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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.23 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 7.23
Finale time!

Warning: Contains profanity

(Squishing this down to fit in one post was a hell of a challenge. To save space, the images are not coded as clickable. Right-click and use the pop-up menu instead.)

Spoiler and Theory Summary

The car is back, just in time to drive it through a Leviathan Corp sign and for Dean and Castiel to get stuck in Purgatory. I suspect those two events are connected, but they may not be.

Bobby will be... yeah. Less of a spoiler that, more of a seeing the writing on the wall.

Other things which I have latterly found out regarding 8.01, but that will influence speculation on certain matters in this episode, but really just confirm what I suspected anyway, so just assume there would be about five paragraphs of extra dribbling in this reaction post and an 'I TOLD YOU SO' in giant text somewhere either this episode or next on a topic yet to be revealed.

Right? Carry on!

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 7.23 - ??? "Survival of the Fittest"

-MONTAGE TIME! \o/ Damn song still gets me every time. Seven years, holy crap.

-"Tired of swimming in hot garbage are we?" Interesting that there's hospitality and discussion at all if they haven't been in cahoots all along. As I said, uh, yesterday? All Dick has to do to keep himself safe is make sure Crowley's capacity to bleed is eradicated. Although... I guess whoever filled the power vacuum in Hell when he was gone (I'd bet on Meg for that) would then count as the spell component, and so Dick would have to chew his way through all of demon-kind to prevent that leg of the ritual from being workable. Too much hassle, easier to just kill the Winchesters and anyone else who knew what was on that rock. Or find the super-good-and-pure person and confiscate all their bones. Again, logistics. So, he's up to something else.

-Somehow I think Crowley drinking anything Dick Roman serves him at this juncture would be a bad idea. Because really, that chemical additive that used to be used on lab specimens that would polymerize Crowley's blood would not be too ridiculous an option. If his blood can't be poured, it can't be used, and he doesn't really need to worry what condition his meat suit is in in terms of capacity to pump blood, so he could probably still stay ruler of Hell with solidified blood and Dick wouldn't need to worry about it. If demons need flowing blood to make possession work, then Dick could probably figure out something else to render Crowley's blood unusable. After all, he does have 'Science!'.

-"You're smarter than you look."/"Oh, well, now you're just flirting." Heeee! (No change in tie report for Dick, as this is the same scene carrying on, still blatantly stripey)

-"Kill angels." Ooo. Has Crowley not found out that Castiel's alive yet? Or is he hiding that from Dick? Did he pick up the vial of blood from that table or was that a production error? Hmm. Never know what part of what Crowley says is missing which bit of the truth. I like that. Oh, and Crowley Tie report: sort of a charcoal grey floral pattern. Subtle, but not hiding his allegiance to himself under any masses of stripe-overkill like other entities in the room.

-"I assume you have a vial of your blood stashed somewhere, in the event of your death it goes directly to Sam and Dean." *nods* Yep. Dead man switch. Only way to fly. Strategic sensibleness everywhere, I love it! (Hmm. That picture in the background seems really familiar...)

-"Full immunity for you and your constituency." Yeah, and that worked so well for the vampires. Oooooohhhh hohoho. Dick Roman Tie Report LATE BREAKING NEWS: Dick's tie, while seeming to be white pin-stripes on a red tie, actually has a second set of blue pin-stripes going perpendicular to the white stripes, crossing them. Or maybe double-crossing them? Ho ho ho. Got your number now, Dick.

-"I'm willing to cordon off, say, Canada." OI! Watch it, Dick! ...Actually, Canada's a good strategic option for him to give up. Low population density so the Leviathans aren't giving up much of their prospective herd (about 35 million, or 0.5% of Earth's population), and we have stricter rules about HFCS ('glucose-fructose' here) than in the US, and most of our soda/pop uses sugar not HFCS, so Leviathan-chow inroads into Canada would be far slower too. And hey, we do have the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve of about 7 million kilograms of maple syrup after the recent $30 million-dollar heist recovery which could really mess up the Leviathans high-fructose plans as an alternative source of sweetness. Yeah! Dick's giving Canada to the demons because we're too much work to take over and the Leviathans just can't handle us. *snaps* Sorry, patriotism, happens sometimes.

-"All of Canada." Yeah, you can even chase down the 146 people living on Ellesmere Island too if you want. There's about 200,000 square km to search, so bring a snowmobile or an ATV.

-Heh, blood of a 'random demon' hunh? Plus what extra stuff? Dick's got the recipe and has been around since the dawn of time, so if anyone's going to know how to tweak it to his own ends, it'll be him.

-"I don't kiss on the mouth." Yeaaaah that's probably a good thing considering your mouth takes up your whole face sometimes.

-"I just so happen to have a standard rider right here." Ahahahahahaha. I love Crowley.

-Last title splat of the season. Aw.

-I'm wondering if the righteous guy might be Jimmy Novak. He's certainly given up everything for the cause, such as it is, several times over. Trying to think of who else it might be, but I'm drawing a blank unless they pull a random OC out at the last minute. Pretty sure Bobby's bones are long gone, and neither Sam or Dean are particularly righteous anymore, maybe? Hm.

-"Dude, on my car, he showed up naked, covered in bees." AHAHAHAHAAHAH, give me a minute here. HAHAHAHAHAH. HAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHA. BEES. HAHAHAH. Oh god. Okay. Better now.

-Nice when the radio tells you where the guy you're trying to waste is hiding out is. Very conveeeeeenient. Like it's a press release that's jumping up and down with flashing neon alarm sirens going IT'S A TRAP!!! Sigh.

-Hi title! "Survival of the Fittest" eh? Hmm. Oh and hi Bobby-inna-hotel-employee. You look good in a pink dress.

-Ahahah. Gotta love detailed contract negotiations. Also the prominent mention of San and Dean by name in all the Latin bits.

-You know, really, Crowley's probably having a blast. This Deal's an actual challenge to negotiate rather than the usual, "Whaddya want, okay, soul please, done." Doesn't he look like he's enjoying himself? No?

-Or it could be someone really good who's dead. Of course. Silly me. "Let's bone this nun." Sigh. Dean. *facepalm*

-'The Demon you have reached is unavailable. Please leave a message or try your summoning again later.' Yeah, that's not nerve-wracking at all, when the sole possessor of the last spell-component you need goes unexpectedly AWOL.

-Written by Sera Gamble. Directed by Robert Singer. Hold on to your butts.

-Hi Meg! Castiel's being a pest, eh? Well, you did have that whole 'being there for him' bond thing going on at the asylum, you should have expected he might get clingy.

-"He was your boyfriend first." Pfft. Silly Meg. *headshake*

-MUSIC!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! "VINCENT" BY DON MCLEAN!!! OMG. YES. THANK YOU. Love this song. Very suited to Castiel at the moment too, if he's still brain-fried.

-"I mean, how important is lipstick to you, Dean?" Yep, he's still crispy. Avoiding the big central painful things by focussing on tiny little unrelated things. Or maybe metaphorically related? Hmm. Monkeys.

-"*sniiiiff* Sister Mary Constant. Good choice." Heee. Like her thigh bone is a bottle of wine.

-"They're gone. The entire garrison dead." Yeah, sad to say, but that sort of thing happens when you don't do recon of an area before randomly popping your asset home to say goodbye to his mom.

-"Where's Kevin?"/"I could steal them from their cages, the monkeys, but where would I put them all?" Yeaaaah, I'm thinking there's a metaphorical hint or two in there.

-"I felt such responsibility but it's in your hands now." Look out, hot potato.

-"What's all that?" Like you wouldn't recognize a summoning kit. Silly Meg.

-Hi Crowley, ink dry on that contract yet?

-"This is an embarrassment of riches." Crap. Right. Well, if Crowley was still not up-to-date on Castiel's still-aliveness, that just changed.

-I have no idea at all whose side Meg is on or whether this bit where Meg's freaked out and Crowley's not letting her escape is all for show for the boys so they don't know she's working for Crowley or not buuuuuut... in this light, Crowley's tie is the same general color as Meg's jacket. Make of that what you will. *steeple-fingers*

-"Do you want to be? 'Cause I can help with that." Aw, Crowley's pissed off. Of course, getting played at his own game and by an angel, that's gotta sting.

-"The one angel I most want to crush between my teeth." Yep, Crowley didn't know. So maybe the disappearing vial was a production error, although that seemed like a mighty specific glance at the table.

-"You bore me, you know that? You have no sense of poetry." Ooo... burn? Didn't know demons valued poetry that much, really.

-"What do you have to say for yourself?" Oh dear. I think I'll just throw some caps down here.
Misha does excellent batshit. Somehow, I'm really not surprised. :-)

-"What are you talking about?"/"Preferring insects to angels I guess." Oh there's no metaphor in that at allllll.

-"It's honey, I collected it myself." You know, honey could be important as an alternative to Leviathan-HFCS... Hmm. Aside from that though, Castiel is starting to remind me of Dr. Horrible, babbling about his baggie of goop. I also really do love how discomfited Crowley is by Castiel being apparently insane. It's kind of a 'best enemies' moment.

-Talking faces. Crowley: "Really?" Dean: "Yup. Whaddayado?"

-"A prezzie." Yeeeeaaaaah. Blood of a random demon with whatever Dick added to it. Just because things are never that simple for the boys.

-Yay for doubting Sam. 'We want to see you bleed,' basically, because really, Crowley's the least trustworthy blood source on this boat ride.

-"Dick had me in a devil trap." Well! Truth! That's interesting coming from Crowley!

-"A fair deal, in exchange for giving you the wrong blood." I literally cannot describe my reaction to that. There was a face thing and flailing, and maybe a bit of a shout, something along those lines. Really though, he said he'd give them the wrong blood, not that he wouldn't tell them it was the wrong blood or give them the right blood too, because, let's face it, after having all of Earth as a shopping ground for souls, he's not going to settle for Canada. Although we are awesome, and do have the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve. Go Crowley! If that's what you're doing.

-"Never trust anyone. A lesson I learned from my last business partner." Kind of poetic, that. An angel teaching a demon not to trust.

-"Oh, Meg? I'm going to scoop you up, take you home and roast you 'til you're jerky." Heeeeee. He does have a way with words.

-Bobby's plan appears to be a simple one... Find Dick, insert sharp object, repeat.

-Ahahahahah! Oh dear. Being a ghost is not helping Bobby in the mental department as far as coping with his new state of being goes. Iron, was it? That's probably why he couldn't get inside the safe spectrally too, come to think of it.

-Oh Bobby.

-"There are three rules to contract negotiations; bring breath mints, get it in writing and have a plan for when they screw you." Words to live by from Dick Roman.

-"Go to the freezer."/"The arm?"/"Yep, thatta girl." It's been a bit of a head-muddled season for me this year, I can't remember if the arm is something from a previous episode or not. If they had Crowley's bones, they probably wouldn't need to keep them in the freezer so... hm. Maybe it's a snack.

-Ohhhh dear. I don't know what's going on with this Polly girl, but she's wearing an awful lot of pink, so I'm sensing imminent doom of some variety.

-"Depends who he wants dead more, us or Dick."/"Depends what Dick offered." Just Canada. No big whoop. Crowley's after bigger stuff. *handwave*

-Weapon-making time! Guess Crowley didn't steal Castiel's blood vial then, he must have been looking at the table and going 'I would have sworn there was a vial of blood there...' after Sam or Dean quickly snagged it and tucked it out of sight. *nods and handwaves* It's quiet for an epic-level spell creating a weapon to kill an ancient evil from the dawn of time. Almost too quiet...

-Um. Just a thought here guys, but maybe you should have poured the stuff on the pointy end?

-"-and I thoroughly examined and comforted the pig before I slaughtered it for the ham." Aw, Castiel made lunch. Bwahah! I'm kind of surprised he didn't go for the biblically traditional bread and honey, what with the bees, but I suppose Dean was likely on a bit of a protein depletion whinge at the time.

-"I'll be waiting right here." I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something more to Castiel's combat avoidance. Like maybe he'll go berserker or something. Hm.

-"Please accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity." Must use that in conversation sometime.

-Dick Roman Tie Report: SO. MANY. STRIPES. Stripes inside stripes, with stripes. Really trying far too hard to put up a not-at-all-evil facade.

-The arm.... is probably male.... and has a watch.... aaaand no idea. Why would they need a severed arm anyway, whoever's it is? Fingerprints for fingerprint scanners? But wouldn't the Leviathans mimic the fingerprints too when they doubled someone? Maybe it's breakfast. And they left the watch on so he'd... know if he was going to be late for a meeting or something...? That's a scary thought I hope never catches on. Built-in timers on breakfast. Anyway, one arm on ice, and I get the feeling it's someone we've seen before.

-"Hello Mr. Roman." Okay, so it's his hand. Sort of. Still not getting why, because even if he couldn't mimic fingerprints, he could call a tech in and reprogram all the locks without a second glance. *shrug* Dunno!

-Hairpins? How are hairpins significant? I either have forgotten a LOT this season, or there are a lot of last minute new thingies flying around here. Or maybe they're his girlfriend's hairpins? That'd be disturbing, but reasonable. Kevin's girlfriend is a bit doomed after all as a potential secondary carrot/stick.

-TIES EVERYWHERE. Crap is going down. And what's this? Dick's changed his tie and suit, or is this some kind of arm-clone thing, or is it a costume continuity error that will need handwaving. Time will tell.

-Yeah, this is looking all kinds of not good.

-"I'm vegan." I find this guy's annoyed huff hilarious.

-Ohhhh, yeesh. I didn't even think of lockpicking, because hairpins won't work for most modern locks these days, and it's not like Kevin was taking exams in lockpicking, so unless his Word of God head-buddy has something to contribute to proceedings, it's not going to work.

-"I'm pleased as punch to see you all here, last time we were all in the same room was inside that angel." *snerk* So, meeting of the Leviathan highest-ups.

-"Eat up. The sushi's made of fresh orphan." Hah. Would that be the girl? If so... why would they stick her in with Kevin? Getting her to dress up would be, like, a garnish, I guess? I don't know.

-And it seems like Kevin's inner-buddy has some lockpicking ability of some kind, or just poofed him through the door. Because the plot says so. Had to happen, really.

-Dude, stop looking at the exit sign and watch out for- whups, too late.

-"Everyone? Meet Polly." Nope, they didn't eat her. Yet. Hmm... Polly could be 'poly', and she could be some sort of experiment or clone? Hmm.

-"Thank you, Charlie, wherever you are." Aw. Yay!

-OH! Okay. So the arm was to make a second copy of himself? Leviathan biology needs some exploration. Though it is handy (no pun intended) if you know there's probably assassins coming for you with the only weapon that can kill you to have a live decoy. Given the tie change, the decoy is the one in the meeting. See? Ties. Yep. *nods sagely*

-And another. Bwahahaha, he's like a starfish! The boys needed a challenge.

-"Additive 3.0" to get rid of the zippy little hummingbirds. Heh. Yeah, I grew up on a chicken farm, and there's a huge difference in body type between egg-layers and meat birds from centuries of breeding for type. I'm guessing Dick's engineered a shortcut.

-Or it's just going to kill off people with the stuff they don't want, rather than massively increasing the tendency to put on weight as muscle mass. Come to think of it, they might be considering adding in some steroids to their mix to bulk up the muscle mass.

-Not sure what the point in getting Polly to change clothes was... Oh! Unless it was so she'd coordinate with the colour scheme of the PowerPoint presentation. That must be it. *nods* Non-dairy creamer and multi-vitamins.... *looks at list* Well, either way, I'm still safe.

-Great! Here comes Bobby to advance your timeline, up your challenge rating, and slaughter up a mess of Leviathans. I'd've thought he'd've had the chance to source and acquire like a gas-powered power-washer that he could fill with Borax and tow along behind him, but he's hitting some ghost psychosis by now with the Dick obsession overriding logic and the need to protect the boys, so he can be given a pass for not even having a Super-Soaker. Still, oh, Bobby.


-"Sam! Hey!"/"Shut up!" Heeeeeeeeeeeee! MAYHEM! \o/

-I do believe this is the same location they used for Folsom Prison Blues. That blurry loading bay looked a lot like the one they escaped from in that episode.

-I think Bobby's a little beyond reason at this point Sam, sad to say. Although you are handily providing him with a host far better suited to hand-to-hand combat...... Wait, no! This is Sam, who sucks at hand-to-hand. Bobby'd be wiser to stick with the maid. *nods*

-Whoa, did Bobby just take a swing at Sam with a machete? Yeah, he's too far gone. Oh Bobby.

-However, Bobby does know what day of the week it is! Sam choking day! \o/

-Though really, Bobby, you can stop anytime... O.o

-Oh Bobby. Times a billion.

-"Because Dick made more Dicks." *snerk* and Dean's face. *sneeeeeerk*

-"Doesn't this place feel one species short?" Yeah, nice cover, but there's something bubbling around in that scrambled brain.

-"I destroyed everything, and I will destroy everything again." Oh Castiel, wubbie! True, sort of, but I still now want to wrap him in a blanket and feed him soup again some more.

-"Nobody cares that you're broken, Cas. Clean up your mess." Owwww. Kind of standard operating procedure for how Dean's lived most of his life, but still, owwwwwwww. And given the avoidance issues, upping the pressure on Castiel really is not going to help anyone.

-"You know, we should play Twister." Heeee! Also, hmmm. Another game, like Sorry, where there are four similar prominent colors (Sorry pieces are red, blue, yellow, green too, right?), and Castiel was working some sort of deeper metaphor when they were playing at the hospital, but Dean wasn't listening. Seriously doubt they're going to play Twister, though, for one thing, Dean's definitely not in a humoring Castiel mood, and a large percentage of fandom would just explode. Though I am guessing there was a lot of Twister fic over the hiatus.

-And off he goes. Yeah, pressure is not a good tactic to help Castiel cope and get his crap unscrambled enough to help out, considering he's still got the whatever was driving Sam nuts he's fighting with too. Poor Castiel.

-"He knows them. He can see past the meat-suits." Yep. Thank you for pointing out the tactical crux of the matter, Meg.

-Eeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehe! No words. He really is trying so hard though. With Twister it's a bit like a bee's waggle-dance. XD

-Oh hi Bobby! Feeling a bit less strangly, I hope?

-SO. We have scrambled Castiel who can say which Leviathan is the leader, Bobby who is invisible to cameras and doesn't have to worry about locked doors, and you guys have the magical pokey stick. Get your ducks in a row and you're done! Aaaaand it's 2/3rd the way through the season finale, so that won't be happening. It's a nice thought, but I suspect everything is due to go utterly pear-shaped.

-"It's bad." Aw, Bobby. Aw. Vengeance addiction. Aw.

-Stripes in stripes. That's Dick Prime there, unless he's changed clothes since, which is likely, but it's probably a recording anyway.

-"I'm done." *wibble*

-"And when it's your time, go." Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

-"Here's to running into you guys on the other side. Only not too soon. Alright?" Ooof. The thing that's a real bitch about this show is that characters die, and then they die again more thoroughly. Bobby is... yeah. Gonna just cap for a bit here.
(I'm oddly encouraged by Castiel's presence lurking there.)

-Uno, Mastermind... Well, whatever Castiel's up to, all the board games so far have involved strong color elements. Hmmm. And he's certainly trying hard to communicate, or whatever.

-"How about we run a little errand?" *gasp* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Okay, I knew this was coming and I still went all sparkle-eyed and flaily. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!

-"It's a punishment, resurrection. It's worse every time." Ow. Sadly that's the trend, but still ow.

-"Nut up, we're all cursed." Also true, sadly.

-"I seem like good luck to you?" Awww. Castiel's wee face. Awww.

-"I don't want to make you uncomfortable." Heeee, faaaaaangiiiiiirl!

-"I detect a note of forgiveness." From whom, for whom, I wonder.

-"Can I ask 'the plan'?" Because Castiel has learned that 'the plan' of any Winchester always needs air-quotes, even when you don't use your fingers.

-I'm sorry, I have to. It's been far, far too long.
YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Not "Back in Black", but "Born to Be Wild" will do. \o/

-Yeah, announcing yourself in a big way. Cue driving the Impala through Dick's sign?

-Yep! Watch the paint, Dean! O.o

-Wow, Dean let Meg drive the Impala?? That would explain the general haphazardness with the car's condition and driving through things. There must have been one hell of a discussion before that happened.


-Meg is being quite the team-player, all things considered. Which of the others is still in the Impala, there was someone in the passenger seat, wasn't there?

-Hey, wait, if Dean and Castiel are lurking around in the building, and Sam's lurking around in the building, who the heck is in the passenger seat of the Impala? Crowley??? Or maybe I didn't actually see someone there. I was sure I did though. O.o

-Crisscross tie Dick, Castiel says he's not the original. *nods* So far, so good on spotting Dick Prime by tie.

-Wait, since when could Leviathans throw people telekinetically? Unless these are demons, or maybe angels since they seem to be wearing the spotty ties of Castiel's now deceased garrison. Either way, horrendously bad timing. OH! Unless doubling the angels gives them angel powers and these are Leviathans after all? In which case EEEEK.

-"The King of Hell will see you now." Ah, just demons. REALLY BAD TIMING GUYS.

-"We have to blow up the lab, Sam. Please?" WHEEE! YES, LET'S BLOW CRAP UP! If your plan cannot spontaneously add a side trip to blow up an evil science lab IT'S NOT A VERY GOOD PLAN NOW IS IT?

-"I smell promotion." Promotion smells like Borax and decapitation, good to know!

-"Are you sure I'm even me?"/"No, but he is." Ah, Dick Prime has done the wise thing tactically and coordinated tie choices with his decoys. Excellent.

-"[Crowley] will always find a way to bone you." Aaaaaaarg. Dean says as he waves the bone in the air. Aaaaaaaaaarg. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarg. Also, I smell foreshadowing.

-Looks like Castiel's off the non-combat list...

-...Not terribly effective, but not poofing out to avoid confrontation. Progress! \o/

-Got him! And now we see if it worked, and if Castiel was right, and... something's going to go wrong. About ten minutes left on the clock. A whole lot of fubar can happen in 10 minutes.

-Yep. Aw crap.

-Well, yeah, I guess nuns do typically have two thighs.

-Oh shit. When the guy you just stabbed with a hopefully-epic-level-magic-item starts giving off shockwaves, just freaking run.

-Um. Guys? Run?

-Really, seriously. RUN.


-Aaaaand Dean and Castiel have disappeared now, being right next to ground zero and getting pulled into Purgatory, right? Sam and Kevin have managed to stay impressively clean, I must say.

-Hi Crowley, what did you do?

-"Think if you'd had just one King since before the first sunrise, you'd be in a kerfuffle too." Ooooo. Ooooo. Interesting. Crowley's definitely got more going on there, I think. He was after Purgatory before, and it would probably still make a launching pad for a conquest of Heaven... is Crowleyattempting to storm heaven going to be the big bad for season 8? Because I could really see that having some potential, and possibly bring back the Heavenly Roadhouse et al. Hey, Bobby'd be there too, wouldn't he? Aw. Sorry, sidetracked. *eyes Crowley*

-"They should put a warning on the box." Would be nice. 'Insert into Leviathan and run away or get sucked into Purgatory.' Not enough room to write it on the rock.

-Oh Sam is most displeased. And bellowy! Which he really needs to do more often.

-"Sorry Sam, prophet's mine." Sam is operating completely on the back foot right now.

-"Sorry, Moose." Awww.

-"You are well and truly on your own." And nothing good ever happens when Sam is on his own.

-"Last I remember we ganked Dick."/"And where would he go in death?" This is Castiel's 'basic planar transference lessons for slow mortals' face.

-"This is where they come to prey upon each other for all eternity." And there's a pond and beech trees, which is nice. Also, Dean (and Sam and John and by extension other hunters which Dean will probably represent for the denizens of Purgatory) put quite a few of these creatures here over his lifetime, so this could be a lot like putting the sheriff in the county jail. Also also, not too long ago, Castiel ate every single entity on this plane and then puked them back out, so really guys, between the two of you, don't expect to be welcomed to the neighbourhood with a bundt cake.

-"I'm afraid we're much more likely to be ripped to shreds." Well, keep a happy thought. Still, Castiel's stopped babbling about insects at least.

-*GASP* Oh that's so cool! Hee. I did a sort of fanart manip thing back in 2007 where Sam and Dean were rescuing a kid from a forest full of red-eyed things and this just really reminded me of it. Not that glowing red eyes in the woods are an uncommon image, just, hee!

-"I think we better-" Well. Great. Gaaaah. He's probably scouting or finding something to help because I don't think there was any flappy noise (If an angel makes a flappy noise in a forest in Purgatory, is there a sound?) but it's the finale, so grim, dire and hopeless are the watchwords of the evening. Also, If they went there because Dick went there, that means Dick went there, and is lurking around, regrouping and just itching to attack them now that they're on what's been his home turf since the dawn of time. So, in essence, doom.

And now to wait through the long torturous summer hiatus no, wait. On to Season 8 (as soon as I can)! \o/

(PLEASE, NO REFERENCES TO SEASON 8 EPISODES IN COMMENTS! I'm catching up as fast as I can D-:)

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borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: October 13th, 2012 10:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
So you knew about Purgatory before you watched this? :(

And you're just about ready to join us in the real world! Prepare for um, angst...I don't think telling you that is a spoiler...
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 14th, 2012 05:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, it was a hard bit of info to avoid, but I was way behind so any reasonable spoiler moratoriums had expired.

Hoping to get on with season 8 asap, but I have plans this weekend, so we'll see how it goes.
percysowner From: percysowner Date: October 14th, 2012 12:59 am (UTC) (Link)
I see why you were confused about my going on about Canada and HFCS. Great review. I hope you get caught up on the new season. I really enjoy your picspams.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 14th, 2012 05:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Glad you're enjoying them.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: October 14th, 2012 06:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Whoo-hoo! You made it to the end of season 7!

Yes, I'm hoping that cut to Castiel just as the boys were lighting Bobby up means he's got something up his sleeve to save our favourite ghostie! I don't really like what the did to Bobby in season 7 - not just killing him, but making him go vengeful in a matter of days, whereas Tessa said in IMTOD that it took a lot longer than that.

I did love the ending though - pulling back to see Sam all on his own, and then Dean being abandoned in Purgatory. I'll be interested to find out whether you can actually die in Purgatory. If you're there, are you already dead? And if you get 'ripped to shreds' like Castiel suggested might happen to him and Dean, what would happen to you? Would you go to Hell? Heaven? Simply cease to be...? (My brain hurts thinking about it!)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 16th, 2012 04:00 am (UTC) (Link)
I wasn't thinking of the cut to Castiel as being him having something up his sleeve, more of a combination of him gaining a grip on his marbles and also a reminder that when a ghost is gone, maybe there's a chance it goes on to Heaven, which in Bobby's case would be the Roadhouse on high. Getting Bobby back would be cool however it's done.

Great parallels in the ending shots. Both brothers alone and surrounded by monsters. As to dying in Purgatory, I think they'd be lucky to. Since Dean (and Cas to a lesser extent) are the only Prey to show up in the plane for millennia, I doubt they'd be allowed to die, but kept as entertaining as possible by whatever means necessary. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave sort of thing.
malevolent73 From: malevolent73 Date: October 15th, 2012 04:24 am (UTC) (Link)
The car, the car! That's all I've got. *swoons*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 16th, 2012 04:04 am (UTC) (Link)
OMG, Dude, I know! That was far too damn long to go without the car. 15 episodes, with a flashback in the middle. NEVER AGAIN. No more heap of the week, please. Oh my god.
notmykl From: notmykl Date: October 16th, 2012 03:37 am (UTC) (Link)
Damn that's alot of maple syrup. If the Levis had taken over the US I'd be up in Canada in no time....with the Impala and a couple of thousand gallons of unsweet tea. -grins evilly-

A Winchester trapped in a monster prison, the place he personally sent quite a few monsters, Dean better start running like right now.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 16th, 2012 04:06 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm Canadian and I was rather stunned about the maple syrup reserve. It's not something that gets mentioned in Civics classes at all, and it darn well should be!

Running would be a really excellent plan, yes.
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