only ever G. Lestrade in the books. Greg was mentioned in a commentary track on Series One, and now they've made it official. WOOHOO! *fist-pump*

-"Oh this is Mycroft isn't it?" OH REALLY??? Mycroft sending Lestrade out to check up on Sherlock? How innnnnteresting. :-D

-"Is that why you're calling yourself 'Greg'?"/"That's his name."/"Is it?"/"Yes." Heeeeeeee! "If you'd ever bothered to find out." Awww.

-"I'm not your handler, and I don't just do what your brother tells me." Oh my god, I think I just heard half of the Mystrade shippers explode with unstoppable squee. \o/

-"That is an awful lot of meat for a vegetarian restaurant." Oh riiiiiiight. Okay, missed that, I thought the sign just meant it had vegetarian options. *facepalm*

-"You never make coffee."/"I just did, don't you want it?"/"You don't have to keep apologizing." Um. He's not, he's experimenting on you. Okay, so they were drinking coffee before, and it seems like coffee comes in little bags like tea? I'm still going to make a lot of noise if it turns out to be full of hallucinogens.

-"I don't take sugar." But he drinks it anyway, because he's polite and thinks it's a gesture of friendship. Silly. *pats John* So, did Sherlock steal some of the guy's sugar too, in case it was in that? It would be logical.

-"I had a bacon sandwich at Carl's wedding and one thing lead to another." Hee! They are adorable.

-They had a dog in a mineshaft to back up the tourist attraction, it got vicious, and they had it put down. So why do they have a new invoice on the spike for meat...?

-Sherlock in the background, checking the amount of coffee John drank, hee! I'm kind of thrilled John's the one being experimented on too. Just 'cause. :-)

-"I suppose he likes having the same faces all together. It appeals to his..."/"Asberger's?" *chokes on juice* Okay, SOMEONE's watching the fandom, because that's been a huge topic of debate in some areas, and it's mentioned, but still not being confirmed or denied here.

-"I'm enjoying this!" Happy Lestrade! No one's dead except some guy twenty years ago, and he doesn't have to justify anything Sherlock does to his DCI, and probably won't even have any paperwork. Of course he's enjoying this! *glee*

-"Hello, brother dear! How are you!" Heeeeeee! Awesome!

-"Could be dangerous." John: *microsmirk* At least I assume, he's hard to see there. And of course it could be dangerous if he's unknowingly hopped up on unknown possible hallucinogens (\o/) and poking around a secret military lab full of weird crap.

-"The truth." Oh good luck with that.

-"The big coat should have told me. You're one of the conspiracy lot, aren't you?" THE MAJOR HAS TOTALLY MET JACK HARKNESS AND HAD TORCHWOOD IN HIS FACE ABOUT SOMETHING. Ahem. I mean. Yeah. >.>

-"The monsters, the death rays, the aliens."/"Have you got any of those?" Major eyeroll, coming at ya.

-Yeah, he's not nervous about having someone with unlimited access going through his base at aaaaall... but really, he has a lot of legit reasons to be nervous about that too.

-Well, at least it's a smaller window this time. Seriously though, stay away from the windows. And stop drinking your coffee.

-Oh, great. And the lab's been cleared and is dark (sensible precaution. "Hey, there's a couple loonies here with free run of the base for 24 hours, pack up everything interesting.") so when the coffee hallucinations (\o/) kick in, no one's going to be there to watch John freak out. On the other side, no one's going to be there to watch John freak out. *wibble* Plus he tends to have nightmares about Afghanistan, and in the absence of noises and such to suggest 'giant dog' there could be some very nasty flashbacks heading John's way. Eep. I really hope Sherlock's not too far away. And actually asks the next time he decides to experiment on John.

-HA! Um. Curing the common cold was mentioned.


-And now horns and being locked in. Oh poor John. Yeah, I'm betting Sherlock's behind all of this bit too.

-Sure! Why not wander around the dark room looking into covered cages after you were just attacked, BY THE ROOM. Or actually Sherlock. Really, Sherlock, non-consensual experimentation is going to net you another punch in the face. Though telling him something was going to happen might put him on his guard and negate or alter the effects. Hm.

-Oh great. And that cage door is open. Fantaaaastic.

-Look out! Uncappable rage monkey!

-Oh, well, even worse than an open door is a busted cage. I'm thinking more and more that it's not a hallucinogen, but something that makes the drinker more susceptible to suggestion. And coffee instead of tea. But still. \o/

-Martin Freeman has such an amazing face. Like here he looks like a kid almost.

-Snarling noises! Here we go!

-You know you're a bit freaked when hiding in a vault full of cold viruses seems like a better option.

-"Don't be ridiculous, pick up." On the plus side, it seems considering Sherlock is likely in range, that Sherlock has finally figured out how to TURN HIS RINGER OFF WHEN TRYING TO BE SNEAKY. Foolish boy.

-Oh poor John!

-SKITTERING! AAAAAAAH! *hides* OKAY, FINE, I SEEM TO BE SUGGESTIBLE TOO! I blame the medication. *side-eyes*

-Thaaat's a bit more than skittering... O.o

-I find this little moment where John covers his mouth with his hand exceptionally funny, because I did the exact same thing a split second earlier. XD

-Cage! GREAT IDEA! OMG. I know this is all just Sherlock making noises and giving John suggestible coffee, but still, it's better than nothing.

-"It's here! It's in here with me!" Oh John. You are so going to deck him in a minute.

-"Get me out Sherlock, you've got to get me out." *FLAILING EVERYWHERE EEEEEEEEEE*

-Oh, John. (I'm going to be saying 'Oh John' a lot over the next bit until he comes out of it and decks Sherlock, best just get used to it.)

-"All right, I'll find you, keep talking." I'll also be doing a lot of flailing. *FLAILFLAILFLAIL* Even though he's causing it and experimenting on John here, still, *FLAILFLAILFLAIL*

-John, in a cage, in the dark, panicking is, um. Very addictive.

-"I can see it. It's here." Oh John. I don't know if decking Sherlock is going to be enough to make up for this.


-"It must be- It must b- where di-" Oh John. *flail*

-"It's okay now."/"NO IT'S NOT!" Oh John, you have no idea how right you are.

-"We have all been drugged." Ha! Some of you more than others.

-"Of course I can walk!" I have to admit I have never more felt like wrapping John Watson up in a warm cuddly blanket and feeding him (non-drugged) tea and toast with jam. Oh John.


-"Will you tell little Kirsty what happened to Bluebell or shall I?" *snerk* Considering the last kids he talked to about death may still be mildly traumatized, you'll want to avoid that.

-Sherlock does look younger under lab lights. And slightly demonic, but I think that's just him, not the lighting.

-"Why?"/"Why not?" Yep, scientist.

-"There's no trace of anything in the sugar." Dude. Test. Henry's. Coffee.

-"Sugar?" Ah, and here comes the decking of Sherlock, yes?

-Nope. Because John's more focused on the case at the moment than being used as a human guinea pig.

-"Henry Knight, he saw it too, but you didn't." But John wasn't in the same place as you two when it happened, so he had different and less intense set of stimuli for the stuff to work with. John also wandered off on his own... dripping water... Hm. Water has to enter into it somewhere.

-"It has to be a drug." Because if it's not, then there really is a giant dog with glowing red eyes that the three of them have seen, that would be fine if they all saw it in the wild, but John saw it (as described by Sherlock) under artificial conditions, where Sherlock could see it wasn't there, so he knows it's not real and something's up but not how it's done and his senses and memory are still telling him it was real, and that sense of reality to it in the face of proven unreality is badly baking his noodle.

-I would like to say that for an adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles, there have been very few actual aggressive dog scenes so far, and my phobia is extremely grateful for that.

-Some kind of subliminal suggestion with lights? But what's UMQRA? Code for Hound? Would that work on someone who didn't know Morse or the cipher encoding? And what about the water?

-"Get out." Wise precaution, keep the base insider out of the loop. Don't know why you've kept her in this long. Admittedly, she makes rabbits glow, but that can't be all she does.

-"I need to go to my mind palace." *blink* OH. *jawdrop* This could be funky. It's a mnemonic technique that goes back to ancient Roman times, extremely popular and common in the days before the printing press, when printed records started to supplant the need for a comprehensive and detailed personal method of recalling facts. COOL!

-Sherlock: *is concentrating* John: *is nattering to the bunny wrangler (as they both leave, hunh)* Me: *is waiting for Sherlock to holler SHUT UP very loudly*

-"He said it was a palace."/"Well he would, wouldn't he?" *snerk*

-Shades of Minority Report with the hand gestures moving info around. Cool.

-Looking a tad demented, there, but that's fine.

-Liberty, Indiana. H.O.U.N.D. ...Fine. Make me Google. (It's where I keep my mind palace. :-P) ....and, yeah, I got nothin' H.O.U.National Defense? :-P

-Meanwhile, Henry's running through a field with a loaded gun. This bodes well. *facepalm*

-Um. Yeah. Shooting at your therapist probably means you failed therapy. Also, mirrors again some more.

-"Describe him to me." Of course it's easier to figure out his password from vague second-hand social observations than call him or Mycroft up and get at the info that way. Though if the guy is stupid enough to pick a word or phrase that has significance to him and no non-alphanumeric characters, he should get hacked by Sherlock before he gets hacked by someone malicious. And if you're looking for password inspiration in that seat, there's a bust of somebody staring in through the window on the right there.

-Or Margaret Thatcher. Maggie. Cute.

-Extreme suggestibility, aerosol dispersal. *nods* Mist. The fog. Water vapor. And so, the water, yes? Pipes running through the woods? I think maybe so. Hm. Also mist and leaky pipes in the 'Cold' room?

-Yeah, those side-effects are not speaking well for poor Henry's chances, are they?

-Oh, Dr. Fanboy, say it ain't so! Kidding. I thought you were in on it somehow from the start. But that's the thing about thinking paranoid. No matter who turns out to be the culprit, you can legitimately say, "I thought they were up to something all along!" XD

-"Maybe someone who says 'cell phone' because of time spent in America." ...OMG, MARK GATISS TURNED BRITPICKING INTO A PLOT POINT! \o/

-"And bring a gun!" So that's Lestrade stuck at the local PD for half an hour, filling out requisition paperwork. Meh. Mycroft can handwave it.

-See? Mist! \o/

-Standing around in a forest with a gun and apologizing to dead people is usually a really bad sign. ...aaaand yeah. Oh, Henry.

-"It's all been explained to you hasn't it?" Ohhhhhh crap. Yeah. The therapist doesn't need to be in on it. In a highly suggestible state, therapy really really isn't a good idea. Or Dr. "Uncle Bob" Fanboy, with his understanding chats. Cunning bastard.

-Jeez, Russell Tovey is an intense little spud when he gets a chance, eh? O.O

-Aw, poor wee!Henry! D-:

-Tah dah! And 'Hound' from the original title becomes the plot point that becomes the solution! Fantastic! Gatiss is awesome! \o/

-*nods along with the exposition dump* "You had to be stopped, driven out of your mind so that no one would believe a word that you said." That works too. Kind of refreshing no one was after the rich guy's stuff.

-"But we saw it, the hound, last night." Oh, Henry. Poor wubbie. Someone tell him about the suggestibility stuff now please?

-"But there never was any monster."/"Aroooooo!" Yeah, in the meantime, you're all breathing the mind-fuckery fog, and two of you have guns, and one of you has almost no clue what's been going on, and is armed. Great planning that!

-Oh now I see it! Kind of lumpy and grey, but vaguely wolf-like.

-"NONONONONONONO!!" Yeah, sucks to be reassured that the big evil thing that's been stalking you your whole life is just a hallucination and a patched-over memory only to have it turn up after you've been disarmed.

-"He is not drugged, Sherlock, so what's that?" IT'S IN THE MIST, you idiots. Probably some kind of distribution system in the cave. Oh. Hey. If this was the cave/mineshaft the bartender and cook were keeping their dog, no wonder it went vicious. It'd have been in that mist 24/7. Who knows what a suggestibility drug would do to a dog and what it might hallucinate, but I doubt it was pleasant.

-"It's nothing more than an ordinary dog." AAAAAAAAAH!!!!! SHIT! *hides under blankets because THAT WAS NOT A NORMAL MOTION FOR A DOG* O.O

-*so very hiding* It's like a cross between those skinless dogs in Resident Evil and a slightly Grinchy-looking tank. O.o

-Gas masks make everyone sound like Darth Vader, don't they?

-*GAAAAASP* ...Hallucination. It's Dr. Fanboy. *handwave* OMG. That totally got me for a second. O.O

-Yep! Sherlock made his 'disbelieve illusion' check! And Sherlock's hair is looking reeeeally interesting right now too.

-"The fog! It's in the fog!" Yay! And my goodness there's a hell of a lot of it out right now. \o/

-LESTRADE GETS TO FIRE A GUN! And judging from that blink/flinch and his aim, he doesn't get to do it very often, which is accurate for a Detective Inspector in the Met, to my limited knowledge.

-Aaaahahahahahah! John has the gun off Henry! So no worries about Lestrade knowing John owns a gun! Woo! (Even though by now he totally does (particularly since John might have slipped and mentioned it in one of his blog (and seriously, read the blog entry for this episode, which is on March 16th and in which John's friend Bill Murray is also a comedian but watch out, because there may be a spoiler for next week's episode up in the next entry, which is at the top of the main blog page)) and is either ignoring it or fine with whatever use John puts it to (Holy crap, enough parentheses? O.o)) They definitely know he can shoot, regardless, considering Lestrade missed firing two-handed, and John hit firing one-handed, but given there was no comment by Lestrade, yeah, that's likely already known too.

-YES!!! HOW DO YOU SHOOT A HALLUCINATION? BY BELIEVING YOU CAN! The fog's not telling them there's a giant evil dog coming for them, it's telling them to more readily believe things! And most people believe if you throw enough lead down-range at something, it's gonna die! YES! \o/

-Or is that an actual dog? Can't tell, looks like a log or a rock. My screen's a bit crap.

-Which leaves poor drugged-to-insanity Henry facing his father's actual killer with a full load of psychosis on board.

-"Murder weapon and scene of the crime all at once. Ahahaha, this case Henry, thank you!" At least someone's happy. As well he should be, there was a lot going on in this one. XD

-"Timing!" Or tact. Either one will do. XD

-"...not good?"/"No, no it's okay, it's fine. Because this means... this means that my dad was right!" Yeah! In your face, Dr. Fanboy! WOO! \o/

-Um, guys? Maybe you should secure the prisoner before shooting at the hallucinatory and/or undead dog? And maaaaybe find the source of the mist and turn it off, hmm?


-Yeah, I'm thinking that's a mistake.

-Just a little one.

-BOOM! Like the Russian playwright said, sort of, it was the minefield on the wall, so it had to go off in the third act. *nods*

-Aw, crap. And Lestrade's just managed to be part of a group that chased a suspect into a minefield. So much for that paperwork-free holiday. :-/

-Aw, so it was the real dog, the one the hotel guys were keeping, except they couldn't kill it and let it run loose (and kept feeding it which would explain the recent meat purchase), and it formed the Hound stimulus. A dog they knew was vicious (maybe due to being fog-drugged, but still behaving in an uncontrolled and vicious manner and left to run loose rather than kept under control). Nice. Ravage a tourist or two, good for the legend. Suuure. Great idea. Well, it's been put down now!

-"Sentiment?"/"Sentiment." Awww. Had to be, it certainly wasn't civic responsibility. XD

-"Listen, what happened to me in the lab..."/"D'you want some sauce with that?" Hahahahahahahah. Oh come on, Sherlock, own up and take your thumping like a gentleman. No, wait, Sherlock didn't actually dose John, though he tried, so, yeah, I said earlier, mist in the 'cold' room, I'm sticking with that. [Ha, ha, ha. And anyone who went into the 'Cold' room and was exposed to the mist, has that nice sign on the door, telling them they'll get a cold if they go in. So when they come back out after exposure with no extreme stimuli to make them go loopy, they'd develop the symptoms, by suggestion. Oh that's clever.] The stimulus however, that was likely all Sherlock. And he intended to drug John whether he actually did or not. And so yes. Punch him.

-"You were convinced it was in the sugar."/"*mutters about trains*" And you can see the penny dropping right there I believe.

-Yes, and now the shouting begins! And Sherlock is actually looking a little contrite.

-"Then I arranged everything with Major Barrymore." Oh the Major was in on it too, of course! It wasn't a general lab clear out, just that one.

-"It was all totally scientific, laboratory conditions, well, literally." Oh yeah, I'm sure John's really reassured by that. XD

-Oh, he was watching John freak out and run around in panic while he had his feet up on the desk and a coffee close by, even? Sherlock, you are so very toast. No worries about him hearing your ringer though.

-"I knew what effect it had on a superior mind, so I had to try it on an average one." You are really not helping your case any here, Sherlock. XD

-"You know what I mean." Good thing too, or you'd be getting a fork full of ketchup in the eye. You might yet.

-"You were wrong. It wasn't in the sugar. You got it wrong." Ohhhh, SO much better than a punch in the face. Hit him where it hurts! His pride! \o/

-"Gotta see a man about a dog." *facepalm*


-"All right. Let him go." OH REALLY???!? O.O

-Ooooo... Just a teensy bit obsessed there, eh Jimmy-boy?

Ooooo... This Sunday. Finale. Oooo...
*hides under blanket*

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ddraggy From: ddraggy Date: January 11th, 2012 03:39 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for the awesome quasi-realtime writeup! I really enjoy reading both your SPN and Sherlock reactions :D

Anyways, take it easy and I hope you feel less crappy!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 11th, 2012 03:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Aw, thanks! I have better drugs now, so I'm hoping the less crappy starts soon.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: January 11th, 2012 05:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Now that you have caused me to clap my hands like a dork and cackle (whole-heartedly agree about Lestrade btw), that was fantastic!! Mark Gattiss is indeed awesome, and Sherlock falling apart and everything involving John had me flailing about in my chair.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 11th, 2012 06:33 am (UTC) (Link)
So much flailing! \o/
faroula From: faroula Date: January 11th, 2012 12:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
-"I suppose he likes having the same faces all together. It appeals to his..."/"Asberger's?" *chokes on juice* Okay, SOMEONE's watching the fandom, because that's been a huge topic of debate in some areas, and it's mentioned, but still not being confirmed or denied here.

Well, Mark Gatiss has a Twitter and he uses it quite a bit so it's not a huge leap to guess that he's been seeing stuff (found himself or gotten linked?)

I really enjoy your reviews both of Sherlock, SPN and Doctor Who (where are you on season 6?)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 11th, 2012 07:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh of course it's no surprise. I'm sure he's gotten all kinds of things linked to him and questions asked, like all showrunners do, it's just kind of cool to think they might be paying attention in a non-freaked out way.

I haven't started Series Six of Doctor Who yet, I haven't had a block of time long enough to get to them, I've only seen up to A Shark Christmas Carol. Work's going insane as usual, and SPN eats up my weekends at the best of times. Might do them sometime in the late spring or summer after SPN goes on hiatus, time allowing.
rachelindeed From: rachelindeed Date: January 11th, 2012 04:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Just want to say that I really enjoy reading your recaps -- so fun! Thanks so much for sharing them!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 11th, 2012 07:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you like them! I'm always happy to find out people actually read these things. :-)
From: polyhedron Date: January 12th, 2012 01:41 am (UTC) (Link)
*brava*!!!!! Another brilliant pic recap.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 12th, 2012 04:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, glad you liked it.
talimenios79 From: talimenios79 Date: January 12th, 2012 04:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am really enjoying these recaps.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 13th, 2012 12:58 am (UTC) (Link)
Happy to hear it! I don't know how the 2.03 one is going to turn out, my schedule won't be amenable to my usual methods of doing these. :-/
ant3ka From: ant3ka Date: January 14th, 2012 11:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
FYI your screencap/metas are SAVING MY LIFE. I'm trying to vid and need to check a scene and I come straight here. :) Also, you are teaching me about the ACD cannon and I LOVE that you are so well versed in all the different variations of this fandom. :)

In short - YOU ROCK. \o/
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 15th, 2012 02:00 am (UTC) (Link)

I'm not even close to as well-versed as many of the people in this fandom when it comes to ACD lore. It's a bit daunting to get into the book fandom since the fandom has literally been going since the original books were published, with published analyses and pastiches and clubs and fandom insanity going all the way back, but it's cool to have that much history behind this. :-)
mariole From: mariole Date: January 22nd, 2012 06:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Another super enjoyable recapping (and capping) of the show. Well done! Two entertainments for the price of one. Cheers!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 22nd, 2012 06:48 am (UTC) (Link)
Very glad you're enjoying them! It really thrills me when people actually read these things. :-)
i_sudoku From: i_sudoku Date: January 31st, 2012 03:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
I hope you have recovered and been off medication. (I have also been hospitalised for 8 days so I actually missed watching episode 2 and 3 of Sherlock directly after it aired. Of course, I have caught up with that but I need a rewatch.) Reading your screencaps is highly enjoyable and also make my mind clearer for rewatch.

I guess you're an accountant as you comment on John's taking the invoice.

I was a bit confused about the plot of Henry's father and Dr. Fanboy. Was his father about to expose his illegal experiment hence he killed him?

Did John actually inhale the mist in the lab? Or was he just suggestible and Sherlock provided the stimuli?

I only know Russey Tovey was in Being Human and had guest starred in Ashes to Ashes. I didn't even know he was in Doctor Who.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: January 31st, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Was his father about to expose his illegal experiment hence he killed him?


Did John actually inhale the mist in the lab?

Yes. Unless he wasn't breathing the entire time he was in that room, and there was no reason for him not to be. Also he stuck his face in it, and the whole room was full of it when he left.
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