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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 8.17 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 8.17
Warning: Contains profanity, a little serious profanity and one hell of a lot of capslock.

Spoiler and Theory Summary

Meg dies. That's a biggish thing to know before seeing the episode.

The way I heard this was so completely random as to be unbelievable. I didn't see so much as a hint from anyone on my f-list or anywhere on LJ, but it seems fate decided I needed to know this in advance of watching.

Well, I had had high hopes for Meg, and as we all well know dying isn't necessarily permanent on this show (and it adds to my vague half-formed pondering that maybe all the characters who've died this season will be coming back en masse or are forming an army somewhere or something), but Meg's one of the few entities left who's been on and off the show since season one so still, it's sad, and it's also a bit sad she won't have had some epic machinations running behind the scenes all along.


Also, apparently Dean punches Cas at some point, but that went so very well the last time he tried it, so we shall see how that turns out this time, hm?

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 8.17 - "???" "Goodbye Stranger"

-Skipping the THEN, but HI MEG too quick for me to fast forward. She's sneaky like that.

-Speaking of sneaky, look who's skulking around with a bit of light-in-darkness-like framing.

-And hello in medias res, or possibly dream sequence, considering Castiel's the one sneaking up on Dean, and considering the resources he has access to, and that he just smacked Dean around and Dean's still conscious, being quite ineffectual at it. Perhaps he's resisting the programming still? Hmm...

-"No Cas! No!" *crunch* ... Or at least somewhat resisting? O.o

-Well crap! I suppose it doesn't particularly matter that it's an angel-killing blade, since pointy metal objects entering chest cavities tend to be lethal to humans whether said pointy metal objects are magic items or not. Now thinking it's a dream. Possibly not Dean's or Castiel's. Maybe Sam's having some psychic visions again?

-Hahahaha. Or Heaven (or whatever side Naomi's on) has a holodeck. Of course! Why do they want Dean dead though? Or have I missed something. My theorizing and detail tracking brain has been off-line for two months, so I may well have missed something.

-Okay, that's frigging disturbing. O.o

-Hello, title. "Goodbye Stranger". Supertramp song. With lyrics that may or may not be meta-applicable.

-"Spear of destiny?" *chokes on things* Oh, well. Nice to know where that got to. About time they did an inventory on the lair though. Not just so they know what they have that they might be able use, but also so they know what they have that needs the wards and sigils renewed periodically to keep it from devouring the Earth.

-That looks familiar. Why does that look familiar? Caduceus? No, that's different. I'e seen that before, somewhere.

-Thaaaaat's... not something like a Faberge egg, is it? They'd never need to worry about funding again.

-Do I need to yell at you some more about talking to your brother or a doctor or something about coughing up blood, Sam? Because I totally will.


-"Do you know what this would go for on eBay?"/"Nope. Why, do you?"/"No. ...Maybe. ...Shut up." Hee!

-"Burns around the eyes hands and feet, puncture wounds in the backs of the hands, eyes and internal organs liquefied." Hm. Part of that sounds like an angel sighting, part of that sounds like stigmata, none of it sounds good.

-"Are we talking a Maximum Overdrive situation here?" A Stephen King movie with killer vehicles and a soundtrack by AC/DC? Of course Dean's seen it. Though liquefied organs might be hard to explain with evil machinery come to life.

-Also I get the feeling that maybe with the wild case-theory spinning, Dean's trying to make Sam laugh, or relax. Because we know Dean knows something's up with Sam, probably connected to the quest thing, and of course he's worried. Helping Sam smile might not fix any of that, but it's something, right?

-"Make it ten." Dean. *headshake*

-Busted. So busted. Sam, this is another reason why you talk to your brother about coughing up blood. So he doesn't have to shout some common sense into you.

-Eventually. After driving across the country, putting on suits and beginning to work the case. Because timing is everything, and 'later' is timing.

-Tie Report: Oh ho! Dean is now wearing something very like the emotionally complicated, blood-coloured multiple stripy tie that Sam was last episode. Given he's working the case and stewing about just how to do his number one job of protect Sammy when Sammy's being an idiot about his personal health (coughing up blood) and safety (insisting on being the hero for this season's probably lethal quest). Sam on the other hand is wearing a blurry sort of lavender tie with no stripes at all as far as I can tell, so he might seem to be on the job, but really he's miles away. And lavender.

-Written by Robbie Thompson, Directed by Thomas J. Wright, both sort of familiar names now.

-Ooo. Well, it's not sculpting mountains out of mashed potatoes, but it's something like it. Are those all hex bags hanging over it?

-Eeee! Micro-Machines and mini-trees and unpainted miniatures! Are you sure your wife wasn't just playing some home-brew Warhammer Modern or Car Wars there, dude? Badly aimed spray primer and slips with an Exacto knife could explain the eyes and hands, but I don't know what might cause organ liquefaction unless she decided to drink her cyanoacrylate, which you'd think would have the opposite effect, being, you know, Krazy Glue.

-(About 20 pounds of unpainted miniatures in a drawer behind me are calling to me suddenly, but I must remain focused. I miss gaming.)

-Ah, bags of dirt, not hex bags. Slightly less worrisome.

-Tie Report addendum: A better shot of Sam's lavender tie reveals a very vague stripe in the pattern downish to Sam's leftish, but it's very confused and disordered. Sam is not an on task puppy.

-"Her eyes, they turned black." Well, that'll be a demon then. So! What's Crowley looking for in such a very subtle way? Stuff for a tablet no doubt. He's been really quiet, hasn't he? Almost like he doesn't care about the tablet they have. A while back, I had a thought that maybe Crowley had messed with the tablet Kevin is reading while Crowley had access to it, and the quest Sam's on isn't to close off Hell after all, but to close off something else, but Crowley or someone he could control would have to be able to read the rock well enough to be able to mess with it, like say, changing the iconograph for whose tablet it is to say 'Hell' instead of whatever, and then when the ritual's complete, some other branch of reality gets cut off instead of Hell. Anyway, it was a thought.

-Hee! Right by Sam, one of the buildings is made out of a milk carton. Oh, possessed!miniature-making Annie, you were awesome.

-HI CAR! So shiny! Something weird about that aerial... seems short though, hope it's just retracted a bit and Steve Boyum the infamous spotlight thief didn't lop off a foot while I was distracted. Unless it's new? Was that aerial always there or... ? Aaaaah, now I have to check.... And it doesn't look like it was there last episode. What the freaking hell? O.o
(And yet somehow, I still blame Steve Boyum.)

-Leaving aside the extremely distracting aerial on the Impala for a moment, here is a thing that makes me think they know I'm watching and are deliberately trying to drive me insane. Watch Sam's tie.
Angle 1: Sparse dots, in slightly stripy arrangement, going down to Sam's right.
Angle 2: Sparse dots, no apparent stripy arrangement.
Angle 3: Dense dots, either no stripy arrangement or dual stripy arrangement, depending on interpretation.

It's the same frigging tie! And the same tie as earlier that had a different appearance yet again! It's practically lenticular! Someone in wardrobe has deliberately gone out and found this lavender chameleon tie, I swear, just to mess with me. Well HA. Sam's tie is a hot mess that doesn't know which way it's going right now (although it looks fine face-on), and so is Sam, deep down. Even though he's trying to present a calm and ordered exterior, he really needs to get some advice or help but doesn't want to ask for it because he doesn't want to look like he's scared or can't follow through on the job. Direct correlation. So there. Ha.

-I though for a bit this looked like Jimmy Novak's front door but the steps are too tall and the shrubbery too aggressive.

-Hee, badges. Len and Tandy? Looks like Sam's picking the cover names again.

-I kind of admire this person for carrying on in her curlers in the face of unexpected attractive visitors, and yet taking the time to get them all coffee. I approve of the priorities being exhibited. Caffeine before curlers. *nods*

-An old orchard that had gone missing. We've got a few of those around here. Trees, eh? Hmmm.

-Also admire her for geeking the heck out about her doctoral subject and work on the town history and sitting unselfconsciously on the table being excited about her work and thrilled to show people something she obviously is passionate about. Go curler-woman, rock on with your bad self!

-Anne's assistant, hunh? *squints at counter* 10:14 in, coming up to a commercial break soon, I am betting on the knock at the door being Meg. Hoping she doesn't kill curler-woman who I don't recall if we've even gotten a name for yet.

-"That's probably him." Or it could be Crowley. In which case, sadly, curler-woman is toast.

-Or it's a trio of random demon thugs. Well, one of the other two will show up soon I'm sure.

-FIGHT! Pretty uncappable, and one of them actually gets the map, so this might be the most effective bunch of flunky demons that have ever been seen on this show.

-Smoking out before Dean stabs you with Ruby's knife, very wise. Looks like these demons might not have used Intelligence as their dump stat.

-...or hopping hosts rather than just smoking out, because why just take the map when you can take the person who recreated it. Very smart. Almost getting scary.


-And that would explain the burns around the eyes and mouth, not sure about the burned stigmata-ized hands or the liquefied organs though.

-Oh Dean. This is going to get far far worse before it gets better, isn't it.

-"You heard me, didn't you." Probably not, if Naomi's had him in brainwashing lockdown, but still, *flappy hands*

-"I've been hunting demons." Very effectively, it seems. Shame about the hosts. (...I don't know whether Castiel's tie is darker, or whether it's just that it's in shadow. Need more clear shot to be sure.)

-"What should I tell them?" Oh, and there's Naomi, micro-managing her brainwashed puppet. There has got to be some way to cut off her influence from him to get the truth out, but I don't know what the broader implications might be for Castiel.

-Lucifer had crypts. Good to know. I wonder how many of the seals that got broken during Season 4 were on those. Got to be some interesting things a demon might find handy in the apocalypse lurking in there.

-"Why the Storage Wars?" Ahahahahah. Cute.

-"Lie, Castiel." Oh that's going to go well.

-The strange-haired demon in the kitchen. *snerk* They're curlers, Cas. I hope she survives, but given the current survival rate of demonic hosts, it's not looking too likely.

-"If he's so sketchy then why were you praying to him?" Gee. Why do you think? I'll give you a hint, Sam; it's a six-foot seven floppy-haired reason that's NOT TELLING HIS BROTHER ABOUT RANDOMLY BLEEDING. Idiot.

-"You know I can hear you both. I am a celestial being." Ahahahaha. I was wondering about that. *snerk*

-"She has a thing for 'smutton chops'." At least I think that's what I heard. Smutton chops. Is that a thing?

-Ah, that would explain the stigmata then.

-Yes, alarm is a sensible reaction to have to that.

-"We have a hostage, it's one of Crowley's pets." ...Meg? Well, he did capture her at the end of season 7, I think.

-"And she told you about the parchment?" Yes Naomi, this is why you never get an operative to tell a lie to someone who will try to get it corroborated by a third party, deliberately or innocently. Bad planning, negative strategy points.

-"We are looking for- *splitch*" Yeah, stabbing the person you're interrogating just as they're about to reveal something is not suspicious at aaaaall.

-Also, kind of sideways Tie Report for Castiel: The shade of Castiel's tie seems to change depending on the lighting. So, shifting based on an outside influence. Darker in shadows, washed out and pale in bright light, just like when under direct influence of Naomi, he's less himself. Seems appropriate enough.

-"I started this hunt without you because I didn't want anything to slow me down. We have to get to the motel now. *flutter-bye*" Hard to have an argument with a guy who can disappear at will. Nice try at fast-talking there, Castiel, but I really don't think it worked.

-The Impala's great and all, but when you're racing a being who can travel instantaneously, you're always going to be too late.

-"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" Bwahahahaha! What's up with the hair?

-"But this wasn't my idea it was Crowley's, and it's just another reason I want to stab him in the face." Fair enough. I mean, I'm sure it looks better when it's not all torture-frazzled and full of drying blood, but getting your hairstyle dictated by someone who wants to control or use you is most often a not good thing.

-"I haven't exactly been giving them the Glengarry leads." Castiel's face can also be eloquent.

-"A bunch of innocent people died so you could buy yourself some time?"/"Hi, I'm Meg, I'm a demon." HAHAHAHAH. I really do like Meg. Snarky evil is awesome.

-"She's going to tell them the truth. Do I have to kill her?" Aw. Also, aw aside, it would be tactically and strategically moronic to kill Meg after the last 'kill the demon before the truth gets out' incident, and even though the boys seem to have smoothed past the prior incident, another one on a demon who might actually work with them or provide useful intel would be far too hard to explain away.

-"Working with a demon is unclean." And killing Alfie the Wiener Hut angel was a shining moment of purity? ...I suppose that really depends on what Naomi's objective is and whose over-all mission goals she's working to achieve, actually. *shivers*

-"We could use her, as Crowley did." *shivers some more* When Castiel gets deprogrammed, he'll be having even more major issues than after the 'nomming all the souls in Purgatory' thing, I think, although being used as a brainwashed puppet does give him more of a basis to link his future sanity-healing and guilt-complex-overcoming to than 'becoming God and laying waste to Heaven seemed like a good idea at the time' did.

-"-finding that Angel Tablet." Yep, and reaction faces?
Dean's is practically a conversation on its own.

-And then there's Castiel. Guilty eye-flicking toward the curtains and doing a little guilty-angel shifting. Yeah, that's going to convince absolutely no one that you were unaware of this.

-"You know, I get why Crowley calls you Moose now." Hee. Does that make Dean 'Squirrel'?

-You can just see that lightbulb flickering to life in Dean's head, can't you?

-"Well, this is news to me as well." PFFFFT. HAHAHAHAAH. Oh Castiel, honey, you are exuding bullshit vibes visible from orbit. Don't try with the lying to the Winchester's faces and things, it's not your forte.

-Hahahah. Yeah. That's why.

-"The demons I interrogated must have been lying about their true intentions."/"Really." *sneeeerk* *headshake* Oh there will be some epic yelling in the near future.

-"So who's up for fleeing?" Meg is awesome, and gets to the more immediate concerns quite quickly.

-Who needs a map when you've got a scale model of the town done in Micro-Machines and milk cartons! \o/

-Do I look like Google to you?" Meg is getting some awesome snark tonight. Which is nice, considering... sigh.

-"If the Demon tablet can shut the gates of Hell, what can the Angel tablet do?" Oh Sam, with your strategic sensibleness excusing Castiel lying to you both, Dean's eyeroll is not swayed by your rationale.

-"These wounds have festered."/"You really know how to make a girl's nethers quiver don'tcha?" Heeeeee. Although considering she's a demon, festering wounds could be- you know what, I'm just gonna back away from the topic of demonic sexual turn-ons and let others formulate their own discussions on the topic. O.o

-"A movie, no, but a book with the proper spells could theoretically kill me." Things need to be said about this particular comment and the face that goes with it, but I can't seem to find the words right now. So I'll just cap.

-"My noodle remembers everything. It's a pretty good noodle." Well, except the brainwashing bit, maybe. Hm. Meg spent a lot of time watching Castiel while he was off his rocker after taking on Sam's head-Lucifer *handwave* thing. I wonder if she's going to notice something in the whole 'being used as a puppet' regard that the boys wouldn't? Hm.

-"I remember the pizza man. And it's a good memory." Aw.

-"According to this the crypt has to be below an abandoned building." Well, that's convenient. It'd suck if it was under a school or a hospital or a 24-hour Walmart. Getting into it would be tough.

-"You really think we can trust Megstiel?" Dean, please don't smushname your friends/allies/adversaries. It makes me laugh too hard.

-"I'm kinda good, which sucks, and you're kinda bad... which is actually all manner of hot." Hee!

-"We survive all this, I'm gonna order some pizza and we're gonna move some furniture around, you understand?" At this point, I'm just snickering and quoting. Ah, Meg. *headshake*

-"I um- We may have lost Meg." Hahaha. Yeah, that plural pronoun is not going to save your butt, flunky-boy. (Hi Crowley!)

-"If you want something done right- *splitch-zappy* blah blah blah blah." Hee. I've missed Crowley.

-*argument about tactics takes a sudden turn to* "Sam, I saw your bloody rag in the trash can, okay?" You want to start that discussion now, Dean? Right now? In front of Castiel and Meg? And as far as you know, a ton of skulking demons who aren't even remotely your allies, out looking for the hole you're about to dig? Dude. *headshake* Timing. This is not the 'later' you are looking for.

-"You haven't been fine since the first Trial." And Meg's eyebrows say 'howdy, new bit of intel that might make a handy bargaining chip to save my ass later' since the only side Meg is ever truly on is Meg's side. *facepalm* Like I said, Dean. Timing.
(Hadn't noticed until she got cleaned up, but Meg's hair is reminding me a little bit of Delirium from the Sandman comics. Just a little, because it's not red and doesn't randomly change into butterflies or whatever, but it's an association I'm having for Meg's hair for some reason. Don't know why.)

-"Dean, I'm telling you, I'm okay."/"No you're not." Seriously, guys, much as I'd like to find out what's going on with Sam, I can practically hear a horde of lurking demon flunkies popping popcorn and pulling up deck-chairs to watch the fireworks. Now is not the time to get into this.

-"Sam, you're damaged in ways that even I can't heal." Well yeah, we've known that since season 1, but what's going on with the coughing up blood? (hahaha, sorry, couldn't resist). Seriously though. Oooo... O.O

-Random note: Sam's hair is amazing tonight. Maye even better than evil or soulless hair. It's worrisome.

-*claps hand over mouth* Okay, I'm slow on the uptake. Sam outside with Meg (and Ruby's dagger, just in case, thanks Dean) leaves Dean inside with Castiel. Alone. Where Naomi's sleeper-assassin programming can execute itself for whatever reason they need Dean dead for. Oh dear. Um. Eeeeeeeek. O.O

-"Something on the subatomic level." Eeeeeeeek. What's the last task going to be, personal nuclear fission? O.o

-Hello there, fire-hose literally on the wall behind Dean, made notable by Dean backing into it. So, if the opposite wall with the draft is going to turn into a gate like the gate into Purgatory or the gate into Lucifer's cage, there's a handy means of climbing back out right there. Or if a horde of demons comes charging down the hall, they can bless the damn thing and have a holy water fire hose. Handy. *nods*

-"I took how many bullets for you guys and you didn't even look for me? Like once?" She does have a valid point. Although with Dean and Castiel sucked into Purgatory, and Sam going off on his kind of 'supernatural things don't exist lalala' fugue/break, Sam wasn't looking for much of anything.

-"How am I not Team Sam?" Well, let's see. How many times have you tried to kill them? Oh, and don't forget the possession incident. Among other things. Like the Hellhounds at Carthage, say. Meg's gone a long way toward balancing her activities toward the Winchesters and their allies, but she's got a long way to go yet, and none of that means she's trustworthy.

-"Remember, I spent time in that walking corpse of yours. I know your sad little thoughts and feelings." Probably not the best time to bring that up.

-"You wanna live a long normal life away from creepy old things like me." True, then, and a fairly common goal among most of humanity, but Sam has been through a hell of a lot since "Born Under a Bad Sign" and it's more than a little possible his deep down desires are a lot different now.

-"Cut me, do I not bleed, Sam?" ...debatable? Maybe? Not for long unless there's some kind of magic or special weapons involved.

-Meg asking Sam about his love-life over the past year is weirdly disturbing. O.o

-Waaaait a minute... is that the old set for Bobby's Apocalypse bunker, repurposed? Doorway's about the right size, room's kind of roundish and about the right size, tall ceiling, light through a grid above (which would have been easier to get in through than a cement wall, no?)... I think it's the same set, with maybe a wall removed for a nook or something. Aww.

-Oh crap. Cas? Resist the programming, Castiel. You can do it, come on.

-"Handle it." Well, nothing like a carte blanche openly interpretable command from your puppeteer to let you bypass some less savory programming options. Hopefully...?

-"It's the only thing in here warded against angels." *facepalm* Okay, I was going to say it looks like the demons were smart in warding the crypts versus angels, but if they only warded the most important bits, that's about the same as painting "IMPORTANT CRAP THE ANGELS WILL REALLY WANT" on it in glow in the dark angel-vision paint. It's like wearing the One Ring to hide it from the Ring-wraiths. The smarter thing to do would be to ward a bunch of random crap in each crypt against angels, including some things that go boom. That way, if the angels find out about the crypts and start pillaging, they'll have a hell of a time separating the stuff they actually want from the dross and explodey bits. The angel tablet? Encase it in cement and make it a random unwarded but sense-obscured paving slab in the hallway. Also, interesting that somewhere down the line, the demons seem to have become aware they had something big on their hands with that tablet, though couldn't figure out what use to put it to. Hm.

-That box is not as made of stone as it appears. Unless it's pumice.

-Ooo. Nifty cover. Labyrinth. Nice.

-"Hand it to me and I'll take it to Heaven." I... dunno about that. He's sounding a little ...altered.

-"No, we'll take it to Kevin, so he can translate it." A few things there, one, why? To help the demons?? Two, Kevin's already just about killing himself working on the Hell tablet, and you want to give him more crap to do and make him more of a target than he already is (and why is he not doing his thing in the Bat-cave??)? Three, I never noticed before how Kevin and Heaven sound quite similar, hunh. Four, Castiel is still not coming across as firing on all cylinders... so... yeah. Eeep.

-"I can reason with Dean, he's a good man."/"Kill him." Well crap. RUN, DEAN! RESIST YOUR PROGRAMMING, CAS!

-"Can't or won't?"/"Both." Aaaaaaaah! *flailing* RUN OR SOMETHING! DRAW A QUICK ANGEL BANISHING SIGIL (dammit, how? Unless he drew a precautionary one on the wall by the hose while Cas was breaking through the other wall?)

-"How did you get out of Purgatory, Cas?" Dean's conversational timing sensors are waaaaay out of tune.

-"Kill him, take the tablet, and bring it home where it belongs." Okay. Now. If. Hm. If Heaven knew there was a tablet with the base code for angels that could be used to eradicate all of them, or shut them off from the plane of Earth, why would they want it? Why not just destroy it so no one can use it against them? Something is fishier than usual here, maybe.


-"You hit a dog and stopped, why?" Heh. Yeah. Demon. The only reason a demon would stop is for a snack.

-"Cas, I don't know what's wrong with you, but if you're in there and you can hear me, you don't have to do this!" I don't quite know why exactly but *flaaaaaaaaaaaaaail* Oh, because he's assuming it's something not-Castiel that wants him dead and not that Castiel is the one betraying his trust of his own volition. So yeah, *flailflailflail*

-Castiel swings, Dean blocks with the encased tablet, but, but. Castiel swung instead of jabbing. There's a point on an Angel Sword but no sharpened edge, right? So swinging an Angel sword overhand like that would hurt like hell if it hit, and might knock Dean out if it hit him in the head or neck, but would be very unlikely to kill him outright. So Castiel is resisting. By fighting like a moron who doesn't know how his weapon works. YAY! \o/

-Of course the blow-back from hitting a Base-code of the Universe Tablet with a sword that can kill Celestials and Infernals might rearrange the decor a bit. The last one started a major freaky storm cell all across the lower 48 and booted up a brand new prophet when they hit it with a hammer. O.o

-Simultaneously in Naomi's office, Castiel is freaking the hell out. RESIST! YOU CAN DO IT!

-"I won't hurt Dean." YES! \o/ Have I ever mentioned how much I love in stories when characters resist mind control or another external influence to protect their friends from themselves? It's right up there with time travel as one of my most favorite tropes.

-"You will. You are."/"Cas, fight this, this is not you!" I'm just going to go hypersonic for a second here. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *flailing fists of glee* Yay!


-*flailing arms everywhere* CAAAAS! Because he's got that whole *handwave* thing with the pulling Dean out of Hell and rebuilding him or whatever and being like a guardian angel sort of and Naomi's program is going dead against that now and going in direct opposition of Castiel's own base code, and his programming is either going to fail completely here (oh please oh please but there's a lot of time left in the episode and a bunch of episodes yet to go until the finale) or she's going to have to do something drastic to, to just completely break Castiel to make him do what she wants, which she's started with forcing him to kill Samandiriel, which was so, just you know *flail* but now this is Dean and, and just oh god I need a drink.


-"What have you done to me, Naomi?"/"Who's Naomi?!" *EXPLODES* DEAN HEARD THAT!! Ahem. I'm just going to go shut the window now since I just literally screamed out loud a sequence of very profane things and people outside might be disturbed by thinking that someone's being murdered. En route back from the window I may also need to spin around in circles and go "Eeeeeeee!" rather a lot.

-"After everything you did, to us, to Heaven." Oh crap. Get him in the guilt complex, oohhhhhh crap.

-Meanwhile outside, demons with sticks are attacking. It'd be bizarrely hilarious if Meg and Sam were still calmly talking about Sam's feelings and whatnot while the major conflict is going on inside and in ...wherever Naomi is.

-Castiel's not doing so hot right now. But he's fighting it. And not that I don't have faith that he'll break the programming here and not go back into killer-Cas mode or do... something else to stop Naomi from using him anymore, but um. Either way, you might want to confiscate his blade.

-Well, uncappable punching might not be lethal either, though from an angel it could be. It's a less lethal option than spiking Dean with the Angel blade, so. Still resisting. Probably more of a "Dude, I have enough crap to deal with right now, don't distract me and get away from me before she uses the distraction to make me kill you."

-Dean's been thrown into a wall! WHAT DAY IS IT? \o/

-Oh crap. Dean, don't play into his programming by feeding him cues to break your arm, because after that... Craaaap. That's the right forearm too. Is Dean going to be in a cast, or are we gonna time jump a little after this?

-Dropping it on the ground breaks the rock when hitting it with an angel blade didn't. Hunh. Must be that warding in effect. Or hitting it with the angel blade loosened it. Yeah. *handwave*

-Something big going boom while half your team is hypothetically on a covert operation is never, ever a good sign.

-Oh crap. Crowley. Yeah, a tablet being freed would ping his radar. THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON RIGHT NOW IT'S AWESOME.

-"You want it? Take it." See, here's where Naomi's programming is going to screw her objective. She's so bent on forcing Castiel to kill Dean that he's now ignoring the angel tablet sitting there on the floor in favor of some non-lethal (and not even particularly incapacitating) smacking around of Dean while he's resisting her kill order. If she wasn't so determined for Dean to die, Castiel could have picked the thing up and taken off with it. But Castiel's stuck in a bit of a loop of resistance vs objective, and in the meantime, I'm starting to wonder exactly what Naomi's priorities really are, and why she's so determined Dean must die. Is it that if Castiel kills him, she'll have complete control over Castiel as he breaks completely, or does she need Dean dead for some other reason? Hm. *ponders* In the meantime, *flaaaail*

-"Come on you coward. Do it! Do it!" And then Dean forcing the whole 'killing Dean vs getting the tablet' issue, trying to trip some kind of additional resistance if Castiel can start to see that the mission priorities are a bit squiffy.

-And now he's not even swinging the blade, just uncappably punching with it in his hand. All bits of resistance! COME ON, CASTIEL!

-"End this." FIGHT IT!! Don't listen to her! Or listen to her selectively, because there are more ways to 'end this' than by killing Dean! Particularly when she didn't specify what 'this' was! 'This' could be her control over you! You can end that!

-"This isn't you! This isn't you!" Also another trope I'm quite fond of; Dean Whumpage. I doubt anyone is surprised.


-"I know you're in there. I know you can hear me. Cas, it's me. We're family. We need you. I need you." *INSANE KEYMASHING AND DOLPHIN NOISES OMFG* JUST. FAMILY. CASTIEL THE ADOPTED WINCHESTER. YES. *KEYMASHKEYMASHKEYMASH*



-Oh crap. Bad things happen when Castiel glows bright enough to desaturate a room. O.o

-Well! It's removed him from Naomi, whatever else it did. I can't help but think that's a positive development.

-Although there is far too much time left on the counter for this to be as wrapped up as it- oh right, Crowley. Crap.


-Oh god, Dean thinking Castiel's going to hurt him some more and holding up a hand in weak defense, just, oh my god.

-"I'm so sorry, Dean." CASTIEL'S BACK! Maybe. Oh my god. I need some air or something. That was intense.

-"So that's who's been poking my boys, and not in the sexy way." *facepalm* Crowley. Also, Tie Report - Crowley edition: Same tie as last time, same Crowley as last time. Say what you will about the guy, he's consistent.

-"Touches me right where my bathing suit goes." And even more *facepalm*

-I don't know if leaving Meg alone with Crowley is a great idea. She has a small piece of new intel, and he can tell her what it means for all the demons. Although, given what I've heard... hm.

-Timon and Pumbaa. *snerk*

-Closing off Hell from Earth would kill all the demons? Really? Or is Crowley just saying that to up the stakes and get her back on side?

-"You had me at kill you, Crowley." Either way, I think it backfired.

-"This Naomi has been controlling you since she got you out of Purgatory?" YES! THANK YOU! THEY'RE TALKING! RATHER THAN CASTIEL GOING OFF AND HIDING SOMEWHERE TO PROCESS HIS EXPERIENCE AND DEAN BEING ALL CONFUSED AND HURT AND NOT KNOWING WHAT'S GOING ON WITH CAS, AND YES! Now Castiel, explain this 'talking to each other' process to your other adopted brother, Sam.


-"I just know that I have to protect this tablet now." OMG CAN ANGELS BECOME PROPHETS??? BECAUSE KEVIN DID THE SAME THING AT THE START!


-"From Naomi?"/"Yes." *DOLPHIN NOISES* So, if Naomi rescued him from Purgatory, but didn't actually rescue him from Purgatory, is Naomi a Leviathan, or something else that's trying to get control over the angels for some reason? I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH BRAIN FOR THIS RIGHT NOW.

-"And from you." *gasp* Oh crap. Well, given how much Heaven's various plots and political crap have screwed Earth in the past 7 seasons, locking off Heaven along with Hell might seem like a grand idea.

-I don't know if any of you have noticed, but Dean has this face.

-And he's gone. Some answers, some clarification, a lack of Dean assassination, and being free of Naomi's programming. And a significant increase in the unlikelihood of Crowley getting hold of the angel tablet. But I'm kind of worried about Castiel being on his own so soon after the programming, but maybe the tablet's going to keep him protected. He needs people though. Ones that aren't sticking power tools in his eyes and trying to program him into being an assassin.

-Doesn't look like Meg's doing so hot vs Crowley in the hand-to-hand combat department.

-She's doing a fine job of being a distraction and letting the boys escape, though. If they leave and don't sit there dithering about rescuing her, because... well. Sigh.

-"No Cas in the back seat. Your stone is long gone. *stab*" Nicely done! Get him while he's distracted!

-And yeah.
Meg was awesome as an adversary and as an adversarial ally, and in the end picked a side that wasn't solely her own. And for a demon, that's not too shabby.

-"Naomi." OH HAI FURTHER INFO ON WHAT EXACTLY NAOMI IS UP TO! MAYBE! Well, she can get to the plane of Earth, so she isn't someone trapped in Purgatory who was holding on to a bit of Castiel's soul/grace/whatever to control him to find a way to break loose, maybe. Unless Crowley summoned her. Hm.

-"Castiel isn't in the wind. He's doing exactly what he's supposed to do." Well crap. Unless she's lying. Or... gahhh.

-"Protect the tablet." Well, that's okay then. I think.

-"Even from you?" Point to Crowley.

-Mesopotamia, eh? Anu and Enlil? Marduk? Hm. Nergal, god of the underworld might be Crowley-related. Ishtar's a goddess of love and war... hm. Probably just a throw-away line though.

-"I must have something that you want-" Apparently not. Also, minor note of interest, Naomi didn't make any flappy-wings noise on disappearance like angels usually do. But maybe she's in stealth mode. Hm.

-"So... what happened?" Poor Sam, out of the loop while guarding the outside doors. From his perspective, He talked about his relationship, fought a couple demons, something went boom, Crowley showed up, he ran inside to help Dean and Castiel and found Dean standing alone, unharmed but covered in blood. It's not a nice feeling to be left in the dark, is it Sam? TALK. TO. YOUR. BROTHER. Castiel finally managed it, so can you. And you don't even need to fight off sleeper-cell mind control.

-"Listen man, I can't take any more lies, from anyone." Whelp, speaking from watching nearly eight years of your life Dean, I feel entirely qualified to say, "Good luck with that, buddy." *patpat*

-"I may not be able to carry the burden that comes along with these trials, but I can carry you." I cannot even describe the noise I just made. Incomprehensible and unexplainable. With hand flapping. Because.

-"You realize you just kinda quoted Lord of the Rings, right?" EXACTLY! BECAUSE THAT! BUT IT STILL WORKS!

-And music, song that the title is from.

-Oh hello, what's this? Is Naomi in crap for screwing up the mission objective, whatever it was? Sure looks like it.

-I will admit, the last place Heaven or Hell would probably think of looking for Castiel and the tablet is a Greyhound bus.


In Summary: *DOLPHIN NOISES* Yes.

(PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO REFERENCES TO EPISODES PAST 8.17 IN COMMENTS! I'll be catching up as fast as I can, but that's not likely to be very fast, and definitely not in time for the finale. :-/)

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borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: May 13th, 2013 12:29 pm (UTC) (Link)
Watching your capslock flail was almost as good as rewatching the episode :)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 14th, 2013 06:24 am (UTC) (Link)
It got quite flaily toward the end there, didn't it?
x_cat11 From: x_cat11 Date: May 13th, 2013 04:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
It is too bad rl caught up to you when it did, as this is an episode worth spending a few weeks on. (BTW it is probably mutton chops which is a late Victorian/Edwardian style of sideburns.) It is interestingly that Crowley seems to care about hairstyles first Kevin, now Meg. As for the neighbours, they probably have figured out that you like to discuss plot points with your television set like all us normal people. Mesopotamia threw me for a loop as it wasn't that during Crowley's lifetime so how did you end up that far back in time. Of course maybe he was fulfilling a contract, maybe somebody sold their soul to go back to ancient times. Apparently people are lining up to die on Mars - so why not? It sounded like an affair that went bad between Naomi & Crowley, didn't it? Maybe Castiel isn't the only angel who kissed a demon.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 14th, 2013 06:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh I know what mutton chops are, but she seemed to be emphasizing an 's' sound before them to make "ssssmutton chops" and I wasn't sure if that neologism was a thing in general or just something the show came up with for giggles. And yes, Mesopotamia has to be time travel, since Hell seems to be temporally linear, and Crowley's original soul is from Scotland. Of course unless Crowley's soul was somewhen else before it got to Scotland.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: May 13th, 2013 05:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am in complete denial over the Meg-being-dead-ness. She will not be dead.

That is all.

(Oh, except the 'Kevin' and 'Heaven' thing occurred to me as I read your paragraph - just a split second before you actually wrote about it!!!)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 14th, 2013 06:34 am (UTC) (Link)
Meg could come back. It wouldn't be an uncommon thing to happen, though zappy-demon-deaths tend to be more permanent than others. There seems to be some correlation between physical location of stabbing and lethality though, given Crowley's flesh wound. It looked like he got her in the lower abdomen so... who knows.

The Kevin and Heaven thing, I'm surprised I didn't notice it before either.
phorenice From: phorenice Date: May 13th, 2013 10:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Someone in wardrobe has deliberately gone out and found this lavender chameleon tie, I swear, just to mess with me.
It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you...
(I was so looking forward to this tie report and you did not disappoint).

Meg was awesome as an adversary and as an adversarial ally, and in the end picked a side that wasn't solely her own. And for a demon, that's not too shabby.
That's a wonderful obit. She was a good baddie.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 14th, 2013 06:37 am (UTC) (Link)
If I ever meet anyone on the crew who knows what's going on in the wardrobe department, I am afraid I will embarrass myself silly by asking them about the damned ties. I'm now also wondering if they put that tie in to distract me from the apparently-new aerial on the Impala.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: May 14th, 2013 04:08 am (UTC) (Link)
I do miss Meg (although I also reserve judgement on the permanence of this). Noises and gesticulating - there was SOOO much of it. Cas...Dean...family...even mom was yelling at the screen for that..lol

Also pondering Crowley and Naomi's conversation, yes.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: May 14th, 2013 06:38 am (UTC) (Link)
They throw these random references into the scripts and just know people are going to tear it apart looking for meaning.
(Deleted comment)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: June 29th, 2013 05:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Naomi made a serious tactical error there indeed.
blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: October 8th, 2013 07:31 am (UTC) (Link)
-"Cas, I don't know what's wrong with you, but if you're in there and you can hear me, you don't have to do this!" I don't quite know why exactly but *flaaaaaaaaaaaaaail* Oh, because he's assuming it's something not-Castiel that wants him dead and not that Castiel is the one betraying his trust of his own volition. So yeah, *flailflailflail*

YEEESSSSSS. This. Erm. When Dean trusts, he trusts HARD. Which is why, if/when you let him down, he tends to kick you back just as hard, in his own way. Because by god, he will bend over backwards and twist himself into a pretzel giving you the benefit of the doubt, so if you make him feel the fool for doing so... well. On the other hand, if you are being manipulated and puppet-mastered, you stand a much better chance of him not going stabby on you. Downside being that gives you the perfect opportunity to go stabby on him. Which leads to those beautiful and painful moments of pure faith in spite of all visual or logical evidence to the contrary. I find myself wondering if Dean is okay with that leap of faith because he truly believes so hard, or if he's self-aware enough to fully realize the risks of his faith, but is okay with dying if he's wrong. Which... ouch. IMO, lol.

I'm starting to wonder exactly what Naomi's priorities really are, and why she's so determined Dean must die. Is it that if Castiel kills him, she'll have complete control over Castiel as he breaks completely

I think in the heat of the moment she can't stand the thought that someone else has control over one of the/her angels, more control/influence than she has. She worked damn hard to break that link, and it just ... doesn't break. Not completely. Has to be a bitter pill to swallow.

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but Dean has this face.

Mmm, yes, I have noticed. Entire conversations happen without a word being spoken.

caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 9th, 2013 04:27 am (UTC) (Link)
I think in the heat of the moment she can't stand the thought that someone else has control over one of the/her angels, more control/influence than she has. She worked damn hard to break that link, and it just ... doesn't break. Not completely. Has to be a bitter pill to swallow.

Excellent point. :-)

Mmm, yes, I have noticed. Entire conversations happen without a word being spoken.

Ever since season 1 and it continues to be awesome.

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