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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.20 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.20
Due to assorted RL mayhem this year and miscellaneous other things, I STILL haven't seen all of SPN season 7 yet. Season 8 starts next Wednesday. NEXT WEDNESDAY. There is no chance I'll get done watching Season 7 before Season 8 starts airing, but FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I'M GOING TO TRY FOR SOME OF IT.

This one is likely to be shorter than previous. Oh who am I kidding. *sigh*

Spoiler and Theory Summary

FELICIA DAY IS IN IT. And since it has been roughly five billion years since this aired a bunch of other stuff as well like the title etc, but for the most part, FELICIA DAY IS IN IT.

She played Penny in Doctor Horrible, and has acted in a bunch of other things has her own web-serieses, has a degree in math, went to university at age 16, and is a complete unabashed fangirl and gamer geek.

And now she's playing a geeky fangirl on Supernatural. OMGYAY.

What I'm hoping is that since she is one, they'll have listened to her input if the character is going a little too far off the deep end. Like other fangirl characters that could be named.

It's a hope. I have it.

The clock is a-ticking, so...

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 7.20 - "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

-NOT skipping the THEN so I can get my bearings. What can I say, it's been a while and life has been very demanding the past long while. Hi Frank. Right. Splatter. Hypothetically. No corpse, no definite death, and even then it's a crapshoot. Still think he got taken over or doppelgangered by the Leviathan. Aw, Bobby. "What are the odds this ends well?" Yeah. Not good. :-(

-Okay, to start off, I want that cabin. As long as it has wi-fi.
spn720 001

-Yes Dean, drinking from Bobby's flask might make him flash the lights at you. Natural order, pft. Doesn't apply to Winchesters or honorary Winchesters.
spn720 002
spn720 003

-The boys are either a little jumpy or a little forgetful.
spn720 004
spn720 005

spn720 006
spn720 007

-Even though it's still missing the final digit which was five. Yes I cheated and looked back at the previous screencaps, because it's been far too long and my memory is utter crap.

-"April."/"Ground's broke." Oh yay. Well, it is the final four episodes, so the plot that Frank's been trying to hook them up to (hypothetically) has to be sufficiently advanced to get them to the finale.

-"Dick is about to get into the Soylent Green business." I do believe I sort of half called that maybe? Pacify the humans and farm them? Sure I guessed that somewhere, not looking it up, I'm on a schedule. Makes sense though strategically, stabilize the supply chain before advancing further tactical plots and so forth. *nods*
spn720 008

-Oh Biggerson's, say it ain't so.
spn720 009

-"First he's gonna dumb us all down with Turkducken-style munchies." Okay, I know I called this exact strategy somewhere in the past season's reaction posts so I'm just going do take a moment to bask in a mild case of smug. There, done, onward!

-"Biggerson's? He's bought a list of joints ten pages long." Ahhhh. That could explain the somewhat less than astute and motivated moments the boys have had over the past season. Or not. He wouldn't even need to buy the restaurant chains, just control their suppliers.
spn720 010
spn720 011

-"The perfect herd." Yep, still smug. Was kind of hoping for something more epic like transdimensional gates and a reality-spanning conquest, but since this is a strategic step they could be taking before that and if nothing else, the Leviathans are the most strategically-minded foes they've had, I'll take smug.

-Hey, wait, Sam was a little absent during this conversation, what's he doing with that... hard drive? O.o
spn720 012

-No, wait! HI FELICIA! (I don't know what it says about my current level of visual acuity that I could mistake Felicia Day's hands for Jared Padalecki's, but it's probably not good.)
spn720 013
spn720 014

-Yep she's a hacker. I know nearly nothing about what the title reference refers too, except the D&D part, and that the Dragon Tattoo part has something to do with hackers. Good. They need someone with more technical aptitude than Sam.

-Page full of fake e-mails, must cap. All of them end in .srv which Google is telling me is an extension for some sort of survey script, so all the emails are likely no good, because show has had working email addresses before and releasing a page full to fandom to play with would be asking for a server overload. Email subjects include a couple from maisy-w, who is sleeping a lot and also hungry. She's been eating the Leviathan Chow *nods*. Lexyloo who is expecting a call (was that a character in a prior episode? Seems familiar), and a new message from Frank about being dead, probably a dead man switch email that didn't get stopped because he's dead or Leviathanized. All those emails have kind of big file sizes for most of them not having attachments. I bet they're full of really annoying animated emoticons and sparkle-text.
spn720 015

-And a cap of the email we're probably about to get read at us by Sam. Ooo! It's triggered by Frank's hard drive getting hacked. Nifty!
spn720 016


-"Sam and Dean, if you're reading this, I'm dead." Well, duh.

spn720 017

-*pauses and walks away giggling for a bit as Sam gets close to reading the bit about the Impala* Dean's going to hit the roof.

-"...where you stored your car."/*soundtrack zing* "Baby?" Heeeeeheeheeheeheeeee, yeah, they know where the priorities are.
spn720 018
spn720 019

-Looks like Glenville, Illinois. Oh and *waves hello to Madison, Wisconsin, conspicuously hanging out on the map*
spn720 020

-In random news, Google Maps is ridiculously slow tonight. Much as I love Apple, I blame Apple Maps for the lag. :-P

-Oh greaaaaat. This doesn't bode well for Felicia Day. O.o
spn720 021

-And considering it's taken me two hours so far and I've only just gotten to the title card splatter, I'd better snap it up, yeah?

-"Five hours earlier" Felicia Day arrived at Leviathan central on a yellow scooter. With a big flower thing on it. Doesn't exactly fit the Leviathan corporate image.

-*pausing for a moment to covet the gloves* I don't know why.
spn720 022

-ACK! HEY MUSIC! "Walking on Sunshine" Hello eighties, it's been a while.

-GEEKY ELEVATOR DANCING FOR THE WIN. I get the feeling she doesn't actually work there... No one is that happy to go to work.
spn720 023

-With a capital "And". Yes indeed.
spn720 024

-Okay, she does work there. Let's see. Legolas, Harry Potter twice, Yoda Pez dispenser, Wonder Woman, Gimli, more Star Wars (as her shirt is Leia with the word "Rebel" I think, haven't seen a clear shot yet) and... Is that Tank Girl??? and assorted other things I either don't recognize or are too blurry to make out. Damn, legal and licensing must've had some fun getting those permissions sorted. O.o
spn720 025
spn720 026

-Hermione! Hee!
spn720 027

-The character's name is Charlie, which I find amusing for personally obscure reasons.

-And she's siphoning tens of thousands in company funds some political group's funds, (sayeth a reference I ran across while looking up something else? No idea. The way the co-worker was acting I thought it must be from the company) to donate to charity. Hehehe. I don't know if she'd get in more or less trouble for checking Facebook on Company time.

-I like this guy. He's mildly sleazy, but oddly endearing. Chances are this means he's dead within the next half hour.
spn720 028

-Eeeeeeek! Sudden unexpected King High Uber Boss. That's not a good sign. AH! They know about her donations, are impressed that she hid it so well and are going to give her Frank's gear to crack into as a "I really shouldn't have redirected that money but I am awesome at it" gig, which will lead to five hours later without her actually realizing she's working for Evil.
spn720 029

-Oh and while we're here anyway, Evil Tie Report. Yellow with a semi-stripey patterny mottle-y thing going on, and a matching handkerchief. Evil has complex plans, and complex ties, and possibly a secondary agenda? Hmmm. That would be cool.

-"Seems like since before the dawn of Man.[...]I don't wanna brag, but the world is my dinner plate." Hahahah. Smart-ass evil from the dawn of time.

-Written by Robbie Thompson, a name we've seen before.

-"That was adorable." Not what you expect the CEO of the company to say when you've diverted thousands of dollars in company funds some political group's funds using the office servers, but Mr. Roman doesn't actually give a crap about money, so there you are.
spn720 030

-Directed by John McCarthy. Not familiar, but it has been a long while.

-"You're kind of completing me right now, Charlie." Eauwgch! I agree with Charlie's face. That just doesn't sound right.
spn720 031

-"People like you are impossible to copy." OH COOL. Yeah. Take the compliment. It means they can't eat you and replace you with a Leviathan. I think.

-Yep, Frank's drive. "You have three days or you're fired. Good talk!" He's kind of adorable in an ancient corporate evil sort of way.
spn720 032

-"Well if you need anything I'll be back in the Shire." CHICKEEEEN! Understandably, in an office, not wanting to get caught in the potential failsplosion if things go wrong, but still, CHICKEEEEEEN!

-Pst. Try checking the spelling on your "Scavenge password" command.
spn720 033

-"How about a nice game of chess?" Ahahahahahaha. We are all up in the 80's tonight. WarGames. Frank, you dork.
spn720 034

-Yeah, of course it's a trap. Frank is professional at being paranoid, it wouldn't be a simple pop culture reference. Ooo, did a virus just get unleashed in Leviathan Central? Hee!
spn720 035

-"What if we mailed in the flask?" Okay, if this was a game I was GMing, Bobby just got bonus points for creative problem-solving, even if they aren't going to do it.

-"What happens if you run into Dick and go vengeful?" Well, if it's on Dick Roman instead of random bystanders, that's pretty much a win, isn't it? Except for Bobby, but if I was a ghost and had the chance to get into the core stronghold of whoever killed me and go batshit insane on the big boss and all his or her henchthings and prevent or slow them from taking over the world and eating everyone, I'd consider it a worthwhile use of my afterlife.

-"I'll get us some coffee, I assume you'll want some crack in yours?"/"Yes please." Heeeeee. Shire-boy and Charlie have a cute dynamic when he's not being a chicken.
spn720 036

-Don't believe it. It's Frank's. And there's an exclamation point. Plus you are being watched by an ascii mouse. Never a good sign.
spn720 037

-IT'S A TRAP! Or it's the truth about your boss. Either way, it's probably going to mess up your day, and/or remainder of your life.
spn720 038
spn720 039

-Oh hello hunter notes. You know, fannish or not, coming across notes that say your boss is an ancient evil from the dawn of time with a tendency to eat people and a severe Borax allergy is not going to be easy to cope with on no sleep and a crapload of Red Bull.
spn720 040
spn720 041

-Hint of 'Sherlock' all of a sudden with the onscreen hallucinatory writing. I blame the Red Bull.
spn720 042

-Second evil tie report. Different tie, still yellow, now with more obvious dot-pattern-widgets and a really spiky, fangy handkerchief. If Charlie's supervisor isn't a Leviathan, he's probably about to be lunch. Charlie's supervisor's tie is very stripey. Maybe not a Leviathan yet then. Poor doomed bastard.
spn720 043
spn720 044

-Yup. Lunch. Poor doomed bastard.
spn720 045

-Well! There's a lovely little reality check and short-cut through the "Things like this don't actually happen ever" nonsense.
spn720 046

-"It's a lady thing." Pfffft.

-I have no words for this shelf except that Darth Vader has a far looser bobble-head than the rest of them. "I love you Sith much!" *snerk*
spn720 047

-Unexpected Winchesters meet freaked out person who just watched her supervisor get eaten by a Leviathan, and who keeps a sword by the door (like several other fannish people I know, including me, hee). Get ready to duck, Dean.
spn720 048

-You too, Sam- crap, too late! O.O

-Heh. Mine might be cheap, dull and nasty-looking, but at least it's made of actual steel.
spn720 049

-Borax, it's this season's Holy Water. Hm... Would blessing Borax help at all I wonder? Probably not.
spn720 050

-Voiceover: "America." Me: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAH" I love when they do fake commercials. And of course the Leviathans are doing PR. Their primary tactic is pacifying the masses after all. SucroCorp, eh? Sugar from genetically modified Leviathan enhanced corn, maybe, given the corn-focused commercial? Corn and corn syrup are in a hell of a lot of things. The Leviathans modify that, undercut other suppliers, get it into the food supply via manufacturers, that'd be a damn fine strategy. I like tactically smart and plotty adversary characters, even if they're evil and planning to turn all humans into livestock.
spn720 051
spn720 052

-I really have a craving for corn on the cob now. DAMN YOU, DICK ROMAN! *fistshake*

-"Stop, never mind, just shh." Yes. Too much weird for one day already, there are some floodgates you might want to wait a few days to crack open.

-Yep. Frank. If there's someone hacking into your black box drive, you want to make sure you gather as much info about them as possible and send it to whoever's on the alert list. *nods like she knows what she's talking about*
spn720 053

-"You can't be... serious." This is Dean's serious face. When he's not also about to tear someone's head off that is. That looks a bit different. See also Dean's phone call to Bela Talbot about her telling Gordon where they were.
spn720 054

-So much licensing, oh my god.
spn720 055

-"You can't. Only someone like-" And that's when you realize you've kind of accepted the quest and are screwed. Flailing and backpedaling will do you no good. *pats Charlie*
spn720 056
spn720 057

-"Erase everything on the drive, protect me and you, and then I go back to my old life, right?" Ahahahhahahahaha. Ahahahahahah. Ahaahahahahahah. Hahahaha. No.
spn720 058

-"But now I volunteer." Yes! *fistpump* Well, I guess if you're marked for death by a pervasive hard-to-detect evil that will eat you, why the hell not, right?
spn720 059
spn720 060
spn720 061

-"These things are gonna eat everyone I know. What kind of douchebag stands by for that." Dean approves.
spn720 062

-Lurking seething Bobby, what exactly are you planning? Hmmm... he's done things with the flask before, maybe he'll jump it into her bag before she goes in? I would. This could get reaaaally messy.
spn720 063

-HEE! Hope you like Arwen, Sam!
spn720 064
spn720 065

-HA. Yep. Good for Bobby. Vengeance aside, he's the only member of the team that can provide backup in the office on this operation, is invisible to recording equipment unless he really wants to be seen, and can mess with building electrical and pull other emergency ghost-type tricks. It's logical. Even with the vengeance. And what's the likelihood Dick Roman's going to be lurking around his office at this time of night anyway. ...what am I saying, of course he'll be there. Plot-logic says so. *facepalm*
spn720 066

-Family heirloom indeed. I'm quite glad he didn't tell her to pitch it into the shrubbery so they could pick it up and keep Bobby away from Dick. I was worried for a second.
spn720 067

-"Who's your favourite Harry Potter character?" SAM WITH THE FAN-GEEK-RELATED DISTRACTION FTW!!! \o/

-Really, Dean, the number of pop culture references you make you should be a lot more on board with this than your face says. *pats Dean*
spn720 068

-Don't mind me, I'm just going to giggle and flail my arms around through this whole HP-related pep-talk.
spn720 069
spn720 070
spn720 071
spn720 072

-"And then she ends up with the wrong-" Covert ops are generally not a good time to discuss fannish shipping preferences, Charlie. FYI. Later would be fine.
spn720 073

-"I'm gonna kick it in the ass." Awww. Unexpected Kim Manners shout-out. Aww.

-"You go, Dumbledork." Heeeehehehehehe.

-Oh yes, and Charlie Bradbury? Also a cool shout-out.

-Will they catch on that she's up to something because she didn't dance in the elevator?
spn720 074

-Hi invisible borderline-vengeful-spirit caper-backup Bobby! She drank out of the flask, does that mean she'll be able to see him?
spn720 075

-"He's not going anywhere." Aaaaaand cue ghost-Bobby, yes?
spn720 076

-"What you're gonna do is you're gonna walk right up to him and flirt your way past." *facepalm* Dean. *headshake*
spn720 077

-"As in, he's not a girl." Yep, I'd heard that too. Cool.

-"Pretend he has boobs." *SNERK* Dean. *headshake*
spn720 078

-"Mine is Princess Leia in a slave bikini straddling a 20-sided die." Which would be the titular D&D tattoo, sort of? Dean seems to be envisioning it.
spn720 079

-"I was drunk, it was Comic-Con."/"We've all been there." Has Dean been to Comic-con? My memory is crap. There was the Supernatural con, but was there an episode set at Comic-con? I have this vague thought there was, but maybe I'm thinking of the Guild. Or the new Gamers movie. Either way, Dean needs to go to Comic-con.

-"You just got home and Scarlett Johanssen is waiting for you." In this case, Dean's fantasies might work just as well for fake-flirting fodder.
spn720 080

-"It shows, you look amazing."/*uncappable Sam side-eye*/"This never happened." Pardon me, but I feel the need to die laughing now.
spn720 081
spn720 082

-"Stop laughing, Sammy." *facepalm* The dangers of parrot-mode.
spn720 083

-*covering stress-babble about oddly named bars* "Stop talking, Charlie." The best bit about that, is it makes the flirting seem more genuine because she looks like a nervous babbling wreck, which she kind of is, just for different reasons.

-I'm kind of liking the split-screen they're playing with. Reminiscent of 24.
spn720 084

-*sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerk* Looks like someone in the Leviathan operation has replicated or eaten Charlie Sheen at some point.
spn720 085

-Dude, it's been a couple minutes max. How long do you take in the bathroom?
spn720 086

-"Okay, let's Yoda this." We are all up with the Star Wars references tonight. GO BOBBY!
spn720 087

spn720 088

-Oh very well done. Full points for Charlie on that.
spn720 089

-And the rest. And I bet she's given him a fake "I'm giving you my number but not really" number too. WOO! SUCCESS! WELL DONE CHARLIE! \o/ Now run before he decides to talk to the guard at the front desk who never saw you go up to the 11th floor.
spn720 090

-"From now on, we just stay in the van and send in the 90 pound girl." *pats Dean* If she's the one that can do the job and all you'll do if you go in is be recognized as Leviathan enemy number one, then yes, Dean, that's exactly what you do. *patpat*
spn720 091

-"Doesn't mean I gotta be happy about sending in freaking Veronica Mars." Heee! No licensing issues for that reference. XD


-Sorry. She's new to real world non-hacking clandestine stuff. But AAAAAARG!!! She really should know this is a bad idea. Yeesh. She was doing so well! *facepalm*

-Unless maybe there's some kind of, I dunno, thumb-drive blanking security system at the front door. To prevent theft of intellectual property. Or something. Fine. *HANDWAVES WITH INTENSE EFFORT* There. Moving on.

-"You are a genius!"/"I know, it's a problem." Hee, she is adorable though.
spn720 092

-When you're in the office late at night doing a spot of espionage and the supervisor you recently saw get eaten and replaced by a doppelganger turns up, that's really bad.
spn720 093
spn720 094

-And of course if you've been seen, you can't let on that you saw him get eaten and just have to fake your way through like everything is normal. Except the arm touching, which is a little weird, since Roman was saying she couldn't be copied, so it's not like her new Leviathan supervisor can copy her, right? Or... Hunh. And now she's trapped there being normal for a while. Crap.
spn720 095

-Ooo, a scrub order. They must have found what they were looking for. And I'm guessing those termination orders for the workers aren't the kind that can be filed for unemployment benefits. Hm. Though since this Anand Milan is the TO: field, that means Roman is responding to his order rather than vice versa. Does Roman have an Uber Boss? Or does he take advice from this Anand in his security department? Or did Dick just resend this to himself or some other perfectly reasonable explanation to explain the From: and To: fields getting swapped? If it doesn't get explained, then pick one and *handwave* at whim.
spn720 096

-Talking to 'yourself' at night in the middle of an empty office about crap the CEO is doing isn't really going to help your "working late" alibi fly there Charlie.
spn720 097

-Well isn't that convenient. Don't know whether they replaced Trump with a Leviathan, or whether they needed to. Not sure if Downey Airport is a reference to something or not? According to Google, Downey Airport is in California, small, and abandoned.
spn720 098

-Dick Roman sure cleans up pretty. Oh and Evil Tie Report: Bow. Shit just got real.
spn720 099

-OH HAI DICK ROMAN IN THE OFFICE NOW. CRAP. Oh! Maybe the arm grab was a mind-reading thing? They can't copy her but they can still scan her? That would suck. Also I TOLD YOU SO, CHARLIE!! BLANK THE HARD DRIVE, GRAB THE THUMB DRIVE AND RUN! DON'T HANG AROUND SENDING CRAP OVER THE WI-FI.
spn720 100
spn720 101

-And the heap of the week (when it isn't a surveillance van) iiiiis an... AMC Javelin? Maybe?
spn720 102

spn720 103

-HAH HA! Whatever the thing is, the boys have it, and the Leviathans have a face-full of Borax.
spn720 104
spn720 105

-The question I'd most like answered right now though, is where the hell is Charlie? Ah, another time jump. Answer is in-bound.
spn720 106

-Aircraft diversions yay! \o/ Felicia Day does have a lovely way with smug.
spn720 107

-EEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEE!!!! CAPER COSTUMES!!! As always, the boys look fetching in hazard orange. \o/
spn720 108
spn720 109

-"Why don't you go grab a bite." Har har. Yeah, they know she knows.

-And he asks her to show him the stuff on the drive, and she's trying to figure a way out, and that's when ghost-Bobby goes ballistic, right? We shall see.
spn720 110
spn720 111

-Right, last chance to guess. It was found in Iran, so ancient Mesopotamian, or possibly something ancient or biblical, given the Leviathans were sent to Purgatory way back in the way backs and Shows penchant for messing with that general area of source material. Hm. Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? "The Word"? Or going another direction, something Chthonic? Map of Ry'leh? I don't think the Leviathans would be too interested in anything strictly human-generated... but maybe. Hm. No idea, but it's probably going to seem a heck of a lot less impressive than it is.. Pushing play.
spn720 112

-"Did we just steal a hunk of red clay?" Ooooo. In keeping with the whole Judeo-Christian thing this show tends to play with, might that be clay from Eden? Wonder what Dick Roman thinks he can do with that?
spn720 113

-"Dick Roman. *seeeethe*" Ahahahahahaha. DOOOOOOM! Also Oh Bobby though, because of the going vengeful thing, but if he goes and gets his vengeance, he'd just move on then, right? Not that I'm at all eager to see him go, quite the opposite. Just saying if he goes over, and takes out Dick, Sam and Dean won't have to- y'know. Deal with him. Right? ...eeep. O.o
spn720 114
spn720 115

-"Is it me or did it just drop ten degrees in here?" Hehehe. DOOOOOOM.

-"If items were deleted from the drive, would you be able to tell?" Yep, unless they were over-written afterwards with randomized data. Which would also look suspicious and have a date stamp that was something other than before they ate Frank. But Charlie would have thought of that. Right?
spn720 116

-"Not if they were deleted properly." Oh dear. That doesn't sound very positive.
spn720 117
spn720 118
spn720 119

-"Nothing's unbreakable, really. Nothing's safe if you poke at it long enough."/"Nothing's safe. I like that." Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. O.O
spn720 120
spn720 121

-*Dick Roman goes on about the spark being one in a million and people that have it invent and make things* ...Dude. Is this spark business all a really subtle Girl Genius shout-out? That would be entirely unanticipated, and rather cool. O.o

-"'Coz I could feed every fact in your brain to somebody else and they still wouldn't be able to be you." That's reassuring. And useful. And vaguely disconcerting. Eeep. O.o

-"I guess you can't clone me."/"Don't think that doesn't piss me off." Eeeeeeeeeep.

-"Stay here, will ya? I'll be back in two shakes." YES, RUNNING NOW. THANK YOU. Gaaaah.

-"Nothing is safe, apparently." Aw. Did someone's threatening cat and mouse statements get blown back in his face? Silly Leviathan. RUN, CHARLIE!
spn720 122

spn720 123
spn720 124

spn720 125
spn720 126
spn720 127
[Uncappable clothesline of supervisor]
spn720 128
spn720 129
spn720 130
spn720 131
spn720 132
And finishing off with double-barreled Winchesters through the glass door. YES. That was lovely. *rewinds and repeats*

-Woof. I mean, um. Sam's, uh, obviously still working out. Yeah. Ahem.
spn720 133

-"You're hanging with the wrong crowd, kiddo."/"Not so fast, Dick." YEAH! *fistpump* At the same time Oh Bobby. Also at the same time, better hope the flask fell out. Or didn't fall out so Bobby can get pulled out. Or if he stays there and haunts the crap out of Dick Roman's operation maybe he can slow it down, but then... aaaaaarg. I'm just going to go with a comprehensive "Oh Bobby."
spn720 134
spn720 135
spn720 136
spn720 137
spn720 138
spn720 139

-I will say this for Dick Roman, he looks like he's having a blast even when he's getting his ass kicked.
spn720 140

-"Show yourself, let's do this like real-" *pause playback* Men or monsters I wonder. *restarts* "monsters." Yep.
spn720 141

-"You gotta do that again, that tickled." Oh great, he's baiting Bobby now. Oh god, this is not going to go well.

-And they've still got the flask with them. Oh Bobby.
spn720 142

-And Dick Roman is pissed. And eats the messenger with the super-evil sideburns. No surprise there.

-"Worst good luck charm ever." Dude, you have literally no idea how necessary it was that you had Bobby helping you out.
spn720 143

-"You think my name is really Charlie Bradbury? Please." Hee! I hope she comes back. And doesn't die. I've only heard vague things on that count, so I'm still keeping my head in the sand re info on the episodes I haven't seen.
spn720 144

-"She's kinda like the little sister I never wanted." Aw, Dean. You could hang out together and perve on Scarlett Johanssen while Sam rolls his eyes and sighs a lot. *pats*
spn720 145

-"Let's just figure out what that thing we stole is, then we'll figure out what to do with Bobby." Sounds like a plan. Except, isn't going vengeful primarily a matter of time with a case like Bobby's where he's got a reason and a known target? So.... Eeeeep.
spn720 146

(PLEASE, NO REFERENCES TO EPISODES PAST 7.20 IN COMMENTS! I'm catching up as fast as I can D-:.)

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blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: September 30th, 2012 09:58 am (UTC) (Link)
-"I was drunk, it was Comic-Con."/"We've all been there." Has Dean been to Comic-con? My memory is crap. There was the Supernatural con, but was there an episode set at Comic-con? Jensen (and Jared and Co) have definitely attended Comic-Con several times. I took it as a fourth wall shout-out of that variety.

Yay that you are catching up on Show! I have missed the tie reports. This was such a fun episode -- lightening things up in a way that we could still buy into given the stakes, and best of all: Charlie survives the episode! So nice to see a win on most all fronts for the boys, FINALLY. Badly needed. Even if they still need to figure out that wacky stolen clay.

Also loved how this is the first time we get the unvarnished truthful look at Dick Roman's monster side. Not just the corporate schmuck kind of monster after all. But a Monster-monster. Same thing the boys kill all the time... only tougher to kill.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2012 07:56 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh I know Jensen and Jared have been to Comic-con loads of times, I just had this half-hallucinatory memory of them having an episode set there.

Dick Roman is becoming a more fascinating adversary all the time.
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: September 30th, 2012 01:40 pm (UTC) (Link)
Made my morning to see this from you! Yay! I have missed your reports...and am totally in awe of your ability to call things!

Now I'm pushing for you to finish the rest of seven before Wednesday!!! Go go go!!! :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2012 08:00 am (UTC) (Link)
I got 7.21 done, but getting through the last two is not going to be possible with my work schedule I'm afraid. :-/
percysowner From: percysowner Date: September 30th, 2012 01:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm probably being pedantic here, but about the time this was being shot/shown there was a movie either coming out/ being out/being advertised called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so the title also referenced that. Warner Brothers made the Harry Potter films and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, so licensing wasn't a problem for any of this.

I do love Charlie and I too hope she comes back again. This was a really fun episode. I'm liking Robbie Thompson as a new writer very much.

I'm glad you are still recapping. I look forward to these. I'm glad life freed up for you.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2012 08:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I couldn't remember the exact title, but I mentioned that reference up above. That's the hacker-related movie, right?

Life didn't really 'free up' either. This and 7.21 took almost my entire weekend and several hours sleep I really needed. I ended up with an intense short-burst migraine on Sunday mostly due to weather and had to stand up a very good friend because of it, which makes me feel utterly rotten. :-/
x_cat11 From: x_cat11 Date: September 30th, 2012 02:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you have got back to season 7, you will need to see it all of it before watching season 8 as they sprung important plot stuff at the last moment(not to be spoilery, it's just a fact of life - drama needs conflict, cliff hangers need last second reveals). Bet your sorry for wasting time watching that Elementary train wreck now ;).
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2012 08:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I won't be watching the season 8 premiere before finishing out season 7, no worries. I'm pedantic like that.

The thing with a show like Elementary (or Criminal Minds, or Murdoch Mysteries, etc) is it only takes an hour to watch them, and half an hour at maximum to say anything I need to say about them if I ever do a post. Mostly it's passive watching rather than active involvement, so it's a bit of a brain break, and I work on other things while watching.

Doing a Supernatural reaction post takes about 6 hours focused watching/capping time and 2 hours editing, graphic-tweaking, coding, and uploading, provided I'm "in the groove", so to speak. It's far more of an investment.
gypsy_atavari From: gypsy_atavari Date: September 30th, 2012 03:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yay for you catching up. :-) You can do it!! :-)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2012 08:20 am (UTC) (Link)
No I can't, not unless the boss goes insane and lets me do them at work. :-P
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: September 30th, 2012 05:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you enjoyed that ep! It's one of my faves of season 7! (I think most of my faves of season 7 have been written by Robbie Thompson, actually!) I thought Felicia was brilliant! Really hope they bring her character back!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2012 08:21 am (UTC) (Link)
Felicia Day is just all around cool.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: September 30th, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
There should always be weapons within range in every room, it is important *nods sagely* I loved Charlie, and the Bradbury reference, on yes indeed.

Dick is the sort of adversary you just want to keep around for the snark..lol
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 2nd, 2012 08:24 am (UTC) (Link)
I've got writing implements and paper in range in every room, the weapons are hidden, or kitchen utensils. I could slice someone's face off with my ceramic mandolin.

Dick Roman needs to meet Loki Laufeyson. They need to hang out, team up, go head-to-head, anything. Just the two of them interacting.
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