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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 8.20 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 8.20
Warning: Contains profanity.

Spoiler and Theory Summary


There is nothing of the little remaining that I have heard or seen for this season that I an specifically link to this episode.

Whee! \o/

That said, they've been throwing a lot of balls in the air so far this season, and they're running out of time to start falling down.

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and randomness for Supernatural 8.20 - "???" "Pac Man Fever"

[NOTE: The storyline with Charlie's Mom affected me on a personal level that I was not expecting, which is the main reason it's taken me two months to get through this episode. Parts of this post will reflect that.]

-Got a glimpse of Charlie in the THEN. CHARLIE'S BACK! Overshot the THEN, got a glimpse of Dean in a WWII style uniform. So maybe time travel, return of the Golem and his little buddy, angel time travel (HOW? AND WHO?) or Men of Letters time travel (WHEE but doesn't that only go forward to descendants or maybe it's a great grandpa Winchester that looks exactly like Dean, and will this episode contain spoilers for a Series 7 Doctor Who episode? Plus Charlie, who if her mysterious under-revealed past doesn't include a Men of Letters connection, she should get in on that PDQ. In short; I AM MADE OF EXCITEMENT.

-See, there he is. Maybe with a medical coat too, whee! Could be a dream sequence given the confusion, or a, like, mental time travel where you live the life of an ancestor or whatever but no one told Dean he'd be doing it, or he got really drunk and went playing dress-up in a previously unexplored section of the Batcave since it's all about that era too, or Crowley or Naomi or someone else messing with his head, but it's still awesome. Right name, medical corps I think based on the insignia, lots of color bars which seems about right for Dean.

-Waking up in a strange place and/or body and finding the door barricaded from the inside doesn't often bode well, but then neither does music continuing to play when the apparent source is stopped. Oh, hey, maybe this is Grandpa Winchester's dad doing some Men of Letters time trickery, or something like 'summon descendant' or 'descendant body swap'? In which case there should be a note and a mirror that shows Dean the wrong face soon. Doesn't explain the music though.

-Dean's first priority in any unfamiliar situation; find a weapon. Or rather his first priority where there's no one he needs to protect. But even then, find a weapon. Although given the medical insignia and the doctor's bag on the door, there might be sharper implements available to weaponize than a table leg. I suppose though that blunt objects give you more of a chance to apologize if it turns out you've hit a friendly.

-Oh crap. Bodies everywhere. THIS DOES NOT BODE WELL.

-Okay, so far, dead people, bleeding in the neck area mainly, but no heads chopped off, so they aren't vampires, but could be vampire victims. Or it could be slit throats. What does throat-cutting? Wasn't there something that did throat cutting?

-Fantaaaastic. Military experiments, fun for all. Also, it's July 13, 1951, (when apparently the Great Flood of the Kansas River was at its worst) making the not-being-denied military testing going on the further development of the H-bomb, so the experiments being denied are less ethical and less appealing to the general 1951 public than an H-Bomb. Eeek.
(Hey, is that the spiky clock on the wall behind Truman?? O.o)

-Snarling gargling shadow thing approaching, even better. Eeek.
OH, HEY, THE SHADOW OF THE NURSES LEG GREW AS IT APPROACHED. So, it either is a shadow that emits light, or Vashta Nerada, OR, more likely one of Meg's old playpals, a Daeva, the Zoroastrian critters from Shadow. Ah, memories.

-Whatever it is, its shadow has humanish form, and Dean is looking both freaked and conflicted. In uniform. Which reallyreallyreally suits him. Just saying.

-24 hours earlier, 62 years later, to-may-to, to-mah-to.

-Hello title! "Pac Man Fever" Um. I don't know what that was in 1951, but I don't think it was Pac-Man.

-I would like to take a moment here to appreciate the adorable that is sleep-smushy grunty squinty-face need-coffee-before-hands-work-like-hands-and-not-paws Sammy. Just because.

-"I'm tellin' you, give me five minutes with some clippers-" HEEEEEEE!!!

-The beer. "Bzuh?" *smash* AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Silly Dean. See also coffee before manual dexterity.

-Riiiiight. Post-Trial hangover. Nasty.

-He's hacked into cameras all over the place. Dean's technical aptitude is increasing in leaps and bounds, and if he's got the camera by Mrs. Tran's house, you'd think he'd've noticed if she'd been messily tortured and murdered by Crowley, right? CROWLEY (OR KEVIN'S HEAD-CROWLEY) IS LYING, KEVIN'S MOM'S NOT DEAD. Just needed to say.

-Closer up, Sam is looking a little rough.

-"Dean, we have to find him." Well you wouldn't have to if you'd brought him to the frigging Batcave like sensible people with a vulnerable irreplaceable asset and an impenetrable fortress would. Sigh. Idjits.

-Well that beats all hell out of a bunch of beer cans on a back fence now don't it? Is anyone mapping the Batcave yet? It's starting to be a bit like the Tardis, only bigger on the underside. And the every side.

-Boys, ear protectors? Boys? It's an enclosed area with hard sound-reflecting walls, and there is no reason for you to need to fire immediately- *bang bang* Sigh.

-Hee, Sam's gun concentration face.

-One on each side, well done, you have it bracketed. Now hit it in the middle.

-Now who do you think is going to be cleaning up the bullet casings you're throwing around there, Dean Winchester? Magical gun range pixies? ...Actually, who knows, maybe they do have magical gun range pixies... O.o

-"Road Food" AHA! The secret to their diner-locating abilities. They're on the mailing list. Oh and there's email from Charlie, who has gone back to using the Bradbury alias. Yay!

-Written by Robbie Thompson, directed by Bobby's namesake. *nods*

-Little bit stalkery there, Charlie, but good to know that the Men of Letters bunker is a dead zone for tracking, but fine for wi-fi and outgoing cell signal (I think). The Bunker has either been getting updated for new technology, oorrrrr it's been updating and adapting itself as required.... TARDIS! TARDISTARDISTARDIS! What? Sorry, no, I was, ah. Sneezing. Yes. Achoo.

-"Are you saying we can make or receive phone calls from here and nobody can track us?" I was going to say something but then Sam's face. I swear, it just paused like this.

-HI CAR! Up close and personal.

-Yellow Car! Sorry, it's a Cabin Pressure thing.

-I'm not sure what to make of this series of looks. It's making me giggle.

-That's a 1975 Gremlin. Did she have a yellow Gremlin before? *looks back* Nope. She had a yellow scooter when she was working at Leviathan central though, so looks like yellow is her transportation thing.

-This is the season of Winchester hugs. I have no complaints at all about this.

-"You okay, Sam?" And then she looks at Dean. I like Charlie, have I mentioned that?

-"Let us introduce you to the Men of Letters." I'm trying to think of a way to describe what I just did. Sort of an alternating fist pump and swivel thing, while going "YUS! YUS YUS YUS YUS YUS." In short, I approve of this. NOW FIND KEVIN AND HAUL HIS BUTT IN THERE. (Hee, Sam's suave face)

-"You guys are still coming to the mid-year jubilee, right?"/"Wouldn't miss it." EEEEE! Partly because the boys playing with the pseudo-SCA is a thing that is just too damned cool, and partly because the boys have escapist fun social plans for down time that doesn't involve hunting. So eeee!

-"I have eliminated the following things that go bump in the night-" Half from Chuck's Supernatural book covers, ha ha ha. I love Charlie.

-"I also found this series of books by Carver Edlund?" AHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah.

-*laughing to hard to even cap* "We need to find every single copy of those books and burn them." They're probably available as e-books, or pirate PDFs. Then there's the fanfic, and trying to explain to a lawyer why they want to send out cease and desist orders would land them in an asylum. Again.

-"They're online now, so good luck with that." Yep, as I said. *nods*

-There is something definitely wrong with Sam. That last dose of Trial radiation isn't settling in too well.

-"I'll go with you." Oh dear, this could be hilarious or disastrous, or both.

-Guns! HAHAHAHAH. Yeah.

-*still laughing* I think she broke Dean, you guys.

-"If you're gonna ride along, you've gotta lose the novelty t-shirts." Still laughing. Because plaid is coming.

-Walking on Sunshine! Montage for Charlie! I'm just going to cap things for a while.
Oh crap, I thought they were just ransacking the Batcave bunker closets for a change of wardrobe. SHOPPING! Dean casually trimming fake ID photos and doing the 'big brother offers opinions on prom dresses' thing is a billion times better.
Charlie, honey, no. I'm the last person who should offer opinions on clothing, but you look like a cartoon character in that.
God no. Walking migraine.

-Aw, he turned off her tunes! Admittedly, it wasn't helping keep the 'serious monster hunting' mood serious.

-"*pout* Montage." I think if I laughed any harder than I just did, my head might literally explode. I feel dizzy.

-"He's in the wind with a tablet of his own doing God knows what." I don't even know if God knows what's going on right now. Wherever God's got to.

-I think I mentioned last time that I'm glad that Dean has someone to talk to about Sam, and that it's Charlie. Because Dean needs to talk to someone, and it's hard to talk to Sam about how Dean feels about the situation because Sam has serious business to deal with already, and Dean being Dean figures talking to Sam about Sam would add to his stress. So, yay Charlie! Also, Tie Report for Dean: Dark blue, off-white narrow stripes down and to Dean's right. Dark and grim and aggressively on the job.

-"There is pretty much nothing the Winchesters can't do if they work together." Yep. Of course working together really helps.

-"I have two. Their names are X-Box and PS3." Awwwww.

-Oh Sam.

-"Close enough." No, Sam, it really isn't. Maybe try firing left, since the right arm's the one all the Trial radiation has gone into. Or try a shotgun over a pistol. Larger area of impact. *nods*

-Introducing Agent Deer-In-Headlights.

-They really need to put a 'this way up' thing on the fake ID's they give to newbie tagalongs don't they?

-"Special Agent Hicks this is my partner Special Agent Ripley" ALIENS! Charlie picked the names I bet. Ripley is awesome, Hicks didn't do too well in the long term, as I recall...

-"I just need your signed chain of custody request and it's all yours." About time someone picked them up on paperwork! You go Dr. *squints* O'Brien.

-"But, FBI." Charlie. Not helping. Shh.

-This is Dean's face of charming bullshit.

-Of course it doesn't work. I'm now thinking this stunning display of competence means she might be the monster, but that's okay, competent monsters are awesome too.

-"What did you hack when you were a teenager?"/"Uh. NORAD." *gigglesnort* And why, with the skillset Charlie is bringing to the table are you not just hacking into the medical facility and getting all the reports and autopsy photos? Unless you really need to sniff the corpse or something. What am I saying, it's Dean, of course he does. Incidentally, Tie Report for Charlie? No tie. That's entirely appropriate as she's new and a bit out of her depth since face to face legwork (erm) isn't her forte.

-I see the pre-commercial break monster chow have arrived.

-Bloated corpse. Liquefied organs. This is going to be reaaaaaally messy Isn't it?

-Don't poke the corpse with a stick you- aaaaarg. Idiots. *facepalm*

-Oh dear. And they went and got food after the last thing, so Charlie's going to be at her first messy corpsplosion on a full stomach. Sigh. Poor Charlie.

-Sam. *headshake* Tie report: Sickly yellow with lavender diamonds. It goes well with the vague stagger and the fresh zombie appearance. An ill and not on task tie for an ill and not on task boy. Seriously Sam, take a day or six off to process the Trial radiation, you look like crap.

-"So about that childhood trauma you experienced earlier?" Hee. And Even though sending her to talk to the witnesses was primarily so Sam and Dean could argue about which Winchester is allowed to martyr themselves for what stakes again, she's the best of them to talk to the game-playing kids anyway. Yay, serendipity!

-"Play through the pain."/"Don't quote me to me." HAHHAHAHA. Yep.

-"Sounds like something you should read about. In a book. At home." Dean casually using the word 'home' you guys. Just *flail*

-Dean's a little more upset than I thought if he's driving off and leaving them both there.

-"Cool. Wait, you stole my car?" Heehehehehehe. Who else was gonna be parked near the Batcave?

-I seem to be cackling a lot during this episode. Wonder what took Dean so long that they got there and in before he did?

-"I stopped for gas."/"Hm."/"Shut up." Fair enough. The amount of gas the Impala goes through he probably had to look up the cheapest station in the area on one of those gas rate sites before filling up. Or he was driving around blowing off steam because he's pissed off at his idiot unwell brother for being out in the field.

-When the newest member of the team goes running towards the potential snafu on the covert thing you're doing, that's quite alarming.

-"It's the coroner. I got this." Why do I have a very bad feeling about this?

-The FBI office caught fire? I either missed something in their last attempt to get past the coroner while I was trying to figure out if she was evil or just competent, or Charlie just improvised that. Charlie is managing to do the perky innocent act well this time.

-"They burned the bodies."/"Already?" Aw, Dean looks so put out.

-...and yet, despite the cremation paperwork being done and the bodies being gone, the Coroner still hands Charlie some blank forms. So, either she doesn't know they've been processed, or doesn't want these sketchy FBI people to know she's had them processed already. Hmmm indeed.

-"I'm new to the whole 'power-suit' thing, and yours is killer. Where do you get them?" Oh god. I'll just be snickering quietly for the next while.

-"I'm gonna have to check the lore, or maybe Dad's journal." YAY! JOURNAL REFERENCE. What did she say it was? Blue handprint. Well, Charlie's case in Moondor was a tree symbol on the arm (or somewhere) and that was an enslaved fairy, other than that... an angel with blue hands pulled him out of Hell? Nooooo. Hm.

-"*chases down hallway* So what about shoes?" Charlie is also persistent, if edging into creepy-stalkery now.

-Charlie: *babbles and leaves* Me: *giggles*

-Sam and Charlie geek-storming the possible monsters and Sam being jealous of Charlie's monster machine app. Aw.

-You know, building an app like that seems like it would be doable for someone inclined to build apps. Little blurb describes the scene and victim, then you go through the monsters eliminating things until you can make a guess. If you take too long or get stumped, another victim happened with stuff that eliminates other possibles, but your points go down for losing another victim. Like Supernatural Clue or something.

-Djinn. They do glowing blue body art, so I guess the 'bastard offshoot' isn't as into tatts. Yay for John's Journal having the answer! \o/

-"I hate that thing. But I want one." Considering what John and the Winchesters had to go through making it you really really don't, but still, AWWWWWWWWW! \o/

-Breakthrough in case and suddenly Charlie's up and on her way to get snacks. On her own. Gee, I wonder what she's up to? Charlie, I am revising your common sense downward quite a lot if you're off to go after the Djinn-lite alone. "Unlike you, Sam, I won't forget the pie." Ooo, burn.

-"She seem a little off to you?"/"Since the second she got here." Hm. Yeah, she did bring them the case, what's her personal connection to it? Although she hasn't been too particularly far off from regular Charlie behaviour as far as I can tell.

-Well, if you put 'em on the screen clear enough to read, props department, I'll be trying to cap them. Alias on US Passport "Christine LeGuin"
Alias on UK passport: "Annie Tolkien" Birthdate October 6th 1980 (which like any birthdate on this show gets a side-eye and a Googling. Nothing stands out. It's not Felicia Day's birthday either because that was June 28th)

-This looks more like a home than a hotel. Random stuff everywhere (also, Bobby's old place set, I think, aw.)

-Some kind of funds transfer, a third alias, Susan Asimov, all sending money to a Gertrude Middleton. There aren't any well known sci-fi/fantasy authors named Middleton (except maybe John Middleton Murray Jr. AKA Richard Cowper, who isn't nearly as known a name as her usual aliases), sooooo. Charlie's real name is Gertrude Middleton? Maybe? Gertie. Trudy? She looks more like a Trudy than a Gertie.

-Well, crap. This is why you don't go running around solo while there's a case in progress, Charlie. Yes, you're new, but not becoming monster chow is a good thing. I figured the adherence to paperwork would turn out to be a sign of evil.

-Meanwhile, Sam is hacking up a lung. One of his own.

-Sam is also completely failing to look convincingly casual in the attempt to prove to Dean that hacking up a lung when you're full of Trial radiation is nothing to be concerned about.

-"When I called you from her phone, I turned on her GPS." Yay for smart sneaky Dean. Also obviously Charlie is distracted by something or she would have noticed and turned it back off.

-The Winchesters are seen here doing an improv gender-swapped version of 2/3rds of Charlie's Angels. Because Charlie. Ha ha ha. Or something. I was going to say they were doing Gun Fu, but that's a thing which exists and isn't what they're doing here but it would kind of rock to see them doing, so... anyway. BOYS PROWLING AROUND WITH GUNS YAY.

-I swear, that's the same bathroom Dean chained Sam up to the sink in sometime during season 4. It probably is, really, just greener.

-Much clearer. Birthdate October 8th, 1980. October 8th is the birthdate of a guy who did a lot of stuff on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game series', soooo maybe it's a birthdate Charlie picked after all.

-Interesting to note that in the US, Charlie is 8 years older, born in 1972. Probably because she got the US ID first when she was super-young still and needed her age to be more than it actually was. *nods*

-"Who the hell is she, Jason Bourne?" ...*sparkle-eyes* Pleeeeease? :-D I don't think so though, she's not good enough at the social end of field ops to have gone through Treadstone. Darn.

-Donations through her aliases to a hospital... Ohhhhh. Gertrude Middleton is her mom or sister or partner (not likely partner, given Charlie's tendency to horndog. Charlie doesn't seem the type to cheat on a relationship when her partner is gravely ill) who is in hospital, and those are payments on the hospital bills. Ahhh. Okay. *nods*

-"I'll take Gertrude, you keep Djinn-digging." And Dean subtly sticks Sam with the less active part of the investigation, which handily also keeps him and his Trial radiation poison glarphing away from medical professionals who won't have the slightest clue how to fix him anyway, and Sam doesn't notice because he's in front of an unlocked laptop full of new puzzles. Dean is sometimes very subtle.

-Yep, it's her mom. Drunk driver on the way to pick up Charlie from a sleepover, sometime after which Charlie became a hacker to survive and to pay medical bills. Ouch. Guilt and family tragedy. Not from an other-than-human source, but it rings pretty typical for hunter background.

-Starting getting into trouble at the age of twelve and disappeared, all alone in the world. Yipe. For a background like that, it's amazing she's so perky. Or the perky is her armor. Oh Charlie.

-I.... suddenly have this feeling Dean's going to talk to Charlie's mom about Charlie while he's there alone with her. If so. Um. Well. Let's see.

-Yep. Right. Personal stuff, sorry. So. Anyway. Given Dean's multiple and occasionally very personal experiences with coma patients, he knows there's a chance Charlie's mom could still be in the room, hanging around. So yeah. Perfectly logical for him to give her a little reassurance. *nods* Except if she is still hanging around and has noticed Charlie's visits, then she wasn't aware Charlie was missing until this strange man came in and mentioned it. So points for keeping the comatose person in the loop, but negative points for maybe causing a teeny bit of psychic stress or something.

-Speaking of Winchester ally rites-of-passage, is getting tied to furniture in abandoned industrial buildings one? It probably should be.

-"Wilhelm scream." AHAHAHAHAHA!

-"Do you know what I smell on you?" EVIL ENTITIES SMELLING PEOPLE IS CREEPY. O.O

-"If you know about Djinn then you and your little friend are hunters, not FBI." *facepalm* Oops. On the upside though, until that point you did have her thinking you were FBI, so not badly done on that after all.

-"We prefer the taste of fear." As opposed to regular Djinn who like to happy people to death as they bleed them dry. Well, lovely. And I suppose we now know what was happening at the top of the hour with Dean was a Djinn hallucination designed to induce fear. So the shadow person... well I'd say it's most probably Sam, but with ears that visible on the shadow, he'd have to have his hair pretty intensely slicked-back. The eye-line was about right though, and I'm not sure who else it might be.

-"I knew you'd make a meal fit for two."/"For two?" There hasn't really been any other speaking characters this episodes, so... is she pregnant? O.o

-Djinn are about the prettiest monster when they get their tattoos going.

-"The coroners new assistant 'accidentally' ordered the body to be burned." Sam and his adorable finger quotes hee.

-"My manly man-friend's gonna come get you, you creepy power-suit lady." I find I suddenly have a need to laugh until my face hurts.

-"Let him come. He reeked of fear as well." Gee, I wonder why, SAM.

-Felicia Day screams very well.

-"An abandoned shipping warehouse." But... she owns it, so it's not really abandoned, is it? Disused maybe, or defunct or something. Or, you know, ruins, like Djinn usually prefer living in?

-Hehehe. Is it just me, or is this the same hallway Dean was walking down in his hallucination at the start of the episode? Heh heh heh. I wonder if it's just reuse of set, or something more...

-Maybe I'm just paranoid, but how does Dean not see that Charlie's location and position just screams 'BAIT'?

-Sam is definitely off his game. Yes he's normally crap at hand to hand combat, but not this crap. Unless it's a trap to lure her in so he can stab her with the silver knife/lamb's (?) blood combo, or to get her to try messing with him and maybe get some kind of blow back happening on her because of the Trial radiation. Hm.

-Or he's playing bait so Dean can get her. Which means then that the Djinn didn't put Dean into the past-hallucination, and maybe Charlie is stuck in hers now which would apparently be the slaughter military hospital of suspiciously similar wounds, like in, say, a video game, and Dean was there too, so maybe that means... dare I say it... Dreamroot? After all this time? PLEASE??? O.O

-Or they can shoot Charlie up with 5 CCs of Windex and hope for the best. I thought the anti-Djinn stuff Sam had via Grandpa Campbell's crew was opaque white, not clear blue? *looks back* Yep. Maybe it's an alternate formula or something from the Men of Letters vaults. Sure. *handwave*

-Faces. Hee.

-"Different Djinn, maybe she needs a different antidote." ... BUT IT IS A DIFFERENT ANTI- Arg. Trial radiation is effecting Sam's brain. Obviously. *HANDWAVE*

-Twinspeak: "African Dreamroot." *MOST INTENSE VICTORY ARMS EVER, WITH EEEE NOISES AND SUBSEQUENT FLAILING AND FLAPPING OF ARMS EVERYWHERE* IT'S ABOUT GOD DAMNED TIME!!! I've been rooting (ha) for a return of dreamroot since it was introduced. It's not time travel, but it's the next best thing. Dream walking. YES!! THANK YOU SHOW! \o/

-Of course it's simple to get dreamroot now; the Men of Letters stockroom probably has powdered, long-term stabilized everything in neatly labelled vials with allergy warnings. But, uh, Sam, you're going to want to chop that bit of Charlie's hair up some to make it easier to swallow without gagging.

-Mmm. Chunky.

-"I'm gonna need to go to sleep fast, so uh. Punch me." *snerk*

-"Look man, I know you don't want to but-"/"*RIGHT HOOK*" HAHAHAHAHH! XD

-"You're a little off your game there cause that was-"/"*UPPERCUT*" *still laughing*

-And here we are, back in the hospital of Death. What was that video game Charlie was talking about with the corpse-poking kids? Super-Eater: Underworld Adventures, but SE:Dimension Travellers was also mentioned so... Hm. Or Wolfenstein?

-Or zombies! \o/


-Okay, that's kind of awesome.

-"Come with me if you want to live." Ow ow ow oh god, I just snerked so hard I think I inverted my uvula. XD

-Video game *nods* "The Red Scare. First person shooter against super-soldier vampires." I suppose if it had been zombies they'd get into trouble with the Resident Evil franchise, so okay, super soldier vampires. Which explains the throat injuries everywhere. Not particularly tidy eaters these vampires.

-Ah, she broke in, stole it, modified it and released it for free, then got arrested, when she was 12... around when her parents got into that accident on their way to pick her up from a 'slumber party'... and she's been on the run ever since. Hm. I sense extreme guilt.

-Meanwhile in a cold dank unwarded warehouse, their only guard is continuing to hack up a lung. You know, if Crowley or Naomi were inclined to getting some private chat time with Sam, right now would be just spiffy, wouldn't it?

-*sudden noise* OR THE OTHER ONE COULD SHOW UP. Right. Forgot about that. Duh.

-"I killed the djinn."/"Both of them?" And this is Dean's 'oh crap' face. Hello again!

-Oh it's a kid too. Well crap. He's not one of the corpse-poking kids, is he? *checks* I don't thinks so, but different lighting.... hard to say. I don't think so.

-Hunh. Only one floor in this hospital. Wonder where the elevator goes...

-She fights through the level, saves the patients, then gets reset to start but everything's harder, on a (so far) infinite loop. So. Her mom's one of the patients, right? And she has to let her mom go, right? Ooof. Well. Nothing like a Djinn-dream to show you where your issues are.

-I have no reason for this screencap other than that was where it paused, and Dean suits uniforms and Charlie suits being an epic gun-toting badass.

-Aaaand yep.

-Charlie's mom's eyelid twitched there when Charlie says her mom used to read her to sleep. It looked too deliberate to be a thing they missed and couldn't get another cover angle on. This is going to get nothing but harder, isn't it?

-"She's the reason I love the stuff I love." Yeah. Nothing but harder.

-Well crap, I wasn't expecting that. And really, I should have been, because it's not like letting family members go, one way or another, is a major issue for Dean either. Noooo, of cooooourse not.

-I will never get enough Team Badass posing from these two.

-Meanwhile back in the conscious world, Sam's getting his ass kicked by a teenager. *pats Sam*

-"She always told me not to play with my food." Shame. She should have told you not to turn your back on a hunter while monologging. Or just not to monolog. Or turn your back on a hunter. Doing both is just silly.

-Seems to me that if you have a barricade the zombie-vampires haven't got through yet, shooting holes in it is not a wise tactical decision. *facepalm*

-"I think the only way to stop this is not play." Haha. Wasn't there a WarGames reference by Dean earlier this episode too, when Charlie mentioned hacking NORAD? Cute.

-"You're not afraid of *lists of fear-worthy things*. Hey look at me. You're afraid of losing her." Yeah, that. You too Dean. Though really, the Djinn-kid is dead now, so things should be clearing up any minute now either way, right? Maybe?

-"I was at a sleepover and I got scared, so I called my parents to come and get me." Yeah, that's some serious guilt for a 12 year old. Not as much as getting arrested for hacking a game company and needing to be bailed out, though.

-*Charlie breaks down* Ooof. *taking a breather, personal stuff*

-Okay, well, that's an easier to handle take on 'stop playing' than allowing the super-soldiers in to rip everyone to shreds. Or her mom waking up for just long enough to hear what Charlie wants to say. I don't know which would hurt more.

-*wibbles and flails* Okay. They can adopt Charlie now as an honorary Winchester little sister. I'm even okay with the marksmanship and the epic levels of hacking. Just more Dean and Charlie *handwave* stuff.

-So much glee for the door on the Batcave getting used. I don't even know why.

-"Those books portray you as one tough customer." ...In Season One? Yeah, I guess. There was a considerable amount of moping and occasional whining it was sometimes hiding under, but he didn't do too bad.

-I find myself inordinately distracted by Dean's plaid shirt. Probably because I have the same pattern of plaid shirt. It's an unusually cheerful plaid for Dean.

-"You know you really should come back and dig through our archives." OH YES SHE SHOULD.

-Another good thing about Charlie, all the hugging. Particularly hugs that make Sam look super-ginormous and her look twelve.

-"Always wanted to get TRON'd." Hee!

-"What's next for you?" Oh. Right. The hospital. Oooof.

-"I love you." Awwwwwwww! "I know." AWWWWW!!! *flail* STAR WARS QUOTE! XD

-See? Hugs. The boys need more hugs, and so does Charlie.

-Just for the sake of people trying to determine location, and also because of the whole access thing and where the cars are parked when they've parked the Impala right by the door before, so hm... maybe it was too dark for Dean to want to risk threading his baby up that path to the door.


-"Whaddaya say we find our Prophet?" YES!!! \o/

-Set. This set, seriously, will kill me from awesome.

-Ooooooof. *taking a deep breath*

-"In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit." Okay, I was holding on okay until she pulled out the book. I'm... yeah. Personal stuff.

*hugs* to you all.

(PLEASE NO REFERENCES TO EPISODES PAST 8.20 IN COMMENTS! I'm catching up as fast as I can, but that's not very fast. :-/)

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ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: August 6th, 2013 03:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
I wish I could have warned you about this episode, but...spoilers.*ahem* Charlie is awesome and needs to return!!!


Edited at 2013-08-06 06:17 pm (UTC)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 7th, 2013 04:46 am (UTC) (Link)
No, that's alright. I don't think any amount of warning would have made how this affected me any different. There's some things in there that are too direct.

Charlie is indeed awesome. :-)
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: August 6th, 2013 05:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you managed to make it through the episode, because it's a great episode. And Charlie is just inspired. I hope we see her some more in season 9!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 7th, 2013 04:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Hope so!
x_cat11 From: x_cat11 Date: August 7th, 2013 05:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
Loved your recap as always. Sorry you couldn't fully enjoy it, life sucks even if you aren't a Winchester sometimes. All you can do is carry on. Looking forward to your next recap.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 8th, 2013 07:57 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. :-)
percysowner From: percysowner Date: August 8th, 2013 02:07 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad you're back. I'm sorry that this hit you hard. Sometimes that happens and it really hurts.

-I think I mentioned last time that I'm glad that Dean has someone to talk to about Sam, and that it's Charlie. Because Dean needs to talk to someone, and it's hard to talk to Sam about how Dean feels about the situation because Sam has serious business to deal with already, and Dean being Dean figures talking to Sam about Sam would add to his stress

I just wish that Sam could find someone to talk to about Dean. I mean someone who isn't a demon trying to manipulate him, or a creature that Dean feels he has to kill or a person who isn't killed violently in front of Sam's eyes 3 minutes after he actually started talking to her.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 8th, 2013 08:02 am (UTC) (Link)
I don't know why, but to me Sam's always seemed less emotionally constipated in general, and about Dean, although talking to Dean would be a good thing for Sam to do right now. If he could find someone to talk to about the Trials and what he's going through that might help too.
(Deleted comment)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: August 9th, 2013 07:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
They certainly seem to be cooking meals like Hobbits in it.
blackcat333_99 From: blackcat333_99 Date: October 8th, 2013 09:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Yep, it's her mom. Drunk driver on the way to pick up Charlie from a sleepover, sometime after which Charlie became a hacker to survive and to pay medical bills. Ouch. Guilt and family tragedy. Not from an other-than-human source, but it rings pretty typical for hunter background.

Yup. It's sad how her escape mechanism from dealing with the totally human scope of her losses is what places her squarely in the SPN side of things. But then again... she's now BFF with the Winchesters, and specificically has Dean filling the role of Big Brother to her. Hard as life it... there is an upside. I feel dirty even saying that... but ultimately it just... seems to be part of her reality now. She has family, despite her losses. That's not the worst thing life could toss her way.

And this is not meant to trivialize the very human and normal losses Charlie has sufferedl, nor her way of coping. I just find myself both torn and grateful that Big Brother Dean is there, on the job, as always. She's not alone, but her pain is very personal. It's... I can't really articulate. Just... love Charlie, love the relationship she's developed with her adopted big brother Dean. That's all.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: October 9th, 2013 04:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Dean is like the Alpha of big brothers that way. :-)

I liked Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible, and her fannish character has been a pleasant surprise, particularly after Becky.
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