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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.19 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.19
Spoiler and Theory Summary

Bobby's back!

Now. I have heard something that leads me to think things about how the show might do Bobby's return, and these things are spiking my personal coolness meter. Don't know if they'll actually happen or not, so I'm just going to plunk it down here, since Bobby's back now. Might not happen, but would be SO COOL if it did.

See, I'd read in passing something about Jim Beaver working on some other project filming in Vancouver about abominable snowmen or something but ha ha ha. No. Unless they're filming up Whistler, there's not enough persistent snow in the lower mainland to film an abominable snow anything, and it wasn't on the 'Filming in BC' list.

SO. I'm thinking that was a cover, and I am hoping that every time there is a moment of odd (Dean's beer, the pages flipping in the non-existent breeze, 7.17's handy taxidermist tip), that they have filmed the scene a second time with Jim Beaver in it during each episode, doing ghost things and trying to shout sense into these idjits across the veil, which to me would be about the most perfect thing ever. So if this turns out to be the case, I will forgive the ham-fisted foiler of the snowless abominable snowman film. If not, I will expect to see Jim Beaver in a parka at some time in the future, wrestling with something large and furry in very unconvincing snow.


Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 7.19 - ??? "The Abominable Snow Bobby" "Of Grave Importance"

-Skipping the Now, but betting there's a prominent shot of Bobby's decision moment with his Reaper.

-Dean and a taco. This didn't end well last time...
spn0719 01

-Well, yes of course the tacos always taste the same if you hold them so all the insides dump out and all you're eating is the shell, Dean. *facepalm*

-Hello, person who freaked me out by looking and sounding far too much like Ellen on first glance. Annie. Okey dokey.
spn0719 02

-Right. Kids (or near enough) face-munching, in an old creepy abandoned looking house, with candles around, before the title splat. You know, I don't think they could possibly be more doomed if they tried.
spn0719 03

-And this is Annie's gig of the evening. Oh dear, this doesn't bode well for Annie either.

-Hi ghost! Or monster, whatever! You've got a very dramatic intro!
spn0719 04

-Dammit. I was looking forward to getting to know Annie. Let this be a lesson: Never call the Winchesters before the title card to make a date for after the title card. You might as well throw yourself off a bridge.
spn0719 05
spn0719 06

-Hello title; "Of Grave Importance" har har har. Cute.

-Dick Roman's into archaeology, hm? Innnnnteresting.... I have no idea what he's after though. A region of the dig would be a nice hint. Where was he last time, somewhere in the Middle East? I know he had boats and things... Hmmm...

-Annie and Bobby had a thing? Y'know, between Annie and my surrogate Mary Sue Eleanor the monster-academic from season Six, and Jodie, and the neighbour with the peach cobbler, and Ellen in that alternate universe where the Titanic didn't sink, Bobby gets around a bit romantically. This pleases me in some obscure way.

-"She and I... kinda went Hemingway this one time too." Ahahahah. Dean. Just a little awkward.
spn0719 07
spn0719 08

-"Yeah, well. It happens." Sam?! No wonder she was so doomed. She seems to have nailed the badass trifecta though, so way to go Annie! \o/
spn0719 09

-*FLAAAAAAIL* BOBBY!!! SO, I mean so, when they get the Impala back, Bobby can totally haunt it, right? Just wedge that flask under the back seat and he can be right there in perfect 'slap-the-idjits-upside-the-head range'. *nods*
spn0719 10

-Written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, two familiar names.

-"Guys, I just made that curtain, shimmy. Could you look in the right place at the right time?" Oh Bobbyyyyy.
spn0719 11

-Directed by Tim Andrew. ...new? Not ringing large bells, anyway.

-And Dean forgot the flask. Again. At this rate, Bobby's going to turn into a vengeful spirit through sheer frustration.
spn0719 12

-"Jeez. My people." Uaaaaaaaahahahahaha! GHOST BOBBY HAS GHOST VISION!!! \o/ I mean of course he does, but WOO! Oh this is cool.
spn0719 13

-"Hi, I'm Bobby, and I'm a ghost." It's a haunted house, dude, not an AA meeting.
spn0719 14

-Speaking of awkward. Running into your old foxhole buddy in the afterlife.
spn0719 15
spn0719 16

-Must say, Annie's confused eyebrows are rather cute.
spn0719 17

-"I tried to help the boys out once by knocking a book off the table and blacked out for two weeks." Interesting. Sam and Dean did have rather focused tutoring during their OOBE thing in season 5, so I can see why Bobby's looking for pointers.

-Pin-stripe suit guy, he's the one that was giving the big guy heck for going berserk earlier, isn't he? Original house owner? No. Not enough facial hair. However TIE REPORT: Ghost Edition, since I'm thinking Sam and Dean might not be suiting up this go around, let's get it where we can. Grey and dusty. Very dead tie. Uncanny. XD
spn0719 18

-"But if he can do it- *falls through table*" Oh dear.
spn0719 19

-"I'm sorry, he's a bit nosy." Okay, can they do this all the time? Work both sides of the case at once? Because Annie and Bobby are doing a heck of a job with the interviewing dead people bit.
spn0719 20

-"You're angsting at it." Dunno, why, exactly, but I feel the sudden pressing need to laugh up a lung. Talk amongst yourselves. XD
spn0719 21

-"Your saying we should move crap with the power of zen." Yeaaaaah, not really Bobby's style.

-"I am vengeful! You think I don't have red hot rage?" Hee! But be careful with that. Suddenly now nervous. Eep.
spn0719 22

-"I hated that Swayze flick, romantic bullcrap."/*SUDDEN SHRIEKING IN YOUR FACE* AHH! She must have been a fan of the movie. YOU HAVE ANGERED THE FANGIRL! RUN BOBBY!
spn0719 23

-So, new ghost lore coming on board. Ghosts deteriorate until they lose cohesion and go poof. Unless they resolve their unfinished business or they're really pissed off, I'm guessing. Fits with my head canon, and fits with some stuff I postulated in these stories I wrote about Dean in Hell too, so yay!
spn0719 24

-"Is it just me or am I being checked out?"/Ghost: *ogles*/"No, stud. I'm being checked out." Okay then! Annie is a busy, busy girl. Hee!
spn0719 25
spn0719 26

-"Spectral voice transference."/"Ghost juju."/"...sure. *nods*" Heeee! Why couldn't we have had Annie in earlier? It would have been cool to have a more sciencey hunter in the mix, and it would have made her death in the pre-credits something with a bit more impact than plot convenience.
spn0719 27

-AHH! BOBBY DISAPP- oh wait, Dean's driving off with the frigging flask, never mind.
spn0719 28

-Dean Winchester, I will smack you for drinking behind the wheel of a car. Smack you hard. Not cool.
spn0719 29

-Yeah, Bobby can probably fire up some rage out of the endless dealing-with-Winchesters frustration.
spn0719 30

-It did wiggle, just a teeny bit.
spn0719 31

-Aaaand, generating some uncappable cold breath there! Go Bobby? Even though Sam and Dean are so damned obtuse they don't even see it.

-Haven't had Dean in a shower since, what, Mystery Spot? Between this and the pre-credit tacos, Dean's tempting a few Mystery Spot death vectors tonight.
spn0719 32

-"I can kill werewolves, fix a Pinto, and bake corn bread. I will be damned if I can't get Zen." Aw. Possibly literally damned. And BOBBY BAKES THINGS, YOU GUYS, OMG.
spn0719 33

-Oh god, junior Ghostfacers. SO DOOMED.
spn0719 34

-GO BOBBY! \o/
spn0719 35

-"...Bobby?" ALL. THE. FLAILING.
spn0719 36
spn0719 37
spn0719 38

-Meanwhile, the doomed people are even more doomed.
spn0719 39

-HEY! Okay, firstly, hi big killer ghost psycho, but HEY! It's the same hallway from The Real Ghostbusters, at the convention, where the kid ghosts scalped the fan with the wandering European accent! Reuse of location! Cool. I thought this house looked familiar. Was it the one from Playthings too? I think it might have been! :-D
spn0719 40

-"Thank you"/*headswivel* There is a time and place for politeness and there is a time and place for running. This would be the time and place for RUNNING.
spn0719 41

-Too late. Looks like the big guy isn't the only murderer in the house. Or maaaaybe he just took the blame for Whitman all along? Exactly what order did those deaths go in...? And Whitman just said on the stairs that he told the big guy not to do that, but not what 'that' was... hm. *ponders*
spn0719 42
spn0719 43

-"You tried to warn them away." And bingo. I can detect plot when it's waved in my face a few times, really, I can.
spn0719 44

-OH HI GHOST ABSORBING OTHER GHOSTS WHAT? Holy crap, he's a soul burner. Eeeeeeeek. Yeah. Don't ask for ghost-tutoring from this guy, he'll freaking use you for fuel. O.o
spn0719 45
spn0719 46
spn0719 47
spn0719 48
spn0719 49

-"Grab the camera."/"No, I can't." And this would be Annie's 'Excuse me?' face.
spn0719 50

-"Whitman framed him. Whitman killed all of us." Yep, called it. Barely.

-"If we didn't find her-"/"Then something didn't want us to."/"Awesome, let's just walk right into that." Been doing it your whole lives, why stop now?
spn0719 51

-Oh ho! Bobby's getting sneaky. And better at the moving objects ghost schtick. Hmmm. Is there a bonus for the ghost to move an object if it's their own focus object? There should be, really. It's sort of a part of them.
spn0719 52

-"That's not odd." For those occasions when you really need a clue-bat, a random camera appears.
spn0719 53
spn0719 54

-Drawers too? Bobby's getting really good at the moving things.

-"I hate these indie films, nothing ever happens." Heeeeeee!
spn0719 55

-"Give 'em a moment, they've gotten a little slower since I left." Just a smidgen.
spn0719 56

-"I was a fancy lady."/"A hooker?" Heee, glance sequence. Victoria: *offended sniff*/Sam: 'Dude, don't insult the dead chick.'/Dean: 'But I, uh, what?'
spn0719 57
spn0719 58
spn0719 59

-Well, crap. This is what happens when you try to have a polite conversation instead of getting a message across before the evil soul burner ghost torches you all.
spn0719 60

-Oh son of a bitch. Whitman's learned a trick from Bobby it seems and is going off-site with the boys. Fantastic.
spn0719 61
spn0719 62
spn0719 63

-"Coming, Robert?" Ooo, by his full first name even.
spn0719 64

-Hey, hey, hey, wait, wait, wait. That's Bobby's house. With the windows, and the old walls and things. Aww. It's just a re-purposed set, yeah, but still, aww.
spn0719 65

-"A boarding house, a school, a speakeasy." WELL, DUH. *headdesk* OF COURSE IT HAS A HIDDEN ROOM. IT'S GOT A HIDDEN BOOZE PARLOR FROM THE PROHIBITION. Aaaarg.

-Hm. I'm going to handwave that they DID just go poking their heads through random walls until they found the secret door in the microscopic space between shots there, off-screen, but then had to come back out to find the door trigger so Sam and Dean (or the authorities) could find it and get in. Yeah. Otherwise they could have just walked through random walls until they found it and carried on. *nods and handwaves*
spn0719 66

-Yeah, coming face to face with your own corpse is definitely worth a blink or two.
spn0719 67
spn0719 68

-"Just gone, most likely." Bobby is not one for risking even the slightest bit of false hope is he? Though they don't really know if a salt and burn sends the spirit back into the usual soul routing system or just dispatches it, do they? And after the mass angel death at the start of this season, who really knows what's left of Heaven. Eeeeeep. O.o
spn0719 69

-"You had the boys." *repressing urge to be exceptionally crass* *settles for congratulating Annie once again on nailing the trifecta* *snickers*
spn0719 70

-Also AWWWW.
spn0719 71

-"That's not me." Ah, Whitman's going the car possession route. Haven't seen that since.... We've had it since the pilot, right, discounting the Sampala?
spn0719 72

-Hi Whitman! Now would be a great time for Sam to think to search his pockets and pitch the key out the window. Let the bastard haunt a random section of road. Of course that won't happen.
spn0719 73

-POS of the week looks a but Fairmonty around the headlights, but I think it's the same one as before.
spn0719 74

-You know, even though that's a stationary object at close range, hitting the key first off in the dark is one hell of a shot. But how very Dean: WHEN IN DOUBT, SHOOT IT!
spn0719 75

-I'm liking the early season case bits that are popping up in season seven. Graveyards, flashlights, salt and burns. *nods*
spn0719 76

spn0719 77

-There you go. Good job!
spn0719 78

spn0719 79
spn0719 80
We interrupt this tense moment for an Evil Dude Tie Report: Dark like his sooooooul. Or something. *handwaves* Carry on.
spn0719 81
spn0719 82

-Oh phew. Like there was any doubt. But phew.
spn0719 83

-"I'm dead, I'm a ghost, but basically swell." Hee! *pats him*
spn0719 84

spn0719 85
spn0719 86
spn0719 87

-"Bobby, how'd you stay here?"/"Yeah, well um." Yeah, well, um indeed.
spn0719 88

-"I wanted to stay." Oh dear. There will be ow, now. And possibly yelling.
spn0719 89
spn0719 90

-Aaaaand nope. No yelling right now. Too busy continuing to fail boggle checks to process the ramifications.
spn0719 91

-"You didn't know her like I did." *snerk* Um.
spn0719 92

-"She got the hunter's funeral she wanted. Kinda like the one we thought we gave you." Oooo dear, here comes the ow.
spn0719 93
spn0719 94
spn0719 95

-"Sorry. You're right. What was I thinking? *poof*" Owwww.

-"That ain't the natural order of things." PFFFFFFT. And now I must link a motivator I made in season 4, with a specific quote on it. ... If I can find it. Ah, here. Cap is from "Bad Day at Black Rock," quote is from "Death Takes a Holiday"

spn0719 96

Dean, honey, you said it yourself. You and your brother are the poster boys of the unnatural order. Don't begrudge Bobby his turn at the traditional Winchester weird and wrong, just because he got adopted into the family late. *pats*

-"What are the odds this ends well?" On this show? Hehe. Eek. Yeah. This. Will. HURT.
spn0719 97

So, no funky going back through with scenes from previous episodes, but I'm leaving that all in the spoiler section anyway, because if it didn't happen now, it's probably not going to happen later, and is just something I thought was a cool idea.


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10 comments or Leave a comment
blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: June 15th, 2012 07:10 am (UTC) (Link)
Annie was awesome. Wish we had had more of her before she met the usual guest-star fate on Show. *pouts* But hey, she was awesome for the time we had her. :)

Can't comment on much, because I don't want to risk running into spoilers for you. But... Yay! to catching up on things.

Also... Loved how the Ghost Lore was expanded upon while building on all the building blocks previously provided, across all seasons, and surprisingly the early seasons most prominently. Awesome!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 16th, 2012 06:52 am (UTC) (Link)
I'll probably develop a system for catching up on the rewatching by the time I watch the finale, and then forget the procedure in the hiatus.

The detail being added to the ghost lore is very cool and so far seems consistent with the known, so yes, definitely awesome! :-)
From: sssshup Date: June 19th, 2012 11:37 pm (UTC) (Link)


Yeah, I really liked Bobby's return no matter the circumstances!!! Yah, Bobby. I kinda wanted to smack the boys, they just looked at him awkward--they could've at least prefaced it with a loving look or good to see you (Dead Mary "Home" and dead hellsgate escaping John at least got that).

Also a little problem with the expansion of the ghost lore, since heretofore when ghosts collide their energies cancel each other out (Lady in White and her kids in the Pilot --also the Impala was possessed there and chased them off a pier Dean ended up looking and smelling like something that came out of a toilet--Mary and the polergeist in Home--the two brothers in Red Sky at Dawn probably other examples but I cant think of them offhand) So to rationalize my way out of this quandry, I'm imagining that this guy was some kind of warlock/necromancer while he was still alive and did some special spell or something so he could have this sort of ghost power after death. Nice if the writers could have offered up a line or two of actual explanation.

Also, the ghost story itself was a little shabby. Ghost guy was supposed to have killed all the ghosts in the house, but his crypt showed he was born in 1895 died 1935 and clearly some of the ghosts are from an earlier time period--that clearly is not the dress of a 1920-30's prostitute, more a turn of the century hooker, no? And the thing with the secret room you mentioned, clearly ghost guy had to open the door physically to drag the bodies into the room, but why did Bobby and Annie have to futz with it? And how did Bobby and Annie manage to sit on the couch and chat and yet when they tried to move the table or the glass they passed right through it?

But anyways WELCOME BACK BOBBY and btw WELCOME BACK KITTY--spn just not the same without either of you.
silverblaze85 From: silverblaze85 Date: June 15th, 2012 08:18 am (UTC) (Link)
*squeaks and flails*

1) Lil creepy to think of Annie boinking the Trifecta, but damn, way to go girl!! Impressive, but yeah, shoulda totally skipped killer-Sam.

2) Ouhm, didn't the Impala get possessed by the sister in the mannequin haunting one, in Season 6? *squinty* I seem to recall Dean being chased around the parking lot by the Impala... I may be wrong though. :)

3) BOBBY!! *chokes and flails a little more*

*sighs* This episode TOTALLY made me miss Seasons 1-2 again. With the boys being boys, and the research and the grave digging and the salting and burning and just... *sighs* Seriously, I miss the first two seasons. :(

And sooo glad I wasn't the only one who startled and went "Dude, ELLEN?" at first glance with Annie. o.o
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 16th, 2012 06:54 am (UTC) (Link)
1) Well, Sam was soulless at the time, so it would depend what the Sam sex curse was linked to. Apparently it's not his soul. ;-D

2) That's the one. I knew there was another time but couldn't remember when.

3) I KNOW! *flail*
phorenice From: phorenice Date: June 16th, 2012 12:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
2) I also think Sam rescued the mom in Playthings from an ghost driven car, to name another instance

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 16th, 2012 03:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yep. That one wasn't Sam and Dean's car though, legally or otherwise. ;-D
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: June 15th, 2012 02:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Fun to read, as always!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 16th, 2012 06:54 am (UTC) (Link)
(Deleted comment)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 16th, 2012 06:55 am (UTC) (Link)
10 comments or Leave a comment