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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.18 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.18
This reaction post is partially brought to you by my ISP's MASSIVE DOSE OF FAIL.

I had no internet, no cable, and no phone, so I decided to start watching 7.18 on a weeknight.

That was nearly two weeks ago. I'm just finishing this now. It is more scrambled than usual. :-P

Spoiler and Theory Summary

Bobby's back! As a ghost of course, knew that would be happening from the first disappearing beer, just didn't know when until now.

...and reserving further detailed spoiler/speculation that didn't happen this time for the episode where really hope it happens.

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 7.18 - ??? "Party On, Garth"

-Skipping the THEN.

-Oh dear, campfire ghost stories are never a good idea on this show. Especially when told by pre-credit NPCs. I mean OCs. I mean Monster Chow. Also Jenny Greentree sounds familiar, but of course I can't google her because internet. Grr.
spn0718 001

-There's one in every camping trip. This is starting to give me Friday the 13th vibes, and I only ever saw the Jared remake.
spn0718 002

-"You don't hear that?" That deep sort of windy roar like an incoming blizzard from Hell? Naaaah.

-And a distant scream. You know, really, if this wasn't on Supernatural, this Trevor kid could be pulling the most awesome prank ever.

-Not exactly frozen to death there. Could still be the most awesome prank ever if Trevor is into stage makeup gore as a hobby. The 'gaping hole in the gut' could totally be, I dunno, newspaper soaked in fake blood and a hole in the puffy vest. Sure. But no.
spn0718 003

-Please tell me the P.O.S. of the episode isn't a faux-wood-grain sided Ford cruck. D-:
spn0718 004

-No wait, wrong music. PHEW. O.O

spn0718 005

-Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry. Just. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
spn0718 006

-"Party On, Garth." *snerk* Gotta love a Wayne's World reference. Also, weedy hunter's name is Garth, thank you for the reminder, title.

-I'm surprised there isn't more simul-talking among the pre-credit-traumatized on this show.
spn0718 007

-"You've been Garthed." AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA oh god.
spn0718 008

-Talk amongst yourselves for a bit, I have to stop choking.

-Hard liquor, a shotgun, a pickup truck and a need for revenge on something that might or might not be corporeal. A hunter is born. Also probably killed, but that's to be expected.
spn0718 009

-Also, I've only seen the ads so I don't know, but does this kid not look quite similar to Taylor Lautner, the werewolf kid in those Twilight things?
spn0718 010

-Written by Adam Glass, who is familiar but I couldn't say specifically what for (internet = memory, internet gone foom right now) and directed by Phil Sgriccia, an old hand.

-Ah! It's a ghost and a thing that lifts you up into trees and guts you. Arg. The boys and Bobby were hunting one just before Bobby died. Turducken Burger induced semi-Wendigo, sort of, wasn't it? Except this one leaves too many leftovers.
spn0718 011

-GUANACO TRUCK! That's an actual Lower Mainland food truck thing, I think! Wonder if they're doing some of the craft services too? Either way, that's awesome!
spn0718 012

-"No, I heart you more." Did Garth actually hook up with Becky? O.o

-"It's Garth!"/"W-w-w- who is this?" Hee. Aw. When first level adventurers call up epic level PCs. *pats Garth*
spn0718 013

-TIE REPORT! Sam's tie is not overtly striped yet, but has a pattern of blob things forming stripe-like configurations. It is also a god-awful mustard brown that does NOT go with that blue suit. Sam is still not 100% okay, conflicted about 'passing along the crazy' to Castiel, but he's showing signs of improvement. Dean is solidly and very overtly striped, white (possibly with red edging) on navy. And the best sign, the stripes and pseudo-stripes are going down and toward each other. Pulling together. *glee*
spn0718 014

-"Corporal James Brown" *snerk*
spn0718 015

-"Losing two brothers so fast."/Garth: *facestall* This is why you do research before wading in as a family member.

-"I already scanned for EM-"/*squeaaah!*/"...F." Heheheheheh. Need better scanners there Garth. Try a busted Walkman.

-"Is this less evil spirit, more monster chow?" *flailing* FANDOM TERM, ISN'T IT? OFF TWOP MAINLY? I THINK? DAMMIT ISP, WHY DO YOU PICK NOW TO BE DOWN!?

-"I'll can the uniform, go fed, see you at the brewery in 40." *facepalm* How is he still alive?
spn0718 016

-Thighslapper Premium Ale. New fake beer, entering the pantheon of Schlitz and, and... that one that's like Corona but not. Dean's dream girl from the Djinn!world was from the ad. Del Sol? El Sol? DAMN YOU, ISP! *fistshake*
spn0718 017

-TIE REPORT: GUEST HUNTER EDITION. Plain navy. And pinstripes on the suit. Trying, but getting it backwards. *nods* Also, Garth should probably try a size smaller suit than what he's wearing. Maybe it's just the shot but he looks like he's swimming in that suit. Also, when he's not talking he's adorable and I want to bake him cookies. What?
spn0718 018

-OH MY GOD, HI KNOWN VANCOUVER ACTOR! RANTY BOSS GUY IS PLAYED BY TERRY DAVID MULLIGAN! He used to host a kids' show when I was a kid, then went on to do a bunch of other stuff and was a sort of fixture in the Lower Mainland since forever. I thought he'd died, wow! If he turns out to be evil or something, I'll probably laugh my head off.
spn0718 019

-"Dale's wife is suing us."/"Why?"/"She's angry and grieving and this is America?" Hee.
spn0718 020

-Right, let me see if I have the set up. The dead brothers' dad had a partner named Dale, who committed suicide. TDM!partner stepped in, this happened before the boys' deaths. Dale's wife is suing, the company is being sold, and TDM!partner was a close family friend and godfather to the kids. I think I got it. I wasn't expecting this much in the way of real world plot facets to track, to be honest, but it's rather cool. Wondering if Dick Roman is the one buying the brewery. Beer to pacify the masses, like the turducken burgers?

-Kid seems really unsurprised to get a mouthful of screwdriver instead of OJ. Ow. ...Heeeeeyyyyyyy..... is that the girl who played Lillith??? Something about the combination of colouring and nose/eyeshape makes her look very familiar... O.o
spn0718 021

-Aaaaaaand it's past midnight on a work night now, so I'll have to do the rest of this episode later. If the internet's back on later, I may retroactively Google, not sure yet.

-...And of course the internet came back on right then and I wound up spending another hour responding to mail and getting my fix, so the whole "knock off at 12:30 to get sleep" thing, pft.

-...And then I spent the next several evenings up to my eyebrows rolling in the internet. Then my good friends lurkingwombat, ciaranbochna, J and T came to town and we went to see the Avengers and blew my frigging mind.

-And then I wrote Cabin Pressure fic. *headdesk*


-Right. Child who looks vaguely like wee!Lillith (to me) accidentally drinking mom's screwdriver.

-"My world." Looks a bit like a graphic version of a game of Mornington Crescent to me, but I don't know why.
spn0718 022

-HI BLURRY INVISIBLE THING I CAN'T CAP! There's certainly enough room for Dale to be a ghost, and there's hints of ghostiness rather than monsteriness, made more likely by this being in a house and not in the woods.

-And of course the kid's the one to see it. She's looking less like Lillith know, so probably not the same actress.
spn0718 023

-HEY! IT'S THAT CHICK FROM THE RING! COOL! Uh, I mean 'Eeek', obviously. So, not Dale's ghost then, some other kind of family-hunting monster or spirit that doesn't restrict itself to the woods?
spn0718 024

-And she sees that you see her. Well, that's always nice.
spn0718 025

-Okay, not just a 'kid can see the evil thing' then if Mom can see it too. Cousin/uncle/whatever can't see Ring girl, but the kid and the mom can, and if it was only visible to imminent victims, it'd be really weird for it to slaughter up the mom and kid and leave *scrolls back* Dale's brother untouched. Maybe it's only visible to females? It seems like it wouldn't be going after women and girls in that case, though. Don't know. Maybe it's the alcohol, which would explain the random 'kid drinks mom's screwdriver' moment, but given Dale's brother's recent losses and general demeanor, I'd be shocked if he didn't have a few on board himself. Hmm.
spn0718 026

-Owwwwwww. Ow ow ow. Chiropractor ain't gonna fix that.
spn0718 027

-Aw, he's trying to build his own EMF. Or fix the one he bought somewhere that crapped out on him. Awww.
spn0718 028

-Dead Dale was also brewmaster, hmmm... chances a beer recipe and a summon evil spine-ripping creature recipe got mixed up, non-negligible...

-Uhhh, okay. You might want to say something about that EMF spike, Garth. Probably only Bobby, but still, it seems to me that no matter what you do to an EMF detector, it probably won't detect EMF that isn't there.
spn0718 029

-"Wow, that's actually awesome." And now Dean's going to be trying microbrews in every single place they go. *nods*
spn0718 030

-Oh dear. Given Garth's mass, they may be peeling him off the floor in a minute, unless he has an unusually alcohol tolerant metabolism.
spn0718 031

-"I don't even usually drink beer, it messes with my depth perception, especially when I skinny dip." Oh dear. Floor time. (Capping because he is too damn cute! *ruffles his hair*)
spn0718 032

-"Dude I just drank a whole beer, of course I'm drunk." Yep. No magic metabolism for Garth. So this random development makes me think the ghost seen after alcohol idea may have merit, and Dale's brother just hadn't been drinking.
spn0718 033
spn0718 034

-Dale left the company before he died, more plot, omg yay! TERRY DAVID MULLIGAN IS AN EVIL RING-GHOST SUMMONING EVIL GUY WHO WANTS THE BREWERY FOR HIMSELF! Woo! \o/

-"Uhhh you two go, I'm gonna visit the (something that sounded like whale)." HEE. Poor Dean. Sam's little smug faaaaace!
spn0718 035
spn0718 036


-"Or maybe you'll talk to Mr. Fizzles! I'm your friend! Yaaaaaaay!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Okay, fine. Sock puppet. HAHAHA. Not re-traumatize so much as annoy then. *facepalm*
spn0718 037
spn0718 038

-"Mr Fizzles can tell when you're a... Liiiiiiiarrrrrr." Okay, Mr Fizzles just got creepy. O.o
spn0718 039

-Aha. Booze-vision confirmed.

-"Don't let them arrest me, Mr. Fizzles!" Awwwwww.
spn0718 040
spn0718 041

-Ah, not whale, widow. Sam needs to enunciate sometimes.

-His head-Lucifer may be annoying Castiel in another state, but Sam's sideburns are still evil.
spn0718 042

-A bottle of Sake with writing on the box. Oh dear, I think Dale might be the monster-summoner. Maybe even by accident.

-DEAN, GARTH WAS WASTED ON A BOTTLE OF BEER, WHY IS HE DRIVING??? Though given the difference in lighting some significant time has passed, and they are in Garth's car. Hm.
spn0718 043

-"Certain mutants see infrared."*snerk*
spn0718 044

-This kid is too damned adorable for his own good, seriously.
spn0718 045

-Ahahahahah. And Dean starts fight prep early.
spn0718 046

spn0718 047
spn0718 048

-Garth makes logical sense about ghosts. I am impressed. He needs to do more thinking and less posturing, and he'll do just fine.

-Ooo, yay, ghosts on camera soon!
spn0718 049

-Ohhhh, it's the first kid. Okay. I am really slow on the uptake here.
spn0718 050

-"Can you even get drunk anymore? It's kind of like drinking a vitamin for you, right?" *snerk*
spn0718 051

-Bring on the drunken fighting.
spn0718 052

-Or drunken case-working.
spn0718 053

-"So he let that thing out of the box and it must have just followed him to the place with all the thingies!"/"Yes. Yes. That's smart!" Pfffft. More things should require Sam and Dean to be drunk.
spn0718 054
spn0718 055

-"Me likey!" Dean, Dean, Dean. Hee!
spn0718 056

-Ooops. Yeah, this isn't going to help. 'This is an official FBI booze up, sir, nothing to be concerned about, move along...'
spn0718 057
spn0718 058

-Or a random tasering and hope like hell the guy didn't have a heart condition or a pacemaker. Saved by Garth! *facepalm*
spn0718 059

-Uhhhh, someone better say 'oops, I meant 411' to that 911 operator or they might be sending someone anyway.

-So, drunk Sam and Dean walk into a sushi joint with a weird box looking for anyone who can speak Japanese. There's a fun little missing scene.
spn0718 060

-"You're not superstitious are you? *BOX SHOVE*" Not really, but someone sure is!

-A Shōjo. A girl? Well, yeah, but, she's a bit more than just a standard girl. She's a really pissed off dead girl. Yeah.

-"An alcohol spirit." Well, okay, in SPN!Verse Japan, with the higher base weird crap level, shojo is also a booze demon. Which looks like a young girl. *nods*
spn0718 062
spn0718 061

-"Japanese booze monster." This show has been waiting for a booze monster, really. If not a clurichaun, why not this?

-Oh hey, wait, they mean this Shōjō it has a hat over both the o's instead of one, and also means orangutan. Should also be a red-head, but hey, not too bad on the use of real world mythology, so I'mma let the hair color slide.

-And there's the graphic and text from Wikipedia! Huzzah! (Along with a slight graphic fail of the English page still having the Japanese flag highlighted, oops)
spn0718 063

-Killable, but only with a samurai sword consecrated with a Shinto blessing. Hang on, I might know someone with one you can borrow.
spn0718 064

-I was just thinking there was way too much episode left for this case to be finished yet. Hi invisible lurking ghost Bobby!
spn0718 065

-Unfortunately, it's past midnight on a work night, AGAIN, and so I have to set this aside, again, buuut this seems as good a place as any to do so. :-P

-And several days, and work and car drama and LJ migrating my scrapbook and some random fic-like thing later... *headdesk* I'M NOT DOING ANOTHER EPISODE THIS PIECEMEAL WAY, IT'S MADDENING.

-"I've already tried contacting Bobby." Oooo! Did we see this? My memory is shot today. Is the plastic Ouija board from In My Time Of Dying still being packed around?
spn0718 066

-"And if he was there, I'd've told you." Aw, puppy. That's because when you tried to get hold of him, the flask was with Dean. *pats*
spn0718 067

-Oh Dean.
spn0718 068

-Nothing like waking up handcuffed to a strange hot tub and being told it's for your own good.
spn0718 069
spn0718 070

-Aaaand even more plot as the janitor is actually the illegitimate son of TDM!guy, and I don't even know who's doing what to who anymore, but YAY GARTH WITH THE GOOGLE-FU!
spn0718 071

-Arsenal from the mini-bar. Yes.
spn0718 072

-Garth had a slight moment of badass there, didn't he? Cool.

-Saw that coming a mile away, but AHHHHHahahahahahaha and he can't see her because he's not wasted. *glee*
spn0718 073

-This is the most awesome one-off character ever, and he is having the weirdest night of his life. "Hi! Can you read Japanese? Can you tell us what this cursed box says?" "Hi, can you be like, sort of a Shinto priest and bless this sword with this ritual we got off Google?" BUT HE'S STILL GOING ALONG WITH IT! For money, but still. Awesome. And the best bit is since he's not wrapped up in the brewery drama, he might even survive the episode! \o/
spn0718 074

-Dude. Dry off the blade. Maybe? Or, I guess it's not going to be in the scabbard long. Still. *cringe*
spn0718 075

-"I'm tryin' to save lives here!" Garth is just too adorable for words, even if he's uncappable in the dark here.

-In the meantime efficiency expert Sam is multitasking by staking out what's his name's widow and getting good and liquored up to fight the booze monster. Why have we not had a booze monster before now? Seriously?
spn0718 076

-I do not know what it is about Garth that's so adorable, as long as he's not trying to show off or act cool, or brag about how fantastic he is. He's like a mascot.
spn0718 077

-"COME WITH ME IF YOU WANNA LIVE!" AHAHAHAH. You are not the Terminator Garth, but nice try.

-"National security!" HEEEEEEE! And yay for taking a cab.
spn0718 078

-"But I like to drive safe, y'know." Oh dear. XD

-Person in Peril: *resists rescuing*/Garth: *YOU HAVE FORCED ME TO MAKE A MIGHTY EXPOSITION DUMP* Exposit like the wind, Garth!
spn0718 079

-This face. THIS FACE. OH MY GOD. It's Garth's 'Hi monster, please don't eat me' face. XD
spn0718 080

-Yes, if the exposition doesn't convince the imminent victim, getting thrown across the room by an invisible force will.
spn0718 081

-And once again, Garth gets himself taken out early in the combat. Oh Garth.

-YAY! YAYAYAYAYAY! IT'S MY FAVORITE SPECIAL EFFECT!!! They used it in Hookman, it's so simple to do, you put fishing line on the wall and then plaster over it, let it dry and then pull the fishing line away and it does this. Even though her fingers must be doing really weird things to be that far apart from each other, still, CHEAP PRACTICAL SPECIAL FX FOR THE WIN! \o/
spn0718 082

-Charging up to the guy being chased by an invisible (to him) monster isn't polite, Sam. Probably scared the crap out of him. And made him stop running which is likely not a great idea right now.

-"Fire Exit, on three."/*slam* This is why it is a tactically poor idea to announce your escape route in front of the thing you are trying to escape from.
spn0718 083

-Damn, she's really efficient at the knocking people out. Sam sucks at hand to hand, yeah, but that was fast! O.o
spn0718 084

-Just had this talk with Sam, Dean. It's not nice to startle the monster chow.
spn0718 085

-Dean has a sword. All arguments are irrelevant, because Dean has a sword. He's swinging it like a baseball bat, but, again. Irrelevant. DEAN WINCHESTER HAS A FREAKING SWORD.
spn0718 086

-Had a sword. Crap.
spn0718 087

spn0718 088

-Taking a minute to laugh here. Sam shouting directions and Dean flailing around blindly with a sword needs to happen more. *nods*

-There we go! Got her. And in this cap we can also note that the brewery does two other beer varieties besides Thighslapper it seems. Hair Raiser and Hard... something. Head. Just noting in case there is future beer continuity.
spn0718 089

-Yes, Dean's putting some hints together there. Is it enough to overpower the denial? This is Dean, after all. *looks at amount of time left* I do think it might be.
spn0718 090
spn0718 091
Also, Headspinner beer.

-Garth's early knockout vs climactic battle record while hunting with the Winchesters is 2 or 2 so far.
spn0718 092

-"This moved." Oh god he's gonna talk to ghost!Bobby, oh god. O.O
spn0718 093

spn0718 094

-Ohhhhhhh.... *flail* *flail more* Gaaaah.
spn0718 095

-Garth: HUG TIEM NAO! Awwwww. Sam and Dean need more hugs, even if they're from Garth instead of, oh, each other? HUG YOUR BROTHER ONCE IN A WHILE, DAMMIT. BOTH OF YOU.
spn0718 096
spn0718 097

-He doesn't hug Sam though. Hm. Odd. Unless he really is dating Becky, because that might be awkward, hugging your girlfriend's ex-creepy-stalker-obssession-non-con-marriage-target.
spn0718 098

-Or not. Yay, Garth hugs for everyone! \o/
spn0718 099

-Garth's really starting to grow on me. I hope he survives the rest of the season, and maybe shows up in future.
spn0718 100

-"Nice ride." Um Nooooooo. Just no. No. *shudder* No.... hey. Hang on... That's not the same kind of station wagon they had John having in the comic before they fixed it, is it? *side-eyes*
spn0718 101

-"What happened in the brewery, Dean?" Yep. Here we go. Sam's brow is on max furrow.
spn0718 102

-"*lists all the ghost!Bobby incidents* Nothing, I'm sure." HE'S ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT IT! YAY COMMUNICATION! \o/
spn0718 103

-"I think that regular people, they see ones they lost everywhere too."/"Yeah! Friggin' ghosts!" The Winchester perspective is such a wonderful thing.
spn0718 104

-And. Of course Sam is going to be staunchly on the side of "It's not real" given he's spent over half this season saying the same thing to himself overandoverandover regarding his head-Lucifer.

-"They see a face in the crowd, we see a book falling off the table." Oooo, excellent point, Sam. They see the signs they expect to see, knowing what they do. Ooo. Except they totally aren't seeing what they expect, because Bobby is a ghost, and probably hollering at you two idjits every day. Or every five minutes.
spn0718 105

-"What Jedi'd that sword into my hand?" *draws hearts around Star Wars fanboy!Dean*
spn0718 106

-And this is why I wish I'd gotten to this sooner, and not been spoiled. Because right now, I would be shrieking and flailing so hard I would sprain something.
spn0718 107
spn0718 108

-Oh god, and the Family theme is playing, you bastards!

-"There you are." Oh god. But he's not talking about Bobby, is he?
spn0718 109
spn0718 110
spn0718 111

-Of course.
spn0718 112

-"I'm right here, ya idjit!" HAHA *applause* YES.
spn0718 113


And I think I know exactly what will be going on next episode. But we'll see. In the meantime, I must torture the new version of Scrapbook into doing my bidding... bwahaha. Ha. *sigh*


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silverblaze85 From: silverblaze85 Date: June 4th, 2012 08:12 am (UTC) (Link)
*squeaks and spins you* I've more-or-less held off watching these episodes until you returned with these, because it's so much better getting your insights on the Show, and you catch SO MUCH that I miss watching it. \0/

I'm so sorry you had gotten spoiled about that last bit. :( I'll confess to having watched this episode (I needed the laugh from Garth), and I squealed so loud when I saw Bobby. Poor guests came up the desk thinking I'd been robbed! XD

And I keep pondering if maybe the beer company in this is supposed to be a mock of Thirsty Dog Beer Company in Akron, Ohio, not far AT ALL from Kripke's hometown, and a VERY well known beer company in the state, known for humorous titles (Old Leghumper anyone? Maybe a wee bit of Twisted Kilt?)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 4th, 2012 04:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
You haven't watched the episodes yet because you're waiting for me? Eek! I apologize for the delay! O.o

That last bit would have been so awesome to see unspoiled, because they really worked at the "it's all in your head, Dean" there. I don't think I'd have bought it, but there might have been doubt.

It could very well be a mock-up of that beer company. I think Kripke's still involved as some kind of advisor, too, but I may be wrong.
silverblaze85 From: silverblaze85 Date: June 4th, 2012 05:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
*chuckles* Allow me to clarify a wee bit: I work 3rd shift, so I never get to watch the show 'live'. So I stream it later while I'm at work. Since they're available 24/7, I wait until you've done a reaction to go and watch it, and I ALT-TAB between the two windows and more or less flail 'with' you. :D And don't worry about the delay sweetie!! *hugs* You had stuff going on, it's all good. Nothing is stopping me from watching it on my own, other than the fact that I adore the insights you have. Like the devil's tail/halo over Sam's shoulder in that last episode you did... NEVER would have seen that!! O.o

See, I'm enough of a skeptic I kept agreeing with Sam... they're grieving, and given what they know about ghosts, it's only logical that they'd 'see' their loved ones that way. And with Dean's heavy drinking, the beer disappearing I figured he just drank it, and didn't remember. The sword was a bit harder, but meh, Sam moved an entire friggin dresser with his mind, what's a sword, you know?

....they totally need to do more "one-brother-directing-the-other-how-to-kill-the-baddie" stuff. XD

*stops flooding your page with rambling* Ahem. Sorry. :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 5th, 2012 07:59 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm unaccountably touched that you do that. Also feeling guilty for being behind. Life needs to get off my back for a while so I can get down to it and focus.

....they totally need to do more "one-brother-directing-the-other-how-to-kill-the-baddie" stuff.

They really, really do.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: June 4th, 2012 08:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Dean. Sword. Bobby. That is all.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 4th, 2012 04:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: June 4th, 2012 09:31 am (UTC) (Link)
I couldn't have flailingly described this episode better myself! I love how your mind works!

And Garth...you just gotta love him :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 4th, 2012 04:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
He's surprisingly adorable when he's not trying too hard.
elliemurasaki From: elliemurasaki Date: June 4th, 2012 03:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
That is not the Lilith actress; she's got her own show now, Disney Channel, I think, and is in any event rather older than this girl--remember we haven't seen the Lilith girl in most of four years.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 4th, 2012 04:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I kind of thought so afterward. I am horrible when it comes to judging kid's ages.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: June 4th, 2012 05:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm sooooo glad I wasn't spoilered for Ghost!Bobby showing up! Sorry you were.

DJ Qualls (Garth) was at Asylum, and he's just as adorable in real life!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 5th, 2012 08:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Given the amount of unavoidable delay between airing and when I'm getting a chance to watch these, spoilers are inevitable.
12 comments or Leave a comment