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Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 9.02 - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Picspam Reaction: Supernatural 9.02
Warning: Contains profanity.

Spoiler and Theory Summary

Nothing! \o/

However, if they don't get Crowley out of the trunk sometime soon, I'm going to start to worry... I doubt Dean had much chance to clear the trunk out and there's no telling what a determined King of Hell, handcuffed or not, might do with some of the stuff that might be in there.

Picspam Reaction, with speculation and meta and randomness for Supernatural 9.02 - "???" "Devil May Care"

-Skipping the THEN but still saw Abaddon. No real surprise there, we had to find out what she was up to sooner rather than later, hm? Especially with Crowley still in the trunk.

-Ooo. Nice.

-Someone's bringing home a body bag. Leftovers?

-Ah, barbeque. Oh wait. It's Abaddon! She must have really liked that host to have minions try to restore it for her.

-Something about them lounging around on picnic tables while Dean updates Sam makes me happy.

-"Called me from a pay-phone in Longmont, Colorado." Oh, so Dean did know where he was when the angels were trying to get Castiel's location from him. ...aaaaaand now Ezekiel knows too. And is hooked up on angel radio if he chooses to spread the word. *facepalm* Dean, as long as Ezekiel is riding around in your brother, you've got to think like he's bugged. Which would make it pretty impossible for Sam not to catch on when you get evasive about anything the angels might find interesting. (What? Paranoid? Me? Naaaah.)

-"Thanks to Metatron we now have a couple thousand confused loose nukes walking around down here." Ah, right, Castiel brought him up to speed on that too.

-"But then I thought to myself,'what would Sam Winchester do?'"/"I'd've... stabbed him in the brain."/"Oh." *SNEEEEERK*

-Hi Crowley! I'll stop laughing in a minute I swear. Looks like Dean cleared out some of the trunk, at least the stuff above the hidden compartment. Wonder where the stuff went?

-"He's the junk in my trunk." seriously, Dean, if you knew what Crowley's ringtone for you was you wouldn't encourage him like that.

-HI ABADDON! You're looking... gaseous.

-And the dings and scorch marks came right out in the wash.

-Kevin's still there, and bored. And destructive.

-HI KEVIN!!! AWWWWW!!! A table and book barricade and everything! Aw! All the panic alarms went off and he stayed and set up defenses! KEVINNNN!!!! *flail* But left the door unlocked? Oh! No, wait, they came back while he was there, they must have got the key back from him then. *nods*

-Title: "Devil May Care" On this show, devil probably doesn't care as much as he did when he was locked in the trunk of the Impala for an indeterminate time period.

-Hasn't slept or eaten... it's kind of sad that he's so freaked out from the year of paranoia and tablet reading that even in a bunker specifically secured against everything that's out to get him he still can't eat or sleep. Awwww. Admittedly though, the way the bunker was carrying on with the flashing lights and sirens, he could have thought there'd been a zombie apocalypse and the barricades and crossbows were a response to that.

-The bunker locked itself down in a crisis? COOOOOOOOOL! I want one even more now. A bunker, not a crisis. I have plenty of those. :-P

-"The next time the world's ending? Grab a gun." There is something to be said for an ammo capacity of greater than one.

-Oh dear. I just realized that Sam's probably about to drag Crowley in and down to the dungeon, and Kevin is going to have an aneurysm.

-"Maybe when you opened the door from the outside it reset the system."/"Yeah, let's go with that." Heee! I can hear the scriptwriters handwaving. XD

-Blindfolded and ear-muffled, not bad. Unconscious would be the better option, but pounding Crowley unconscious would take a while.

-"No..." Yeah, Kevin might be starving and sleep-deprived, but he's gonna recognize Crowley anyway. The coat also helps.

-"Hello-*punch to the face*" Heeeee. No 'Hello boys' this time, Crowley.

-You know. Since Sam's full of angel, and hypothetically still has the trial radiation in there somewhere, and an angel to do in-house organ repairs and resurrections, he might be able to redo the blood thing with Crowley, turn him human, close off Hell and live. Ezekiel would probably be on board for it too. Figuratively as well as literally.

-Or they could shake him down for intel about currently active demons on the plane of earth. Why not. *shrug*

-"I saw you break down, Crowley. A part of you was human again, maybe still is." Ah yes. Something Crowley rather doesn't want getting around to the underlings. If he has underlings left.

-"Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier, really putting the S A M into S and M." Heeee. You and a not-insignificant percentage of fandom, Crowley.

-"What are you going to do to me that I don't do to myself for kicks every Friday night?" Heheh. I'm seeing inspirational country and western on endless repeat in Crowley's future. Or Teletubbies.

-Written by Andrew Dabb, half the team. Directed by Guy Norman Bee, an old hand.

-Those doors don't look particularly secure. If he got loose he could climb right over the top. Getting loose is the tricky bit though I suppose.

-Or being ignored completely until they have a use for him. Not that he didn't have that in the trunk of the Impala. Although, given Crowley changed Hell over from torture to endless waiting in lines, it could be quite effective. Oh and tie report: same old obfuscating Crowley tie.

-And here's Kevin's aneurysm, right on schedule.

-"When he does, we'll hold him down while you knife him. Then we all go out for ice cream and strippers." Dean. Never change.

-Meanwhile, Ezekiel has hit the intel jackpot by riding around in Sam. Knows where Castiel last was, knows where the Men of Letters bunker is, knows where Crowley is restrained and helpless, knows where Kevin the cutest Prophet is... Sneaky Ezekiel. If he isn't up to an agenda of some kind by getting access to Sam as a vessel, I will be shocked. Shocked I tell you.

-"Stay away from him, all right?" Ooo. And also, in the middle of the night when Sam's asleep, Ezekiel can surface, pilot Sam over to the dungeon, go kill or interrogate Crowley or whatever, and Kevin will get the blame. Ooo. Funny that Crowley can't sense Ezekiel in Sam. Unless he's mistaking him for the signals the Trial radiation was probably giving off. Hmm.

-Reversing Metatron's spell... I don't know if that will help at this stage, unless it rocket-boosts them all back home. You'd just have a load of fully-powered pissed off angels on Earth.

-"Check the net for anything angelly."/"Or demony."/"Or monstery or ghosty or- ...It's gonna be a busy year." And it's only begun.

-Heh. Abaddon's henchdemon tie report: Blue, really obvious stripes down to his right. On the job, focused keener. Someone's already aiming to be the boss's favourite.

-"I closed 72 Deals last year." Ooooo. Well, Head Crossroads Demon position might be open soon.

-"We're paying or what we should be taking." Hunh. She has a point there. Though she is seriously undervaluing the power of a good marketing campaign.

-"Who put Crowley in charge?" Weeeellll, going back along the chain of causality... probably the Winchesters? Mostly indirectly, by taking out or distracting his competition not to mention the whole apocalypse thing, but still.

-"The King's dead. Long live the Queen." I may have just cackled. Just a bit.

-"No offense, honey, but we all thought you were dead until, like, a week ago." Ah, yes, the bravery of the incredibly stupid. Sassing powerful demons is fine, as long as you've got some way of preventing them from immolating you. If you can't be a competent henchdemon, be a quiet henchdemon.

-"You go to Hell and you tell them I'm coming." Or you get sent home as a messenger. I suppose if she could only rouse four followers at the moment, annihilating one as an object lesson would be impractical. Don't know how her action will fly in Hell though.
Granny Demon: "She says Crowley's dead and that she's our new Queen, but I talked back to her and she didn't even vaporize me."
All the other demons: "OMG LOL."

-Merv? Irv? New hunter. Getting tips on how to fry an angel. Also apparently, they've posted the formula for holy oil on the Hunter Recipes Bulletin Board sometime between Season 5 and now, since Merv or Irv doesn't go "Holy what?". Let's see how long he lasts. *squints* I think I used to own his car's older sister in college. Miserable boat.

-"If they drop a silver sword, grab it." I'm trying to think of something witty to say about monsters in MMORPGS like World of Warcraft and items they drop, but it's not coalescing. Moving on.

-"Okay, crimeny." Heee. Yeah, he's not going to last out the episode, probably. Although, he's a hunter that will take a phone call from a Winchester, so depending on the latest rumours on the hunter grapevine about Sam and Dean, he could be a rarity. But still so very doomed.

-Saskatoon! Labbatt's! Canadian content! Whee! \o/

-Oh well this doesn't bode well at all. I don't know who's getting taken over by who for what, but access to heavy ordnance like surface to air missiles and battleships and so forth isn't a thing any non-Earth side really needs to have right now. O.O

-Yeah, this is not the bus you want to get on. Is Abaddon driving?

-*bus full of demon smoke* Me: *CANNOT STOP LAUGHING* IT'S LIKE MUSICAL CHAIRS OR SOMETHING! I can just hear the mid-air demony squeaks: "Dibs on the tall one!"/"No fair, no calling dibs!"/"SHOTGUN!"/"Which one is shotgun?"/"I don't know, I just always wanted to call 'shotgun'." Oh god, it hurts! XD

-Well, whaddaya know, Abaddon is driving.

-One trap for Dean Winchester coming right up. Or for quite a large part of the general population actually, for various reasons. I'd stop myself to make sure she was okay and didn't need help or a cell phone and I know nothing about cars. I also know people that would screech to a halt for the chance to work on a classic VW before they'd even notice the woman. Everyone keeps their motivations in a different place.

-"Um, yeah, I think the... thingy broke." AHAHAHAHAHA. Such a trap.

-I'm trying so hard not to assume this guy's a wannabe-predator based on the superficial appearance of douchebaggery, but the leather jacket/bare chest combo is not doing him any favors.

-Also the fangs. The fangs are not helping. Still pretty sure he's going to regret stopping for lunch here in a minute though. The only question is, when he turns around for a bite will she be brandishing demon-black-eyes (not likely to be one of Abaddon's new recruits if so since none of the uniforms in that bus would have fit her) or an angel sword. Or a machete, she could just be a hunter.

-And machete wins. Now what's going to come along and get her? Where she's standing, it could be a cement truck.

-Ah, one of Abaddon's bunch. No doubt looking for people connected to the hunter network to extract the location of Sam and Dean, who last she saw had Crowley, who she needs so she can gut him in the middle of downtown Hell to prove he's not King anymore. As one does. *nods*

-Oooooor she can just leave a bus-load of dead meat-suits and demon-smoke residue somewhere and the Winchesters can drive on in on their own. *facepalm*

-"Freak thunderstorms and every cow dead within three miles." Demons are destructive critters.

-"Agents Stark and Banner, FBI." I just laughed so hard my spine popped. XD

-Tie report: Dean - Deep red with dual narrow pale-blue-ish stripes, possibly with a grey stripe between them going down to his left (right now, toward Sam). Dean is on the job of being on the job of being on the job and also on the job of worrying about Sam (and Castiel too no doubt but he's not in frame) and the stress of not telling Sam the whole truth about his backseat driver and the memory editing is there, but vague yet, because Sam hasn't started finding holes in the status quo yet. Sam - *head-tilt* Browned hamburger? Boiling porridge? Sam is a chewed-up mess, but doesn't know it yet, and is in 'go with the flow' mode, floating securely in the now of 'Dean's here, we're dealing with things, everything's just fine' but it's a drifting sort of float, because there's something cooking inside Sam that hasn't boiled over yet.

-"Then maybe him and I ought to have a chat."/"Okay." HEHEHEHEEHEHE. KEVIN TRAN! PROPHET, ROCK-READER, AND FAKE FBI SUPERVISOR. Oh god, I hope they at least warned him this might happen.

-"Boss?" Oh dear. No warning. Oh poor Kevin.

-Faces! Dean's: Everything's fine. Sam's: What the serious hell are you doing?

-"Uh, Kevin. Solo." PFFFFFFT!!! XD

-"I'm with the FBI so you have to do what I say." HAHAHAHA, no.

-"Unless you can give me one good reason you've got a couple of pretty-boy agents pokin' around my crime scene I'm gonna put them in cuffs and spank your ass raw, you understand?" I like Sergeant Miranda Bates. I really really do. I think Sam does too.

-"My favorite's you wearing a sombrero and doing a body shot off some naked guy in a luchador mask." And this is why you don't post the really interesting things about your life anywhere on the internet under your real name. Or anything like your real name. Or including your real face that can be searched through image matching.

-"How did you find that?"/"'Cause I'm Kevin freaking Solo." HEEEEEE!

-I get the feeling she will get her vengeance for this, and it will be subtle and thorough. Because really, two guys show up at a crime scene, easy enough for them to be caught in the background of an evidence photo, flagged by a subordinate for attention, and so on...

-And now I want fic where Sergeant Bates and Sergeant Sally Donovan from Sherlock meet in a bar somewhere and exchange gripes about random outsiders with no official training or status who jump the system, get nosy about their personal lives and mess with their crime scenes. *nods*

-"All military computers are connected to the same network." *facepalm* Also, never post, store or view the really interesting parts of your life on your work computer or network. Ever. On the upside, Sergeant Bates' CO probably already knows, and after review to make sure it wasn't on duty or criminal, really doesn't give a crap as long as it stays out of the media. And isn't used to get her to break security... Which makes me think she may be letting them have access deliberately to get them on record as persons of interest who wanted to insert themselves in a military investigation, do some research, find out if they're a threat or just some lunatics with a teenage friend who can use Google. ...yeah, sure. *handwave*

-"This guy was shot in the heart."/"That what killed him?" Usually, but hard to say. Oh and OMG THE BUS ADS!! Biggersons! Bing Bongs! There's a Realty sign up there too, off the edge of the two caps that I'm sure has been used in the show before as well. YAY ART DEPARTMENT, YOU ROCK ON AD CONTINUITY!! \o/

-"Maybe, fifteen, twenty years ago." Hee. Yep. Demons only keep the bodies healed up while they're using them. There is no damage deposit for demonic possession.

-They're so annoyed that Abaddon's back. Even though they brought her back themselves. Maybe because they brought her back themselves. Silly boys, this is why you don't resurrect dead enemies in unsecured locations and then leave them alone in a room while badly restrained. *patpat*

-What makes a good lair for entities that don't particularly mind their physical hosts getting damaged? Some place that human who usually do care about their physical selves' health would never go. Like a toxic waste dump. Or someplace with lots of radiation. I think I like Abaddon. She's picked a great lair, strategically speaking.

-That is, assuming it's her lair and not just the location she has her henchdemons beat the crap out of hunters and make body disposal handier. I suppose she can't do the 'splitting her smoke to do an interrogation from the inside' trick she used before won't work on any hunters who are smart enough to have warding against possession.

-Also a handy place to leave pre-tied nooses hanging around, where no one will hear screaming. Not bad. *nods*


-"This is Dean's number, but you're not a Winchester, who are you?" Aaaaaaack. And he has no way of knowing who he's talking to.

-"I have something they might want." Darn it, Irv or Merv or whatever your name is, the episode isn't even half over yet!

-"Dig up everything Men of Letters have on Knights of Hell." ...Is it bad that I want Kevin's job? Hang out in the bunker, fielding phone calls, researching and translating crap, constant barrage of end-of-the-world stress that actually might be about the end of the world, no sleep, excess caffeine. Yeah. *sighs wistfully*

-Doesn't look like Kevin shares my opinion though. Then again, there are days when the intern job from "Devil Wears Prada" looks fun and relaxing to me, so I'm hardly the best job satisfaction barometer. :-P

-"The numbers point to a spot outside Eugene, Oregon." Why is Eugene, Oregon ringing bells? I don't think they're had a case there before.... hunh. Maybe it's because of sci-fi convention OryCon but I've never been to it and haven't thought about it since I was in college. Dunno. Bells are ringing and I don't know why.

-"You know this is a trap, right?"/"Yup." *sneeeeerk* Well, as long as you own up to being fully aware of the obvious traps you drive into.

-This transition shot looks exactly like one from somewhere in season one... and yet... no spotlights... Are they taking new and very similar transition shots, or did they do a quick digital edit out of the poor, blameless spotlights that Steve Boyum had removed in Dream a Little Dream? Boyum! *fistshake*

-Ah yes. Kevin is alone in the Men of Letters bunker, doing research in the room that has the secret doors to the dungeon, wherein the King of Hell who killed his girlfriend (and possibly his mom, but no corpse so... not that a corpse means they're permanently dead either) sits bored, all trussed up in chains. ...Hm. If Crowley didn't kill Kevin's mom (and really, Mom Tran is too awesome to die off-screen) he may try to get out of the death by super-sick-of-all-this-crap prophet-rage by telling him he can have his mom back, or that he didn't really kill her. Could still be a lie, but it'd be something he might try.

-"Where do I start to even look for forgiveness?" Oh my. Or Crowley could be sitting in the dark with the remnants of his humanity running around his system, doing some soul-searching. Or having flashbacks to the church.

-Man, the Men of Letters dungeon's lights are LOUD. Also, not to be grim or gross or disturbing or anything but... *peers around the floor* No drains? Even just for ease of cleaning? Hunh. Design flaw there. Obviously they couldn't put one in the devil's trap, or demons would just smoke out that way, but there should be one in a low corner or something. Practicality. Nice continuity on the headphones still being there on the floor, though that makes me wonder if Kevin isn't going to get talked into absconding with Crowley.

-"Kevin?" Shortcut to doom there, Crowley.

-"That's right, run. It's what you do." Taunting now. Hm. Trying to get Kevin to come in and in the process of doing whatever sort of Kevin-y vengeance he might take, make an error and manage to set Crowley free?

-And here he comes, understandably pissed.

-Daylight suits them, they should get out in it more often.

-So, is this the old west town location from All Hell Breaks Loose, or the post-Croatoan apocalypse location from The End? I think it's the Croatoan Apocalypse location. Something about the buildings.

-Dean's biohazard protection priorities. Not atypical of many males, but still very Dean. *headshake*

-You know, I realize I'm paranoid, but the very first thing I'd do when rescuing people who'd been held hostage by a demon would be to saturate them thoroughly with Holy Water. Just seems a practical and simple precaution that won't hurt the hostages any if they aren't possessed. Well, the female hunter might have cause to worry about hypothermia if the weather was less balmy since she's wearing her 'bait' costume.

-"Take a shot of holy water, hunh?" Yay! \o/

-"You're Tracy, right? I'm Sam Winchester."/"Good for you." Heeeee! really, even if she was neutral on the topic of Winchesters before now, getting held hostage and questioned by demons about them would really not improve their standing with her.

-Oh dear. This is going nowhere but bad.

-"You're gonna tell me how to kill a Knight of Hell." Hey! I am pleasantly surprised! Of course, go straight to the hypothetical source! And as a bonus, (if Crowley knows, which I doubt) telling them how to kill Abaddon is in Crowley's own best interests as well. Excellent move Kevin! It's all going to go to crap in a minute but still, way to try utilize the unique resources at hand.

-"We're friends."/"You tortured me."/"I torture all my friends." Hehehehehe. And probably true too.

-"You killed my mom!"/"Did I?" BWAHAHAHAHA, yep! And there's no way to know which time he's lying. Crowley, you bastard. XD

-"RAAWR!" And now Kevin's inside the Devil's Trap. Kevin has the tattoo and Crowley can't smoke out while in the special chains, but still. Dangerous. And uncappable.

-"You can do better than that, little man." Ah yes. Temptation and easing the way for souls to give in to the Dark Side is his trade after all. And using the possibility of Kevin's mom still being alive as bait to push Kevin over the edge is just his style.

-Trivia point: the name of the abandoned diner is "Ozzy O's Diner". Do obscure show trivia quizzes still happen on TWoP or anywhere else in the fandom?

-Aw, Dean showing off their new hunting toys to the other hunters. I get the feeling that that might backfire on them somehow. Particularly if Tracy takes it into her head to steal their angel blade, what with this brief look fraught with significance and all.

-"They're coming."/"Good."/"And they've got assault rifles."/"Okay, less good." Heeeee!

-Yep, when out-gunned, try to out-think. Not too much of a challenge given these are demon flunkies and outfitting them with military trained and equipped host-bodies does absolutely nothing for their ability to not walk into an obvious trap. On the up side, Abaddon needs the Winchesters alive for questioning, so the common sense response of standing back and hosing the derelict diner down with bullets wasn't a viable choice.

-"My family's dead because of him." Ah. Oops. Not too surprising though. Which apocalypse was that then?

-"'Cause some dumb kid let Lucifer out of his cage." Oh, that apocalypse. Yeah the collateral damage from that was bound to catch up to them eventually. I'm only surprised there isn't more blowback aimed at the Winchesters, to be honest. As I mentioned earlier, the number of Hunters who are hooked into recent events who will willingly take a phone call from a Winchester has got to be a fast-shrinking percentage of the overall Hunter population.

-"There. Now that you've felt your feels maybe we can talk." Sorry, I must pause and laugh for an unusually long time at Crowley using 'feels' in a sentence.

-"Let me go and I'll give you back your mother." Who Crowley now says he didn't kill, but is having tortured by his goons. And again, is he lying, is he telling the truth? Personally, I'd like to think Mom Tran is just plain too damned awesome for Crowley to have or to have killed, and is out somewhere in the world planning a counter-strike to swoop in, kick Crowley's ass into next week and provide Kevin with a giant dose of Momming that he's been so short on the past season.

-"When the Winchesters are done with you they'll toss you aside without a second thought, because they can." Ooooof. Firstly, this is why no one should be allowed to talk to Crowley (and seriously, is there no gag or muzzle in the dungeon?) and secondly... I find it incredibly sad that Kevin's probably going to believe him because the Winchesters haven't been giving him much reason to believe otherwise, but they're treating him like they would each other, for the most part (if Sam was at the Batcave translating, he'd get the same sort of 'nut up and get the job done' conversation) because that's how Sam and Dean were raised. The thing is, they grew up with that and Kevin didn't. He grew up with a different sort of pressure, yes, but not this, and not with the constant threat and surrounding of death and people he cares about dying. The Winchesters treating him like one of their own right now isn't taking into account that very different set of personal resources Kevin has, and doesn't take into account that he's being left alone for the most part, unless Sam and Dean need something. Crowley won't need to do much convincing. Owww.

-"I'm the one in chains, but we're both prisoners here." seriously, gagging Crowley would have been a really good idea. Too late now though.

-Hee! Lurking Dean.

-Her 'bait' costume is really not suited for combat. Doesn't restrict motion too much though. Also, good to see that Dean doesn't seem to have an over-all problem with young women hunting if they're already hunters when he meets them, and the problem he had with Jo so many seasons ago was her inexperience. *nods*
(Good thing this episode was filmed back in July though, if she wore that filming in the Lower Mainland right now the actress would half-freeze.)

-"Gotta know who the real monsters are in this world, kid." Pretty much a statement of one of the over-arcing themes of the whole series there, isn't it? Also, it paused like this and I felt compelled to take a cap for some reason.

-"I'm going in there alone, I'll buy you as much time as I can." Oh shut up. Seriously dude, how have you survived so long as a hunter with that kind of strategic thinking? Can't you see you are breaking Sam's brain?

-*facepalm* I've used the word 'seriously' five times so far in this post. I'll try to avoid using it for the rest of this.

-*Irv relates his tale of a girl and a bar and bondage and getting his bits twisted* Sounds like a fairly standard fanfic kink meme prompt to me.

-"So you hand me that blade and let me do what I gotta do or so help me-*splitch*" *facepalm* *headshake* Irv, Irv, Irv. Dude. Never step out of cover while skulking in enemy territory. How exactly did he live this long? Ah, well, at least he won't have to drive that boat of a station wagon any more. Seems odd that he got such a 'character introduction' shot at the start though. Maybe he'll be getting possessed? Or it was a fake out. Hm.

-That is a crazy good shot to hit the scope with a handgun at that range. That's like a negative 12 to the roll minimum, and he shouldn't be able to properly aim, popping out and shooting that fast before running. Sammy's been putting character points in his Guns skill since the little demonstration he and Dean had down in the Men of Letters shooting range. Just so if he's ever horribly ill again and needs to prove to Dean he can still hunt, he can shoot the center out of a moving target in the dark while yodeling the Star Spangled Banner backwards. *nods*

-Well, crap.

-I swear, it just keeps pausing like this.

-These might be the Devil's Trap bullets they're firing, but I don't think that's going to keep Abaddon from skinning Tracy for putting bullet holes in her new shirt.

-Oh hey! Bulletproof vest! I love when demons, magic-using entities, etc use mundane defenses against stuff. Also, smiley-face, sort of. Hee!

-Hm. Dean gave Tracy the keys to the Impala with a bunch of urgent instructions, and sent her running off, then turned back to Abaddon, not looking very urgent at all. What exactly does Dean need to get Abaddon alone for that's so vital he'll give a relative stranger the keys to the Impala? *ponders*

-Apparently to try and stab her with an angel blade and get disarmed immediately. Sigh. Ah but...
Flash of tattoo! Which probably means a possession attempt soon (does that tattoo protect against Knights of Hell or just the hoi polloi?) but regardless, YAY TATTOO CONTINUITY! \o/

-Meanwhile, Sam's getting his butt kicked again, mostly uncappably due to shaky-cam. Still, not an immediately lethal tactic, so they must need them alive for grilling.

-"I think that's what I like most about you Winchesters. So obedient, and suicidally stupid I like that too." Not all the time, but they do have some shining moments.

-"We gonna fight or make out, 'cause I'm getting some real mixed signals here." Hee! Dean. I realize that sassing Abaddon's about all you can do with a possible dislocated shoulder in an arm lock, etc, but it's probably not going to help. *headshake*

-"You're the perfect vessel, Dean." Eeek! Yep, and that's why there was a passing shot of the tattoo in that moment of combat.

-"I'll peel off this 'no demons allowed' tattoo." Skinning. *facepalm* Of course! Simple solution to the issue. Whoever is in charge of strategy and tactics of Abaddon and crew in the writer's room this year, I like.

-Abaddon: *lists of things she can make Dean watch her do with his body* "You and me lover, we can have a grand old time." Oh yes, I approve indeed. If she gets into how she can hurt Sam using Dean, I think Dean might give up Crowley right there.

-Meanwhile, Sam is still getting his ass kicked. Kind of wondering why Sneaky Ezekiel doesn't take the driver's seat for a quick game of nuke the demons with the angelic facepalm, but maybe he's worse hurt than I thought, or he has to wait for Sam to lose consciousness before he can come to the fore.

-Ah, there he is. About time.

-...damn. O.o

Ohhh, those look like they hurt. All patchy and skeletal, and bits falling off as they stretch, which shows that even doing this is hurting Ezekiel or setting back his own healing process, orrrr making him Fall more, I don't know but owwwwww.

-How much do I love that Dean, while being abused and threatened by Abaddon, takes one split-second glance at the diner and immediately knows what's going on and averts his eyes from the imminent flash? A WHOLE LOT.

-Oh yes. I don't know what Ezekiel's long term game is, but this was awesome.

-"You don't think we'd roll into this trap without some backup?" Oh ho!, and if that totally eradicated the flunkies, which it probably did, then Dean and Ezekiel are still the only ones who know Ezekiel is Sam's Rider. Doubt that will last long though.

-Dean's getting thrown through a window! WHAT DAY IS IT? \o/

-Now. The very most paranoid part of me is saying, 'If Ezekiel burned them all out, why does he still need to slit their throats? Unless either he didn't have the juice to burn them out and just stunned them (entirely possible) or the hosts saw what the demons saw and Ezekiel had to kill them too to keep the secret that Sam has an angel inside him...' Yeaaaah, I doubt that. But the thought did cross my mind, since Zeke!Sam is slitting a throat and there isn't a hint of demon-zappy anywhere....

-"They were going to kill him, Dean." I doubt I've mentioned, but hidden internal protective entities are one of my favorite tropes. My glee over them can be traced back to John Wyndham's 'Chocky'. It's not one that comes up a lot, though.

-"He was knocked unconscious, in a way he still is." Ah ha. Good to know. Hm. Does this mean Ezekiel might go a roaming when Sam's asleep? I'd rather hope he'd let Sam's body have the rest to get over the trial radiation.

-"He won't remember any of this." Well isn't that conveeeeenient...

-"It's why I used the knife." Okay, yeah, or cover story for why Sam wakes up in a room full of pristine and empty meat-suits with no recollection of having done anything to them. Still wondering if they had their original owners back or not when Ezekiel did that though...

-"I was the one who talked Sam out of boarding up Hell, so every demon deal, every kill that they make, well you're looking at the person who let it happen." *winces* Um. Well. Yeah, sort of, in a way. Sorry Dean. You were doing what you thought was best at the time because you were blinded by the need to not have Sam sacrifice himself for the good of the planet, but also... I suspect that having Hell still there to oppose any landed angels who decide to band together and get bitter in a violent way, or any bright ideas Metatron might have when he gets his Celestial ducks in order (like going all Project Genesis and razing the Earth for a full reboot) might turn out to be a really good thing. Balance, don'tcha know.

-"Everything he knows, I know." SEE? SEE? INTEL. Learning all the things. AAAAH! *points accusatory finger in Ezekiel's general direction* I've got my eye on you, you sneak. (Also if that's what you're doing I love you for going all covert ops and I will chortle with glee when you turn around and enact whatever next phase your plan might have when you get strong enough. EEEE!)

-"I know that what you did, you did what you did out of love." Love is a far more vicious motivator- whoops, sorry. Wrong show.

-"I'm gonna call you Zeke." Of course you will. *pats Dean*

-"I'm not really with the whole love and... love." HEEEEEEEE!!! Aw Dean. Ezekiel is someone other than family, so Dean's immense emotional states are feeling awkward and exposed. Though really if Sam had told Dean that Dean did what he did out of love, Sam would be getting a similar amount of awkward waffling, but probably with some defensive snark, a smirk and a slap upside the head all of which is the patented Dean Winchester way of saying "Of course I love you dumbass, you're my brother." But Ezekiel's not Sam, not really, and so.... Awwww Deeeean.

-"But it is why I said yes."/"Yeah and if that goes sideways that's on me too." With the breaking voice and pained half-smirk and not meeting Samzekiel's eyes and just OH DEEEEEAN!! *flail*

-"I'm trusting you, Zeke." Ooohooo. Yeah. And Dean with his trust issues and all. I hope Ezekiel realizes just how huge that is and if he does have some covert ops schtick he's up to with taking over Sam that he tries to leave Sam intact and sane (or at least as sane as he was before) at the end of it. I really do have the feeling that it's going to get far more rocky before Sam's all better though.

-"I just gotta hope that you're one of the good guys." Eeeeeee. *flail*

-"I am." So you say. But we'll see. I mean, it's not like he'd come out and say 'Nope, sorry, oh well,' at this stage of whatever game he's playing, if he's got a game in progress.

-"I suppose that is what a bad guy would say." YUP! *cackles*

-"Dean Winchester, you are doing the right thing." Something Dean needs to hear more, yes, but the right thing from whose perspective? I don't know if I've mentioned lately how much I love characters with motivations which may turn out to be adversarial, and Machiavellian plotting, and secret plots and plans and things, so I'm probably painting Ezekiel with a far darker brush than I ought to, or perhaps not dark enough, only time will tell. Either way, damn it's fun. *claps with glee*

-Aw, they left him propped up against the wall and didn't even lay him down? His neck and lower back are gonna hurt like crazy.

-SAM MAKING SLEEPY-HURTY-GRUNTY NOISES AND DEAN SAYING SAMMY AND SAM STRETCHING OUT AND REACHING FOR HIS BIG BROTHER AFTER GETTING WHUMPED (totally what he was doing and not putting up a hand because he thought he was still under attack nope nope nope) OH MY GOD, BROTHERRRRRRS. EEEE!

-"You took a shot to the head and I came in and saved your ass. Like usual." *snerk*

-"You killed three demons, alone?"/"I took 'em by surprise." It's a really good thing Sam's subconscious still hero-worships Dean or this would not fly as far as it is, which still doesn't look like it's very far.

-Ew. Dean, clean the blood off the knife before you tuck it away. It is a stone bitch to clean out the inside of a sheath properly.

-"Oh, and I'm awesome, so there's that." Aw. Season 1 Dean face. Which if Sam wasn't head injured he'd see right through, because of anyone who might be aware of Dean's self-esteem issues and just how much bull those moments of Season One self-aggrandizement were covering over, it's Sam.

-"Jeez! You are pretty damned awesome." HEEEEEE! Sam's face looks twelve. *pats ickle Sammy*

-HI CAR! *pats*

-Hm... seems like she took an awfully long time getting the car.... but she could have had a hard time finding it, and she might have looked in the trunk for things and dithered a bit before saying screw it, bring the whole thing, etc. Ooooor.... Does she have an anti-possession tattoo? I didn't see one on any of the vast amounts of skin she has showing... Could Abaddon have jumped meat-suits, or done that smoke-splitting trick again? Since her entire force of three demon minions just got decimated, she has to be looking at alternative strategies to get to Crowley, and if she can do that by hijacking a person known and vaguely trusted by the Winchesters to get what intel she can from them covertly... Which will really piss her off when she finds out that Kevin and Crowley are both not where the Winchesters left them. (I suspect at least. It's been awfully quiet on that front, and the end of the episode is coming up.) Regardless, she's driving the Impala and we only just met her. Sam rarely even gets to drive the Impala these days. *side-eyes Tracy*

-"Good." *side-eyes Tracy even harder*

-"Burgers and (silkwood?) showers on me." *Googles cautiously* Oh, that's okay then. Just a long decontaminating shower named after someone who died mysteriously after raising contamination issues about the chemical plant where she worked.

-Ah, yes, and now we find out either Kevin let Crowley go and took off with him, or Crowley got loose and killed Kevin (wasteful, since he can read tablets and Crowley can manipulate him with the Heisenbergian status of his mom) or Kevin's killed Crowley and run off, which would be a bit of an anti-climax, to be honest. Pretty sure neither of them will still be in the building. What is Dean carrying? A bucket of chicken and a bottle of prune juice? Party time at the Men of Letters bunker! O.o

-These are the boys' "Oh crap, we left him alone in the bunker with the demon who killed his mom chained in a room full of torture implements" faces. Really, guys, what would you have done if in your teens you had Azazel in a torture room in a nice sound-proof secure bunker? My only hope at this stage (aside from Crowley not having a moment of strategic fail and killing Kevin) is that Crowley poofed out with Kevin directly rather than taking a long wander through your top secret base and out the front door.

-Heeeee! They have a tea cart! With cups and saucers and carafes and everything! \o/

-HOLY CRAP, CROWLEY'S STILL THERE. Kevin's probably gone but I am once again surprised by a turn of events on the show this season. Excellent! \o/

-"Martin Heywood and Brandon Favors." Who... sound vaguely familiar? "They're demons. You asked for names, I'm giving you names." OH REALLY? Cool? Ah, under-performers. Aren't most of them though?

-"Quid Pro Quo, gentlemen." Heheeeee, Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal is apparently quite the thing again these days.

-"You can consider them fair trade for the enjoyment Kevin gave me." *shudders* Gaaaaaah, that's quite creepy actually. Ooo! Is Crowley going to offer more demons for more sessions where Kevin beats the crap out of him, with the surface hook of 'let Kevin get some payback' but with the real hook of 'get Kevin to go darker and darker...' Ooooooo.

-"He's my new favorite toy. Wind him up. Watch him go." Gyahahahahahahahaaaaa! *shivers* O.O

-HE'S ALIVE! And he's leaving. Not such a surprise, but at least it keeps him from entering into an unhealthy coerced torture-based relationship with Crowley. Though it will put him out in the open with a head full of all kinds of interesting tidbits and abilities loose into a world with a whole lot of angels who have been cast out of Heaven and who can sense Prophets, and a brewing power struggle between Abaddon and Crowley's supporters for who should rule Hell. While I appreciate and understand Kevin's need to get out on his own here, perhaps he should take some defenses with him. Like shielding against detection by demons, and anti-angel rib tattoos. And a tank.

-"Where you think you're going?" Between Dean and Castiel, the Human resources skills in this team are simply astounding. *facepalm*

-"He said my mom's alive." Dean's face you guys. Just. Dean's face. I love actors who bring the entire character history to the surface with the smallest expression. It doesn't cap well here, but in motion there's this... moment. And Dean's whole family history is right there, reacting to what Kevin just said.

-"He's still in there, isn't he?" *nods* Kevin's awesome, and not a fool.

-"If she is alive, then she's dead." Dean, I know what you're trying to say but you are breaking Kevin's brain. Stop.

-"In every way that matters, she's dead, Kevin. I'm sorry." And now you're breaking Kevin's heart. And given the situation, I don't think there's a way you can stop doing that. Oh boys.

-"And we need you man."/"Because I'm useful."/"Because you're family." 'Scuse me a second here, I just need to- um. *FLAAAAAAAAAAAAIL*

-"Man, if you don't think that we would die for you, I don't know what to tell you." AND CONTINUING TO FLAIL FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE. AND THAT MIGHT BE A MODIFIED FAMILY THEME ON THE SOUNDTRACK. OH GOD. *FLAAAAAAAIL* (Is Kevin young enough that they can legally actually adopt him?) Just. *FLAAAAAAAAAAAAIL*

-OMG, Kevin is crying in single manly teeeeears!!! *flail*

-Listing off the four of them as family. Just, just. *explodes* Awwwww!

-"What's up with you?"/"Nothin'." Buuuuuuuuuuullllllshiiiiiiiiiit. Someone's got a book in front of him and looks pensive, which probably means he's been looking into something that is giving him hints of what's going on in his head.

-"What Tracy said about me. She isn't wrong." Or he's angsting. Sam's guilt complex survived the Trial radiation quite well.

-Seems to be Dean's day for emotional counseling. Who's going to give him an emotional pep talk, though? *squints at glass* Looks like Jack Daniels. As usual. Aw. *pats Dean*

-"Crap, we're living in a friggin' sitcom." EEEEHEHEHEHEHE! No that was Season 5, when the Trickster was trying to make a point.

-"I'm happy with my life for the first time in... forever." I am caught between an Aaaaaah! flail of SAM IS HAPPY and an Aaaaaah! flail of SAM'S BRAIN IS BEING BENT BY EZEKIEL BLOWING SPARKLY ANGEL WELL-BEING INTO THE DARK CREVICES OF SAM'S POOR MACERATED SOUL AND I DON'T KNOW IF THAT'S GOOD OR BAD YET. I'll just go AAAAH! and flail conflictedly.

-And the strings in the soundtrack say Dean is perhaps just as conflicted as me, so at least I'm in good company on that.

All kinds of interesting set-up for the season going on, yay!

(PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO REFERENCES TO EPISODES PAST 9.02 IN COMMENTS! I'll catch up when I can. Any and all promo material for unaired episodes is considered to be a spoiler in this journal. See left hand sidebar. Theory and speculation based on aired episodes only.)

**ADDITIONAL NOTE**: [I'm taking a hiatus from doing Supernatural Reaction posts for about a month.]I'm taking about a month hiatus from doing Supernatural reaction posts, or keeping up on any of the other current season TV I'm watching, starting now. November 23rd is the Fiftieth Anniversary special for Doctor Who and I am still over a series and a half behind on that, so I'm going to be frantically catching up for the next while. I'll continue reaction posts later, and hopefully figure out some way to do them so each post isn't taking nearly two weeks to get a one hour episode done because this is just silly. :-P

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faroula From: faroula Date: November 4th, 2013 01:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
So psyched that you mention Chocky! I saw that when I was a kid and I have never heard anyone mention it since, ever!

I loved that show. I don't remember much of it but I think it's the reason why I love sci-fi. It came along at just the right moment.

Thanks for this recap - always a fun and interesting read.

Enjoy your Doctor Who-catchup! You're in for quite a ride!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 5th, 2013 05:21 am (UTC) (Link)
I didn't see much of the TV series for Chocky, but I read the book. I really liked John Wyndham novels as a kid.

Enjoy your Doctor Who-catchup! You're in for quite a ride!

So I gather. Quite a long one too. O.o
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: November 4th, 2013 02:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
And now I am flailing at your recap and all the points you hit perfectly!

Your observations/snark just made me LOL through this entire post!

The bus ads--no one else pointed them out--bravo on the catch!
Also the cap of Dean's tattoo when he is trying to use the angel blade--another fabulous catch!
Pointing out how Dean averts his eyes from the flash in the diner--another little character moment that deserves to be pointed out!

...if Sam had told Dean that Dean did what he did out of love, Sam would be getting a similar amount of awkward waffling, but probably with some defensive snark, a smirk and a slap upside the head all of which is the patented Dean Winchester way of saying "Of course I love you dumbass, you're my brother...

Absolutely correct observation!

"He said my mom's alive." Dean's face you guys...

Jensen Ackles is amazing.

And watching the transitions from Sam to Zeke, so is Jared.


I'm wonder how much of Sam's 'I'm feeling really good' is coming from that exactly!

Because I really want Zeke to be a good guy, I'm kind of ignoring all the most probably going to happen betrayal theories out there...but having Crowley in the MOL bunker is going to bite them in the butt for completely sure, you know?

Thanks for an awesome recap and all the laughs this morning!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 5th, 2013 05:29 am (UTC) (Link)
The bus ads--no one else pointed them out--bravo on the catch!

I kind of fangirl the art department a bit so I try to pay closer attention. I also was going to point out the Schlitz Beer sign in the window of the building Sam and Irv were hiding behind but missed mentioning it.

And watching the transitions from Sam to Zeke, so is Jared.

He's doing a great job of keeping the two characters distinct, and he's improved already over the extra stilted line delivery of the season opener. It's kind of another reason I'm pulling a little for Evil Ezekiel, just so we can get some Evil!Jared happening. ^.^

having Crowley in the MOL bunker is going to bite them in the butt for completely sure, you know?

I'm getting rather nervous that the bunker is in jeopardy because of it. They have to keep the bunker now. They have to.
borgmama1of5 From: borgmama1of5 Date: November 5th, 2013 01:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Jared talked about his portrayal of Ezekiel at ChiCon, saying that he deliberately played the angel as stiff because Zeke has never been in a human form until now. And Jared said he is relaxing the mannerisms bit by bit as Zeke gets more used to it.

Re: Zeke being an evil mastermind, I have my money on him being more of 'misguided good' rather that having a nefarious plot from the beginning. I think he's being honest with Dean, but because his interactions with humans is so limited, he's going to make some choices for Sam that are wrong. And there's something up with him and the other angels.

I forgot to mention about the shots of the Impala driving--after filming ended for season 8, they actually sent a film crew with the Impala and the boys' stunt doubles to drive around Canada and film new driving shots with a variety of backgrounds. There was quite a bit of excitement at getting new footage.

Will miss you during your hiatus, come back soon!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 6th, 2013 08:27 am (UTC) (Link)

I'll be here, and I'll be doing a few other things (I foolishly signed up for mini_wrimo as well, so I'll be poking at some fanfic here and there), but the reaction posts for Supernatural are really time and focus-intensive and don't leave much leeway for anything else, and time is pressing to get caught up on Doctor Who. I'll be back trying to catch up SPN posts after November. :-)
x_cat11 From: x_cat11 Date: November 4th, 2013 05:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
I am staying on the Zeke is a good angel bandwagon until I am torn off kicking & screaming - so I am not listening to a single completely valid & reasonable idea (not to mention interesting plot development) you have. Even though I enjoy your insightful comments and don't wish you to stop. So there.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 5th, 2013 05:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Well that's me told! XD
x_cat11 From: x_cat11 Date: November 4th, 2013 05:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
How Dean (& Sam) treat Kevin has been a sore point for a while - I get that Dean doesn't mean to be indifferent but I certainly get why Kevin would find it so. The prune juice was just for Kevin but that wouldn't seem like much after being use to a Tiger Mom's attention & care. Hopefully now that Sam isn't actively dying he can pick up the slack - Kevin is still a kid after all.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 5th, 2013 05:31 am (UTC) (Link)
I couldn't make out Kevin's line about being constipated early on in the episode, but now the prune juice makes sense.
x_cat11 From: x_cat11 Date: November 4th, 2013 05:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
I considered applying for a job with Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out for awhile - figured he would be easier to work for. So I get where being the Devil's assistant would seem like a good job too.
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 5th, 2013 05:32 am (UTC) (Link)
It's not the literal Devil in Devil Wears Prada, but it's Meryl Streep being awesomely callous and evil to an intern that's trying her best and always having it not be good enough.
irismay42 From: irismay42 Date: November 4th, 2013 07:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
I love how you work out what's about to happen about 90% of the time, and then are so gleeful when they surprise you with something!

Dean's speech to Kevin at the end was just brilliant, wasn't it? I only hope Kevin believed it!
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 5th, 2013 05:36 am (UTC) (Link)
I like plot twists I didn't see coming, especially if I can see afterwards where they came from, and what assumptions lead me to miss them. I'm an analytical person, so puzzles and mysteries are my thing. :-)

Kevin right now is so overwrought, I don't know if he can even tell which way's up. He needs sleep, and food, and a day off. I hope he believed Dean's speech too, but they need to back that up with something more than prune juice, I think.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: November 5th, 2013 05:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Down through the depths, and then dragging us right back out. Hells bells I love this show (and Jensen is killing me, seriously;)
caffienekitty From: caffienekitty Date: November 5th, 2013 07:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Jensen has been killing me from about the third episode of the first season, but it's a lingering sort of death.
ciaranbochna From: ciaranbochna Date: November 5th, 2013 03:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
It is that:)
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