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Mini-Reaction: Doctor Who 2011 Comic Relief Special - CaffieneKittySpace
('i' before 'e' if you're looking for me)
Mini-Reaction: Doctor Who 2011 Comic Relief Special
The 50th anniversary preparatory catchup of Series 6 and 7 Doctor Who is off to a roaring start with a six minute episode I missed watching where it was supposed to go, technically.

Doctor Who 2011 Comic Relief Special - "Space/Time"

-According to Wikipedia, this one should have come after the Christmas shark episode, so I'm watching it out of sequence now. SHOCKING!

-"Can we talk?"/"RORY!!!" Hee!

-Ooo, gravity going wonky and angular is always fun.

-"My skirt, my husband, your glass floor." My facepalm. *suh-mack*

-Safest place available... inside the Tardis. What does it say about the rest of the universe right at that moment that inside itself is the safest place the Tardis can go? I've had many days like that myself, though, so I can relate. Poor Tardis. *hug*

-Also, it's like MC Escher, or a 4D Mobius Strip, or a Klein Bottle! Whee!

-"Nothing can ever enter or leave this ship again." And cue Amy. Yep. Because. Space loop in a time ship... something. I have no brain. It's not like that time it materialized inside the Master's Tardis back at the end of Five, different ships.

-The continuity of ontological paradoxes inside the Tardis is nifty, because- hey! They have had the Tardis inside itself before, with the 5 and 10 meet up before the episode with the Titanic. That was a merge though and not a land inside, so not quite the same thing?

-"We'd end up with two Amy Ponds forever and then what would you do?"/Rory: *contemplative look*/Amy: *slap* Violent woman, Amy. Hm.

-Aaaaand suddenly Amy/Amy fanfic happens on the Tardis, particularly in Rory's mind. *FACEPALM*

-Time-shifted Rory: *babble*/"Do I have to remember all of that?"/"It just sort of happens." Heeee.

-"The wibbly lever." Of course it's the wibbly lever. And another ontological paradox. You know, what vague concepts of temporal physics I have should be running screaming at all the complete and blatant ontological paradoxes, but, hey. Laws of Time are his to break, right? Meanwhile, in the back of my brain there's something gibbering about ontological paradoxes and tangled hierarchy consciousness and Novikov's self-consistency principle (with a small hopeless mutter about the Blinovitch limitation effect) etc. But inside the Tardis is kind of like a selectively intermittent time-out zone for inconvenient things like the observer effect, the laws of physics/time/thermodynamics/etc. Built by Time Lords to go running around doing whatever they please, and then been tinkered with, modified and psychically shaped on some level of consciousness by the Doctor for the last thousand odd years. So. Yeah. *handwave*

-"Put some trousers on." Yes. Seriously, skirts and glass floors do not mix.

And that's all for that one. I don't know how much reaction posting I'll be doing on the Doctor Who episodes as I catch up, but there might be some here and there. As a note for anyone reading this who reads my SPN reaction posts, my M key is intermittent, so there were a lot of unintentional ties and Tie Lords in this before I edited.

6 minutes of episodes down... 1155 minutes of episodes left to go before I'm caught up. WHEE! \o/

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