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Index: Watsons Woes July Writing Prompt Challenge - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Index: Watsons Woes July Writing Prompt Challenge
watsons_woes JWP Sub-index

The following stories were written for the July Writing Prompts Challenge at watsons_woes. They are all written quickly and most involve John Watson not having a very good time, generally. Beyond that, see individual posts. All are BBC Sherlock unless otherwise noted.

Listed in order of posting. All stories are BBC Sherlock 'verse unless otherwise indicated

[July Writing Prompts 2013]
July Writing Prompts 2013

Prompt #7 - Second Opinion [PG] - Through a confusing sequence of events John Watson gets bitten by a vampire, but he'll be fine if Sherlock will let the Winchesters help. [Crossover: Sherlock/Supernatural,]

Prompt #8 - Y.A.N.A. [PG] - Sherlock's view of a scene in ASiP. [Drabble]

Prompt #13 - Fortune Favours the Wet [PG-13 (with one R-rated word)] - There was something to be said about the quiet of the bottom of a well.

Prompt #20 - I Think I'll Go For a Walk [PG-13] - A minor accident in the flat ends up being a major annoyance for John. Title is a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Prompt #22 - Aweary of the Sun [PG-13, angst grief and depression] - A fragment of one of Shakespeare's plays torments John after Sherlock's death. [ANGST]

Prompt #25 - The Case of the Infelicitous Innocent [PG-13 May be disturbing] - All manner of clients come to ask for Sherlock's help; some get it and some don't. [Crossover: Edward Gorey]

Prompt #27 - The Morning Cuppa [PG-13] - Mornings take some getting used to in 221B.

Prompt #28 - Killer of the Countryside [PG-13] - John takes a case in North Yorkshire that Sherlock won't bother getting off the sofa for. It doesn't go well.

Prompt #29 - Run Boy Run [PG-13, 221B] - Some nights you're the pursuer, other nights you're the pursued.

Prompt #30 - Nothing to Phone Home About [PG-13, One sided telephone monolog from a character in ASiP] Welcome to London.

Amnesty Prompt #4 - Resembling Its Shadow [PG-13. Depiction of grief] Watson returns to Baker Street after his solo journey back from Switzerland.[Granada-Verse]

And the 2013 participant banner!

[July Writing Prompts 2014]

July Writing Prompts 2014

Prompt #1 - Shipshape [PG-13] Warning signs are only helpful if you see them.

Prompt #2 - The Devil's Pet Bait [PG-13] Seems an awful lot of trouble to go to for a pretty rock.

Prompt #3 - Cold Comfort [PG-13] Warmth is for everyone. [ELEMENTARY]

Prompt #4 - Becalmed [PG-13] Sherlock's not the only one who goes a bit odd when there isn't a case.

Prompt #5 - The Piano Tree [PG-13] They don't know art, but they know what they like.

Prompt #6 - Criminal Floriography [PG13] Sherlock, arranging a lovely bouquet of flowers for John to give to his date? John really should have known better.

Prompt #7 - Marking Time [PG13, ANGST] People avoided them in the street these days. [Warning: mental health issues, oblique talk of self-harm and suicidal ideation, grief.]

Prompt #8 - Ratigan's Reprehensible Retribution [PG-13 Crossover: Great Mouse Detective] Ratigan has a plan to get his final revenge on that annoyance Basil, and nothing will stop him! Not even humans!

Prompt #12 - Casu Marzu [PG-13, WARNING: Major food squick] The deadliest cheese in the world, though mostly not literally.

Prompt #13 - A Clear Distinction [PG-13] This was not listed as a side effect of Sherlock's medication.

Prompt #14 - Voice of Command [PG-13] Whatever gets the job done.

Prompt #15 - The Curious Incident of the Owl in the Daytime [PG-13, Crossover: Harry Potter] 221B has an atypical caller.

Prompt #16 - Upper Limit [PG-13] There are some things up with which Greg Lestrade will not put.

Prompt #17 - The Contraption [PG-13] "Be at 221B by 3 o'clock precisely tomorrow afternoon and you shall see something." [SHERLOCK HOLMES (RDJ)]

Prompt #18 - Ad Astra [PG-13] It's a ceremony they can't not attend. Even though no one told them about it.

Prompt #20 - Unsettled Conditions [PG] A little preparedness would go a long way.

Prompt #25 - Evacuate the Dancefloor [PG13, Spoilers for 3.02] Sherlock Holmes, dance beast.

Prompt #27 - A Conspiracy of Cooks [PG13] When John had to leave that first plate of pasta half-eaten at Angelo's he understood. Extenuating circumstances; trying to catch a killer. But it just kept happening.

Prompt #28 - Start Again [PG13, ANGST] John had worked up to walks through the park now, and that only made him feel worse. (Pre-series. Depression, anxiety, OCD)

Prompt #30 - The Mousetrap [PG13] John drags Sherlock out to see a play, with predictable results.

Amnesty Prompts #1 through #7 - A Most Unfavorable Deal
[PG13] The strangest things can provide motive for murder. (Amnesty Prompt Grand Slam. Forced plot for the sake of a challenge. 221B)

[July Writing Prompts 2015]

July Writing Prompts 2015

Prompt #1 - For Want of a Tea - [PG13] An urgent matter for Sherlock becomes a pain in the neck for John.

Prompt #2 - Observations in the Yellow House
[The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Russian, 1979. PG13] To foil a deadly plot, Watson must keep a watchful ear on the night-time halls of Bedlam. Warnings: References to Victorian Mental Health practices and commentary on them.

Prompt #3 - A New Leaf - [PG13] In Afghanistan, John takes a quiet moment to muse about leaves.

Prompt #4 - Been There, Done That - [PG13, established John/Mary] Even when it's all expenses paid, choosing a place for their honeymoon proves difficult for John and Mary.

Prompt #5 - Found at the Scene - [PG13, GRAPHIC FORMAT] Entered into evidence - Photo with writing; Page torn from notebook, front and back. Case is ongoing. (Start of the Entered Into Evidence series.)

Prompt #6 - An Exercise in Drama - [PG13] Sherlock and John engage in recreational zoomorphism for a case. Sort of.

Prompt #7 - The Baking Invasion - [PG13] Sometimes gratitude can go too far.

Prompt #8 - Negative Afterimage - [PG13] An afterimage is a non-specific term that refers to an image continuing to appear in one's vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased.

Prompt #9 - Consequences - [PG13] - John won't save Sherlock. Not this time. Not from a complete and deliberate failure of chemistry experiment safety, common sense, and the scientific method.

Prompt #10 - Officers On Site - [PG13] Officers at the last known location of Doctor Watson are now investigating his disappearance and gathering evidence of criminal activity. Consultant also present. (Part of the Entered Into Evidence series.)

Prompt #11 - Coat Comfort - [PG] After a long case there's only one thing to do.

Prompt #12 - A Dog's Tale - [PG, Young Sherlock Holmes] A scene from Young Sherlock Holmes from the viewpoint of its hero, a small, mostly white terrier.
(At least I think Uncus is a terrier. He thinks he is, and that's the important thing.)

Prompt #13 - An Investigation of 'My Future Life' by Johnny Watson - [PG] Sherlock is shocked by John's ability to predict the future at the age of seven.

Prompt #14 - Phyllobates terribilis - [PG13, Elementary] Deadly things come in small bright packages.

Prompt #15 - A Fly-by-Night Operation - [PG13, Elementary] Sherlock and Joan view a possible goose-related crime scene.

Prompt #16 - The Fire - [PG13] When John wakes up, his room is full of smoke.

Prompt #17 - We'll Call It A Draw - [PG13] John knew the type. Jovial, trying to make the medics laugh, go out making everyone smile, even a little. He didn't think he'd be one but you discover a lot about yourself when you're dying.

Prompt #18 - Victim Statement - [PG13] Doctor Watson has suffered grievous bodily harm at the hands of the criminals. (Part of the Entered Into Evidence series.)

Prompt #19 - Witness Prognosis - [PG13] It is hoped that by the time the case comes to trial, Doctor Watson will have fully recovered from his coma. (Part of the Entered Into Evidence series.)

Prompt #20 - Linguistic Drift - [PG13] The French accent would definitely not have worked.

Prompt #21 - Sunbaked - [PG13] A rotation at the multinational base hospital turns up more cases of injury by boredom and lack of thinking than by any sort of combat.

Prompt #22 - Dear Doctor Watson - [PG13, Part Graphic] The notes were never actually for him.

Prompt #23 - The HAT Trick - [PG13] "John, I realize that technically I may have just incurred a head injury, but.... are you braiding my hair?"

Prompt #24 - Mrs Hudson's Boys - [PG13] They were grown men and could certainly take care of themselves, but sometimes a little well-meaning manipulation was required.

Prompt #25 - Sad Songs Say So Much [PG13] The poems were easier to take than the songs.

Prompt #26 - The Secret Keeper [PG13, OC outsider POV] After all we'd been through, I wouldn't miss her wedding, even though she wasn't using any of the names I knew.

Prompt #27 - Ghosts in the Room - [PG13, implied animal death] John was overdue for a pub night with his old friends. He had every right to a pub night with his old friends. Why could he not stop worrying about Sherlock?

Prompt #28 - The Deal - [PG13] The odd smell that built as he mounted the stairs should have prepared him for what lay ahead, but he stopped still as John turned to enter the kitchen.

Prompt #29 - Pack Behaviour - [PG13] The one thing that made this worse than Baskerville was that this time it was real.

Prompt #30 - Prognostication Rumination - [PG13] "Bit grim, this."

Prompt #31 - For a Good Cause - [PG13] John shot a nervous glance through the crack in the curtains, "Why me?"


July Writing Prompts 2016

My 2016 JWP entries collected on AO3.

June Pre-JWP Prompt - I See You Shiver With Anticip.... (AO3) - [PG13] "No," John said to the gold lamé shorts.
(not sure if this is part or not, but adding to the list anyway)

Prompt #1 - Full Disclosure (AO3) - [PG13, Sherlock Holmes (RDJ)] A message brought by an Irregular provides Holmes more information than Watson intended.

Prompt #2 - True Blue Friendship (AO3) - [PG13, Young Sherlock Holmes] Watson discovers he now has an ally against the bullies who keep tormenting him at Brompton Academy.

Prompt #3 - The Blackwall Box Man (AO3) - [PG13, Sherlock Holmes (Granada)] When Inspector Lestrade brings a cold case to 221B Baker Street, Holmes and Watson prove it to be not nearly as cold as first thought.

Prompt #4 - Shell Game (AO3) - [PG13] Just a minor breakfast apocalypse.

Prompt #5 - Aging Gracefully (AO3) - [PG13] "SHERLOCK HOLMES! YOU ARE NOT USING MRS HUDSON AS BAIT!"

Prompt #6 - Sitting to Breakfast (AO3) - [PG13, Russian Holmes (1979)] Mrs Hudson could tell she would become very fond of her new lodger.

Prompt #7 - Vectors (AO3) - [PG13] John muses on the joys of flu season.

Prompt #8 - Reach Out and Touch Someone (AO3) - [PG13, Great Mouse Detective] When a crisis demands Basil and Dawson take action to save a human's life, they use cutting edge human technology.

Prompt #9 - A Handful (AO3) - [PG13, Elementary] Marcus tries to make a furry little friend.

Prompt #10 - Mutual Annihilation (AO3) - [PG13, Sherlock Holmes (RDJ)] The second stage of grief is anger.

Prompt #11 - Tea and Angry Biscuits (AO3) - [PG13] By the time John got himself down the stairs he should have known Mrs Hudson would have abducted Lestrade.

Prompt #12 - The Center of Attention (AO3) - [PG13] The corpse was the least interesting object in the room.

Prompt #13 - Quiet Until Provoked (AO3) - [PG13, Warning: Violence] He should have brought his gun.

Prompt #14 - {PENDING. This one is a bit different and I'm going to take some more time with it.}

Prompt #15 - The Scottish Ploy (AO3) Cases like this are what made Sherlock turn to telecommuting.

Prompt #16 - Standing By, Innocently (AO3) - [PG13, CROSSOVER: Sherlock/Merlin] For someone so obviously elderly, John marvelled as he ran, the old man can hustle.

Prompt #17 - A Friendly Game (AO3) - [PG13] John did try to get Sherlock to give Anderson a second chance.

Prompt #18 - A Note of Condolence (AO3) - [PG13] I scarce know what words to give you on the occasion of the death of your brother. (Epistolary, ACD Holmes)

Prompt #19 - Quantum Entanglement (AO3) - [PG13] Recognition can happen in the absence of memory. (Pretentious twaddle with lots of quotes from Holmesian sources. Multiple Holmes Universe Ficlet)

Prompt #20 - Caught in the Undertow (AO3) - [PG13] On review, John thought as he sailed over the railing, getting into a brawl with a murderer on Tower Bridge had not been a wise choice.

Prompt #21 - Just Around the Corner (AO3) - [PG13] John discovers that when Sherlock is deep in a case and won't eat, sometimes it's better to leave it to the experts.

Prompt #22 - How We Rescued My Daddy From His Bad Friends (AO3) - [PG13] (Image fic.) This is Mr Sherlock. He's not a nice man but he's a good man because he found my daddy. He wasn't wearing his hat but I drawd it in anyway.

Prompt #23 - The Case of the Midnight Shaving (AO3) - [PG13, Sherlock Holmes (Granada)] The man standing in the doorway of our sitting room flushed furiously, right to the top of his bald pate. "I demand my case be taken seriously!"

Prompt #24 - A Measure of Revenge (AO3) - [PG13] Household accidents are quite common in general, but their frequency in 221B Baker Street might skew the statistics a little.

Prompt #25 - Together, They Fight Crime! (AO3) - [PG13] Crack.

Prompt #26 - Walking Against the Wind (AO3) - [PG13] I can't hear my fire team over the comms anymore, just the hissing roar of the sandstorm.

Prompt #27 - Communications Breakdown (AO3) - [PG13, text-fic] John doesn't get the message.

Prompt #28 - Advanced Strategies in Thermal Regulation (AO3) - [PG13] A heatwave in London is a damp, heavy, grimy thing, like a giant washing-up sponge pressing down on the city.

Prompt #29 - When Timbers are Shivered and Lillies are Livered (AO3) - [PG13] Mycroft did tell him about Sherlock's childhood career plans, but John hadn't quite reconciled the image with his mad flatmate, until now.

Prompt #30 - Helping Hands (AO3) - [PG13, ACD Holmes/Granada] The sacrifices one makes for science.

Prompt #31 - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (AO3) - [PG13,Elementary] Joan Watson has had enough.

#14 for 2016 will be added within a few days of when I'm happy with it, so it might take a while. Hopefully, it'll be worth the wait? :-/

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