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Sherlock things of yay.

I've been out of touch with the world lately, but ciaranbochna reminded me that the Sherlock Series 2 DVDs are out in North America, so I have acquired a set (the credit card people really love me lately, much to my dismay :-/).

I am pleased to confirm that despite the "AS SEEN ON MASTERPIECE MYSTERY" sticker on the box, and the big Masterpiece Mystery pre-menu credit splash, it is indeed the full, non-PBSed, original BBC version, just like last year's was. Safe assumption, but that sticker on the box gave me a bad case of the dithers in the store, and the splash screen scared me to bits, so I thought I'd post and spare any of the rest of you inclined to buying the DVDs a quandary about it.

In other news of more personal Sherlock yay, alicemau over on has translated my story, "It Takes a Village" into Polish. The translation can be found here on, and a link to it will be added to the usual places when I get my head together enough to do some updating.
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