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Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 6.01 and 6.02 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 6.01 and 6.02
I have jammy dodgers (or a reasonable facsimile), jelly babies, and tea. About time I got around to watching some series six Doctor Who, isn't it?

I won't be doing a full picspam for these, more of a cursory... yeaaah. We'll see.

CAUTION: Contains oblique references to things I know about future episodes because it's been so long since these aired. Particularly detailed mentions will be under a spoiler cut.

Spoilers, well, I've seen an awful lot, considering I'm so late getting to these, (yes, including that) so I won't be listing them separately, just maybe mention them as they come up. Overall though I have heard that many fans found this season a hard one to like, so we shall see.

Comments based on stuff I know for future episodes that go into greater detail than vagaries will be under a spoiler-cut, just in case.

dw60102 001

Doctor Who 6.01 - The Impossible Astronaut

-Bwahahahahahahaha, what?
dw60102 002

-"This isn't nearly as bad as it looks." Good. Because that would be a true challenge.
dw60102 003

-"It's like he's being deliberately ridiculous, trying to attract our attention." The Doctor? Being ridiculous and wanting attention? Naaaahhhh.
dw60102 004

-I'll say this for River, she does mischievous really really well.
dw60102 005

-"She's packing. She says she's going to some planet called America." Heee. Yes, packing would be cause for alarm with River.

-Cool that they got to film outside of the UK, but still feels a little weird.
dw60102 006

-School Bus number 51. Very cute.

-"Have you seen the statues?" *facepalm*

-That whole stopping running thing doesn't bode well.

-"Space, 1969." Yep, moon landing. Space: 1999 could be fun too, but you'd have to skip to a parallel universe to get there, too much fuss really.

-Credits with the fire and everything, hello. Written by Steven Moffat

-"I'm eleven hundred and three, I must have drunk it sometime." Yes, back when you had a flat share with Craig, and you had exactly the same reaction. Also... 1103? That's a fair jump, isn't it? O.o

-"Who's that?"/"Who's what?"/"Who's who?" Oh crap, it's one of them, isn't it. Silence things. The main thing I know about them is they're supposed to be incredibly scary. Not sure exactly what they do or how they work, so yay, something to discover while watching.

-"A lot more happens in 1969 than anyone remembers." Just a guess, but he doesn't mean the release of Led Zeppelin's first studio album, the Beatles final public performance, or the first Earth Day. And that's just in January.

-Hello, titular astronaut, I'm pretty sure I know who you are, but I could be wrong.

-Okay, that was a surprise. O.o
dw60102 007
dw60102 008

-"That most certainly is the Doctor and he is most certainly dead." Hah. We'll see how long that lasts.

-"He said you'd need this." Hahahah. That's thoughtful. Go to where you know you'll get killed and arrange for a folksy old follow to show up with a can of gasoline to burn your corpse.

-Gotta love the cinematography.
dw60102 009

-Oh! 2 and 4, and Amy and Rory's was three... Who is number 1? And is that a Prisoner reference? Did he invite himself?
dw60102 010

-"I'm Canton Everett Delaware the Third." Oh really? Quite a few years after you looked like Mark Sheppard. Heh. This actor also played among maaaany other things, the Soul Hunter and a Minbari warrior caste leader in two separate episodes of Babylon 5, which makes for some interesting crossover potential, and the actor's name is William Morgan Sheppard, and he is Mark Sheppard's actual real dad, which is unbearably cool. :-)

-"I won't be seeing you again, but you'll be seeing me." Gotta love time travel.

-"Who did the Doctor trust the most?" Ahahahah. Yep. You know, arguments could be made about that whole trust thing, but still, ahahahah.(Also, parking the Tardis in a cafe restroom? Classy!)
dw60102 011

-"I'm the King of Okay! That's a rubbish title, forget that." *snerk*

-Love Rory and his little "WTF" hand gesture here. Rory, honey, it's called time travel. These things happen.
dw60102 012

-Eeeheeeheeeeheeee! Rory gets to return the incredulous chest-poking he got at the end of Series Five. :-D
dw60102 013

-"Someone who trusts you more than anybody else in the universe." I don't know if hiding that it's him from himself is likely to make him any more compliant. The Doctor has a history of not liking to be ordered about by anyone. I do wonder what the counter-man and the guy in the hat hunched down in the booth behind him are making of all this though. Meh, late night roadside diner, I'm sure stranger things have happened.
dw60102 014

-"We've told him all we can." And all you can't too, considering you aren't that far away from him and he's sort of lurking right above you near the edge right now, based on the feet movements. Also, there is a whole Tardis there, if you want a genuine private conversation, pick a hall and walk for half an hour.

-"He's done it before!"/"And in fairness, the universe did blow up." Rory is awesome. Just felt that needed to be noted.
dw60102 015

-"I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed! What's the point in having you all?" HAHAHAHAHAHAH, yeah. Being ridiculous and attracting attention, that's Eleven.
dw60102 016

-Biplane lesson in 1911. Yep. Doesn't respond well to orders.

-"My life in your hands, Amelia Pond." Ow oh that's really not going to help.

-Hi Mark!
dw60102 017

-"Did you touch something?"/"Just admiring your skills, sweetie." Pft *headshake*. Also, turn the Tardis invisible? That sounds like it could go all kinds of wrong. And blue Police boxes were just starting to be phased out in the UK, he could park it somewhere and claim an eccentric rich person had bought it and had it shipped to the US. But okay, invisibility.

-In the Oval Office. Ahahah, landing right next to the person they were trying to get to, in essence. Probably the best targeting the Tardis has ever done.

-Hey, the little boy's voice, is that Stephen Moffat's son again, like in Sherlock?

-When caught taking notes in the middle of a top secret off the record sort of meeting thing you weren't actually invited to, a 'carry on, don't mind me' gesture may be a shade too blasé.

dw60102 018
dw60102 019

-"I just walked into the highest security office in the United States, parked a big blue box on the rug, you think you can just shoot me?" Yes, actually, but they don't need to know that.

-"THEY'RE AMERICANS!"/"Don't shoot, definitely don't shoot!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

-"These are my top operatives: the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs. Robinson."/"I hate you."/"No you don't." Heeeeeeee!

-It was a little girl and there's only one place she could be calling from *rolls back* Ohhh. That's not the kids name, it's presidents, isn't it? Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton. Or something else. Not the kid's name.

-"Do not compliment the intruder!" *giggles* There's an FBI guy who's having a very bad day.

-"And that's the man he walked past." Ooooh, burn.

-"I'll need *practical maps and things* a pot of coffee, twelve jammy dodgers and a fez." Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! They might be more inclined to let you have that stuff if you explained things first, but that's never going to happen, is it.
dw60102 020

-FFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! O.O Okay, so yeah that was freaky. *koff*
dw60102 021

-Faaaaa!!! Okay, definitely seeing the freaky.
dw60102 022

-The door the door the door thedoorthedoorthedooorbehindyouisopeninggaaaaaah!!!!!!!! O.O
dw60102 023

-Ahem. Or not. Maybe.

-So, as soon as you look away you forget about them. Hm...

dw60102 024
dw60102 025

-"Her name was Joy. Your name is Amelia." FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! O.O

-"Your phone?" Yeah, 1969 and cellphones don't mix.
dw60102 026

-"Mr Canton, on no account follow me into this box and close the door behind you." So he does and MARK SHEPPARD IS ON THE FREAKING TARDIS. Yes. This is good. Aaaaand Canton makes a boggle check!
dw60102 027

-"It's bigger on the inside." \o/

-*facepalm* Okay, it's an address. And they are in the wrong building, since the kid read "Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton" and Jefferson and Adams are on the right hand side, the location is on the opposite side of that sign, or the child first learned to read right to left, which is possible, a lot of languages do that.
dw60102 028

-"The he's hot when he's clever face."/"This is my normal face."/"Yes it is." Pfffft.

-"How long have Scotland Yard had this?" Hahahahaha. In 1969? About 6 years. ;-)

dw60102 029

-Oh, and you.
dw60102 030

-Yeeaaaaaaah. Examination tables with a handy tilt to run fluids off into the handy drain pan. Practical, yes, but, uh, GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!
dw60102 031

-"We came here because of what we saw in the future." Yep. Observer effect. You saw it happen, it becomes an observed event, and you can't change anything that alters the observation you made which changed you in the observation of it. However, the thing about the observer effect is you can change things, as long as they don't change the way the observer perceives the observation. The only word they have that the body was actually the Doctor was Canton's after all. If they can arrange a really close fake of the Doctor to be shot and seem dead and get sent off on a floating pyre like a Viking noble on a handy, entirely unsuspicious boat, then no problem. Or this is all part of that other thing coming up sometime this series. Regardless, no problem.

-"Life signs?"/"Nothing that's showing up."/"That's the worst kind." Oh definitely.

-"I think he's talking about the possible alien incursion?" Yes, problem solving now, flirting later.

-Eeeeeeek it'sthemit'sthemit'sthem although they look pretty inactive right now, so that's fine but Eeeek.
dw60102 032

dw60102 033

-Hunh. The suit looks like it's grown on, oh that's just so much worse.
dw60102 034

-"Rory, would you mind going with her?"/"Yeah, a bit." *snerk*

-"How can they be really old and nobody notice them?" And how can they be really old and have a door like that. I'm guessing by 'really old' a time-traveling archeologist doesn't mean 'thirty years ago'.
dw60102 035

-"Is this sensible?"/"God I hope not!" How does she hang around with the Doctor and stay alive? Actually, she doesn't though, she's in jail or off on her own, which is good, because Eleven is enough gleeful rampaging through the strictures of sensibility without there being two of them. (Yes, I know.)

-"Imagine what that does to a girl."/"I don't really have to." Heh. Yeah. Oh Rory.
dw60102 036

-"The day's coming when I'll look into that man's eyes, my Doctor, and he won't have the faintest idea who I am." Oh, ow. That's an unexpected bit of a parallel for Alzheimer's, isn't it? Ow.

-"And I think it's going to kill me." You'd be right about that, in a more literal sense than you think you mean.

-OH, HEY. It's the control thing, from that ship that was the second floor above Craig's flat!!! That's really not a good thing. OH HEY! That means the little girl is the ship's AI faking a voice to draw someone in, right? Really not good. And neither of them have seen it before, just the Doctor. Oh dear.
dw60102 037

dw60102 038
dw60102 039
dw60102 040

-"There's nothing out there." Gaaaaaaaaah!!

-"They're running under the surface of the entire planet." Well. Isn't that just fantastic. O.O

-Canton Whumpage! Can Canton just stay? Like forever? I've only seen Mark Sheppard being evil bastards before, and they're all great, but this FBI actiony heroy Mark Sheppard character is growing on me. I have the feeling it's not going to end well though.

-"Doctor, I'm pregnant." Ah yes. And I have the general idea of how that's going to go as the series progresses.

-Hey, you. I see you aren't done being enigmatic yet.
dw60102 041

-Oh don't worry that you might have killed the kid, Amy. The way you just fired there is no chance in hell you hit anything. *patpat*
dw60102 042

And on we go to the second part!

Doctor Who 6.02 - Day of the Moon

-And three months later, Canton is chasing Amy (who is not showing a bump yet, so there might be some time travel involved somehow) through the desert in a truck. Obviously there have been a few changes.

-"Is that a body bag?"/"It is."/"It's empty."/"How about that." An effective threat. Evil Mark is good too. ...Why does the operative over his left shoulder seem to be wearing brown pants and a green jacket?
dw60102 043

-Okay there is a lot of stuff that needs some going over here. The joys of in medias res And Amy's been shot. That's not going to last. And I have heard vague things about those hash-marks, including that they would be a quick and easy Halloween costume. Much to be explained.
dw60102 044

-Yep. Had to go there eventually. Other than in animated form. Since his young friends have been there.
dw60102 045

-Prisoner. Hm. Yes, a lot has changed in three months. The hair and beard almost suit him though.
dw60102 046

-Tunnels and hash-marks in New York. Seems to me a sleeveless dress isn't the best option if your arms are covered in tally-marks.

-Or if you're wandering around a place that's being renovated and has loud sudden noises and WEIRD FACED SUIT GUYS SLOWLY STANDING UP BEHIND THE TARP THINGS but River has never been known for practical fashion choices.
dw60102 047

-Actually, the sleeveless approach is considerably more practical if you're going to be drawing on yourself with a Sharpie.
dw60102 048
dw60102 049

-Oh, riiiiiiiight. Yeah, I've seen gifs of this next bit, (and revised crossover gifs, where it's not River and it's at Bart's Hospital in London in a wishful crossover. ;-))
dw60102 050

-Zero balance dwarf star alloy. Doesn't exactly sound like a standard 1969 era building material there...

-"And it still won't be enough." Hehehe. Not usually, no. The hairy madman look really suits Eleven too.
dw60102 051

-Why am I not surprised that Rory appears to be running out of clear skin surface to write more tally-marks? Poor Rory.
dw60102 052

-"In here, you're literally cut off from the rest of the Universe." Ooo. Can I have one? No, wait, it wouldn't have wifi. Never mind.

-"So I guess they can't hear us, right?" \o/ SECRET PLOTTING!!! NOBODY'S DEAD! CANTON IS AWESOME!!! WOOO! \o/
dw60102 053

-*thud* *flicker* Ahahahahaha! And that would be the reason no one was allowed past the yellow line, so no one bumped into the invisible Tardis. Hahaha. Cool.

-I am going to have to take a moment here to laugh my head off because apparently the Tardis now has a windshield washer fluid tank. XD
dw60102 054
(It's the pink 'summer-bug-wash' type of washer fluid! XD)

-"It's Neil Armstrong's foot." Considering the badass reputation of Mr. Armstrong including occasionally punching conspiracy nutcases who got in his face insisting the moon landing was faked (ETA: which was actually Buzz Aldrin doing the punching as claudiapriscus pointed out, but I'm sure Neil would've done the same given the same stimulus), I'm sure he wouldn't mind his foot being used to kick a really creepy alien invasion off the planet.

-She was wrong about being pregnant. Or her pregnancy is the unusual kind that's not locked into the usual progression of time and only exists when it's safe. Also, she told the Doctor before she told Rory? It's good now, since Rory'd really be freaking out since with all the running around doing clandestine stuff for the past three months, not to mention getting shot, could have caused a problem, but still, if you're going to tell anyone, telling the baby's other parent who happens to be your partner before the guy you travelled time and space with and once non-consensually snogged might have been a better idea. Also also, it seems the Doctor has advanced Sharpie removal technology. I want it.

-"As long as there's been something in the corner of your eye, or creaking in your house or breathing under your bed or voices through a wall." GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay Eleven can be really creepy when he puts his mind to it.

-"They've been running your lives for a very long time now, so keep this straight in your head. We are not fighting an alien invasion. We're leading a revolution. And today the battle begins." *requisite fist-pump of badassery*

-So, that's an odd gesture. Is Canton planting a non-telepathic bug of his own?
dw60102 055

-"Look at your hand." THEY WERE IN THE TARDIS GAAAAAAAH!!!
dw60102 056

dw60102 057

-"Children's homes." Heard that before *eyes Torchwood*

-Don't mind me, I'll just be here a moment drooling over the architecture.
dw60102 058

-"Please excuse the writing." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, sure, just kids doodling. Six foot tall kids. Doodling in something that looks like blood. Nice orphanage! *thumbs up*
dw60102 059

-Hehehe. Subtle!
dw60102 060

-So, the orphanage is going to be closed two years ago, there's writing in what looks like blood on the walls and Sharpie on the caretaker, and this guy's brain is a fine frappe of alien finger-poking. Lovely!
dw60102 061

-Rocking horse rocking on its own in an empty room gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

-"Don't worry, I've put everything back the way I found it." HA. Suuuuuuuure, when has the Doctor ever done that? Messing with the moon capsule, hm?
dw60102 062

-"There's always a bit left over, isn't there?" Hahahah. Yep.

-GAAAH, doors suddenly closing on their own, ffffff!

-Well, I was going to wonder if she'd activated her recorder thing when she grabbed the knob, but since there are three hash-marks on the back of her hand, I'm guessing that's a definite no.

dw60102 063
dw60102 064

-They sleep like bats? Okay.
dw60102 065

-*facepalm* When on a covert operation and staring up at the ceiling at the masses of things you're trying not to wake up, watch where you're putting your feet! I've been lecturing the Winchesters about stuff like this, I can lecture you too, Amy Pond.

-"How the hell did you get into the command module?" Oh dear, looks like the psychic paper is on the fritz?
dw60102 066

-Yes, well, who needs psychic paper when you can whistle up the President in person.

-"Code named the Doctor." *sneeerrrk*
dw60102 067

-Ahahaha. I see you, River and Rory. And the Tardis. Hahaha, subtle.
dw60102 068

-Rory, stop touching things!
dw60102 069

-...who in the what now?
dw60102 070

-Oh dear, disappearing hatch. Is the door made of zero balance dwarf star alloy? Or is it just a trap?
dw60102 071

-Oh. Oh crap. SO! Maybe that whole pregnancy thing didn't not happen, and three months was actually 9 making the child... wait how does *headshake* Right, just in case [Spoiler (click to open)](and just in case Moffat has remembered about the Blinovitch limitation effect since the episode with the flying Christmas sharks), don't let River touch the kid.
dw60102 072

-"Just tell me who you are!" I don't know whether it's the air breather noise or what, but for a second I was sure the astronaut was going to respond with "Are you my Mummy?"
dw60102 073

-Right. Momentary logic spasm. The astronaut is as tall as Amy. What is the kid using for legs? Also "Mummy, there's a crack in my wall helmet." Probably from when Amy shot at her. Tough helmet!
dw60102 074

-"Doctor Renfrew." Heh. Not quite Renfield, but close.

-We have ruled the world since the wheel and fire." Hm. Wonder what the Silurians, or think about that. Or any other similar non-human Earth species and wannabe conquerors. Did these guys suddenly appear as an 'always been there' because of the crack in the wall I wonder? It would handily explain why they haven't been around before.

-And now we find out if it's an alien menace that's immune to bullets.
dw60102 075

-"Welcome to America." Apparently not immune to bullets. Or at least inconvenienced by bullets, and probably pissed off by them.

-I'm very much entranced by Mark Sheppard playing a hero-type. I know he's had roles in just about every sci-fi series going, but I'm finding Canton here quite enthralling, and I hope he lasts through the series. Obviously he doesn't die, since we see him old, but if he could hang out with the gang for several episodes, I really wouldn't mind.
dw60102 076

-Oh. Shit. Well. That's not good.
dw60102 077

-"Wherever you are, we're coming, I swear." Rory is also far beyond awesome. Oh Rory.
dw60102 078

-And then she starts calling for the Doctor and not Rory, and it's made of awkward and ow, and poor Rory!! D-:

-"We are the Silence, Doctor. And Silence will fall." Call me a pessimist, but 'Silence will fall' doesn't really sound like it's a good thing for the Silence....

-"No, you really don't." *Nixon steps out behind him* HAHAHHAHAHAHA okay, so Nixon is like the psychic paper of the episode then? Any questions about authority and bam, they whip out Nixon. It should be hard to explain to the guards how Nixon got into the escape-proof box, but I suspect it won't be.

-An exoskeleton. There we are, that explains the legs.

-"Incredibly strong and running away, I like her!" Heee.

-"Then why did the human race suddenly decide to go to the moon?" Not quite suddenly, though I suppose in the grand scale of the passage of time a few decades isn't much. Hm. So the Silence manipulate the humans into doing or making what they want. Do they want something on the moon, or is this a human rebellion thing?

-"Because the Silence needed a space suit." Hm. Hmmmm.

-I'm slightly amused that the military doctor looks a bit like the guy from the old Maytag repairman commercials.
dw60102 079

-"You should kill us all on sight, but you will never remember we were even here." Ya know, if they hadn't killed Joy in the washroom earlier, I'd really wonder if they're really bad guys at all, or just creatures who innately make people forget they exist and control human will, and really wish they could stop, but can't and are just trying to chivvy the human population into building them a way to get off Earth and go home, and meanwhile hate themselves for what they're doing to humanity. But the random murdering kind of puts a damper on that idea.

-"This is a video phone... whatever a video phone is." Heeee.

-"The little girl said the spaceman was coming to eat her." *FACEPALM* OHHHHH, right. And hook her up as a pilot or whatever. That would have been disturbing. Spacesuits in this show have a history if being disturbing, particularly when River's around.

-"My life was so boring before you dropped out of the sky." Ow, ow, ow, I am now seriously irked at a person trapped in an unknown location by monsters. If she truly feels like that about the Doctor but not her husband, she should stop messing Rory around (even though her chances of getting anywhere with the Doctor are infinitesimal to none) and let him go. Not that Rory would go anywhere regardless. He didn't for two thousand years. Oh Rory.
dw60102 080

-"This is kicking the Romans out of Rome."/"Rome fell." Oh Roryyyyyy.

-"I know, I was there." Probably, though it wasn't falling when you first visited and you were in Pompeii the next time. So the fall of Rome might not have been your fault.

-"So was I." In a plasticky Autony sort of way.

-"Of course I'm lying." Oh Roryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Gaaah. All the blankets and soup for you, dude.
dw60102 081

-Amy seems to have a habit of getting kidnapped by subterranean species' and affixed to standing tables. Not a good habit to have.
dw60102 082

-"You will break the Silence." Really starting to wonder about that 'they don't want to be creepy, mind-controlling planetary overlords thing. Unless they said 'bring' instead of break, which would be a whole different thing.

-"Seen one of these before, abandoned, wonder how that happened." Indeed. A very interesting development, that.

-"You want to watch that, me when I'm confident." Heee, yep, it usually means plans are getting foiled or something's about to go very very wrong.
dw60102 083

-"Is this really important flirting, because I feel I should be higher on the list right now." *snerk* Yes. Save the world first, flirt later.

-"What I really want to do is accept your total surrender and then I'll let you go in peace." There's confident, and there's over-confident, but we'll see.

-"I'm not really gonna let you go that easily, nice thought but it's not Christmas." Pffft! Ha.

-"They will look back at this man taking that very first step and they will never, ever forget it." Oh. Oh dear. It's going to be some kind of psychic *handwave* control breaking thingy embedded in the signal that's going to let everyone remember the Silence, but wait, that's not a good thing, there'd be mass panic and stuff so, hm.
dw60102 084

-Oooooor they're hijacking the signal to put in a subliminal image of the injured Silence saying what they do, so they won't be able to control anyone anymore.

-"You should kill us all on sight." Oh dear. Or use their words to implant a suggestion in everyone that if they see a Silence, they should kill it. That's not going to make things easy for the Silence. Or humanity, for a while. Considering they can make people pop like balloons, a human attacking them on sight could be a very short combat. What the hell are you doing, Doctor? O.O

-"Run! Guys I mean us. Run!" Heheheh. Ooops indeed.
dw60102 085

-"Just get your stupid face out of here!" Oh. Well. That still doesn't explain the falling from the sky bit, but I no longer feel quite so much like glaring at a woman being held captive by creepy mind-control critters.
dw60102 086

-"There's a reason why I'm shooting, honey!" Heeeee.

-And they all go down in a hail of plasma. Is it just me, or did River sort of channel a different River there?
dw60102 087

-"So... what kind of doctor are you?"/"Archaeology. *zot*" By way of Indiana Jones.

-And yes, Amy, you were heard.
dw60102 088

-"It's a figure of speech, moron!" Okay, fair enough. Amy, I apologize for thinking badly of you.
dw60102 089

-"Safe? No of course you're not safe. There's about a billion other things out there just waiting to burn your whole world." Yep. Out there, in there, under there, sleeping there. Earth is quite a doom-magnet.
dw60102 090

-"Dare I ask... will I be remembered?" HEH HEH HEH. Yeahhh, you could say that.

-"Yes. He is." Hee. Yep, I thought that was where that little mention of marriage was going. It's going to be a long while after 1969 before that becomes a possibility in the US.

-"I think the moon is far enough for now, don't you, Mr. Delaware?"/"I figured it might be." Wait for it. It'll be about 40 more years, and only in a few places, but it'll happen.
dw60102 091

-Yeaaah, I don't think this is part of his usual. Until now. *facepalm*
dw60102 092

-"There's a first time for everything."/"And a last time." Yep. Sadly, that's the way it goes for you two crazy kids. Speaking of kids, what happened to the little girl...?

-Yeah, that one!
dw60102 093

-"Did you tell Rory?"/"...No." Well, you did now. Just a hint, if someone has a remote thingy that can eavesdrop on you or your brain or whatever the thing does, get it back from them before you start talking about things you don't want them knowing. And Rory, seriously, you should have passed it off, because eavesdropping is not nice, though I can see how he'd be thinking it could be used to track Amy if some other subterranean species kidnapped her and strapped her to a table and therefore something that should be hung on to, but maybe in a sound-proof, only-to-be-opened-if-Amy's-in-peril box, hmm? Far less temptation to haul it out and listen if it starts talking. Though really, Eleven and Amy are, what, twelve feet away? He doesn't even need to be listening to her psychic blinky radio to hear them talking. Summary: Oh Rory, you twerp.
dw60102 094

-"I don't want to tell Rory his baby might have three heads, or a time head or something." Oh, wait for it.

-"Oi, stupid face!" Busted!

-"You only live once." And suddenly the Tardis is filled with a large cloud of awkward!
dw60102 095

-See, now it's safe for her to be pregnant, the baby returns. Smart baby.
dw60102 096

-Or doesn't. Silly baby. Messing around with probability and causality. (Yes, I know.)
dw60102 097

-Of course the real question here is six months later than when? Probably 1969, since that was when they were last there.
dw60102 098

-Well, howdy-do. That's not going to attract a lot of attention at all. O.o
dw60102 099
dw60102 100

A great many questions left unanswered, I suspect that won't be the last we see of the Silence, and I hope that's not going to be the last we see of Canton.


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claudiapriscus From: claudiapriscus Date: November 13th, 2012 06:47 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh man, I love Rory, he is awesome and there just isn't enough appreciation for him in fandom. (Him or Amy or Eleven, IMO, from my brief fic-finding expeditions.)

It was also so weird to have fictional!richard!nixon be a *good guy*.

The orphanage guy had the worst accent ever.

Also, Eleven all scraggly and doing his "it won't be enough" thing sent shivers down my spine. I love him. I never want him to leave.

Also, I'm going to be super pedantic here, but it's for a good cause! It was Buzz Aldrin who punched the creep (and when I finally saw the whole video, I was only sorry he didn't KEEP punching him.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wptn5RE2I-k

And it's a good cause because man, Neil Armstrong is not running short on glory. The way the punching thing has kind of meme mutated to being something he's gotten credit for makes me sad.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 13th, 2012 08:19 am (UTC) (Link)
You're totally right about Buzz Aldrin, and I've made the correction.
lurkingwombat From: lurkingwombat Date: November 13th, 2012 06:47 am (UTC) (Link)
That was fun to read thru.
Now the big question i have is
Did you get any sleep that night?
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 13th, 2012 08:19 am (UTC) (Link)
Sleep? What is sleep?
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: November 13th, 2012 07:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Truly Rory is brilliant. Indeed.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 13th, 2012 08:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Rory is my favourite, but he's being followed closely by Canton now.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: November 13th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well of course. Mark Sheppard is awesome:)
percysowner From: percysowner Date: November 13th, 2012 06:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
I adore Rory. He is my favorite companion, followed by a tie with Donna/Amy. I really hope Dr. Who will keep the more than 2 companion format and have one of them be male. If they only have one I would like a full time male companion.

I also adore Mark Sheppard and would welcome him back. He makes everything better.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 14th, 2012 05:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Of the new Who companions Rory is likely my favourite, followed by Donna and Martha. Canton coming back as a companion might change that though. Over the whole series though, it's hard to beat Sarah Jane. :-)
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