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Picspam Reaction: Doctor Who 6.03

I somehow doubt that at my present rate of watching up Doctor Who that I'll meet my intention of being caught up enough to watch this year's Christmas special when it comes out. I'd better do something about that.

PIRATES. And crack. And [redacted because it's not this one]. This is likely a perfect episode to watch while medicated.

Doctor Who 6.03 - The Curse of the Black Spot

[Watched this on the weekend, just finally getting it coded now, so I'm much less medicated now.]

-"You're a dead man." Okay, maybe the Black Spot is a particularly violent form of gangrene or hemophilia? Nah, probably not. Though really, if that's all it takes, there shouldn't be much of anyone left on the ship. Splinters and rope burn and suchlike would've taken them all out. The severely short nails on this guy would prevent accidental deaths by scratching though.
dw0603 01

-Interesting symbology running around on this ship, pentacle and a sort of totemic wind chime. And I guess it is a skeleton crew then. I'm surprised any of them risk shaving. Or maybe they don't.
dw0603 02

-"Yo ho ho! ...or does nobody actually say that?" Pffft.
dw0603 03

-Walking the plank. It was only a matter of time. Of course with the Doctor, that's usually the case.
dw0603 04

-"Listen, right? She's not a doxie." Priorities, Rory.
dw0603 05

-Oh yes, see, that's the thing when the pirates write you off as a non-threat and shove you below decks on your own recognizance. You get to rummage through all their shiny toys.
dw0603 06

-*facepalm* Though really, when you're trying to keep your friends from being tossed overboard, stopping for a costume change is a trifle unnecessary. Again, priorities.
dw0603 07

-"One drop of blood and she'll rise out of the ocean." Evil vampire mermaid! Or something. And that would be why all the sharps are stowed below decks. A smarter place for them would probably have been over the side, but they're good swords that can be sold the next time they hit dock, and in the meantime there's still plenty of things on a ship that need cutting that won't attract evil vampire mermaids.

-Of course Rory gets cut too. Of course. Rory, you've already sort of died once in series 6. No rush to get your count up right away.
dw0603 08

-"We've managed to bagsy a ship that has a demon popping in!" *facepalm*

-"Everything is totally brilliant, isn't it? Look at these brilliant pirates! Look at their brilliant beards!" You know, I thought I kept mistakenly typing 'Arthur' instead of 'Rory' because it's Arthur Davrill, but right now he appears to be having an Arthur from Cabin Pressure moment, so perhaps there's more to that odd typo than the actor's name.
dw0603 09

-Demon or ghost. Are ghosts who live in salt-water immune to rock salt? *ponders*
dw0603 10

-Amy, I realize you are trying to protect your doomed husband, but you just nearly shoved him overboard.

-"Okay, just like a shark, in a dress and singing, and green! A green singing shark in an evening gown." It's almost like last Christmas all over again. Sort of.

-"It's a leech! Everyone out of the water!" For a leech? It's not that bad you bunch of- oh right, blood, never mind.

-"No 'curse' is getting through three solid inches of timber." Eleven, honey, just because the Sonic Screwdriver doesn't do wood doesn't mean that wood will block everything. They're really on the back foot in the first ten minutes of episode here.
dw0603 11

-Hey, the previous guy's hat didn't survive. That hat is impervious to ghost-siren-vampire-mermaid-making-go-poof. That seems like a useful hat.
dw0603 12

-So of course Eleven takes the dead guy's miraculously unpoofed hat. Only logical.
dw0603 13

-"Did you see her eyes, like crystal pools."/"You are in enough trouble." Uh, he's in most of that trouble because you were waving sharp objects around, Amy. You may want to cut him some slack.
dw0603 14

-"He's my son." Well, crap. We are just wall-to-wall character motivation around here.
dw0603 15

-And of course. If that cough wasn't going to do him in anyway.
dw0603 16

-And of course no one bothered to tell the kid not to open any water sources. *headdesk* Arg.
dw0603 17

-"Captain, what's our next move?"/*face of Bzuh?* Heee! Yep. He keeps insisting he's the Captain and he's in charge, well then, confront him with the likelihood that he has no idea what to do next and step in to fix everything when he defers authority to the Doctor. Of course.
dw0603 18

-"She's out there now, licking her lips, boiling the saucepan, grating the cheese." So Rory and the kid are pasta then?

-"We've all gotta go sometime."/*awkward silence* Ow. Yeah, Series 6 still started off with that, didn't it?

-"By all the-!"/"Let me stop you there. Bigger on the inside." Heeeee!

-"Wheel, astrolabe, compass. A ship's a ship." Heeeeeeee! If he doesn't try (or at least suggest) taking off in the TARDIS after this Siren thing is dealt with and go pirating across all space and time, I shall be mildly disappointed. I am however becoming suspicious of his gloves. Has he had those the whole time?
dw0603 19

-And of course the TARDIS can't take off either. If you're going to becalm something you might as well becalm everything.

-"You don't know how to fight with a cutlass boy."/"Don't need to, do I? *snick*" Oh really? Blood-thirsty kid, since that's essentially marking the guy for death too. Of course once he's marked, the guy has nothing to lose by brawling, so perhaps running and hiding now would be a good idea.
dw0603 20

-"I'm confused."/"Well it's a big club, we should get t-shirts." Heeee.

-Yes, well, being surrounded by a hold full of dry gunpowder is an excellent deterrent to getting shot in the head with a flintlock.
dw0603 21

-*TARDIS pops off in a random direction*/"Okay, okay, ooookay." No, actually, anything but, but keep saying it, you might get an idea.
dw0603 22
dw0603 23

-"TARDIS runs off on its own, that's a bit of a new one." Not really. She'll be back. *pats*

-Yeah, running off on some kind of idiot mutiny is all well and good until you burn your fingers and the evil ghost vampire mermaid siren curses your ass. Well done that. *golf clap*
dw0603 24

-"Not water, reflection." Um. You might want to stop staring deeply into the shiny object then. Just a suggestion.
dw0603 25

-Eleven hyperventilating all over the medallion to fog it up. Heeeeeee.
dw0603 26

-"Yes yes, I know I know, very bad luck to break it, but look at it this way. There's a stroppy homicidal mermaid trying to kill all."/"How much worse could things get?" Oh dear. Never ever say things like that.

-"We have to protect Rory and Toby." And that other guy Toby slashed, but who's counting, really?

dw0603 27

-"Feels like something's out there, staring straight at me." *waves* Hellooooooo! ...Sorry. I did mention the medication, didn't I?
dw0603 28

-And storm. Very sudden storm. The ocean's not going to be reflecting very well, yeah, but sudden storms are highly suspect, at least when cursed or magical or alien things are afoot.

-Sigh. Ooops. And here I thought the compass face might turn out to be enough of a reflection. *facepalm*
dw0603 29

-Well crap, it vaporized the kid. So, now thinking the vaporization might be reversible or something. Not that there haven't been young characters killed on Doctor Who before, just that they normally don't get quite that many lines and characterization first.
dw0603 30

-Big shouty argument about treasure versus human life etcetera is curtailed by Rory being uncappably hit by a sail *handwave* thingy and knocked into the sea. *facepalm* Rory. So permanently doomed.

-Yep, maybe they're all alive somewhere, negotiate, and so forth, prick their fingers and let the siren take them because really they haven't got a hell of a lot of options left anyway and of course the whole 'victims aren't really dead' thing and all, and it's terribly urgent and doomed and dramatic, but then the pirate captain has this face see...
dw0603 31

-Oh okay, transuniversal rift, two different ships in the same space and reflections have become gateways. Well of course.

-"Dead." Just a bit, yeah. Wearing a space-suit/armour type thing with an Earth alphabet acronym on it. Hmmm. Very interesting. An alternate universe where human culture is the same and generates the same language structures, but humanity is replaced by... giant rat-rhinoceroses. Nifty!
dw0603 32

-Human virus killed the aliens, yep, seen that before.

-When wandering around on a spacecraft with a dead crew, don't lean on anything without looking at it first less you put your hand in unidentified and possibly virulent ooze or the liquified remnants of said dead crew. That ship must smell absolutely lovely. :-P
dw0603 33

-"Alien bogeys!" Or snot. Eaugch.
dw0603 34

-*facepalm* Eleven, you are disgusting.
dw0603 35

-"Toby!"/"Rory!"/"The TARDIS!" And everyone is reunited with their loved ones. Aw.
dw0603 36

-Don't shoot the anesthesiologist. She doesn't like it.
dw0603 37

-Hee. Have you had your flu shot?
dw0603 38

-"Consent form." Pffft. Yeah, okay, sure.
dw0603 39

-"I'm a nurse, I can teach you how to save me." Yes. Use the healing potion on the healer and then the healer can fix everyone else. You're about to have a very busy day, Rory. Once you aren't in danger of dying immediately or being stuck in stasis forever in the sick bay of a lonely and possibly insane medical program.
dw0603 40

-Or CPR. CPR works.

-"Because I know you'll never give up." Awwwwww. *flappy hands*

-Toby's got typhoid fever and will die. Okay.... but you're in an advanced sickbay. Really, you'd think there would be some way Eleven could hook up the TARDIS database to the ships medical computers and cure everyone of everything, (considering a lot of them just need a bandaid and some antibiotic cream) or at the very least least things that have a known treatment of common antibiotics and oral rehydration resulting in a miniscule mortality rate even in the late 20th century. And Toby's only in the first week of symptoms, so plenty of time! You know, between this and the dying girl who sings to Christmas sharks, I sometimes wonder about Eleven's fatalistic streak. It doesn't seem to accept logic and common sense. Though there is that messing with the time stream thing, where Toby would have died since he did have typhoid and wouldn't have any medical help without the big alien ship, and the rest of the crew would have died too if they caught typhoid from Toby, which is a fairly good chance considering he was into the ship's water supply, so at that point, the whole ship would be dead anyway of not for this weird cross-universe rift. Sooooo.... maybe this less than massive effort to fix Toby's easily fixable ailment is a bit of Eleven reacting to his former self doing the Timelord victorious thing and deciding he can decide that everyone lives if they should have died without external influences. Maybe he's treading on the other side of caution because he doesn't want to go that way again. Hmm.

-"Do you think you can sail this thing?" And the pirate captain stays behind, taking himself out of Earth's timestream as though he'd died as he likely would have with the typhoid going through the ship. Going rampaging around on a ship in another dimension that might not have anything he might be able to eat, and seeding the other universe with a small pocket of Earth humans carrying typhoid and probably a few other diseases like the ones that killed the crew of the ship in the first place... You know, I don't think this universe will thank you for this influx of disease vectors, Eleven. Assuming there's food, water and a lack of getting shot by other ships in a universe where no one knows what the funny hairy creature is saying or doing. Sigh. Still, out of the timestream he was supposed to be killed out of. So there you are.
dw0603 41
dw0603 42

-Ahem. The TARDIS does have a sickbay, guys. With all kinds of technology in it that's been dealing with humans on and off for, ooo, centuries. You know. FYI. Not that it matters because Rory will be fine after the music gets done being all dramatic and doomy.
dw0603 43

-See? Now the music goes all happy ending strings and all is right with the world. That's one actual (temporary) death for Rory to go along with the fake death from 6.02 I have a feeling I should be keeping a tally.
dw0603 44

-Aw, Father and son, roving a strange universe, being pirates. Looks like the Captain got that sickbay figured out. Also, there's... um. Well, there's a thing that looks a hell of a lot like some sort of Transformers logo on the wall behind Toby. So maybe we know what universe they ended up in after all...
dw0603 45

-Or at least he's got Toby in a portable rig, and figured out how to get the ship to let him revive the rest of the crew. And is pirating things that might be ships or might be very small binary star systems. How will you know what treasure even looks like, dude? Also, Transformers logo again on the console. You should probably have a long talk with your new ship and find out how much of a cut it wants.
dw0603 46
dw0603 47

-And Amy's baby in-between is still inbetween. And yes, I know.

And that was how the Eleventh Doctor introduced 17th century humans, piracy, Typhoid and several deadly viruses into the Transformers universe! Woo! \o/

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