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Audio Meme: LJ Caroling 2012!

Wahey! It's my annual attempt to make all your eardrums bleed! I bet you'd all hoped I forgot about this this year!

Here is a questionable and short rendition of White Christmas, which I might have already done in a prior year but don't recall. I'm using Vocaroo this year because the LJ Voice Post line is down right now. Livejournal doesn't seem to accept the Vocaroo embed code either, so it's just a link straight to it. (Watch out, it will probably autoplay, sorry.)

White Christmas, mangled by CaffieneKitty

I don't know when the upload might expire, I'm hoping it'll last a week at least.

If you want to do this too, here's some info on voice posting through LJ in case the phone line for your region isn't down. If you have a plus, paid or permanent Livejournal account, you get a certain number of voice posts per month included. Here are some links to tell you how to use them:
Voice Post Numbers (International users are limited to 60 seconds, the second of the US toll-free numbers also works in Canada (when it's up) :-P)
How to voice post.

Or try Vocaroo, which is free and seems to be pretty darn cool. Pick a favorite seasonal song, Christmas or otherwise, sing it and post it! Drop a link here if you do!
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