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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.22 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.22
Warning: Contains profanity

Spoiler and Theory Summary

Nothing for this one.

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness and for Supernatural 7.22 - ??? "There Will Be Blood."

-Skipping the THEN because it's not montage time yet.

-High fructose corn syrup. Yep. It's in just about everything processed, and estimates in 2005 say that Americans eat about 42 pounds of it a year. Getting Leviathan doping into that level of the food system is an excellent tactic. Humanity is doomed. *nods*

-"It's no secret, we all love to eat." Leviathan subtlety is subtle like a subtle thing. Oh ho, and Evil Boss-man Tie Report: STRIPES. Stripes within stripes even. AND with a pin-striped suit. Methinks Mr. Roman is trying way too hard to seem like an innocent human multi-billionaire. (I'll leave arguments of whether innocent human multi-billionaires are mythical creatures to someone else.)
spn0722 001

-"Which is why we are diving whole hog into what keeps Americans living longer and tasting better." *splorf* HAHAHAH. There's subtle, and there's blatant. Guess which that was.

-"You mean of course the food will be tasting better."/"That's exactly what I mean." Ahahahahahaha. *facepalm*
spn0722 002

-Hello, title. "There Will Be Blood." Heh heh heh. It's the title of a movie that sounds like an old west version of Dallas, yeah, but also maybe an inside joke on special effects, considering many recipes for fake blood used on-screen usually contain corn syrup (that's a YouTube link, Mark Gatiss making fake blood), including I believe I heard at some point over the past seven years, the fake blood recipe Supernatural uses. So, I say again: "Heh heh heh".

-And Dick Roman has the rock. *facepalm* Well, at least Sam and Dean know it exists, right? I'm blaming any and all boneheaded maneuvers, tactical errors, lack of clue-phone-answering on the part of the Winchesters squarely on them eating at chain restaurants that are being supplied with Leviathan chow, and eating highly processed crap full of Leviathan sugar, and having their minds go all docile and cow-like. Yep. *nods*
spn0722 003

-Yeah, Kevin's really not worried about those exams anymore.
spn0722 004

-"Letter of recommendation like that from a man like me? Done." Ahahaha. Yeah, first try the carrot, because really, they have his mom to use as a stick, unless they've eaten her. Or maybe they did and she's replaced by a Leviathan, and she can still be used as a stick. That's the thing about Leviathans; they can have their leverage and eat it too.

-I'm sorry, but I have to say it. If they bring up streaming video of his mom on that laptop to use as a threat, the term 'live feed' would be stunningly apt. (Sorry. I had to say it. It was burning me.)

-"Edgar, that live feed up yet?" SEE. SEE! I had to say it.

-For being the host for something seriously huge, Kevin seems under-powered at the moment. There was an awful lot of lightning and eye-flashy for just turning into someone who can read a rock but is otherwise just a guy. And how did the Leviathans get him to let go of the rock anyway? I thought he had rock-retentiveness issues? Hmmm...

-Caaaabin.... treeeeeeee.... And, um. Is the heap of the week the General Lee? O.o
spn0722 005

-"It's not a crazy idea to try and figure out what the catch is before we go crashing the gate." Aw, Sam's attempting strategy. I bet he's been eating salads instead of Leviathan chow so he's in less of a kine-fog. Does make sense though. If they manage to kill Dick and all the Leviathan left goes ballistic on them, they need to be ready to run like hell or duck or something. Really though, Leviathan is all one big blob of black goo, having one central leader is already a bit weird, but maybe my 'concentration of Leviathan power via strategic self-gastronomy' has some sense to it. Dick has to have eaten more other Leviathans than the rest regardless. Or maybe he's got, like, the nucleus bit of the Leviathan super-giant amoeba. Dunno. Either way, they are ahead of where they were.
spn0722 006
(Sammy dimple! Hee!)

-Hi Bobby! Are you less hoarse now after shouting at these morons for hammering on an unknown super-powerful quest item?
spn0722 007

-Written by Dabb and Loflin, very familiar names. Directed by Guy Bee, also familiar name.

-"Blood from the ruler of fallen humanity." ...oh crap. Yeah, actually, that makes sense, and might be an easier sell since last we heard, Crowley wanted the Leviathans dealt with too. Or at least that's what he said.

-"You've gotta bleed an Alpha." *facepalm* Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Wow, I feel dumb. I can't believe I didn't catch that from the text last episode. I'm starting to think I might be eating the Leviathan chow too. :-P

-"Do you?" *KRSH!* Oh dear. Meanwhile, Bobby's been eating his ghostly Wheaties. This does not bode well.
spn0722 008

-"Relax. I'm fine." Suuuuuuuuuure. That's what they all say, and Dean should know.
spn0722 009
spn0722 010

-"Don't say pie."/"Definitely pie."/"Bastards." Heeee. Hey, when you haven't got many joys in life, not being able to have one because it's full of Leviathan mind-control snot is a big deal.

-Ooo. Bobby's getting tetchy. Clear enough way of saying 'get off the laptop, stop moaning about what you can't do to fight the stuff they're doing, and get on with the chopping off of heads and so forth.' It's a lot to cram into one laptop closing, but Bobby's eloquent like that.
spn0722 011

-I kind of love how 'humdrum routine, summon the King of Hell, no big' they are with this ritual. They've gone through a lot of things since season 1. Might want to move the vial of Castiel's blood away from the fire though. Blood's still a protein, angel or not, and will cook solid if heated.
spn0722 012

-"Release her, but stress the consequences of talking." Well, that's nice of them. Maybe. They've kind of been an honorable enemy, I think? But...
spn0722 013

-"Happily. ...but not quite yet." Yeah, getting anything out of Crowley is hard enough, even when it's for something he wants too. Does have a point though, no sense leaving impossible-to-acquire spell components roaming around loose unless you're certain they're being used up in the next minute.
spn0722 014

-"Most difficult, the angel part I'm assuming." Yeah, right. Crowley doesn't know- OH. Waaaaaitaminute. He's fishing. A vial of Angel blood's got as many applications as a vial of his blood does, I'll bet, and he has a really big reason to want to get at Castiel, doesn't he? Crap. DON'T TELL HIM YOU'VE GOT THE ANGEL BLOOD, GUYS!!!
spn0722 015

-Aaaand a hesitation is as good as a tell. GUYS. WORK ON YOUR LYING ABILITY.
spn0722 016
spn0722 017

-...aaaaand you might also try lying about finding angel blood when you aren't standing in front of a window with ANGEL-PROOFING SMEARED ON IT. Ffffff. Leviathan chow. I'm blaming it. Switch to raw veggies guys. Your brains will thank you.
spn0722 018

-"There's one Alpha still among us." Us being entities on Earth, I'm guessing, because an Alpha in Hell wouldn't be much use.

-Alpha vampire, ah crap. Who has issues with Dean, maybe, what with the escaping vampirism and all the rest. WHEE!

-"Keep your friends close." Heheheh. Also, leaving that vial of angel blood you aren't saying you've got in plain sight next to the ritual stuff you used to summon the demon is really not helping your really weak-ass lie here, guys, considering from the angle of Crowley's side-look here, he's looking right at it. Leviathan chow rots the brain. *nods*
spn0722 019

-"Okay. Where, jackass?" Say it with fire. Also AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA crap. The vial of Castiel's blood isn't on the table by the summoning bowl anymore. Distraction and misdirection with fire in the guise of being helpful. Ahahahahaha. Seriously boys, raw veggies, spring water, raw nuts. The Leviathan chow is making you clueless.
spn0722 020

-It's an orange Plymouth. Enh. Come on guys. Get the Impala.
spn0722 021

-Heeeee! 'Drinky-drinky' motions means something entirely different now.
spn0722 022

-Guys, if you're going to discuss Bobby, you might want to move a lot further away from where you left his focus item. He's dead, not deaf.
spn0722 023

-Ha HAH! Beer continuity! Mariekugel beer was in an episode earlier this season, I forget which one. A buck a bottle, that's cheap.
spn0722 024

-Discussion of how to deal with vengeful-spirit Bobby. Ow. Ow ow owowow.

-"He seem a little out of it to you?" He's getting a hot dog at a gas station in the middle of the day. I'd say drunk, stoned or desperate. Maybe also compulsive given the mustard pattern he seems to be working on so carefully. Nothing abnormal.
spn0722 025

-"What about Paula Deen over here?" Looks like a fairly standard extended-dither with subtextual pondering about what she's really looking for and where her life went so very wrong. Standard convenience store fifty-mile stare. Of course it's not on this occasion, because plot, but I will admit to spending far too long staring broodily into a cooler of soda, looking for inspiration or the meaning of life at 3 am in a 7-11. Less in recent years though.
spn0722 026

-This guy's not getting busted by the clerk though, so that's not a good sign at all. Also, those are not 'Juice' Gourmet Slurpee's (which they have partly hidden which is good, because 7-11 is really fussy about their claim on the word 'Slurpee' being copyrighted) they're either standard or Kool-aid, and those prices are way too low for the fancy kind, so make the 90% high-fructose corn syrup as cheap as possible so the herd will belly up to the trough with enthusiasm. Yeah, there's some Leviathan tactics.
spn0722 027

-Mmm. Mustard. Not so much a careful pattern anymore.
spn0722 028

-"I need my road food!" Aw, poor Dean. Seriously, HFCS has been a major component in nearly everything these guys have been eating since November 1983 (except for Sam's salad years at Stanford and even the salad dressing would be a culprit), it would be a serious shock to the system.
spn0722 029

-Heeeeeeeeee, yep! No junk, no pie, no nothing, Dean's going to be super cranky.
spn0722 030

-I have a sudden urge for a Slurpee. Damn you Leviathans! *fistshake*

-Hm. Since it's the Alpha vampire left out, I wonder what the effect Leviathan chow is having on them. They feed on people, so technically, they should be getting even higher concentrations of the stuff. Are they happy the humans are all dopey and don't put up much of a fight, or are they turning into couch-fungus themselves? We'll see, I suppose. It's a bit close to the season end for a long drawn-out plot to surface, but it's also a bit close to the season end not to set up for a cliffhanger/next season's issues.

-Hey, is that the "Playthings" house?
spn0722 031

-Bobby-go-poof. Hehehehe. Hey, seriously, if there is a team member that can get into a place invisibly and not worry about locks, go for it.
spn0722 032

-Yup. Vampires all conked out from high Leviathan chow concentrations, yes?
spn0722 033

-AND ALSO ALL ICKIFIED, EW OW EW ICK. What is that, an allergic reaction? O.o
spn0722 034

-"See if you can find a switch or lever or something." Or just send the spectral team member through to see what's on the other side. Right? You guys are still severely underestimating Bobby's contribution to the team.
spn0722 035

-GAAAAH! PINK ROOM! RUN! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!! Oh, hey, is that one of the vampire twins? O.O
spn0722 036
spn0722 036a

-Okay, ha ha ha on the "How to Serve Man", but "Eric"? If these vampires are reading Terry Pratchett, I might be a bit more on their side. (And looking at the plot summary, Crowley may have read it a few times too.)
spn0722 037

-"No fangs." Except they're retractable on Supernatural vampires, so that's not going to help. Also nice assumption that she's not the Alpha locking herself away from the contamination or whatever. At least check her for fangs! I must say though, this is a... unique look for Dean.
spn0722 038

-"I'm one of his 'special' girls." Okay, this whole thing right here is so very wrong that I am actually glad that she's been held captive by a vampire instead of a human because hell no. *shudders* Moving on now please, thank you.
spn0722 039

-"So my blood is pure." Okay, fine, reasonable tactical precaution, particularly given the current situation but that doesn't make it any less NO. NONONONONONONONO. MOVING ON NOW.

-"The ones who ate, died immediately." Well, there's a handy side bonus to the Leviathan chow. Or is it a side bonus at all? Maybe the stuff their adding is dual purpose, to take out the other monsters preying on humans... which would be sensible. Protecting the herd from predators. *nods*

-[And due to a quick and ill-advised scroll through my backlogged Friends List revealing the title of 8.01 posted outside of a cut, speculation on certain topics will be curtailed past this point. Arg. Stupid me, should have known better. *facepalm* :-/]

-"...What is that?" About Sam's smartphone. Oh. Oh ow. I- yeah. Moving on.

-"That's Sam's Douche-tracker." Hahahah. Leave it to Dean.
spn0722 040

-Yeah, when you're the only guard left alive, going out for dinner and leaving what you're guarding unwatched isn't the smartest option.
spn0722 041

-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! OMGWTF GIANT DEMON ALPACA WALL ART WHAT? After all the crap this girl has been through, with demon llamas watching over her in a homicidally pink room for years, it's shocking she's at all sane.
spn0722 042

-Oh hi! Wasn't expecting Edgar. This could get messy.
spn0722 043

-Oh great. Edgar's mimicking a vampire, because if he doubles the vampire, he finds out everything he knows, and therefore, where the Alpha will be, right? Well, it's a bit more subtle than the full face-o-fangs.
spn0722 044

-"I can't live on rabbit food, I'm a warrior!" *SNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERK* Actually, they'd be pretty hard up for trustworthy protein, since meat's been goopified, fish, eggs and milk are risky unless they're straight from the water, a boat or a known safe farm. Tofu is pretty heavily processed as well, so even though it usually doesn't contain HFCS, it would be a process the Leviathans could get into and corrupt. And since the Leviathans have so much control on things right now either via the chow, or through Dick Roman's massive bankroll and social pull, who's to say they haven't gotten the labeling rules altered so that high-fructose corn syrup can be called twenty different things that sound nothing like it, just like MSG is. As far as protein for the boys goes, Quinoa is a good one, but like every other 'safe' option, it's a bit tricky to cook considering it's not like the boys have top-flight cooking facilities. Or abilities. Or pots. Fire they can manage though, but it's hard to get quinoa to stay on a toasting fork.
spn0722 045

-"Forget the morgue. We are swimming in vamp poison." True! And sad as it is to say, the state of these guys, they are about as likely to protest you taking a pint of blood as a corpse is right now.
spn0722 046

-"We're with the Red Cross? *flips out FBI badge*" *facepalm* It's a good thing he's too HFCS-stoned to care.
spn0722 047

-"Hey, hold out your arm, we need your blood." Hee! Yeah, that's about the size of it. Speaking of size, in case anyone still hadn't noticed, Dean actually is pretty freaking tall.
spn0722 048

-Also, he's kind of adorable when he's smirky.
spn0722 049

-As is this guy, stuck in the middle of a Winchester angst/strategy discussion and stoned out of his mind.
spn0722 050

-Uh oh. Sheriff's car. Blaring... "Why Can't We Be Friends"? Not an issue, really, considering he can't even see what they're doing... unless it's a Leviathan, and the choice of pacifying music makes me think it might be.
spn0722 051

-Or not. HEEEEE! Playing the siren in time with the radio. I would be willing to bet there isn't a police officer ever that wouldn't like to play with the siren.

-Bells. Right, so, monastery in Missoula. Are they going to eat the vegetables en route or just sit next to them I wonder? I mean, Winchesters aside, among many other things the girl in the back seat hasn't had anything but IV feeding since she was eight. Solid food with fiber in it could be really traumatic.

-Alright. How many times have they done a sign drive-by on this section of road in this show? Monster Movie for sure, but a few other times too.
spn0722 052

-"Ten CC's of Vamptonite." Oh ha ha. Cute. Like Kryptonite, except for vampires instead of Kryptonians. Very cute.
spn0722 053

-"What's a Kardashian?" You don't want to know. Someone show the poor girl how to change the channel before it's too late!


-Oh wait, they're locking Bobby's flask in the safe, so he'll be there to defend her from the inevitable attack, although that's not why they're leaving him there, but it's a handy bonus feature. Except for that whole Bobby going vengeful etc.

-Spectral door-slam. Ehehehehe. Or not. No one puts Bobby in a corner. I mean safe. No one puts Bobby in a safe.
spn0722 054

-You know, I think they're making him angrier faster than any amount of vengeance on Dick Roman would at this point.
spn0722 055

-Yeah, and so it begins. Ya idjits.
spn0722 056

-Okay, maybe she has more life experience than an eight-year-old from the 90's. Uuuuuuunless she actually is one of the twins and it was the 1890's or something.
spn0722 057

-"Hi daddy!" Oh greaaaaat. You should've checked her for fangs, guys.

-"You son of a bitch." Oooo... Bobby got a touch of reverb there. That combined with the getting distracted from imminent doom for the boys doesn't bode well.
spn0722 058

-Uh oh, Sam has a brood on. It's been a while.
spn0722 059

-Must pause to admire the machete sheaths. ...you know, since the girl is not what she says she was, and she told them where this is, really, she could have pointed at any old building full of people and said, "Yeah, that's the one full of vampires, go forth and slaughter" and Sam and Dean would be just as screwed or more so, and still have no idea where the Alpha was. She did say she was sending a present to her daddy but- Oh hey. Wow. Remember way back in season one, Meg talking to her 'father' on the blood phone... but the Alpha demon would be Crowley right now, right? Hmmm... Anyway, back to admiring the machete sheaths the poor doomed mildly Leviathan chow brained boys are packing.
spn0722 060

-"Maybe we're too late?" Dean, Dean, Dean. Never say things like that. *headshake*
spn0722 061
spn0722 062

-Yeah, Bobby's a little irked. Considering he's stuck guarding nothing in the very buffalo-themed motel while the boys walk into a trap and TV reporters drool over Dick Roman, I'd say he has reason to be frustrated.
spn0722 063

-"Son of a bitch. My birthday." AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! And extra aww because he's so used to them thinking of each other and just calling on him for support when they need him, he didn't think that Dean would think of him when picking a password. *flail and wibble*
spn0722 064

-POSSESSION. OH CRAP. Well, really, it does shortcut a lot of arguments.
spn0722 065

-"Just 'til I get the bastard." Um. That might be quite a while, Bobby... At least go to her shift manager and book her off sick. O.o

-OH HAI ALPHA VAMP! LONG TIME NO SEE, HOPE YOU GOT OVER THAT WHOLE TORTURE THING OKAY AND NO LONGER WANT TO SUCK THE MARROW FORM THEIR BONES. BUT I REALLY DOUBT IT. (And that's totally an old Smallville set.) Also, Alpha Vampire Tie Report: Paisley. Definitely not open to seeing the Winchesters side of things.
spn0722 066

-Yeah, anyone living in a room that pink for that long without going nuts had to be some variety of evilish.
spn0722 067

-*nods* Talking really is their best option. Since the Leviathans are tainting the vampire food supply, it really is in their best interest to provide any help they can.

-Oh dear lord this set, I want it. I don't have a clue what I'd do with it, but I want it. Side note, vampire in the doorway looks vaguely like Dana Scully off X-Files from this angle. I am amused by this.
spn0722 068

-"Why would I? Because you captured me? Tortured me? Sold me to the King of Hell?" Yeah, just a bit of a trifle there. Might need a formal letter of apology or something. A nice potted azalea.
spn0722 069

-"That was more our grandpa." Negotiations are not a smart time to be a wiseass, Dean. Also, you pushed his torture button yourself too.
spn0722 070

-See? Timing. Not good.
spn0722 071

-"I'm going to peel off your faces and drink you slowly." Not something you want to hear in a negotiation, really.

-"Roman didn't mention that when we met for dinner last fall." Well duh. Of course he wouldn't. Do many farmers tell the predators in their herds about the traps they're laying? No. Admittedly, most also don't sit down to dinner with them either, but Dick Roman is brassy that way.
spn0722 072

-I might have said it the last time the Alpha vampire showed up, but it bears repeating even so. This. Guy's. Voice. Oh my god.

-"We are on excellent terms he and I." Suuuuuuure, you just keep telling yourself that as your kids try to feed on poison.

-"He said you'd all live together, didn't he?" Hehehehe. So, a bit of 'the enemy of my enemy is my fortuitous distraction friend' coming up here then. Excellent. Provided the Alpha here wakes up and smells the high fructose corn syrup.

-"So now you want to prevent the extermination of the vampire race?" Yeaaaah, that's a bit of a hard sell coming from a Winchester.
spn0722 073

-"No, but it beats going down with you." Yeah, being honest is probably the best bet here. *nods*
spn0722 074

-"You do not live through centuries of fire and ice and continental divide by jumping to conclusions." Ooooo, I like him. And he is actually taking what they've said on board, he's just going to do his own feeling out of the situation, which is very appropriate. If he wasn't he'd just be handing them over to Edgar. Yay strategic maneuvering and intelligent adversary characters with their own brains and agendas! \o/
spn0722 075

-Ah, this must be the cafeteria!
spn0722 076

-"I smell Sam and Dean Winchester." Note to Winchesters: Shower more often, or change aftershave.
spn0722 077

-"You've got Pac-Man and True Blood in the same room and that's bad news." *snerk* Dean does a lot of pop culture between killing things doesn't he?

-"I think you've got the oldest monster on Earth thinking he can hold his own because he always has." Oooo, excellent point. Eeek...
spn0722 078

-"But Dean, we gave up all our Vamptonite."/"Did we? *reaches for syringe in boot*" Me: *pauses for five minutes, laughing my head off* Ha! I have no idea why that was so funny, but damn.
spn0722 079

-I love that the Alpha vampire is just laying it all straight out, no excuses or circumlocution. 'Yeah, they're here, I'll send them to you. BTW, they said you're trying to kill us, lol. *neutral half-smiling stare*' Do Leviathans have an increase in heart-rate when they try to lie? Hmmm...
spn0722 080
spn0722 081

-"Wow!" Yeah a little. Hard sell for that effective a method of killing vampires being anything but deliberate. On the up-side, if whatever shenanigans happen next don't kill all the vampires or result in a permanent Winchester-Vampire-kind detente, if they can save some Leviathan chow, they'll have a heck of a weapon on hand for future vampire hunts.
spn0722 082
spn0722 084

-"You don't call, you don't write, you don't send cookies..." Heeeee! Lovely.
spn0722 085

-"My dear friend. Nowhere. We want you to burn like the little roaches you are." Yeah, hand is tipped now, get out of biting range, Alpha Vamp dude.
spn0722 086

-"Roman said if I kept quiet I would get my reward." *facepalm* Dude. Get the 'reward' defined before signing any agreement. Because 'get your reward' is pretty near the top of evil overlord contract 'I will kill you' weasel-words. Weasel-phrases. Whatever.

-"Our additive kills *list of everything Earth-based and corporeal the Winchesters have been fighting the past seven years*" Well howdy. ... you know, if it wasn't for the whole plan to turn the Earth and all of humanity into a big factory farm for high quality human meat for the consumption of the Leviathans, hunters would be all for this. Hunh. Well, maybe when the Leviathans get thwarted the boys can snag a stock-pile of the Leviathan-HFCS, because, really, the effect is temporary unless it's eaten often, right? Once a week or so, one of them could get hopped up on the stuff to the dopey point while the other one watches out for them and draws off a few pints of blood at the apex of the effect, then takes care of them during whatever withdrawal there is for it. Not a lot of effort for a reliable supply of guaranteed instant universal monster-killer. Not quite worth dooming the population of Earth to being mobile ration packs for evil from the dawn of time, but they're working on that.

-"I am a son of Eve." Right, the monster-mom. Is Leviathan part of that family tree? Given the 'yo momma' comment (which... really?) just after that, I'll assume that's a no.

-Oh dear, I don't think baring your fangs at a leviathan is really terribly wise there, Alpha Vampire. I know you're pissed off, but really, you don't want to go down that road with these guys. They're made of fangs. You won't win.
spn0722 087

-AW YEAH!!! Nice of Sam and Dean to pass along the borax info just before being hauled away, in case the Alpha Vamp hadn't already known. Too bad Edgar's too high on the food chain for that to be more than a temporary ouch, but still WOO! \o/
spn0722 088

-Yes, made of fangs. Oh, and here comes Dean (and assumably Sam) over Edgar's, uh... *chairdance* left shoulder to save the day and hopefully get a powerful ally in the process, or at least enough of his blood to do the ritual. Heh heh, what did Edgar say? "Don't want to spill a drop"? Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem for the Leviathans if they ate the Alpha Vamp but still left enough blood for the ritual.
spn0722 089

-Fantastic, now stick Edgar's head in the ice bucket and fill it full of borax or he'll re-constitute in a minute or so.
spn0722 090

-"Grab a glass, we're juicing this freak." *facepalm* You could try asking first, Dean. The head vampire's viewpoint may have had a slight paradigm shift after the dose of exposition he's gotten from Edgar.

-"Do you wanna do this fight, or do you want my blood?" See? It's amazing what a bit of talking can get you now and then. Oh ho. And the 'not on the same page' paisley tie is actually paired with a pin -stripe suit, so HA. Yeah. ...I don't know what I'm talking about either.
spn0722 091
spn0722 092
spn0722 093

-"What about the little boy?" An excellent point. Right now though, if the head vampire has him protected for his own kine, the kid's not eating Leviathan chow and at risk of being eaten whole at whim by a passing Leviathan. If he's being bled for food, he'll be kept alive and protected, though the Alpha vamp still being alive is going to tip off Dick so it might be a very precarious life... I don't know. He might be safer for now with the vampires, but still it's exceedingly cringy to the point I kind of skimmed past his appearance earlier rather than stop to freak out for a while which.... Arg. I was not anticipating this level of moral quandry. That's the thing with this show. It's all fun and monsters for a while, then there's a sudden occurrence or metaphor for a real world issue that blind-sides you completely. Or at least it does me. Plot-wise, objectively and tactically, the wise thing to do would be to take the vampire blood, do the ritual, come back later and deal with rescuing the kid from the vampires. Realistically, subjectively, morally and by all other human rationale, the choice to get the kid and any other kids that aren't fully bonded to the vampires as kine right the hell out of there now is obvious, even at the cost of impairing the mission, even though the likelihood of the vampires giving up one of their only untainted sources of food is negligible. ...Every once in a while, this is a really hard show to watch, and every once in a while, that's how it should be.
spn0722 094
spn0722 095

-"Emily, help Alan with his coat, he's leaving with Sam and Dean." Okay, I am quite impressed with the Alpha for not fighting on that.

-"All you want to do is kill me now. You hate having to wait and come back and try again."/"Pretty much." I love that this show has this sort of perspective. The monster side of things. Sam and Dean are looking kind of dickish right now.
spn0722 096
spn0722 097

-Waaaaait a frigging minute. What is a painting of the Archangel Michael fighting Lucifer doing in the lair of the Alpha Vampire??? HOW MUCH DOES HE KNOW ABOUT SAM AND DEAN?? Oh, hey, Dean was a vampire briefly, so if the Alpha vampire has a psychic link like he sort of did in that one where that happened, then the Alpha Vampire knows EVERYTHING. But what is he doing with it beyond subtly decorating his walls when the Winchesters drop by for a visit? O.O
spn0722 098

-Or it's just a reuse of art by set design. Probably. But that is one hell of a prominent placement there in that shot for that to be a coincidence. My previous O.O stands.

-"I wouldn't leave that head to close to that body for too long." BUCKET OF BORAX. SERIOUSLY. Especially since Edgar has been quietly laying there this whole time picking up intel. Such as it is.
spn0722 099

-"See you next season."/"Looking forward to it." AHAHAHAAHHA HI FOURTH WALL! I know it's a sort of 'hunting season' thing he means but please, can we have the Alpha Vampire back as an adversary (or ally, if the Big Bad next year is big enough to put them all on the same side) in season 8? It'd be nice to get back to some straight-up monster hunting, but really, nothing is that simple anymore, is it? A monster isn't always a monster.
spn0722 100
spn0722 101

-"Cops thought we took that kid." Yep, as they would, especially since the kid seemed to be acclimatized to the vampire world and not really hollering to be rescued and besides, who knows what his family life was like. Could be one where regular blood-lettings to feed the King of Vampires is a major step up. And there's that moral quandary again. ...Anyway, moving on.

-Hm. Break-in, but who? Crowley wouldn't need to and- Oh right. Or break out. Bobby hijacked the housekeeping staffer and took off. Maybe he left the door open? Doesn't seem like something Bobby would do, but neither is possessing hotel staff so *shrug* dunno.
spn0722 102

-Yep. Leave him on the sidelines, he'll start his own game... or something. Let's pretend that metaphor works. *handwave*
spn0722 103
spn0722 104

-"How could he do this?" Weeeellll, you left him out of conversations about the case and about himself, you left him locked in a safe guarding someone who it turns out didn't need guarding, he's got a thing to do re: killing Roman, yeah, but he mainly stuck around to watch over you and you're not letting him do either of those things, or much of anything else. Hate to say it, Dean, given your massive abandonment issues, but I really don't blame him at all for running off on you two.
spn0722 105

-"Good thing we've got Crowley in our corner, seeing as it all comes down to him. What could possibly go wrong?" See, now Dean. There's tempting Fate, and then there's leading it by the hand to the buffet table that is your current scheme, giving it the biggest plate in the stack and suggesting it start at the dessert end. Sigh. *facepalm*
spn0722 106

-Yeah, speaking of the dessert end, Dick Roman's summoning Crowley. If he's not in league with him (Crowley did bring muffins to the meeting), then all he has to do is make sure Crowley's blood no longer exists, and he's safe. SO, unless Crowley has a countering scheme, they're screwed.
spn0722 107
spn0722 108

-Ooo, classy.
spn0722 109

-"Dick." Hahahahah.
spn0722 110

-Dick Roman Tie Report: Stripes. EVERYWHERE. Suit and all. And a diffidently rounded pocket handkerchief. Far far too deliberate. YOU'RE FOOLING NO ONE, DICK.
spn0722 111

-Random note: This makes two years running an unexpected late-season meeting with Crowley played a significant potential turning point in the plot. You'd think he was the ruler of Hell or something.

Right, that does it for 7.22, onward to the finale! Now let's see if I can get through 7.23 and then catch up on season 8 in less than a week.... O.o

(PLEASE, NO REFERENCES TO EPISODES PAST 7.22 IN COMMENTS! I'm catching up as fast as I can D-:)

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irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: October 11th, 2012 10:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yay you've nearly caught up! It always amazes me how much you notice in every episode! I've seen this ep several times and never noticed the picture of Michael and Lucifer in the background!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 12th, 2012 06:04 am (UTC) (Link)
That painting was caught in a pause and sort of smacked me square in the face. If I hadn't been watching while pausing every few seconds and instead watching like normal people do, I don't know if I'd have caught it.
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: October 11th, 2012 11:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Can't wait to see your reaction to the finale! Keep going!!!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 12th, 2012 06:04 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm going, I'm going!
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: October 12th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC) (Link)
I also coveted the set, oh yes. The episode was rife with disturbing aspects, agreed. And the Alpha's voice - mmmmm hmmm.^.^

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caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 12th, 2012 06:06 am (UTC) (Link)
If you've got the chance to cast the king of all the vampires, someone with a voice of at least moderately pure sex is mandatory. *nods*
notmykl From: notmykl Date: October 12th, 2012 06:06 am (UTC) (Link)

Hahahahahha! -cough- Yeah, I'd be insane if I spent any time in that room. Hate pink.

Monster tie reports are just as funny and informative as Winchester tie reports. \0/

Never heard of Faust Eric - sounds like an interesting read for those days where one is high on cold medicine and snuggled under blankets, blowing one's weight in goo into tiny pieces of tissue that soon litter the floor around your bed.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 12th, 2012 06:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
My apartment has some pink in every room (carpet, tile, counters). I hate it and can't afford to change it, but at least it's not that pink!
percysowner From: percysowner Date: October 12th, 2012 06:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I realize you've been swamped but I'm sorry you had to cut out recaps for 7.20 and 7.21. I had wanted to see your reactions, especially to those. However, that's life and I'm happy for what I got.

Thanks for doing these.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 12th, 2012 06:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
But, but I didn't skip them! They are here and here!

ETA: I looked just now and they were both missing the spn: season 7 tag, so if you were checking that tag before they wouldn't have shown up. I see I also didn't put 'Picspam' in the title, so I'll fix that too. Sorry you missed them!

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percysowner From: percysowner Date: October 12th, 2012 07:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I checked the spn: season 7 tag and they weren't there so that's how I missed them. I've been busy so I haven't been able to go through my lj friends list as thoroughly as I usually do. Thanks for the links, I'll go read them.
percysowner From: percysowner Date: October 13th, 2012 07:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
High fructose corn syrup. Yep. It's in just about everything processed

And this is where having an active friends list takes you out of the story sometimes. Several posters from Canada stated that Canada has big restrictions on the use of HFCS. In fact Coke in Canada tastes like Coke used to because it still uses sugar. Viewers from other countries chimed in about how HFCS really isn't used in other countries the way it is in the U.S. Since Supernatural is SHOT in Canada, I would have thought they would have caught this and come up with some other way of subverting the food supply, although I can't come up with anything off the top of my head.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 13th, 2012 08:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yep, I remember going to conventions in the US with a fan group that would bring flats of Canadian Coke for just that reason. Canada and other countries do have different rules for it (and different names: here, and in Europe too I think, it's called 'glucose-fructose') but it is still prevalent in processed foods, particularly since we get a lot of US-processed food imported into Canada. A quick scan of my shelves finds 'glucose-fructose' in soup and beans.

However, the primary initial target area of the Leviathans was the US, which they seemed to be setting up as a base of operations, from which they'd likely be working on alternatives to get the rest of humanity under control. Perhaps making an MSG alternative that has less bad effects of MSG (except for being Leviathan chow) and is cheaper, (most of the food processing industries of the world would jump on that,) or contaminating water supplies or something aerial if the culture-based "Let's do it because Dick Roman says it's ok" approach wasn't working. And also, the HFCS was making people stoned, and a legal source of that kind of feeling will usually find an audience anywhere. Still a viable method of taking over the world, as a stage 1, if not as the entire plan.

ETA: Just realized the bit where I get into Canada and HFCS isn't in this reaction post but it's part of the one I'm coding right now. I thought you'd misread something in this one, and was all "...well yeah, that's what I said" but I haven't posted that part yet. *facepalm*

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