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Reaction: Cabin Pressure - Series 4 Episode 1 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Reaction: Cabin Pressure - Series 4 Episode 1
...Oh why the hell not?

Please note: Much of this will make no sense unless you've heard the episode, which you can here legitimately directly from the BBC iPlayer site until next Tuesdayish I think? Cabin pressure page

Cabin Pressure Series 4 Episode 1 - Timbuktu

(Pre-Episode bit on iPlayer: HI BRIAN COX! Hi! ...With Dara O'Briain? Okay!)

-MUSIC!!! \o/

-Does the pause button on iPlayer work? It seems to... Yes! Oh god, the night just got an hour or two longer. WOO! Who needs sleep?

-Martin's winning a flight deck game? Ahahaha,'Beat the Manuals', how perfectly Martin.

-Lunch with Herc, heehee!

-The rugby is at Twickenham. Aw, no Birling Day flight on Birling Day.

-"No wait it is technically a plane." Aw, hi Carl!

-"Did any of you order a furious posh man?" Ahahaahahahahahha!!

-Going to Timbuktu to watch the match in Twickenham, just to get away from the social things at home. Heeeeeeeeee!

-"I happen to have a few spare bottles knocking about." No really? Not any from the past two times though.

-Civil war. "Douglas can you solve it?" Bwah! Not on such short notice, no.

-"An unexpectedly evil genius." Yay Martin!

-"But that's fraud!"/"Isn't it though?" Martin's sense of legal and illegal is catching up with his panicked problem-solving genius, oh dear.


-"I suppose if we got him really drunk..." Oh crap, that's really not going to help. XD

-Arthur's got a book about Timbuktu, oh dear. That's not going to backfire at aaaaaall.

-"Timbuktu Timbuktu." "Ouagadougo Ouagadougo." I sense a lot of future ringtones being spawned in there.

-"The fastenation of your seat belt." Heeeeeeee. Fascinating!

-"The code red is there to stop me being too helpful, and I can't stop being too helpful by being more helpful." Heee! Aw, poor Arthur.

-"Today is the Birling day I steal the Talisker from Douglas Richardson." OMG! YES! YES! Oh crap I nearly knocked the laptop table over! Note to self, do not entangle hand in headphone cord in case of a need to perform an unexpectedly enthusiastic fist-pump. YES!!!

-"Just maybe run that past your internal psychologist first." HA!

-Agitated panicky 'oh god, it's all going to end horribly' Martin is my favourite flavor of Martin.

-"We are glad to have you here in our glorious country of Teembooktooooo." Aahhahahaahah. Oh they're so screwed. Particularly since Arthur's read the page on Timbuktu and will know it was never Italian. Though really, I think if they'd just explained the situation to Birling, He'd have probably been fine with going along with it, since he's just after some proof of being in a place his wife doesn't think exists to watch a soccer match that's being played closer to his house than the airport. But then it wouldn't be a comedy plot fraught with imminent doom, would it? ;-D

-"Mali was in the French empire, it was in my book." Arthur putting a scheme at risk by knowing things. YES! \o/ I suspect Douglas is about to confuse poor Arthur to death about the 'facts' they want Mr. Birling to believe vs the real facts in his book, but regardless YES! \o/

-"Maybe it's inside one of the seats."/"No it's not." A little too fast and certain there, Martin. I'd think though that if Douglas let Martin know there was a bottle of Talisker hidden anywhere, it would actually be a red herring.

-O HAI CONCRETE TIMESTAMP, ...ish. Martin has been with MJN for five years. Okay then, good to know!

-"Two hundred pounds!" But that's what she'd have paid for the whiskey... and now I'm wondering if this is all a set up by Douglas to get her to pay for it after all by using Martin as a stalking horse... *eyebrow*

-"If we've got the time, can't we take Mr. Birling to see the sights?"/"NO." Heeee. Because the sights of Timbuktu are on another continent. Poor Arthur knows things about stuff and the only thing he can use it for is accidentally risking the scheme of the day. Aw.

-"You could take some more pictures to show your wife." Oh crap. XD

-"I'm sorry, Mr. Birling, I'm going to have to put my foot down, we really don't have time."/"...I want to see the sights." Should have run that past the inner psychologist there Martin, though I suspect Martin's inner psychologist has a roadside stand and charges a nickel.

-"Yellow car." YAY! \o/

-"So if I see one I can just say, 'Camel camel!'"/"Good idea. And that way we'll know it's a real camel." *snerk*

-"I've got a game, let's see who can stay the most shut up the longest." Heeeeee! Martin's not having a very good day.

-Arthur's shocked little indrawn breath on being told they're in Sardinia, before he starts talking. Oh Arthur.

-And then Arthur's muffled mumbling, trying not to speak, and then the torrent of Timbuktu defenses that really really don't help, and just Arthur being Arthur. Awww. Heeee!

-"Arthur, stop talking!"/"I DON'T THINK I CAN REMEMBER HOW!" Oh dear I think they've broken him. Again.

-"Someone else say something, anything!"/"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Speaking of ringtones being spawned! XD

-"The sea?" *facepalm* Perfectly visible from a landlocked country in the centre of Africa. Must be a mirage. *nods*

-"I don't think he meant you to be proud."/"No, no. I am a bit though." And well he should be.

-"Two hundred pounds. Here's your hundred." AHAHAHAHAH!!! Not so much a stalking horse as an accomplice then. Martin has come a long way towards the dark side of the cockpit having spent five years working with Douglas. XD

-"The Talisker Talisker." Heee! And so the other one was indeed a red herring.

And that's it for the night! Wow, reaction posts are a whole lot faster to put together without screencaps.

Please, no spoilers or references to unaired episodes of Cabin Pressure in comments!

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