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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 8.04 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 8.04
Warning: Contains profanity.

Spoiler and Theory Summary

While looking up the schedule for something else, saw the title: "Bitten"


SO, at a wild guess, it looks like we're going to be finding out more about Benny the huggable vampire, and possibly a bit more on what happened in Purgatory with Castiel if Dean gets into some flashbacks. Also, Benny's had a week and a bit, he's no doubt killed a few people, made some more vampires, possibly had words with the Alpha vampire (wonder if a vampire that returned from Purgatory trumps an Alpha, or if they're not subject to whatever pull the Alpha has over them anymore *ponder*) and in amongst all that, made some appearances in some local papers and attracted the attention of the hunting community, what's left of it.

And of course if we're finding out about Benny, there's a good chance Sam will be finding out about Benny, or at least suspecting something, and there will probably be yelling, and possibly the boys splitting up to go their separate pouty ways, but even if that does happen, it totally won't last long. But it'll still hurt.

Also, on an inadvisable scan through the f-list between 7PM Eastern and 6PM Pacific, it seems this episode may be infuriating. ...Yay?

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 8.04 - "Bitten"

WARNING: Attempting a live watch. Not. Channel said it was Supernatural, it looked like Supernatural for a bit, but it was just a random procedural. So, somewhat later, the pause button is mine.

[Retroactive Note: Contains extra snark directed toward the episode characters and something like an informal attempt to detail what happens in the episode between Sam and Dean via neckwear analysis.]

-Splatter-zone. Rather artistically-influenced splatter-zone. And a covered body. Hm. If this was Benny's doing, he is a very messy eater. Yet artistically messy.... Ehhhh, Benny's trying to keep a low profile. This is not low-profile, this is either psychotic or animalistic, or making a statement about something. *wads up spoiler theory and tosses* Not Benny.
spn0804 01

-Sam pointing is making me giggle. Not sure why. Maybe it's like "Look, Dean a clue! *wags tail*"
spn0804 02

-Oh look, it is a clue! Or a trap to get you guys to stick around longer so you might still be there when the cops show up, and also to leave your fingerprints all over everything again some more. Like you need a trap for that. Whoever this is, they have a considerable amount of tech equipment. *eyes funky rainbow keyboard*
spn0804 03

-Good to know. Many things shouldn't end with a corpse and a room full of blood spatter. Like birthday parties.
spn0804 04

-Ah hahahahahah. Blair Witch camera? Really? Fair enough. *prepares to flashback to the turn of the century in nauseating shaky-cam-vision*
spn0804 05

-Waves of cybernetic asshats. Oh dear. *snerk*

-Now that is a 'character that's going to have lines eventually and be a pain in the ass' level of stink-eye.
spn0804 06

-Camera flirting. A way for the cheesy and the awkward to talk to each other without actually talking to each other, moderately successful since the mid-eighties. Also... is the 'Bad Trip' guy now filming her chest on her own camera? That's kind of slimy, and also stupid, because of course she'll notice.
spn0804 07
spn0804 08

spn0804 09

-The Charlie Brown sweater is an interesting fashion choice, not that I know a single thing about fashion.
spn0804 10

-Talking about future plans. Oh dear. So very doomed. I'm quite hoping the boys have taken the kid's laptop and aren't still sitting in the middle of a gory crime scene watching it, buuuut... yeah. *headshake*
spn0804 11

-Okay, the poster with film names as each state is freaking cool.
spn0804 12

-And a cameo by the Weekly World News! Apparently in SPN-verse, it didn't cease publication in 2007, and with most of the stuff they published likely being actual news in the higher-magic/weird levels of the universe of Supernatural, that makes perfect sense. Yay call-backs!
spn0804 13

-Kid's got one hell of a zoom function on that camera. Gee, do ya think maybe the pin will be significant? It's an Omega with a Phi in the middle, looks like, so maybe it's just some sort of fraternity. Suuure. EVERYTHING IS EVIL. Particularly on this guy who (in-line Tie Report!) has a solid grey tie. Definitely hiding something. Very suspicious.
spn0804 14

-Wow, Lord of the Flies in First Year university? We did it in grade 8 when I was in school. O.o
spn0804 15

-Someone dead, considerably less messy than our top of the hour crime scene though. Also, we are in *googles* Michigan, per the "Washtenaw County" on the Coroner's van. I don't think there was a location chyron yet, considering the kid would have had to add it to his recording to have it show, and that would just be silly.
spn0804 16

spn0804 17

-Long range Tie Report: Sam - rusty, Dean - navy blue. ALL SPOTS. Crap. Well, after last episode's masses of hurty talking at each other but not exactly with each other about Sam having his own life and leaving Dean hunting alone, and Dean being wrapped up in his own recent Purgatory stuff and not up for supporting Sam in his life choices any time soon, it's rather understandable that they're both randomized and insular.
spn0804 18

-Kid compiling the vid from his camera and hers is a damn fine video editor. Yup. Nailing the scene and sound continuity. He'd have done well in his Film courses, if he wasn't currently assuming a career as a mangled corpse. *nods*

-I'm beginning to think at least two of these kids are far too obsessed with cameras.
spn0804 19

-And this is a stunning display of exactly why these guys should watch where they discuss case theories. In case they are being watched by kids with cameras. They are lucky it's these idiots though, anyone else and what they're discussing could have been uploaded to YouTube within ten minutes. Three if it's low res.
spn0804 20

-"Is it just me or are you getting a 'workplace romance' vibe from those two?" ... *double-facepalm* Arg!
spn0804 21

-Okay, I will admit, the two camera guys tag-teaming the hemorrhoid in the green shirt to get him chasing them around made me guffaw, although at least one of them is going to be dead very shortly.

-Oh this doesn't scream 'site of your imminent demise' at aaaaaall.
spn0804 22

-Night vision will not help you now.
spn0804 23

-OH HEY, IT'S A- Thingy. Ape-coyote. Gorilla-wolf. Monkey-chihuahua. Whatever Dean called it, the things that greeted them in Purgatory. DID DEAN LEAVE THE FREAKING DOOR TO PURGATORY OPEN? Ooooor, did Benny not tell him the whole truth, and like when they needed blood from a former denizen of Purgatory to open the gate at the end of Season 6, they needed a human to go through first and open the gate from Purgatory to Earth? Hmmm. Either way, Winchesters have the absolute worst luck with doors/gates/portals/etc, particularly with being tricked them into opening them. *headshake*
spn0804 24

-Heeeey, he's not dead! Maybe he tastes bad? Too much Axe body spray? He seems the type. *nods*
spn0804 25

-"The bite's gone." Oh craaaaaap. That's even worse. So, werewolf then, or something else transmitted by bite? (Not vampirism though, otherwise he'd have been freaking out about someone making him drink their blood.) Eyes were a bit wide-set for a werewolf, since they're basically human-shaped.

-*facepalm* Don't just hang up on 911. They don't like it.

-This guy is doing a lovely job of being terrified, I must say.
spn0804 26

-...are they doing research on what might have happened to their friend by reading comics all night? If so, awesome. Also, look out, the beast awakes.
spn0804 27

spn0804 28
spn0804 29
Also, hi Bobby's kitchen, it's nice to see these poor doomed people who I don't know the names of, if they've been given any, hanging around in a familiar, if remodeled as usual when it shows up in episodes these days, location.

-You're a college student who wakes up with super-powers, of course you'd goof around with them. ...That girl has a very odd balance point. She must be wearing exceptionally heavy shoes. *nods and handwaves the barely hidden flying rig away*
spn0804 30

-"Am I a super-hero now?" Maybe on a different show, but on this one, you're just screwed.
spn0804 31

-Dude, deliberately setting up spy cameras, not cool. Although you will get excellent footage of your friend turning into a monster and eating your heart. The good news about that is you won't have to worry about repainting that doorframe behind you before you move out, because, well, splatter-zone trumps doorframe paint damage when it comes to getting your damage deposit back. Also, you're dead, so there's that too.
spn0804 32

-"Maybe we could go back out there and get that thing to bite me and then we can both be super-heroes!" *facepalm* Okay, so maybe you were too stupid to live anyway. Cute though. *patpat*

-If you need to take a video camera with you to answer the door, you may have a problem. Call Cameraholics Anonymous today!
spn0804 33

-HEEEEEEYYYYY!!! IT'S ANDY'S BONG! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Between that and the Weekly World News, it's like old home week for props! XD
spn0804 34

-Tie report Two: Sam's is still rust (Didn't Dean say he was rusty earlier?) Dean is still Navy. Sam's has some big blatant stripes, but they're currently going away from Dean, so he's getting himself together and getting to the job, but only as a means to get finished and get back to his new normal life faster. Dean's tie is still spots, but they are the tightest, densest spots I think I've ever seen on Dean, so still scrambled, insulated and repressed as hell, and not budging an inch, communications-wise or other. So, when they aren't directly interacting about the case, they are either being completely silent and focused on how right they are and how wrong the other one is in some form or other, or trading thinly veiled snipes, which explains why we're getting outside POV all freaking episode, and why there has got to be a missing scene to account for the alteration in ties *nods*. (Though I really do hope they took the laptop, or saved the video onto a thumb drive and took off out of the crime scene by now.) Also, Special Agents Rose and Hudson? Guns n Roses, so I think that probably means Sam's picked those names, (possibly an olive branch on Dean's part to make the hunting life more appealing to Sam?) since Dean tends to favour the classics and Sam with his Agent Sambora alias used previously apparently favors the great hair bands of the 80's. *eyes Sam's hair*
spn0804 35

-Um. Guys? We just had this discussion about discussing cases in public view, and now you're doing it on the doorstep of a random student you just questioned, next to an open window. Of course you've done this many times before, but this time, the randoms are actually paying attention. And recording.
spn0804 36

-"We could be dealing with another Mayan God." And the kid beams like that's a good thing. He didn't pay attention in social studies. Cute kid though. *ruffles his hair* (And hello yet again to Andy's bong. I think it's the same one anyway. Can't see them making another prop if they have a perfectly fine one in the storeroom.)
spn0804 37

-"I AM A GOLDEN GOD!" Yes, these people are indeed all too stupid to live.
spn0804 38

-When you wake up in the night thinking you're a god because something bit you and then your eyes start to flash purple and pulsate, it's time to lay off the drugs.
spn0804 39

-Aaaaaaand doom. Yep. So, werewolf then? But they weren't very specific about the corpses being missing hearts, so maybe not.
spn0804 40

-Super hungry, but not out of control enough to just chow down on the girlfriend. Doubt that's going to last though.

-Oh, look! A buffet! This town/college/whatever in Michigan is just wall to wall with dumbasses too stupid to live. Hooray for a target-rich environment?
spn0804 41
spn0804 42

-"I'll go visit that little piece of yours, Kate?" Well then. Thanks for giving me a name for one of these characters, boyo, but you can die now.
spn0804 43

-And the name of our noob monster of the night is Michael, good to know.

-"It's actually been pretty hot." Oh honey, you are cute as a bug's ear, and have about as much common sense.
spn0804 44

-Yeah, and now the screaming starts.
spn0804 45

-"What, he can't defend himself?" ...there's a slight difference between self-defense and ripping out someone's throat with your teeth. Just a bit.

-"Where's his heart?"/"Patrolman found it up the way there, eaten mostly." Ah, yep. Werewolf. *nods*

-Tie Report Three: *squints* Sam might be wearing Dean's tie from yesterday but it seems a lighter blue, can't tell if Dean's wearing Sam's tie from yesterday, but there are stripes and reddishness. Dean's on the job, Sam's retreating into his own head and issues again. There's definitely another missing scene there. Meanwhile, the cop's tie is grey with a thin pinstripe, and with the search-grid-like pattern of the suit jacket complements his role as a police detective on the job very well. *nods*
spn0804 46

-As further proof of... was this kid's name Brian? Brian's too-stupid-to-live status, he gets in a shoving match with his friend who he knows can toss him around like a ragdoll, after accusing said friend of killing someone and eating their heart. Immobilize first, interrogate later. Silly Brian.

-Oh that was a well-edited punch sequence. Brian would have done really well in the film industry were he not dead from stupid. Shame.

-"You've never been in love." HA! Maybe, maybe not, but he's at the very least been obsessed enough to think he is. Also, the whole being in love and excusing violent behaviour thing? Yeah, I do see that blatant metaphor-correlation there. Moving on.
spn0804 47

-Addendum to Tie Report Three, now that we have a good look at Dean's tie. Those are some scary intense stripes. Actually, the tie doesn't even have a main color. It's. All. Stripes. All work, all the job, very deliberately shoving everything else down and aside, or at least that's what he's presenting. That tie is far too intense and regimented in its stripery to be a comfortable or sane mindset at the moment. Eeep. Must have been one hell of a missing scene! O.o
spn0804 48

-"No, not that time of the month." *chokes on cocoa* Ha. Okay fine, not a werewolf. Back to the gibbon-hyena idea then.

-"GPS in your phones, duh." Yes, also, when going on a covert operation, make sure you turn off the 'automatically check in on Foursquare' feature. Also, Brian's a wee bit of a stalker. Just a smidge.
spn0804 49

-Getting access to security camera feeds. Oh, now Brian's a hacker too, so the computers aren't just for video-editing and rendering. Brian's turning out to be a creeper.

-"Don't get arrested." Wise words. Not likely considering who you're snooping on, but still, comparatively wise. Not so wise, sending in the character the newbie monster is most likely to resist eating, and then hanging out at night, in a car, alone, with a guy you're certain ate someone else's heart. *facepalm* Seriously, handcuff him, sedate him and stuff him in the trunk until dawn.

-Or send him in to snoop on the 'FBI' who are looking for him. *more facepalm*

-Two burgers for Dean! It's like he knew it was spn_bigpretzel's Food Week. Or is just being Dean after a year of no burgers. *nods*
spn0804 50

-Less diluted werewolf that can shift any old time, control himself, and live off animals. Ah! That would explain the wide-set eyes, right? Maybe werewolves closer to the Alpha generation become more like actual wolves and less like raged-out humans with the teeth and the fangs and stuff. Yeah. *handwaves* Not having much luck with the control issue yet, but Michael's new, and a bit more diluted than the one who bit him, so it's trickier. He's doing the 'turn anytime' already though. Hmm.

-"I'm a werewolf!" And knowing is half the battle.
spn0804 51

-I'm... starting to get the funny feeling at this point that Brian's going to turn Michael in, partly because he's a monster, but partly because Brian wants a chance with Kate, which will go very badly, and he'll off himself after editing the video and be the corpse in the bloody room, which is bloody from... I don't know who. But considering I started off being sure this episode would be significantly about Benny the huggable vampire, I could be wrong. Not that it matters too much for these guys.

-"I'm pretty sure that FBI agents don't say 'awesome' that much." Hee! Point for Kate!
spn0804 52

-"Hey guys, I think I found something!"/*slam* Yes. Because having an argument with your lover is much more important than solving the issue that's causing the argument. Morons.
spn0804 53

-And he goes out at night, into the woods, where the werewolf is, alone.... *headdesk* TOO STUPID TO LIIIIIIIIIIVE.

-Okay, damn that was a freaking awesome camera to get that detail while flailing around and being attacked by a werewolf. And then to find it again. In the dark. With one weeny little flashlight. Sure. He's got, like, that metal-detector app on his phone or something. Sure. Why not? *handwave handwave handwave* SOOOOO anyway, it's the English Lit teacher who's teaching an 8th grade novel in a university level course. Well, obviously he's a werewolf.
spn0804 54

-"I know what you are." *fade to black* And that's when the teacher ate him. No of course not. Just bit him. Or called campus security like any sane werewolf would.

-"I want you to turn me into a werewolf." Pffffft. See again, too stupid to live.

-Should've called campus security. Where the hell did Brian get a silver knife on such short notice? Then again, he has a lot of computers, fancy cameras, and is apparently a bit of a hacker, so he could find the funds for a tour of local pawn shops. Brian also needs to be refreshed on the meaning of the word 'consent'. And moving on.
spn0804 55

-"A young man who sleeps through most of my lectures." Let this be a lesson to students out there. Don't fall asleep in class or your teacher will eat you. Or bite you and make you a scapegoat.

-Aaarg, I can't turn off my analytical side. every time there's a jump-cut in this conversation between Brian and his teacher, I wonder what's been edited out... *headdesk*

-I realize it's a trick of perspective, but damn that is a nice huge coffee. *covets*
spn0804 56

-For some reason, this combat between the boys and the werewolf is hilarious to me. Also, dangerous way to carry a knife, Sam.
spn0804 57

-Hey, Dean got thrown into something and now Sam's even getting choked! What day is it? \o/
spn0804 58

-And now they have your camera. And now they're tracing you. *facepalm* Idiot.

-"Kate, I did this to protect you. *turns* I did what you couldn't." Well, I guess since you're both werewolves now, it's the perfect time to start a pissing contest. :-P
spn0804 59

-"They saw the camera Brian." Michael has a moment of smart, yay. He's actually seeming less stupid now that he's become a werewolf and stopped freaking out about it. But he'll be dead before the credits regardless. Or who knows, maybe he gets away. Stranger things have happened.

-Yeah, werewolf or no, Brian was never going to end up in a good place when it came to his pursuit of Kate. Kate honey, this is why, when you catch someone filming you and making lewd comments about you with his friend, you don't go over and flirt with him about his camera. You've ended up defending a murderer because you think you're in love, and also getting stalked by the friend. *headshake*

-"Gonna cry some more?" Um. That would be a no.
spn0804 60

-Considering only one person in that room had a silver weapon, I really should have figured out how that fight would end.
spn0804 61

-"After I bite you you'll understand!" I believe that may officially be the world's worst pick up line. At least in most situations. At sci-fi conventions it might get some surprising results.

-Since when can werewolves teleport? Must be a 'turn-anytime-and-live-on-animal-hearts early generation sire special bonus feature. Like an early adopter bonus. Sure. *handwave* O.o
spn0804 62
Also that is totally Bobby's kitchen. Exactly the same layout. Practically the same grime patterns.

-Again, Brian fails hard at that whole consent thing. He does have a last minute sliver of chivalry or decency or cowardice or something, just knocking on the door rather than tearing it off the hinges, but that really doesn't make up for it at all.

-Greaaaaat. Now she's got an idea. Revised guess; she's going to go out, eat Brian, edit the video, then kill herself, or maybe disappear, but the tragedy levels are getting Shakespearian in here. Serious case of camera addiction, editing a video in a room full of gore while belching up Brian.
spn0804 63

-Or Michael's the one under the blanket and she took off. Meh. Still editing for hours in a room coated in blood, picking bits of Brian out of her teeth. How much raw footage was there to go through? Maybe Brian was compiling it on the go and she just had the final scenes to do, because otherwise she'd've been sitting there for days, occasionally munching on Brian or Michael.
spn0804 64

-*facepalm* And they're still sitting in the murder room. Well, I guess if no one in the vicinity noticed the snarling and thumping, and she sat there in a room full of gore for most of a day editing final scenes and then waiting for Vegas or whatever to render the *checks time code* hour and a half long video, no cops are about to barge in and find the boys parked in front of a laptop like particularly adorable set of couch fungus. Wonder if they paused it once or twice to go to the john, maybe raid the kids' fridge for beer and munchies?
spn0804 65

-AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! And now the opening credits! This has to be a record of some kind for delaying the credits. Hee! Also HA! This ENTIRE EPISODE has been the pre-credits sequence! That explains so much.
spn0804 66

-Directed by Thomas J Wright, last seen directing Repo Man. Written by Robbie Thompson, recognize his name.

-"So, what, she's got about a half a day jump on us?"/"Uh hunh." Heh. Okay. Dean in 'hunt everything now' mode after Purgatory getting a reality check on most monsters not asking to be monsters. Or something. Hmm. Except Brian did ask, beg, and then pretty much force the guy to turn him, and creepy stalkery stuff, so he was somewhat of a monster before he became a werewolf. Also too stupid to live on so many levels.
spn0804 67

-So the boys now have a laptop full of video editing software and covered in funky stickers. Wonder if we'll see it again, or if it'll be put into Trunk-Space alongside the Hammer of Thor. Could be risky. Does Mjölnir come with a surge protector? *ponders*
spn0804 68

-"Do I really say awesome a lot?" Heee! A little, but it's fine, really. You're destabilized at the moment, you don't need to start experimenting with new catchphrases.
spn0804 69

-Heh, side thought, Dean's odd mellowness is making me wonder if while they had the video paused for a pee and beer break, Dean found the giant bong. Sorry, just sayin'. Awfully introspective and yet peaceful for Dean.

-Dean! Fingerprints! *facepalm* And now that I've caught more of the lyrics, the song is responding to google-fu, and reveals itself to be "What's The Matter" by Milo Greene. So now you know.
spn0804 70

-And Show would like to remind us all that it is occasionally very very pretty.
spn0804 71

Well, that was... interesting. Yeah. Sort of a Lower Decks, A View from the Gallery, outsider POV episode, like the Ghostfacers, but without the Ghostfacers and with gouts of angst and a love triangle from Hell instead of silliness. Interesting indeed. And, admittedly, as its own little story of the external characters, an effective horror story of sorts, so there is that.

So! Until next week!

(PLEASE, NO SPOILERS OR REFERENCES TO UNAIRED EPISODES IN COMMENTS! Any and all promo material for unaired episodes is considered to be a spoiler in this journal. The further definition of what constitutes a spoiler for this journal is located in left hand sidebar. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)

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(Deleted comment)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 29th, 2012 03:14 am (UTC) (Link)
I tend to focus more on the boys' ties and significant ally and adversary character ties; I'm not quite so pathologically tie-obsessed to do every single tie in every episode, especially since the boys seem to be going through 2 or three ties an episode lately.

The one tie report for the professor with the the grey tie of obfuscation was atypical and mainly done because it was in same cap as the pin fraught with significance. All the cards were all on the table at the point Brian confronted him, so it wouldn't have added much of anything anyway.
teardrop_tattoo From: teardrop_tattoo Date: October 27th, 2012 11:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
You know, I actually quite liked this episode. I was genuinely scared during some bits, which hasn't happened in a long time--And I'm not even a fan of the Paranormal Activity style. Found footage just isn't my bag.

But this is why I sometimes avoid the Fandom--Because I liked it, but.....I guess other people didn't? Haha.

Oh well. I always love your recaps and speculation, and I'm so glad you're all caught up! Looking happily for the next one! :D
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 29th, 2012 03:19 am (UTC) (Link)
As its own little horror story/love triangle it was a rather effective story. I'm not on most of the comms, major or otherwise and I avoid the TWoP forums due to spoilers, but a few rumbles of irritation worth noting showed up on my f-list regardless.

I liked seeing the boys from an outsider perspective, and getting the 'monster' POV, and I can see reasons why people would dislike it or like it, but I try to focus on the positive in these reaction posts.

Glad you like these posts! :-)
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: October 28th, 2012 03:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Well, you're still hitting it with the tie reports :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 29th, 2012 03:19 am (UTC) (Link)
I try!
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: October 28th, 2012 06:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Still not quite sure what to make of this episode. I pretty much thought Robbie Thompson was God last season, but I guess I just found this one too similar to Ghostfacers but, as you say, without the added bonus of the Ghostfacers. If you're going to do outsider POV, you kind of need stronger characters to act as the outsiders. I kept thinking Kate was season 1 Meg!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 29th, 2012 03:31 am (UTC) (Link)
She had the hair for it. I'm not sure, but I've got a feeling they might bring Kate back briefly later in the season as arcs progress.

This episode seems to me to be a shortcut to getting to the point that most monsters didn't ask to be made what they are, and most are just trying to survive, which is something post-Purgatory Dean needed to hear, and getting Sam to say it in the current dynamic wouldn't go well, and wouldn't make sense for Sam. Getting a monster to say it to them directly wouldn't have been as effective because they've had that from other monsters before to little effect, and from a viewer perspective could seem preachy. I don't know.

Like I say, I try to focus on the positive in these reactions. I agree stronger episode characters would have helped, and it was by far not my favourite episode, but it has some good to it.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: October 28th, 2012 06:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
I had much the same reaction as you with the "too stupid to live," but I did think it was well done. The boys truly do need to stop talking when there might be people watching though, *facepalm*
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 29th, 2012 03:31 am (UTC) (Link)
They are too comfortable with that. Someone needs to call them on it.
x_cat11 From: x_cat11 Date: October 28th, 2012 07:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
It was different. Too little of Sam & Dean but I imagine Jared & Jensen deserve a break every once it awhile. It might be interesting to revisit werewolf girl. Maybe she will become a hunter, she already took out her creator. Seems reasonable she might feel the need to take out others who give werewolves a bad name.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 29th, 2012 03:32 am (UTC) (Link)
I think she might recur, though I'm not sure as what, or why. A hunter would be interesting though
11 comments or Leave a comment