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Signal Boost: FandomAid Fundraiser for Typhoon Disaster Relief. - CaffieneKittySpace
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Signal Boost: FandomAid Fundraiser for Typhoon Disaster Relief.
As you probably all know, the Philippines has been whacked recently by what might be the biggest Typhoon in recorded history, with still-mounting human and infrastructure damage. True to form, fandom is again fundraising for disaster relief.

fandomaid is having a "Buy it now" style fundraiser for Typhoon relief charities. Instead of bidding, the suggested donation is set and whoever claims first and provides proof of the amount being donated to one of a suggested list of charities gets the win. (Remember Canadians, the Federal Government is matching donations for disaster relief up until December 8th, so you can make your donation for the fundraiser and have it get doubled.)

So if you want to help out and you have some cash available to donate, take a browse through the many and varied offerings of fanworks or other things and make a claim. If you're low on cash, consider making an offer of your own for others to peruse and claim, or signal boost and pass the word along. Further details at fandomaid or at their Tumblr.

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